triangulation_boundary_edges_test, a MATLAB code which calls triangulation_boundary_edges(), which analyzes the triangulation of a region, identify the edges that form the boundaries, organize the boundary edges into one or more connected components, and write a file describing the components and the sequence of boundary edges.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.

Related Programs:

triangulation_boundary_edges, a MATLAB code which reads data defining a triangulation, determines which edges lie on the boundary, organizes them into connected components, and writes this information to a file.

Source Code:

ELBOW is a curved region, looking like an elbow, that lies inside the unit square. It is triangulated using order 3 triangles. There are 320 nodes and 568 triangles. There are 66 nodes on the boundary.

ELL is an L-shaped region, using 96 triangles and 65 nodes. It is triangulated using order 3 triangles.

LAKE is an irregular lake-shaped region with an "island", which means the boundary is made of two components. It is triangulated using order 3 triangles.

Last revised on 08 April 2019.