This list includes geographic and personal names, plurals, slang, dialect, technical terms, and acronyms, as well as obscene, objectionable, obscure and obsolete words, and words that have not been uttered in a century, nor used in any written form except a crossword puzzle!

This list might be useful for Jotto, or in constructing a 5 by 5 word square on the order of the cryptic

        S A T O R
        A R E P O
        T E N E T
        O P E R A
        R O T A S
which was deemed a sort of charmed inscription, but whose meaning is obscure. If the word "Arepo" is taken as a proper name, it may be translated as "Arepo, the sower, delays the wheel with his work", or possibly "Arepo, the sower, holds the wheel at work". Three of those words appear on this list.

Another use is to construct minimal word ladders, where a single letter changes on each step. To change HEART to STONE:

While most five letter words can be connected to others, there are troublesome cases (such as POUND to OUNCE) that can be helped by an extensive vocabulary. On the other hand, Donald Knuth asserts that "aloof" is "aloof", that is, has no neighboring word differing only by one letter. But then, he didn't list "kloof"!

aabec - an Australian medicinal bark that promotes sweating
aadel - a first name
aaden - a first name
aafia - a first name
aahed - expressed surprise or admiration
aaher - one who aahs
aalen - a town in Germany
aalii - a tropical hardwood tree
aalok - a first name
aalst - a town in Belgium
aamer - a first name; an African cape
aamir - a first name
aaran - a first name
aarau - a Swiss commune
aaren - a first name
aargh - an interjection expressing disgust or distress
aaric - a first name
aarin - a first name
aarle - a first name
aaron - a first name
aarti - a first name
aaryn - a first name
aasia - a first name
aasif - a first name
aasim - a first name
aaziz - the Queen of Sheba
abaca - Manila hemp
abaci - plural of "abacus", a calculating device; a crown of a column
aback - aft; behind
abaco - one of the islands of the Bahamas
abacs - plural of "abac", a nomogram
abada - an early name for the rhinoceros
abade - an obsolete form of "abode"
abaff - abaft
abaft - aft; astern
abaht - "about" as pronounced by a Cockney
abail - to give bail for
abait - variant of "abate"
abaka - abaca, Manila hemp
abama - a town in Equatorial Guinea
abame - a first name
abamp - abampere, an electrical unit measurement
abana - a river that flows through Damascus
aband - to abandon
abani - a first name
abase - to lower; to reduce
abash - to awe; to confound
abasi - a first name
abask - basking in the sun
abass - a first name
abate - to wane or decrease
abave - to astonish or confound
abaya - a long black robe; a lake in Africa
abaza - a Caucasian people and language
abaze - a Caucasian people and language
abbah - a first name
abban - a first name
abbas - a first name; a Persian unit of weight; plural of "abba", a Chaldean or Coptic divine
abbed - having abdominal muscles of a certain quality
abbes - plural of "abbe", a French abbot
abbey - a first name; a monastery
abbia - a first name
abbie - a first name
abbot - a first name; the head of an abbey
abbud - a first name
abbye - a first name
abcee - an alphabet
abdal - a first name; a Persian religious devotee
abdar - a teetotaller
abdat - an ancient Egyptian unit of length of about 4 or 5 inches
abdel - a first name
abdon - a first name; a biblical place
abdou - a first name
abdul - a first name
abdur - a first name
abdus - a first name
abdyl - a first name
abeam - abreast
abear - to bear; to abide
abebe - a first name
abebi - a first name
abeer - a first name
abeku - a first name
abele - a first name; a white poplar tree
abeli - a first name
abena - a first name
abend - an abnormal or abortive end of the run of a computer program
abeni - a first name
aberr - to wander; to stray
abers - plural of "aber", a river mouth
abert - a lake in North America
abets - assists
abfab - absolutely fabulous; wonderful; excellent
abhal - the fruit of the cypress
abhay - a first name
abhin - a first name
abhor - to hate; to loathe
abiah - a first name; Samuel's son in the Bible
abias - a first name
abibe - a mountain range in Colombia
abida - a first name
abide - to tolerate; to sojourn
abiel - a first name
abies - the fir genus
abihu - a first name; a son of Aaron
abija - a first name
abilo - the Philippine tree also known as the "bogo"
abime - an abysm
abina - a first name
abira - a first name
abkar - a wine seller
abkow - a first name
abled - endowed with certain abilities; able-bodied
ablen - a fresh water fish
abler - more able
ables - makes able
ablet - a fresh water fish
ablow - to blow or breathe upon
abmho - a unit of electrical conductance
abnar - a first name
abner - a first name
abnet - the girdle of a Jewish priest
abnor - a first name
abnub - a town in Egypt
abode - a dwelling
abody - a person
abohm - from "absolute ohm", a unit of measurement, an abvolt per abamp.
aboil - on the boil
aboke - a town in Uganda
aboma - a South American boa constrictor
aboon - above; to think oneself better than others
aboor - a first name
abord - to approach; to accost
abore - past tense of "abear"
abort - to miscarry; to cancel
abott - a first name
aboul - a first name
about - almost; around
above - aloft; over
aboye - a town in Niger
abrac - learning
abram - a first name; auburn
abran - a first name
abras - plural of "abra", a narrow mountain pass
abray - to rouse, to startle
abree - a first name
abret - a town in Ethiopia
abria - a first name
abril - a first name
abrim - brimming
abrin - a toxic protein obtained from jequirity
abris - plural of "abri", a bomb shelter
abrus - a genus of leguminous tropical vines
absey - an "ABC", the alphabet or a primer
absis - an apsis
absit - a legal term, from the Latin for "he, she or it is absent"
abtin - a first name
abuid - a first name
abuja - the capital city of Nigeria
abuna - a first name; above; a river in Bolivia and Brazil; an Ethiopian Orthodox patriarch
abune - above
abura - a medium size tropical African tree
abuse - to misuse
abuta - a genus of tropical woody vines
abuts - meets; adjoins
abuzz - buzzing
abwab - in India, any of various fines levied by a chief on a landowner
abyei - a town in Sudan
abyes - atones
abyme - an abyss
abysm - a chasm
abyss - a chasm
acale - cold, frozen
acamp - to the camp
acana - a West Indian timber tree
acapu - a tropical Americal timber tree
acara - a fish of Central or South America that builds nests and protects its young
acari - a town in Peru; plural of "acarus", a mite or tick
acate - a small town in Sicily
accho - a biblical place, also known as Acre
accoy - to tame; to daunt; to soothe
accra - the capital city of Ghana
acedy - laziness
acene - a family of organic chemicals
aceng - a first name
acera - the bubble-shell genus
acerb - sour; acidic
acers - plural of "acer", the maple tree
acest - "most ace", best
aceta - plural of "acetum", a liquid preparation made by extracting a vegetable drug with dilute acetic acid
achal - a first name
achao - a town in Chile
achar - a hot and spicy mixed Indian condiment of pickled bamboo sprouts; a town in Uruquay
achay - a first name
achaz - a first name
ached - pained
achel - a town in Belgium
achen - a first name
acher - something that aches; someone who complains, as in "belly acher"; the rump
aches - plural of "ache", a pain
achey - aching
achim - a first name
achin - a first name; a town in southeast Asia
achir - an ancient Arabic unit of measurement of area
achoo - a sneezing sound; Autosomal dominant Compelling Helio-Opthalmic Outburst (sun sneeze)
achor - dandruff; a biblical place
acids - plural of "acid", a vitriolic substance
acidy - acidic
acier - Quaker gray
acies - the keen attention of eye or ear toward some object
acima - a first name
acing - the present participle of "to ace", to perform excellently
acini - plural of "acinus", a small sac or cavity; a granulation; a berry
acked - acknowledged
ackee - a West African fruit tree common to the Caribbean
acker - a ripple or patch of ruffled water; an Egyptian piastre; money; an academic
ackey - an English silver coin used in African trade
ackim - a first name
aclis - a spiked club
aclys - a small javelin
acmes - plural of "acme", a peak or highest point; a purveyor of excellent devices for capturing roadrunners
acmic - of or pertaining to an acme
acnae - plural of "acne", an inflammation of the skin
acned - afflicted by acne
acnes - plural of "acne", an inflammation of the skin
acnua - a Roman unit of measurement of area, equal to a square actus
acock - jaunty
acold - chilly
acoma - a pueblo people of New Mexico
acome - to come
acone - a kind of insect eye that lacks cones
acora - a town in Peru
acorn - the fruit of the oak tree
acors - plural of "acor", acidity
acove - cove
acoys - soothes
acrab - the star Beta Scorpii
acral - of or belonging to the extremities of the body
acred - lavishly landed
acree - a first name
acres - plural of "acre", a unit of area, 4840 square yards.
acrid - sour; biting
acroa - an Indian tribe of Brazil
acron - an obsolete form of "acorn"
acrow - crowing
acrux - a star
acryl - a constituent of acrolein and acrylic acid
acted - performed; simulated
actin - a protein found in muscles, active in contraction, movement and shape retention
actio - in Roman law, an action or right of action
acton - a first name; a padded jerkin; a town in the southeast US
actor - a player; a performer
actus - an ancient Roman measure of length, 120 pedes, about 35.5 meters; an act or thing done
acuna - a town in Mexico
acute - keen; sharp
acyls - plural of "acyl", a univalent radical
adact - to compel; to drive
adage - a proverb
adagy - like an adage; likely to emit an adage at the slightest occasion
adair - a first name; a North American cape
adala - a first name
adali - a first name
adaly - a first name
adama - a first name
adamo - a first name
adams - a first name; a lake in North America; plural of "adam", a jailer
adamu - a first name
adana - a first name; a town in Turkey
adang - a bay in Borneo
adano - a town in Italy
adapa - a Babylonian hero
adapt - to adjust; to accommodate
adara - a first name
adare - a first name; a town in Eire
adaro - a supernatural being
adati - Bengali cotton cloth
adawe - an Indian tribe of North America
adawn - at dawn
adaws - subdues
adays - nowadays; by day
adbot - a computer process that caches and displays advertisements
addal - a first name
addam - a first name
addar - a first name
addas - plural of "adda", an Egyptian skink
addax - an African antelope
added - included; supplemented; joined
adder - a snake; one who adds
addey - a first name
addia - a first name
addie - a first name
addio - an Italian expression for "farewell"
addis - a first name
addle - to confuse
addra - a large African gazelle
adead - dead
adeal - a part
adeel - a first name
adeem - to revoke a legacy
adeen - a first name
adeep - deeply, deep
adela - a first name
adele - a first name
adell - a first name
adena - a first name
adene - a first name
adeni - a first name; a native of Aden
adeps - purified internal fatty tissue of the hog used in pharmaceutical preparations
adept - capable; skillful
adfix - to append; to adjoin; to fasten onto something
adgal - a scrub plant found in Iraq
adger - a first name
adham - a first name
adhir - a first name
adhoc - normally spelled "ad hoc", of a temporary or one-time nature
adiah - a first name
adiba - a first name
adiel - a first name
adieu - goodbye
adige - an Italian river
adika - a first name
adila - a first name
adima - a first name
adina - a first name
adine - a first name
adion - an ion adsorbed on a surface
adios - goodbye
adira - a first name
aditi - a first name
adits - plural of "adit", a mine entrance
adiva - a first name
adive - corsac
adjag - a wild dog found in Java
adjoa - a first name
adjud - a town in Romania
adlai - a first name
adlan - a first name
adlar - a first name
adlay - any of several soft shelled Job's tears
adler - a first name
adley - a first name
adlib - ad libitem; freely
adlin - a first name
adlyn - a first name
admad - a first name
admah - a biblical place
adman - an advertising agent
admen - plural of "adman", an advertising agent
admin - administration
admir - a first name
admis - plural of "admi", a northeast African gazelle
admit - to acknowledge; to concede
admix - to infuse
admon - a first name
adnah - a first name
adnan - a first name
adner - a first name
adnet - a first name
adnex - a more than usually obscure part of the female reproductive system
adney - a first name
adnot - a first name
adobe - constructed of dried mud
adobo - a Philippine dish of fish or meat, perhaps best eaten in the dark; a Latin American sauce
adola - a first name
adolf - a first name
adoni - a first name
adoor - at the door; of the door
adopt - to accept; to assume
adora - a first name; an Israeli settlement in the West Bank
adore - to worship
adorf - a town in Germany
adorn - to decorate
adoum - a first name
adour - a river in southwest France
adowa - a town in Ethiopia, site of a famous battle
adown - downward
adoxa - a genus of herbs with berrylike fruits
adoxy - tolerant belief; nonbelief
adoze - sleeping
adpao - an Indian unit of weight
adrad - dreaded; frightened
adrar - a town in Algeria
adraw - to draw out
adray - withdrawal
adrea - a first name
adred - frightened
adree - to bear, suffer, or endure
adria - a first name; a small European continental plate
adrie - a first name
adrik - a first name
adrip - in a dripping state
adron - a first name
adrop - philosopher's stone
adrue - an African medicinal plant
adsum - present at a roll call; a Latin word meaning "I am here"
aduki - a Japanese hard red bean
adult - mature
adunc - bent inward; hooked
adure - to burn up
adush - to cause to fall heavily, to precipitate
adusk - at dusk; dusky
adust - incinerated; burnt up; tan
aduwa - a town in Ethiopia
advid - an advertising videocassette
adyar - a city in southern India
adyta - chancels
adyte - to indict
adzed - used an adze; cut by an adze
adzer - one who uses an adze
adzes - plural of "adze", a mattock
aeaea - a Mediterranean island, the abode of Circe
aecia - plural of "aecium"
aecio - a first name
aedes - a large genus of mosquitoes
aedin - a first name
aeger - sick; a sickness excuse note
aegir - a Roman god of the sea
aegis - Minerva's shield; protection
aegle - a first name; a thorny tree of west Africa and tropical Asia
aello - one of the Harpies
aemon - a first name
aenne - a first name
aenos - a rhetorical device of using erudite words to appeal to the educated
aenus - a town in western Turkey, now called Enez
aeons - plural of "aeon", a variant of "eon", a long period of time
aequi - a people of ancient Latium east of Rome
aeric - a first name
aerie - an eagle's nest
aerin - a first name
aeron - a first name; a British river
aerst - a variant of "erst"
aesar - an Etruscan god
aesha - a first name
aesin - a Norse god
aesir - the Norse gods who resided in Asgard
aesop - a first name; a fabulist
aeste - a first name
aetas - plural of "Aeta", a Filipino people
aetat - aged, often used on old gravestones
aetna - a first name; variant of "Etna"
aevum - an eon
aface - in the face, in front
afald - one-fold, single
afanc - a Welsh aquatic monster
afand - to tempt
afang - to seize
afara - the limba, an African tree
afare - to depart
afars - plural of "afar", a great distance; member of an African people
afdal - a first name
afear - to terrify
afemo - a first name
afeni - a first name
afers - plural of "afer", the south west wind
afeta - a town in Ethiopia
affan - a first name
affix - to add; to attach
affra - a first name
afgay - a homosexual
afida - a first name
afifa - a first name
afire - on fire
afive - in groups of five
aflaj - an irrigation system that taps underground water supplies
aflat - level with the ground
aflou - a town in Algeria
aflow - flowing
afoam - foaming
afong - to take by force or authority
afoot - astir; walking; moving
afore - in the front
afoul - entangled
afour - in groups of four
afret - in a fretted state
afric - Africa; African
afrin - a town in Syria
afrit - a first name; an evil demon
afros - plural of "Afro", a hair style
afsal - a firsrt name
afsar - a first name
aftab - a first name
aftan - a first name
after - subsequent to; in pursuit of
afton - a first name; a British river
aftyn - a first name
afula - an Israeli town
afyon - a town in the Phrygian highlands of Turkey
afzal - a first name
agace - a first name
agade - an ancient city in Mesopotamia, thought to be Akkad
agafi - a first name
again - once more
agait - astir
agals - plural of "agal", a Bedouin's cord of goat hair
agama - a genus of lizards
agami - a South American bird, the chestnut-bellied heron
agamy - the absence or non-recognition of marriage
agana - a capital city in the Pacific
agape - a first name; staring; gaping; a love feast
agapi - a first name
agard - a town in Hungary
agars - plural of "agar", a viscous substance obtained from seaweed
agasp - to gasp
agast - aghast; to frighten
agata - a first name
agate - a first name; on the way; a quartz; a type size of 5.5 points; 1/14 of an inch
agati - the tree pea
agats - a village in New Guinea, capital of the Asmat people
agaty - like an agate
agave - a first name: the American aloe; a daughter of Cadmus
agayn - a first name
agaze - gazing
ageha - a first name
agena - a star
agend - an agendum; something to be done
agene - a chemical compound used in bleaching flour
agent - a doer; an actor
agers - plural of "ager", one who ages
agfay - a homosexual
agger - a mound; a high tide in which the water rises, recedes and then rises again
aggie - a first name; a type of playing marble
aggri - a word of unknown origin and meaning (!) applied to ancient colored glass beads found in Africa
aggro - a rivalry or grievance; aggravation
aggry - a word of unknown origin and meaning (!) applied to ancient colored glass beads found in Africa
aggur - agalloch
aggye - a first name
aghan - a month of the Hindu year
aghar - a first name
aghas - plural of "agha", a Turkish officer
aghna - a first name
aghul - a language of the Caucausus
agias - a first name
agiel - a first name
agila - eaglewood
agile - nimble
aging - growing older
agios - plural of "agio", a premium; a discount; an allowance for currency differences
agira - a town in Italy
agism - ageism, discrimination based on age
agist - a pasture rate; to assess private land
agita - distress induced by unpleasant social circumstances
agits - plural of "agit", a short theatrical musical piece intended to heighten suspense
aglae - a first name
aglar - a tributary river of the Jumna in India
aglee - askew; gleeful
aglet - a pendant; a covering on the end of a shoelace
agley - askew; awry
agloo - an igloo
aglow - glowing
agmas - plural of "agma", the Greek letter gamma used for the "ng" dipthong
agnar - a first name
agnel - a French gold coin bearing a lamb
agnes - a first name, from the Latin for "lamb"
agnus - a pascal lamb
agoge - a tempo; a musical rate of speed
agogo - a town in Ghana
agoho - horsetail tree
agojo - horsetail tree
agone - ago; a state of suffering
agons - plural of "agon", a dramatic conflict; an ancient Greek athletic or artistic competition
agony - great pain
agood - in earnest
agora - a Grecian market; 1/100 of an Israeli shekel
agota - a first name
agote - a first name
agoti - a first name
agraf - a clasp involving a hook and loop
agrah - a variant spelling of "Agra", a town in India
agral - of or belonging to agriculture or cultivated fields
agram - the former name of Zagreb, Croatia
agras - plural of "Agra", a kind of Indian rug
agree - to concur
agria - a severe pustular eruption; a whitehead
agrin - a first name; grinning
agrom - an Indian tongue disease
agron - a first name
agrum - a swelling of the cheeks or mouth
agruw - to horrify
agter - achter
aguas - plural of "agua", a South American toad
agudo - a town in New Mexico
agued - fevered; aching
agues - plural of "ague", a malarial fever
aguey - of or like an ague
aguja - a cape in Colombia
aguly - a language of the Caucausus
agung - a volcano in Java that erupted in 1963
agush - gushing
agust - a first name; a bast fiber
aguti - the agouti
ahang - to hang up
ahanu - a first name
ahaus - a town in Germany
ahava - a first name
ahdaf - a first name
ahead - leading
aheap - trembling with fear; in a heap
aheda - a first name
ahems - says "ahem"
ahent - a variant of "ahint", behind.
ahere - to hear
ahern - a first name
ahhed - expressed amazement
ahigh - on high
ahind - behind
ahing - making "ah" sounds
ahint - behind
ahiva - a first name
ahlam - a first name
ahlan - a first name
ahlen - a town in Germany
ahley - a first name
ahmad - a first name
ahman - a first name
ahmat - a first name
ahmed - a first name
ahmet - a first name
ahold - close to the wind; grasp of, as in "got ahold of"
ahole - often spelled "a-hole", a slightly less offensive version of "asshole"
ahoys - greets nautically
ahran - a first name
ahren - a first name
ahrin - a first name
ahsan - a first name
ahsha - a first name
ahtna - an American Indian language
ahuda - a first name
ahull - hove to; with sails taken in, helm lashed down, to weather a storm
ahunt - on the hunt
ahura - a first name of Ahura Mazda, Zoroastrian god of all good
ahush - hushed
ahuva - a first name
ahvaz - a town in Iran
ahvie - a first name
ahwaz - an ancient Mesopotamian town, now in Iran
aiaia - the island of Circe
aiber - a first name
aibos - plural of "aibo", a Japanese robot pet
aicha - a first name
aichi - a town in Japan
aicke - a first name
aidah - a first name
aidan - a first name
aided - abetted
aiden - a first name
aider - a helper
aides - plural of "aide", a helper
aidin - a city in western Turkey
aidoi - plural of "aidos", shame
aidos - shame; pudency
aidya - a first name
aiery - an eagle's nest
aigai - an ancient city that is now Edessa
aigas - plural of "aiga", the Samoan family unit
aight - a slang pronunciation of "all right"
aigle - a European cape; a town in Switzerland
aigre - eager
aigua - a town in Uruquay
aigun - a port in China, in northern Manchuria
aihua - a first name
aijal - a town in India
aiken - a first name
aikin - a first name
ailed - was sick
ailee - a first name
ailey - a first name
ailie - a first name
ailin - a first name
ailis - a first name
ailli - a first name
aillt - a tenant farmer
ailsa - a first name
ailse - a first name
aimak - a Persian-speaking nomadic Mongolian tribe
aimal - a first name
aimaq - a Persian-speaking nomadic Mongolian tribe
aimed - directed; targeted
aimee - a first name
aimel - to enamel
aimer - a purposeful person
aimey - a first name
aimia - a first name
aimie - a first name
aimil - a first name
aimir - a first name
aimon - a first name
ainah - a first name
aince - once
ainee - the elder or eldest born woman
aines - plural of "aine", the eldest son; a cadet
ainka - a first name
ainoi - part of the divine office in the Eastern Orthodox Church
ainur - a first name
ainus - plural of "ainu", a Japanese aboriginal
aioli - a garlic mayonnaise
aioth - a biblical place
airag - a kind of cheese
airan - an Altaic and Turkish drink made of fermented milk
airas - plural of "aira", hair grass
airat - a first name
aired - ventilated
airel - a first name
airer - a frame on which to dry clothes
aires - plural of "aire", an altar, an Irish freeman
airic - a first name
airin - a first name
airle - a first name
airns - plural of "airn", an iron
airol - a grayish green antiseptic powder
airth - to guide or direct
airts - plural of "airt", a guide; a direction
aisen - a province in Chile
aisha - a first name
aisia - a first name
aisla - a first name
aisle - a passage between pews or chairs
aisne - a river in northern France, site of a famous battle
aissa - a first name; a mountain in Algeria
aisur - obsolete form of "azure"
aitan - a first name
aitch - the letter "H"
aiten - oaten
aitor - a first name
aitus - plural of "aitu", a Polynesian demigod
aiver - a draft animal
aiwan - a town in Iran
aizik - a first name
aizle - a variant of "easle", hot ashes
aizle - a glowing coal or hot ashes
ajack - a first name
ajaib - a first name
ajaja - the roseate spoonbill
ajali - a first name
ajani - a first name
ajari - timbo, an Amazonian woody vine
ajava - ajouan, the fruit of a tree, used as a medicine and condiment
ajaya - a first name
ajeya - a first name
ajhon - a first name
ajita - a first name
ajith - a first name
ajiva - a Jainist term for inanimate matter
ajlur - a first name
ajmal - a first name
ajman - one of the United Arab Emirates
ajmer - a city in northwest India
ajora - a town in Georgia, also known as Azhora
ajsel - a first name
ajsha - a first name
ajuga - a genus of herbs
ajvar - a Bulgarian pepper sauce
ajwan - a plant of the caraway genus, known as bishop's weed
akaki - a town in Ethiopia
akako - a first name
akala - a Hawaiian shrub or climber
akale - cold or frozen
akali - a Sikh militant
akara - a first name
akash - a first name
akati - a first name
akbal - the third day of the Mayan religious month
akbar - a first name
akcha - asper; a coin
akeam - a first name
akebi - an eastern Asiatic vine
akeel - a first name
akeem - a first name
akees - plural of "akee", a West Indian fruit, edible when cooked, but poisonous otherwise
akeki - hiba arborvitae
akela - a first name; Kipling's lone wolf; the leader of a cub scout pack
akemi - a first name
akene - achene
akhil - a first name
akiba - a first name
akiel - a first name
akiem - a first name
akiko - a first name
akila - a first name
akili - a first name
akima - a first name
aking - a variant of "aching"
akins - a first name
akira - a first name
akita - a Japanese breed of spitz-like dogs; a seaport in northern Japan
akito - the Assyrian festival of New Year
akiva - a first name
akiyo - a first name
akkad - where the Akkadians lived; one of the four cities of Nimrod's kingdom
akkas - plural of "akka", a pygmy people of the Congo; an Egyptian piastre
akker - an Egyptian piastre; money
akkra - Accra, the capital city of Ghana; fried bean cakes
akkum - a Chaldean star worshipper
aklan - a Christian people of the Philippines
akmal - a first name
aknee - on the knee
akoko - a Hawaiian plant
akola - a town in India
akoli - a language
akond - a high official of Swat, satirized by Edward Lear
akono - a first name
akori - a porous coral used for ornaments
akram - a first name
akron - a city in Ohio
aksel - a first name
aksum - the capital city of an ancient Ethiopian kingdom
aktau - a Caspian seaport and oil terminus in Kazakhstan
akule - a first name; the big-eyed scad
akund - mudar, a medicinal herb
akyab - a town in Burma
akyra - a first name
alaap - a variant of "alap", the introductory section of a raga
alaba - a language
alack - alas, an expression of woe
alada - an Ethiopian unit of weight
alade - a first name
alaen - a first name
alaia - a first name
alain - a first name
alair - a first name
alaka - a first name
alake - a first name; alack, an expression of woe
alaki - a town in Tonga
alala - a first name; a Hawaiian raven; a war cry of the ancient Greeks; a Babylonian god
alalu - a Babylonian god
alamo - a softwood aspen
alana - a first name
aland - a first name; landed; a Finnish archipelago
alane - a first name; alone
alang - along; an old World grass; a ship-wrecking town in the Arabian peninsula
alani - a first name; a nomadic people of the steppes
alann - a first name
alano - a first name
alans - plural of "alan", a large hunting dog; an ancient nomadic tribe that reached Spain
alant - a heraldic mastiff
alapa - a blow on the cheek; an improvisation on a raga
alaps - plural of "alap", the introductory section of a raga
alard - a first name
alare - the most lateral point on the ala of the nose
alarm - fear; a warning device
alary - having wings
alate - winged; of late; a winged termite
alaun - a short-eared dog
alava - a town in Spain
alawi - a poor rural Islamic sect
alayn - a first name
alays - a variant of "allays"
albam - a Hebrew cypher interchanging letters in the first and second halves of the alphabet
alban - a first name; an ancient name for the isle of Great Britain
albas - plural of "alba", a white brain substance; a French love poem
albay - a province in the Philippines
albee - a first name; albeit
alben - a first name
alber - a first name
albes - plural of alba
albia - a town in Iowa
albid - of a whitish color
albie - a first name
albin - a first name; an opaque white material
albis - a first name
album - a scrapbook
albus - a medieval coin of Germany and the Low Countries
albyn - Scotland, especially the Highlands
alcae - a biological suborder containing the auks, murres and puffins
alcan - the Alaska-Canada highway
alcee - a first name
alces - the genus to which the moose belongs
alceu - a first name
alcho - an alcoholic
alchy - an alcoholic
alcid - a diving seabird
alcor - a star
alcos - plural of "alco", a small long-haired dog with hanging ears; an alcoholic
alcot - a first name
aldam - a first name
aldan - a river of the USSR; a town in Pennsylvania
aldas - a first name
alday - continually
aldea - a first name; a small village in Spain or Portugal
alden - a first name
alder - a first name; a tree
aldie - a first name
aldin - a first name
aldis - a first name
aldol - a chemical compound
aldon - a first name
aldus - a first name
aldya - a first name
aleah - a first name
aleak - leaking
aleck - a first name; as in the phrase "smart aleck", a wise guy
aleco - a first name
alecs - plural of "alec", a herring
alecy - formed, in analogy with "lunacy", to mean deranged by ale
aleda - a first name
aleea - a first name
aleen - a first name
alefs - plural of "alef", a variant of "aleph"
aleft - to the left
aleia - a first name
aleih - a town in Lebanon
aleix - a first name
alejo - a first name
aleka - a first name
aleki - a first name
aleks - a first name
alena - a first name
alene - a first name
aleni - a first name
alenu - a Jewish prayer
aleph - a Hebrew letter
aleqa - a first name
alera - a first name; Athena
alert - wary; conscious; watchful
aleta - a first name
aleus - in Greek mythology, the king of Tegea
aleut - a native of the Aleutian Islands
alews - plural of "alew", a halloo
alevi - a division of Islam
alexa - a first name
alexi - a first name
alexx - a first name
alexy - a first name
aleya - a first name
aleye - to allay
aleze - a first name; a town in Iraq
alfas - plural of "alfa", communication code word for the letter A; asparto grass
alfeo - a first name
alfet - a vat of boiling water, into which an accused would plunge an arm, in lieu of trial
alfie - a first name
alfin - the bishop in chess, originally an elephant; referring to certain catalysts
alfio - a first name
alfre - a first name
alfri - a first name
alfur - an aboriginal race in the Celebes
algae - the sea weeds
algal - referring to alga
algar - a first name
algas - plural of "alga", a seaweed
algee - a first name
alger - a first name; Algeria
algey - a first name
algic - alginic; an American Indian language family including Algonquian
algid - cold
algie - a first name
algin - a first name; an acidic seaweed extract for iodine
algis - a first name
algoa - a bay in South Africa
algol - a star; a computer language
algon - a first name
algor - coldness
algot - a first name
algum - sandalwood
alham - a British river
alhue - a river in Chile
alias - an assumed name
alibi - elsewhere; an exculpatory explanation of nonpresence at a crime
alica - a first name
alice - a first name
alick - a first name
alida - a first name
alids - plural of "alid", one claiming descent from Ali and Fatima, son-in-law and daughter of Mohammed
alien - strange; foreign
alies - a first name
alife - dearly; the computer science discipline of artificial life
alifs - plural of "alif", the Arabic letter "A"
alift - to lift
align - to adjust
alija - a first name
alika - a first name
alike - a first name; similar
aliki - a first name; a town in Greece
alima - a first name; the newly hatched larva of certain crustaceans; a river in the Congo
alimo - a village in Mozambique
alims - plural of "alim", a Muslim learned in religious matters
alina - a first name
aline - a first name; to adjust
alinn - a first name
alisa - a first name
alise - a first name
alish - resembling beer
aliso - a first name; shrubs or trees of the genus Alnus
aliss - a first name
alist - leaning to one side
alisz - a first name
alita - a first name
alite - a constituent of Portland cement clinker
aliud - other things (comparable to the "cetera" in "et cetera")
alive - vital; living
alixe - a first name
aliya - a first name; immigration to Israel
aliye - a first name
aliza - a first name
alize - a first name
alkes - the constellation Alpha Crateris
alkie - an alcoholic
alkis - a first name
alkot - a first name
alkyd - a synthetic resin, often used in latex paints
alkyl - a univalent radical
allah - a first name; the Moslem name of the deity
allam - a first name
allan - a first name
allat - a first name; a pre-Islamic fertility goddess
allax - a first name
allay - to calm
allda - a first name
allea - a first name
allee - a first name; a tree-lined walkway
allel - a Mendelian character; an allele
allen - a first name; a town in Argentina
aller - a river in Saxony, Germany
alles - a first name
allex - a first name
alley - a first name; a large marble; a taw; a passage
allfy - a first name
allia - a river, the site of a battle where the Gauls defeated the Romans
allie - a first name
allin - a first name
allis - a first name; an anadromous European fish
allix - a first name
allma - a first name
alloa - a town in Scotland
allod - a freehold estate
allon - a first name
alloo - to incite a dog to attack
allot - to apportion
allow - to permit
alloy - a base admixture
allta - a first name
allyl - an organic radical
allyn - a first name
allys - a first name
almah - a first name; an Egyptian dancing girl
alman - a German; a village in Lebanon
almas - plural of "alma", a variant of "almah", an Egyptian dancing girl
almaz - a first name
almeh - variant of "almah", an Egyptian dancing girl
almes - plural of "alme", a variant of "almah", an Egyptian dancing girl
almil - a first name
almir - a first name
almon - a first name; an almond
almry - an almonry; a cupboard
almud - a Spanish unit of capacity
almug - a variant of "algum", a Biblical tree, possibly the red sandalwood
almut - a first name
alnus - the genus of the alder tree; a birch tree
alods - plural of "alod", a freehold
aloed - tinctured with aloe
aloer - a peasant proprietor in Catalonia
aloes - plural of "aloe", a bitter purgative
aloey - like aloe
alofa - a first name
alofi - a town on the Polynesian island of Niue
aloft - above; in the air
alogi - the early opponents of the Logos doctrine expressed in the Gospel of John
alogy - unreasonableness; absurdity
aloha - a first name; hail and farewell in Hawaiian
aloid - resembling aloes
aloin - a first name; a bitter aloe extract
alois - a first name
alojz - a first name
aloke - a first name
aloll - lolling; askew
aloma - a first name; a light to yellowish brown color
alona - a first name
alone - only; separate; by oneself; in the best of company
along - beside; a town in India
aloni - a first name
aloof - apart
alora - a first name
alosa - a genus of fishes comprising the shads
alose - shad fish
alost - a town in Belgium
aloud - audibly
alout - to bow down
alowe - a town in Gabon; afire
aloys - a first name
alpen - of the Alps
alper - a first name
alpha - a first name; a Greek letter; the brightest star in a constellation
alphi - a first name
alphy - a first name
alpia - bird seed
alpic - alpine
alpid - a class of ancient mountain ranges, one of which became the Alps
alpin - a first name
alrae - a first name
alred - a first name
alric - a first name
alrik - a first name
alroy - a first name
alsea - a river and town in Oregon
alsek - a river in Canada
alsen - a Baltic island
altaf - a first name
altai - a province in eastern Russia, near Mongolia
altar - a sacrificial table
altay - a mountain chain in China
alten - a first name
alter - to change
altha - a first name; a town in Florida
altho - a shortened variant of "although"
altin - a coin
alton - a first name; an English town
altos - a town in Paraguay; plural of "alto", a singing voice
altra - a musical notation meaning "other" or "another"
altro - a musical notation meaning "other" or "another"
altry - an alteration
altun - a gold piece issued by Mohammed II in the 15th century
altus - alto; a town in Arkansas and Oklahoma
aluco - the tawny or white owl
aluin - a first name
aluki - a first name
alula - a first name; the small stiff feathers on a bird's wing
alumn - an alumnus
alums - treats with alum; plural of "alum", an alumnus
aluna - a first name
alura - a first name
alure - a cloister; a walking passage behind battlements
aluse - a first name
aluta - soft leather tanned with alum
alvah - a first name
alvan - a first name
alvar - a first name; a group of southern Indian Vaishnava saints
alvei - plural of "alveus", a thin layer of medullar nerve fibers
alven - a first name
alves - a first name
alvie - a first name
alvin - a first name
alvis - a first name
alvus - the abdomen
alvyn - a first name
alvys - a first name
alwan - a first name
alwar - a town in India
alway - always
alwin - a first name
alwyn - a first name
alyce - a first name
alyda - a first name
alyma - a first name
alyna - a first name
alyne - a first name
alynn - a first name
alysa - a first name
alyse - a first name
alyso - a first name
alyss - a first name
alysz - a first name
alyth - a town in Scotland
amaad - a first name
amaar - a first name
amaas - alastrim
amada - a first name
amadi - a first name; a town in Sudan
amado - a first name
amadu - a first name
amaga - a town in the Philippines
amagi - a town in Japan
amaha - a first name
amahd - a first name
amahl - a first name
amahs - plural of "amah", an Indian nurse
amain - forcibly
amaka - a first name
amala - a first name; a minor official of a law court
amaly - a first name
amama - a first name
amana - a first name; a town in Iowa; a biblical place
amand - a first name; to send away or dismiss
amang - among
amani - a first name; Indian government estates not leased or farmed out; an Afghan coin
amant - a lover
amapa - a Mexican timber tree; a town in Brazil
amara - a first name; a beetle; a town in northwest India
amare - a first name
amari - a first name; an intimate companion
amary - a first name
amasa - a first name
amass - to heap
amata - a first name
amate - to subdue; to terrify; a Central American timber tree
amati - a violin
amato - a first name
amaui - a first name
amaut - a fur-lined hood on the back of a parka for carrying a baby
amaya - a first name
amaze - to astound
amban - a Chinese resident official
ambar - a first name; a barn
ambas - plural of "amba", a Bantu speaking tribe of Uganda
ambay - an Argentine timber tree
amber - a first name; fossilized resin
ambes - plural of "ambe", an ancient surgical instrument
ambhi - a first name
ambia - a first name; the juice spit out by a tobacco chewer
ambie - a first name
ambis - plural of "Ambi", an inhabitant of Amb, a tiny once-independent region of Pakistan
ambit - a precinct
ambix - a crook-necked Greek vessel for liquids, whence the Arabic "alembic"
amble - to dawdle; to walk in a relaxed way; an English town
ambly - a first name
ambon - a lectern; a city in Indonesia; the fibrocartilaginous band around an articular cavity
ambos - plural of "ambo", a high reading desk
amboy - a town in California
ambra - a first name
ambry - an alms box; a storeroom or closet
ambuj - a first name
ambur - a first name
amchi - a first name
ameba - an amoeba
ameed - a first name
ameen - a minor official of the judicial department
ameer - a first name; an Arab prince
amela - a first name
ameli - plural of "amelus", a limbless fetus
amelu - the highest caste in Sumerian society
amena - a first name
amend - to correct or alter a document
amene - agreeable, pleasing
amens - plural of "amen", the end of a prayer, suggesting "so be it"
ament - a catkin; an iulus; a julus; a mentally deficient person
amera - a first name; a major division of invertebrate animals
amere - an Arabian prince
amery - a first name
amess - an amice, a hood or cape
amets - a first name; plural of "amet", a variant of "emmet", an ant
amgun - a river of the USSR
amhar - a first name
amiah - a first name
amias - a first name; plural of "amia", a bowfin or mudfish
amica - a first name
amice - a first name; a pilgrim's cloak
amici - plural of "amicus", part of the phrase "amicus curiae", a "friend of the
amict - a cape or hood
amida - the centerpiece of synagogue worship; a town in east Anatolia
amide - an ammonia compound
amido - containing an amide united with an acid radical
amids - plural of "amid", a variant of amide
amiee - a first name
amiel - a first name
amien - a first name
amies - plural of "amie", a female friend; a tablet of Amytal
amiet - a first name
amiga - a female friend
amigo - a male friend
amijo - a first name
amiko - a first name
amina - a first name
amine - an ammonia compound
amini - an island that is part of India
amino - containing an amine united with a nonacid radical
amins - plural of "amin", a variant of "amine"
aminu - a first name
amira - a first name
amirh - a first name
amiri - a first name
amirs - plural of "amir", an Arab prince
amisa - a first name
amish - a Mennonite sect, named for Jacob Ammann
amisk - a lake in North America
amiss - faulty; wrong
amita - a first name
amite - a town in Louisiana
amity - a first name; friendship
amiya - a first name
amjad - a first name
amjed - a first name
amlah - variant of "amala"
amlan - a first name
amlas - plural of "amla", an Indian tree
amlou - a Berber condiment
ammah - a biblical place
amman - the capital city of Jordan; a British river; an amtman, or district magistrate
ammar - a first name
ammas - plural of "amma", a truss; a Syrian abbess
ammer - a first name
ammie - a first name
ammon - a first name; a Tibetan sheep; a town in Palestine; the Egyptian ram-headed god
ammos - plural of "ammo", ammunition
ammut - an Egyptian god
amneh - a first name
amnia - plural of "amnion", a thin fluid-filled sac surrounding the embryo
amnic - of a river
amnio - amniocentesis, a diagnosic test performed during pregnancy
amnon - a first name
amobi - a first name
amoke - a first name
amoks - plural of "amok", a murderous frenzy
amole - an agave root used as a substitute for soap
amona - a first name
among - amidst
amora - any of the Hebrew teachers who expounded the Mishnah
amort - half dead; cast down; to amortize
amory - a first name
amotz - a first name
amour - a love affair; a North American cape
amove - to stir up; to remove from office
amped - provided with amplifiers; amplified
amper - a swelling; pus; a nickname for the ampersand; a blemish in cloth
ample - plenty; an ointment-box
amply - plentifully
ampul - an oil jar; a sealed glass tube; an ampule
ampyx - a genus of trilobites; a band
amram - a first name; the father of Aaron
amrit - a first name; sweetened water used in Sikh baptisms
amsel - a blackbird
amter - a Danish territorial unit
amuay - a town in Venezuela
amuck - madly; amok
amude - a town in Syria
amuka - a town in Israel
amula - a vessel for eucharistic wine
amuse - to entertain
amvet - an American veteran soldier
amvis - an explosive of ammonium nitrate, a derivative of nitrobenzene, chlorated napthalene and wood meal.
