FD1D_PREDATOR_PREY Plotting Program

FD1D_PREDATOR_PREY_PLOT is a MATLAB program which plots data computed by the FD1D_PREDATOR_PREY predator-prey program, by Marcus Garvie.


FD1D_PREDATOR_PREY_PLOT is available in a MATLAB version.

Related Data and Programs:

FD1D_PREDATOR_PREY, a MATLAB program which implements a finite difference algorithm for a 1D predator-prey system.


Marcus Garvie


  1. Marcus Garvie,
    Finite-Difference Schemes for Reaction-Diffusion Equations Modeling Predator-Prey Interactions in MATLAB,
    Bulletin of Mathematical Biology,
    Volume 69, Number 3, 2007, pages 931-956.

Source Code:

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Last revised on 27 February 2009.