Yankee Doodle

In 1976, in a special bicentennial episode of I've Got a Secret, Charles Nelson Reilly assembled a group of people from the Manhattan phone book, such that when each person sang their last name in order, it sounded similar to the chorus of The Yankee Doodle Boy:

Ima Yanke Tootle Dundee, Yanke Tootle Dewar Dye.
A. Reel Life Nephew Hoffmeyer Unker, Sam,
Bjorn DeForte July.
Iva Yanke Tootle Sweet Heart
Shesme Yanke Tootle Joy.
Yanke Tootle Wente London,
Riding Ona Ponee.
Iyam Dat Yanke Tootle Boy.

Last modified on 15 April 2019.