Convert an FEM Model to a TECPLOT ASCII File

FD_TO_TEC is a MATLAB program which reads two files defining a finite difference model (FD format) and writes a TECPLOT ASCII file suitable for display by TECPLOT.

The finite difference model is assumed to include two items:

A naming convention assumes that these files share a common prefix, followed by the suffixes "_nodes.txt" and "_values.txt". Thus, the "carlos" set of data would be contained in the files "carlos_nodes.txt" and "carlos_values.txt".

FD_TO_TEC reads these two files, calls MATLAB's delaunayn function to get a triangularization (if the node data is 2D) or a tetrahedralization (if the node data is 3D) and writes the element data to a file (which turns the FD model into an FEM model), and writes an equivalent TECPLOT ASCII ".dat" file.

The TECPLOT home page contains a description of the TECPLOT program.


fd_to_tec ( 'prefix' )
where reads the files 'prefix'_nodes.txt, and 'prefix'_values.txt; creates an element file 'prefix'_elements.txt, and creates the TECPLOT ASCII file 'prefix'.dat.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


FD_TO_TEC is available in a MATLAB version.

Related Data and Programs:

FD, a data directory which contains examples of FD files, two text files that can be used to describe many finite difference models;

FEM_TO_TEC, a MATLAB program which converts FEM models into TECPLOT ASCII graphics files.

TEC, a data directory which contains a description and examples of TECPLOT ASCII graphics files.

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Source Code:

Examples and Tests:

ELL is an example of a 2D finite difference model in which a scalar value is stored.

CARLOS is an example of a 3D finite difference model in which a scalar value is stored.

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Last revised on 12 March 2010.