1., Nick Berry's home page.
  2., Rui Gu's home page.
  3., Qingguang Guan's home page.
  4., Jehanzeb Hameed's home page.
  5., Brian Hayes's web page (columnist for American Scientist).
  6., Hans-Werner van Wyk's home page.
  7., Feifei Xu's home page.
  8., Yanzhi Zhang's home page.

  9. , Courant Mathematics and Computing Laboratory Software.
  10., the NA Digest Archives.
  11., the NETLIB.
  12., Software Carpentry.

  13. Rex Parker Does the New York Times Crossword Puzzle.
  14. American Scientist online magazine.
  15., HBO, a gaudy, overloaded, and very slow web site.
  16., SLATE online magazine, but the next time a waltzing couple dances across their screen, I am giving up on SLATE, like I gave up on SALON.

  17., FSU Department of Scientific Computing.
  18., FSU Research Computing Center (RCC) for high performance computing.
  19. the bookless study hall formerly known as the FSU Science library.
  20., FSU EXCHANGE Webmail (ugh).
  21., Gmail.

  22. CSPARSE sparse matrix software by Timothy Davis;
  23. , CSPARSE videos by Timothy Davis;
  24. , DEAL.II, a finite element library;
  25. , DEAL.II videos (and finite elements and more) by Wolfgang Bangerth;
  26. , DIR3, Delaunay Incremental Refinement in 3D, a 3D meshing tool;
  27. , DISLIN, a plotting library;
  28. , Featflow, a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Benchmarking Project;
  29. , FEATool, a 2D Finite Element Method Toolbox for MATLAB;
  30. , FENICS, a collection of software for the automatic solution of differential equations using the finite element method;
  31. , FREEFEM++ is a PDE solver for multiphysics nonlinear systems in 2D and 3D;
  32. , GMSH, a 3D finite element mesh generator;
  33. , GSL, the Gnu Scientific Library.
  34. , HSL, the Harwell Subroutine Library;
  35. , IFISS, a MATLAB toolbox for solving Poisson, convection-diffusion, Stokes, and Navier-Stokes PDE's;
  36. , ImageJ, a very useful image manipulation package;
  37. , Intrepid, part of the Trilinos package, a library for compatible discretization of Partial Differential Equations;
  38. , LIBMESH, a library for the numerical simulation of partial differential equations on arbitrary unstructured meshes in 1/2/3D with a variety of finite element types;
  39. http://, LifeV, a finite element library;
  40., MEDIT, an OpenGL-based scientific visualization tool, by Pascal Frey;
  41. , MESH2D, Automatic 2D Mesh Generation in MATLAB;
  42. , Robert Schneiders's web page on mesh and grid generation;
  43. , MeshLab, software for processing and editing unstructured 3D triangular surface meshes;
  44. , NaSt3DGP, a parallel 3D flow solver from the Michael Griebel group at the University of Bonn;
  45. , NetCDF software for dataset storage;
  46. , NETGEN, an automatic 3D mesh generator;
  47. , Gnu Octave, a numerical computing environment.
  48. , OpenFOAM, an open source computational fluid dynamics toolbox for 3D flow including heat transfer, chemical reactions and turbulence;
  49. , the Paraview 3D graphics program;
  50. , SciLab, a numerical computing environment.
  51. , SciPy, a numerical computing environment.
  52. , Slatec, a numerical library.
  53. , the SuiteSparse libraries by Timothy Davis of University of Florida;
  54. , SuperLU, a direct solver for large sparse linear systems of equations, including sequential, shared memory, and distributed memory versions;
  55. , TASMANIAN, libraries for high dimensional integration, interpolation, and calibration, including a sparse grid library;
  56. , TETGEN, a quality 3D mesh generator and Delaunay triangulator;
  57. , Trilinos, an ensemble of solvers for large scale multi-physics problems;
  58. , TSPLIB, the traveling salesman problem library;
  59. , VirtualBox allows you to run a "guest operating system"; in particular, a Windows user can set up a Linux environment.
  60. , VisIt, visualization tool;
  61. , VisItUsers, the VisIt user community web site;

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