Rhyming Nonsense

A fairly uncommon form of reduplication in words and phrases has an initial unrhymed portion followed by a rhyming pair, of the form ABB.

One syllable repeated:

        ajaja (the roseate spoonbill)
        brouhaha (a disturbance; a fight)
        cantata (a kind of musical composition)
        Chihuahua (a state in Mexico; a breed of dog)
        Kinshasha (capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo)
        pahoehoe (lava that has hardened into ropey forms)

One syllable rhymed:

        ace boon coon (a good friend)
        away day (an off-site meeting; a game held away from a team's home)
        awry-eyed (drunk)
        bad luck Chuck (an unlucky person)
        [the] Bahamas
        bandana (a neck or head cloth)
        bayou blue (cheap or bootleg whiskey)
        Blue Jay Way (a street in Los Angeles's "Bird Streets" neighborhood,
          popular with actors, and made famous by a Beatles song of 
          that name)
        conundrum ([approximate rhyme] a puzzle or problem)
        Deflategate (a controversy in which quarterback Tom Brady was accused
          of using slightly deflated footballs that would improve handling)
        the divine nine (a nickname for the nine African 
          American fraternities and sororities)
        five jump chump (someone who has made the required number
          of jumps to pass parachute training in the Army)
        genome tome (a reference to the compilation of the content
          of the human genome)
        lambada (a dance)
        motel hell (a job, place or relationship that is unbearable)
        No Man's Land (in World War I, the extremely dangerous area between
          the two opposing armies.)
        no clothes pose (a nude photograph)
        one-stop shop (a place where all that is necessary may 
          be obtained)
        reply guy (a man who compulsively adds his opinion to an
          ongoing conversation, whether or not it was invited or topical)
        right hand man (one's closest associate)
        severe clear (a pilot's term for seeming infinite visibility)
        shoo-fly pie (a Pennsylvania Dutch dessert)
        sundown town (a town where blacks were not allowed after dark)
        Surreal Neil (the nickname of the lead singer in Super Diamond,
          a Neil Diamond tribute band)
        surround sound (a very realistic sound system)
        Teflon Don (John Gotti's nickname, when no charge would 
          stick to him; Donald Trump's nickname)
        three pump chump (a man who has almost no sexual stamina)
        two buck Chuck (the nickname for Charles Shaw wine,
          which sells for $1.99 a bottle)
        two pump chump (a man who has no sexual stamina)
        the Utah Claw (a hairstyle involving upswept bangs)
        the vaccine queen (an epithet applied to Hillary Clinton by
          anti-vaccination zealots)

Two syllables repeated:

        opaka-paka (a snapper fish)
        Satanic panic (a hysterical period in the 1980's involving daycare centers

Two syllables rhymed:

        Aracataca (a town in Colombia, home to Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
        Bahama mama
        baloney pony (the penis)
        Satanic panic (a wave of accusations about Satanism in the 1970s)
        spaghetti Eddy (a nickname for Eddy)

Almost satisfactory:

        "Astronomy Domine" (the name of a song on a Pink Floyd album)
        nicotine queen (a woman who is a heavy smoker)

Last modified on 27 December 2020.