triangulation_display_test, an Octave code which calls triangulation_display(), which plots a triangulation.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the MIT license

Related Data and Programs:

triangulation_display, an Octave code which reads files defining a triangulation and displays an image.

Source Code:

BOX4 is an order 4 triangulation.

CIRCLE is a circular region, triangulated using order 3 elements.

ELBOW3 is an elbow-shaped region, triangulated using order 3 elements.

ELL3 is an order 3 triangulation of a set of nodes in an L-shaped region.

GREENLAND is a triangulation of Greenland, using 33,343 nodes and 64,125 elements of order 3 elements. The image is too dense to display in full, so MATLAB's "zoom" facility was used to display a small portion of the mesh.

HEX_HOLES3 puts a set of nodes into the double hexagonal hole region using CVT techniques, and creates an order 3 triangulation using TABLE_DELAUNAY.

IRREG6 is an order 6 triangulation.

LAKE3 uses constrained CVT methods to place nodes inside and on the boundary of the problem 14 triangulation region, a lake with an island. An order 3 triangulation is used.

Last revised on 05 July 2023.