Display 1D Finite Difference Data

FD1D_DISPLAY is a MATLAB program which reads a prefix defining a pair of files containing the nodes and values for finite difference data, and displays a plot.

The program is designed for cases in which the independent variable data ranges over a single dimension, either of space, or of time.

Thus, it can be used to display results from a steady-state model of heat, a 1D time-independent boundary value problem, or the time variation of a predator-prey system in which there is no spatial variation.


fd1d_display ( 'prefix' )
where 'prefix' is the common filename prefix of:


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


FD1D_DISPLAY is available in a MATLAB version.

Related Data and Programs:

FD_PREDATOR_PREY, a MATLAB program which applies a finite difference approach to a predator-prey system with time dependence and no spatial variation.

FD1D, a data directory of examples of 1D FD files, a set of two text files that can be used to describe many 1D finite difference models;

FD1D_BVP, a MATLAB program which applies the finite difference method to a two point boundary value problem in one spatial dimension.

FD1D_HEAT_STEADY, a MATLAB program which uses the finite difference method to solve the steady (time independent) heat equation in 1D.

FD1D_WAVE, a MATLAB program which applies the finite difference method to solve the time-dependent wave equation in one spatial dimension.

FEM1D_DISPLAY, a MATLAB program which reads a trio of files defining a 1D finite element model, and plots the data.

Source Code:

Examples and Tests:

ARCTAN contains sample data from the arctangent function at 29 non-uniformly spaced nodes.

PAIR shows how a plot is made when there are two columns of data in the "values" file. The first column is a copy of the original ARCTAN data, and the second column is some perturbed values.

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Last revised on 28 January 2010.