anagram, a C++ code which takes a string of letters and tries to produce as many anagrams as possible, by James Cherry.


anagram letters [numbers] [suggested words]

If no command line arguments are specified, you are prompted for the arguments; after the program has found all anagrams, it returns you to the prompt.

Usage Examples:


anagram is available in a C++ version.

Related Data and Programs:


PUZZLES, FORTRAN90 programs which were used to solve various puzzles.

SUBANAGRAM, a FORTRAN90 program which finds words which are anagrams formed from some of the letters of a given master word.

WORDS, a dataset directory which contains lists of words;

WORDSNAKE, a FORTRAN90 program which rearranges a list of words so that they have maximum overlap;


James Cherry.

Source Code:

Last revised on 27 May 2019.