Split FORTRAN77 Source Files

F77SPLIT is a C program which reads a FORTRAN77 source code, and writes each module to a separate file. A module is considered to be a FORTRAN BLOCKDATA, FUNCTION, MODULE, PROGRAM or SUBROUTINE.


f77split myprog.f


F77SPLIT is available in a C version.

Related Data and Programs:

CATALOG, a C++ program which reads a C, C++, FORTRAN77 or FORTRAN90 program and prints every line that begins with a special index tag. If the program has been marked up expecting this convention, it is a handy way of making a table of contents of a program file.

EXTRACT, a FORTRAN90 program which extracts a subroutine, function or module by name from a FORTRAN file.

F90SPLIT, a FORTRAN90 program which can split a FORTRAN90 file, assigning each subroutine or function to a separate file.

FIXCON, a FORTRAN90 program which reads a FORTRAN file using FORTRAN77 continuation statements, and makes a copy that uses FORTRAN90 continuation instead.

HTMLINDEX, a C++ program which reads a C, C++, FORTRAN77, or FORTRAN90 file and writes a skeleton HTML page describing it, assuming that each subroutine includes a '!!' or 'cc' description line.

INCLUDE_FILES, a FORTRAN90 program which reads a FORTRAN program with INCLUDE statements, and makes a copy with the indicated files included.

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Last revised on 30 March 2010.