Florida State University 2011

From January to April, 2011, I assisted Janet Peterson in teaching the undergraduate course ISC4221, "Algorithms for Science Applications II". Information about the course is available at the asa_2011 web page.

In February 2011, our department hosted a number of visitors from the newly-formed department of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) at Yonsei University, Korea. The department chair, professor Jin Keun Seo, gave a departmental colloquium. Professor Eunjung Lee, who had previously been a postdoc in our department, came for two weeks, and brought five graduate students and an undergraduate. The students stayed in the department for the entire month of February, attending some classes in the department, interacting with faculty members, and working hard on their research projects.

On Saturday, 19 February 2011, I accompanied a group of five FSU graduate students, who made presentations to the third annual graduate student miniconference, held at Clemson University.

Over 22-24 February 2011, our department hosted a visitor, Jennifer Deang, from Lockheed Martin Corporation. She gave the departmental colloquium talk on Wednesday, 25 February, and the next day held an informal question-and-answer session with graduate and undergraduate students interested in learning about the working environment in industry, or more particularly about job opportunities at Lockheed Martin. A poster for her talk is available at deang_poster.pdf.

On 26-27 March 2011, I attended the SIAM-SEAS meeting in Charlotte, where two of our post docs, Alex Labovsky and Miro Stoyanov, presented talks.

On 31 March 2011 and 07 April 2011, I gave a pair of talks on the use of parallel MATLAB on the FSU HPC cluster:

On 8 April 2011, I presented a talk to the graduate student seminar at the FSU Department of Scientific Computing, on "The Big Thaw: Simulating Greenland's Future".

From 9 May 2011 to 5 August 2011, I taught the undergraduate course ISC 3313, "Introduction to Scientic Computing". My teaching assistant was Detelina Stoyanova. Information about the course is available at the isc_2011 web page.

From 9 May 2011 to 5 August 2011, I supervised a senior dissertation independent study course ISC 4907. Information about the course is available at the dis_2011 web page.

From July 17th to August 16th, we hosted two student visitors from the Department of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) at Yonsei University, Korea. The students brought research projects to work on here, but they were also encouraged to meet and collaborate with researchers in our department.

For Fall 2011, you can examine the Fall 2011 Scientific Computing Courses.

On 30 August 2011, we began an informal graduate seminar that will be meeting to discuss the finite element method and other issues that lead eventually into the nonlocal calculus used in peridynamics. Information about the seminar is available at the fem_2011 web page.

On 7-10 September 2011, I attended the opening workshop on Methodology for Uncertainty Quantification in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, sponsored by SAMSI.

From 17 September 2011 to 01 October 2011, I was invited to visit a colleague at Ajou University in Suwon, Korea. While there, I gave several talks to the graduate students, and I participated in a one day workshop on numerical methods for stochastic partial differential equations, on 24 September 2011. I also visited the Department of Computational Science and Engineering at Yonsei University in Seoul, which has a cooperative agreement with FSU's Department of Scientific Computing, where I gave a talk.

I presented information on parallel programming with OpenMP or MPI to the Department of Scientific Computing graduate class on Advanced Computational Science II, on 18/20/25/27 October 2011. The slides for these talks are available at ../presentations/openmp_2011_acs2.pdf and ../presentations/mpi_2011_fsu.pdf while the laboratory exercises are described at ../classes/acs2_2011/acs2_2011.html.

For our finite element seminar, I prepared two presentations:

While visiting Pittsburgh, I gave two presentations:

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