Constrained Overdetermined Linear Systems in L1.

TOMS552 is a FORTRAN90 library which computes a solution of an overdetermined constrained linear system, minimizing the error in the L1 norm.

TOMS552 is an implementation of ACM TOMS algorithm 552.

The overdetermined linear system being solved is

A * X = B.
The equality constraints have the form:
C * X = D
and the inequality constraints have the form:
E * X >= F.
The program is required to seek a solution X which satisfies the constraints, and which minimizes the L1 norm (sum of absolute values of components) of A*X-B.

The original, true, correct version of ACM TOMS 552 is available in the TOMS subdirectory of the NETLIB web site.


TOMS552 is available in a FORTRAN77 version and a FORTRAN90 version.


Ian Barrodale,
Frank Roberts.


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  2. Helmuth Spaeth,
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