amyas - a first name
amyda - trionyx
amyls - plural of "amyl", a univalent radical
amyot - a first name
amyra - a first name
amyss - an amice, a hood or cape
amzel - a blackbird
amzia - a first name
amzie - a first name
anack - oatmeal bread
anaco - a town in Venezuela
anadi - a first name
anael - a first name
anafi - a Greek island in the Aegean Sea
anago - a kind of eel served in Japanese cuisine
anahi - a first name
anais - a first name
anaka - a first name
anaks - plural of "anak", a race of giants living in Palestine
analy - a first name
anama - a town in Brazil
anamo - a town in Papua New Guinea
anana - a pineapple
anand - a first name
anane - a first name; a fallen angle
anang - an ethnic group of Nigeria
anani - a first name
anank - a first name
anant - a first name
ananu - a river in Guyana
anany - a first name
anapa - a town in Ukraine
anapu - a town in Brazil
anarf - slang for "and a half", meaning "plus 50 pence"
anasa - a genus of insects including the squash bug
anata - a town in Palestine
anaua - a river in Brazil
anaxo - a first name; the daughter of Alcaeus
anbar - a province in Iraq
ancel - a first name
anche - a musical term meaning "also", or "even"; a reed or a reed organ stop
ancho - a kind of chile
ancle - a variant of "ankle"
ancoa - a river in Chile
ancon - the elbow; a bracket; a cornice; a town in New Mexico
ancre - a tributary of the Somme river, and site of a World War I battle
ancud - a town, and a gulf in Chile
andal - a first name
andau - a town in Austria with a bridge to Hungary, over which refugees fled in 1957
anded - performed a logical "and" operation
andee - a first name
ander - a first name
andes - a South American mountain chain
andic - referring to males
andie - a first name
andis - a first name
andje - a first name
andon - a first name
andor - a first name
andra - a first name
andre - a first name
andri - a first name
andro - a first name; androstenedione, a synthetic male hormone
andru - a first name
andry - a first name
aneal - to anoint
anear - nigh
aneel - a first name
anees - a first name
aneho - a town in Togo
aneka - a first name
anela - a first name
anele - extreme unction; to anoint
anend - to the end
anent - a first name; concerning
aneta - a first name
anete - a first name
anett - a first name
aneva - a first name
anfos - plural of "anfo", a type of homemade explosive
angas - a language; plural of "anga", a yoga practice
angee - a first name
angel - a first name; a divine messenger; an old English gold coin
angen - a first name
anger - ire
angey - a first name
angie - a first name
angil - a first name
angka - a people of northern Assam
angle - a corner; the difference in direction of two intersecting lines
anglo - a first name; English; Anglo-Saxon; of European ancestry
angol - a town in Chile
angor - extreme pain or anxiety
angry - irate
angst - educated anxiety
angul - a town in Turkey; a town in India
angus - a first name; the Celtic god of love
anhui - a language; a province of China
aniah - a first name
aniba - a genus of tropical American trees
anica - a first name
anice - a first name
anida - a first name
aniel - a first name
anier - a first name
anigh - near
anika - a first name
aniko - a first name
anila - a first name
anile - old womanish (compare "senile")
anils - plural of "anil", a West Indian shrub of the bean family that yields a dye
anima - the soul; a musical term meaning "spirit" or "life"
anime - resin; fiery; soft copal; Japanese animation
animi - anime
anina - a first name
anion - a negative ion
anisa - a first name
anise - a plant furnishing aniseed
anish - a first name
aniso - unequal
anita - a first name
anito - in the Philippines, an ancestral spirit
aniva - an Asian cape
aniya - a first name
anjan - a first name; an Indian timber tree
anjar - a town in India; a town in Lebanon
anjel - a first name
anjem - a first name
anjer - an Indonesian village destroyed by Krakatoa
anjil - a first name
anjou - a province and princely family of western France
anjum - a first name
ankaa - a star
ankaf - an Arabian desert
ankee - barn grass
anker - a first name; a unit of volume of about 7.5 gallons; a British river
ankhs - plural of "ankh", an Egyptian symbol of life
ankie - a first name
ankit - a first name
ankle - the joint connecting the foot and the leg; to walk away from a job
ankou - Japanese sweet red bean paste; death personified in Breton mythology
ankur - a first name
ankus - an elephant goad
ankwe - a language
anlas - anlace
anlin - an Asian lake
anmar - a first name
annah - a first name
annai - a town in Guyana
annal - a record of a single year
annam - the part of Vietnam where the Annamese people live
annan - a first name; a British river; a town in Scotland
annas - a first name; plural of "anna", an Indian coin
annat - variant of "annate", the first year's revenue, payable to the pope
annee - a first name
anner - a first name
annes - a first name
annet - a first name; the kittiwake; a British island
annex - to append
anney - a first name
annia - a first name
annie - a first name
annik - a first name
annis - a first name
annot - a first name
annoy - to badger; to irritate
annul - to cancel
annum - a year
annus - a first name
annys - a first name
annza - a first name
anoas - plural of "anoa", a small wild ox of the Celebes
anode - an electrically positive pole
anoia - idiocy
anoil - to anoint with oil
anoka - a town in Minnesota
anoki - a first name
anole - a tropical lizard
anoli - a tropical lizard
anomy - lawlessness; a miracle
anona - a first name; the custard-apple genus
anook - a first name
anoop - a first name
anora - a first name
anorn - to adorn
anote - a first name
anouk - a first name
anour - a first name
anous - a genus of terns
anova - an acronym: "ANalysis Of VAriance"
ansae - plural of "ansa", the projecting part of Saturn's rings; a loop-shaped anatomical structure
ansal - a first name; double-edged
ansam - a first name
ansan - a town in Korea
ansar - the citizens of Medina who supported Mohammed during the hegira
ansas - plural of "ansa", a decorated vase handle
ansel - a first name
anser - the genus to which the goose belongs
ansha - a first name
anshu - a first name
ansis - a first name
ansly - a first name
anson - a first name
ansor - a first name
anssi - a first name
ansum - a first name
ansun - a first name
ansus - plural of "ansu", a fruit
antae - plural of "anta", a pilaster
antal - a first name; a Hungarian unit of measurement for wine volume
antar - a first name; a cave
antas - plural of "anta", a pilaster
antaw - a first name
antea - a first name
anted - paid the ante to continue playing
anter - a first name
antes - pays the ante to continue playing
antha - a first name
anthe - a first name
antia - a first name
antic - fantastic; playful
antin - a first name
antis - plural of "anti", one who is opposed
antje - a first name
anton - a first name
antos - a first name
antra - plural of "antrum", a cavity in a bone
antre - a cave
antsy - eager; impatient; restless
antti - a first name
antum - the Babylonian consort of Anu
antun - a first name
antzi - a first name
anuak - a language and an ethnic group of Ethiopia
anuja - a first name
anura - batrachians
anury - the absence of a tail
anuta - one of the Solomon Islands
anvar - a first name
anvil - an ear bone; a smith's tool
anwar - a first name
anwel - a first name
anwei - a first name
anwen - a first name
anwil - a first name
anwyl - a first name
anwyn - a first name
anxur - Terracina
anyes - a first name
anyon - a first name; a hypothetical exotic particle obeying fractional statistics
anzac - the Australian/New Zealand Army Corps
anzam - a treaty involving Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia
anzio - a town in Italy, site of a WWII landing
anzor - a first name
anzuk - a treaty involving Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom
anzus - an alliance of Australia, New Zealand, and the United States
aoife - a first name
aorta - the great artery
aosta - a town in Italy
aotes - a genus of nocturnal monkeys, literally "no ears"
aotus - variant of "aotes", a genus of nocturnal monkeys
apace - rapidly
apage - "away", especially in the phrase "apage, Satanas!"
apaid - satisfied; repaid
apair - to impair; to injure
apapa - a first name
apara - the 3-banded armadillo of South America
apart - aloof; separate
apayd - repaid
apays - repays
apeak - anchor aweigh; in a posture to pierce the ground
apeek - anchor aweigh; in a posture to pierce the ground
apere - a river in Bolivia
apers - plural of "aper", an imitator
apert - open; public
apery - comical behavior; mischievous mimicking
apess - a she-ape
aphek - a biblical place
aphid - an ant cow
aphis - plural of "aphid", an ant cow
aphra - a first name
apiai - a town in Brazil
apian - relating to bees
apiin - a crystalline glycoside
apike - apeak
aping - copying
apiol - a colorless crystalline ether derived from parsley
apion - a genus of small-beaked weevils
apios - a genus of climbing herbs; glycine
apish - apelike
apism - the practice of aping, or imitating
apium - a genus of Eurasian herbs of the carrot and celery family; umbel
aplao - a town in Peru
apnea - breathing cessation during sleep
apoda - eels, etc ("no feet")
apode - a limbless creature
apods - plural of "apod", a footless creature
apolo - a first name; a town in Bolivia
aponi - a first name
apons - a fish without ventral fins
apoon - a first name
apoop - astern; toward the back of the ship
apoor - a first name
apore - a river in Brazil
aport - towards the port side
appal - to scare
appat - an island of Greenland
appay - to satisfy; to repay
appel - a tap of the foot used as a warning during fencing
apple - a fruit; the award of Paris
apply - to use
appro - approval
appui - defensive support
appuy - defensive support
apres - a word borrowed from French, meaning "after", as in "apres ski"
april - a first name; the fourth month
apron - a short cassock
apryl - a first name
apses - plural of "apse", an extreme point in an orbit; a part of a church
apsis - an extreme point in an orbit; an apse
apsos - plural of "apso", a Lhasa Apso, a kind of dog
aptal - a Gypsy people of northern Syria
apter - more fitting
aptha - aphtha, a speck, flake or blister on the mucous membrane characteristic of some diseases
aptic - of or referring to an aptitude
aptly - fittingly
aptos - a town in California
apuan - of Apua
apure - a town and river in Venezuela
aqaba - a port city in Jordan and a gulf in the Red Sea
aqeel - a first name
aquae - plural of "aqua", meaning water
aquas - plural of "aqua", meaning water or a blue color
aquia - a town in Peru
aquil - a first name
araba - a Turkish oxcart; a howling monkey
arabi - a town in Georgia, USA
arabs - plural of "Arab"
araby - Arabia
araca - a Brazilian timber tree;  a town in Bolivia
arace - to tear up by the roots
arack - fermented palm juice
arada - plowed land
arafs - plural of "araf", the Islamic purgatory
arago - a town in southern France
arain - a spider; a Muslim people of the Punjab
araka - a carriage drawn by an ox or horse
arake - raked
araks - a river in Armenia; plural of "arak", an areca nut, a Middle Eastern distilled wine flavored with aniseed
aralt - a first name
aralu - the Babylonian abode of the dead
arame - an edible brown seaweed
aramu - a first name; a town in Syria
arani - a town in Bolivia
arara - the Brazilian macaw; an Australian bird; a town in Papua New Guinea
arars - plural of "arar", North African timber tree
araru - arrowroot
arash - a first name
arata - a first name
arati - a first name
araxa - a town in Brazil
araua - a group of Indian people of western Brazil
arawa - a Maori people of New Zealand; a canoe
arawe - a town in Papua New Guinea
araya - a South American cape
arazw - a first name
arbas - plural of "arba", a Tartar covered wagon
arbat - a Buddhist monk
arbaz - a first name
arbel - a first name
arben - a first name
arber - the throat or gullet
arbid - arbitrary
arbie - a first name
arbil - the modern name for Arbela, in Iraq
arbor - a tree genus; a bower
arcae - plural of "arca", an ancient chest or coffer
arcas - plural of "arca", an ancient chest or coffer
arced - curved
arcen - a town in the Netherlands
arcer - one that arcs
arche - in Greek philosophy, a substance or primal element
archi - a language of the Caucausus
archy - a first name
arcie - a first name
arcot - a town in India
arcus - any anatomical arch; an arch-shaped cloud
ardab - a unit of volume in Egypt of about 5.5 bushels
ardah - a first name
ardal - a first name
ardea - the heron genus; a town in northern Italy
ardeb - a unit of volume in Egypt of about 5.5 bushels
ardee - a town in Eire
arden - a first name; a forest in Warwickshire
arder - plowing tilth
ardes - an Egyptian unit of volume of about 5.5 bushels
ardia - a first name
ardie - a first name
ardil - a fiber from groundnuts
ardin - a first name
ardis - a first name
ardja - a Balinese dance
ardle - a British river
ardly - a first name
ardon - a first name
ardor - a first name; passion
ardra - a first name
ardri - the high king in ancient Ireland
ardys - a first name
aread - to divine; to advise
areae - plural of "area", referring to a section of the brain
areal - superficial; related to area
arean - of or related to the god Ares or the planet Mars
arear - in the rear
areas - plural of "area", a region; measurement of two dimensional space
areca - a betel nut palm
areck - a first name
aredd - declared; to counsel
arede - to counsel; to declare
areed - to interpret; to advise
areek - reeking, stinking
areen - a first name
arefy - to dry up
areia - a first name; Athena
areic - pertaining to a region contributing little surface drainage
arela - a first name
areli - a first name
aremu - a first name
arena - a performance ring
arend - a first name
arene - a first name; an aromatic hydrocarbon
areng - the sago palm
arent - aren't, that is, "are not"
arepa - a kind of Colombian corn cake
arere - arear
arese - a first name
arest - a spear support; a variant of "arrest"
aresu - a first name
areta - a first name
arete - a first name; a sharp mountain ridge; excellence or valor
arets - entrusts; adjudges; imputes
arett - to entrust
argal - crude tartar; argol; mocking variation of "ergo"; a wild Asian sheep
argan - a Moroccan spiny evergreen tree, used for timber and nuts
argas - a genus of ticks
argel - African plants whose leaves are used to adulterate senna; another name for Algiers
argeo - a first name
arges - a river in Romania
argia - a first name; the mother of Argus
argid - silvery; a kind of sawfly
argie - an Argentinian
argil - potter's earth
argle - to argue
argob - a biblical place
argol - crude tartar; dung used as fuel
argon - a noble gas
argos - a first name; a city in Greece; the shipwright who built Jason's ship Argo; Odysseus's dog, which recognized him in disguise
argot - slang; idiom; jargon; cant; lingo
argue - to dispute
argun - a first name; a former town in former Chechnya; a river in China
argus - a first name; watchful; a pheasant; a many-eyed monster, and founder of Argos
arhar - the pigeon pea
arhat - a Buddhist who has attained nirvana; a lohan
arhus - a city in Denmark
arial - a first name
arian - a first name; a sectarian; an Aryan; referring to the heresy of Arius
arias - a first name; plural of "aria", a musical air; a tune
arica - a first name; a seaport city in northern Chile; a consciousness-raising system from Chile
arich - a first name
arick - a first name
arics - a first name
arida - a town in Lebanon
arieh - a first name
ariel - a first name; a sprite; a gazelle; a bird
arien - a first name
aries - a first name; a Zodiac sign; the constellation of the ram
ariez - a first name
arife - a first name
ariha - another name for Jericho
arija - a first name
arika - a first name
arild - a first name
arils - plural of "aril", an outer seed cover
arina - a first name
arinn - a first name
arioi - a Tahitian cult
arion - a first name; a genus of snail; a poet of Lesbos
ariot - riotously
arisa - a first name
arise - to ascend; to get up; to come up
arish - an arrish, a stubble field; a town in the Sinai peninsula
arist - a variant of "ariseth"
arity - the number of arguments a function or operator requires
aritz - a first name
arius - the propounder of the heresy that Christ was not consubstantial with God the Father
ariya - a first name
ariza - a first name
arize - a first name
arjan - a tropical Asian tree whose bark is used for tanning
arjen - a first name
arjun - a first name; a tropical Asian tree whose bark is used for tanning
arkab - a constellation
arkan - a first name
arked - put into an ark
arkie - the computer game maker's award, similar to the Oscar; a migrant worker from Arkansas
arkin - a first name
arkyn - a first name
arlan - a first name
arlea - a first name
arled - gave a preliminary payment for something
arlee - a first name
arlen - a first name
arles - a first name; earnest money on engagement; a city in France
arlet - a first name
arley - a first name; a town in Alabama
arlie - a first name
arlin - a first name
arlis - a first name
arlon - a first name; a town in Belgium
arlyn - a first name
armad - a first name
arman - a first name
armed - equipped; having arms
armen - a first name; a native of Armenia
armer - one that arms
armet - a medieval helmet with a visor
armie - a first name
armil - the insignia of royalty; a bracelet
armin - a first name
armis - a first name
armon - a first name
armor - body protection
armoy - a town in Northern Ireland
arnab - a first name
arnas - plural of "arna", a wild Indian water buffalo
arnat - a first name
arndt - a first name
arneb - a star in the constellation of Lepus
arnee - the Indian buffalo
arnel - a first name
arnet - a first name
arney - a first name
arnie - a first name
arnis - a first name
arnny - a first name
arnoe - a first name
arnol - a town in the Outer Hebrides
arnon - a first name
arnot - a first name; the pignut; a town in Pennsylvania
arnou - a first name
arnut - the earthnut
aroar - uproariously
aroba - an old Spanish weight; variant of "araba", a Turkish oxcart
arobe - a unit of weight in Paraguay of about 25.3 pounds
arock - a town in Oregon
aroer - a biblical place
aroha - a first name
aroid - a plant allied to the arum
aroma - a scent; a town in Bolivia
aromo - the aroma plant
arona - a first name; a town in Pennsylvania
aroni - a first name
arooj - a first name
aroon - darling
aroph - an old fashioned term for various medical remedies
arora - a first name
arosa - a resort town in Switzerland, visited by Conan Doyle
arose - got up; came up; ascended
arpad - a first name; a biblical place
arpee - "RP" or "received pronunciation", a style of English; a future dialect imagined by Will Self in "The Book of Dave"
arpen - arpent, a French unit of area
arque - a town in Bolivia
arrah - an Indian lentil; a town in India; an Irish interjection of excitement; but
arran - a first name; an island in southwest Scotland
arras - a tapestry; a town in France; in Spanish law, a husband's wedding gift to his wife
arrau - a large Amazon turtle
array - a range; a set of objects; in computing, a list or table of numbers
arren - a first name
arret - a court order; an authoritative decision
arrgh - an expression of disgust or annoyance
arrha - earnest money
arria - a first name
arric - a first name
arrie - a first name; a murre or auk
arrik - a first name
arrio - a first name
arris - a sharp edge
arroj - a first name
arron - a first name
arrow - a metal-tipped shaft shot from a bow
arroz - a kind of rice
arryo - a first name
arsed - having buttocks of the given number, size, shape, or odor
arsen - a first name
arses - plural of "arsis"; plural of "arse"
arset - backwards; reversed
arsey - impudent
arsis - vocal inflection; a weak beat; in music, the upbeat
arsle - to move backward; the anus
arson - malicious fire setting
artal - plural of "rotl"
artan - a first name
artar - ash
artas - a village in Palestine
arted - decorated; made more arty
artek - a first name
artel - a Russian guild; a unit of weight in Morocco, of about 1.1 pounds; plural of "rotl"
artem - a first name; a town in far eastern Russia
arter - a dialectical form of "after"
artes - plural of "arte", an obsolete form of "art"
artha - a first name
arthi - a first name
artic - an articulated truck or bus
artie - a first name
artin - a first name
artis - a first name
artly - with skill or style
artor - a first name
artow - a contracted form of "art thou"
artro - a first name; a British river
artse - a first name
artsy - pretentious; flowery
artur - a first name
artus - a first name
aruac - arhuaco
aruba - a resort island in the Caribbean
aruke - the starchy rhizome of the brake
arulo - an artificial language created for a specific purpose
arums - plural of "arum", a lily
aruna - a first name
aruns - a first name
arupa - a first name
arura - aroura
arusa - a small Indian shrub whose leaves yield a yellow dye
arvad - a first name; another name for Arwad
arvah - a first name
arval - a first name; pertaining to plowed land; a cake; an "arval supper" celebrates an inheritance
arvel - a first name
arven - a first name
arvey - a first name
arvid - a first name
arvie - a first name
arvin - a first name; the Army of the Republic of Vietnam
arvon - a first name
arvos - plural of "arvo", an afternoon
arwad - a town in Syria
arwel - a first name
arwen - a first name
arwin - a first name
arwyn - a first name
aryan - Indo European
aryeh - a first name
aryel - a first name
aryls - plural of "aryl", a univalent radical
arzan - a first name; a town in Bulgaria
arzew - a town in Algeria
arzoo - a first name
arzun - a first name; a town in Lebanon; a cereal
asaad - a first name
asado - barbecue
asafa - a first name
asahi - a town in Japan
asaid - a first name
asale - on sale
asama - a volcano on the island of Honshu
asami - a first name
asana - a posture in yoga
asano - a first name
asaph - a first name
asarh - a month of the Hindu year
asars - plural of "asar", an esker; a gravel ridge
ascan - of an ascus
ascii - dwellers on the Equator; a computer character code
ascob - a cocker spaniel of Any Solid Color Other than Black
ascon - a type of sponge with canals leading directly to the paragaster
ascot - a first name; a tie; an English town and horse race site
ascus - a spore case
asdaq - a first name
asdic - a submarine detection method
asean - the Association of South East Asian Nations
asebu - an African kingdom
aseel - a first name
asene - a part participle of "asee"
asger - a first name
ashah - a first name
asham - a Jamaican powdered confection of ground brown sugar and crushed roasted corn
ashar - a first name
ashby - a first name
ashed - converted into ash
ashen - pale
asher - a first name; a Biblical tribe
ashes - plural of "ash", remnants after burning
ashet - a large serving dish for meat
ashia - a first name
ashin - a first name
ashir - a first name; variant of "Ashur", the god of the Assyrians
ashis - a first name
ashla - a first name
ashli - a first name
ashly - a first name
ashon - a first name
ashor - a first name
ashot - a first name; a king of Armenia
ashur - a first name; an Assyrian god; one of the leading cities of Assyria
asiah - a first name
asiak - a first name
asian - a first name; asiatic
aside - apart; to the side
asier - a first name
asifa - a first name
asiff - a first name
asile - asylum
asima - a first name
asiri - a first name
asish - a first name
asita - a first name
asius - a first name
askam - a town in England
askar - a first name; a native infantryman in the Moroccan army
asked - inquired; invited
asker - a water newt; an inviter; an inquirer; a town in Norway
askew - awry
askia - a first name
askip - skipping
askja - a volcano
askos - an oil jar in ancient Greece; a leather bag
aslak - a first name
aslan - a first name
aslin - a first name
aslug - sluggishly
asmaa - a first name
asmar - a town in Afghanistan
asmat - an Indo-Pacific language; an Indonesian tribe
asmot - a coastal area of New Guinea
asmus - a first name
asnen - a European lake
asoak - sodden
asobi - a first name
asoka - a first name; a showy tree of tropical Asia; a Buddhist king of India
asoke - a first name
asolo - a town in Italy
asoma - a first name
aspar - a first name
aspen - the trembling poplar
asper - a small silver Turkish coin; rough or rugged; a measure of audio roughness
aspic - a savory meat jelly; a 12 pound cannon; lavender
aspie - a sufferer of Asperger's syndrome
aspis - a genus of vipers
aspro - a prostitute; a European cape
asril - a first name
asror - a first name
assab - a Red Sea port in Eritrea
assad - a first name
assaf - a first name
assai - enough; a musical term meaning "very" or "extremely"; a South American palm tree
assam - an Indian province; a kind of tea
assan - a first name
assay - an analysis
assed - acted like an ass; having buttocks of the specified shape, number, color or smell
assef - a first name
assem - a first name
assen - a first name; a town in the Netherlands
asser - a thin lath
asses - acts like an ass; plural of "ass", a donkey
asset - a possession; a positive quality
assez - a musical notation meaning "enough"
assia - a first name
assie - a first name
assis - refers to a sitting animal in heraldry; a town in Brazil
assle - the anus
asson - a calabash rattle
assos - a town in Turkey
assot - to infatuate; to make an ass of
assur - a first name; the supreme national god of Assyria
assus - a town in Anatolia
assyr - a first name
astay - a cable direction
astel - a dam; a splinter; a ceiling
asten - a first name
aster - a first name; a flowering plant
astin - a first name
astir - alert
aston - a first name; astonished; an English town
astra - a first name
astre - a hearth or home
astri - a first name
astro - a first name
astun - to stun; astone; a town in Spain
astur - the genus of goshawks
asuck - sucking
asura - in the Rig Veda, an enemy of the gods
asuri - a dialect of the Munda languages of India
aswad - a first name; an Asian cape
aswan - a place in Egypt, site of a dam on the Nile
asway - swinging
aswim - afloat; swimming
aswin - a first name
aswyn - a first name
asyla - plural of "asylum"
asylo - a sort of currency based on the vouchers given by the UK to asylum seekers
async - asynchronous
asyut - a town in Egypt, the ancient city of Lycopolis
atajo - a corral
atake - to overtake
atala - a first name; a village in India
atami - a town in Japan
ataps - plural of "atap", the Nipa palm tree
atara - a first name
atari - the sorry state of a go stone which has only a single "liberty" or breathing spot left, vulnerable to capture in one move
atavi - a first name
ataxy - disorder
atchi - the Caucasian ibex
atele - a variant of "atel", meaning "terrible"
atelo - a town in Togo
atera - a first name
aters - plural of "ater", a variant of "atter", meaning poison
atfih - a town in Egypt
athan - a first name
athar - a first name; attar
athel - a first name; a nobleman; ancestry; a kind of tree
athie - a first name
athol - a first name; a town in Pennsylvania
athos - a first name; one of the Three Musketeers; a holy mountain in Greece where no women are allowed
athra - a first name
atico - a town in Peru
atida - a first name
atifa - a first name
atika - a first name
atiku - a first name
atila - a first name
atilt - on edge; tilted
atima - a first name
atimy - public disgrace
atina - a first name
atiya - a first name
atjeh - Aceh
atlas - a first name; a Titan; a moth; a map book
atlea - a first name
atled - in mathematics, a name for the upside-down delta symbol
atlee - a first name; the athel tree
atley - a first name
atlin - a lake in North America
atluk - a seal's breathing hole in the ice
atman - a first name; the Buddhist ego
atmas - plural of "atma", the individual soul in Hinduism
atmos - theatrical atmosphere
atnah - an Indian tribe; a character used in Hebrew to divide biblical verses
atner - a first name
atocs - plural of "atoc", a species of skunk
atoke - the anterior sexless part of certain worms
atoks - plural of "atok", a species of skunk
atole - a kind of gruel or corn porridge favored by the Aztecs
atoll - a coral island
atome - a variant of "atom"
atoms - plural of "atom", the smallest unit of an element that retain its chemical properties
atomy - an atom; a skeleton; a pygmy; a small, thin or deformed person
atone - to expiate
atony - debility; lethargy
atopy - a type of allergy in which the reaction site is distant from the contact site
atour - over
atrak - an Asian river
atras - behind
atria - a star; plural of "atrium", a lobby, antechamber, or cavity
atrie - a first name
atrip - anchor aweigh
atser - a first name
attal - variant of "attle", mine refuse
attap - atap, the nipa palm, often used for thatching
attar - a fragrant rose oil
attas - plural of "atta", a leaf-cutting ant
atter - corrupt matter from a sore; a tongue coating
attic - Athenian; a garret
attid - salticid
attie - a first name
attis - a first name; a Greek god of beauty, growth and fertility
attle - mine refuse
attry - venomous; malignant
atuel - a river in Argentina
atule - the akule, the big-eyed scad
atwar - a first name
atyaf - a first name
atyra - a town in Paraguay
auana - a Europeanized style of hula dancing
auban - a first name
auben - a first name
aubie - a first name
aubin - a first name; a Canterbury gallop
aubra - a first name
aubre - a first name
aubri - a first name
aubry - a first name
aucan - araucanian
aucht - property; possession
audad - aoudad
auden - a first name
audie - a first name; the Audiobook Publisher's equivalent to the Oscar award
audio - referring to sound
audit - to examine accounts; to listen in
audon - a first name
audra - a first name
audre - a first name
audri - a first name
audry - a first name
audun - a first name
aueto - a Tupian people of the Xingu river basin
aufin - an old name for the bishop in chess
augen - a first name; plural of "auge", an elliptical or lens-shaped aggregate
auger - a drill
auget - an explosive charge for mining
auggy - a first name
aught - zero
augie - a first name
augur - a seer
auina - a first name
aukai - a first name
aukus - an acronym for an agreement between Australia, the UK, and the US
aulae - plural of "aula", a Roman hall; the anterior part of the third brain ventricle
aulas - plural of "aula", a Roman hall; the anterior part of the third brain ventricle
aulay - a first name
aulic - pertaining to a royal court
aulii - a first name
aulis - a harbor in Boeotia, visited by Iphigenia
auloi - plural of "aulos", a Greek woodwind musical instrument
aulon - a town in Albania, now called Vlore
aulos - a Greek double reed woodwind instrument
aumil - an Indian tax collector
aunes - plural of "aune", an ell, a French measurement of cloth
aunts - plural of "aunt", a parental sister
aunty - auntie
aurae - plural of "aura", an emanation
aural - a first name; exhalation
aurar - plural of "eyrir", an aluminum bronze coin of Iceland
auras - plural of "aura", an emanation
aurea - a first name
aurei - Roman gold coins; plural of "aureus"
aurek - a first name
aurel - a first name
aures - a mountain in Algeria; plural of "auris", the ear
aurey - a first name
auria - a first name
auric - golden
aurie - a first name
aurin - a first name; a golden red dye
auris - the ear
aurox - aurochs
aurum - gold
ausaf - a first name
aushi - a language
ausra - a first name
aussi - an Australian
autel - an "automobile hotel", more commonly called a motel
autem - a church
autos - plural of "auto", an automobile
autry - a first name
autum - a first name
autun - a kind of cheese; a town in France
auvit - a first name
auwai - an irrigation channel
auxin - a substance used to regulate plant growth
avada - a first name
avahi - the wooly lemur
avail - benefit; result
avais - a first name
avale - to let fall; to sink
avals - plural of "aval", an endorsement on a bill
avant - culturally or stylistically new
avanu - a water serpent design common in Southwest Native American art
avare - a town in Brazil
avari - a first name
avars - plural of "avar", an ethnic group of Eastern people found in the Caucasus
avary - a first name
avast - stop
aveba - a town in Congo
aveen - a first name
avels - plural of "avel", an awn of barley
avena - a first name; a genus of grasses to which oats belong
avens - the herb bennet
avent - a first name
avern - a first name
avers - affirms
avert - to avoid; to turn away
avery - a first name
avgas - gasoline for airplanes
avian - a first name; birdlike
avice - a first name
avick - a first name
aviel - a first name
avila - a Spanish city famous only for St Theresa
avile - to abase
avine - avian
avion - a first name; an airplane
avior - a star
avisa - news; advice
avise - to advise
aviso - a dispatch boat; advice
aviva - a first name
avivi - a first name
aviya - a first name
avize - to advise
avner - a first name
avnit - a first name
avoca - a town in Pennsylvania; a town in Ireland
avoid - to shun
avoke - to call from; to call back again
avola - a town in Italy
avoue - a French lawyer
avows - affirms
avram - a first name
avrel - a first name
avril - a first name
avrim - a first name
avrin - a first name
avrit - a first name
avrom - a first name
avrum - a first name
avtar - a first name
avyze - to advise
awabi - an abalone
awacs - an acronym: "Advanced Warning And Control System", a surveillance plane
awaft - wafting; adrift
await - to tarry; to expect
awaji - a town in Japan
awake - alert; conscious
awane - waning
awani - a first name
award - a prize
aware - mindful; conscious
awarn - to warn
awarp - cast down
awash - a first name; nearly submerged; a town in Ethiopia
awave - waving
aways - a considerable distance; plural of "away", a nonlocal person
awbeg - a British river
awdls - plural of "awdl", a Welsh ode
aweek - per week
aweel - well, then
aweil - a town in Sudan
awest - westward
aweto - the mummified body of a caterpillar killed by a fungus, useful for black dye
awfly - a variant of "awfully"
awful - terrible; very
awhir - whirring
awing - on the wing
awink - winking
awiwi - a Hawaiian flowering plant
awkly - awkwardly
awmry - an ambry, a recess for church vessels
awned - having awns; bearded
awner - a machine for removing awns from grain
awnie - bearded
awoke - roused
awork - in an active state
axell - a first name
axels - plural of "axel", a jump in figure skating
axers - plural of "axer", one who axes
axial - along the axis
axile - on the same axis
axill - a first name
axils - plural of "axil", the angle between the upper part of a leaf and the supporting stem
axine - relating to or resembling the axis deer
axing - present participle of "ax"
axins - plural of "axin", a cochineal ointment
axiom - an assumed truth
axion - a hypothetical subatomic neutral particle with no spin
axios - a river in Macedonia and Greece, also known as the Vardar
axite - a propellant; a branch
axled - having a spindle
axles - plural of "axle", an axis; spindle
axman - a man wielding an axe
axmen - plural of "axman", a man wielding an axe
axoid - of or relating to the axis vertebra
axone - an axon
axons - plural of "axon", the central processe of a neuron
axton - a first name
ayaan - a first name
ayaaz - a first name
ayabe - a town in Japan
ayahs - plural of "ayah", an Indian nurse
ayako - a first name
ayala - a first name
ayame - a first name
ayana - a first name
ayash - a first name
aydan - a first name
ayden - a first name
aydin - a first name; a city in western Turkey
aydyn - a first name
ayein - a variant of "ayeins", again or back against
ayelp - howling
ayers - a first name
aygre - eager
ayham - a first nameayhan - a first name
ayial - an Indian vegetable ragout
ayide - a first name
ayina - a first name
ayins - plural of "ayin", a Hebrew letter
ayisa - a first name
ayken - a first name
aykin - a first name
aykut - a first name
aylee - a first name
aylet - a crow
aylia - a first name
aylie - a first name
aylin - a first name
ayllu - a sib or clan of Inca society
aymen - a first name
aymer - a first name
aymil - a first name
aymon - a first name
aynor - a first name
aynur - a first name
ayoka - a first name
ayond - beyond
ayont - beyond
ayoub - a first name, the Arabic form of "Job"
ayous - obeche
ayrab - a derisive term for an Arab
ayran - a dessert of diluted yogurt
ayrel - a first name
ayres - a first name; plural of "ayr", an old spelling of "air"
ayrie - an eyrie
aysel - a first name
aysen - a province in Chile
aysha - a first name
ayshe - a first name
aysia - a first name
ayson - a first name
aytac - a first name
aytch - variant of "aitch", the letter "H"
ayten - a first name
ayton - a town in England
aytos - a town in Bulgaria
aytul - a first name
aytza - a first name
ayubu - a first name
ayumi - a first name
ayuru - a language of the Amazon
ayuyu - a crab of Guam
ayyub - a first name
ayzan - a first name
azael - a first name
azami - a first name
azans - plural of "azan", a Muslim call to prayer
azapa - a river in Chile
azaya - a first name
azeri - a native of Azerbaijan
azers - plural of "Azer", an Azeri, a native of Azerbaijan
azhar - a first name
azher - a first name
aziah - a first name
azibo - a first name
azide - a type of chemical compound
azido - relating to the univalent chemical group N3
azine - a type of chemical compound
azita - a first name
aziza - a first name
azize - a first name
azizi - a first name
azlon - a textile fiber
azmat - a first name
azoch - a variant of "azoth"; an alchemical panacea; mercury
azofy - to nonsymbiotically fixate atmospheric nitrogen in soil
azoic - devoid of life; the geologic period when there was no life
azole - a type of chemical compound
azols - plural of "azol", a photographic developer compound
azons - plural of "azon", a radio-controlled aerial bomb
azora - a first name
azote - nitrogen
azoth - an alchemical panacea; mercury
azouz - a first name
azoxy - related to or containing the chemical group -N(O)=N-.
