Determine Element-to-Element Information

MESH_ETOE, a MATLAB program which uses ETOV, the element-to-vertex connectivity information, to construct ETOE, the element-to-element connectivity, for a 2D mesh.

The mesh is assumed to consist of E_NUM elements, each of which is defined by E_ORDER vertices, provided in ETOV, an E_ORDER by E_NUM array.

The desired ETOE information gives, for each element, a list of the neighboring elements on each side.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


MESH_ETOE is available in a MATLAB version.

Related Data and Programs:

MESH_BANDWIDTH, a MATLAB program which returns the geometric bandwidth associated with a mesh of elements of any order and in a space of arbitrary dimension.

MESH_DISPLAY, a MATLAB program which plots the nodes and elements of a polygonal mesh, with optional numbering.

MESH_IO, a MATLAB library which reads or writes MESH files defining a finite element mesh.

MESH_TO_XML, a MATLAB program which reads information defining a 1D, 2D or 3D mesh, namely a file of node coordinates and a file of elements defined by node indices, and creates a corresponding XML file for input to DOLFIN or FENICS.

MESH_VTOE, a MATLAB program which uses ETOV, the mesh element-to-vertex connectivity, to construct VTOE, the vertex-to-element connectivity.

NEIGHBORS_TO_METIS_GRAPH, a MATLAB program which reads a triangle mesh neighbor file created by TRIANGULATION_TRIANGLE_NEIGHBORS and writes a modified version of the same data suitable for input to the mesh partitioning program METIS.

QUAD_MESH, a MATLAB library which handles meshes of quadrilaterals over a 2D region;

TRIANGULATION_BOUNDARY_NODES, a MATLAB program which reads data defining a triangulation, determines which nodes lie on the boundary, and writes their coordinates to a file.

TRIANGULATION_DISPLAY, a MATLAB program which displays the nodes and elements of a triangulation on the MATLAB graphics screen;

TRIANGULATION_TRIANGLE_NEIGHBORS, a MATLAB program which reads data defining a triangulation, determines the neighboring triangles of each triangle, and writes that information to a file.

TRIG_TO_NEIB, a C program which reads "NODE" and "ELE" files (a format prescribed by the triangle program), describing a triangulation, and produces a file defining the neighbor triangles of each element; the program can also produce information about the Voronoi diagram. The program is by Lili Ju.

VORONOI_NEIGHBORS, a MATLAB program which is given a set of points in the plane and determines the Voronoi adjacency structure, that is, which points share an edge of the Voronoi diagram.

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Examples and Tests:

BOXY is a mesh using 16 triangles and 13 nodes.

POOL is a mesh using 18 quadrilaterals and 28 nodes.

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