PhD Students

David Robinson develops computational tools to improve our understanding of fire dynamics. He is co-advised by Rod Linn at Los Alamos National Laboratory. David is contributing to QUIC-fire which is a fast-running simulation tool for prescribed fire dynamics. David received a BS in Astrophysics from San Francisco State University in 2015.

Ashley Gannon develops computational tools to simulate cell dynamics. She is investigating the mechanical responses of multicomponent cells to adhesion, permeability, and confinement. Ashley received a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from FSU in 2015 and a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering from FSU in 2017.

Sid Bishnu develops computational tools to simulate ocean dynamics. He is co-advised by Mark Peterson at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he is contributing to the MPAS-Ocean model. Sid received a BS in Geology and Geophysics from IIT Kharagpur in 2012 and a MS in Applied and Computational Math and Physical Oceanography from FSU in 2017.

Jake Cherry is investigating transport processes in eroded porous media. He is also interested in contributing to the Julia programming language. Jake received a BS in Applied and Computational Mathematics in 2018 from Florida State University.

Liam White is developing data-driven physical models for prescribed fire environments. He also has expertise in 3D printing which we use to investigate flow in porous fuel bed structures. Liam received a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Physics from Nova Southeastern University in 2019.

Daryn Sagel is developing computer vision techniques to investigate properties of prescribed fire dynamics. Daryn received a BS in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Physical Science from FSU in 2019, and a MS in Computational Science from FSU in 2020.

Masters Students

Celine Nagales applies shape analysis to study archaeological artifacts. She is investigating different 3D scanning methodologies applied to projectile point/knives. Celine received a BS in Computational Sciences from FSU in 2017 and a MA in Digital Humanities from FSU in 2020.


Lukas Bystricky was a PhD student who worked on rigid bodies suspended in viscous fluids. He completed his PhD in 2018. After graduation, he was a postdoctoral fellow at KTH in Stockholm. He is now working for COMSOL in Stockholm.

Shang-Huan Chiu was a postdoc who characterized transport in viscous eroded geometries. He is currently a postdoc at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.