triangle_symq_to_ref, a MATLAB code which creates quadrature rules defined on the half-unit square from symmetric quadrature rules defined on an equilateral triangle, defined by triangle_symq_rule(), by Hong Xiao and Zydrunas Gimbutas.


The computer code and data files made available on this web page are distributed under the MIT license


triangle_symq_to_ref is available in a MATLAB version.

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triangle_symq_rule, a MATLAB code which returns symmetric quadrature rules, with exactness up to total degree 50, over the interior of an arbitrary triangle in 2D, by Hong Xiao and Zydrunas Gimbutas.


  1. Hong Xiao, Zydrunas Gimbutas,
    A numerical algorithm for the construction of efficient quadrature rules in two and higher dimensions,
    Computers and Mathematics with Applications,
    Volume 59, 2010, pages 663-676.

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Last revised on 28 March 2023.