triangulate_test, an Octave code which calls triangulate(), which triangulates a polygon.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the MIT license

Related Data and Programs:

triangulate, an Octave code which triangulates a (possibly nonconvex) polygon, based on a C program by Joseph ORourke.

Source Code:

COMB is an example of a "comb" polygon of 10 vertices

HAND outlines a hand using 59 vertices.

I18 is an example of a complicated nonconvex polygon, using 18 vertices.

SNAKE is an example defining a "snake" polygon using 12 vertices.

SQUARE is an example defining a square, using 4 vertices.

TE53 is an example in which the vertices have been (incorrectly) listed in clockwise order. The program detects this problem and reverses the ordering before proceeding. The example uses 26 vertices.

TRIANGLE is an example defining a triangle, using 3 vertices.

Last revised on 04 July 2023.