azrou - a town in Morocco
aztec - a group of Central American Indians
azuba - a first name
azuki - a Japanese hard red bean
azura - a first name
azure - a first name; a blue color
azurn - blue
azury - blue
azusa - a town in California
azwar - a first name
azygy - the state of being unpaired
azyme - unleavened bread
azyms - plural of "azym", a variant of "azyme", unleavened bread
azzam - a first name
baaad - an exaggerated spelling of "bad", signifying "amazing" or "outstanding"
baals - plural of "baal", a false god
baana - the buttocks
baath - a Syrian political party, currently THE Syrian political party
babah - a first name
babai - a first name
babak - a first name
babal - a town in Yemen
baban - a first name; a Kurdish principality
babao - a town in China
babar - a first name; the first emperor of the Indian Mogul dynasty; an Indonesian island
babas - plural of "baba", a rum cake
babau - in the Languedoc, the name of a monster that scares little children
babbo - daddy; father
babby - a first name; a baby
babee - a member of a Persian sect
babek - a first name
babel - a tower; din; confusion
baber - the first emperor of the Indian Mogul dynasty
babes - plural of "babe", a baby; an attractive young woman
babet - a first name
babis - a first name
babka - a coffee cake
baboo - an Indian clerk; a Hindu gentleman
babsy - a first name
babul - a North African acacia tree
babur - first emperor of the Indian Mogul dynasty
babus - plural of "babu", an Indian clerk or bureaucrat
bacao - a town in Brazil
bacau - a city in eastern Romania
bacca - a berry; tobacco
bacco - tobacco
baccy - tobacco
bache - a first name; the valley of a small stream
bachs - plural of "bach", an affectionate term of address
bachu - a town in western China
bacis - a sacred bull
backs - reverse sides; supports; moves backwards
backy - tobacco; a privy
bacne - the severe back acne caused by using steroids
bacon - something to be saved; the first word in BLT's
bacuf - an English town
badak - a Javan rhinoceros
badal - a first name
badan - a Siberian plant whose roots are used for tanning
baddy - a bad person
badea - a first name
baden - a first name; a division of Germany, and a spa resort town there
bader - a town in Illinois
badge - a sign or medallion
badgy - like a badge; arrayed with badges
badia - a first name; an Italian monastery or abbey
badih - a first name
badis - a genus of small freshwater fishes
badja - a first name
badju - a Malay short jacket
badly - poorly; very much
badme - a town in Eritrea
badon - a mountain in southern England, and site of a battle between King Arthur and the Saxons
badot - silly
badra - a first name
badri - a first name
baels - plural of "bael", the fruit of a thorny Indian tree
baeza - a town in Ecuador
bafan - clumsy
baffs - strikes under a golf ball
baffy - an old golf club
bafou - a language
bafta - a coarse cotton material made in India
bafts - plural of "baft", an oriental fabric
bagac - apitong
bagan - a town in Burma
bagdi - a member of a caste of field laborers of Bangladesh
bagel - a kind of hard roll in the shape of a doughnut
baggy - loose fitting; a British style of dance music
bagha - a first name
bagio - a baguio
baglo - a baggala, a two-masted trading boat of the Indian Ocean
bagot - a first name
bagre - a catfish of Spanish American waters
bagsy - "dibs", claiming priority for some object; shapeless
bagua - a town in Peru
bague - the ring of an annulated column
bahaa - a first name
bahai - a follower of Bahaism
baham - the star Theta Pegasi
bahan - a poplar or willow
bahar - a first name; an Arabic unit of weight of about 350 pounds
bahau - a Dayak people of northern Borneo; a river in Borneo
bahay - a house
bahed - said "bah"
baher - a first name
bahia - a first name; a seaport of Brazil; a town in Argentina
bahni - a first name
bahri - a first name
bahts - plural of "baht", a monetary unit of Thailand
bahun - a high caste in Nepal
bahur - a young unmarried man
bahut - a medieval French ornamented chest for household goods; a course of masonry
baiae - an ancient city near Naples
baiao - a town in Brazil
baiga - an aboriginal people living in the hills of India
baiji - a town in Iraq; the Yangtse river dolphin
baiju - a first name
baila - a first name
baile - a social gathering for dancing; a cry to combatants
bails - cricket props; empties water from a boat; pays a bond; jumps out
baily - a first name
baing - making sounds like a sheep
baioc - a minor copper coin of the Papal States, equal to 1/100 of a scudo
baion - a slow sensual Brazilian dance
baira - a beira, a small antelope of Somalia
baird - a first name
bairn - a child
bairo - a small antelope
bairu - a member of the peasant segment of the population of Ankole in Uganda
baisa - a monetary unit of Oman
baist - baste
baith - both
baits - lures; annoys
baiza - a monetary unit of Oman
baize - a coarse cloth
bajan - a freshman; a native of Barbados
bajau - a Malay people of Borneo
bajee - a native of Barbados
bajie - a native of Barbados
bajil - a town in Yemen
bajra - pearl millet
bajri - pearl millet
bajro - a first name
bajus - a town in France; plural of "baju", a short Malayan jacket
bakal - an Oriental tradesman
baked - cooked
baken - a first name; a past participle of "bake"; a buoy; a beacon
baker - a first name; a bread maker
bakes - cooks; hardens; parches
bakey - a baked potato
bakic - a town in Azerbaijan
bakie - a square wooden vessel; a baked potato
bakki - a town in Iceland
bakky - slang for tobacco
bakli - a first name
bakri - a first name
baksr - a town in India, the site of a famous battle
bakue - a language
balad - a town in Iraq
balak - a first name
balal - a first name
balam - a supernatural being in Malayan religion
balan - a first name
balao - the halfbeak, a marine fish of the tropical western Atlantic
balas - a variety of spinel ruby; an orange ruby color
balbi - a first name; a mountain peak on the Solomon Islands
balbo - a first name; a massive flight formation of hundreds of aircraft
baldr - Baldur, a Norse god
balds - becomes bald; plural of "bald", a bald spot, a bald eagle
baldy - a bald person
baled - in bundles
balei - a town in Belgium; a town in Burma
baler - a farming machine that bales hay
bales - plural of "bale", a bundle
balie - a first name
balil - a first name
balin - a first name
balkh - a town of Afghanistan
balks - refuses; impedes
balky - apt to stop suddenly; contrary
balla - someone rich from crime; a town in Eire
ballo - a first name; a musical term meaning a kind of dance
balls - an exclamation; plural of "ball", a sphere; a testicle; a dance party
ballu - a first name
bally - a noisy uproar; a town in India; an adjective of indeterminate meaning, suggesting "crazy", "odd", "damned"
balms - plural of "balm", a salve; an ointment
balmy - fragrant
balon - a balloon
baloo - the Bear; a lullaby
balop - a balopticon, a device for projecting images into a TV camera; a card
balor - the Celtic god of death
balot - opium
balow - a lullaby
balsa - a first name; a light wood
balta - a first name; a town in North Dakota
balti - a town in Moldova; a Tibetan people of northern Kashmir; spicy northern Pakistani cuisine; Baltimore
balts - plural of "Balt", a native of the Baltic republics
balun - an electrical device to convert a balanced to unbalanced line, and vice versa
balus - plural of "balu", a bear
balut - a first name; a Philippine delicacy of duck eggs boiled just before they would hatch
bamah - a high place that serves as a sanctuary
bamba - a foot-tapping Mexican couple dance
bambi - a first name; a film faun
bambs - plural of "bamb", an amphetamine
bamby - a first name
bamei - a town in China
bamia - okra
bamir - a first name
bamma - a rural person; someone who is not hip
bammy - marijuana; a pancake made of cassava flour
banak - a Central American timber tree; a town in Norway
banal - trite; metaphorically tepid
banat - a Hungarian province
banba - a poetic name for Ireland
banca - a small boat used in the Philippines
banco - bank money; a bet in certain gambling games
bancs - plural of "banc", the judge's bench
banda - a thatched house of central Africa; a tribe of central Africa; a city in Indonesia; a poor ghetto child
bandh - in India, a general protest suspension of work and business
bandi - a first name
bando - a Burmese fighting system; a sport similar to hurling; a band geek
bands - decorates with flexible strips of material; plural of "band", a ring; a tie; a musical group
bandy - crooked; to throw to and fro
banen - a language
banes - plural of "bane", a poison; a nemesis
baney - like a bane
banff - a town in Canada and in Scotland
banga - a spherical baked-clay water jar of the Philippines
bange - to lounge about or loaf
bangi - a town in Afghanistan
bango - an East African grass used for thatch
bangs - explosions; hair over the forehead
bangy - banghy, a porter's shoulder yoke in India; with bang sounds
banha - a town in Egypt
bania - banyan
banig - petate; a Philippine mat of dried palm leaves or grass
banis - plural of "bani", a Romanian coin
banja - a Russian steam bath
banji - a type of marijuana from the Middle East
banjo - a musical instrument
banka - a small boat used in the Philippines
banks - plural of "bank", an embankment; a monetary depository
banky - a first name
banna - a language; a young man or woman
banns - the public announcement of an impending marriage
bannu - a town in Pakistan
banny - a first name; a minnow
banon - a kind of cheese
banos - a town in Ecuador
bansi - a first name
banta - a town in Somalia
bants - adopts a slimming diet
bantu - an African ethnic group
banty - a bantam; saucy or impudent
bantz - a first name
banus - a province
banwy - a British river
banya - an Indian drum, bigger than a tabla; a Russian steam bath
bapsi - a first name
bapsy - a first name
bapus - plural of "bapu", a father or spiritual father in India
baqaa - a town in Jordan
baqer - a first name
baqir - a first name
barad - a unit of measurement of pressure
barak - a first name; a captain
baram - a first name; a river in Borneo
barat - berat; a violent squall in the Philippines
barba - a first name
barbe - a first name; warhorse armor; a nun's kerchief
barbi - a first name
barbo - a first name
barbs - plural of "barb", a hook; a sticker
barby - a first name
barca - a district in Libya; a boat or barge
barco - a town in North Carolina
barde - a first name; horse armor
bardo - a first name; the intermediate astral state of the soul after death and before rebirth
bards - plural of "bard", a poet
bardy - bold, audacious, defiant; an edible wood grub
bared - unclothed
baren - a pad of twisted cord covered with paper used to transmit pressure when making prints
barer - more bare
bares - unveils; reveals
baret - a first name; a cardinal's cap
bareu - a language
barff - to apply an anti-corrosion coating to steel
barfi - an Indian sweet
barfs - vomits
barfy - disgusting
barga - a town in Tibet
barge - to push ahead or into; a scow; a unit of weight
baria - baryta; princewood; a former Indian state, a river in Venezuela
baric - pertaining to barium
barid - an ancient Arabian unit of length
barie - a first name
baril - a unit of volume of Argentina, of about 20.9 gallons
bario - a town in Indonesia
baris - a first name; a Balinese spear dance; plural of "Bari", a Hindu caste
barit - a stoloniferous marsh grass
barks - tough outer husks; yaps; ships
barky - of bark; barking; a ship
barle - a British river
barms - plural of "barm", a yeast
barmy - yeasty; crazy
barna - a first name
barns - plural of "barn", a granary; a farm building; a tiny unit of measurement of area in atomic physics
barny - a first name; resembling a barn
baron - a first name; a title of nobility
baros - an Asian cape
barps - plural of "barp", a mound or cairn
barra - a first name; an island in the Outer Hebrides; a town in Brazil
barre - a first name; a wooden rail used in ballet training; to play a type of guitar chord; a town in Vermont
barri - a first name
barrt - a first name
barry - a first name; in heraldry, divided by horizontal lines; a town in Wales
barse - the flesh between the testicles and the anus
barsy - mad, lunatic
barta - a first name
barth - a first name; a cattle shelter; a town in Germany
barto - a first name; a town in Pennsylvania
barts - plural of "bart", a baronet
bartt - a first name
barty - a first name
bartz - a first name
barun - a first name
barus - fluffy fibers
barye - a unit of measurement of pressure
baryn - a first name
barzy - mad, lunatic
basad - toward the base
basak - a first name
basal - basic
basam - a first name
basan - a sheepskin that is roughly tanned and dressed
based - founded on
basel - a first name; a Swiss city; tanned skin; basil
basem - a first name
baser - more base; one who bases
bases - founds; plural of "base", an antacid, a foundation, a home
basha - a first name; an Assamese hut made of bamboo and grass
basho - a 15-round sumo tournament
bashy - like a bash
basia - a first name
basic - fundamental; a computer programming language that will not die
basil - a first name; a chisel edge; leather; a herb
basim - a first name
basin - a bowl; tanned sheepskin
basir - a first name
basis - a foundation
basks - sunbathes
basle - a first name; a Swiss city
basma - a first name
basna - a town in India
basoa - a village in the Punjab area of India
basob - a first name
basod - a scheduled caste of India
basoe - a populated place in Liberia
basol - a town in Baluchistan, Pakistan
basom - a town in New York
bason - a basin; a large shell on which hats are molded
basop - an military acronym: "BASe OPerations"
basra - an Iraqi city
bassa - a seafaring people of Liberia; a musical term meaning low, or ottava bassa
basse - a fish like a perch
bassi - plural of "basso", a bass singer
basso - a bass singer
bassy - low in pitch
basta - an exclamation meaning "stop!" or  "enough!"; the third highest trump in omber; the ace of clubs
baste - a first name; to cook; to stitch
basti - a first name; a town in India
basto - the ace of clubs in the game of quadrille
basts - plural of "bast", a woody fiber
basty - a first name
basya - a first name
basye - a town in Virginia
batac - a town in the Philippines
batad - a town in the Philippines
batak - an Indonesian language and ethnic group; a kind of bamboo; a Philippine pygmy tribe; a town in Bulgaria
batam - a town in Malaysia
batan - ivatan; an island in the Philippines
batas - plural of "bata", a Pakistani musical instrument something like an organ
batch - a quantity; a non-interactive computer session
batea - a large shallow wooden pan used to washing gravel to search for gold
bated - restrained
bater - a tannery worker who treats hides in bate
bates - abates
batey - gold and silver embroidery; bad-tempered; a mill village
batha - a river in Chad
bathe - to wash the body
baths - plural of "bath", a cleaning by water submersion; a unit of volume of 6 gallons
bathu - a leafy vegetable
batia - a first name
batie - a town in Cameroon
batik - a Javanese dyeing technique; straw work
batir - a first name
batis - a genus of plants of the family Batidacea
batly - like a bat
batna - a town in Algeria
baton - a staff
batso - crazy
batta - an allowance in addition to regular pay; a language
batte - a coin
batts - plural of "batt", a sheet of cotton
battu - pertaining to a ballet movement
batty - dotty; infested with bats
batum - a seaport in the country of Georgia
batwa - a pygmy ethnic group of Burundi and Rwanda
batya - a first name
baubo - in Greek mythology, an old woman who jested with Demeter
bauby - a first name
bauch - inferior
baudo - a mountain range in Colombia; a river in Colombia
bauds - plural of "baud", a unit of data transmission speed
bauer - the jack in the game of euchre
bauge - a kind of cloth
bauks - balks; beams
bauld - a North American cape
baule - the amount of nitrogen needed to produce half the maximum crop; an African tribe
baulk - a beam; to thwart
baume - a specific gravity scale for use with a hydrometer
bauno - a wild mango
baure - an Arawakan people
baurs - plural of "baur", a jest
bauru - a town in Brazil
bauta - a prehistoric upright gravestone
bavin - a bundle of brushwood for burning; a piece of waste wood
bawds - plural of "bawd", a lewd person
bawdy - lewd
bawit - a monastery in Egypt
bawla - someone rich from crime
bawls - cries
bawns - plural of "bawn", a fort or cattle pen
bawrs - plural of "bawr", variant of "baur", a jest
bawty - a dog
baxar - a town in India, the site of a famous battle
baxie - a first name
baxty - a first name
bayad - a variant of "bayatte", a large fish that inhabits the Nile
bayal - raw cotton
bayan - a first name; a Russian accordion; an Indian drum, bigger than a tabla
bayas - plural of "baya", the Indian weaver bird
bayed - recessed; howled
bayer - one who bays
bayes - bathes
bayji - a town in Iraq
bayle - a bail, a pole in a stable used as a horse barrier
bayly - a first name
bayne - a first name
bayog - a Philippine timber tree
bayok - a Philippine timber tree
bayoo - an unpopular or unappealing person
bayos - plural of "bayo", a pinto or chili bean
bayou - a slow-moving river channel
bayrd - a first name
bayts - bates; baits
bayze - baize
bazar - a bazaar
bazek - a first name
bazel - a first name
bazil - a first name
bazon - a town in Liberia
bazoo - the mouth; the belly; the anus
bazuo - a village in southern China
bazza - a first name; a fellow gang member
beach - a first name; a shore
beads - a rosary; plural of "bead", a small rounded object strung together to make a necklace
beady - small and bright
beaks - plural of "beak", a bill
beaky - resembling a beak
beala - a first name; a town in Congo
beale - a first name
beall - a first name
beals - a first name; plural of beal
beams - plural of "beam", a rafter; a ray
beamy - shining; wide in the beam
beane - a British river
beann - a first name
beano - a jamboree; a party; the game of bingo
beans - plural of "bean", a legume
beant - be not
beany - of or containing beans
beard - defy; chin hair; a decoy escort
beare - a burden
bearm - excitement
bearn - a region of southwestern France
bears - carries; plural of "bear", a large forest animal
beary - like a bear; of a bear
beast - a brute
beata - a first name; a woman or girl who has been beatified
beate - a first name
beath - to bathe
beati - plural of "beautus", a nominee for sainthood
beats - beatniks; strokes; chastises; overpowers
beaty - a first name; like a beat; full of beats
beaus - plural of "beau", a suitor
beaut - a beauty
beaux - plural of "beau", a suitor
beavo - a first name
beaze - to dry in the sun
bebar - a town in Macedonia
bebay - to hem in
bebba - a first name
bebek - a town in Turkey
bebel - a first name
bebog - to enmire in a bog
bebop - (yet more) dissonant jazz, with solo improvisations and complex rhythms
becan - a Mayan site in eastern Mexico
becap - to put a cap on
becca - a first name
beche - a drill extractor
becka - a first name
becke - a beak
becki - a first name
becks - plural of "beck", a small stream; a Jewish teenager
becky - a first name
becry - to cry over or about
bedad - an Irish interjection
bedan - of Saint Bede
beddo - a Japanese electronically controlled bed
beddy - a parent-to-child version of "bed", as in "beddy bye time"; a promiscuous person
bedel - a beadle; an administrator
beden - the Abyssinian or Arabian ibex
bedes - plural of "bede", a prayer
bedew - to sprinkle or wet with dew
bedim - to obscure
bedot - to cover with dots
bedou - Bedouin
bedri - a first name
bedub - to adorn; to name
bedur - a first name; a unit of weight in Singapore
bedye - to dye
beech - a first name; a white-barked forest tree
beedi - a small hand-rolled Indian cigarette tied with thread
beefo - a beefy, muscular person
beefs - plural of "beef", a complaint
beefy - stolid
beeks - basks
beela - a British river
beeld - shelter
beele - a miner's pick-axe; the crossbar of a yoke
beena - a form of marriage in which the husband enters the wife's kinship group and has little authority
beens - plural of "been", the vina; an Indian guitar
beeps - honks a horn
beers - plural of "beer", an ale; a lager
beery - befuddled; tasting or smelling of beer
beest - beastings; biblical "be"
beete - a variant of "bete"
beets - plural of "beet", an allegedly edible vegetable
beety - of, containing, or similar to beets
beeve - beef
beevo - beer
beewy - money (from "BWI", meaning the British West Indies)
befez - to adorn with a fez
befit - to suit; to be appropriate
befog - to confuse
begad - an exclamation
begam - a begum
began - started
begar - forced labor; a mild oath
begat - sired
begem - to adorn with gems
beget - to sire
beggy - begging
begin - to start
begob - a mild oath
begod - to deify
begot - sired
begti - a large percoid fish
begum - an Indian princess
begun - started
behar - the Indian province of Bihar; a unit of weight used in Burma
behat - to adorn with a hat
behen - sea lavender
beidi - a first name
beige - a fabric; a yellowish gray color
beigy - of a beige color
beiji - a town in Iraq
beild - a shelter or hiding place
being - existence; a creature
beino - a town in Lebanon
beira - a small antelope; a seaport in Mozambique
beisa - an oryx
beita - a Palestinian town
beith - a town in Scotland
bejan - a freshman
bejas - plural of "beja", member of an African ethnic group
bejel - a form of syphilis transmitted by touch, endemic to children in northern Africa
bejun - a first name
bekaa - a valley in Lebanon noted for its migratory terrorists
bekah - a half shekel
bekar - a coin
beker - a South African cup
bekim - a first name
bekir - a first name
bekka - a first name
bekki - a first name
bekko - Japanese articles make of tortoise shell
bekra - a four-horned antelope
belah - a first name; a beefwood of Australia
belal - a first name
belam - to beat on; to bang on
belau - the island of Palau
belay - to fasten; to hold
belch - to eructate
belda - a first name
belee - on the lee side; to place on the lee side
belef - a term from heraldry
belem - a seaport in Brazil
belen - a first name; a town in New Mexico;  a town in Argentina
belfa - a prostitute
belga - a Belgian coin
belia - a first name
belic - a term from heraldry
belie - to contradict; to lie next to
belis - a town in Romania
belit - a Babylonian goddess, wife of Bel
bella - a first name
belle - a first name; a beautiful woman
belli - used in the phrase "casus belli", meaning "occasion for war"
bello - a first name; a town in Colombia
bells - plural of "bell", a ringing device
belly - the stomach
belma - a first name
below - under; beneath
belsk - a town in Poland
belts - plural of "belt", a girdle; a band
belty - like a belt
belus - a first name; king of Tyre, father of Dido, son of Libya
belva - a first name
bemad - to madden
beman - a first name
bemas - plural of "bema", a judge's seat; a pulpit
bemat - a town in Afghanistan
bemba - a tribe of Zimbabwe
bembe - a bully
bembo - a text font
bemet - past participle of "bemeet"
bemix - to mix thoroughly
bemol - "B moll", that is, the musical sign "B flat"
bemud - to spatter with mud
benab - a native hut in Guiana
benas - an African cape
benat - a European cape
benay - a first name
bench - a seat; a metaphor for judges
benci - a first name
benda - a unit of weight in Guinea
bends - flexes; dangerous affliction of scuba divers
bendy - full of bends; a bendable doll; a heraldic term; okra
benek - a first name
benes - plural of "bene", an oil-plant
benet - a first name; to ensnare in a net; an exorcist
benga - a first name
bengi - a first name
bengo - a province of Angola; a river in Angola
bengt - a first name
bengu - a first name
benha - a town in Egypt
benik - a first name
benim - to take away
benin - an African country; a town in Nigeria
benio - a first name
benis - plural of "beni", benne, sesame
benja - a first name
benje - a first name
benji - a first name
benjy - a first name; a straw hat
benke - a first name
benna - a first name
benne - a first name; the sesame oil plant
benni - a first name; the sesame oil plant
benno - a first name
benns - plural of "benn", a colored silk sash
bennt - a first name
bennu - a bird of Egyptian myth, similar to the phoenix
benny - a first name; a tablet of benzedrine
benon - a first name
bensh - to bless
bente - a first name
bento - a Japanese boxed lunch
bents - plural of "bent", an inclination; a wiry grass
benty - covered with bent, a wiry grass
bentz - a first name
benue - a town in Nigeria; a river in Nigeria
benxi - a town in China
benya - a style of African pop music from Kenya
benyu - a first name
benzi - a first name
benzo - a first name; a Mercedes Benz; any benzodiazepine, such as Librium or Valium
bepat - to pat repeatedly
bepaw - a nickname for one's grandfather
beppa - a first name
beppe - a first name
beppi - a first name
beppo - a first name
beppu - a town in Japan
beqaa - variant of "Bekaa", a valley in Lebanon
berar - an area of India now part of the Bombay state
berat - a formal authorization for a privilege; a town in Albania
berau - a river in Borneo
beray - to defile with excrement
berba - a language
berbe - the African genet
bercy - a veloute sauce with shallots, parsley, lemon juice, white wine and butter
berdj - a first name
berdy - a first name
berea - a biblical place
beren - a first name
beres - pierces; plural of "bere", a bear; a pillow case
beret - a first name; a Basque cap
berga - a town in Germany
bergh - a first name
bergs - plural of "berg", a mountain; an ice berg
bergy - full of ice bergs
berik - a first name
beril - a first name
berit - a first name
berje - a first name
berjo - a town in Java
berke - a first name
berko - crazy; berserk
berks - plural of "berk", a fool or ass, rhyming slang from "Berkeley Hunt"
berky - a first name
berla - a first name
berly - a first name
berme - variant of "berm", a ledge; an edge
berms - plural of "berm", a ledge; an edge
berna - a first name
bernd - a first name
berne - a first name; torsalo; an alternate spelling of Bern, the capital of Switzerland
berni - a first name
berno - a first name
bernt - a first name
berny - a first name
berob - to rob
beroe - the luminous medusa
berok - a monkey of Borneo
berps - liquor
berri - a first name; a Turkish unit of length of about 1.67 kilometers
berry - a first name; a small fruit occurring in clusters; a French province
berta - a first name; a language
berte - a first name
berth - a bed; a dock for a ship
berti - a first name
berto - a first name
berty - a first name
berus - a town in Germany
beryl - a first name; a gem
beryx - a perch-like fish
besan - a flour made from chickpeas and used in Indian cooking
besar - an Asian cape
besas - plural of "besa", a bronze coin of Italian Somaliland\
besat - laid siege to
besaw - treated well or badly; saw to
besee - to treat well or badly; to see to; to apparel
beset - to assail
besin - a town in Indonesia
besit - to besiege
besma - a first name
besom - a broom, particularly one made from twigs
besot - to get fuddled
bespy - to catch sight of
besra - a bird of prey
bessa - a first name
besse - a first name
bessi - a first name
besso - a first name
bessy - a first name
bests - does better than all others
besty - a best friend
betal - a first name
betas - plural of "beta", a Greek letter; the second brightest star in a constellation
beted - improved
betel - the nut of the areca palm; an East Indian pepper plant
betes - improves; plural of "bete", the failure of a bidder to fulfill his contract in a card game
betha - a first name
bethe - a first name
beths - plural of "beth, a Hebrew letter
betia - a first name
betid - betokened; indicated; befell
betim - a town in Brazil
betis - a Philippine tree
betka - a first name
beton - a kind of concrete
betsi - a first name
betso - a small brass Venetian coin
betsy - a first name
betta - a first name; a freshwater fish
bette - a first name
betti - a first name
betto - a first name
betty - a first name; a man who does woman's household work; a flask; a housebreaking bar; a pear-shaped bottle
betul - a first name; a town in India
betwa - an Asian river
betyl - a standing stone that marks the presence of a god, related to "Beth El"
beula - a first name
beult - a British river
bevan - a first name
bevel - a slanted edge
beven - a first name
bever - a beaver; to shiver; a beverage
bevie - a beverage
bevil - a first name
bevin - a first name
bevis - a first name
bevon - a first name
bevor - a piece of armor for the lower face
bevue - an error due to ignorance or inadvertance
bevvy - a first name; a beverage
bevys - a first name
bewdy - beauty
bewer - an attractive woman
bewet - to moisten; a leather falconry strap
bewig - to don a wig
bewit - a leather falconry strap
bexar - a town in Texas
beyla - a first name
beyle - a first name
beyza - a first name
bezan - a first name; a kind of cloth
bezek - a biblical place
bezel - basil; a setting; a sloping face of a chisel or gem
bezes - plural of "bez", the second tine on a deer's antler; plural of "beze", a kind of jewelry setting
bezil - basil; a setting
bezzi - a first name
bezzo - a small brass Venetian coin
bhaga - a Hindu god of wealth and marriage
bhaji - an Indian food
bhalu - an Indian bear species
bhamo - a town in Burma
bhang - hemp; hashish
bhano - a town in Burma
bhara - a unit of weight in the old Straits Settlements
bhaya - an Indian drum, bigger than a tabla
bheki - a first name
bhels - plural of "bhel", the Bengal quince
bheri - a river in Nepal
bhero - a first name
bhili - a language of India
bhils - plural of "bhil", a Dravidian race
bhind - a town in India
bhima - a first name; an Asian river
bhira - a town in India
bhong - a bong, a marijuana pipe
bhoot - a small whirlwind
bhota - an ancient name for Tibet
bhoys - plural of "bhoy", an Irish tough or rowdy
bhuna - a kind of Bengali curry
bhura - a first name
bhuts - plural of "bhut", a small whirlwind; an evil spirit
bhyle - an Indian ox
biabo - a town in Liberia; a town in Congo
biafo - a glacier in Pakistan
biago - a first name
biaka - a pygmy tribe of central Africa
biaki - a first name
biala - a first name
biali - variant of "bialy", an onion roll
bialy - an onion roll
biana - a first name
biarc - a curve made by smoothly joining circular arcs
bibai - a town in Japan
bibbe - to drink
bibbs - plural of "bibb", a wooden bracket supporting a mast
bibby - the buttocks
bibha - a first name
bible - the Hebrew or Christian holy scripture
bicas - a town in Brazil
biccy - a biscuit, or, in English English, a cookie
bicep - an arm muscle
bices - plural of "bice", a blue or green pigment
bicho - the penis; jigger
bicky - a biscuit
bicol - variant of "Bikol", a Christianized Malaysian people
bidai - an Atakapan peopel of the Trinity river valley in Texas
bidar - a boat made of skins
biddo - a Palestinian town
biddu - a Palestinian town
biddy - a first name; a chicken
bided - waited; tolerated
bider - one who waits
bides - waits; tarries
bidet - a sitz bath; a kind of horse saddle
bidon - a measurement of volume of about five quarts
bidri - Indian metalware; a kind of metallic alloy
bidun - a Bedouin people
bieke - a first name
bield - to shelter; to guard
biers - plural of "bier", a coffin stand
bifer - a plant that bears fruit twice each year
biffs - hits; moves or travels
biffy - a toilet; drunk
bifid - divided in two
bifun - Japanese rice pasta
bigae - plural of "biga", a two-horse Roman chariot
bigam - a bigamist
bigas - plural of "biga", a two-horse Roman chariot
biggs - a town in Oregon; plural of "bigg", a bear; four-rowed barley
biggy - a large one
bigha - a land measure in India
bight - a cove
bigly - ostentatiously; in a big way
bigos - a Polish stew
bigot - a person with strong bias or prejudice
bihac - a town in Bosnia
biham - the star Theta Pegasi
bihar - a province in Northeast India
biisa - a language
bijal - a first name
bijan - a first name
bijar - a town in Iran; a thick-piled Persian rug
bijou - a first name; small; a gem
bikas - a first name
biked - traveled by bicycle
biker - one who rides a bicycle or motorcycle
bikes - plural of "bike", a bicycle
bikey - like a bike
bikie - a biker; a motorcyclist
bikky - a biscuit
bikol - a Christianized Malaysian people
bilal - a first name
bilan - a French account book
bilat - a bilateral meeting
bilbi - a species of marsupial; a kangaroo
bilbo - a first name; a Spanish rapier; an iron foot shackle
bilby - a species of marsupial; a kangaroo
bilee - a first name
biles - plural of "bile", a fluid secreted by the liver
biley - like bile; containing bile
bilge - the bulging part of a cask
bilgy - smelling like seepage
bilic - relating to bile
bilin - bile; a language; a town in the West Bank
bilio - a town in Congo
bilks - cheats
billa - a first name
bille - a first name
billi - a first name
bills - plural of "bill", a beak; paper money; an invoice
billy - a first name; Australian cooking can
bilma - a first name; a town in Niger, famous for salt mines
bilos - plural of "bilo"
bilua - a Papuan people
bimah - bema, the platform where the cantor stands while leading the service
bimas - plural of "bima", a bema
bimbo - a brainless physically attractive woman
bimey - a first name
bimia - a first name
bimla - a first name
binah - a first name
binal - twofold
bindi - a first name; a dot worn on the forehead of married women in India
bindo - a first name
binds - ties; joins
bindu - a first name
bines - plural of "bine", a twisting plant stem
binga - a first name; a town in Zimbabwe
binge - a carousal; a sustained giving in to temptation
bingo - a first name; a game; brandy; a good name for a dog
bings - plural of "bing", a heap of corn or alum; a kind of cherry
bingu - a first name
bingy - the stomach
binia - a first name
binis - plural of "bini", edo
binit - a first name; a unit of computer information ("binary integer")
binji - a language
binjy - the stomach
binka - a first name
binko - a small town in Mali
binks - plural of "bink", a bench, a bank, a shelf
binky - a first name
binna - a dialect word meaning "unless"
binne - a first name
binni - a first name
binny - a first name; a Nile fish; a big hidden pocket used by shoplifters
binod - a first name
binos - plural of "bino", a binocular
binta - a first name
bints - plural of "bint", an Arab girl
binuf - a first name
biogs - plural of "biog", a biography
bioko - the island formerly known as Fernando Po
biome - an ecological community
biont - a living organism
biorg - a first name
biose - disaccharide
biota - the flora and fauna of a region
biots - plural of "biot", an abampere
biped - a two-legged creature
bipin - a first name
bipod - a two-legged object
bippy - a first name; a sweet bettable object
birak - a town in Chad
birao - a town in the Central African Republic
birch - a first name; a tree; to flog
birdi - a first name
birds - plural of "bird", a winged warmblooded egg-laying creature
birdy - a first name; a little bird
biren - a first name
birge - a first name
birgi - an Indian meal, made with egg; a town in Turkey
birgu - a town in Malta
biris - plural of "biri", an Indian cigarette
birks - plural of "birk", a birch tree
birky - a first name
birle - to carouse
birls - rotates a floating log; pours; supplies with drink
birly - a first name
birma - the Santa Maria tree
birna - a first name
birne - a first name; a boule
birny - a first name
birol - a first name
biron - a first name
biros - plural of "biro", a kind of disposable pen
birra - beer
birrs - plural of "birr", a monetary unit of Ethiopia; a violent thrust
birse - a bristle
birsy - bristly
birte - a first name
birth - nativity; origin
birts - plural of "birt", the turbot
birty - a first name
bises - plural of "bise", a cold northerly wind
bisex - not unisex; separated by sex
bisie - to make busy; to hire
bisks - plural of "bisk", a bisque or thick soup
bison - an American buffalo
bisti - a coin
biswa - a first name
bitch - a female dog
biter - a nibbler
bites - seizes with the teeth
bitey - biting; incisive; stinging
bitie - a biting or stinging insect
bitis - a genus of African vipers
bitoi - a river in New Guinea
bitos - plural of "bito", a tree of Africa and Asia, with oily fruit
bitsy - a first name; wee
bitta - a first name
bitto - a first name
bitts - plural of "bitt", a cable attachment
bitty - a first name; incomplete; tiny; made of bits
bitya - a first name
bitza - a mongrel dog
biune - a unity formed from two original components
biver - describing lips that are trembling
bivia - plural of "bivium", the pair of rays enclosing the madreporite in echinoderms
bivvy - a bivouac or temporary troop shelter
biwas - plural of "biwa", a Japanese lute
bixin - a red-brown carotenoid acid ester, which makes cheese the color it is
biysk - a town in central Asia
bizel - bezel
bizen - byzen, a disgraceful spectacle; a kind of unglazed pottery
bizes - plural of "bize", a cold northerly wind
bizet - a bezel
bizzo - nonsense; a thingmajig
bizzy - a policeman
bjorn - a first name
blabs - blurts out; talks incessantly
blaby - an English town
black - a first name; ebon
blade - a first name; a knife edge
blads - plural of "blad", a fragment
blady - having or made up of blades
blaed - a first name
blaer - more livid
blaes - hardened shale
blaff - a West Indian fish stew including vegetables and garlic
blagh - a town in Northern Ireland
blags - lies; fabricates; robs
blahs - a jaded mood, ennui
blain - a first name; a blister; a pustule
blair - a first name; to criticize or belittle
blake - a first name; a North American cape
blame - to chide; to assign guilt
blams - plural of "blam", the sound of a gunshot
blanc - a unit of measurement of weight of 1/24 periot; heraldic white
bland - a first name; mild; insipid
blane - a first name; a British river
blank - a gap; a lacuna; a moneyer's unit of weight
blare - clangor
blart - to cry, to bleat, to blare
blasa - a first name
blase - a first name; cloyed, jaded, uninterested
blash - watered down beer; a dash of liquid
blasi - a first name
blast - a gust; an outburst; an explosion
blate - shy; slow; to bleat
blato - a town in Croatia
blats - bleats
blatt - a newspaper
blaud - a fragment
blaws - blows
blaye - a town in western France
blayr - a first name
blays - plural of "blay", the bleak, a river fish
blaza - a first name
blaze - a first name; a flame; a white or gray streak in the hair
blazy - something that blazes
bleak - dreary; a river fish
blear - watery
bleas - plural of "blea", the inner bark of a tree
bleat - the cry of a sheep
blebs - plural of "bleb", a blister
bleck - the coal fish; a cattail
bleda - a first name
bledi - a first name
bleed - to lose blood through a wound; to secrete; to impoverish
bleep - a radio signal; to censor or mask an objectionable spoken word
blees - plural of "blee", complexion
bleet - to roar or talk wildly
blemm - to rush
blend - to mix
blenk - to blink; to look; to shine
blent - poetic "blended"
bless - to sanction; to make holy; to bestow favors or esteem
blest - poetic "blessed"
blets - plural of "blet", a decay spot on fruit
bleve - an acronym for "boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion"
bleys - plural of "bley", the bleak, a river fish
blida - a town in Algeria; a town in Lebanon
bliff - to masturbate
bligh - a chance, an opportunity
blima - a first name
blime - a first name
blimp - an airship; a very fat person
blimy - a variant of "blimey", an exclamation
blind - sightless; a hiding place for hunting; a window shade
bling - gaudy jewel or gold plated caps for teeth, worn as adornment
blini - plural of "blin", a Russian pancake, rolled around sour cream (yum!)
blink - to briefly close the eyes; to flicker; "on the blink" means not to be working
blins - plural of "blin", a blintz
blips - removes sound from a recording
blirt - a squall; to fire a gun aimlessly
bliss - a first name; great happiness; ecstasy
blist - blessed
blite - the plant Good King Henry
blits - plural of "blit", a small image designed to quickly move across a larger image
blitz - lightning; a surprise attack
blive - immediately; soon; belive
blixa - a first name
blizz - a violent rainstorm
bloak - a bloke
bloat - to dilate; engorged, often with liquid; to dry by smoke
blobs - plural of "blob", a splotch or glob
block - to obstruct; a rectangular group of houses surrounded by roads; a rectangular mass
blocs - plural of "bloc", an alliance
blogs - plural of "blog", a "web log", or journal posted on the internet
blois - a first name; a region of northwest France
bloke - a fellow
blond - flaxen
blone - a woman
blood - animal sap; cruor; heritage
blook - a "book-look" object, a thing made to look like a book
bloom - a blossom
bloop - to hit a short flyball
blore - a violent gust; to bleat or bray
blort - heroin; cocaine
bloss - a buxom young woman
blote - to dry by smoke
blots - plural of "blot", a spot or stain
blown - winded; lost
blows - drives by a current of air
blowy - breezy; windy; a blowfly
blubs - cries childishly
blude - blood
bludy - bloody
blued - tempered
bluer - more blue
blues - the Royal Horse Guards; a popular musical genre; depression
bluet - a meadow flower; a kind of cloth
bluey - a blanket; a crab; an official government summons (often in a blue envelope)
bluff - sheer; in card games, to play or bet as though one had a better hand than is the case
bluid - blood
bluma - a first name
blume - to blossom
blunk - to spoil; to bungle; intoxicated
blunt - abrupt; obtuse
blurb - an enthusiastic endorsement; quoted praise
blurs - makes unclear
blurt - to utter hastily
blush - to flush; to turn red with embarassment
bluto - Popeye's antagonist
blype - a shred; a piece of sunburned skin that peels off
blyss - a first name
blyth - a first name; a British river
boaks - bokes; belches
boana - a town in Papua New Guinea
boane - a town in Mozambique
board - a plank; a committee; to embark
boars - plural of "boar", a wild pig
boart - a low quality diamond
boase - a first name
boast - to brag
boats - plural of "boat", a water vessel
boaty - of a boat; like a boat
bobac - a marmot of Eastern Europe
bobak - a marmot of Eastern Europe
bobas - the yaws
bobbe - a first name
bobbi - a first name
bobby - a first name; a British policeman
bobek - a first name
bobie - a first name
boboc - a town in Romania
bobov - a town in Poland
bocal - a glass beaker; the crook-shaped metal tube connecting a bassoon reed to the instrucment
bocca - the mouth of a glass furnace; the human mouth; a mouthpiece
bocce - an Italian lawn game played with wooden balls
bocci - an Italian lawn game played with wooden balls
boche - a German about whom one is not feeling affection
bocks - plural of "bock", a dark beer
bocoo - beaucoup; very much
bocor - a Haitian witch doctor
bocoy - a Cuban unit of volume of about 175 gallons
bodan - a first name
boded - portended
bodee - a first name
boden - a first name; equipped; provided; a town in Sweden
boder - something that portends
bodes - portends
bodey - a first name
bodge - to botch; a slap-dash job; an English unit of measurement of 1/2 peck
bodgy - a wild long-haired teenage boy; not functioning properly
bodhi - a Buddhist sacred tree
bodie - a first name
bodil - a first name
bodin - a first name
bodle - a 17th century Scots farthing
boers - plural of "boer", a South African descended from early Dutch settlers
boffo - a hearty laugh; very successful; an old coin
boffs - plural of "boff", a hearty laugh
bogan - a backwater or tributary; a dreary or uncouth person
bogen - a musical term referring to the bow of an instrument
bogey - a first name; a golf term meaning one shot over par; a goblin
boggo - ordinary merchandise
boggy - swampy
bogic - a first name
bogie - a first name; a four wheeled truck; a British river
bogle - a bugbear; a malicious spirit
bogna - a first name
bogon - a person who is bogus, or who utters bogus things
bogor - a town in Indonesia
bogra - a town in Bangladesh
bogue - to move aimlessly or slowly; bogus; in need of narcotics; to smoke a cigarette; that which is bogus; a town in Oklahoma
bogus - false
bohai - an ancient people of northeast Asia; a bay in northern China
bohak - a Slavic immigrant
bohea - inferior tea
bohol - an island in the Philippines
bohor - a small African reedbuck
bohos - plural of "boho", a bohemian
boiar - variant of "boyar", a Russian nobleman
boice - a first name
boids - plural of "boid", a snake of a family that includes boas; a New York bird; an artificial life model of a bird
boiga - a genus
boilo - hot illicit whiskey
boils - vaporizes; plural of "boil", an inflamed cyst
boily - covered in boils; like a boil
boina - a woolen cap
boing - a sound effect imitating damped vibration
boink - to have sexual intercourse; the sound of bouncing impact
boise - a first name; a city in Idaho
boist - a rough shelter
boita - a town in Romania
boite - a nightclub or bistro
bojan - a first name
boked - belched
bokeh - the visual quality of unfocussed portions of a photograph
bokes - belches; plural of "boke", the nose
bokie - a bogey
bokoo - beaucoups; many
bokor - a bocor, a Haitian witch doctor
bokos - plural of "boko", the nose
bolan - a river in Baluchistan, Pakistan
bolar - pertaining to bole, a fine clay
bolas - a South American missile
boldo - a Chilean evergreen shrub
boldu - peumus
boled - characterized by or having a bole
bolek - a first name
boles - plural of "bole", a fine clay, a tree trunk, a recess; a unit of measurement of momentum
boley - variant of "booly", a temporary cattle shelter; a town in Oklahoma
bolin - bowline
bolis - a meteor which makes a brilliant display
bolix - bollocks; a confused jumble
bolke - a kind of bread
bolla - a bubble
bollo - a fritter made of black-eyed pea flour and seasonings
bolls - plural of "boll", a pod
bolly - a cotton boll that has not opened properly because of frost; a Danish cheese
bolos - plural of "bolo", a machete
bolsa - the Argentinian bourse; a bag; a small packet of drugs
bolti - a cichlid food fish
bolts - runs away; plural of "bolt", a unit of cloth length measurement; a unit of lightning
bolty - an edible fish of the Nile; full of bolts
bolus - a large pill; a soft mass of chewed food that is ready to be swallowed
bolye - a booly, a temporary cattle shelter
boman - a first name; a bold fellow
bomas - plural of "boma", a boa constrictor
bomba - a city in North Africa
bombe - a frozen dessert; the ad-hoc devices used to decode German messages in WWII
bombo - bumbo; a cheap wine
bombs - plural of "bomb", an explosive projectile
bomoh - a Malaysian medicine man
bonar - a first name
bonbo - a sweet boiled in sugar
bonce - a marble game; a large glass marble; the head
bondi - a town in Australia, near Sydney
bonds - joins; plural of "bond", a security; a chain; a link
bondu - the wilderness
bondy - a first name; a suburb of Paris in France
boned - seized; removed bones from; had sexual intercourse with
boner - a mistake; an erection
bones - plural of "bone", a skeletal structure
boney - bony; a nickname for Napoleon Bonaparte
bonga - the betel palm; a town in Ethiopia
bongi - a first name
bongo - an African antelope; a drum
bongs - plural of "bong", a waterpipe
bonie - a first name; bonny
bonin - an island in Japan
bonka - a first name
bonks - hits on the head; fornicates with
bonna - an ancient name for Bonn, Germany
bonne - a first name; a French nurse; a housemaid
bonni - a first name
bonny - a first name; an ore pocket; pretty
bonte - civility
bonus - an extra award
bonza - excellent
bonze - a Buddhist priest
bonzo - a first name; crazy; excellent
booai - the back country
booay - the back country
boobs - plural of "boob", a fool; a breast
booby - a simpleton; a seabird
booch - to slap
booda - cookies impregnated with cannabis
boodh - a variant of "Buddha"
boody - to sulk or mope; the buttocks; a woman
booed - hooted
booer - one who boos
booey - a first name; a kind of calzone
boofa - a stupid person
boogh - to slap
boogy - to dance to rock music; a kind of small body-surfing board
boohs - plural of "booh", a catcall or hoot
booie - nasal mucus
boojy - bourgeouis, middle class
books - makes a reservation; runs quickly; printed volumes
booky - a first name; bookish
booly - a temporary cattle shelter; a company of wandering herdsmen
booms - plural of "boom", a loud thundering; a long heavy beam
boomy - prospering
boona - a first name
boone - a first name; someone who will stab you in the back
boong - an aboriginal
boonk - a European bird
boons - plural of "boon", a favor; a blessing
boony - a first name
boopi - a river in Bolivia
boops - a wealthy lover; plural of "boop", a humpbacked whale
boord - board
boori - an aborigine
boors - plural of "boor", a rude or uncultured person
boort - imperfect or coarse diamonds or diamond fragments
boose - booze; a cow stall; the mouth
boost - to push up; to cheer up; to praise
boosy - boozy
boota - a first name
boote - a first name
booth - a first name; a market stall
boots - last joined; a shoe cleaner; plural of "boot", a high-legged shoe
booty - loot; the buttocks
booya - an exclamation supposed to suggest sudden surprise;
booya - a kind of stew prepared in a massive batch
booza - an Egyptian and Arabic drink made from fermented millet
booze - liquor
boozy - drunk; smelling of booze
boppo - a one-year jail term
boppy - lively and full of swing
borac - nonsense
borak - a first name; to banter; nonsense
boral - a mixture of boron carbide and aluminum
boran - an east African breed of cattle
boras - plural of "bora", a fierce northeasterly wind
borax - borate of soda; nonsense
borba - a town in Brazil, on the Amazon
borda - a Pacific cape
borce - a first name
borde - a shilling; a board
bords - plural of "bord", a coal face; a board
bordy - a first name
bored - drilled; wearied
boree - a first name; a French peasant dance; a species of acacia; one who is bored
borek - a meat turnover
borel - borrel, rustic or boorish
borer - an insect; a sea worm; one who bores
bores - drills; fails to interest; tidal waves
borga - a town in Finland
borgo - a borough
boric - boracic
boris - a first name
borja - a first name
borka - a first name
borna - a town in Germany
borne - narrow minded; carried
borno - a state of Nigeria
bornu - a former sultanate, now a province of Nigeria
borny - a person who was born with HIV
borod - a town in Romania
boron - a nonmetallic element
borth - a town in Wales
borts - plural of "bort", a low quality diamond
borty - of or containing borts, poorly crystallized diamonds.
