The Ascendogram Puzzle

Until I find out the official name for such things, let us say an ascendogram is a word whose letters are in alphabetical order, with repeated letters allowed.

Examples of ascendograms include:

  1. a
  2. ad
  3. all, inn
  4. bell
  5. abbot

What is the longest ascendogram you can come up with?

An alphagram is an ascendogram with no repeating letters allowed.

This means an alphagram can't be longer than 26 letters, and is certainly much shorter than that. Examples of alphagrams include:

  1. a, I
  2. ad, be, lo, no
  3. ant, bet, coy
  4. cost

What is the longest alphagram you can come up with?

I give up, show me the solution.

For help with anagrams, there are books and computer files containing lists of the letters that make up one or more words, in alphabetical order. Thus, one line of the book might read:

        EIPSTR - Esprit, priest, sprite, stripe
If you had such a book, you could quickly search for answers.

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Last revised on 08 September 2005.