imshow_numeric, a MATLAB code which displays a numeric array as a grayscale image.

MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox works with images stored as 2D or 3D arrays of a special type, typically "uint8", that is, an unsigned 8 bit integer whose values are between 0 and 255.

Many image processing algorithms require numeric operations on real data, which MATLAB typically types as "double", and return values with fractional parts, in arbitrary ranges that might include negative values.

Thus, if one wants to carry out simple numeric versions of image processing algorithms, one must repeatedly convert numeric data to image data to view it using MATLAB's imshow() command, for instance.

This function, instead, allows a user to display a numeric array by passing it directly as the argument to a function called imshow_numeric(), which makes a quick and simple conversion of the numeric data to a format of the appropriate type and range for display.

The current version of the program only handles grayscale data, that is, a 2D numeric array.


imshow_numeric ( A )


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the MIT license


imshow_numeric is available in a MATLAB version.

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