bortz - a low quality diamond
borun - botocudo
borut - a first name
borwe - to pledge; to borrow
borya - a first name
boryl - a chemical compound
borys - a first name
bosal - a noseband
bosas - plural of "bosa", a Persian liquor
bosca - bosker; good
bosch - an imitation butter; the bush or wilderness
boses - tests ground by percussion with a heavy rammer
bosey - a googly, a deceptive cricket pitch
boshy - foolish
bosie - a googly
boska - a first name
boski - a first name
bosko - drunk
bosks - plural of "bosk", a small wooded area
bosky - shady
bosom - the breast
boson - a boatswain; a subatomic particle
bosox - the Boston Red Sox
bosso - a glance
bossy - domineering
bosta - a tough, chewy sweet
bosun - a boatswain
botai - a town in Kazakhstan
botan - a first name
botas - plural of "bota", a leather bottle
botch - to badly mishandle; an inflammatory sore
botel - a boatel, a waterside inn
botes - plural of "bote", compensation
botev - a mountain in Bulgaria
botho - a first name
bothy - a farmhand's cottage
botis - a demon who is the earl of Hell
botle - a pass or thrust in fencing
botok - an Asian cape
botos - plural of "boto", an Amazon River dolphin
botox - the botulinum toxin, a paralytic used to treat twitches on the sick and wrinkles on the vain
botts - plural of "bott", an insect larva
bottu - a Hindu forehead caste mark
botty - a baby's buttocks
bouai - a megalithic site in central Africa
bouar - a town in the Central African Republic
bouch - to debouch
boucq - a river in Belgium
bouds - plural of "boud", an insect in grain
bouge - to bulge; to budge; the belly of a cask; a bag; a term from heraldry
bough - a branch
bouks - plural of "bouk", a body
boule - inlay work; an assembly
bouli - a first name
boult - bolt; to sift through a coarse material
bound - a limit; to jump; tied; constrained; guaranteed
boung - a purse
bouns - makes ready
bourd - jest, fun
boure - an early state in western Africa
bourg - a town
bouri - a mullet of Southern Europe and Africa
bourn - a first name; a stream; a boundary
bousa - a first name
bouse - booze; to haul via tackle
bousy - drunken
bouto - an Amazon river dolphin
bouts - plural of "bout", a round
bouya - an exclamation made when you've proved someone wrong, or bested them
bouza - bozah, an acidulated fermented drink made of millet seed and other astringents
bouze - booze
bovec - a town in Slovenia
bovey - a kind of coal; nasal mucus; a British river
bovid - a bovine
bowat - a lantern
bowed - bent; used a bow
bowel - the intestine
bowen - a first name
bower - an arbor; the jack in eucher
bowes - a variant of "boughs"
bowet - a young hawk
bowge - bouge; to swell out; to cause to leak
bowie - a first name; a large knife
bowla - a tart of sugar, apples and bread
bowls - skittles; deep dishes
bowly - a large rectangular sunken pool used as a public water supply in India
bowne - to boun, to prepare or get ready
bowrs - plural of "bowr", a muscle
bowse - to heave via tackle
bowsy - a street urchin
boxed - crated; fought with
boxen - made of boxwood
boxer - one who packs; a fighter; a Chinese revolutionary
boxes - fights; crates
boxin - a first name
boxty - a traditional Irish potato cake
boyan - a first name
boyar - a Russian nobleman
boyau - a ditch
boyce - a first name
boyed - played as a boy
boyer - a small Flemish sloop
boygs - plural of "boyg", an ogre; an obstacle
boyla - an Australian witch doctor
boyle - a town in Eire
boyne - a first name; a flat shallow tub; the site of a battle between the deposed King James II and the new King William
boyos - plural of "boyo", a boy
bozah - an acidulated fermented drink made of millet seed and other astringents
bozal - bosal
bozen - the former name of Bolzano, Italy
bozez - the name of one of a pair of cliffs on either side of the gorge of Michmash
bozoo - a town in West Virginia
bozos - plural of "bozo", a fellow; a clown; an idiot
bozze - a first name
brabs - plural of "brab", a palmyra
braca - a first name; a unit of measure in Brazil
brace - a pair; to stiffen
brach - a bitch hound
brack - a flaw in cloth
bract - a specialized leaf
bracy - a first name
bradd - a first name
brade - a first name
brads - plural of "brad", a small nail
brady - a first name
braes - plural of "brae", a hillside or sloping bank
braff - a Dominican stew
braga - a town in Nepal; a town in Portugal
bragi - the Norse god of poetry and eloquence
brags - boasts
brahm - a first name
braid - to weave
brail - to furl; the rump feathers of a hawk; a rope used to secure scenery
brain - the cerebellum
brait - a rough diamond
brake - a thicket; a kind of fern; to halt
braky - ferny
brale - a conical diamond indenter
brama - an attractive woman
brame - a fierce passion or longing
bramm - a first name
brams - plural of bram, a measure of liquid volume
brana - a first name
brand - a first name; a stigma; a torch; a trade name
brane - a generalization of a membrane, with a "2-brane" a surface in 2D, and so on
brani - a first name
brank - a first name; buckwheat; a device used to restrain the tongue; a bridle with wooden side pieces
brann - a first name
brans - plural of "bran", the outer coat of a cereal grain
brant - a first name; a wild goose; a British river
brary - the library
brash - hasty; impudent
brass - a metal; money; impudence
brast - to burst
brata - a town in Norway
brath - a broth
brats - plural of "brat", bratwursts; unpleasant children
braul - striped cloth
braun - a first name
brava - a shout of approval; a town in Somalia
brave - daring; an Indian warrior
bravi - plural of "bravo"
bravo - an exclamation meaning "well done!"; an assassin
brawl - a disorganized fight; to wrangle
brawn - strength
braws - fine clothes
braxy - a malignant edema of sheep
brays - utters a harsh cry
braza - a Spanish unit of length, about 5.5 feet
braze - to solder together
brcko - a bedeviled town in Bosnia-Herzogovina
bread - a baked food, made of ground wheat
breah - a first name
break - an interval; to shatter
bream - a fish; to clean
brear - a first name
breay - a first name
breba - a fig of the first crop ripening on the old wood
breck - a first name; a breach; a gap
breda - a first name; a fortress city in the Netherlands
brede - a first name; a braid; a river in England; a town in England
bredi - a meat stew containing a vegetable
bredo - a first name
breea - a first name
breed - to beget
breef - brief
breem - stern; a sow in heat; apparent
breer - a sprout; a brier
brees - plural of "bree", a broth; an eyebrow
breit - a musical term meaning "broad" or "wide"
brejo - a town in Brazil
brela - a town in Croatia
breme - referring to raging or ferocious weather; cruel; apparent
brena - a first name
brene - a first name
brenn - a first name
breno - a first name
brens - plural of "bren", a submachine gun
brent - a first name; lofty; a bird
breon - a first name
brere - a sprout
brers - plural of "brer", a brother
brest - a breast; a port city in France; a town in western Russia
brett - a first name; a britzska; a carriage; a British river
breva - a kind of cigar
breve - a long note (wouldn't you think it the other way around?); a U-shaped mark over a vowel
brews - steeps in boiling water
brewy - like a brew
breza - a first name
briah - a first name
brian - a first name
briar - a pipe; a wild rose
bribe - to suborn
brice - a first name
brick - a first name; a building block
bridd - a first name
bride - a first name; a woman being married; a British river
bridi - a first name
bridy - a first name
brief - short; tight men's underwear; a commission
brieg - a town in western Poland
brien - a first name
brier - a first name; a wild rose
bries - plural of "brie", a broth; a cream cheese
briet - a first name
brigg - a first name; an English town
brigh - a trouser pocket
brigs - plural of "brig", a two-masted ship
brike - a breach; peril
brill - a type of turbot; brilliant; excellent
brims - plural of "brim", a rim or edge
brina - a first name
brine - salt water
bring - to fetch
brink - the edge
brinn - a first name
brins - plural of "brin", a rib of a fan
briny - a first name; salty
briol - a first name
brion - a first name
brios - plural of "brio", liveliness
brisa - a first name
brise - a musical term meaning "broken"
brisk - quick; lively
briss - berith
brist - a city in Croatia
brita - a first name
brite - overripe
brith - a circumcision
brits - plural of "brit", a Britisher; a young herring
britt - a first name; a young herring
brive - a town in France
briza - totter grass
brize - the gadfly
brizz - to crush; to bruise
broad - wide; a woman
brobs - plural of "brob", a wooden wedge
broch - an ancient stone hut
brock - a first name; a badger; a British river; a cow
brocs - plural of "broc", a pewter wine measure
brode - an inflected form of "to braid"
brodi - a first name
brods - plural of "brod", a goad
brody - a first name; a town in Ukraine
broen - a town in Sweden
brogh - a burgh
brogs - plural of "brog", an awl
broid - a braid
broil - a brawl
broke - collapsed; ruined; out of money
broma - a kind of prepared chocolate; a food
brome - a grass
bromo - a medicinal compound
brona - a first name
bronc - a bronco
brond - a brand
bronk - a bronco
bronx - a New York borough; a cocktail
brood - to incubate; to meditate obsessively
brook - a first name; a stream; to tolerate
brool - a deep murmur; a low rumble
broom - a sweeping implement; a shrub
broon - the color brown
broos - plural of "broo", a broth
broox - a first name
brora - a town in Scotland; a British river
brose - a first name; Scotch porridge; a dish made by pouring boiling liquid on meal
brosy - smeared with porridge
broth - a soup
brott - broken pieces
brown - a first name; tan; dark red
brows - plural of "brow", a forehead
bruay - a town in France
bruce - a first name
bruch - a production reject that must be scrapped
bruck - destroyed
brucy - a first name
bruff - a town in Eire
brugh - a borough
bruik - a brook
bruin - a bear
bruis - a first name
bruit - to noise about
bruja - a witch; a sorceress
brujo - a sorcerer; a witch
brule - a kind of pastry
brume - a fog (hence "Brumaire")
brump - to gather fallen twigs and branches
bruna - a first name
brune - a brunette
brung - slang for "brought"
bruno - a first name
bruns - a first name
brunt - a shock; the main force
brusa - an Islamic metropolis; a former name for Bursa
brush - low bushy vegetation; a bristly device used for combing or cleaning; a skirmish; a sweep
brusk - terse; unfriendly
bruss - an exaggerated position of attention used in the Army
brust - burst
bruta - edentata
brute - a savage
bruzz - a wheelwright's chisel
bryan - a first name
bryar - a first name
bryce - a first name
bryen - a first name
bryga - a first name
bryna - a first name
brynn - a first name
bryon - a first name
bryum - a genus of mosses
brzeg - a former name for the town of Brieg in western Poland
buang - a Papuan people of New Guinea
buats - plural of "buat", a bowat
buaze - an African woody vine
bubal - a large African antelope
bubas - plural of "buba", another name for yaws
bubba - a first name; a good ole boy
bubbe - a Yiddish term for "grandmother"
bubbi - a term of affection
bubby - a first name; a term of affection; a little boy; a breast; allspice
bubie - a term of affection
bubos - plural of "bubo", a swollen lymph gland, a sign of the plague
bubsy - a first name
bubus - plural of "bubu";
bucca - a scarecrow; the cheek
bucco - the puff bird genus
bucha - a town in Ukraine
buchi - a first name
bucho - an African medicinal plant
buchu - the dried leaves of certain plants used as a diuretic and tea
buchy - a town in France
bucko - a first name; a bully; an affectionate nickname
bucks - plural of "buck", a dollar; a male deer; a leap and twist
bucku - buchu, a rutaceous genus with medicinal leaves
bucky - a first name
budda - a hoary Australian forage shrub
budde - a first name
buddy - a first name; a partner
budes - plural of "bude", a gas burner
budge - lambskin; to stir, to move
budgy - consisting of fur
budos - plural of "budo", the philosophy of the martial art
budva - a town in Montenegro
buell - a first name
buena - a first name; a town in New Jersey
bueno - good, very well
bufeo - an Amazon river dolphin
buffa - a female singer of comic opera roles
buffe - plural of "buffa", a female singer of comic opera roles
buffi - plural of "buffo"
buffo - a comic actor or operatic clown
buffs - polishes; a famous regiment
buffy - a first name; of a buff color
bufos - plural of "bufo", a cane toad that secretes a frothy hallucinogen when disturbed
bufty - a male homosexual
bugan - a hobgoblin; an Austro-Asiatic language
buggy - infested with insects or mistakes; a baby carriage; a horse-drawn vehicle
bught - bought
bugia - a candlestick
bugis - plural of "bugi", an Indonesian people of Celebes
bugle - a musical instrument; a jet bead; a genus of flowering plants
bugre - a Brazilian Indian
bugsy - a first name
buhid - variant of "bukid", a people of south Mindoro
buhls - plural of "buhl", a brass and tortoise shell inlay
buhrs - plural of "buhr", a heavy stone
buick - to vomit
buids - plural of "buid", variant of "bukid", a people of south Mindoro
buiem - a river in New Guinea
buiks - plural of "buik", a book
build - to construct; to erect
built - fabricated
buist - to mark sheep; a chest
bujak - a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire, in southwestern Russia
bujan - a municipality in Albania
bukan - a city in Iran
bukat - a town in Iran; a people of Indonesia
buked - disrespected
buker - one who disrespects
bukes - disrespect; plural of "buke", a book
bukey - disrespectful
bukid - a people of south Mindoro
bukra - tomorrow; a white man
bulak - a town in Egypt
bulan - a first name; a municipality in the Philippines
bulaq - a town in Egypt
bulau - an East Indian insect-eating mammal; an African cape
bulbi - plural of "bulbus", a bulb-shaped anatomical part
bulbs - plural of "bulb", a underground bud
bulby - bulbous
bulge - to swell
bulgy - protuberant; full of bulges
bulks - plural of "bulk", a mass
bulky - massive
bulla - a papal seal; a mollusk; a hollow thin-walled rounded bony prominence; a large blister
bulle - a first name; a town in Switzerland
bullo - nonsense
bulls - plural of "bull", a male cow; a papal pronouncement
bully - excellent; a hector
bulse - a bag used to transport jewels
bulti - a variant of "bolti"
bulto - an image of a saint in wood
bulty - a variant of "bolty"
bulus - plural of "bulu", a people of Cameroon
bulut - a first name
bumba - the buttocks
bumbo - a punch made from rum, sugar, water and nutmeg; a feminist who denigrates beautiful women
bumbu - a river in New Guinea
bumfs - plural of "bumf", from "bum fodder", toilet paper, paperwork
bumpa - the buttocks
bumph - "bum fodder"; toilet paper; paperwork
bumps - knocks against
bumpy - uneven
bunak - a language
bunan - an ethnic group in China
bunas - plural of "buna", an artificial rubber
bunce - an unexpected gain; a windfall
bunch - a batch; a group
bunco - a swindle
buncy - profitable; lucrative
bunda - a town in Tanzania
bundi - a town in Papua New Guinea; a town in India
bunds - plural of "bund", a political association; an embankment
bundt - a kind of cake pan
bundu - the wilderness
bundy - a small crooked Australian tree; a time clock; Bundaberg rum
bunga - a native council in the Transkei
bungi - a dropout
bungo - a large canoe in the southwestern United States; a country bumpkin; a river in New Guinea
bungs - plural of "bung", a stopper
bungy - bhangi; a rubber eraser; a dropout
bunia - an Indian trader; a town in the Congo
bunje - a variant of 'bunjee', a long flexible cord
bunji - a white man who pursues aboriginal women for sex
bunjy - a variant of 'bunjee", a long flexible cord
bunko - a swindle
bunks - plural of "bunk", a sleeping berth
bunky - a first name
bunni - a first name
bunns - plural of "bunn", a bun
bunny - a first name; a rabbit
bunse - an extra, a bonus
bunts - butts; hits lightly with the bat
bunty - a first name; a wheat disease
bunun - a language
bunya - an evergreen tree
bunzo - a first name
buolt - a variant of "bolt"
buoys - raises up; plural of "buoy", a marine floating marker device
buoux - a town in France
buppy - an acronym: "Black Urban Professional"
burak - a first name
buram - a town in Sudan
buran - a violent Central Asian blizzard; a Soviet space shuttle
burao - a town in Somalia
buras - a town in Louisiana; plural of "bura", a violent windstorm
burbs - the suburbs
burby - like the suburbs
burch - a first name
burds - plural of "burd", a maiden
burel - borrel
buren - a city in the Netherlands
bureo - a court
burep - a river in New Guinea
bures - plural of "bure", a large house or temple in Fiji
buret - a measuring tube
burga - in Alaska, a windy snowstorm
burgh - a first name; a town
burgo - a first name; burgao, a common top shell
burgs - plural of "burg", a town
burhs - plural of "burh", a town
burin - a pointed steel engraving tool; a village on the West Bank
buris - plural of "buri", the talipot palm
burji - a language
burka - a loose enveloping garment with eyeholes, worn by Muslim women
burke - a first name; to murder; to suffocate by pressing the chest and holding the nostrils; a fool
burks - murders; smothers
burla - a musical composition of humorous nature
burls - finishes cloth by removing lumps; wood knots
burly - stout; used in the phrase "hurly burly" to mean confusion and disorder
burma - an Asian country renamed to Myanmar
burne - a first name
burns - ignites; plural of "burn", a stream
burnt - burned
burny - a first name; burning; full of burns
buroo - the employment exchange office
buros - plural of "buro", a bureau; a Philippine fish dish
burps - belches
burpy - like a burp; containing burps
burqa - the traditional Islamic head-to-toe covering for women
burra - "great", used in phrases as a title of respect in India; a language
burro - a donkey
burrs - plural of "burr", a rough edge; an accent with rolled "R" sounds
burrt - a first name
burru - a shelter from the wind
burry - prickly; full of burrs; an aborigine
bursa - a sac; a town in western Anatolia
burse - a purse
burst - to split open
burts - plural of "burt", a flatfish
burtt - a first name
burty - a first name
burun - a language
burut - kara khirghiz
busan - a town in Korea, formerly known as Pusan
busby - a bearskin headdress
bused - transported by bus
buses - plural of "bus", a mass transit vehicle
bushi - samurai
bushy - overgrown
busia - a town in Kenya
busks - bushes; acts in the streets
busky - shady
bussa - a town in western Africa
busse - a first name
bussu - a low palm of the South American tidal swamps
bussy - a sweetheart; a bus driver; like a bus
busta - a punk; a jerk; a fake person; a tattletale; breaking
busti - a small Indian village
busto - a bust or head sculpture
busts - arrests; head sculptures; bosoms; breaks
busty - chesty
butan - a town in Bulgaria; a variant of "Bhutan"
butch - a first name; masculine; a masculine lesbian
butea - a genus of East Indian trees
buteo - a hawk
butes - plural of "bute", variant of "butte", a hill
buthe - an obsolete form of "booth"
butic - a town in the Philippines
butja - an island near New Guinea
butle - to serve as a butler
butoh - a modern Japanese dance form involving white body paint
butsu - the Buddha
butte - an isolated hill; a kind of cheese; a town in Montana
butts - plural of "butt", a rifle range; a haunch; a wine barrel; a target
butty - a mining partner; a deputy; a sandwich
butut -
butuo - a town in China, along the opium route from Burma to Europe
butut - a monetary unit of Gambia
butyl - a butter extract
butyn - a colorless crystalline substance used as an anesthetic
buxar - a town in India, the site of a famous battle
buxed - out of money
buxie - bakshee, money
buxom - comely
buxus - a genus of evergreen shrubs
buyer - a purchaser
buyid - a Persian Shiite dynasty, overthrown by the Seljuks
buyin - participation; agreement; investment
buyos - plural of "buyo", a Philippine masticatory of betel leaf, areca nut, lime and tobacco
buzau - a town in Romania
buzby - a first name
buzet - a town in Croatia
buzwe - a first name
buzza - a greeting meaning "what's up?"
buzzy - a first name; dazed; making a buzz; intoxicated
bviri - a language
bwaka - a language and tribe of central Africa
bwana - boss
bwazi - an African woody vine
bwlch - a town in Wales
byard - a miner's hauling strap
byclu - a town in Bulgaria
bying - getting a pass in a tournament
byked - biked
bykes - bikes
bylaw - a lesser rule
bylot - an island in Canada
bylow - a single-bladed folding knife with a bone handle
bynum - a town in Alabama
byoba - a first name
byobu - a Japanese painted screen with six panels
byons - plural of "byon", a gem-bearing clay earth of Burma
byous - extraordinary
byram - a first name
byran - a first name
byrdy - a first name
byren - a first name
byres - plural of "byre", a cow shed
byrie - a first name
byrle - a first name
byrls - carouses
byrne - a first name
byrom - a first name
byron - a first name
byrsa - a citadel; the area of Carthage laid out by Queen Dido, who was given as much land as could be surrounded by a bull's hide
bysen - a first name
byssi - plural of "byssus", the silky filament used by bivalves to attach themselves to fixed surfaces
bytes - plural of "byte", an 8 bit unit of computer memory
bytom - a city in southwest Poland
byway - a side path
byzas - in Greek mythology, the son of Poseidon, founder of Byzantium
byzen - a disgraceful spectacle
byzus - a Byzantine city in Thrace
bzura - a river in Poland
caaba - the Kaaba
caama - the hartebeest or asse; a South American fox
caapi - a vine in northwest South America
cabal - a clique; a conspiracy
caban - cavan; an Arabian cloth; the seventeenth day of the Mayan religious month
cabas - plural of "caba", a rush basket
cabby - a cab driver
cabda - a unit of measurement in Arabia
caber - a tree trunk
cabin - a log house; a room in a ship
cabio - variant of "cobia"
cabir - nature worship
cable - a first name; a thick rope; a wire; a unit of length of 100 fathoms
cabob - an oriental meat dish
caboc - a kind of cheese
cabon - a town in Haiti
cabot - a unit of capacity equal to half a bushel; a strait in Canada
cabra - a town in Ireland; a town in Kosovo
cabre - an aeronautical stunt
cabri - pronghorn
cabul - a river in Afghanistan; a biblical place
cacan - a town in Afghanistan
cacao - the chocolate tree
cacey - a first name
cacha - auburn
cache - a secret store
cachi - a first name
cacia - a first name
cacie - a first name
cacko - extremely drunk
cacky - shitty; disgusting
cacti - plural of "cactus", a fleshy desert plant
cacus - a sheep-stealing monster beaten by Herakles
cadao - a first name
cadby - a first name
caddo - a member of a confederacy of North American Indian tribes
caddy - a golfing assistant
cadee - a first name; a variant of "cadet"
cadel - a first name
caden - a first name
cader - a variant of "cadre"
cades - plural of "cade", a cask of herrings; a pet lamb; a European juniper
cadet - a student soldier; a younger son
cadew - a caddis fly
cadey - a first name; a hat
cadge - to sponge
cadgy - wanton; sexually adventurous
cadie - a first name; a caddie
cadis - plural of "cadi", an Islamic judge
cadiz - a port city in Spain; a lake in North America
cados - a town in Spain
cadre - a nucleus; a specially trained group
cadye - a first name
caeca - variant plural of "cecum"
caeli - a first name
caely - a first name
caere - an Etruscan settlement in Italy, now Cerveteri
caers - plural of "caer", a camp
caese - a Shakespearean interjection
caete - a town in Brazil
cafes - plural of "cafe", a coffee-house
caffa - a city on the Black Sea; a cotton cloth
caffs - plural of "caff", a cafeteria
caffy - a cafeteria
cafis - a Spanish unit of capacity, about 666 liters
cafiz - a unit of measurement in Arabia
caged - captive
cager - a basketball player
cages - plural of "cage", an enclosure
cagey - cautious; unforthcoming; duplicitous; wiley
cagit - a green parrot of the Philippines
cagot - a Pyrennese pariah race
cagua - a town in Venezuela
cahan - a first name
caher - a town in Eire
cahil - a first name
cahit - a first name
cahiz - a Spanish unit of capacity, about 666 liters
cahot - "thank you, ma'am"; a bump; a ridge of snow across a road, left by sleighs
cahow - a rare Bermuda petrel
caico - a town in Brazil
caics - plural of "caic", a Turkish skiff
caids - plural of "caid", an alcayde; an Islamic judge
caily - a first name
caina - a first name
caine - a first name; cocaine
cains - plural of "cain", a kain; a rent in kind; a weasel
caira - a first name
caird - a traveling tinker
cairn - a first name; a heap of stones; a kind of terrier
cairo - a first name; the capital city of Egypt
caisi - a first name
caite - a first name
caity - a first name
caius - a first name
caiza - a town in Bolivia
cajan - people, primarily in Alabama, of mixed white, black and Indian heritage
cajon - a steep-sided canyon
cajsa - a first name
cajun - corruption of "Acadian", a Louisiana group of French Canadian origin
caked - thickly layered
caker - a first name
cakes - plural of "cake", a large dessert pastry
cakey - tending to form crusts; like a cake; simple-minded; a fool
cakra - variant of "chakra", one of 6 points of spiritual power in the body
calab - a first name
calah - a first name
calan - a first name
calas - plural of "cala", a Creole fried cake made mainly of rice, with dough and sugar
calca - a town in Peru
calcs - plural of "calc", a calculator
caldy - a British island
caleb - a first name; a Biblical spy
calee - a first name
calem - a first name
cales - a Roman colony in Italy
caley - a first name
calfs - plural of "calf", a young cow; part of the leg
calia - a first name
calid - hot
calie - a first name
calif - a caliph
calin - a first name; an alloy of lead and tin used by the Chineses
calix - a cup
calks - caulks; plural of "calk", a horseshoe projection used to improve footing
calla - a first name; the bog arum
calle - caul; a street
calli - a first name
calls - names; telephones
cally - a first name
calma - a musical term meaning "quieting" or "tranquility"
calmi - a town in Illinois
calms - makes still or peaceful
calmy - calm
calne - a town in southwest England
calno - a biblical place
calor - body heat that is a sign of inflammation
calos - plural of "calo", a language spoken by Spanish gypsies
calot - a woman's hat
calpa - a day of Brahma
calpe - the ancient name of the Rock of Gibraltar; a town in ancient Asia Minor
calps - plural of "calp", a shale bed
calum - a first name
calva - the upper part of the human cranium
calve - to give birth
calvi - a port town in Corsica
calym - a first name
calyn - a first name
calyx - a cup; the outer protective covering of a flower
camac - something much too expensive or complex for its simple purpose
caman - a shinty stick, used in the game of hurling; a town in Afghanistan; a town in Ireland
camar - a first name
camas - a perennial herb; a town in Washington state; plural of "cama", a South African hartebeest
camau - an Asian cape
cambo - a Cambodian
camel - a first name; a Bactrian
cameo - a first name; the opposite of "intaglio"; a brief appearance
cames - plural of "came", a leaden window rod
camey - a first name
camia - a first name
camis - a chemise; plural of "cami", a camisole
cammi - a first name
cammy - a first name; a camouflage outfit
camon - a biblical place
camou - camouflage
campa - an Arawakan people of eastern Peru
campe - a female monster in Greek mythology
campi - plural of "campo", a level grassy plain; plural of "campus", the site of a college
campo - a level grassy plain or clearing
camps - lives in the open
campy - a first name; overdone; ludicrous
camus - a camis, a chemise; short, flat, concave
canak - a town in Turkey, now Canakkale
canal - channel
canar - a town in Ecuador
canas - a town in Costa Rica
canat - kinat
canby - a town in Oregon
canch - a sloping slice removed from the roof or floor of a mine roadway
canda - a first name
cande -  first name
candi - a first name
cando - having a positive attitude toward tasks; a town in North Dakota
candu - the Canadian Deuterium Uranium reactor
candy - a first name; a sweet treat; a unit of weight in India of about 500 pounds
canea - a seaport in northwest Crete, and the capital city
caned - made of cane; beaten with a cane
caneh - a unit of length of 6 cubits
canel - cannel; cinammon
caner - one who canes
canes - beats; plural of "cane", a rattan, a long stick
caney - like a cane
cange - a village in Haiti
cangs - plural of "cang", a Chinese pillory
canid - any member of the dog family
canis - the genus to which the dog and wolf belong
canna - the arrowroot; a unit of length of 2 yards; cannot; a British island
canns - plural of "cann", directs the steering (of a ship)
canny - shrewd
canoa - a sloop-rigged fishing boat common in the Amazon delta
canoe - a small boat
canon - a first name; a precept; a type size of 48 points
canso - a love song
canst - Biblical "can"
canta - a town in Peru
canto - a division of a poem
cants - plural of "cant", a tilt or slant; argot; hypocrisy
cantu - an African cape; a town in Italy
canty - talkative; cheerful; brisk; unpleasant; ill-tempered
canun - a zither
caoba - mahogany
capas - a town in the Philippines; plural of "capa", a Spanish cloak
capax - legally competent
caped - wearing a cape
capel - a horse; a town in England
caper - to dance; a shrub; the flower bud of the caper used as a seasoning; a bird
capes - plural of "cape", a promontory; an open cloak
capey - a Cape Coloured person
caphs - plural of "caph", an alternative spelling of "kaph"
capie - a Cape Coloured person
capim - a river in Brazil
capiz - a small marine bivalve; a province on Panay island
caple - a horse
capoc - kapok
capon - a fish; a letter; a castrated rooster
capos - plural of "capo", a pitch raising device for fretted instruments
capot - to win all the tricks in a game of piquet
cappa - an ecclesiastical or academic cape
cappi - a first name
cappo - capote; a capitalist, in the sense of a money grubber
cappy - a first name; like a cap; having a tallow taste because of butterfat oxidation
capra - a she-goat
capri - a first name; an Italian resort island in the bay of Naples; the genus of goats
capsa - an ancient name of the town of Gafsa in Tunisia
capua - an Italian city near Naples
capul - a horse
capun - a prisoner sentenced to capital punishment
caput - the head; a knoblike protuberance; kaput
capys - a first name
carac - carack, a kind of large ship, a galleon
carah - a first name
carak - a town in Serbia
caral - an ancient city of Peru
carap - a tropical tree of the mahogany family
carat - a unit of weight of 200 milligrams
caraz - a town in Peru
carbo - a carbohydrate; charcoal
carbs - plural of "carb", a carburetor; a food rich in carbohydrates
carby - a carburetor
carda - a kind of cloth
cardi - a sweater (shortened from "Cardigan")
cardo - a basal maxillary joint of an insect
cards - demands proper identification; plural of "card", a stiff piece of paper
cardy - a sweater (shortened from "Cardigan")
cared - minded
caree - a first name
carel - a first name
caren - a first name
carer - one who cares or tends
cares - is concerned or interested
caret - an editing mark indicating an insertion; the hawksbill turtle
carew - a first name
carex - a sedge (a primitive three-sided grass)
carey - a first name; the hawksbill turtle; a British river
carfs - carves
carga - a unit of weight in El Salvador, Colombia and Mexico of about 300 pounds
cargo - freight
caria - an ancient territory of southwest Asia Minor, domain of King Mausolos
carib - a native of the Caribbean
carid - a crustacean of the tribe Carides
carie - a first name
caril - a first name
carin - a first name
caris - a first name
carks - plural of "cark", care; trouble
carky - troubled
carla - a first name
carle - a first name; a rude strong man
carli - a first name
carlo - a first name
carls - plural of "carl", a churl; a robust fellow; a farmer
carly - a first name
carma - a first name
carme - a moon of Jupiter
carmi - a first name
carmy - a first name
carna - a first name
carne - a first name; heroin; the Spanish for "meat", used, for example in "chile con carne"
carno - a town in Wales
carns - plural of "carn", a cairn, a carnation
carny - a first name; blarney; a carnival worker
caroa - a Brazilian plant related to the pinguin
carob - the locust or algaroba tree, or its fruit
carol - a first name; a song
carom - a billiard shot in which one ball is made to hit two others in succession
caron - a first name; an accent mark
carot - variant of "carotte", a cylindrical roll of tobacco
carpe - Latin for "seize" or "grasp", as in "carpe diem" which means "seize the day"
carpi - a town in northern Italy; plural of "carpus", the area between the hand and forearm
carps - complains; plural of "carp", a goldfish relative
carpy - incarceration
carra - a first name
carri - a first name
carrs - plural of "carr", a marsh
carry - a first name; to transport
carse - low-lying fertile land
carsy - a lavatory; a house; a brothel; a thieve's den
carta - a charter
carte - a fencing term; a menu
carts - plural of "cart", a wagon
carty - of a horse that resembles a cart horse
carua - a town in Brazil
carum - a genus of biennial aromatic herbs
carus - a heavy sleep; unconsciousness
carva - a first name
carve - to cut
carvy - the caraway plant
carya - a genus of North American hardwood trees
caryl - a first name
caryn - a first name
carys - a first name
casal - belonging to a grammatical case
casar - a first name
casas - plural of "casa", a dwelling
casca - a first name
casco - a Manila barge; a ship's hull
cascy - a first name
cased - boxed; examined
casee - a first name
caseo - a brothel
caser - one who cases; a 5 shilling coin
cases - precriminally inspects; plural of "case", a box, an incident
casey - a first name; a  house
casha - a soft cloth made of wool and cashmere
cashe - a first name
cashi - a first name
cashy - like cash; flush with cash
casia - a first name
casie - a first name
casks - plural of "cask", a barrel
casky - resembling a cask
casma - a town in Peru
cason - a first name
cassa - a ladies's man; a musical term meaning "a drum"
casse - a first name; broken paper
cassi - a first name
cassy - a first name; a fibrous plant
casta - a first name
caste - a hereditary social class
casts - plural of "cast", a throw; the personnel of a play; a plaster mold; a disfigurement of the eye
casus - a legal occurrence or event
catan - a Japanese sword resembling a broad cutlass
catch - a latch; to ensnare; a musical term
catel - property
cater - a first name; to provide food; diagonal
cates - plural of "cate", a dainty food
catey - a first name
catha - a first name; a genus of African evergreen shrubs
cathe - a first name
cathi - a first name
cathy - a first name
catia - a first name
catie - a first name
catio - an Indian tribe in Colombia
catly - like a cat
caton - a first name; an English town
catso - a blackguard; a rascal
catti - a first name
catty - feline; spiteful; a Chinese unit of weight of about 4/3 pound, or 16 taels or 16 liangs
cauac - the nineteenth day of the Mayan religious month
cauca - a river in Colombia; a province in Colombia
cauch - a mess
cauda - a tail or tail-like appendage
cauff - chaff
caufs - plural of "cauf", a live fish box
cauks - plural of "cauk", sulphate of baryta
cauld - cold; a dam or weir
cauli - cauliflower
caulk - to make watertight
caulp - a fee given to the head of a Scottish clan
cauls - plural of "caul", a net; a membrane
cauma - great heat, as in a fever
caums - plural of "caum", soft slate
caups - plural of "caup", a wooden drinking bowl
caure - calves
cauri - a monetary unit of Guinea; a fly whisk; chowrie
causa - a Latin word for "cause", used in various phrases
cause - an underlying reason
causy - full of causes; like a cause
cauto - a river in Cuba
cavae - plural of "cava", for the vena cava
cavan - a first name; a county in Ulster
cavas - a first name
cavea - the tiered semi-circular seating of ancient amphitheaters
caved - collapsed; surrendered
caveh - a first name
cavel - an axe for trimming stone; a piece of wood used for casting lots
caven - a first name
caver - a spelunker
caves - plural of "cave", a cavern
cavey - a hen coop; like a cave
cavia - the genus to which the guinea pig belongs
cavie - a hen coop
cavil - to carp; to complain; to break stone
cavin - a first name; a cowered approach
cavum - the lower part of the concha of the ear; the nasal cavity
cavus - a deformity of the foot involving a very high arch
cavvy - the remuda
cawed - crowed
cawks - plural of "cawk", a heavy spear; a crow's sound
cawky - containing baryta
cawny - a unit of area of 1 acre
caxon - a hairy wig; a chest of ores
cayac - a country bumpkin
cayak - a kayak
cayce - a first name; a town in South Carolina
cayci - a first name
cayey - a town in Puerto Rico
cayla - a first name
cayli - a first name
cayly - a first name
cayse - a first name
caysi - a first name
cayte - a first name
cayua - a Guarani people of southwestern Brazil
cayus - a town in the Philippines
cazic - a chief of some American Indian tribes
cazin - a town in Bosnia Herzegovina
cazzi - a first name
ccoya - an Inca wife
ceadd - a first name
ceara - a first name; a province in Brazil
cease - to stop
ceaze - an obsolete spelling of "seize"
cebid - one of a family of monkeys
cebil - the South American tree that yields angico gum for tanning
cebus - a genus that comprises medium size monkeys, including Capuchin monkeys
cecal - of or like a cecum
cecil - a first name
cecum - a body cavity with one opening
cecyl - a first name
cedar - an aromatic tree, or its wood
ceded - granted; gave up
ceder - one who cedes
cedes - yields
cedez - a musical term meaning "slow down!"
cedis - plural of "cedi", a monetary unit of Ghana
cedra - a citron
cedre - cedar green
cedro - any of several reddish cedarlike woods
cedry - like cedar
ceiba - the tropical silk-cotton tree; a town in Honduras; a town in Puerto Rico
ceibo - a fiber from the kapok tree
ceila - a first name
ceile - a client
ceili - a kind of Irish dance
ceils - plural of "ceil", a roof; a ceiling
ceint - a girdle or cincture
ceirw - a British river
cejay - a first name
celeb - a celebrity
celer - an attic
celes - a first name
celia - a first name
celie - a first name
celio - a first name
celje - a town in Slovenia
celka - a first name
cella - the hidden part of a Greek or Roman temple where a deity's image was housed
celle - a town in Germany
celli - plural of "cello", a musical instrument
cello - a musical instrument
cells - plural of "cell", a cavity; a nucleus
celly - a first name; a cellular telephone; a cellmate
celom - a body cavity in some animals
celos - plural of "celo", a unit of acceleration
celso - a first name
celts - plural of "celt", a primitive axe; a primitive people
celty - like a Celt
cemal - a first name
cemil - a first name
cenal - referring to the midday meal
cenex - a first name
cenis - plural of "ceni", an Indian tribe
cense - to burn incense
censy - a town in France
cento - a medley; a poem made of fragments of other poems
cents - plural of "cent", a hundredth of a dollar
centu - a Lithuanian coin
ceorl - a churl
cepas - plural of "cepa", an onion
cepes - plural of "cepe", a large mushroom
cepid - a Capuchin monkey
cequi - a unit of weight in Turkey
ceral - a bird's beak
ceram - one of the Moluccan islands
ceras - plural of "cera", a gill papilla on the backs of nudibranches and related mollusks
cerci - plural of "cercus", a sensory appendage on an insect
cerda - a first name
cerea - a first name
cereb - short for "cerebral", a brainy or studious person
cered - covered with wax
cerek - a first name
cerel - a first name
ceres - a first name; the Roman harvest goddess; waxes; an asteroid
cerge - a large wax altar candle
ceria - a first name; a chemical compound
ceric - wax-like
cerif - a serif
ceril - a first name
cerin - an acidic constituent of wax
ceris - a first name
cerne - a British river; a shortened form of "concern"
ceros - plural of "cero", a large food fish
certs - plural of "cert", a certainty; a certification
certy - certainly
ceryl - a white crystalline alcohol occurring as an ester in waxes
cerys - a first name
cesar - a first name; a river in Colombia
cesha - a first name
cesia - a first name
cesis - a name of the town that is now Wenden
cesle - a first name
cesme - a town in Turkey
cesse - to cease
cesso - a first name
cessy - foul; disgusting; a town in France
cesta - a basket used in jai alai
cesti - plural of "cestus", a belt or girdle
cesur - a first name
cesya - a first name
cetes - plural of "cete", a group of badgers
cetic - of spermaceti
cetid - a meteor shower that seems to come from the Cetus constellation
cetin - a crystalline fat that is the chief component of spermaceti
cetta - a first name
cetus - the constellation of the whale
cetyl - a radical in spermaceti
ceuta - a Spanish seaport in northern Morocco, across from Gilbraltar
cevan - a first name
cezar - a first name
cezve - a pot for making Turkish coffee
chaac - one of the Mayan gods of rain and fertility
chaad - a first name
chaak - an Inca rain god
chaar - an Indian
chabo - a first name
chabs - plural of "chab", a breast
chaby - a child
chace - a chase; a medieval French part song
chack - the toss of a horse's head; a snack
chaco - an extinct Southwest Indian culture; a province in Argentina; a shako
chacs - plural of "chac", one of the Mayan gods of rain and fertility
chadd - a first name
chade - a first name
chads - plural of "chad", a shad; a sea fish; a punched out piece of a computer card
chady - a first name
chael - a first name
chafe - to rub; to irritate; to vex
chaff - the inedible husks of grain
chaft - chaps; the jaw
chaga - a tall people of the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro
chago - a first name
chahi - shahi, a Persian copper coin
chaim - a first name
chain - a first name; a fetter; a connection; a unit of length of 22 yards
chair - a seat
chais - plural of "chai", a gypsy girl; a kind of tea
chait - a month of the Hindu year
chaja - a first name; the largest of the crested screamers
chaka - a first name
chako - a shako
chaks - of a horse, tosses the head frequently to avoid the restraint of a bridle
chale - no
chali - a first name
chalk - a flaky mineral
chalo - a first name
chala - a town in Peru
chals - plural of "chal", a gypsy man
chama - a large oyster
chami - an Indian tribe of Colombia
champ - a champion; to chew
chams - a first name; plural of "cham", a Mogul Khan
chamy - a first name
chana - a first name
chanc - a first name
chand - a first name
chane - a first name
chang - a unit of weight of 3 pounds; a unit of length of 12 feet; a Tibetan beer
chani - a first name
chank - a species of conch shell; to chew noisily; a chancre
chann - a first name
chant - a first name; to intone
chanu - a first name
chaos - anarchy; violent disorder
chape - a buckle catch; a metal piece that is part of a scabbard
chaps - plural of "chap", the jaw; a fellow; cowboy leg protector
chapt - poetic "chapped"
chara - a first name; a genus of the family Characeae; a charabanc; a star
chard - the artichoke; a southwest English town
chare - a chore; a narrow street
chari - a first name; the French name for the Shari river
chark - char; charcoal; a crack
charl - a first name
charm - a first name; a spell; a trinket; an endearing quality
charo - a first name
charr - char; a kind of trout
chars - burns the edges of; plural of "char", a chore
chart - a map; a diagram
charu - a first name
chary - frugal; wary
chase - a first name; to follow after
chasm - an abyss
chass - a first name
chast - to chasten
chasy - a children's game of tag
chati - a species of small South American tiger cats
chato - a first name; a mountain in Argentina
chats - talks
chaui - a tribe of Indians in Nebraska
chauk - a town in Burma
chaun - a gap
chaus - an Old World wild cat
chava - a first name
chave - a first name; a colloquial form of "I have"
chavi - a first name
chavo - a first name
chavs - plural of "chav", an uneducated uncultured antisocial person
chawl - a large tenement house in India
chawn - a gap; a cleft
chaws - chews; masticates
chaya - a first name; the root of an East Indian herb that yields a red dye
chayo - a first name
chays - plural of "chay", a shay; an open carriage
chazy - a town in New York
chazz - a first name
cheam - an English town
cheap - inexpensive; unwilling to spend money
chear - a variant of "cheer"
cheat - to dupe; to break the rules
cheba - marijuana
check - to stop; a form of payment; a cross-hatch pattern; to verify
chedi - a kingdom of early northern India
cheeb - marijuana
cheek - insolence; a part of the face
cheeo - marijuana seeds
cheep - to chirp
cheer - gaiety; a roar of support
cheet - to cheep; to call a cat
chefs - plural of "chef", a food preparer
cheju - a resort island in Korea, now called Jeju
cheka - a first name; the Soviet secret police, 1917-1921.
