maze, a Fortran90 code which carries out some simple operations on mazes. It can generate a random maze, determine the diameter of a maze, or find a path through a maze.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the MIT license


maze is available in a Fortran90 version.

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cities, a FORTRAN90 code which handles various problems associated with a set of "cities" on a map.

graph_theory, a Fortran90 code which carries out operations on abstract graphs, such as a breadth-first-search, the computation of a minimum spanning tree, an Euler or Hamilton circuit, blocks, chromatic polynomial, or transitive closure. Objects include undirected and directed graphs, weighted graphs, and trees.

grf_io, a FORTRAN90 code which reads and writes GRF files.

treepack, a FORTRAN90 code which carries out computations on trees, a simple kind of graph that is minimally connected.

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Last revised on 28 February 2023.