tiler_2d, a Fortran90 code which demonstrates how to graphically "tile" a 2D box with a repeated pattern, using transfinite interpolation.

The box has been divided into subregions that are not rectilinear, nor the same size or shape. A simple "tile pattern" of the letter "R" is used. The program must stretch and twist the pattern to fit into each subregion. The resulting tiled object is written out as a PostScript file.


The information on this web page is distributed under the MIT license.


tiler_2d is available in a FORTRAN90 version

Related Data and Programs:


BLEND, a FORTRAN90 code which carries out the blending operations demonstrated by TILER_2D.

FRIEZE, a FORTRAN90 code which is similar to TILER_2D.

PS_WRITE, a FORTRAN90 code which supplies routines used to create a PostScript image of the mapping.

TILER_3D, a FORTRAN90 code which does blending in 3D.


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