cheke - a unit of weight in Turkey
cheki - a unit of weight in Arabia of 509 pounds
chela - a first name; a lobster claw; a Buddhist disciple
cheli - a first name
chelm - another name for Kholm; a town in Poland
chelo - a first name
chelp - to talk pertly; the chirp of a young bird
chely - a first name; a variant of "chela", a claw
chemo - chemotherapy; a Tibetan bear
chena - an area of virgin timberland in a tropical region, cleared and cultivated for a few years; a river in Alaska
chene - a first name
cheng - a Chinese reed musical instrument
chera - a region of southern India
chere - a first name; a beloved (female) one
cheri - a first name; a beloved
chert - flint
chery - a first name
chesa - a first name
chese - to choose
chess - a board game; a British river
chest - a coffer; the upper torso
chete - a first name; a thing
cheth - a first name; a Hebrew letter
cheve - to turn out (well or badly)
chevi - a first name
chevy - a first name; to chase
chewa - an ethnic group of Malawi
chewn - chewed
chews - masticates
chewy - rubbery; hard to chew
cheyn - a first name
chhom - a first name
chiai - a town in China
chiam - a first name; a people of an ancient kingdom in the central coastal part of Annam
chian - a native of Chios
chiao - a monetary unit of China equal to 1/10 of a yuan; a town in northern China
chias - plural of "chia", a Mexican herb
chiba - a town in central Japan; marijuana
chibe - to stab
chibi - a first name
chica - a first name; an orange-red dye; a liquor
chice - nothing; nothing of significance
chich - a dwarf pea; a chickpea
chick - a first name; a chicken; a bamboo screen
chico - a first name; a prickly shrub; a South American river
chics - plural of "chic", elegance
chide - to scold
chido - a first name
chief - a boss; a principal
chiel - a child
chien - a unit of weight of about 1 pound
chiff - a clicking sound that can be part of the attack of a flue pipe of an organ
chigs - chews
chika - a first name
chike - a first name
chiko - a first name
chiks - plural of "chik", variant of "chick"
chiku - a first name
child - a young creature
chile - a South American country
chili - a cayenne pepper pod; a meal of beans, ground meat, and chili pepper
chill - a first name; cold
chilo - a first name
chilt - a first name
chimb - a cask edge; to ring chimes; a channel on a deck
chime - to harmonize; a bell
chimo - a first name; a word used as a greeting in Canada
chimp - a chimpanzee
chimu - an extinct Yuncan people
china - a first name; an Asian country; pottery; a mate (from the rhyming slang "China plate")
chine - a cleft; a ridge; the backbone of an animal; where a wing bends away from the fuselage; a mate (from the rhyming slang "China plate")
ching - a Chinese authoritative or canonical book
chink - a gap; a slur
chino - a first name; a strong twilled cotton cloth
chins - plural of "chin", the lower part of the face
chinu - a town in Colombia
chios - a Greek island off Asia Minor
chiot - a variant of "sciot"
chips - bits; fried thin-cut potatoes; a nickname for a carpenter
chira - marijuana
chire - a blade of grass
chirk - to chirp; cheerful; a town in Wales
chirl - to warble
chirm - to sing like a bird
chiro - a marine fish
chirp - to trill
chirr - to make a harsh vibrant sound
chirs - makes a harsh vibrant sound
chirt - to squeeze; to chirp
chiru - a Tibetan antelope slaughtered for its very fine fur
chise - a knife
chism - jism; strength; semen
chita - a first name; a cheetah; a town and region in Russia, near Mongolia
chits - plural of "chit", a memo; a voucher
chiva - heroin
chive - a type of onion; a knife
chivs - harries; badgers
chivy - to pursue; the face
chiyo - a first name
chizo - a subgroup of the Concho people
chizz - to swindle; to cheat
chloe - a first name
chlor - a color between yellow and green
chlum - a town in the Czech Republic
choad - slang for the penis
choak - a variant of "choke"
choan - sexual intercourse
chobe - a river in Botswana
choca - a chocolate and coffee beverage
chock - a wedge
choco - a militiaman or conscript in World War II; a South American Indian tribe
chocs - plural of "choc", a chocolate treat
chode - scolded; a fool; archaic past tense of "chide"; choad
choes - a town in Portugal
chofa - a first name
choff - food
chofu - a town in Japan
choga - a cloak with long sleeves and skirt, for men in India and Pakistan
choil - the notch in a pocket knife blade, where it meets the haft
choir - the chancel; a singing group
choke - to strangle
choko - a pear-shaped vegetable; a variant of "chocho"
choky - a prison; tending to choke
chola - a female Hispanic; an ancient country in the south of India
choli - a short-sleeved Indian bodice with very low neckline
cholo - an acculturated Wuechuan of Peru or Bolivia
choma - a town in New Mexico; a town in Zambia
chome - sexual intercourse
chomo - prison slang for a child molester
chomp - to chew loudly
chona - a first name
chone - a town in Ecuador
choni - a first name
chonk - to champ or chew loudly
chono - an extinct American Indian tribe
chons - plural of "chon", a Korean monetary unit
choof - marijuana
chook - a chicken
choom - an English soldier; an Englishman
choop - the wild rose hip
chopa - any of several rudderfishes
chope - a first name
chops - the jaws; plural of "chop", a cut of meat
chora - a town on the Greek island of Mykonos
chorb - acne
chord - a harmonious sound; a line cutting across a circle
chore - a task
choro - a dance band
chort - the star Theta Leonis
chose - selected
choss - loose rock treacherous for mountainclimbing
chota - an Indian word for "little"; the police; a town in Peru
chote - flattery
chott - a saline lake or dried lake bed
chouf - a mountain range in Lebanon
choum - a town in Mauritania
choup - variant of "choop", the wild rose hip
chous - plural of "chou", an ornamental ribbon
chout - blackmail; a show or entertainment
choux - plural of "chou", a soft cabbage shaped ornament or rosette in women's wear
chowk - a main street; a bazaar
chows - plural of "chow", a Chinese dog; food
choya - variant of "chay"
choys - plural of "choy", Indian madder
choza - a cabin
chria - in rhetoric, the development of a short saying into an essay
chris - a first name
chron - short for "chronological", and used in the phrase "chron file"
chrys - a first name
chuan - a first name
chuba - a first name
chubb - a patent lock
chubs - plural of "chub", a fresh water carp
chuck - a first name; to discard; a cut of beef
chuco - a first name; a Mexican-American
chuds - champs; bites
chuen - the eleventh day of the Mayan religious month
chuet - a minced meat pie
chufa - a European sedge
chuff - a clown; a boor; what a loony is not on; pubic hair; to puff up with self-importance
chufu - a town in China, birthplace of Confucius
chugs - downs a drink without pausing; makes locomotive sounds
chuha - a Pakistani "pinhead", regarded as having special religious healing abilities
chuki - a first name
chule - a town in Chile
chuma - a first name; a town in Bolivia
chumo - a first name
chump - a blockhead; a patsy
chums - plural of "chum", a pal
chung - a first name
chunk - a thick slice
chupa - a canopy
chura - a little town in Cuba
churl - a cad
churm - chirm
churn - to agitate; a British river
churr - to chirp
chuse - to choose
chust - a town in Belarus
chute - a sloping channel
chuts - plural of "chut", a peevish cry
chyak - to tease
chyla - a first name
chyld - a first name
chyle - a milky fluid containing emulsified fat and other products of digestion
chyme - the pulpy matter constituting partially digested food
chyna - a first name
chynd - to cleft
ciana - a first name
ciaos - plural of "ciao", an Italian farewell
ciara - a first name
cibel - a chive; an onion
cibol - a Welsh onion
cicad - a cicada
ciced - excited; enthusiastic
cicek - a first name
cicer - the chick pea; a genus of Asiatic herbs
cided - decided
cider - fermented apple juice; a decider
cides - decides
cidne - a first name
ciego - a ruse or trick
cielo - a first name
ciels - plural of "ciel", a ceiling; a wainscot
ciera - a first name
cifox - a facsimile machine that scrambles and unscrambles transmissions
cigar - a Havana
ciggy - a cigarette
cigua - a lancewood
cihan - a first name
cihat - a first name
cijay - a first name
cilia - plural of "cilium", an eyelash, a filament
cilka - a first name
cilla - a first name
cille - a first name
cills - plural of "cill", a variant of "sill"
cilly - a first name; a Bletchley Park term for an easily guessed enciphering key
cilop - the practice of updating old military aircraft instead of scrapping them
cimar - a scarf
cimas - plural of "cima", a cyma; an ogee molding
cimex - the bed bug; the bed bug genus
cimia - a cimbia, a strengthening band placed around a column
cimon - an ancient Athenian statesman
cinch - a strong girth for a saddle or pack; a certainty; a card game
cinci - a nickname for Cincinnati, Ohio
cinct - engirdled
cincy - a nickname for Cincinnati, Ohio
cinda - a first name
cindi - a first name
cindy - a first name
cines - plural of "cine", a motion picture
ciney - a town in Belgium
cinga - a language
cinny - a first name
cinta - a first name
cinto - a mountain peak in Corsica
cioma - a first name
cione - a first name
cions - plural of "cion", a cutting from a plant
cippi - plural of "cippus", a massive pillar
circa - about (said of a date)
circe - a first name; a sorceress encountered by Odysseus
circs - circumstances; plural of "circ", a prehistoric stone circle
cires - plural of "cire", a polished silk fabric
cirie - a first name
ciril - a first name
cirit - a extreme Turkish form of polo, with points for spearing or unhorsing your opponent
cirls - plural of "cirl", a bunting
cirri - plural of "cirrus", a tendril; a cloud
cirse - a first name
cirta - a town in northern Algeria
cisco - a first name; an American char or whitefish; the black-fin snapper
ciske - a first name
cisse - a first name
cissi - a first name
cissy - a first name; effeminate
cista - a wicker receptacle for carrying sacred items in ancient Roman parades
cists - plural of "cist", a stone chest; a tomb
cital - a summons; a citation
cited - quoted
citee - one who is quoted or referred to
citer - one who quotes
cites - quotes; refers to
citra - a town in Florida
citua - a town in India
cives - chives
civet - a catlike carnivorous mammal; a strong musky substance taken from the genital pouch of a civet
civex - a shortening of "civilian extraction", a method of reprocessing nuclear fuel
civic - of a city; of a citizen
civie - a civilian
civil - polite; nonmilitary
civvy - a civilian
cizar - to cut with scissors
cizre - a town in south east Turkey
clach - a hamlet
clack - to clatter
claco - tlaco
clade - a group of biological taxa
clads - coats one metal with another
claes - a first name; clothes
clags - clogs
claik - the barnacle goose
clail - a first name
claim - a right; an assertion
clair - a first name
clake - variant of "claik", the barnacle goose
clame - a clam; a variant of "cleam", to smear or daub
clamp - to fasten; to squeeze
clams - plural of "clam", a mollusk
clang - to make a loud, resonant sound
clank - to clatter
clans - plural of "clan", a tribe, convocation, or family group
claps - applauds
clapt - poetic "clapped"
clara - a first name; a town in Eire
clare - a first name; a nun of Saint Clare; an English town
clari - a first name
clark - a first name; a clerk
claro - mild in taste; a river in Brazil
clart - to smear with sticky dirt; trouble
clary - a first name; a sweet herb of the sage family; a spiced wine drink
clash - a quarrel; a dispute
clasp - to catch; to hold tightly
class - a category; a distinction; a period of instruction
clast - a fragment of rock
clats - slops
claud - a first name
claum - to handle something with dirty fingers
claus - a first name; Santa's last name
claut - a rake
clava - a clublike structure
clave - a cleft; a Cuban dance beat; one of a pair of hardwood sticks; a past tense of "cleave"
clavi - plural of "clavus", a vertical stripe on a tunic
clavy - clavel
clawk - to claw; to scratch; to snatch
claws - plural of "claw", a talon
clays - plural of "clay", a fine-grained earthy material
clead - to clothe
cleam - to smear; to daub
clean - immaculate
clear - pellucid
cleat - a wedge
cleck - to hatch
cleek - a party pooper; a golf club having an iron head and a long, narrow face; to seize
cleep - variant of "clepe", to name or to call
clees - the two halves of a cloven foot
clefs - plural of "clef", a musical sign
cleft - divided
clegs - plural of "cleg", a horse fly
clela - a first name
clell - a first name
cleme - a first name
clemo - executive clemency; a penny
clems - starves; suffers from cold or hunger
cleon - a first name; an ancient Athenian general and opponent of Pericles
clepe - to name or to call
clerc - a first name
clerk - a first name; an attendant; originally a "cleric"
cleta - a first name
clete - a first name
cleva - a first name
cleve - a first name; a cliff
clevy - a U-shaped device on the end of a wagon tongue, for hitching; the draft iron of a plough
clews - rolls into a ball
clewy - like a rolled-up ball
clica - a gang
click - to tick; a metallic sound
cliff - a first name; a crag
clift - a first name; a cleft
cligh - to steal
clima - an ancient Roman unit of area, 3600 square pedes, about 3.15 ares
climb - to ascend
clime - climate
climp - to touch a clean surface and leave dirty marks
cline - a series of changes within a species
cling - to hold onto
clink - a prison; a metallic sound
clint - a first name; a hard rock
clipe - to tattle
clips - cuts short; short pieces of film
clipt - poetic "clipped"
clits - plural of "clit", slang for "clitoris"
clive - a first name; a clef
cliza - a town in Bolivia
cloak - a loose outer coat; a cover or pretext
cloam - earthenware; to cover with clay
clock - a chronologe; to hit or beat someone
cloda - a first name
clods - plural of "clod", a clump, especially of dirt; a dolt
cloey - a first name
cloff - a cleft; an allowance of two pounds in 3 hundredweight for small retail losses
clogh - a town in Northern Ireland
clogs - blocks or obstructs; heavy shoes
cloit - to fall down heavily
cloke - a cloak
cloky - cloque
clomb - a past tense of "climb"
clomp - to walk heavily and clumsily
clone - a genetic duplicate
clong - the jarring impact of an inept line in a speech
clonk - to make a dull thumping sound; to hit
clons - plural of "clon", a group of asexually derived organisms
cloof - a hoof
clook - cluck
cloom - clay
cloop - the sound made when a cork is removed from a bottle
cloot - a cloven hoof
clops - plural of "clop", the sound of a hoof striking pavement
close - to shut; nearby
closh - skittles; a Dutch seaman
clost - close
clote - a plant related to the burdock
cloth - a fabric
clots - plural of "clot", a blood coagulation
cloud - a first name; a visible mass of atmospheric vapor; to obscure
clour - to knock
clous - plural of "clou", an essential point
clout - a dish cloth; political influence
clove - a spice; a unit of weight of 7 pounds; divided into two
clown - a jester
clows - a rogue
cloye - a thief
cloys - gratifies beyond desire
cloze - a test of reading comprehension or plagiarism in which missing words are filled in
clubs - a suit in cards; shortens the life of a baby seal; associations
cluck - the call of a hen
clued - gave hints
cluer - the devisor of clues in a crossword puzzle
clues - plural of "clue", an indication
cluey - smart; well-informed; full of clues
clufe - cloof
cluif - cloof
clump - a cluster
clung - clasped
clunk - a gurgle; a dull thumping sound
cluny - a first name; handmade lace; a town in eastern France
clute - a town in Texas
clutz - a klutz, a clumsy person
clwyd - a river in Wales
clyde - a first name; a river in Scotland
clyer - a tuberculous cattle lymph gland
clyff - a first name
clyme - a beggar's artificial sore
clyne - a first name
clype - to tattle
clyph - a first name
clyst - a British river
clyve - a first name
clywd - a first name
cnida - a jellyfish
cnute - a first name
coach - to teach; an enclosed carriage
coact - to cooperate
coady - a first name
coags - plural of "coag", a variant of "coak"
coaks - plural of "coak", a dowel pin
coala - a koala
coals - plural of "coal", an ember
coaly - resembling coal
coapt - to fit together and make fast
coarb - a bishop or abbot
coari - a town in Brazil
coast - a shore; to ride upon; to travel on momentum alone
coate - a Shakespearean form of "quote"
coati - a tropical American relative of the raccoon
coats - plural of "coat", a cover; a mantel; a cloak
coaty - of a coat; like a coat
coaxy - coaxing
cobar - copper coins; a town in New South Wales, Australia
cobbo - a close friend
cobbs - plural of "cobb", a sea gull
cobby - a first name; stout, hearty; compact, muscular, and thickset
cobey - a first name
cobia - a large game fish
cobie - a first name
coble - a fishing boat
cobol - a hideous programming language used in business applications
cobot - a robotic device designed to assist a disabled person
cobra - a venomous snake
cobus - a first name; a kobus
cobza - a short-necked Romanian musical instrument with 10 strings
cocas - plural of "coca", a South American shrub
cocci - plural of "coccus", a spherical bacterial organism that is slightly flattened when grouped
cocco - the taro and other edible tubers
coche - a language family of Columbia and Ecuador
cocko - a general term of address, in Australia anyway
cocks - plural of "cock", a rooster; a tap on a barrel; a penis; a conical pile of hay
cocky - conceited; overconfident
cocle - referring to the prehistoric culture of Panama
cocoa - a beverage
cocos - a group of coral islands in the Indian Ocean; plural of "coco", a tall palm tree
cocum - luck; an advantage; butter
cocus - green ebony
cocuy - a mountain range in Colombia
codas - plural of "coda", a musical finale; an ending; a summing up
coday - a first name
codec - an integrated circuit ("coder/decoder"); compression/decompression algorithms
coded - in code
codee - a first name
codel - a common abbreviation for "Congressional Delegation", aka "junket"
coden - a coding classification
coder - one who codes or writes computer programs
codes - plural of "code", a cipher; a computer program
codex - an ancient manuscript
codey - a first name
codie - a first name
codle - to coddle
codon - a bell; a triplet of nucleotides that specify a particular protein
codpa - a town in Chile
coeca - variant plural of "cecum"
coeds - plural of "coed", a coeducational student; a female student
coedy - a first name
coega - a town in South Africa
coele - a Roman province of southeast Anatolia
coeur - French for "heart", used in phrases like "cri de coeur"
cofan - an Indian tribe in Colombia
cofer - a first name
coffe - a cafe
coffs - buys
cogan - a town in Wales
coggy - like a cog
cogie - a small wooden bowl
cogon - a tall tropical grass
cogue - a wooden milk bowl
cohab - a cohabitor or roommate
cohen - a Hebrew priest (distinct from a rabbi)
cohoe - a Pacific salmon
cohog - a quahog
cohol - kohl
cohos - plural of "coho", a small salmon
cohue - a crowd
coifs - plural of "coif", a hair style
coign - a projecting cornerstone
coils - plural of "coil", a loop
coily - coiling; like a coil; full of coils
coins - plural of "coin", a metallic monetary token
coiny - like a coin; full of coins
coirs - plural of "coir", a fiber obtained from coconut husks
coits - plural of "coit", a game piece; has sexual intercourse
coked - converted into coke; affected by cocaine
coker - coco; one who uses cocaine
cokes - changes into a carbon fuel; varieties of cocaine
coket - a special seal authorizing the export of goods
cokey - a first name; a cocaine user
cokie - a first name; a cocaine user
colac - a town in Australia
colan - a first name
colar - a first name; a variant of "collar"
colas - a first name; plural of "cola", a carbonated beverage
colbi - a first name
colby - a first name; a kind of cheese
colds - plural of "cold", a respiratory infection
colea - a first name; moss grass
coled - was a coleader
colen - a first name
coler - a cobbler
coles - plural of "cole", a plant of the cabbage family
colet - a first name; variant of "collet", a collar or neckband
colex - co-lexicographic, that is, reverse alphabetical order
coley - a first name; an edible fish of the cod family
colic - flatulence; indigestion; generalized baby malaise
colie - a first name
colin - a first name; an American partridge or bobwhite
colis - a first name
colla - plural of "collum", an anatomical neck; a musical term meaning "with the"
colls - fondles
colly - a first name; soot or grime; to understand
colma - a river in California; a town of 19 cemeteries south of San Francisco
colmi - a town in California
colne - a British river
colog - a cologarithm
colom - marijuana from Colombia
colon - a punctuation mark; part of the intestines; a monetary unit of Costa Rica and El Salvador
color - a hue
colps - plural of "colp", variant of "collup", a small slice of meat
colts - plural of "colt", a young horse
colty - a first name; of or like a colt
colum - a first name
colyn - a first name
colza - a kind of cabbage; rapeseed
comae - a variant plural of "coma"
comal - comose; tufty
coman - a first name; cuman, a Turkic people
comas - plural of "coma", a tuft of silky hair; a condition of prolonged unconsciousness
combe - a wooded valley
combi - a combination; a mini-truck
combo - a combination meal; a musical group
combs - plural of "comb", an instrument for hair grooming
comby - resembling a comb
comed - variant past tense of "come"
comer - a first name; an arrival; one who is arriving; one who is realizing a great potential
comes - arrives; climaxes
comet - a card game; an astronomical body
comfy - comfortable
comic - humorous
comix - underground comic books
comly - comely
comma - a punctuation mark; a butterfly
commo - communication; goods such as candy or tobacco obtained from a prison commissary; a Communist
comms - communications; lines of communication
commy - a communist
comox - a people of eastern Vancouver Island
compa - a friend
compo - plaster; workman's compensation; a composite material
comps - plural of "comp", a comprehensive exam
compt - to count; neat; a count
compy - to comprehend or understand
comte - a French nobleman; a kind of cheese
comus - the Roman god of revelry; a masque
conal - a first name; refering to the conus arteriosus
conan - a first name
conch - a first name; a shell
condi - a first name
condo - a condominium
conds - navigates
coned - tapering; caught in the cone of observation of a searchlight
coner - a machine that mats fur fibers for hats
cones - plural of "cone", a conical shape
conex - a huge standardized shipping container for rapid transfer between ships and rail
coney - a rabbit
confo - a conference
confs - plural of "conf", a conference
conga - a Latin American dance of African origin in which people dance in a line
conge - the act of taking leave; an unceremonious dismissal
congo - an African country; a black tea
conia - a hemlock
conic - conical
conil - a Spanish fishing village near Trafalgar
conin - conine; a hemlock
conks - hits on the head
conky - full of a tree fungus
conne - a first name; study
conni - a first name
conns - directs the steering of a ship
conny - a first name
conob - kanhobol
conon - a first name
conor - a first name
conoy - an American Indian people living near the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay
conry - a first name
conso - a first name
conte - a short story;  a hard graphite crayon
conti - a first name
conto - money of account; a coin of Brazil
conus - an anatomical part in mammals; a genus of tropical snails
convo - a conversation
conwy - a first name; a town in Wales
cooba - an Australian wattle
cooch - a sinuous erotic dance
cooed - made love; made a bird call
cooee - an Australian bush call
cooer - one who coos
cooey - an Australian bush call; making "coo" sounds
coofs - plural of "coof", a dolt
cooja - an earthenware water vessel
cooke - a first name
cooks - heats to prepare for eating
cooky - a cook; a small cake
cools - loses heat
cooly - a coolie; coolly
coomb - a unit of volume of 4 bushels; a wooded valley
cooms - soots; plural of "coom", the cover of a coffin
coomy - sooty
coons - plural of "coon", a raccoon
coony - cagey; canny
coops - confines; plural of "coop", a chicken cage; plural of "coop", a cooperative
coopt - to elect or appoint; to subvert
coopy - a hen
coorg - a state of southwest India; a language
coosa - a river in Alabama; an extensive Native American nation
coose - the vagina as sexual object
coosh - comfortable
coost - past tense of "to cast"; to cast
coots - plural of "coot", an aquatic bird
cooty - feather-legged; an imaginary bug infecting grade school children
cooze - the vagina as sexual object
coozy - the vagina as sexual object
copal - a resin
copan - an ancient Mayan city in eastern Mexico
copay - to pay together with others
copec - variant of "kopek", a Russian coin
coped - contended; dealt with
copen - a town in West Virginia
copei - the pitch apple
copen - a blue color
coper - a dealer; one who copes
copes - deals with
cophs - plural of "coph", qoph, a Hebrew letter
copje - a small hill in the African veld
copos - lassitude
coppa - a kind of Italian prepared ham
copps - a variant of "copse", a thicket
coppy - a low stool; a crested bird
copra - dried coconut kernels
copse - a thicket
copsy - covered with undergrowth
copts - plural of "Copt", an Egyptian Christian
coque - a loop of ribbon used to decorate hats
coqui - a small francolin of Africa; a tiny, loud frog common to Puerto Rico
corah - plain, undyed; a kind of silk
coral - a first name; a marine creature; a shade of pink
coram - a town in New York; before, in the presence of
coran - a first name
corbe - crooked
corbi - a first name
corbs - plural of "corb", a basket
corby - a first name; a raven or crow; an English town
corde - a crocheting cord
cordi - a first name
cords - corduroy pants; plural of "cord", a string
cordy - a first name; thready or striated
corea - Korea
cored - removed the center
coree - a first name; an extinct American Indian people of the North Carolina coast
coren - a first name
corer - a device for removing the core of fruit
cores - plural of "core", a center
coret - a pond snail
corey - a first name; the penis
corfe - a town in England
corfs - plural of "corf", a basket; a lobster cage; a small wagon
corfu - one of the Ionian islands, west of Greece
corge - twenty; a score
corgi - a dog breed
corie - a first name
corin - a first name
corio - a first name
corke - corcir
corks - plural of "cork", a stopper
corky - a first name; lively
corlu - a town in Turkey
corly - a first name
cormo - a sheep bred according to the Cormo system
corms - plural of "corm", the stem or bulb of certain plants
corni - plural of "corno", a French horn
corno - a French horn; a mountain peak in Italy
corns - preserves with salt
cornu - a horn; a horn-shaped anatomical part
corny - a first name; trite; having corns on the feet
coroa - a coin
corol - a corolla
corpo - a corporation
corps - a contingent
corra - a first name
corri - a first name
corry - a first name
corse - a corpse; the Corsican dialect; a European cape
corso - a strut
corta - a unit of weight in the Balearic Islands
corte - a dip or step in ballroom dancing; a town in Corsica
corty - a first name
corua - a river in Brazil
coruh - a river in northeastern Turkey
corum - a town in Turkey
corve - a variant of "corf", a basket;  a British river
coryl - a first name
coryn - a first name
cosec - cosecant, a mathematical term from trigonometry
cosed - made oneself cozy
cosen - cozen
coses - chats; makes oneself cozy
coset - an equivalence class
cosey - a cozy; a teapot cover
cosie - a first name; a cozy
cosma - a first name
cosme - a first name
cosmo - a first name
cosse - cosse green, a strong yellow green color
costa - a first name; a rib
coste - to coast; a term from heraldry
costs - plural of "cost", an expense
cotan - cotangent, a mathematical term from trigonometry
cotch - to catch; to shirk work; catechu
cotes - passes by; a French wine
cotey - a first name
cothi - a British river
coths - plural of "coth", a hyperbolic cotangent
cotso - an exclamation, derived from "God's oath"
cotta - a surplice; a blanket
cotte - a tight fitting garment resembling the cotehardie
cotts - plural of "cott", a variant of "cot"
cotty - a first name; matted, entangled; like a cot
cotys - a first name; a Thracian goddess
couac - the strident tone produced by a reed instrument blown incorrectly
couch - a sofa; to put into words
couco - a town in Portugal
coude - pertaining to a type of telescope
cough - tussis
cougs - plural of "Coug", a nickname for the Cougars football team.
coula - a kind of African nut
could - is able
coule - a canyon
couma - a tropical South American tree
coumb - a comb
count - to reckon; a member of the nobility
coupe - a closed car
coups - overturns; plural of "coup", a decisive stroke
courb - to stoop
courd - covered
coure - to cover; to cower
cours - cowers
court - a first name; to woo; a tribunal
couta - a barricuda
couth - agreeable; civilized
couzy - a girl
coval - a town in Portugal
coved - arched over
covee - a landlord
coven - a muster of witches
cover - to wrap; to hide; a British river
coves - curves over or inward; plural of "cove", a fellow; a bay
covet - to desire
covey - a bevy
covid - a unit of measurement in Arabia; the Coronavirus
covin - collusive fraud
cowal - a depression or channel; a lake in Australia
cowan - a first name; an uninitiated Freemason; someone who poses as a Freemason; a variety of turtle
cowed - daunted
cower - to cringe
cowes - a resort town in England, on the Isle of Wight
cowey - a first name
cowie - a first name
cowin - to be a cowinner
cowle - a grant or engagement in writing, especially of amnesty or safe passage
cowls - plural of "cowl", a hood
cowly - a town in England; like a cow; like a cowl
cowon - was a cowinner
cowps - a variant of "coups", overturns
cowra - a town in Australia
cowry - a small shell used as money
cowsh - nonsense, from an abbreviation of "cow shit"
coxae - plural of "coxa", a hip joint
coxal - of the hip
coxed - coxswained
coxes - plural of "cox", a coxswain
coxey - avian coccidiosis
coxim - a town in Brazil
coyan - a first name; a unit of weight of Thailand of about 2.7 pounds
coyed - caressed
coyer - more shy
coyle - a first name; a river in Argentina
coyly - bashfully; flirtatiously
coyne - a first name; free entertainment owed to an Irish chieftain
coyol - any of several tropical American palms
coypu - the nutria
cozed - chatted
cozen - to cheat
cozer - one who chats
cozes - plural of "coz", a cousin; chats
cozey - a cover for a teapot
cozie - a cozey
cozmo - a first name
cozza - pork
craal - to kraal
crabs - plural of "crab", a sea arachnid; a pubic louse
crack - a gap; a form of cocaine; a snide remark
craft - a skill; to fashion
crago - a genus of large shrimps
crags - plural of "crag", a large jagged rock
craic - fun; gossip; the fun of it
craie - a crare, a trading vessel
craig - a first name; a crag; the neck
craik - variant of "crake", the corncrake; to nag
crail - a fishing basket; a town in Scotland
crake - the corncrake; to nag; a British river
craks - plural of "crak", a suit in mah-jongg
crame - a booth
cramp - a muscle spasm; to constrain
crams - packs tightly; studies for a test at the last minute
crane - to hoist; a wading bird
crang - a whale carcass after the blubber and whalebone has been removed
crank - eccentric; a bent rod; amphetamines
crans - plural of "cran", about 750 herrings
crape - a transparent gauze
craps - defecates; a dice game
crapy - resembling crape
crare - a trading vessel
crase - to break into pieces; to crack
crash - a coarse cloth often used for drapes; to smash; to impose on a friend for housing
crass - gross; unsubtle
crate - a packing case
crato - a town in Brazil
crave - to yearn for; to desire
cravo - the opah, the king fish
crawk - to utter a harsh squawk; a radio performer who imitates animals
crawl - to creep; to go slowly; to go on all fours
craws - plural of "craw", stomach
craze - a mania
crazo - an insane person
crazy - mad; insane
creag - a first name
creak - to squeak
cream - a derivative of milk; the best; a smooth, rich sauce
creat - an East Indian herb
creck - the corncrake
crecy - a French city, site of a medieval British victory
crede - a part of the Mass
credo - a statement of faith
creds - plural of "cred", credibility
creed - a first name; a system of beliefs
creek - a stream; an American Indian tribe
creel - a fish basket
creem - to crush; to mash
creep - to crawl
crees - softens grain; plural of "Cree", an American Indian tribe
cregg - a first name
creig - a first name
creil - a town in France
crema - a town in northern Italy; the foamy milk layer on the top of a cup of espresso
creme - cream
crems - krems
crena - a furrow, notch, or cleft
creon - in Greek mythology, king of Thebes, buried niece Antigone alive for breaking law
crepe - a light crinkled fabric
crept - poetic "creeped"
crepy - like crepe; covered with crepe
cress - watercress
crest - a top; a heraldic device
creta - chalk; fuller's earth
crete - a Mediterranean island country
creus - a European cape
creux - the reverse of relief
crewe - an earthenware pot; an English town
crews - plural of "crew", a team
crewy - like a crew
criag - a first name
cribo - a large harmless snake
cribs - copies; plural of "crib", a cradle
crick - a cramp; a creek
cried - wept; spoke suddenly and sharply
crier - a proclaimer; a weeper
cries - weeps; proclaims
criey - crying; prone to cry
crile - a short deformed person
crime - a legal misdeed
crimp - to corrugate
crims - plural of "crim", a criminal
crina - a first name
crine - to shrink or wizen; hair; a head of hair
crink - to bend or twist; to make a metallic crackling sound; amphetamines
crips - plural of "crip", a member of a particular gang
crise - a crisis
crish - a first name
crisp - sharp; a potato chip
criss - a wooden stand with a curved top on which crest tiles are shaped
crith - the mass of a liter of hydrogen at 0 degrees Celsius and 760 mm pressure, about 0.08987 gm
crito - a first name
crits - plural of "crit", the minimum mass of fissile material required for a chain reaction
croak - a frog sound; to die
croat - a native of Croatia
croci - plural of "crocus", a flower
crock - a jar; an undesirable situation
crocs - plural of "croc", a crocodile
croft - a small farm
croia - a town in Albania
crois - a cross
croix - a first name
croma - a quaver
cromb - to draw with a crome
crome - a crook
crone - an old woman
cronk - a hoarse croak; ill or ailing; unsound; dishonest; to sit or squat and idly gossip
crons - plural of "cron", a million years
crony - a familiar friend
cronz - a gun
crood - to coo
crook - a bend; a shepherd's implement; a criminal; an English town
crool - to mutter; to coo
croom - a pitchfork; a town in Eire
croon - to sing romantically
croot - an Army recruit
crope - a finial; a past participle of "creep"
crops - cuts short; plural of "crop", an agricultural product
crore - ten million
crose - to whine in sympathy
cross - a first name; sullen; a crucifix; to thwart
crost - poetic "crossed"
croud - a Welsh violin
croup - a throat disease
crout - variant of "kraut", pickled cabbage
crowd - a mob; a Welsh violin
crowl - a stunt; a dwarf
crown - a tiara; the top of the head; a 5 shilling piece
crows - makes a crowing sound; brags; plural of "crow", a kind of raven
croys - plural of "croy", an embankment; a fish trap
croze - a cooper's tool
cruce - a crucible
cruck - one of a pair of curved timbers supporting the roof in old English homes
crude - rough; vulgar
crudo - a variety of Italian dishes made with raw fish
cruds - curds
crudy - crude; awful; cruddy
cruel - hard-hearted; merciless
crues - a variant of "crews"
cruet - a eucharistic flagon
cruff - crude or ungracious manners
cruft - a disagreeable substance
cruit - an army recruit
crull - curly
crumb - a bit of bread; a cad
crump - crooked; a bang; feeling very good; a lake in North America
crums - plural of "crum", a variant of "crumb"
cruni - a town in Bulgaria
crunk - excellent; a style of music; a variant of "crunkle"
crunt - a blow on the head; dirt
cruor - coagulated blood
crups - plural of "crup", the buttocks
crura - plural of "crus", the portion of the leg between the ankle and knee
cruse - a small bottle
crush - to subdue; to crumple; a hidden romantic attraction
crust - a coating; the outer layer of bread; impertinence
crusy - an open iron lamp used with a rush reed
cruth - a crwth
cruts - plural of "crut", a dwarf
cruve - cruive, a pen or sty; a wattle fish trap
cruxy - like a crux
crwth - a Welsh violin, also called a "crowd"
cryal - the heron
crypp - a cryptographer
crypt - a tomb
csaba - a first name
csoba - a first name
csuba - a first name
ctene - a "comb" or stinging structure on a coelenterate's tentacle
cuate - a buddy
cuban - a native of Cuba; a Cuban cigar
cubba - a promiscuous woman
cubby - a small enclosed space
cubeb - a dried pepper berry used for bronchitis and urinary infections; a kind of cigarette
cubed - raised to the third power; diced
cubeo - a people of eastern Colombia
cuber - one who cubes
cubes - plural of "cube", a rectangular solid with equal sides
cubey - shaped like a cube
cubic - volumetric; taken to the third power
cubie - a single constituent cube of a Rubik's cube puzzle
cubit - a unit of length of about 18 inches, the distance from elbow to finger tip
cubyl - a term in chemistry
cucao - a town in Chile
cucas - plural of "cuca", a cocaine shrub
cucks - excretes
cudas - plural of "cuda", a colloquial form of "barracuda"
cuddy - a cabin; rent; a donkey; a clown
cueca - a Chilean courtship dance
cuena - a quena, a primitive vertical reed flute
cuero - a town in Texas
cuers - plural of "cuer", one who provides cues
cueta - a gun
cuete - a gun
cueva - a Cunan people of Panama
cuevo - a town in Bolivia
cuffa - a tale
cuffo - free of charge; credit
cuffs - strikes smartly; plural of "cuff", a handcuff; a shirtcuff
cuffy - a black person
cufic - an Arabic script
cufre - a town in Uruquay
cuifs - coofs
cuing - present participle of "cue"
cuirs - plural of "cuir", a leather
cuish - thigh armor
cuito - a river in Angola
cuits - plural of "cuit", the ankle
cujam - the star Omega Herculis
cukes - plural of "cuke", a cucumber
culch - rubbish; stones and old shells that form a spawning bed for oysters
culet - a lower facet of a diamond
culex - a genus of gnats and mosquitoes
culls - selects
cully - a first name; a silly dupe; a deceived man; to cheat
culms - forms a hollow stem; plural of "culm", coal dust
culmy - blackened with soot
culot - a calyx
culoz - a town in France
culpa - negligence for which one is liable
culpe - blameworthiness
culta - a town in Bolivia
culti - plural of "cultus", an established religious rite
cults - plural of "cult", a sect
culty - cult-like
cumae - a city in southwest Italy near the bay of Naples, colonized by the Greeks
cumai - a variant of "Cumae"
cumal - a first name
cuman - a Turkic people, also known as the Ghuzz
cumar - a first name
cumay - a small gum tree
cumbu - pearl millet
cumec - a unit of measurement of flow rate, a cubic meter per second
cumic - cumic acid, a white crystalline acid
cumie - a nickname for a cumulus cloud
cumin - a bitter herb
cumku - the 18th month of the Mayan civil calendar
cumly - cumbly
cummy - of semen; saturated with semen
cumol - cumene
cumyl - cumenyl
cunan - a language family of the Chibchan group
cunas - a people of the Cunan tribe
cunco - a town in Chile
cunds - conns a ship
cundy - a conduit; a small ventilation passageway in a mine; miscellaneous sexual secretions left after intercourse
cunei - plural of "cuneus", a convolution of the mesial surface of the occipital lobe of the brain
cuneo - a town in Italy
cunni - plural of "cunnus", the female external genitals
cunny - a rabbit; slang for the female external genitals
cunts - plural of "cunt", a vulgarism
cuntu - a town in Romania
cunty - a vulgarism
cunye - a coin; money
cunza - the Atacama language
cupar - a town in Scotland
cupay - a pitch apple
cupel - a small, cuplike, porous vessel used for assaying
cupid - the Roman god of love
cuppa - slang for "cup of tea"
cuppy - cuplike
cupro - a kind of rayon
curan - a first name
curat - a cuirass
curbs - restrains; plural of "curb", a restraint; a low boundary along a street
curby - affected by curb; a waitress who serves parked cars
curch - a kerchief
curds - lumps; curdled milk
curdy - coagulated; full of curds
curea - a town in Texas
cured - healed; preserved (as in leather or meat)
curer - a healer; a fish drier
cures - heals
curet - a surgical instrument
curfs - plural of "curf", an incision made by a cutting tool
curia - a Senate house; a court
curie - a unit of measurement of radiation
curin - a town in Ecuador
curio - rare bric-a-brac
curle - clippings from coins
curls - bends; twirls; curly hair
curlu - a town in France
curly - a first name; wavy
curns - plural of "curn", a grain
curny - grainy
curre - a golden-eye duck
currs - purrs; makes a low murmuring sound
curry - a first name; to comb; an Indian spice; an dish made with curry
cursa - a star in the constellation Eridanus
curse - to execrate
curst - poetic "cursed"; peevish
curua - a town in Brazil
curve - a bend; a line that is not straight
curvy - undulating
cusae - a town in lower Egypt
cusco - a city in south central Peru, capital of the Inca empire
cusec - a unit of measurement of flow rate, cubic feet per second
cushy - easy and well paid
cusks - plural of "cusk", a marine food fish
cusps - plural of "cusp", a sharp point
cuspy - having many cusps; a commonly used system program
cusso - an Ethiopian tree
custy - a customer (drug dealer's slang)
cusum - a cumulative sum
cutch - couch grass; auburn; a resinous mixture for curing sails and nets; Kutch
cutee - a first name
cuten - to make cute
cuter - more cute
cutes - plural of "cutis", true skin; cuteness
cutey - variant of "cutie", an attractive person
cutie - an attractive person
cutin - a waxy substance found on plants
cutis - true skin; the dermis
cutor - a prosecutor
cutto - a large knife
cutts - plural of "cutt", a cutthroat trout
cutty - a first name; short; a clay pipe; a thickset girl; a friend
cutup - a class clown; a comic performer
cuvee - a wine made by blending different vintages
cuzco - a city in south central Peru, capital of the Inca empire
cuzin - a first name
cuzzy - the vagina
cyann - a first name
cyano - pertaining to cyanogen
cyans - plural of "cyan", a blue color
cyars - plural of "cyar", an ear hole
cybel - a first name
cybil - a first name
cybot - a cybernetic robot
cycad - a palm
cycas - a sago palm tree
cycle - a period; a circle; a bicycle
cyclo - a three-wheeled motor vehicle
cyder - variant of "cider", fermented apple juice
cydne - a first name
cylin - a first name
cylix - a kylix, a kind of Greek vase
cylla - a first name
cymae - plural of "cyma", a curved molding
cymar - variant of "simar", a scarf; a loose dress
cymas - plural of "cyma", a curved molding
cymba - the upper part of the concha of the ear; the cover around a flower
cymes - plural of "cyme", a flower cluster
cymol - cymene
cymra - a first name
cymru - Wales
cymry - the Welsh
cynan - a first name
cynda - a first name
cynde - a first name
cyndi - a first name
cyndy - a first name
cynic - a realist
cynie - a first name
cynin - a British river
cynon - a British river
cynth - a first name
cyons - plural of "cyon", variant of "scion"
cypre - a large tree of the genus Cordia
cyrah - a first name
cyrel - a first name
cyril - a first name
cyris - a first name
cyros - a first name
cyrus - a first name; a crane
cysto - a cystoscopy
cysts - plural of "cyst", a sac; a water bag
cytes - plural of "cyte", a maturing germ cell
cyton - the body of a nerve cell
cytty - short
cyvet - civet
cywyn - a British river
czars - plural of "czar", a Russian ruler
czech - a native of the Czech Republic
daban - a town in China
dabbs - a first name
dabby - a first name; damp
dabih - the star Beta Capricorni
dabir - a first name
dacca - Dhaka, a city in Bangladesh
dacee - a first name
daces - plural of "dace", a freshwater fish
dacey - a first name
dacha - a Russian cottage; dagga
dache - a first name
dachs - a dachshund
dacia - a first name; an ancient Roman province, between the Danube and the Carpathians
dacie - a first name
dacio - a first name
dacka - marijuana
dacre - ten
dacso - a first name
dacus - a genus of trypetid fruit flies
dadap - an Indian tree whose roots are nitrogen fixers
dadar - a town in India
dadas - plural of "dada", an artistic movement
dadda - father
daddy - father
dades - holds up by leading strings
dadie - a first name
dadjo - a first name
dadle - to walk unsteadily
dados - plural of "dado", the part of a pedestal between the base and the cornice.
