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Advanced topics

The following chapter introduces advanced features and describes how to use the toolbox for solving real-world problems.

Degree of dimensional adaptivity   Balancing greedy vs. conservative refinement for dimension-adaptive interpolants
Multiple output variables   Interpolating objective models with multiple output variables
Derivatives Computing the gradient vector of the sparse grid interpolant at arbitrary points
Integration Numerical integration using sparse grids
Optimization   Discusses the search methods available to efficiently perform an optimization of the sparse grid interpolant
Improving performance   Provides an overview on how to achieve maximum performance of the Sparse Grid Interpolation Toolbox
Interfacing concepts Concepts of how to best interface existing Matlab models with spvals for the interpolant construction
Approximating ODEs Recovering ODEs with one or several time-dependent outputs for a range of initial conditions or parameters
External models Interfacing spvals with models not implemented in Matlab