The Bingo Code

Forget the Bible Code, the Da Vinci Code, and the Code of the Woosters! I want to know why I got this far in life without ever being told about the Bingo Code. This is a way of announcing or repeating the latest Bingo number drawn in a humorous way. In a crowded, noisy room, it may also help to confirm a call. This version of bingo is played, apparently, with all numbers from 1 to 99 - or maybe 100; facts are a little vague. In fact, I think this is actually called "Housie, Housie". Some of the ruder code names may have come up when the game was the rage among soldiers in World War I.

"Clickety-click," said the Brigadier disconcertingly. Then: "Sixty-six." Then in rapid succession, in a loud sing-song tone: "Marine's breakfast number ten add two twelve all the five fifty-five never been kissed sweet sixteen key of the door twenty-one add six twenty-seven legs eleven Kelly's eye number one and we'll'..."
He paused. The regular officers and Tubby Blake gave tongue: "Shake the bag."
Evelyn Waugh, "Men at Arms".

To begin with, there was no pier, promenade, or arcades; no shops where everything is miraculously priced at one pound; no places to buy saucy postcards or jaunty hats; no tearooms and fish and chip shops; no fortune tellers; no disembodied voice from a bingo parlor breathing out those strange coded calls: "Number 37 - the vicar's in the shrubs again," or whatever it is they say.
Bill Bryson, "I'm a Stranger Here Myself".

1Kelly's eye(Ned Kelly had one eye[?])
1buttered scone 
2me and you 
2buckle my shoe 
3you and me 
3cup of tea 
4knock at the door 
5man alive 
6chopping sticks 
6Tom Mix 
6Tom's tricks 
7God's in Heaven 
8garden gate 
8Harry Tate 
8Gareth Gates 
9doctor's orders 
10cock and hen(rhyming)
10Downing Streetthe Prime Minister's address
10Uncle Ben(rhyming)
10Tony's den(Tony Blair)
11legs eleven 
12monkey's cousin(rhymes with "a dozen")
13unlucky for some 
14Valentine's day 
15rugby team 
15stroppy teen 
15young and keen 
16never been kissed 
17never been kissed 
17dancing queen 
18coming of age 
19goodbye teens 
20blind 20 
21key of the door 
22dinky doo 
22two duckssuggesting the neck of a swan
22all the twos 
23duck and flea 
23thee and me 
24Pompey whorePompey = Portsmouth
24two dozen 
25duck and dive 
26bed and breakfasttraditional price was 2 shillings 6 pence
26half a crown2 shillings 6 pence
27gateway to heaven 
28over weight 
29rise and shine 
30speed limit 
30blind 30 
30Dirty Gertie 
30Ali G 
31get up and run 
32buckle my shoe 
32Jimmy Choo 
33all the threes 
33Gertie Lee 
33dirty knee 
33two fleas 
34ask for more 
34dirty whore 
35jump and jive 
36three dozen 
37flea in heaven 
37more than eleven 
38Christmas cake 
39all the steps"The 39 Steps"
40blind 40 
41time for fun 
42Winnie the Pooh 
43down on your knees 
44all the fours 
44Aldershot Ladies= Aldershot Whores, rhymes with fours
44Diana Dorsrhyming slang for "all the fours"
44droopy drawers 
45halfway there 
46up to tricks 
48four dozen 
49rise and shine 
50halfway househalfway to 100
50blind 50 
51tweak of the thumb 
52Danny LaRue 
52chicken vindaloo 
53feng shui 
54clean the floor 
55all the fives 
55snakes alive 
56was she worth it 
57all the beansHeinz 57 varieties
58make them wait 
59the Brighton line(engine 59)
60blind 60 
61baker's bun 
62turn of the screw 
63tickle me 
64red raw 
65stop workretirement age
65old age pension 
66all the sixes 
66clickety click 
67made in heaven 
68saving grace 
69any way up 
70blind 70 
71bang on the drum 
71J Lo's bum(Jennifer Lopez)
72six dozen 
73Queen Bee 
73chamomile tea 
74candy store 
75strive and strive 
75on the skive 
76was she worth it?(price of marriage license was 7s6d)
77all the sevens 
77two little crutches 
77sunset strip 
78heaven's gate 
79one more time 
80blind 80 
81stop and run 
82straight on through 
83time for tea 
84seven dozen 
85staying alive 
86beat the sticks 
87Torquay in Devon 
88all the eights 
88two fat ladies 
89nearly there 
90blind 90 
90top of the house 
99all the nines 
99top of the house 
100top of the house 

There is also a set of nicknames for rolls of the dice in craps, including
2snake eyes
3little britches
4=2+2little Joe from Kokomo
 little Joe from Alamo
5little Phoebe
 five in the South
 fever in the South
6Jimmy Hix
 Captain Hicks
 sixty days
 a natural
7=4+3four and trey and take it away
7=5+2five and two and you're all through
8Ada from Decatur
 eighter from Decatur; Ada from Decatur
9Nina from Carolina
 Nina with her hair down
 Nina, Nina, ocean liner
10Big Dick from Boston
12box cars

Last revised on 20 March 2009.