daena - the moral element in personality, according to Zoroastrianism
daeva - a maleficent supernatural being
daffi - a first name
daffs - thrusts aside; plays the fool; plural of "daff", a daffodil
daffy - a first name; loony
dafla - a primitive people of Assam
dafna - a first name
dafne - a first name
dafny - a first name
dafty - a crazy person
dagan - a first name; the Babylonian god of the earth
dagda - a first name; a Celtic god; a town in Latvia
dagen - a first name
dagga - marijuana; a South African plant similar to hemp
daggy - referring to sheep having muddy wool; tiresome; stupid; gross
dagma - a first name
dagna - a first n ame
dagne - a first name
dagny - a first name
dagon - a first name; a Philistine fish god; a former name for Rangoon
dagos - plural of "dago", an ethnic slur
dagua - a town in Papua New Guinea; a town in Colombia
dahab - a town in Egypt
dahae - a tribe of central Asia
dahem - a first name
dahir - a first name
dahla - a town in Afghanistan
dahls - variant of "dals", dishes of lentils and spices
dahra - a first name; a mountain in Algeria
dahud - a first name
dahut - a first name
dahvi - a first name
daicy - a first name
daien - a town in Sudan
daigh - dough
daija - a first name
daijo - a form of Buddhism
daile - a first name
dails - plural of "dail", the Irish parliament
daily - a first name; each day; a newspaper published each day
daima - an ancient site in northwest Africa
daimi - a first name
daina - a first name
daine - a first name; a variant of "deign"
daint - dainty
daira - an Arabic tambourine
daire - a first name
dairi - the Mikado's palace
dairo - a first name
dairt - a yearling calf
dairy - a milk farm; containing milk
daise - a first name; to daze
daisi - a first name
daisy - a first name; a flower
daith - an ear piercing
daito - a town in Japan
daiva - a first name
dajan - a first name
dakar - a seaport, and the capital of Senegal
daker - the corncrake; to lounge; ten
dakha - Dhaka, a city in Bangladesh
dakim - a first name
dakin - a first name
dakir - a daker; to dicker; ten
dakka - marijuana
dakua - a kauri pine
dalag - murral
dalai - Tibetan for "ocean" and referring to the head Lama of Tibetan Buddhism
dalal - a first name
dalan - a first name; a veranda for visitors, common in Persia and India
dalby - a first name; a town in Denmark
dalea - a genus of herbs
daled - having many dales; the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
dalen - a first name
daler - a dalesman; a Danish or Swedish dollar
dales - plural of "dale", a valley
dalet - the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
daley - a first name
dalga - a town in Egypt
dalia - a first name
dalil - a first name
dalin - a first name
dalis - a first name; plural of "dali", a Brazilian timber tree
dalit - a Hindu caste, formerly untouchables; literally "ones ground down"
dalle - a canyon; a paving slab
dalli - a tropical tree
dalls - plural of "dall", incised tile or cow dung fuel
dally - to tarry
dalma - a first name
dalny - the Russian name of Darien, a seaport in China
daloa - a town in the Ivory Coast
dalos - plural of "dalo", taro
dalry - a town in Scotland
dalts - plural of "dalt", a foster child
dalva - a first name
dalya - a first name
dalyn - a first name
dalys - a first name
daman - a first name; a small rabbit-like mammal; a coney; the Syrian hyrax; a town in India
damar - a first name; variant of "dammar", a resin from pine trees
damas - the fallow deer; the French name for Damascus
damba - a first name
dambo - a small grassy floodplain of central Africa
damed - became a dame; made someone a dame
damee - a first name
damek - a first name
damen - a first name
dames - plural of "dame", a woman; a titled woman
damey - like a dame
damia - a first name
damie - a first name
damik - a small village in Pakistan
damin - a first name; an extinct Australian click language
damir - a first name
damme - an exclamation of suprise, meaning "damn me!"
damna - plural of "damnum", a detriment to character or property
damns - assigns to perdition
damoh - a town in India
damon - a first name; the friend of Pythias
damps - exhalations
dampy - moist
damya - a first name
danae - a first name; mother of Perseus, visited by Zeus in the form of a golden shower
danah - a first name
danai - a first name
danal - a first name
danan - a first name; one of the three peaks of Krakatoa
danay - a first name
danba - a town in China
danbo - a kind of cheese
danby - a first name; a lake in North America
dance - to caper
dancy - like a dance; given to dance
danda - a first name
dandi - a dandy; a boatman on the Ganges river
dando - a drinker who leaves without paying for his drinks; a glutton
dands - plural of "dand", a dandy
dandy - a fop; a swell; very acceptable
danea - a first name
danee - a first name
danek - a first name
danel - a first name
danen - a first name
danes - plural of "Dane", a native of Denmark
danet - a first name
daney - a first name
danfy - a first name
dango - a Japanese style of rigging business bids
dangs - plural of "dang", a pitifully mild expletive
dania - a first name; a town in Florida
danic - Danish
danie - a first name
danik - a first name
danio - an aquarium fish
danis - a first name
danit - a first name
daniz - a first name
danja - a first name
danka - a first name
danko - a first name
danks - plural of "dank", wetness, unpleasant moistness
danli - danglin
danna - a first name; a privy
danne - a first name
danni - a first name
danno - a first name
danny - a first name
danon - a first name
danse - French for "dance", as in "danse macabre"
danta - a tapir
dante - a first name
dants - daunts
danya - a first name
danyl - a first name
danys - a first name
danza - a musical term meaning "dance"
danzy - a first name
daoud - a first name
daquf - a town in Egypt
daquq - a town in Iraq
darab - a first name
daraf - an inverse farad, a unit of measurement of elastance
darah - a first name
darak - rice bran
daran - a first name
darat - a Somalian unit of area, of about 8,000 square meters
daraw - a small town in Egypt
daray - a first name
darbi - a first name
darbs - plural of "darb", a thing considered extraordinary
darby - a first name; a plasterer's float
darce - a first name
darci - a first name
darcy - a first name; a unit of measurement of flow permeability
darda - a first name
dards - plural of "dard", an Indo-Aryan people of the upper Indus valley
dared - a first name; braved; challenged
dareh - a first name
darek - a first name
darel - a first name; a tribal area in Pakistan
daren - a first name
darer - one who dares
dares - braves; challenges
darga - a structure over the grave of a holy person
dargi - a Caucasian language
dargo - a river and a town in Australia
dargs - plural of "darg", a day's work
daria - a first name
daric - a first name; a gold coin of Darius
darii - the name given by logicians to one of the fifteen valid syllogisms
darik - a first name
daril - a first name
darin - a first name
dario - a first name
daris - plural of "dari", Indian millet
darja - a first name
darko - a first name
darks - darkens
darky - an ethnic slur
darla - a first name
darli - a first name
darly - a first name
darne - a first name
darns - mends; plural of "darn", a mild curse
daron - a first name
daroo - the sycamore
darra - a first name; a town in Pakistan
darrs - plural of "darr", the European black tern
darry - a first name; a town in Germany
darse - a first name
darsi - a first name
darso - a hybrid grain sorghum
darst - dares
darsy - a first name
darts - rushes; plural of "dart", a small arrow
darun - a first name
darva - a first name
darya - a first name
daryl - a first name
daryn - a first name
darzi - a member of an urban caste of tailors in India
dasan - a first name
dasco - a first name
dases - variant of "dazes"
dasey - a first name
dasha - a first name
dashi - a first name; soup stock from fish and kelp
dasht - an Asian river
dashy - showy
dasie - a first name
dasis - plural of "dasi", a female Hindu slave
dasnt - a dialect form of "dares not" or "doesn't"
dassy - a hyrax
daswe - to dasewe, to become dimsighted
dasya - a first name; a genus of marine red algae
dasyu - one of the dark-skinned Dravidian aborigines of India
datal - containing a date; daytale
datch - thatch
dated - obsolete; marked with a calendar date; wooed
dater - one who dates
dates - plural of "date", a romantic meeting; a calendar time; a fruit
datey - like a date
datha - a first name
datia - a town in India
datil - a South American palm used for making baskets
datin - a female member of a senior chivalric order of Malaysia
daton - a first name
datos - plural of "dato", a Philippine tribal chief
datto - a Philippine tribal chief
datuk - a senior chivalric order of Malaysia
datum - something given; the proper singular of "data"
datus - a first name
daube - a braised meat stew
daubs - smears
dauby - sticky
daudi - a first name
dauds - thumps
dauid - a first name
dauks - plural of "dauk", a flaw in timber
daule - a town in Ecuador
dault - a dalt, a foster-child
daunt - to cow; to intimidate; to overcome with fear
daura - a town in Iraq
dauri - a first name; plural of "daur", a Manchu-Tungus people
daurs - dares
dause - a first name
dauts - fondles
dauws - plural of "dauw", a Burchell's zebra
davao - a city of the Philippines
davar - a first name
daved - a first name
davee - a first name
daven - a first name; to utter Jewish prayers
daver - to move about in a stupor
davey - a first name
davia - a first name
david - a first name
davie - a first name
davin - a first name
davis - a first name
davit - a hoisting device on a ship for raising or lowering boats
davon - a first name
davor - a first name
davos - a Swiss mountain resort
davyd - a first name
dawan - a first name
dawds - dauds, thumps
dawdy - dowdy
dawed - dawned
dawen - to dawn
dawgs - plural of "dawg", a humorous spelling of a Southern pronunciation of "dog"
dawid - a first name
dawin - a first name
dawit - a first name
dawks - plural of "dawk", mail carried by relays; a parcel or letter
dawms - plural of "dawm", a fortieth of a rupee
dawna - a first name; a mountain range in Burma
dawne - a first name
dawnn - a first name
dawns - sunrises; becomes apparent
dawny - in poor health
dawon - a first name
dawra - a town in Lebanon
dawts - fondles
dawud - a first name
dawut - a first name
daxie - a dachshund
dayak - a Malay race
dayal - an East Indian songbird
dayan - a judge in a rabbinical court
daycy - a first name
dayle - a first name
dayma - a first name
dayna - a first name
dayne - a first name
daynt - dainty
dayse - a first name
daysi - a first name
daysy - a first name
dazed - stunned
dazer - a battery-operated sonic dog deterrent used by the Post Office
dazes - stuns
dazey - like a daze
deads - plural of "dead", ore debris
deady - gin
deafy - a beggar who pretends to be deaf; a deaf person
deage - to remove the effects of ageing
deair - to remove air from, as when casting a mold
deals - trades or does business; passes out playing cards
dealt - handed out
dealy - a thingamajig
deana - a first name
deane - a first name
deann - a first name
deano - a first name; a month
deans - plural of "dean", head of the faculty at a university
deare - variant of "dere"
dearn - a first name; mournful
dears - plural of "dear", a beloved person
deary - a dear
dease - a strait in Canada
deash - to remove ashes from
deask - to withdraw an invitation
death - the end of life
deave - to deafen
deaws - dews
deawy - dewy
debag - to forcibly remove the trousers of another, a British boarding school amusement
deban - a town in India; to lift a ban
debar - to prevent
debat - a kind of literary composition; to remove bats
debba - a first name; a town in Eritrea
debbi - a first name
debby - a first name; a debutante; like a debutante
debed - to remove from a bed; a river in Armenia
debee - a first name; to remove bees
debel - to conquer in war
deben - an ancient Egyptian unit of weight, of about 1440 grains; a British river
debid - to withdraw a bid
debie - a first name
debin - to remove the bins that organize data or objects
debir - a biblical city; a first name
debit - a financial loss; a negative profit; to remove bits from
debka - a Palestinian dance of celebration
debog - to remove bogs
debor - a first name
debox - to remove boxes
deboy - to remove boys
debra - a first name (hi Deb!); to remove one's bra; to remove from a bra
debre - a first name
debts - plural of "debt", a monetary obligation
debud - to remove the buds from flowers
debug - to correct a computer program, replacing blatant bugs with subtle ones
debum - to remove bums
debun - to uncoil from a bun-like shape
debus - to exit a bus as though it were a significant accomplishment
debut - a premiere
debye - a unit of measurement for electrical dipole moments
decab - to remove taxicabs
decad - a decade; ten things
decaf - decaffeinated coffee
decal - a lettered or pictorial label
decan - to remove from a can; in the Egyptian calendar, a star governing a 10 day period
decap - to remove a priming cap from
decar - to remove cars
decat - to remove cats
decay - to deteriorate; to rot
decca - a first name
decel - deceleration
decem - ten
decet - a decimet, a family of 10 nuclear particles
decha - a first name
decia - a first name
decig - to remove cigarettes
decil - a grass; an aspect
decka - a first name
decke - nappe
decko - a look or glance
decks - knocks down; plural of "deck", a floor of a ship; a raised porch; a set of cards
declo - a town in Idaho
decob - to remove cobs
decod - to remove cod
decog - to remove cogs
decon - decontamination
decop - to remove cops
decor - a decoration scheme with an unlimited budget
decos - plural of "deco", a style of decoration
decot - to remove cots
decow - to remove cows
decoy - to lure
decry - to censure
decub - to remove cubs
decud - to remove cud
decup - to remove from a cup; to remove cups from
decus - a crown coin
decyl - a hydrocarbon with ten carbons in a row
dedal - daedal; skillful or ingenious, like Dedalus; formed with art
dedan - an ancient town in Saudi Arabia on the trade routes
dedee - a first name
dedie - a first name
dedos - an informer
dedot - to remove dots
dedra - a first name
dedre - a first name
deeba - a first name
deeca - a first name
deece - the lowest trump in some card games; a dime
deeda - a first name
deeds - plural of "deed", an act; a legal title of ownership
deedy - active; a chicken
deefy - a deaf person
deega - a first name
deeha - a first name
deeja - a first name
deeka - a first name
deeks - plural of "deek", a deceptive maneuver in ice hockey
deela - a first name
deely - a thing
deema - a first name
deems - a first name; regards
deena - a first name
deens - plural of "deen", a din, or loud noise
deepa - a first name
deeps - plural of "deep", a depth
deept - a first name
deepu - a first name
deere - dear
deers - variant plural of "deer"
deesa - a town in India
deess - a goddess
deeta - a first name
deets - plural of "deet", an insect repellent
deeve - to deafen
deevs - plural of "deev", an evil spirit in Persian tradition
deevy - delightful, charming
deeya - a first name
deeyn - a first name
defad - to remove fads
defan - to remove fans
defat - to remove fat from
defax - to remove faxes
defed - to remove Feds
defem - to defeminize
defen - to remove fens
defer - to delay; to put off
defez - to remove a fez from
deffo - definitely
defib - a heart defibrillator
defig - to remove figs from something
defin - to remove fins from something
defir - to remove firs from something
defis - challenges
defit - to make something not fit
defix - to fix or fasten
defly - deftly
defob - to remove fobs
defog - to remove fog from
defop - to remove fops
defox - to remove foxes; to repair foxing
defug - to let in fresh air to drive out bad
defun - in the LISP programming language, a keyword used to define a function
defur - to remove fur
degab - to remove gab
degag - to remove gags; to lift a gag order
degal - to remove gals
degap - to correct gaps; to fill in gaps
degas - to remove gas from; to treat someone who has been gassed
degay - to remove gays
degel - to remove gels; to unsolidify
degem - to remove gems
degen - a first name; a sword
degna - a first name
degob - to remove gobs
degod - to remove God or gods
degoy = to remove goys
degum - to remove gum from
degun - to remove guns
degus - plural of "degu", a small South American rodent
degut - to gut; to remove the guts; to hollow out
dehag - to remove hags
deham - to remove ham
dehat - to remove hats
dehay - to remove hay
dehem - to remove hems
dehen - to remove hens
dehep - to make something no longer "hep"
dehip - to remove hips
dehit - to remove hits
dehna - an Arabian desert
dehob - to remove hobs
dehod - to remove hods
dehog - to remove hogs
dehop - to remove hops
dehri - a town in India
dehua - a town in Fujian province, China, famous for an unusual kind of pottery
dehub - to remove hubs
dehue - to remove the hue; a town in West Virginia
dehug - to remove hugs
dehum - to remove hums
dehun - to remove Huns
dehut - to remove huts
deice - to remove ice
deids - plural of "deid", a death
deify - to make a god of
deign - to condescend
deike - a first name
deils - plural of "deil", a devil
deink - to remove ink, especially from waste paper
deino - one of the three Gray women in Greek mythology
deion - a first name
deira - an ancient kingdom of northern England
deism - belief in a bashful god
deist - one who wants to believe in god but not any particular one
deity - a god
dejab - to remove jabs
dejah - a first name
dejag - to remove jags
dejam - to unjam
dejan - a first name
dejar - to remove jars
dejaw - to remove jaws
dejet - to remove jets
dejig - to remove jigs
dejob - to remove jobs
dejon - a first name
dejot - to remove jots
dejoy - to remove joy
dejug - to remove jugs
dejut - to remove jutting things
dekah - a first name
dekan - one of 36 equal subdivisions of the celestial equator, used by ancient Egyptians
dekar - variant of "decare", 10 ares, a unit of measurement of area
deked - taken in by a deceptive hockey move
dekel - a first name
deker - ten
dekes - plural of "deke", a deceptive move in hockey; a member of the Delta Kappa fraternity
dekka - a first name
dekko - to look at
dekle - ragged
delab - to remove laboratories; to remove Labradors
delad - to remove lads
delag - to remove lags
delan - a first name
delap - to remove laps
delav - to remove lavoratories
delaw - to remove laws
delay - to dally; to put off
delco - Delaware county in Pennsylvania, and its local accent
delea - a first name
deled - deleted
deleg - to remove legs
deles - deletes
delet - to cease letting; to cancel a lease
delfs - plural of "delf", an item of glazed earthenware
delft - a city in the Netherlands; an item of glazed earthenware
delhi - a city in India
delia - a first name
delid - to remove lids
delie - a first name
delip - to remove lips
delir - to be delirious
delis - plural of "deli", a delicatessen
delit - delight
della - a first name; a prefix in Italian surnames
delle - a first name
delli - a first name
dells - a first name; plural of "dell", a glen
delly - a first name; a delicatessen
delma - a first name
delog - to remove logs
delol - a town in India
delon - a first name
deloo - the duykerbok
delos - a first name; a small Greek island, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis
delot - to remove lots
delox - to remove lox
deloy - a first name
delph - a first name; Delft pottery
delra - a first name
delsy - a first name
delta - a first name; a Greek letter; a river mouth; the fourth brightest star in a constellation
delte - a first name
delts - plural of "delt", a deltoid muscle
delve - to dig; to explore; to investigate
delya - a first name
delys - a first name
demal - having a concentration of one gram equivalent per cubic centimeter
deman - a first name; to unman
demap - to remove maps; to remove something from a map
demar - a first name; to remove blemishes
demas - a first name
demat - to remove mats
dembe - a first name
demer - a river in Belgium
demes - plural of "deme", a Greek district
demic - of the people
demir - a first name
demis - plural of "demi", a tablet of Demeral
demit - to release; to send; to put away; to resign
demix - the tendency of particles in a mixture to sort themselves by size upon being shaken
demob - to demobilize
demod - to demodernize
demon - an evil spirit
demop - to remove mops
demos - a first name; the proletariat; plural of "demo", a demonstration
demps - a first name
dempt - deemed
demta - a town in Papua New Guinea
demud - to remove mud
demug - to remove mugs
demur - to object
denad - to remove nads; to castrate
denae - a first name
denag - to remove nags
denah - a first name
denar - a dinar
denat - a unit of weight in Austria
denau - a town in Uzbekistan
denay - a first name; to deny
denbo - a town in Lebanon
denby - a first name
denea - a first name
deneb - a star
denee - a first name
denes - a first name; plural of "dene", a valley; a sandy tract by the sea; a Canadian Indian tribe
denet - to market a book without the constraint of the Net Book Agreement
deney - a first name
dengu - an Indian fever
denia - a town in Spain
denib - to remove nibs
denie - a first name
denim - a kind of firm, durable twilled cotton fabric
denis - a first name
deniz - a first name
denly - a first name
denna - a first name
denni - a first name
denny - a first name; like a den
dense - thick; stupid
denso - a stupid person
dents - plural of "dent", an indentation
denty - containing many dents, such as an old person's car
denub - to remove nubs
denut - to castrate
denya - a first name
denys - a first name
deoil - to remove oil
deoli - a town in India
deona - a first name
deone - a first name
deora - a first name
deoti - an early site in northern India
deoxy - containing less oxygen per molecule than the compound from which it is derived
depad - to remove pads
depan - to remove pans
depas - an ancient Greek drinking cup with two handles
depeg - to remove pegs; to unlink one currency from another
depen - to temporarily remove the pen from one's collar at the request of a gracious hostess
depet - to remove pets
depig - to remove the pigs
depin - to unpin something; to remove pins
depip - to remove the pips
depit - to remove pits
depod - to remove the pods
depoo - to remove excrement
depop - to remove pop; to remove popping sounds from an audio track; to remove pops
depot - a train station; a storage place
depox - to remove pox; to cure of the pox
depth - profundity
depub - to remove pubs
depug - to remove pugs
depun - to remove puns
deqin - a town in China
deque - a linear data structure for which insertions and deletions can be made at either end
deraa - a town in Syria
derag - to remove rags
derah - an Eritrean measure of length, of about 18 inches
derak - a first name
deram - to remove rams
deran - a first name
derar - a first name
derat - to rid of rats
deray - to disarrange
derbe - an ancient town in Asia Minor
derby - a first name; a race; a hat; a kind of cheese; an English town
derec - a first name
dered - harmed; injured
deref - to remove referees
dereg - to remove regulations
derek - a first name
deren - a first name
derep - to remove representatives
deres - harms; injures
derib - to remove ribs
deric - a first name; pertaining to the skin
derie - a first name
derig - to unrig; to dismantle
derik - a first name
deril - a first name
derim - a town in Papua New Guinea; to remove the rim from a tire
derin - a first name
derio - a town in Spain
derip - to remove rips
derit - a first name
derke - a first name
derma - the skin in general; the corium or true skin; lobster skin
dermo - a parasite endemic to oysters
derms - plural of "derm", a layer of the skin
derna - a city in North Africa
derne - to conceal; a city in North Africa
derns - plural of "dern", a gatepost
derod - to remove rods
deron - a first name
derot - to remove rot; to remove rotten parts
derow - to remove rows
deroy - a first name
derre - dearer
derri - a first name
derro - derelict
derry - a first name; a prejudice; a derelict house; a ballad; a town in northern Ireland
derth - a first name; a variant of "dearth"
derub - to remove rubs
derug - to remove rugs
derum - to remove rum
derun - to remove runs
dervs - plural of "derv", diesel oil
derya - a first name
deryk - a first name
deryl - a first name
deryn - a first name
derzs - a village in Hungary
desac - to remove sacs
desad - to remove sadness
desag - to remove sags
desal - desalinization
desap - to remove sap
desat - to desaturate
desaw - to remove saws
desax - to remove saxophones
desay - to cancel an utterance
deseg - to desegregrate
desen - a first name
deset - to unset; to remove settings
desex - to geld; to castrate
deshi - a first name
desib - to cancel a sibling relationship
desie - a first name
desin - to remove sin
desir - a first name
desis - plural of "desi", an expatriate Indian
desit - to cancel a seat assignment
desks - plural of "desk", a writing table
desma - a first name; an irregularly branched sponge spicule
desob - to remove sobs
desod - to remove sod from
deson - to remove sons; to disown a son
desow - to remove sows
desoy - to remove soy sauce
despo - a first name
dessa - a first name; desa; a Javanese village
desse - a desk
dessi - a first name
desta - a first name
deste - a first name
desto - a musical notation meaning "in a sprightly manner"
desty - a first name
desub - to remove submarines; to remove substitutes
desud - to remove suds
desun - to remove the sun or sunshine
desyl - a univalent radical
detab - to remove TAB characters; to remove tabs
detag - to remove tags
detam - to remove tams
detan - to counteract the effects of tanning
detap - to remove a tap
detar - to remove tar from
detax - to remove a tax from
detec - a detective
deter - to fend off
detin - to remove tin from articles plated with tin
detip - to cancel a tip; to remove a tip
detog - to remove togs; to unclothe
detop - to remove tops
detox - detoxification
detoy - to remove toys
detta - a first name
dette - debt
detub - to remove tubs
detug - to remove tugboats
detur - an annual prize awarded at Harvard to those who have attained a certain grade
deuce - the devil; the two in cards
deune - a first name
deunx - an ancient Roman unit of weight, of 11 uncia
deuse - deuced
deuyn - a first name
devah - a first name
deval - a first name
devan - a first name; to remove vans
devas - plural of "deva", a Hindu benign spirit
devat - to remove vats
devec - a mathematical operation that converts a vector into a matrix
devel - to strike forcibly
deven - a first name
devex - bending down; sloping
devey - delightful, charming
devid - a first name
devil - Satan
devin - a first name
devis - plural of "devi", a Hindu goddess
devoe - a first name
devon - a first name; one of a breed of small hardy cattle
devot - a man who is a devotee
devow - to release from a vow
devra - a first name
devri - a first name
devyn - a first name
dewad - to remove wads
dewal - a first name
dewan - a first name; an Indian fiscal officer
dewar - a thermos bottle
dewax - to remove wax from
deweb - to remove webs
dewed - bedewed; to unmarry
dewei - a first name
dewen - to remove wens
dewer - an operator of a textile machine that sprays water on woolen cloth
dewet - to dry; to remove water, especially in a chemical process
dewey - a first name; two
dewie - a first name
dewig - to remove a wig
dewit - to remove wit
dewon - a first name
dexed - intoxicated on dextroamphetamines
dexes - plural of "dex", a sulfate used as a central nervous system suppressant
dexie - a first name; dextroaphetamines
dexin - a first name
deyan - a first name
deyda - a first name
deyed - died
deyes - dies
dezia - a first name
dezra - a first name
dezzy - a lower second university pass, or "2/2", named for Desmond Tutu
dhaba - an Indian roadside cafe
dhabb - the dried flesh of a skink, used as medicine
dhahi - a first name
dhaka - a city in Bangladesh
dhaks - plural of "dhak", an Asian tree
dhali - another name for Idalium
dhals - plural of "dhal", an Indian dish of lentils and spices
dhana - a first name
dhane - a first name
dhani - a first name
dhanu - the Indian name for the sign of Sagittarius
dhari - a first name
dhars - plural of "dhar", a Burmese curved knife
dhary - a first name
dhava - an East Indian tree
dhawa - an East Indian tree
dheri - a town in Afghanistan
dheva - a first name
dhikr - the ritual formula of a Sufi brotherhood
dhobi - an Indian washerwoman
dhoby - an Indian washerwoman
dhole - an Indian wild dog
dholl - an Indian dish of lentils and spices; the pigeon pea
dhols - plural of "dhol", a variant of "dhal", an Indian dish
dhoni - an Indian fishing boat
dhony - an Indian fishing boat
dhoon - a valley in the Siwalik hills
dhoti - a loin cloth
dhows - plural of "dhow", an Arabian sailing vessel
dhruv - a first name
dhuti - variant of "dhoti", a loin cloth
dhyal - a bird
diact - two-rayed
diads - plural of "diad", a variant of "dyad", a set of two
diala - a first name; a river in Iraq
dials - plural of "dial", a calibrated disk
diamb - a metrical foot consisting of two iambs
diana - a first name; the Roman moon and hunting goddess
diane - a first name
diani - a first name; a town in Kenya
diann - a first name
diary - a journal
diath - in body-piercing lore, a "rook and diath" is a pair of rings in the inner ear
diazo - a non-silver photographic coating for contact printing
dibba - a town in the United Arab Emirates
dibbs - a game in which jacks are thrown from the palm and caught on the back of the hand
dibon - a biblical place
dibse - another name for Thapsacus
diced - cut into cubes; played dice
dicer - a dice player; something that cuts into small cubes
dices - cuts into small cubes
dicey - chancy
dicht - to wipe
dicko - a first name
dicks - plural of "dick", a detective; a penis
dicky - a first name; a seat; an apron; a shirt front; of uncertain health
dicot - a plant with two seed leaves
dicta - plural of "dictum", a judicial pronouncement
dicts - dictates
dictu - part of the phrase "mirabile dictu", or "amazing to tell"
dicty - snobbish; very good or pleasing; dictatorial
didal - a triangular spade
didar - a first name
diddy - a teat
didie - a diaper
didja - slang for "did you"
didlo - crazy
didna - slang for "did not"
didos - plural of "dido", a mischievous act
didot - a European typographical point system
didra - a first name
didst - Biblical "did"
didus - the dodo genus; raphus
didya - slang for "did you"
didym - didymium
diebs - plural of "dieb", a North African jackal
diego - a first name
dieka - a first name
diems - part of the phrase "per diems", plural of "per diem", a daily payment
diene - unsaturated hydrocarbons
dieri - a primitive Australian people
diers - plural of "dier", one who dies; a cow so sick it can't be guaranteed to walk to the slaughterhouse
diest - Biblical "die"
dieth - Biblical "die"
diets - regulates one's daily sustenance; plural of "diet", a parliament
diety - like a diet
dietz - a first name
difda - the star Deneb Kaitos
diffa - an Arabic banquet
diffs - plural of "diff", a difficulty
diffy - a sickbay attendant
digby - a first name
digha - a town in India
dight - adorned; to have sex with
digit - a numeral; a finger; a unit of measurement of about 3/4 inch
digna - a first name
digne - worthy; deserving
digon - a degenerate polygon comprising two points and two lines.
digor - a traditional sport in Bhutan
digue - embankment; dike
dihok - a variant of "Duhok", a city in Iraq
dijon - a city in France; a kind of mustard
dikas - plural of "dika", a West African mango
diked - banked
diker - one who builds dikes; ten
dikes - plural of "dike", an embankment
dikey - like a dyke
dikla - a first name
dikte - a mountain in Crete
dilan - a first name
dildo - a sex toy
dilek - a first name
diler - a first name
dilga - a town in Romania
dilip - a first name
dilla - a first name
dilli - a dilly bag
dillo - an armadillo
dills - plural of "dill", an annual herb
dilly - a first name; a native bag; remarkable case; diligence; the daffodil; in the phrase "dilly dally", to dawdle
dilma - a first name
dilon - a first name
dilsa - a first name
dilsy - a foolish person
dilyn - a first name
dilys - a first name
dimas - a first name
dimba - marijuana from west Africa
dimbo - a stupid person
dimed - part of the phrase "nickel and dimed"; informed on someone
dimer - a compound composed of two identical molecules; an informer
dimes - informs on; plural of "dime", a ten cent coin
dimey - a ten cent glass of beer
dimit - to demit
dimka - a first name
dimly - obscurely
dimmo - a dime; an unintelligent person
dimmy - a first name; somewhat dim; a stupid person; money
dimna - a town in Jordan
dimon - a first name
dimos - a first name
dimps - dusk; twilight; plural of "dimp", a "usable" cigarette butt
dimya - dimyaria, an order of lamellibranchiate mollusks
dinah - a first name
dinan - a city in northern France
dinar - a common name for a worthless coin of many countries
dinaw - a first name
dinaz - a first name
dinch - to extinguish a cigarette; a cigar or cigarette butt
dinco - a first name
dinde - a town in Mali; the French name for turkey
dined - supped
dineh - Navajo
diner - an informal restaurant; one who dines
dines - eats
dinge - to make a depression or hollow on a surface; an ethnic slur
dingo - an Australian wild dog
dings - rings
dingy - dirty and dark; variant of "dinghy"
dinic - pertaining to dizziness
dinis - a first name
dinka - a first name; an African ethnic group
dinko - a first name
dinks - adorns; plural of "dink", an acronym: "Double Income, No Kids"; a small boat
dinky - tiny; a small locomotive
dinle - variant of "dindle"
dinna - slang for "do not"
dinny - a first name
dinos - a first name; plural of "dino", a dinosaur
dinse - a first name
dints - dents
dinus - vertigo
dinya - a first name
diode - a thermionic device
diogo - a first name
diola - a language
diols - plural of "diol", a chemical compound
diona - a first name
dione - a first name; a moon of Saturn
dioni - a first name
dionn - a first name
dioon - a genus of plants having a conical trunk crowned by a tuft of pinnate leaves
diora - a first name
diore - a first name
diosa - a first name
diose - any of a class of monosaccharides
diota - a two-handled jar
diouc - a first name
dioxy - a chemical containing two oxy groups
diple - the "greater than" sign, ">", used by the Greeks to indicate rejected passages of a text
diplo - of the diplomatic corps
dipod - a platform having two legs
dippy - goofy; a little insane; inane
dipso - a dipsomaniac
dipsy - a nautical corruption of "deep sea"; tipsy
dipti - a first name
dipto - a first name
dipus - the jerboa
diqui - a first name
diram - a monetary unit of Tajikistan
diran - a first name
dirca - a genus of shrubs having tough bark and yellow flowers
dirce - a first name
dirck - a first name
diren - a first name
direr - more dire
dirge - an elegy
dirgy - a funeral feast; like a dirge
diris - plural of "Diri", an inhabitant of Dir
dirke - a first name; dark
dirks - plural of "dirk", a short knife
dirls - trembles; vibrates
diron - a first name
dirts - plural of "dirt", earth or soil
dirty - soiled; improper
dirum - a unit of money in Morocco
disas - plural of "disa", a South African orchid
disci - plural of "discus"
disco - a music style; a dance hall
discs - plural of "disc", a flat circular object
dises - plural of "dix", the lowest trump in some card games
dishy - attractive
disko - an island in Greenland
disks - plural of "disk", a flat circular object
disme - an obsolete American coin
disna - a first name; slang for "does not"
dispo - disposition; disposal
disuq - a town in Egypt
dital - a guitar tuning key
ditas - plural of "dita", a Philippine tree
ditch - a trench; to get rid of or to run away from
dited - composed; dictated
diter - a first name; composer; dictator
dites - composes; dictates; plural of "dite", a small amount
ditsa - a first name
ditso - useless; second-rate
ditsy - thoughtless; scatterbrained
ditta - a first name
ditte - a first name
ditto - the same; to copy
ditts - plural of "ditt", a ditty
ditty - a little song
ditzy - thoughtless; scatterbrained
diuan - a first name
divam - a first name
divan - a sofa; the ruler of a small domain
divas - plural of "diva", a grand dame of opera
dived - plunged
divel - to tear apart
diver - one who dives
dives - a first name; a rich man in the Bible; plunges; plural of "dive", a seedy bar
divet - variant of "divot"
divey - seedy, disreputable
divil - the devil
divis - divides
divot - a piece of turf, untimely ripped from the bosom of mother Earth
divus - divine; godlike
divvy - to divide up; odd, stupid or deviant
divya - a first name
diwan - a dewan, an Indian fiscal officer
dixee - a first name
dixes - plural of "dix", the lowest trump in some card games
dixie - a first name; the southern United States; a food container
dixit - an unconfirmed and dogmatic statement
dixon - a first name
diyah - a first name
dizen - to dress gaudily
dizin - a skiing resort in Iran
dizli - a town in Iran
dizzy - lightheaded
djari - a first name
djati - teak
djave - njave, a large African timber tree
djawa - an Indonesian island
djimi - a first name
djing - serving as a DJ, or "disk jockey"
djinn - a genie
djins - plural of "djin", a genie
djoma - marijuana
djugu - a town in the Congo
djuja - a first name
djuka - a bush people of Dutch Guiana
djuna - a first name
djuro - a first name
dnepr - a river in Russia, usually spelled "Dnieper"
doabs - plural of "doab", an alluvial land; a tract between two rivers
doand - doing
doane - a first name
doats - dotes
dobbs - a North American cape
dobby - a first name; a dotard; part of a loom; a foot; a brownie; a nickname for a horse
dobee - an Indian washerwoman
dobie - a first name; adobe; a Dobermann Pinscher; an Indian washerwoman; a town in Wisconsin
dobla - a gold coin of Spain
doboj - a town in Bosnia
dobra - a first name; a gold coin of Portugal
dobro - an acoustic guitar with a twangy, tremulous tone
dobry - a first name
doccy - a beggar's female companion
docht - was good for a purpose
docie - a first name
docks - charges; plural of "dock", a pier
dodad - variant of "doodad", a thingamajig; a doohickey
dodan - a town in Burma
dodas - plural of "doda", a four-horned antelope
dodds - cuts off
doddy - a hornless cow
dodee - a first name
dodek - a first name
dodes - plural of "dode", a fool
dodey - a first name
dodge - to duck down or jump to the side to avoid being hit
dodgy - legally or morally suspect
dodie - a first name
dodla - a first name
dodos - plural of "dodo", an extinct flightless bird; a person who should be extinct and flightless
dodya - a first name
doeda - a first name
doeks - plural of "doek", a square headcloth
doers - plural of "doer", one who does things
doest - Biblical "do"
doeth - Biblical "do"
doffs - casts off
dofic - domain originated functional integrated circuit
dogal - of a doge
dogan - a first name; an Irish Roman Catholic
doges - plural of "doge", a ruler of Venice
dogey - a stray calf
doggo - concealed; stoned
doggy - fond of dogs; like a dog; a little dog
dogie - a stray calf
dogly - canine
dogma - a doctrine
dogne - one of the sources of the Dordogne river
dogon - a people of the central bend of the Niger
dogra - a Kashmiri
dogun - an Irish Roman Catholic
dohad - a town in India
dohls - plural of "dohl", pulse, dried peas; an Afghan musical instrument
dohor - a town in northern Iraq
dohyo - the 15 foot ring of sandy clay in which a sumo wrestling match is held
doigt - careful manipulation of the fencing foil
doilt - crazy
doily - an ornamental napkin
doina - a first name; a Romanian folk song
doing - performing
doink - to hit; to have sex with; an idiot or jerk
doino - a first name
doira - a Bukharan hand drum
doits - plural of "doit", an old Dutch coin
dojee - heroin
dojie - heroin
dojos - plural of "dojo", a school that teaches judo or karate
dokan - a town in Iraq
dokdo - the Korean name for the island the Japanese call Takashima
doker - a shill
dokes - plural of "doke", a dimple
dokus - the buttocks
dolan - a first name
dolat - a first name
dolce - softly; sweetly
dolea - a town in Romania
doled - bestowed sparingly
dolek - a first name
dolen - a first name
doler - one who doles
doles - bestows sparingly
doley - one who is getting unemployment compensation
dolfe - a first name
dolfi - a first name
dolia - plural of "dolium", an ancient Roman earthenware cask
dolie - one who is getting unemployment compensation
dolin - a first name
dolli - a first name
dolls - plural of "doll", a mannekin; an attractive woman
dolly - a first name; a wheeled platform
dolma - a first name; a vegetable shell stuffed with meat, rice and herbs\
dolon - a man who fought for Troy in the Trojan war
dolor - grief; a medical term for pain
dolos - the knucklebone of a sheep, used for divination
dolph - a first name
dolpo - an ethnic Tibetan region of northwest Nepal
dolts - plural of "dolt", an imbecile
dolty - like a dolt; unlearned; unable to learn
dolus - fraud; the doing of something that is contrary to good conscience
dolyn - a first name
domal - relating to a house
domba - a Roma tribe now living in western India
domed - covered by a dome
domei - a Japanese news agency
domek - a first name
domel - a town in Pakistan
domen - a first name
domer - a machine that shapes box tops; a just-submerged rock in a river
domes - plural of "dome", a rounded roof or cupola
domet - a cotton or cotton and wool flannel
domex - the drug MDMA
domey - domy, like a dome, having domes
domic - shaped like a dome
domie - one's home or domicile
domka - a first name
dommy - one's home or domicile
domna - a first name
domos - a village in Hungary; plural of "domo", an acronym: "DOwnwardly MObile professional"
dompt - to hold at bay
domra - a early Russian balalaika with a round body
domus - an ancient Roman dwelling
donah - a first name; a sweetheart
donal - a first name
donar - the German name for the god of Thunder, also known as Thor; one's steady girlfriend
donas - plural of "dona", a Spanish lady
donat - a first name; a grammar or rhetoric book
donau - the Danube river
donax - a genus of small marine bivalve mollusks; a species of grasses
doncy - donsie, unlucky
donda - a first name
dondi - a first name
donee - the recipient of a donation
donek - a first name
donet - variant of "donat", a grammar book
doney - dornick; a sweetheart; an attractive woman
donga - a South African ravine; poor living quarters
donge - a mattress
dongo - a first name; a town in northwest Congo
dongs - plural of "dong", a Vietnamese coin; a penis
donia - a first name
donks - plural of "donk", a donkey
donna - a first name; a Spanish lady
donni - a first name
donny - a first name
donor - one who gives
donsy - unlucky; mildly sick
donta - a first name
donte - a first name; a town in Lebanonpylia
donum - a land measure of about an acre, used in the Ottoman Empire
donut - a doughnut
donya - a first name
dooab - a piece of land between two rivers
doobs - dubious; plural of "doob", an Indian grass
dooda - thingamajig; thingy
doods - plural of "dood", a camel
doody - childish slang for excrement
dooey - a dohickey; a thingamijig; a whatchamacallit
doofa - a thingmajig
doofy - foolish; of or pertaining to a doofus
doogy - heroin
dooji - heroin
dooks - plural of "dook", a bung; a fist; a wooden brick
dooky - childish slang for excrement
doola - a son
doole - dole; gloom
dooli - a stretcher
dools - doles
dooly - a first name; an Indian litter
dooms - plural of "doom", a bad fate
doomy - redolent of doom
doona - a quilted eiderdown
doons - plural of "doon", a large Ceylonese tree
doops - plural of "doop", a little copper cup in which a diamond is held while being cut
doora - durra
doorn - a South African briar
doors - plural of "door", an entrance
doosy - a doozy
dooze - something easy to accomplish; a doozy
doozy - a lulu; a remarkable occurrence
dopas - plural of "dopa", a drug to treat Parkinson's disease
doped - drugged
doper - dauber; horse-coper; one who uses drugs
dopes - plural of "dope", a stupid person; a drug
dopey - slow-witted
dorab - the wolf herring or barfish
dorad - a catfish of the family Doradidae
dorag - a handkerchief or flat cloth worn on the head
dorah - a first name
doral - a town in Florida
doran - a first name; Doppler range navigation device; a town in Minnesota
doras - the type genus of the family Doradidae
dorca - a first name
dordi - a first name
dorea - a first name; a striped Indian muslin
doree - a first name; a golden yellow fish
dores - plural of "dore", a Commodore, member of the Vanderbilt football team
dorey - a first name; a dory
dorgi - a cross between a dachshund and a corgi
doria - a first name; a striped Indian muslin
doric - a Greek architectural style
dorie - a first name
dorin - a first name
doris - a first name; the sea slug genus
dorit - a first name
dorje - in Tibetan symbolism, a small trident signifying power
dorka - a first name
dorks - plural of "dork", a stupid or foolish person
dorky - stupid or foolish
dorle - a first name
dorms - plural of "dorm", a dormitory
dormy - unbeatable at golf
dorna - a first name
dorne - a first name
dorns - plural of "dorn", the thorn-back skate
doron - a first name; a layered glass cloth impregnated with plastic and used for body armor
dorps - plural of "dorp", a village
dorpy - like a village
dorre - variant of "dor"
dorri - a first name
dorrs - plural of "dorr", a black European beetle; a glacial trough
dorry - a first name
dorsa - a first name; plural of "dorsum", the back of an animal
dorse - a Baltic cod; the back of a book; a bed
dorso - an endorsement on the back of a manuscript cover
dorte - a first name
dorts - takes offense
dorty - sullen
doruk - a first name
dorus - an ancestor
doryn - a first name
dorys - a first name
dosed - physicked
doseh - a religious ceremony, once held in Cairo, where the sheik of the Sa'di dervishes rode over the backs of his followers
dosel - dossal; a tapestry
doser - dossal; one who doses
doses - plural of "dose", a measured quantity of medicine
dosha - a first name
doshi - a town in Afghanistan
dosia - a first name
dossy - pretentiously fashionable
dosta - a first name
dosya - a first name
dosym - a first name
dotal - referring to a dowry
dotan - a first name
doted - loved slavishly or excessively;
doter - one who dotes
dotes - loves; showers affection
dotey - cute; adorable; dotable
dotis - in Greek mythology, the mother of Phlegyas, by Ares.
