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Recent publications


Hydro Group
Funding Opportunities and Jobs
Helpful resources


Thermonuclear supernovae
Core-collapse supernovae
White Dwarf Mergers

AMRA, Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Astrophysics
Galactic cooling flows
FLASH-HC, ray-tracing on AMR meshes (Erik's thesis)
FLASH, multi-physics AMR code
ZEUS, interstellar medium in galaxies
Protoplanetary disks (code-to-code: ER-RTN, Wengen4)
RJET, relativistic jets
CPPA, Cosmological Pressureless Parabolic Advection

Plasma Physics

DivSNRT: Diverging supernova explosion experiments on NIF
High-energy density laser experiments

Reliable Scientific Computing

Verification and Validation




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Department of Scientific Computing, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
FSU Astrophysics group
High-Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics (HEDLA), Inc.: HEDLA 2006, HEDLA 2008, HEDLA 2010, HEDLA 2012, HEDLA 2014, HEDLA 2016, HEDLA 2018

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