Peter Beerli’s research group


We are interested in population genetics and phylogenetics and currently we focus on the following three connected threads:

  1. (1)The labs main direction is to develop methods in the field of evolutionary genetics that allow others to accurately estimate population genetic parameters taking into account rather complicated models with a variable number of potential parameters: the smallest model may have a single parameters whereas the most complex models may have hundreds. In collaboration with other researchers we employ my new methods to real biological problems.

  2. (2)Working with complex models we need to incorporate methods to evaluate which models are appropriate for the research questions and the data at hand. That led to model selection and model comparison methods.

  3. (3)Very large data sets with thousands of loci and complex models typically describe a high dimensional search and solution space and need very long time to accurately approximate likelihood or posterior probabilities. Therefor, we are working on method that reduce the search space either using improvements in analytical formulae or different search algorithms that can make use of parallel execution on computer clusters.

If you are interested in such topics inquire about our Department of Scientific Computing, or our graduate program, or our brand-new undergraduate program or inquire by email to me (Peter).

Research interests