dotso - a village in Tibet
dotti - a first name
dotty - a first name; batty
douai - a city in France
douar - a dowar; an Arab camp
douay - a city in France, source of an English version of the Bible
doubs - a river in France
doubt - a misgiving; disbelief
douce - a first name; dulce; sweet
doucs - plural of "douc", a highly colored monkey
dough - flour and water mixture; money
dougy - a first name
doula - a servant, aide or comforter for a pregnant woman
douma - variant of "duma", the Russian parliament
doums - plural of "doum", an African palm tree
doupe - the carrion crow
doups - plural of "doup", the end or bottom of something
doura - millet; a town in Iraq; a Palestinian town; a town in Nigeria
douro - the Portuguese name for the Duero river
douse - to dowse
douta - a first name
douts - extinguishes
dovap - a method of tracking missiles, "Doppler velocity and position"
doved - was half asleep; became a peace advocate
doven - to utter Jewish prayers
dover - doze; a powder; a city in England
doves - plural of "dove", a pigeon
dovey - a river in Wales
dovid - a first name
dovie - stupid
dowar - an Arab camp
dowds - a woman who wears dull frumpish clothing
dowdy - frumpy
dowed - prospered
dowel - a wooden pin
dower - dowry
dowid - a first name
dowie - dreary; doleful; dull-witted
dowle - fluff; fine down
dowls - plural of "dowl", feather fluff
dowly - dull, lowering
downa - cannot
downe - a town in England, home of Charles Darwin
downs - shoots or knocks down; fine feathers
downy - covered with fine hair
dowps - plural of "dowp", a carrion crow
dowry - a sort of reparations to the groom or his family by the bride's family
dowse - lower; prospect for water
dowst - dust
dowts - extinguishes
dowve - a dove
doxic - of or relating to a doctrine
doxie - a first name; a doctrine
doyal - a first name
doyel - a first name
doyen - a senior member
doyin - a first name
doyit - doiled
doyle - a first name
doylt - a group of wild swine
doyly - a doily
doyne - a first name
dozed - slept
dozen - a set of twelve
dozer - a sleeper; a bulldozer
dozes - sleeps
dozza - a town in Italy
draba - a genus of low tufted herbs
drabi - an Indian driver
drabs - consorts with prostitutes; army khakis; plural of "drab", a little bit
drack - dismal; rubbish; unattractive
draco - the Dragon constellation
draff - dregs; the spent grains of malt left after making whisky
draft - an outline; a breeze; to call upon
draga - a first name
drago - a first name; a Mexican tree with yellow flowers
drags - goes slowly; pulls
drail - to trail; to drag; a long, trailing headdress; the bow of a plow
drain - a gutter; an opening through which water can leave a basin
drake - a first name; a male goose
drama - a play
drame - a tragicomedy
dramm - a unit of weight in Yugoslavia
drams - plural of "dram", a unit of volume
drang - drong
drank - quaffed
drant - to drone
drape - a thick curtain
draps - drops
drapy - like a drape
drash - to thrash; an essay or short talk on a religious subject
drats - plural of "drat", a mild expletive
drava - a river running through Austria, Hungary, and Yugoslavia
drave - past tense of "drive"; another name for the river Drava
drawk - to saturate with moisture; wild oats; darnel
drawl - to speak slowly
drawn - hauled; sketched; stretched; weary
draws - sketches; attracts; stretches
draxy - a first name
drays - plural of "dray", a low strong cart
dread - prolonged and deep fear
dream - a reverie; a hope
drean - drain
drear - bleakness; a dreary person
dreck - garbage; bad art
dreda - a first name
dreds - plural of "dred", a dreadlock
dreed - suffered; to dread
dreel - to drill
dreen - to drain
dreep - to drip
drees - suffers
dregs - plural of "dreg", a sediment deposited from liquid
dreid - dread
drein - to drain
dreks - plural of "drek", a worthless item
dreng - a free tenant in Northumberland with partial military obligations
drenk - a first name
drent - drenched; drowned
drere - drear
dress - garb
drest - poetic "dressed"
dreul - drool
dreux - a town in France, site of a famous battle
drewe - a first name
dreya - a first name
dreye - dry
dreys - plural of "drey", a squirrel's nest
drias - the deadly carrot (!)
dribs - plural of "drib", a little bit
drice - granulated frozen carbon dioxide
dried - dessicated
drier - more dry; a dessicator
dries - a first name; dessicates; endures
drift - to wander; a mound of snow
driki - dry-ki
drill - repetition; a tool for making holes; a durable twilled cotton fabric
drily - sarcastically
drina - a first name; a river in central Yugoslavia
drink - a draught; the ocean
drinn - a grassland
drint - to fade
drips - falls in droplets
dript - poetic "dripped"
drisk - a drizzling mist
driss - a first name
drite - to defecate
drith - a drought
drive - to urge; to use a vehicle for transport; a campaign
drobe - clothes; apparel
drock - a water course
drogh - a hooped canvas bagged towed behind a boat for stability
droid - short for "android", a robot; a stupid person
droil - drudgery; a drone; to plot
droit - a right; a title; a unit of measurement of weight of 1/24 mite
drole - bad; a bad character
droll - amusing
drome - a racecourse; the crab plover; a European river
drona - a first name; in the Mahabharata, a royal gurur
drone - a male bee; to talk incessantly
drong - a narrow passageway between walls or hedges
dronk - drunk
drony - like a drone; humming
droob - an oaf; a hopeless ineffectual person
droog - a hooligan; a good friend
drook - to drench
drool - spittle; stringy saliva that hangs from the mouth
droon - to drown
droop - to wilt
drops - falls; liquid medicine
dropt - poetic "dropped"
drora - a first name
drosh - a town in Pakistan
dross - worthless matter
droud - an oafish woman
drouk - to duck
drove - forced; directed
drovy - muddy; turbid
drown - to suffocate in water
drows - plural of "drow", a cave elf
droxy - of wood that looks sturdy but conceals rotten parts
droze - to melt irregularly
druan - a first name
drube - an oaf; a hopeless, ineffectual person
drubs - beats severely
druce - a first name
druci - a first name
drucy - a first name
drude - a first name
drugi - a first name
drugs - plural of "drug", a medicinal preparation; a narcotic
druid - a Celtic priest; a bard
drumi - a first name
drums - plural of "drum", a timpanum
drung - a town in Ireland
drunk - intoxicated
drupa - a nomadic mountain people of Tibet
drupe - a fruit with a stone or pit
drury - a first name; an amour
druse - a mining cavity; a geode; a Syrian
drusi - a first name
drusy - a first name; of a rock cavity that is lined with crystals
druxy - partly decayed timber; knotholed timber
druze - a Syrian
drvar - a town in Bosnia
dryad - a wood nymph
dryas - a small genus of alpine and arctic tufted plants
dryer - desiccator; more dry
dryff - a British river
dryki - timber killed by weather
dryly - sarcastically; without wetness
dryth - dryness
dsobo - a zhobo, a male yak-cow hybrid
dsomo - a zhomo, a female yak-cow hybrid
duads - plural of "duad", a pair
duain - a first name
duala - a Bantu-speaking people of Cameroon
duali - a town in Papua New Guinea
duals - plural of "dual", a twin
duana - a first name
duane - a first name
duans - plural of "duan", a division of a poem
duant - dee
duars - plural of "duar", a tract of land leading to a mountain pass
dubai - an Arabian country
dubay - a woman
dubba - a leather bottle; a creature
dubbo - a fool; a city in Australia
dubbs - the exclamation necessary to claim a pair of marbles knocked out of the ring; plural of "dubb", a Syrian bear
dubby - dull, blunt; muddy
dubee - a doobie, a marijuana cigarette
dubhe - a star in the Big Dipper
dubia - works of doubtful authenticity
dubna - a city in Russia, site of a nuclear research center
dubok - a respectable person or business used as a front for criminal activity
dubry - a dohickey
dubya - humorous spelling of the name of the letter "W"
ducal - of a duke; with strawberry leaves
ducat - a coin
duces - plural of "dux", a leader; a Roman provincial military chief; the top pupil
ducey - the penis
duchy - the realm of a duke
ducie - an island near Pitcairn Island
ducks - dodges; squats; waterfowl
ducky - peachy; highly satisfactory
ducle - a term of abuse
ducts - plural of "duct", an internal channel
dudde - a first name; an article of clothing
duddy - a first name; ragged
duded - well dressed, as in the phrase "all duded up"
dudes - plural of "dude", a man; a pretend cowboy
dudey - like a dude; like a pretend cowboy
dudly - a first name
duduk - an Armenian wooden flute
duelo - a duel; the rules of deuling
duels - plural of "duel", a one-to-one fight to the death
duena - a first name; a chaperone
duero - a river in northern Spain and Portugal
duets - plural of "duet", a song sung by two
duett - a duet, a musical piece for two
dufer - a cigarette saved for later use, because if will "do for" later
duffs - plural of "duff", a thick pudding
duffy - a first name; a blood group system; a ghost; a quarter pint of gin
dufus - a doofus, a fool
dugal - a first name
dugan - a first name
dugey - a first name
dugga - an Indian drum, bigger than a tabla
dugie - a first name; heroin
dugit - an Israeli settlement in the Gaza Strip
duhat - the Java plum
duino - a town in Italy, where Rilke wrote elegies
duisi - a town in the country of Georgia
duits - plural of "duit", a Dutch coin
dujan - a first name
dujer - heroin
dujie - heroin
dukan - the platform on which a Hebrew priest pronounced the benediction; a town in Iraq
dukat - a town in Albania
duked - fought with fists
duker - a massive bowel movement
dukes - plural of "duke", a nobleman; a fist
duket - a ticket of admission
dukey - a first name; a cheap theater
dukha - a Mongolian herding people
dukhn - pearl millet
dukie - a first name; a meal ticket; excrement; a student or alumnus of Duke University
dukka - a Kenyan retail shop
dukun - a Filipino medicine man or psychic surgeon
dulan - a first name
dulas - a British bay
dulat - one of the major divisions of the Great Horde
dulce - a first name; to sweeten; a South American river
dulci - a first name
dulcy - a first name
dules - woes
dulia - angelic adoration
dulie - a first name
dulls - makes less sharp
dully - stupidly; without spirit
dulse - an edible seaweed (if you say so)
dumah - a first name; a son of Ishmael; a biblical city in Canaan
dumai - a town in Sumatra
dumal - full of brambles and briers
dumas - plural of "Duma", a Russian parliament
dumba - a Russian fat-tailed sheep
dumbo - a stupid person
dumbs - makes stupid or silent
dumet - a wire of a nickel/iron alloy
dumka - a melancholy Slavic folk ballad; a town in India
dummo - a fool
dummy - a fool; a mannequin; a declarer's mute partner
dumpo - a town in Ghana
dumps - low spirits; garbage heaps
dumpu - a town in Papua New Guinea
dumpy - short and thick; looking like a garbage dump
dunal - relating to a dune
dunce - a stupid person
dunch - a jolt; a nudge with the elbow
duned - containing dunes; surrounded by dunes
dunes - plural of "dune", a sand mound
duney - like a duny; containing dunes
dungs - plural of "dung", manure
dungy - containing dung
dunic - of or pertaining to a dune
dunim - a variant of "dunam"
dunja - a first name
dunks - plunges into liquid
dunky - like a dunk
dunlo - a town in Pennsylvania
dunne - a first name; the knot-sandpiper
dunno - slang for "don't know"
dunny - deaf; Australian slang for a toilet or outhouse
dunsh - a dunch
dunst - the finest middlings, still containing some bran
dunsy - foolish
dunta - a first name
dunts - strikes with a heavy blow; cracks from rapid cooling while in the oven
dunum - a resort town in Germany; a measure of land area in Palestine
duomo - an Italian domed cathedral
duong - a first name
duped - fooled; duplicated
duper - a trickster; one that duplicates
dupes - duplicates; plural of "dupe", a stooge or fool
duple - double
duply - in Scots law, a second reply
duppy - a West Indian ghost
dural - of the dura mater; a kind of metallic alloy
duran - a first name
duras - plural of "dura", a cereal grain
durdu - a village in Sudan
dured - endured
durel - a first name
dures - endures
durga - a first name; the wife of Siva, the Hindu goddess of war, who rode a tiger
durgy - undersized
durif - a kind of wine grape
durio - a Malay tree whose obnoxious fruit is the durian
durko - a first name
durno - a town in England
durns - plural of "durn", a mild expletive; a gatepost
duroc - a breed of large red vigorous hogs
durog - marijuana
duron - a first name
duros - high quality marijuana; plural of "duro", a Spanish silver dollar
duroy - a coarse woolen fabric
durra - millet
durrs - plural of "durr", a cereal grain
durry - a cigarette butt
durst - archaic past tense of "dare"
durum - a kind of wheat
duryl - a univalent radical
dusan - a first name
dusav - a first name
duses - plural of "duse", a deuce; a demon
dusha - a first name
dusie - a doozy; a remarkable object
dusio - in demonology, a wanton mischievous spirit or fulletto, especially an incubus
dusko - a first name
dusks - plural of "dusk", twilight
dusky - dark
dusti - a first name
dusts - covers with dust; removes dust
dusty - a first name; covered with dust
dusun - a Dayak people of British North Borneo
dutch - a first name; of the Netherlands; a coster's wife
dutee - a first name
dutse - a town in Nigeria
duval - a first name
duvay - a duvet; an eiderdown blanket
duvet - an eiderdown blanket
duwan - a first name
duxes - plural of "dux", a leader; a Roman provincial military chief; a top pupil
duygu - a first name
dvija - in Hinduism, the "twice born" who may study the Vedas
dvina - a river in Russia and Latvia
dvora - a first name
dwaal - a daze
dwaas - a fool
dwain - a first name
dwale - a heretic; the deadly nightshade; a sable color in heraldry; to wander deliriously
dwalm - a swooning faint
dwams - faints
dwamy - faint
dwana - a first name
dwane - a first name
dwang - a crowbar; a carpenter's strut; to oppress with too much labor
dwarf - a very short person
dwaul - a variant of "dwaule", to be delirious
dwaum - to swoon
dwaun - a first name
dwawn - a first name
dweeb - an unattractive or inept person, unlike us
dwell - to reside
dwelt - resided
dwile - a floor cloth or mop
dwine - to pine; to waste away
dwora - a first name
dworp - a town in Belgium
dwyka - a river in the Karoo
dyads - plural of "dyad", a pair
dyaks - plural of "dyak", a native of Borneo
dyami - a first name
dyana - a first name
dyane - a first name
dyani - a first name
dyann - a first name
dyaus - the Vedic god of the sky
dydoe - a piece of jewelry attached to the penis by piercing
dyers - plural of "dyer", one who dyes
dyese - a first name
dyfed - a Welsh county; an ancient Welsh kingdom
dying - moribund
dyker - ten; a candlestick
dykes - plural of "dyke", a dike; a lesbian
dykey - referring to a lesbian
dykie - lesbian
dylan - a first name
dylis - a first name
dylon - a first name
dylys - a first name
dymas - a first name
dymek - a first name
dynah - a first name
dynam - a unit of work, raising 1000 kilograms 1 meter
dynel - a synthetic fabric
dynes - plural of "dyne", a unit of force
dyola - a trading people of west Africa
dyolf - a first name
dyons - plural of "dyon", a hypothetical particle carrying both magnetic and electric charge
dypso - a drunkard
dyron - a first name
dysen - a first name
dyske - a first name
dyson - a first name
dyula - a West African ethnic group
dyvon - a first name
dyvor - a disreputable or bankrupt person
dzhos - plural of "dzho", a kind of yak
dzifa - a first name
dziga - a first name
eaden - a first name
eadie - a first name
eadin - a first name
eagan - a first name
eager - keen
eagle - a predatory bird; a 10 dollar gold coin of the USA
eagly - like an eagle
eagon - a first name
eagre - eager; a tidal wave; a flood
eahab - a first name
eales - plural of "eale", variant of "ale"
eames - a first name
eamon - a first name
eaned - gave birth
eanid - a first name
eanum - sweetheart or dear or darling, a neologism of Wallis Simpson
earal - receiving by the ear
eards - plural of "eard", earth
eared - bearing ears
earla - a first name
earld - a first name
earle - a first name
earls - plural of "earl", a nobleman
early - a first name; near the beginning in time
earns - merits; is paid
earsh - arrish, the stubble of wheat
earst - a variant of "erst"
earth - dirt; the home planet
eased - relaxed
easel - a stand for holding art in progress
easer - one who relaxes
eases - relaxes
easha - a first name
easky - a town in Eire
easle - a glowing coal or hot ashes
eason - a first name
easts - plural of "east", a compass direction
easty - like something out of the east
eaten - consumed
eater - one who eats
eathe - easy
eaton - a first name
eavan - a first name
eaved - having eaves
eaves - plural of "eave", a lower projecting edge of a roof
ebano - a Mexican or Central American timber tree
ebany - a first name
ebarb - a town in Louisiana
ebbed - flowed away
ebbet - a green newt
ebbie - a first name
ebble - an English river, a tributary of the Avon
ebert - a first name
ebeye - one of the Marshall Islands
ebisu - one of seven Japanese gods of happiness
eblan - of the ancient civilization of Ebla
eblis - the Islamic name for Satan
ebner - a first name
eboes - plural of "eboe", a Central American tree
ebola - a village in Zaire/Congo, discovery site of a gruesome virus
eboli - a town in Italy
ebone - a first name
eboni - a first name
ebons - plural of "ebony", a very dark wood
ebony - a first name; black; a wood
ebook - an electronic book
ecads - plural of "ecad", a plant form adapted to its environment
ecall - the European green woodpecker
eccer - exercise (physical or otherwise) at a school
ecchi - verbal shorthand for pornographic anime and manga
eccle - the European green woodpecker
echea - in the ancient theater, bronze or earthen vases placed under seats for acoustic aid
eched - increased; eked
eches - increases; ekes
echis - a genus of vipers
echon - each one
echos - repeats
ecize - to become established in and adjusted to a new habitat
eckee - medical slang for "echymotic"
ecker - exercise (physical or otherwise) at a school
eckle - the crest of a bird
eclat - brilliance
ecoid - the colorless stroma of a red blood cell
ecole - a French school
econo - short for "economy", and indicating something cheap or inexpensive
ecrus - plural of "ecru", a yellowish brown color
ectad - toward the outside
ectal - on the outside
ector - a first name; a knight in Morte d'Arthur
edams - plural of "Edam", a Dutch cheese
edana - a first name
eddas - plural of "edda", a Norse saga
eddee - a first name
edder - flexible wood, such as osiers, interwoven in the top of a hedge as binders
eddic - like or of the eddas
eddie - a first name
eddna - a first name
eddos - plural of "eddo", the edible root of the taro plant
eddra - a first name
eddye - a first name
edeet - a first name
edema - excessive fluid accumulation
edena - a first name
edene - a first name
edens - plural of "Eden", a paradise
edese - a first name
edgar - a first name
edged - bordered; approached stealthily and indirectly
edger - a device for neatly trimming edges
edges - plural of "edge", a boundary
edgey - edgy; like an edge
edict - an ordinance
edify - to ennoble; to better
edile - a magistrate of ancient Rome
edina - a first name
edisa - a first name
edita - a first name
edite - a first name
edith - a first name
edits - emends
ediva - a first name
edleb - a town in Syria
edler - a first name
edlin - a first name
edlyn - a first name
edmar - a first name
edmee - a first name
edmon - a first name
ednah - a first name
edney - a first name
ednos - "Eating Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified", which doesn't match standard categories
edolf - a first name
edoni - the ancient Thracians
edray - a first name
edrea - a first name
edred - a first name
edrei - a biblical place
edric - a first name
edris - a first name
edrys - a first name
edsel - a first name; a car model
edson - a first name
educe - to draw forth
educt - something that is drawn forth
edvin - a first name
edvig - a first name
edwar - a first name
edwig - a first name
edwin - a first name
edwyn - a first name
edyna - a first name
edyta - a first name
edyth - a first name
edzio - a first name
edzna - a town in the Yucatan
eefje - a first name
eefke - a first name
eejit - a jocular spelling and pronunciation of "idiot"
eeklo - a town in Belgium
eelco - a first name
eelde - a town in the Netherlands
eeled - searched for eels
eeler - one who searches for eels
eemis - changeable
eerie - creepy
eesha - a first name
eetta - a first name
eeven - even
eevns - plural of "eevn", an evening
efate - an island that is part of Vanuatu
effam - a first name
effat - a first name
effed - had done to it that which ineffable things can't; used the "F" word
effet - the common newt
effia - a first name
effie - a first name; an advertising award
efiks - plural of "efik", a people of southeast Nigeria
eflak - another name for Wallachia
efram - a first name
efrat - a first name
efrem - a first name
efren - a first name
efrim - a first name
efrum - a first name
efter - a dialectical variant of "after"; a person who robs people after a theater performance
egadi - an island in Sicily
egads - an exclamation of surprise
egana - a town in Uruquay
egann - a first name
egbas - plural of "egba", a Yoruba-speaking people of southwest Nigeria
egean - Aegean
egers - plural of "eger", a tidal flood
egest - to discharge from the body
egeus - a first name
eggar - a moth of the family Lasiocampidae
egged - incited
egger - an inciter; various moths whose larva feed on tree leaves; a lobster bearing an egg mass; one who collects eggs
egham - a town in England
eghen - eyes
egide - a first name
eglon - a Canaanite kingdom
egmas - plural of "egma", an enigma
egoic - pertaining to the ego
egres - plural of "egre", variant of "eager", a tidal wave
egret - one of several kinds of heron
egton - a town in England
egypt - a first name; a north African country
ehime - a prefecture in southern Japan
ehing - saying "eh"
ehran - a first name
ehren - a first name
ehsan - a first name
ehsin - a first name
eider - a duck, or its down; a quilt or comforter
eidos - an essence
eifel - a town in Germany
eight - a number; ogdoad
eigil - a first name
eigne - a first name; the eldest or first born child
eiiti - a first name
eiked - eked
eikki - a first name
eikon - an icon
eilat - a first name; an Israeli port on the Red Sea
eilds - doesn't bear young or milk
eilev - a first name
eiley - a first name
eilif - a first name
eilis - a first name
eille - a first name
eilsa - a first name
eilyn - a first name
eimak - a Persian-speaking nomadic Mongolian tribe
eimer - a first name
einar - a first name
einat - a first name
einav - a first name
einer - a first name
eiren - a first name
eirie - an eyrie or aerie
eirik - a first name
eirin - a first name
eiryn - a first name
eisel - vinegar
eitan - a first name
eival - a first name
eject - to force out
ejido - a Mexican communal farm; a town in Venezuela
ejnar - a first name
ejoos - plural of "ejoo", the sago palm or feather palm
ekaha - a Hawaiian plant
ekali - a suburb of Athens
ekari - a Papuan people of New Guinea
ekata - a village in Gabon
ekati - a town in the North West Territories, Canada
ekely - a town in Norway
ekene - a first name
eking - augmenting
ekiti - a state of Nigeria
ekkas - plural of "ekka", an Indian two wheeled one horse one passenger carriage
ekker - exercise (physical or otherwise) at a school
ekkis - plural of "ekki", a tropical African timber tree
ekois - plural of "Ekoi", a south eastern Nigerian people
ekraj - a first name
ekram - a first name
ekron - a biblical place
elain - a first name; olein
elama - a first name
elana - a first name
eland - a large antelope
elane - a first name
elani - a first name
elann - a first name
elans - plural of "elan", enthusiasm
elaps - a genus of venomous snakes, including the coral snake
elara - a first name; a moon of Jupiter
elasa - a first name
elata - a first name
elate - to make joyful
elath - a biblical place
elaye - a first name
elayl - olefiant gas or ethylene
elayn - a first name
elban - a native of the island of Elba
elbie - a first name
elbio - a first name
elbon - a town in Pennsylvania
elbow - the knee of the arm; to jostle
elchi - an ambassador
eldad - a first name
eldar - a first name
elden - a first name
elder - a first name; older; a tree
eldin - a first name; a kind of fuel
eldon - a first name
elean - from Elea, a town in ancient southern Italy
elect - to choose; a person chosen or destined to go to Heaven
eleen - a first name
elegy - memorial praise; a mournful poem
eleme - a Smyrna fig
elemi - a fragrant resin used in varnish
elena - a first name; a town in Bulgaria; a cape in Costa Rica
elene - a first name
eleni - a first name
eleny - a first name
eleot - a species of apple
eleph - a first name
eleri - a first name
elers - a first name
elery - a first name
elesa - a first name
elese - a first name
eleta - a first name
eleut - a Kalmuck, a Buddhist Mongolian ethnic group
eleve - a pupil
elexa - a first name
elfed - bewitched
elfic - elven; of the elves
elfie - a first name
elfin - of or like an elf
elfre - a first name
elgan - a first name
elgar - a first name
elgen - a first name
elger - a first name
elgin - a first name; a city in northeast Illinois and in Scotland
elgon - a volcanic mountain between Kenya and Uganda
elham - a first name
eliab - a first name; the father of Abihail
eliad - oeillade, an ogle or glance
eliam - a first name
elian - a first name; of or referring to the essayist Charles Lamb
elias - a first name
eliav - a first name
elice - a first name
elida - a first name; a town in Ohio
elide - to omit
elidi - a first name
eliel - a first name
elier - a first name
eliga - a first name
elihu - a first name
elija - a first name
elika - a first name
eliki - a Greek village
elimu - a first name
elina - a first name
eline - a first name
eling - an Asian lake
elint - electronic intelligence
eliot - a first name
elisa - a first name; an acronym: "Enzyme Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay"
elise - a first name
elish - a first name
elita - a first name
elite - privileged; a typewriter font
eliud - a first name
eliut - a first name
eliza - a first name
elize - a first name
elkan - a first name
elkie - a first name
elkin - a first name
ellad - a first name
ellan - a first name
ellee - a first name
ellen - a first name
elles - else
elley - a first name
ellia - a first name
ellie - a first name
ellin - a first name
ellis - a first name
ellma - a first name
ellon - a first name; a town in Scotland
ellsa - a first name
ellse - a first name
ellsi - a first name
ellsy - a first name
ellul - the sixth month of the Jewish ecclesiastical calendar
ellyn - a first name
elman - a first name
elmar - a first name
elmaz - a first name
elmen - of or pertaining to the elm tree
elmer - a first name
elmir - a first name
elmos - plural of "elmo", St Elmo's fire
elmyr - a first name
elnia - a Russian town that Napoleon passed through
eloah - the Hebrew name for God
eloda - a first name
elodi - a first name
eloge - a eulogy or funeral oration
elogy - an inscription on a tombstone
eloin - a first name; to carry away property beyond a sheriff's jurisdiction
elois - a first name
elong - to lengthen; to prolong
elope - to run away together to get married
elops - a sea fish which Milton thought was a snake
elora - a first name
elpee - an "LP", or long playing record
elqui - a river in Chile
elrad - a first name
elric - a first name
elroi - a first name
elroy - a first name
elsee - a first name
elsey - a first name
elsha - a first name
elshe - a first name
elsie - a first name
elsin - a shoemaker's awl; a sharp person
elsje - a first name
elson - a first name; a shoemaker's awl
eltan - a first name
eltha - a first name
elton - a first name; a European lake
elude - to avoid capture or detection
elura - a first name
eluru - a town in India
elute - to extract; to wash out
elvah - a first name
elvan - a granular crystalline dyke rock; elfen
elvas - a city in Portugal
elven - of or like an elf
elver - a baby eel
elves - plural of "elf", one of Santa's helpers
elvet - a first name
elvia - a first name
elvie - a first name
elvin - a first name
elvio - a first name
elvis - a first name
elvyn - a first name
elvys - a first name
elwin - a first name
elwyn - a first name
elxis - a first name
elyas - a first name
elyce - a first name
elyci - a first name
elymi - an ancient people of Sicily
elyot - a first name
elysa - a first name
elyse - a first name
elyza - a first name
elyze - a first name
emaan - a first name
email - an electronic message
emani - a first name
emans - plural of "eman", a unit of measurement of radioactive concentration
emari - a first name
embar - to imprison
embay - to enclose in a bay; to force into a bay; to be stranded by high tide
embed - to place into
ember - a first name; a burning coal
embla - in Norse mythology, the first woman
embog - to cause to stick in a bog
embow - to arch; to bend into a curve
embox - to put into a box
embus - to board a bus with high ceremony
emcee - a master of ceremonies
emden - a seaport in northwest Hannover, Germany, origin of the "Emden Telegram"
emeer - an Arab prince
emeka - a first name
emeli - a first name
emely - a first name
emend - to alter; to correct
emera - a first name
emeri - a first name
emery - a first name; a granular corundum
emesa - an ancient city of Syria, now called Homs; the genus of the spider bug
emets - plural of "emet", a variant of "emmet", an ant
emeus - plural of "emeu", a variant of "emu"
emews - plural of "emew", a variant of "emu"
emiko - a first name
emila - a first name
emile - a first name
emili - a first name
emill - a first name
emilo - a first name
emils - a first name
emily - a first name
emina - a first name
emine - a first name
emira - a first name
emirs - plural of "emir", an Arab prince
emits - sends out
emitt - a first name
emlen - a first name
emlin - a first name
emlou - a first name
emlyn - a first name
emmas - plural of "emma", a signaller's code for the letter "M"
emmen - a town in the Netherlands
emmer - a type of wheat
emmet - a first name; an ant
emmew - to encage
emmey - a first name
emmie - a first name
emmit - a first name
emmot - a first name
emmye - a first name
emmys - plural of "emmy", a television show award
emoji - a set of icons used in cell phone messaging
emona - an old name for Ljubljana, in Yugoslavia
emong - an obsolete form of "among"
emony - an anemone
emory - a first name
emote - to show emotion
emove - to move; to affect with emotion
empee - a sort of anti-acronym for "MP", or Member of Parliament
empte - to empty
empty - vacant
emrah - a first name
emran - a first name
emrod - a hemorrhoid
emryk - a first name
emrys - a first name
emsel - morphine
emule - to emulate
emure - to immure
emyde - a freshwater tortoise
emyds - plural of "emyd", a freshwater tortoise
emyle - a first name
emzar - a first name
enaam - a first name
enact - to portray; to put into effect
enage - to make old
enard - a British bay
enare - a Finnish lake
enarm - to encircle in one's arms
enate - a relative on the mother's side; growing outward
encke - a first name
encup - to place in, or surround by, a cup
ended - finished
endek - a member of the fascist anti-Semitic National Democratic party of Poland
ender - one that ends something; someone holding an end of a jump rope
endew - to provide with some quality or gift
endor - the biblical home of a witch visited by Saul
endow - to provide with
endre - a first name
endue - to provide with some quality or gift; to endow
eneas - a first name; a Trojan warrior
enede - a variant of "ende", a duck
eneid - variant of "The Aeneid", an epic poem
eneko - a first name
enele - anele
enema - a liquid injected into the rectum
enemy - a foe
enery - a comical spelling of "Henry", reflecting a Cockney pronounciation
enets - a Uralic language
enews - pursues; plunges into water
enfin - at last, finally
enfix - infix
engem - a town in Vanuatu
engie - a first name
engin - a first name
engis - a town in Belgium
engle - a favorite; a paramour
engyn - a variant of "engine"
eniac - a primitive computer model (Electronic Numeric Integrator And Calculator)
enidd - a first name
eniko - a first name
eniwa - a town in Japan
enjoy - to receive pleasure from
enlay - to inlay
enlil - a Babylonian god
enlit - shed light upon
enmew - to encage or enclose
ennea - a first name
ennew - to make new
ennio - a first name
ennis - a first name; a town in Eire; a town in Texas
ennui - boredom that's been to college
enoch - a first name; in the Bible, the first city, founded by Cain
enock - a first name
enode - to clear of knots; to detangle
enoka - a first name
enoki - a type of mushroom
enola - a first name; a town in Arkansas
enols - plural of "enol", a chemical compound
enora - a first name
enore - a first name
enorm - enormous
enosh - a first name
enows - plural of "enow", meaning "enough"
enria - a first name
enric - a first name
enrol - to enroll
ensay - a British island
enset - the Ethiopian 'false banana'
ensew - an obsolete form of "ensue"
ensis - a genus of razor clams
ensky - to raise to the sky
ensof - in the Kabbalah, the absolute infinite God
ensol - a first name
ensue - to follow
entab - to replace multiple spaces by TAB characters
entad - anatomically toward the inside
ental - anatomically on the inside
enter - to come in
entes - plural of "ente", a heraldic engraftment
entia - plural of "ens"
entry - way of coming in
enugu - a town and state in Nigeria
enure - to inure; to harden
enver - a first name
envie - to vie; to strive
envoi - the closing of a poem
envoy - an ambassador
enydd - a first name
enyne - a functional group in organic chemistry
enzed - "NZ", that is, the acronym: "New Zealand"
enzym - an enzyme
eoans - plural of "eoan", a dawning
eocha - a first name
eolia - a town in Missouri
eolic - aeolic; eolian
eolis - a genus of nudibranch mollusks
eorls - plural of "eorl", an obsolete form of "earl"
eorsa - a British island
eosin - a red fluorescent dye
eozoa - plural of "eozoon", a structure found in ancient limestone and thought to be an early animal
epact - the difference in days between the lengths of the solar and lunar years
epees - plural of "epee", a fencing weapon
epena - a town in the Congo
epens - plural of "epen", a variant of "epencephalon", the segment of the brain behind the midbrain
epera - a South American Indian language
ephah - a ancient Hebrew measurement of volume, about a bushel
ephan - a first name
ephas - plural of "epha", a Hebrew unit of dry measure
ephie - a first name
ephod - an ancient Hebrew vestment
ephor - a magistrate of ancient Greece
ephus - the truth; a gimmick; a kind of baseball pitch
epics - plural of "epic", a saga or adventure tale
epira - a town in Guyana
epoch - an age; an era
epode - a type of lyric poem in which a long verse is followed by a short one
epols - in mathematics, the reciprocal of the slope
epopt - a seer or beholder; one initiated into the Eleusinian mysteries
epoxy - a glue
eppes - something, a little
eppia - a first name
eppie - a first name
eppis - something, a little
eppus - something, a little
epris - enamored, in love
eprom - electronic programmable read-only memory
epsey - a first name
epsom - an English town south of London, home to a famous racetrack
epulo - a member of an ancient Roman college of priests in charge of sacrificial banquets
epulu - a village in the Congo
epure - a full-scale pattern of work to be done, traced on a wall or floor
eqbal - a first name
equal - equivalent
eques - the Jack in a card game
equid - a member of the horse family (horses, zebras, donkeys, mules)
equip - to outfit
equus - a member of the horse family
eqwal - the green woodpecker
eraca - a first name
erade - to scrape off
erare - a variant of "erer", meaning "sooner"
erase - to expunge; to wipe away
erast - a first name
erato - in Greek mythology, the muse of love poetry and lyric poetry
erava - yerava
erben - a first name
erbia - erbium oxide
erbil - the modern name for Arbela, in Iraq
erdal - a first name
erdie - an orthodox, tedious individual
erdin - a first name
erdne - a first name
erdut - a town in Slavonia, Croatia
erech - the biblical name of the ancient Mesopotamian city of Uruk, where writing may have been invented
ereck - a first name
erect - to raise up; to build
erena - a first name
erene - a first name
ereni - a first name
erept - to snatch away
erfan - a first name
ergal - potential energy
ergat - to deduce logically
ergin - a first name
ergli - a town in Latvia
ergon - a measurement of work in terms of the equivalent amount of heat
ergos - plural of "ergo", an inferred conclusion
ergot - a fungus affecting wheat and hippies
erhan - a first name
erian - a first name; a subdivision of the American Devonian age
erica - a first name; a heather plant; a town in Australia
erice - a first name; a town in Sicily
erich - a first name
erick - a first name; a town in Oklahoma; a blood fine paid by a murderer to the victim's family
erico - a first name
erics - plural of "eric", a blood fine imposed on a murderer and his family under old Irish law
eridu - a town in Iraq; a town in Florida
eriel - a first name
eries - plural of "erie", a tribe of American Indians
eriff - a two year old canary; a young criminal
erika - a first name
eriko - a first name
eriks - a first name
erimo - a port city in northern Japan
erina - a first name
erine - a first name
ering - saying "er"
erinn - a first name
erino - a first name
eriqa - a first name
erith - an English town
erizo - a hedgehog
erjon - a first name
erkan - a first name
erkin - a first name
erkka - a first name
erkki - a first name
erlan - a first name
erlin - a first name
erlys - a first name
ermes - grieves; feels sad
ermin - a first name; a kind of material
ermis - a first name
ermit - a hermit
erned - earned
ernen - a town in Switzerland
ernes - plural of "erne", a sea eagle
erney - a first name
ernie - a first name
ernst - a first name
erode - to wear away
erold - a first name
erops - an acronym: "Extended Range Operations" for flights more than an hour from a landing site
erose - notched or uneven, as if gnawed away (cognate with "erode")
erred - made a mistake
erric - a first name
errin - a first name
erris - a British cape
errol - a first name
error - a mistake
erryl - a first name
ersan - a first name
ersar - a Turkoman people of Bukhara
ersat - a first name
erses - plural of "erse", a Scottish Gael
ersin - a first name
ersta - a town in Sweden
ertha - a first name
ertsa - a first name
eruca - the genus of plants to which arugula belongs; a caterpillar
eruct - to belch, to burp
erugo - a green film that forms on copper
erupt - to burst out
eruvs - plural of "eruv", any of 3 rabbinic enactments easing certain Sabbath restrictions
erven - a first name; plural of "erf", a plot of land, of about an acre
ervil - a European vetch
ervin - a first name
ervyn - a first name
erwan - a first name
erwin - a first name
erwyn - a first name
eryka - a first name
erynn - a first name
eryon - a genus of fossil decapod crustaceans
erzhi - a first name
erzya - a language once spoken in Russia
esbat - a weekly meeting of witch covens
esben - a first name
escar - a narrow ridge of gravel and sand
escot - to provide support for
esera - a first name
esere - a town in Chad
esher - an English town
eshin - a pail, tub or can
esile - eisel, vinegar
esill - a wine made from vinegar
esino - a river in Italy
eskar - a narrow ridge of gravel and sand
esker - a narrow ridge of gravel and sand
eskie - short for "Eskimo", and signifying a cooler
eskil - a first name
eslam - a first name
esler - a first name
esmat - a first name
esmie - a first name
esneh - a town in Egypt, site of a famous temple
esnes - plural of "esne", in Anglo-Saxon England a worker of the lowest class
espen - a first name
espoo - the second largest city in Finland, home to Nokia
espot - a town in northern Spain
esrar - marijuana
esrat - a first name
esref - a first name
esrog - a citron used during Sukkoth
esrom - a kind of cheese
essad - a first name
essae - a first name
essam - a first name
essan - a first name
essay - a theme; an attempt
essed - curved like the letter "S"; an ancient chariot
essen - an industrial city in Germany
esses - plural of "ess", the letter "S"
essex - an English county; a breed of swine
essey - a first name
essie - a first name
essom - a first name
essop - a first name
estee - a first name
estel - a first name
esten - a first name
ester - a first name; a type of chemical compound
estes - a first name; dainty foods
estie - a first name
estoc - a short thrusting sword of the Renaissance
eston - a first name
estop - to impede by the legal means of estoppal
estra - a first name
estre - the inner part of a building
estro - enthusiasm; poetic inspiration
estus - a first name; a glow of passion
eszti - a first name
etaac - the South African blaubok
etage - a floor or story of a building
etail - slang for "electronic retail", commerce via the Internet
etain - a first name
etana - a first name; a Babylonian god who rode an eagle
etape - a warehouse; a place where troops halt for the night
etats - plural of "etat", a state or polity
etens - plural of "eten", a giant
etera - a first name
eteri - a first name
etern - eternal, everlasting
etext - an electronic text
etgar - a first name
ethal - cetyl alcohol
etham - a biblical place
ethan - a first name
ethel - a first name
ethem - a first name
ether - an anesthetic; the "upper" regions of space; a mythical medium with no properties
ethic - a body of moral principles
ethna - a first name
ethne - a first name
ethno - a recent immigrant
ethos - the fundamental character of a culture
ethyl - a first name; a univalent chemical radical
ethyn - a first name
etina - a first name
etite - eaglestone
etive - a British river
etnas - plural of "etna", a volcano; a small spirit stove
etons - returnable notes (!)
