Linear Assignment and Matching Problems

LAMP is a FORTRAN77 program which implements various algorithms for linear assignment and matching problems, by Rainer Burkard, Ulrich Derigs.

The problems that are considered include:

The program printed in the reference is written in FORTRAN IV. People who think FORTRAN77 or FORTRAN66 was primitive should take a look at this source code, to understand the evolution of programming.

To some extent, the code has been "cleaned up", so that it is not a straight copy of the printed text.


LAMP is available in a FORTRAN77 version.

Related Data and Programs:

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Rainer Burkard, Ulrich Derigs


  1. Rainer Burkard, Ulrich Derigs,
    Assignment and Matching Problems: Solution methods with FORTRAN programs,
    Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems,
    Volume 184,
    Springer, 1980,
    ISBN: 0387102671,
    LC: QA402.5.B86.

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