Movable Island

This is really the first project that both Jamie and I were able work on together. Like many of the other projects found on this page, this specific one originated in the trash. Our first place together had many advantages including: a garage, fenced backyard and a good location. Unfortunately, kitchen counter space never found itself in the advantage column. So we decided to make some more space!

Jamie is a Pintrest fiend! I on the other hand, don't really understand it. But I really enjoy the pictures! So when she showed me a neat little movable kitchen island someone had constructed, I was all in. For those of you that haven't had the opportunity to work on a project with someone else, I would highly recomend it. True it can be tough at times when conflicting opinions arise but at the end of the day, it is worth it. Always try your best to see everyone else's viewpoint even if you don't agree with it. This is the basis of collaboration, and we as humans would still be stuck in the dark ages without it.

Yea, it was in pretty bad shape when we found it... But it had locking wheels! And structurally, it was still sound. I was able to put all 130lbs of myself on it without any bends or breaks.

Lots of sanding... Be careful when sanding certain materials, better to be safe than sorry. You can get like 100 dust masks at Harbor Freight for like $10, well worth it. Use them! Put on a nice daisy yellow color and sealed with polyeurethane.

Used some old pallet wood (be careful when working with pallets!). Used a light cherry stain then sealed and attached to the top of the desk.

Custom ordered 3/8" glass for the top surface, cost about $40. Make sure to get tempered glass for any tabletop use. The tempered glass is significantly stronger than traditional glass and won't break easily. We have had this for almost two years and I can't even notice any scratches in the surface.

Had to fabricate some metal clamps to hold the glass to the tabletop. Used a small right angle bracket attached to a small aluminum corner guard. Looking back, this could have been executed better but it seems to be holding up so I suppose it is good. The island is great, it holds all our baking stuff, and moves around easily making things very convenient