fem1d_project_test, a FORTRAN90 code which calls fem1d_project(), which computes the projection of data onto a given 1D finite element mesh.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the MIT license

Related Data and Programs:

fem1d_project, a FORTRAN90 code which projects a function into a function space associated with the finite element method (FEM), using least squares or projection methods, especially for cases in which data must be transferred from one mesh to another.

Source Code:

POWERS starts with sample data for the vector function f(x)=[ 1, x, x^2], on a grid of 11 equally spaced nodes from 0 to 10, and projects this onto a piecewise linear grid of 6 equally spaced nodes from 0 to 10.

Last revised on 07 July 2020.