A Parallel MATLAB Function Using PARFOR

MD_PARFOR is a directory which illustrates how a MATLAB function using the PARFOR statement can be run in parallel.

The MATLAB program is a version of the MD molecular dynamics program. A single for statement in the compute function was replaced by a parfor. Also, the program was simplified so that it takes no input arguments (the former input quantities are hard-coded internally) and returns three numbers as function results, namely the values, at the final time step, of the potential energy, kinetic energy, and the relative energy error.

Thus, the basic function now has the form:

function [ pe, ke, e_lost ] = md_fun ( )
where and the function also prints out a summary table of these values every 50 time steps.

Depending on the situation, the function could be executed in parallel:


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


MD_PARFOR is available in a MATLAB version.

Related Data and Programs:

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SPARSE_PARFOR, a MATLAB library which demonstrates how a sparse matrix can be constructed by evaluating individual blocks in parallel with the parfor command, and then assembled (on a single processor) using the sparse() command.


The User's Guide for the Parallel Computing Toolbox is available at

Source Code:

Examples and Tests:

MD_POOL runs the function locally and interactively.

MD_BATCH runs the function locally and noninteractively.

MD_FSU runs the function remotely on the FSU HPC cluster.

MD_ITHACA runs the function remotely on the Virginia Tech Ithaca cluster.

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Last revised on 23 May 2012.