Efficient Quadrature Rule Implementation

QUADRULE_FAST is a MATLAB library which implements fast and efficient forms of several popular quadrature rules.

The quadrature rules are defined on the interval [-1,1], and assume there is no additional weighting factor in the data.

The fast implementations are exhibited and discussed in the papers by Trefethen and Waldvogel.


QUADRULE_FAST is available in a MATLAB version.

Related Data and Programs:

CLENSHAW_CURTIS_RULE, a MATLAB program which can compute Clenshaw Curtis rules for 1 dimensional or multidimensional problems.

FELIPPA, a MATLAB library which defines quadrature rules for lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, pyramids, wedges, tetrahedrons and hexahedrons.

PRODUCT_RULE, a MATLAB program which can create a multidimensional quadrature rule as a product of one dimensional rules.

QUADPACK, a FORTRAN90 library which contains a variety of routines for numerical estimation of integrals in 1D.

QUADRATURE_TEST, a MATLAB program which reads the definition of a multidimensional quadrature rule from three files, applies the rule to a number of test integrals, and prints the results.

QUADRULE, a MATLAB library which contains quadrature rules.

STROUD, a MATLAB library which contains quadrature rules for a variety of unusual areas, surfaces and volumes in 2D, 3D and N-dimensions.


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