test_triangulation_test, a FORTRAN90 code which calls test_triangulation(), which sets up a number of triangulation test problems.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the MIT license

Related Data and Programs:

test_triangulation, a FORTRAN90 code which defines a number of test regions to be triangulated.

Source Code:

One test determines the boundary of each region, and creates an Encapsulated PostScript image.

One test creates an EPS image of 200 sample points in each region.

One of the routines in TEST_TRIANGULATION_PRB calls the appropriate routine to create a POLY file, which can be displayed by the SHOWME program, or used as the start of a triangulation process involving TRIANGLE.

Simple changes to TEST_TRIANGULATION_TEST can be made so that a file is created containing pairs of sample points and nearest points on the boundary. If the file lists these pairs followed by a blank line, then PLOT_POINTS can be used, with the "DASH" option, to illustrate the results.

One of the routines in TEST_TRIANGULATION_TEST creates a set of points on a hexagonal grid, contained in a given region. This dataset is written to a file.

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