Words and Phrases with "Forward Rhyme"

This is a list of words and phrases that have a rhyming pattern similar to that of "Holy Roller", that is, a stressed lead and unstressed syllable, a stressed rhyming syllable and a final syllable.

        bang a hanger (to snatch a purse)
        Dirty Myrtle (a nickname for the resort of Myrtle Beach)
        each one teach one (a motto urging people to pass on information)
        gag a maggot (an exclamation appropriate on viewing something
          disgusting enough to make a maggot gag.)
        gandy dancer (the railroad device, powered by one or two
          people pushing up and down on a lever)
        golden oldies (popular musical recordings from the past)
        Holy Roller (a sarcastic name for ecstatic religious sects)
        knock your block off (to hit hard)
        knock your socks off (to surprise or stun)
        part and parcel (an integral part of something else)
        poddy dodger (one who steals unbranded cattle);
        rocker jockey (an old person)
[oh, my] stars and garters (an exclamation)
        sticky wicket (a difficult problem);
        struggle buggy (a worn-out old car);
        throttlebottom (an incompetent self-important gasbag 
          public official)
        yellow belly (a coward)

Last modified on 09 May 2007.