Example 1 for DEALII

STEP-1 is the first example from the official DEAL.II example directory. It is included here primarily to illustrate the steps necessary to run a program that uses DEAL.II.

This script is set up for a very specific (and peculiar!) situation. My desktop machine runs Red Hat Linux version 6. We can't install DEALII there (no quadmath library). So it's installed on some Red Hat 7.0 machines known as the "hallway" or "lab" machines. I can go to the lab or I can type "qlogin" on my desktop which will automatically transfer me there.

Now I want to try running an example. DEAL.II has an examples directory, and the first example is in the step-1 subdirectory. I would recommend making your own working directory, and copying from the /usr/local/dealii/examples/step-1 directory the following two files

Now in that directory, you need to create, one time, the necessary makefile, by issuing a command something like:

        cmake -DDEAL_II_DIR=/usr/local/dealii .

If all goes well, then you can run the step-1 example by

        make run

Files you might find useful:

You can go up one level to the DEALII directory.

Last revised on 11 May 2016.