slatec, a FORTRAN90 code which collects standard numerical libraries, including blas(), bvsup(), dassl(), depac(), drive(), eispack(), fftpack(), fishpack(), fnlib(), linpack(), machine(), minpack(), mp(), pchip(), pppack(), quadpack(), slap(), sos(), splp(), and xerror().

The original, correct version of SLATEC is as a FORTRAN77 library. This library is available through NETLIB:

What you are seeing here is a version of the library that I have lightly edited; a few changes have been made so that it will compile as a FORTRAN90 code. However, this version is not an official version, it is not supported by anybody, and if you have any doubts about its accuracy, you should refer to the original, correct FORTRAN77 version!

The huge size of slatec() is both a plus (it has everything) and a minus (there's so much here I can't find what I'm looking for!) Since slatec() is built, in large part, from a number of smaller, specialized libraries, I would strongly recommend that if your interests lie entirely within one of those libraries, you try to find a copy of that library!

Another issue to keep in mind is the extraordinary complexity of some of the routines. It is not unusual for a single routine in slatec() to call, directly or indirectly, thirty or forty routines. In part, this is a testimony to the modularity of the routines; however, it can make debugging a nightmare.

slatec() includes all or some of the following libraries:


slatec is available in a FORTRAN90 version.

Related Data and Programs:


eispack, a FORTRAN90 code which carries out eigenvalue computations;

fftpack5, a FORTRAN90 code which implements the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) by Paul Swarztrauber and Dick Valent;

fn, a FORTRAN90 code which evaluates elementary and special functions using Chebyshev polynomials, including Airy, Bessel I, Bessel J, Bessel K, Bessel Y, beta, confluent hypergeometric, cosine integral, Dawson's integral, digamma (psi), error, exponential integral, gamma, hyperbolic cosine integral, hyperbolic sine integral, incomplete gamma, log gamma, logarithmic integral, Pochhammer, psi, sine integral, Spence; by Wayne Fullerton.

machine, a FORTRAN90 code which contains integer, single precision real and double precision real machine constants.

minpack, a FORTRAN90 code which solves systems of nonlinear equations, or the least squares minimization of the residual of a set of linear or nonlinear equations.

nms, a FORTRAN90 code which includes a wide variety of numerical software, including solvers for linear systems of equations, interpolation of data, numerical quadrature, linear least squares data fitting, the solution of nonlinear equations, ordinary differential equations, optimization and nonlinear least squares, simulation and random numbers, trigonometric approximation and Fast Fourier Transforms.

pppack, a FORTRAN90 code which contains cubic spline and general piecewise polynomial interpolation routines.

slap, a FORTRAN90 code which carries out the iterative solution of sparse linear systems, by Anne Greenbaum and Mark Seager.

xerror, a FORTRAN90 code which reports and handles errors detected during program execution.


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