Write a Platonic Solid to a PLY File

PLATO_PLY is a C program which writes any one of the five Platonic solids to a PLY file, by Greg Turk.


plato_ply -switch > file.ply


PLATO_PLY is available in a C version.

Related Data and Programs:

PLY, a data directory which contains examples of PLY files, a format for objects defined as a collection of polygons, 3D graphics;

PLY_IO, a C library which reads or writes a 3D graphics file in PLY format, by Greg Turk;

PLY_TO_IV, a C program which converts a 3D graphics file from PLY format to Inventor format, by Greg Turk.

PLY_TO_OBJ, a C program which reads a PLY 3D graphics file and writes an equivalent OBJ graphics file.

PLY_TO_TRI_SURFACE, a MATLAB program which reads a PLY file and extracts the surface mesh data as a TRI_SURFACE dataset.


Greg Turk

Source Code:

You can go up one level to the C source codes.

Last revised on 19 September 2010.