hypercube_grid, an Octave code which generates a grid of points over the interior of a hypercube in M dimensions.

The M-dimensional hypercube is the set of points (X(1),X(2),...,X(M)) such that:

         A(I) <= X(I) <= B(I)

For each dimension I, a set of parameters is input:

The centering options allow the user to control the centering of the equally spaced points. This is easiest to illustrate if we look at a 1 dimensional case and assume A = 0 and B = 1. Then, using NS = 4, the centering options will produce 4 equally spaced points as follows:


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the MIT license


hypercube_grid is available in a C version and a C++ version and a Fortran90 version and a MATLAB version and an Octave version and a Python version.

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