toms757, a FORTRAN90 code which evaluates a number of uncommon special functions, by Allan McLeod.

The code is a FORTRAN90 version of ACM TOMS algorithm 757.

The special functions include:

The version displayed here has been converted to FORTRAN90, and other internal changes have been made to suit me.

The text of many ACM TOMS algorithms is available online through ACM: or NETLIB:


The computer code and data files made available on this web page are distributed under the MIT license


toms757 is available in a FORTRAN90 version.

Related Data and Programs:

TEST_VALUES, a FORTRAN90 code which contains routines which store selected values of various special functions.



Allan McLeod,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
Paisley University, Scotland.


  1. Allan Mcleod,
    Algorithm 757, MISCFUN: A software package to compute uncommon special functions,
    ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software,
    Volume 22, Number 3, September 1996, pages 288-301.

Source Code:

Last revised on 15 March 2015.