Fast Fourier Transform

FFTPACK5.1 is a FORTRAN77 library which computes the Fast Fourier Transform, by Paul Swarztrauber and Dick Valent;

Special features include:

Routines in the library come in groups of three:

The following table shows how the names of the routines in each group:
CFFT1ICFFT1FCFFT1BFFT for complex 1D data
CFFT2ICFFT2FCFFT2BFFT for complex 2D data
CFFTMICFFTMFCFFTMBFFT for complex multi-D data
COSQ1ICOSQ1FCOSQ1BEven function 1D quarter-cosine FFT
COSQMICOSQMFCOSQMBEven function 1D quarter-cosine FFT
COST1ICOST1FCOST1BEven function 1D cosine FFT
RFFT1IRFFT1FRFFT1BFFT for real 1D data
RFFT2IRFFT2FRFFT2BFFT for real 2D data
SINQ1ISINQ1FSINQ1BEven function 1D quarter-sine FFT
SINQMISINQMFSINQMBEven function 1D quarter-sine FFT
SINT1ISINT1FSINT1BEven function 1D sine FFT

Bugfixes from FFTPACK 5.0 to FFTPACK 5.1

The functionality of FFTPACK 5.1 is identical with the previous version 5.0.

The following bugfixes have been applied:

  1. Corrected index error for high-level routines [CR]FFT[12][BFI] requiring WSAVE array, and all dependent routines to which LWSAVE is passed. Namely, in LWSAV = L + LOG(REAL(INT(L))) + 4 definitions, the summand term LOG(REAL(INT(L))) has been corrected to LOG(REAL(INT(L)/LOG(2.)).
  2. Corrected index error in routime C1FM1F at label 56, where array offset was declared 1 that should have been 2. This resulted in C1FFTF transforms of length N calculated incorrectly, where N is any prime .GT. 5, or N=7*M, M .GE. 6.
  3. Corrected RFFT2x routines by rewriting them. The backward transform followed by forward now returns identity. Input argument LENSAV must be be at least L + 3*M + INT(LOG(REAL(L))/LOG(2.)) + 2*INT(LOG(REAL(M))/LOG(2.)) +12. Previously, the required value was smaller.


Licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Copyright (C) 1995-2004, Scientific Computing Division,
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.


FFTPACK5.1 is available in a FORTRAN77 version and a FORTRAN90 version.

Related Programs:

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FFTW3, FORTRAN77 programs which illustrate the use of the FFTW3 library for Fast Fourier Transforms, by Matteo Frigo and Steven Johnson.

GSL, a C++ library which embodies the "GNU Scientific Library", and includes FFT routines.

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XERROR, a FORTRAN77 library which is used for error reporting.


The original Fortran77 version of this code was written by Dick Valent and Paul Swarztrauber, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).


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  9. fftpack5.1_reference.html, the FFTPACK5.1 online reference.
  10. fftpack5.1_readme.txt, the FFTPACK5.1 "readme" file.
  11. Makefile, the FFTPACK5.1 makefile.

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