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MEDIT is an interactive graphics program developed to visualize numerical simulation results on unstructured meshes in 2D and 3D dimensions. Scalar, vector and tensor fields can be easily associated and displayed with meshes. The program is by Pascal Frey.

MEDIT is deliberately intended to be simple and useful. It can do most of the interesting operations on mesh data in a straighforward manner.

In particular, the user can examine the underlying mesh structure. The user may peel away layers of the mesh to expose underlying structures. Specific mesh entities can be highlighted. If a solution has been computed, resulting in a scalar or vector data field associated with the mesh, then isolines (contours), isosurfaces, color maps and streamlines can be displayed.

The mesh geometry is described by an input file. There are three options for the format of this file:

Solution data associated with the mesh is stored in a file with extension .bbb.

A configuration file whose name is .medit can be used to customize parameters such as window size and color background.

MEDIT is available from

Related Data and Programs:

FEM_TO_MEDIT, a MATLAB program which reads a pair of FEM files defining node coordinates and elements, and creates a corresponding MEDIT mesh file.

MEDIT, a data directory which contains examples of MESH files, which can be used by MEDIT to define a mesh in 2D or 3D for use by the finite element method (FEM), using triangles, quadrilaterals, tetrahedrons or hexahedrons.

MEDIT_IO, a C library which can read or write files used by the MEDIT program, which can be used to define the a mesh associated with the finite element method (FEM) in 2D or 3D, using triangles, quadrilaterals, tetrahedrons or hexahedrons.

MESH2D_TO_MEDIT, a MATLAB program which accepts the nodes and triangles of a mesh created by MESH2D and creates a corresponding file that is in MEDIT format.

PARAVIEW, examples which illustrate the use of the paraview graphics program.

TETVIEW, examples which illustrate the use of the tetview graphics program.

TRIANGULATION_DISPLAY, a MATLAB program which displays the nodes and elements of a triangulation on the MATLAB graphics screen;

TRIANGULATION_DISPLAY_OPENGL, a C++ program which reads files defining a 2D triangulation and displays an image using OpenGL.


Pascal Frey


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Examples and Tests:

PART contains a mesh of a machine part. The mesh includes 28,694 nodes, 14,890 triangular boundary faces, and 150,779 tetrahedral elements.

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