diophantine, a Python code which finds one solution of a diophantine equation in any number of variables.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the MIT license


diophantine is available in a MATLAB version and an Octave version and a Python version.

Related Data and Programs:

diophantine_nd, a Python code which is given a Diophantine equation in N variables, and returns all strictly positive solutions, or all nonnegative solutions.

row_echelon_integer, a Python code which carries out the exact computation of the integer row echelon form (IREF) and integer reduced row echelon form (IRREF) of an integer matrix.

subset, a Python code which enumerates, generates, randomizes, ranks and unranks combinatorial objects including combinations, compositions, Gray codes, index sets, partitions, permutations, polynomials, subsets, and Young tables. Backtracking routines are included to solve some combinatorial problems. Some routines for continued fractions are included.


Source Code:

Last revised on 22 September 2022.