Directed Independent Study
Class Home Page

DIS_2011 is the home page for the class ISC4907, a senior dissertation independent study course, which was based on selected chapters from two books:

We met on Mondays at 11:00am in room 445 DSL. Our weekly agenda was:

  1. May 16, Fibonacci Numbers (EWM)
  2. May 23, Predator Prey Equations (EWM)
  3. June 06, Ordinary Differential Equations (EWM)
  4. June 13, The Game of Life (EWM)
  5. June 20, The PageRank Algorithm (EWM)
  6. June 27, Matrices (EWM)
  7. July 11, Fractal Fern (EWM)
  8. July 18, Interpolation (NCM)
  9. July 25, Zeros and Roots (NCM)
  10. August 1, Project presentation (Box Counting Method)

Last revised on 13 August 2011.