Create, Plot or Save a Ring Dataset.

RING_DATA, a MATLAB library which can create, plot, or save data generated by sampling a number of concentric, possibly overlapping rings.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


RING_DATA is available in a MATLAB version.

Related Data and Programs:

DOUBLE_C_DATA, MATLAB programs which generate, plot or write out 2D data that forms two interlocking C shapes.

HAND_DATA, MATLAB programs which carry out some numerical exercises based on data that came from tracing several points on a person's hand.

IMAGE_COMPONENTS, a MATLAB library which seeks the connected "nonzero" or "nonblack" components or "segments" of an image or integer vector, array or 3D block.

KMEANS, a MATLAB library which contains several different algorithms for the K-Means problem.

MARTINEZ, a dataset directory which contains datasets for computational statistics, including cluster analysis;

MDS, a dataset directory which contains datasets for M-dimensional scaling;

RANDOM_DATA, a MATLAB library which uses a random number generator (RNG) to sample points corresponding to various probability density functions (PDF's), spatial dimensions, and geometries, including the M-dimensional cube, ellipsoid, simplex and sphere.

REGION, a FORTRAN90 library which reads 3D MRI voxel data, and groups the voxels into connected regions, called "components" or "segments";


SAMMON_DATA, a MATLAB program which generates six sets of M-dimensional data for cluster analysis.

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Last revised on 05 March 2019.