Higham's Test Matrices

TEST_MATRIX is a MATLAB library which defines a set of test matrices.

A wide range of matrix dimensions, forms and properties are available. These matrices may be useful in testing an algorithm for correctness on a variety of problems.

Many of the matrices can be rectangular, with the user specifying the number of rows and columns. Almost all the matrices can be made of arbitrary size, with the user specifying the dimension.

Many different matrix zero structures are available, including diagonal, bidiagonal, tridiagonal, pentadiagonal, banded, upper and lower triangular, and Hessenberg.

Many of the matrices come from a MATLAB M file collection developed by Nicholas Higham, Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester, and maintained in the "testmatrix" file somewhere at the MATLAB web site.

An earlier version of the collection is available, again as MATLAB M files, in ACM TOMS Algorithm 694, in the TOMS directory of the NETLIB web site.


TEST_MATRIX is available in a MATLAB version.

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