graphics_dislin_test, a C++ code which illustrate how various kinds of data can be displayed and analyzed graphically using the dislin() graphics library.

Some common plot types include:


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the MIT license


graphics_dislin_test is available in a C/dislin() version and a C/gnuplot() version and a C++/dislin() version and a C++/gnuplot() version and a FORTRAN90/dislin() version and a FORTRAN90/gnuplot() version and a MATLAB version and an Octave version and a Python version and an R version.

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  1. Helmut Michels,
    The Data Plotting Software DISLIN - version 10.4,
    Shaker Media GmbH, January 2010,
    ISBN13: 978-3-86858-517-9.

Source code:

album_bar lists the year, and total number of music albums (LP's, cassettes, CD's and dowloads) sold each year from 2007 to 2017. This data is plotted as a bar graph. The dislin() library is used.

circle_scatters depicts 500 pairs of (X,Y) data points in the unit square, 395 of which lie inside the unit circle, and 105 outside. If possible, the "inside" points should be blue, the "outside" points red, and the circle itself should also be drawn. The dislin library is used.

geyser_bar works with measurements of the waiting time in minutes between successive eruptions of the Old Faithful geyser. The data has been grouped into bins. The bin counts are displayed as a bar chart. The dislin library is used.

grid_surface records, on a 41x41 grid over [-2,2]x[-2,+2], the values z = exp(-(x^2+y^2)) * cos(0.25*x) * sin(y) * cos(2*(x^2+y^2)). The data is to be plotted as a surface. The dislin library is used.

lissajous_plot records 1000 points on a Lissajous curve defined by x=sin(3*t+pi/2), y=sin(4t). The curve is to be plotted and every tenth point marked. The dislin library is used.

lynx_plot records the yearly lynx harvest from 1821 to 1934. The graph should plot the data points as circles, and connect consecutive data points with straight line segments to suggest a curve. The dislin library is used.

orbital_line_contour records, on a 101x101 grid over [0,4*pi]x[0,4*pi], the minimum distance between two planets given a pair of orbital angles. The data is presented as a line contour plot. The dislin library is used.

random_scatter generates 500 pairs of (X,Y) data, which lie in the unit square, and tend to cluster around (0.5,0.5). The dislin library is used.

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