etore - a first name
etrog - a citron used during Sukkoth; a Canadian film award
etsra - a town in Saudi Arabia
ettey - a first name
ettie - a first name
ettin - an eten, a giant
ettle - to intend; to plan; to devise; a nettle; to guess
etude - a piano piece
etuis - plural of "etui", a case for holding small articles
etwas - a musical term meaning "somewhat"
etwee - an etui, a case for holding small articles
etyen - a first name
etyma - plural of "etymon", an original form, primitive word, or root
etyms - plural of "etym", a variant of "etymon"
etzel - the king who married Kriemhilde after Siegfried's death
etzio - a first name
eubie - a first name
eucre - a variant of "euchre"
eudel - a first name
eudes - a first name
euell - a first name
eugen - a first name
eughs - plural of "eugh", the yew
euked - yuked, itched
eulia - a first name
eunan - a first name
eupad - an antiseptic powder
eupen - a town in Belgium
euren - a town in Wisconsin
euroa - a town in Australia
euros - the ancient Greek name for the East wind; plural of "euro", a monetary unit of Europe; a large kangaroo
eurus - in Greek mythology, the god of the East wind
eusol - an antiseptic solution, from "Edinburgh University SOLution"
eutaw - site of a famous battle
eutin - a town in Germany
evade - to elude
evald - a first name
evana - a first name
evann - a first name
evans - a first name; a Pacific cape; a lake in North America
evany - a first name
evard - a first name
evase - widening gradually, like a chimney or funnel
evatt - a first name
eveli - a first name
evene - to happen
evenk - an ethnic group of Siberia
evens - a first name; makes flat; ties the score; the even numbers
event - an occurrence
eveny - a first name; a people of Siberia
evere - a town in Belgium
evert - a first name; to turn inside out
every - each; all
evets - plural of "evet", a newt
evett - a first name
evhoe - variant of "evoe", an interjection of Bacchic frenzy
evian - a spa; source of mineral water for the naive
evict - to cast out
evike - a first name
evils - plural of "evil", a moral wrong
evita - a first name
evite - to avoid
evlin - a first name
evlyn - a first name
evohe - variant of "evoe", the cry of exhilaration of the bacchanals
evoke - to draw out
evony - a first name
evora - a town in Portugal
evrim - a first name
evros - a river in Greece
evsey - a first name
evvie - a first name
evyan - a first name
evyen - a first name
evzen - a first name
ewald - a first name
eward - a first name
ewart - a first name
ewell - a first name; a suburb of London
ewers - plural of "ewer", a large pitcher
ewert - a first name
ewery - a room for storing ewers
ewest - nearest, closest
ewfts - plural of "ewft", a newt
ewhow - an interjection of regret
ewing - a first name
ewked - yuked; itched
ewoud - a first name
ewynn - a first name
exact - precise; to force out
exalt - to praise; to raise higher
exams - plural of "exam", a test
excel - to outdo
excon - an ex-convict
excur - to run out; to extend
exdis - a security classification, acronym: "EXclusive DIStribution"
exeat - a bishop's permission for a priest to leave a diocese
execs - plural of "exec", an executive
exect - to cut off or to cut out
exede - to corrode
exeem - to exempt
exeme - to exempt
exene - a first name
exert - to put into action
exfil - a shortened form of "exfiltration", the conveyance of an agent out of a site
exgay - a homosexual who has been retrained to heterosexuality
exgod - a former god
exher - a first name
exies - a fit of hysterics
exile - to force out of a country
exine - the outer layer of certain spores
exist - to be
exite - a movable appendage on an arthropod's limb
exits - plural of "exit", a means of egress
exjew - a former Jew
exlex - an outlaw
exmet - a former player on the New York Mets team
exmos - plural of "exmo", a former Mormon
exode - a comic afterpiece in the ancient Greek theater; an exodus
exody - an exodus
exons - plural of "exon", a sequence in the genetic code; a Yeoman of the Guard
exorn - to furnish or adorn
exors - applies the "exclusive or" operation to
expat - an expatriate
expel - to force out; to eject
expos - plural of "expo", an exposition; a member of the Montreal baseball team
exput - the extraction of information from a computer database
exter - to dig up; to extract
extol - to praise
exton - a town in Pennsylvania
extra - a supernumerary
exude - to emit
exuls - plural of "exul", a exile
exult - to be joyful
exuma - one of the Bahama Islands
exurb - a residential area beyond the suburbs
exute - to strip
eyaks - plural of "eyak", an Indian people of the Copper river in Alaska
eyasi - a lake in Africa
eydie - a first name
eydor - a first name
eyers - plural of "eyer", an observer
eyess - an eyas; an unfledged bird
eyeti - an ethnic slur
eyeto - an ethnic slur
eyeup - examine; look over
eyght - an island
eying - observing
eylau - a town in East Prussia, site of a famous Napoleonic battle
eyles - ails
eylis - a first name
eyman - a first name
eyots - plural of "eyot", a river or lake island
eyoty - containing many eyots
eyran - a first name
eyras - plural of "eyra", a wild cat of tropical America
eyren - plural of "ey", an egg
eyres - plural of "eyre", a circuit journey, as in a "justice in eyre"
eyrie - an eagle's nest
eyrir - an aluminum bronze coin of Iceland, worth 1/100 of a Krona
eytan - a first name
eytie - an ethnic slur
eyton - a first name
ezana - a first name
ezeck - a first name
ezell - a first name
ezera - a first name
ezere - a town in Latvia
ezhno - a first name
eznab - the eighteenth day of the Mayan religious month
ezola - a first name
ezrah - a first name
ezria - a first name
ezvan - a first name
ezzat - a first name
ezzie - a first name
faaan - a fanatic science fiction devotee
faada - a first name
faags - variant of "fegs", an interjection of surprise
faams - plural of "faam", an Indian orchid
faans - plural of "faan", a person more interested in science fiction fans and their activities than in science fiction
faaps - plural of "faap", a garfish
fabas - plural of "faba", a broad bean
fabbo - fabulous, wonderful
fabby - fabulous, wonderful
fabek - a first name
faber - a first name; a lake in North America
fabes - plural of "fabe", a gooseberry
fabia - a first name
fabio - a first name
fable - a myth
fabra - a first name
fabre - a first name
faced - confronted; extremely drunk
facer - a blow; an unexpected problem; a brimming glass
faces - plural of "face", a visage
facet - a small polished surface; a side or aspect
facey - cheeky, insolent
fachi - a town in Niger
facia - fascia; a storefront nameplate
facie - Latin for "face", used in the phrase "prima facie", first face; a facing board
facks - plural of "fack", a fact
facon - a heavy knife carried by gauchos
facta - plural of "factum", a man's own act and deed
facto - Latin for "fact", used in the phrase "de facto", in fact
facts - plural of "fact", a thing known with certainty
facty - filled with facts
fadal - a first name
faddy - crotchety; faddish
faded - became less bright
fadel - a first name
fader - one that fades; an obsolete form of "father"
fades - becomes less bright
fadey - a first name
fadge - to suit; to prosper; a short, fat person; a bundle of leather; a potato cake; an oaf; vagina
fadia - a first name
fadil - a first name
fadme - a fathom
fados - plural of "fado", a Portuguese folk song
fadwa - a first name
faena - a series of passes made by a matador in a bullfight
faery - a fairy
faffs - blows in puffs; bustles ineffectually; dabbles
faffy - vacuous, pointless; blowing in puffs
fagan - a first name; a penis
fages - coaxes, flatters
faggy - a disparaging adjective, used to describe exaggeratedly effeminate behavior
fagin - a first name; the beech mast; an adult who instructs children in crime
fagoo - a nomad settlement in Sudan
fagot - a faggot; a bundle of sticks; 120 pounds of iron
fagus - a genus that includes the beech trees
fahad - a first name
faham - an Indian orchid whose leaves were used as a substitute for tea
fahed - a first name
fahim - a first name
fahri - a first name
faial - one of the Azores Islands
faida - a first name
faiga - a first name
faige - a first name
faiks - abates; excuses
fails - does not succeed; collapses
faina - a first name
faine - a variant of "feign"
fains - a child's call for a temporary truce; plural of "fain", a fen
faint - to collapse; barely detectable
faire - a festival of medieval mummery
fairm - a farm
fairs - makes smooth; plural of "fair", a thing that is justified
fairy - a sprite
faisl - a first name
faith - a first name; belief
faits - plural of "fait", as in "fait accompli", a deed or feat
faiza - a first name
faize - feaze
faked - pretended
fakem - fraudulent, fake or spurious merchandise offered for sale
faker - one who fakes
fakes - pretends
fakey - inauthentic looking
fakie - a skateboarding move, in which the board is ridden backwards
fakih - a first name
fakir - a magician
fakri - a first name
fakse - a coastal town in Denmark
fakus - a doohickey
falah - a first name
falaj - an underground irrigation system used in the Middle East
falak - an omnipotent serpent that lives under the realm of fire in the legend of Bahamut
falam - a town in Myanmar
falan - a first name
falap - a basis dance step
falas - plural of "fala", an old madrigal (from the refrain "fa la"!)
falau - a first name
falco - a first name; the genus to which the falcon belongs
falda - a white silk vestment worn by the pope on solemn occasions
faleh - a first name
falen - a first name
falin - a first name
falke - a first name
falks - plural of "falk", an auk
falla - a fanciful display created for a Spanish festival
falls - descends; plural of "fall", a waterfall; autumn
fally - a first name
false - not true; deceitful
falso - a Central American cape
falun - a town in Switzerland
falwe - fallow
falyn - a first name
famed - renowned
fames - hunger; plural of "fame", renown
famey - a first name
famke - a first name
fanac - fan activity (a term invented by Star Trek fans)
fanad - nothing (short for "Fanny Adams", which is long for "FA", which is short for "Fuck All"); a British cape
fanal - a lighthouse
fanam - an old gold or silver coin of southern India
fanas - plural of "fana", in Sufism, the annihilation of individual will before that of God
fanci - a first name
fancy - a first name; elaborate; whimsy
fanda - a first name
fands - tries
fanes - a first name; plural of "fane", a temple; a flag; a fairy
fanga - a Spanish unit of dry volume measure
fango - radioactive mud; clay or hot mud from springs, used in mud baths
fangs - plural of "fang", a long tooth
fangy - resembling a fang; having fangs
fania - a first name
fanin - the number of inputs to a logic gate
fanis - a first name
fanks - plural of "fank", a sheepfold
fanlo - a town in Spain
fanni - a first name
fanny - a first name; the buttocks
fanon - a napkin; a scarf; a coin
fanos - plural of "fano", a cape worn by the pope
fanta - a first name
fante - a Kwa language spoken in Ghana
fanti - a Kwa language spoken in Ghana; wild and unrestrained
fanum - a cape worn by that clothes horse, the pope
fanus - a first name
fanya - a first name
faqih - an Islamic religious lawyer
faqir - a fakir
faqus - a town in Egypt
farad - a unit of measurement for electrical capacitance
farah - a first name; an Afghan province
farai - a first name
faran - a first name
farbs - plural of "farb", a half-hearted Civil War reenactor, from "far-be-it-from-me"
farby - a half-hearted Civil War reenactor
farce - a comical play
farci - stuffed with finely chopped meat
farcy - glanders
farde - an Egyptian unit of capacity which is either about 58 liters (small farde), or twice that amount (the large farde)
fardh - a commercial variety of date
fardo - a unit of weight in the Philippines
fards - applies cosmetics to; plural of "fard", a brown date
fardy - like a brown date
fared - traveled; prospered
faren - a first name
farer - a traveler
fares - a first name; gets along; plural of "fare", a traveler's toll
fargo - a city in North Dakota; a concealed recording device
faria - a river in New Guinea
farid - a first name
farin - a first name
fario - a first name
fariq - a first name
faris - a first name; a town in Iraq; a town in Greece
farle - an oatcake
farls - plural of "farl", a thin oatmeal cake
farly - a first name; a gay guy
farms - plural of "farm", a tract of land devoted to agriculture
farmy - of or like a farm
farne - a British island
faroe - referring to the Faroe Islands
faroh - a first name
farok - a first name
farol - a pase in bullfighting
faron - a first name
faros - plural of "faro", a card game
farqy - a first name
farra - a first name
farre - far
farry - a farrow
farse - a Biblical extract; a paraphrase
farsh - a first name
farsi - a Persian language
farts - breaks wind
farty - redolent of noxious intestinal vapors
faruk - a first name
faruq - a first name
farye - a first name
faryn - a first name
fasci - plural of "fascio", a local branch of the Fascisti
fasel - a first name; a chick pea or kidney bean
faser - one who faces; one who puts on a false show; a blow to the face
fashy - angry
fasil - a first name
fasma - a first name
fasti - a Roman calendar of festivals
fasts - abstains from food
fatai - a first name
fatal - deadly
fatan - a first name
fatao - a town in Mali
fatas - plural of "fata", short for "fata Morgana", a mirage
fated - destined
faten - a first name
fater - a fortune-teller; a cheater
fates - in Greek mythology, weavers of destiny: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos
fatey - a first name
fatha - a first name; an Arabic accent mark
fathi - a first name
fatih - a first name; the old quarter of Istanbul
fatil - a first name
fatin - a first name
fatio - a first name
fatly - obesely
fatma - a first name
fator - a fortune-teller
fatos - a first name
fatra - the name of two mountain ranges in Slovakia
fatso - a fat person
fatta - a breakfast dish of boiled lamb, bread, rice and soup
fatty - adipose; a mean-spirited nickname
fatur - a first name
fatwa - an Islamic decree
faugh - an interjection expressing disgust, said by no one outside of old books
fauld - a piece of armor below the breastplate
faule - a fall, or falling band
fault - a failing; a defect; an imperfection
faulx - a town in France
fauna - a first name; animal life
faune - a first name
fauns - plural of "faun", a woodland deity
fauny - like a faun
faurd - favored
faure - a first name
fause - false
faust - a first name; in medieval legend, a philosopher who sold his soul for knowledge; ugly
fauve - a fauvist
favas - a hexagonal paving tile
favel - yellow; a yellow horse; cajolery
faver - more favorite
faves - plural of "fave", a favorite
favor - a first name; to regard with approval
favre - a first name
favus - a contagious fungal scalp disease; a hexagonal paving tile
fawas - a first name
fawna - a first name
fawne - a first name
fawns - dotes on; plural of "fawn", a young deer
fawny - of a yellowish brown color; a ring; like a fawn
fawzi - a first name
fawzy - a first name
faxed - sent a facsimile message
faxer - one who faxes
faxes - sends a facsimile message
faxon - a first name
fayal - one of the Azore Islands
fayda - a first name
fayed - joined closely
fayez - a first name
fayik - a first name
fayla - a first name
fayme - a first name
fayne - a first name; a variant of "feign"
fayre - a first name; a fair
fayth - a first name
fayum - Faiyum, a division of northern Egypt
fazed - dazzled; stunned; stupefied
fazel - a first name
fazer - something which dazzles, stuns or stupefies
fazes - dazzles; stuns; stupefies
fazil - a first name
fazzo - fabulous
feaks - plural of "feak", a lock of hair
feale - a British river
feals - conceals
feare - a fere, a companion or mate
fearn - a town in Scotland
fears - is afraid of
feart - afraid
feary - like fear; full of fear
fease - to faze
feast - a grand meal; a celebration
feats - plural of "feat", a deed; a dangling curl of hair
featy - neat; handy
feaze - to unravel; to twist; to worry; to harm
fecal - of feces
feces - turds; excrement
fecht - to fight
fecit - "(he) made it", often inscribed on works of art
fecks - an exclamation meaning "Faith!"; plural of "feck", value; effect; strength (hence "feckless" = worthless)
fecri - a first name
fedai - a member of an Ismaili order of assassins
fedex - to send by Federal Express
fedia - a genus of Mediterranean herbs
fedja - a first name
fedje - a town in Norway
fedor - a first name
fedup - disgusted
fedya - a first name
feebs - plural of "feeb", a feeble-minded person; a feeble person; an FBI agent
feeby - the FBI; an FBI agent
feeds - nourishes
feedy - overfull of food
feele - a girl; a child
feels - senses; touches
feely - appealing to the senses; handsy
feena - a first name
feeps - plural of "feep", the soft bell sound of a computer monitor
feere - a consort, husband or wife
feers - plural of "feer", a companion
feese - a short run before a leap
feesk - a tuft of unruly hair
feeze - to twist; to worry; to harm; to pledge to a fraternity; to have sexual intercourse
fegui - a town in Mali
fehim - a first name
fehme - a medieval secret German tribunal, the Vehmgericht
feigh - to clean
feign - to pretend
feine - to feign
feint - a stratagem; a deceptive action
feist - a small dog of mixed breed; to flirt
feiza - a first name
feize - to twist
fekes - plural of "feke", a magician's doctored prop
fekri - a first name
felch - fecal matter
felcy - a first name
felda - a first name
felia - a first name
felic - a first name
felid - a member of the cat family
felim - a first name
felis - a first name; the cat family
felix - a first name
feliz - a first name
felka - a first name
felke - a first name
felks - sings felk songs (a bizarre genre associated with science fiction fans)
fella - slang for "fellow"
fells - cuts down; plural of "fell", a small mountain typical of the Lake District
felly - felloe; the rim of a wheel; harshly destructive
felon - a criminal
felos - plural of "felo", short for "felo de se", a suicide
felpo - a first name
felth - the power of feeling in one's fingers
felts - plural of "felt", a fabric; a gambling table
felty - of, like, or containing felt
felup - a people of the Atlantic coast of the western Sudan
felyx - a first name
felze - an enclosed gondola
femal - a variant of "female"
fembo - a feminine-acting man
femes - plural of "feme", a wife
femic - belonging to a group of ferromagnesian minerals
femie - a first name
femme - a woman; a feminine lesbian
femmi - a first name
femmy - feminine; emasculated; campy
femur - a thigh bone
fence - a receiver of stolen goods; a railing; to sword fight as a sport
fends - wards off
fendy - shifty; thrifty; clever in finding a way to do things
fenho - a river in China
fenis - plural of "feni", a Goan alcoholic spirit produced from coconuts
fenks - finks; parts of blubber even whalers don't want
fenny - a first name; marshy; a spirit distilled in Goa from cashew nuts or coconuts
fents - plural of "fent", a vent, or short slit in a garment
fenus - faenus, interest in Roman law
feods - plural of "feod", a fief
feoff - a grant of land
ferae - wild animals
feras - a first name
feral - wild
feran - a first name
feras - a first name
ferda - a first name
ferde - a first name
ferdo - a first name
ferds - plural of "ferd", an army, a large number
ferdy - a first name
feren - a first name
ferer - more able; more sound
feres - plural of "fere", a companion
feria - a weekday of a church calendar on which no feast is celebrated
ferie - a holiday
ferik - a first name
ferin - a first name
ferit - a first name
ferks - moves quickly
ferly - fearful; sudden; a sudden marvel
ferme - a hole; a prison; a cave
fermi - a unit of measurement of distance, a femtometer, 10^(-15) meter
fermo - another name for Firmum; a town in Italy
ferms - plural of "ferm", a farm; a pseudohermaphrodite with ovaries
ferne - a first name
ferni - a first name
ferns - a town in Eire; plural of "fern", a flowerless vascular plant
ferny - full of ferns
feron - a first name
ferox - a brown trout of north west Europe
feroz - a first name
ferra - a first name
ferre - a variant of "ferrer", meaning far
ferro - one of the Canary Islands
ferry - a river transport
ferto - a European lake
feruz - a first name
fesse - a heraldic band
festa - a feast or holiday
feste - a first name
fests - plural of "fest", a festival or celebration
festy - like a fest
fetal - embryonic
fetas - plural of "feta", a goat milk cheese
fetch - to go for
feted - honored, celebrated
fetes - plural of "fete", a celebration
fethe - a first name
fetid - noxious
fetii - in French Oceania, a member of one's extended family
fetis - neat; pretty; well-made
fetor - an offensive odor
fetta - variant of "feta", a cheese made of goat milk
fette - to fetch
fetti - money
fetts - fetches
fetus - an unborn child
fetwa - an Islamic judgment
feuar - a lease holder; a cottager
feuda - plural of "feudum"
feuds - plural of "feud", a vendetta
feued - granted land under Scottish feudal law
feugh - a British river
fever - a ferment; a passion; high temperature as a symptom of illness
fevzi - a first name
fewel - fuel
fewer - not as many
feyed - cleaned out
feyer - more crazy
feyge - a first name
feyla - a first name
feyly - in a fey manner
feyne - to feign
feyre - a fair or market
fezes - plural of "fez", a Middle Eastern hat
fezzi - a native of Fez, Morocco
ffion - a first name
fiach - a first name
fiala - a first name
fiana - a first name
fiard - a fjord
fiars - plural of "fiar", a grain price legally fixed by the Fiars court; a free-holder
fiato - a musical term meaning "breath"
fiats - plural of "fiat", an authoritative order
fiber - a filament; a thread-like material
fibre - a British spelling of "fiber"
fibro - a building material of compressed asbestos and concrete
fibry - fibrous; made of fibers
fices - plural of "fice", a feist, a small dog
fiche - a microfiche
fichu - a small triangular lace or muslin shawl
ficin - a protease obtained from the latex of the fig
ficos - plural of "fico", a snap of the finger; a fig; a worthless trifle
ficus - the fig
fidai - a member of an Ismaili order of assassins
fidar - a river in Lebanon
fidel - a first name
fides - faith in religious dogma held without concern for logical proof or evidence
fidge - to fidget; an uneasy or restless motion; a fidgety person
fidia - a genus of small beetles
fidos - plural of "fido", a defective coin
fiefs - plural of "fief", a feudal grant of land
fiefy - like a fief
field - a first name; a meadow; an area
fiend - an evil person
fient - a fiend; a devil
fiere - a fere, a companion or mate
fieri - facias; a writ
fiero - a musical term meaning "bold"
fiery - flaming; like fire
fiest - most doomed
fifed - played the fife
fifer - someone who plays the fife
fifes - plural of "fife", a musical instrument related to the flute
fifey - like a fife
fifie - a Scottish fishing lugger
fifth - number 5 in order
fifty - 50
figen - a first name
figgy - of, like, or containing figs
fight - to dispute; to oppose
figmo - an acronym: "Forget It, Got My Orders", (roughly), the attitude of a short-timer
figos - plural of "figo", variant of "fico", a snap of the fingers
figue - a kind of cheese
fijis - plural of "Fiji", a resident of the Fiji islands; the Fiji islands
fiked - fidgeted; annoyed
fikes - fidgets; annoys; plural of "fike", a bag-shaped fish trap
fikie - fidgety, restless
filao - a beefwood with pendulous branches
filar - threadlike
filch - to steal
filed - smoothed; deposited a document; formed a line
filer - one who files
files - smooths; deposits a document; plural of "file", a rasp; a line; a collection of documents
filet - to fillet
filey - a coastal town in England; like a file
filia - a first name
filip - a first name; a finger flip
filix - cystoperis
filiz - a first name
filks - plural of "filk", a 'filk' song, a humorous parody, popularized at science fiction conventions
fille - a girl
fillo - phyllo dough; an illustration used to fill up the rest of a page
fills - dispels the vacuum
filly - a girl; a foal
filma - a first name
films - plural of "film", a movie; a thin membrane
filmy - diaphanous
filth - grime
filum - a threadlike anatomical structure
filya - a first name
final - last
finan - a first name
finca - a rural property, ranch or estate in Spain or South America
finch - a bird
finds - discovers
findy - plump
fined - charged
finer - a refiner; more fine; one who fines
fines - charges
finew - moldiness
finey - like a fine
fingo - a South African people
finif - variant of "finnif", Yiddish for "five", a five dollar bill
finis - a first name; the end
finke - a river in Australia
finks - plural of fink, an informer; informs the police
finky - like a fink
finly - a first name
finno - of Finland or Finnish, as in "Finno-Ugric languages"
finns - plural of "Finn", a native of Finland
finny - a first name; having fins
finos - merino wool
finse - a town in Norway
finty - a first name
finuf - variant of "finnif", Yiddish for "five", a five dollar bill
fiona - a first name
fionn - a first name
fiora - a first name
fiord - a cliff-bound ocean inlet
fiore - a first name
fioza - a first name
fique - Mauritius hemp
firaq - a first name
firas - a first name
firat - a first name
firca - in India, a tribe, community or group
fired - discharged; kindled
firee - an employee who has been fired
firen - a first name
firer - an igniter; a shooter
fires - blazes; disemploys
firey - suggestive of a fire
firgi - a village in Niger
firks - whips; beats; copulates with; moves quickly; plural of "firk", a trick; a freak
firma - Latin for "firm" or "solid", used in "terra firma", solid land
firme - an expression of high approbation
firms - becomes more firm; plural of "firm", a company or business
firns - plural of "firn", a neve; a glacier snow
firny - like a firn
firps - plural of "firp", a jerk
firry - full of pines
first - chief; before all others
firth - a first name; a river mouth
firuz - a first name
fiscs - plural of "fisc", a state or royal treasury
fishl - a first name
fisho - a professional fisherman
fishy - questionable; smelling of fish
fiske - a first name
fisks - frisks
fists - plural of "fist", a balled-up hand
fisty - a left-handed person; related to boxing
fitch - a first name; a pole cat; a vetch; a long-handled paint brush for remote surfaces
fitim - a first name
fitly - aptly
fitte - a ballad
fitts - plural of "fitt", a fitte; a song
fitty - suitable, appropriate; like a fit; involving many fits
fitup - a place set up as a temporary stage for an itinerant theater
fiume - a seaport in Yugoslavia
fiver - a five dollar bill; one who gives five percent of his earnings instead of a tenth
fives - a horse disease; a ball game
fixed - repaired; stationary; secretly predetermined
fixer - one who repairs
fixes - repairs; prepares; makes fast
fixit - involved with fixing things
fixup - a correction; something that has been fixed
fizzy - effervescent; the 60's version of Pop Rocks
fjeld - a high barren plateau
fjord - a long narrow ocean inlet
flabs - plural of "flab", fatty body tissue
flach - backwards slang for "half"
flack - a press agent
flaff - to flutter
flage - an abbreviated form of "flagellation"
flags - loses strength; plural of "flag", a banner; an iris
flail - a threshing implement; to make wild, disjointed movements
flain - flayed
flair - a first name; a natural aptitude
flake - a scale; an unreliable person
flako - intoxicated
flaks - gives some trashing; plural of "flak", a protector, an antiaircraft cannon
flaky - scaling; unreliable
flama - a first name
flamb - to baste; to singe
flame - to spew invective; an amour; a tongue of fire
flamm - a flawn, or custard
flams - deceives; plural of "flam", a whim; a drum rudiment
flamy - lambent; composed of flame
flana - a first name
flane - an arrow
flang - a miner's pick axe; past tense of "fling"
flank - a side
flann - a first name
flans - plural of "flan", a custard
flaps - flutters; plural of "flap", an argument; a side panel
flare - a first name; a signal light
flary - flaming
flash - a glint; an instant
flask - a small bottle
flats - plural of "flat", an apartment; a low heeled shoe; a punctured tire
flaux - a first name
flava - style
flawn - a custard
flaws - plural of "flaw", a defect
flawy - defective; characterized by gusts, as a wind
flaxy - light in color; blonde
flays - removes the skin; excoriates
flead - unrendered pork fat
fleak - a small lock; an insignificant person
fleam - a sharp surgical lancet used for opening veins to cause bloodletting; a bevel angle
flear - a word of mockery
fleas - plural of "flea", an external blood-sucking parasite
flech - a flea
fleck - a dapple; a small spot
flect - in heraldry, with a bent bow
fleda - a first name
fleed - variant of "flead", unrendered pork fat
fleem - variant of "fleam", a lancet; a bevel angle
fleen - a variant plural of "flea"
fleer - a word or look of derision; to mock; one who flees
flees - runs away
fleet - rapid; a group of ships; an arm of the sea; an English town
flegm - phlegm
flegs - frightens; kicks; flees
fleid - fleyed
fleme - to banish; to drive away
flemo - Flemington, a suburb of Melbourne
flems - plural of "Flem", a native of Flemland
flerd - deceit; fraud
flerk - to jerk or twitch
flesh - meat
fleta - a first name
flete - to float; to swim
fleuk - a fluke
fleur - a first name; a fleur-de-lis
flews - plural of "flew", a bloodhound's chap; a fishing net
flewy - like a bloodhound's chap
flexy - tending to flex easily
fleys - frightens; flays
flick - to flip; rabbit fur; a movie
flics - plural of "flic", a Parisian policeman
flied - a past tense of "fly"; to hit a fly ball
flier - an aeronaut
flies - travels through air; plural of "fly", a back stage appliance; an insect
flimp - to rob a person distracted by an accomplice
flims - a resort town in Switzerland
fling - to hurl; an escapade; a brief romantic adventure
flinn - a first name
flint - a first name; a hard stone; an English town; a town in Michigan
flipe - to flype; to fold back
flipp - a liquor for sailors, made from beer, spirits, and sugar
flips - turns over
flird - to flirt; a flimsy, insubstantial object
flirt - a coquet
flisa - a town in Norway
flisk - to comb; to whisk; a sudden action
flite - to scold; to brawl
flits - moves lightly and swiftly; plural of "flit", a subdivision of a data packet
flitt - to flit
float - to waft; to buoy; a soda with ice cream; a C data type
flobs - moves clumsily
flock - a herd
flocs - plural of "floc", a flocculent mass
floda - a town in Sweden
flody - a first name
floes - plural of "floe", a mass of floating ice
floey - a first name
flogs - whips; tries to sell
flois - a first name
flong - stereotyping paper
flood - a deluge
flook - a fluke
floor - to stump; a walking surface; the largest whole number no greater than a given number
flops - collapses in a heap; plural of "flop", a failure
flora - a first name; flowers
flore - a first name; a town in Albania
flori - a first name
floro - a town in Norway
flors - plural of "flor", a coating of microorganisms on the surface of some sherry wines, (yummy!)
flory - a first name; in heraldry, fleury
flosh - a weedy swamp
floss - a first name; a silky thread; a stream
flota - the Spanish treasure fleet
flote - a wave
flots - plural of "flot", a stratified ore
flour - ground wheat
flous - to cheat or trick someone
flout - to scoff; to mock
flowk - a fluke
flown - traveled through air
flows - moves steadily and smoothly
flowy - flowing, rippling
floyd - a first name
flubs - bungles
flued - built with flues
fluer - one who installs flues
flues - plural of "flue", an enclosed air passage or chimney
fluey - fluffy; like a flue; like the flu; having the flu
fluff - nap; down; insubstantial matter
fluid - liquid
fluke - chance; a parasitic worm; a fish
fluky - accidental; capricious
flula - a first name
flume - a water chute
flumm - a river in lower Saxony
flump - to plop down heavily
flums - a town in Switzerland
flumy - like a flume
flung - thrown
flunk - to fail
fluor - a first name; calcium spar; a bodily discharge
flure - floor
flurn - to show contempt by looks
flurr - a splashing or whirring sound
flurt - a flirt
flush - to blush; to drive from hiding; to wash away with water; five cards of the same suit in poker
flute - a kind of boat; musical instrument; groove in a pillar
fluty - flutelike
fluyt - a type of ship used by the Dutch
fluzy - a floozie
flyby - an aerial approach
flyer - a flier
flymy - sly or cunning
flynn - a first name
flynt - a first name
flype - a fold or flap
flysh - a great Alpine mass of Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary sandstone and shale
flyte - to scold
fnast - to pant or snort
fnese - to breathe heavily
foafs - plural of "foaf", an "urban legend", acronym: "Friend Of A Friend"
foafy - like an urban legend
foals - plural of "foal", a young horse
foaly - like a foal
foams - plural of "foam", a froth
foamy - frothy
foard - a first name
fobus - a general term of dislike
focal - converging; central
focht - fought
focus - a point of convergence
fodda - a coin
foehn - a dry hot wind of the Alps
fogas - the eastern European pike perch
foges - plural of "foge", the Cornish name for a forge used to smelt tin
fogey - a crotchety old-fashioned person
foggy - misty
fogie - a fogey
fogle - a silk handkerchief
fogon - a corner fireplace found in Indian and Spanish architecture
fogos - plural of "fogo", a stench
fogou - a cave
fogue - to stink
fogus - tobacco
fohns - plural of "fohn", a hot Alpine wind
foids - plural of "foid", feldspathoid
foils - fends off; plural of "foil", a fencing weapon; a thin sheet of metal
foily - like a foil; like foil
foins - thrusts with a pointed weapon; copulates with
foism - Chinese Buddhism
foist - to impose; a Chinese Buddhist
fokke - a first name
fokko - a first name
folco - a first name
folds - lays one part over another
foldy - foldable; folding
foley - a term for artificially produced sound used in movies
folia - plural of "folium", a leaf or sheet
folic - referring to folic acid, a nitrogenous acid in green leaves
folie - a madness or delusion, as in "folie a deux", a delusion shared by two people
folio - a sheet of paper; an early kind of book; an album
folke - a first name
folks - simple people; one's family
folky - folkie; having a folkish flavor
folly - a delusion
folos - plural of "folo", a follow-up
folwe - to follow
fomes - an object handled by a person with a contagious disease; plural of "fome", an absorbent substance
fomor - fomorian, a race of sea robbers in Celtic legend
fonda - a first name; a hotel or inn
fonde - to strive; to try
fondi - a town in central Italy
fondo - a municipality in Trento province, Italy
fonds - caresses, fondles
fondu - characterized by colors that blend into one another; melted; a sinking ballet movement
foner - a news story assembled solely by telephone calls
fonge - to take; to receive
fonio - a northern African crabgrass
fonky - a variant of "funky", used to intensify an adjective
fonly - foolishly, fondly
fonne - a fon
fonni - a town in Italy
fonso - a first name
fonta - a first name
fonts - plural of "font", a typeface; a fountain
fonya - a first name
fonzo - a first name
foods - plural of "food", something to eat
foody - eatable; another spelling for "foodie", a lover of good cooking
fooey - an expression of disgust, spelled "pfui" by the French
foofs - howls like a wounded dog
foofy - effeminate
fools - plural of "fool", a simpleton
foots - pays for; a residue
footy - paltry; poor; worthless; football (that is, soccer)
foppy - like a fop, a foolish pretentious person
foram - a marine rhizopod; a foraminifera
foray - an invasion; an excursion
forbe - a first name
forbs - plural of "forb", a herb other than grass
forby - a first name; adjacent; over and above; besides
force - strength; pressure; power
fordo - to undo; to abolish; a kind of Brazilian popular music
fords - plural of "ford", a river crossing
fordy - containing many fords
forel - a thin parchment; a parchment book cover
fores - plural of "fore", the front part of a thing
foret - a drill
forex - foreign exchange
forey - a first name
forez - a region, and mountain range in France
forge - a smithy; to falsify
forgo - to do without
forks - plural of "fork", a branch; a table utensil
forky - branching; like a fork
forli - a city in northeast Italy
forma - Latin for "form", used in the phrase "pro forma", for formality
forme - a bed of printing type; former, first; a half cone
forms - plural of "form", a mode
formy - formee
forre - the embroidered border of a handkerchief
forro - a Brazilian dance and music style
forry - a first name
forst - a town in Switzerland
forte - a strong point; denoting "loudly" in musical notation
forth - forward; onward; a river in Scotland
forts - plural of "fort", a fortress
forty - a number
forum - a place where arguments are made; a tribunal; a marketplace
fosca - a first name
fosco - a first name
fosho - slang for "for sure"
fossa - a Malagasy civet cat; a ditch; a pit or cavity in a bone
fosse - a ditch
fotch - to fetch
fotis - a first name
fotog - a photographer
fotui - a tropical South American timber tree
fouad - a first name
fouat - an onion
fouds - plural of "foud", a magistrate on the Orkney Islands
fouer - more drunk
fouet - an onion
foula - a Scottish island
foule - a light woolen fulled cloth
fouls - tangles; dirties; plural of "foul", an athletic infraction
found - discovered; to establish
fount - a fountain; a source
fourb - a fourbe, a trickster or cheater
fours - plural of "four", groups of four
fouta - a town in Senegal
fouth - abundance
fouty - despicable
fouzi - a first name
fovea - a pit; the center of the retina, where the blind spot is
fowad - a first name
fower - four
fowey - a coastal town in southern England
fowks - plural of "fowk", folk
fowls - plural of "fowl", a bird
fowly - like a fowl; having many fowls 
fowth - a variant of "fouth", an abundance
foxed - fooled; of a book marked with mold or water spots
foxer - one who deceives; one who hunts foxes; a voyeur
foxes - outwits; plural of "fox", a predatory mammal
foxie - foxy, cunning
foyer - a lobby
foyle - a foil; a European lake; a British river
foyne - to foin
fozia - a first name
frabs - worries; scolds
fraca - a fracas
frack - eager; to fractionate crude oil
fract - to break; to violate
fraff - caterpillar droppings
frage - the lowest bid in a card game of frog or skat
frags - assaults with a fragmentation grenade
fraho - a cigarette
fraid - afraid
fraik - to cajole
frail - fragile; delicate; a unit of weight of Spain of about 25 pounds
fraim - fremd
frain - a first name; ash
frajo - a cigarette
frake - the limba, an African tree
frame - to fashion; to form; to bound; a game at snooker
frams - pounds; beats
franc - a first name; a French coin
frang - a first name
franh - a first name
frani - a first name
frank - a first name; open; a hot dog; an ancient Germanic people; to mark a letter for free transmission
frann - a first name
frano - a first name
frans - a first name
franz - a first name
frape - a crowd; a mob
frapp - a beating
fraps - binds firmly; strikes
frase - phrase; fraise
frass - insect droppings
frate - a friar
frati - plural of "frater", a friar
frats - plural of "frat", a fraternity
fraud - imposture; deception
fraus - plural of "frau", in German use, a woman
frawn - the whortleberry
fraya - a first name
frayn - a first name; to ask; to inquire
frays - wears away by rubbing; plural of "fray", a skirmish
fraze - a first name; a small milling cutter; the end of a cane
freak - an oddity; a hippy; to become excited and disoriented
fream - to make the rutting cry of a boar
frean - a first name
freat - freit, a superstitious observance
freck - eager
freda - a first name
fredd - a first name
fredi - a first name
fredo - a first name
fredy - a first name
freed - emancipated
freek - a first name
freen - a first name
freep - the LA Free Press
freer - more free; a deliverer
frees - liberates
freet - superstitious
freia - a first name; Freya, the goddess of love in Norse mythology
freit - a superstitious observance
freja - a first name
fremd - strange; a stranger
frena - plural of "frenum", a connecting fold of membrane
freny - a first name
freon - a refrigerant
freqs - plural of "freq", a communication frequency
frere - a brother
fresh - novel; impudent; recent
fress - to eat greedily; to perform oral sex
freta - plural of "fretum", a strait, or an arm of the sea
frets - worries; raised bars on a guitar neck
frett - ore refuse; to prepare material for glass by heat
freya - a first name; the goddess of love in Norse mythology, sister to Freyr
freyr - the god of crops and fruit in Norse mythology, brother to Freya
friar - a religious brother
frias - a town in Argentina
friba - a first name
frici - a first name
frick - a first name; a mild form of "fuck"
frida - a first name
fried - cooked by frying
frier - a fryer
fries - cooks by frying
frigg - a town in Norway; the wife of Odin in Norse mythology, goddess of marriage and the home
frigs - fornicates with
frija - a Norse goddess, also known as Frigg
frill - a superfluous extra; a ruffled for the collar or sleeve
frink - a town in Florida
frise - frieze; endive; a town in France
frisk - to search the body; to romp
friso - a first name
friss - the fast section of a czardas
frist - a postponement, delay or respite
frith - a first name; a clearing in a forest; peace; a firth or narrow arm of the sea
frits - a first name; fuses into a vitreous substance; plural of "frit", a wheat fly
fritt - to fuse into a vitreous substance; a calcined mixture of sand and fluxes
fritz - a first name; a German
frize - to frizz
frizz - to curl
frock - a smock
frode - a first name
froes - plural of "froe", a cleaving tool
frogs - plural of "frog", an amphibian; a Frenchman
froma - a first name
frome - a river and a town in Wessex, England
frond - a leaf of a fern
frone - an unattractive woman
frons - the forehead
front - a forward part
frore - frozen
frorn - frozen
frory - frozen
frosh - a freshman
frost - rime; to add icing
frote - to chafe or rub
froth - foam
frots - rubs up against, committing frottage
frown - a scowl
frows - plural of "frow", a tool for cleaving cask staves; a Dutch woman
frowy - rank, musty
froyo - frozen yogurt
froze - solidified; held still
frugs - plural of "frug", a vigorous dance
fruit - produce; crop; the seed-bearing mass of certain trees
fruma - a first name
frump - a dowdy woman
frush - brittle; to crush or break; the triangular elastic mass in the middle of the sole of a horse's foot
frust - a fragment
fruzz - to brush hair the wrong way
fryda - a first name
fryer - a frying pan
fryup - a town in England; a full English breakfast
ftped - transferred a computer file using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
fuaad - a first name
fuage - fumage, a tax payable to the king for every hearth
fuang - a unit of weight in Thailand
fuars - feuars; landholders
fubar - an acronym: "Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition", so to speak
fubby - fat and squat
fubis - an acronym: "Forget You, Buddy, I'm Shipping Out" (roughly)
fubsy - chubby
fuchs - a student of the first year
fuchu - a town in Japan
fucic - a gelatinous acid found in fucoids
fucks - fornicates
fucky - lascivious; lewd
fucus - a red dye made from seaweed; disguise; seaweed
fuday - a British island
fuddy - a first name; used in the phrase "fuddy duddy", an old codger
fuder - a unit of volume of Luxembourg of about 264 gallons
fudge - a sweet dessert; to mislead
fudgy - containing fudge; bungling
fuels - plural of "fuel", a material used to supply energy for a fire or an engine
fuero - a statute or charter; a court
fuffs - puffs
fuffy - fluffy
fugal - like a fugue
fugas - plural of "fuga", a fugue
fugee - a first name; a village in Taiwan; a refugee
fuggy - stuffy and odorous
fugie - a runaway; a fighting cock
fugio - a former coin of the United States
fugis - plural of "fugi", a silk fabric; a wisteria vine
fugit - Latin for "flees" or "escapes", used in "tempis fugit", time flies
fugle - to act as a leader or director; to cheat
fugly - slang for (frightfully) ugly
fugue - a polyphonic musical composition based on a theme
fugus - plural of "fugu", a toxin-containing fish
fujio - a first name
fujis - plural of "fuji", a silk fabric; a wisteria vine
fukue - a town in Japan
fukui - a town in Japan
fulah - a Moslem people of the Egyptian Sudan
fulbe - a Moslem people of the Egyptian Sudan
fulda - a European river; a town in northern Germany
fulks - moves the hand unfairly in a game of marbles
fulla - a first name
fulls - shrinks and thickens cloth
fully - completely
fulth - fullness
fulup - felup
fulwa - the butter tree
fulya - a first name
fumba - a sleeping bag
fumed - emitted smoke or vapor
fumer - one who fumes
fumes - vapors; emits smoke; looks angry
fumet - a concentrated essence of game or fish, used as a flavoring
fumey - full of fumes
fumid - smoky
fumie - a first name; a brass tablet with a cross, which suspected Japanese Christians were required to trample
fumio - a first name
fumtu - an acronym: "Fouled Up More Than Usual", so to speak
funal - a metric ton meter per second squared
funch - sex at lunchtime
funda - a first name; a bandage for the jaw
fundi - a West African grain; a skilled person; a fundamentalist; plural of "fundus"
fundo - a large agricultural estate in Chile
funds - money
fundy - a bay between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia; a fundamentalist member of the Green Party
funen - an island in Denmark
funge - a fool; to convert, particularly to move money from one budgetary purpose to another
fungi - plural of "fungus", one of the family of mushrooms, toadstools and so on
fungo - a practice fly ball hit to a fielder
fungs - plural of "fung", a mythical Chinese pheasant
fungy - a deepdish blueberry pie
funic - of the umbilical cord
funis - the umbilical cord or any anatomical cordlike structure
funji - fung, a mythical Chinese pheasant
funks - plural of "funk", a strong smell
funky - smelly; strange; bizarre
funny - comical; strange
funts - plural of "funt", a one pound note
fuoco - a musical term
fuoro - referring to a group of very young, distant variable stars
fural - furfurylidene
furan - a flammable liquid
furca - a forked process (anatomy, not computer operating systems!)
furil - a yellow crystalline compound
furin - an enzyme
furio - a first name
furld - furled
furls - rolls up
furly - furled; containing furls
furol - furfural
furor - uproar
furos - plural of "furo", a short deep Japanese bathtub
furrs - plural of "furr", a furrow
furry - covered with fur
furth - forth, outside of
furud - a constellation
furyl - a univalent radical derived from furan
furze - gorse
furzy - covered in furze; whinny
fusan - a seaport in southeast Korea, now called Pusan
fusby - fat and squat; a woman
fused - melted together; joined
fusee - vesuvian; a firelock fuse; a wooden or paper match
fusel - an oily liquid
fuses - equips with a fuse; joins
fusey - like a fuse; emitting sparks like a fuse does
fusil - fusible; a musket; a heraldic bearing
fusin - a town in China; a cell membrane protein that permits a cell to fuse with HIV's surface
fussa - a town in Japan
fussy - particular; complaining
fusts - plural of "fust", a column shaft; a musty smell
fusty - musty
fusun - a first name
fusus - a genus of gastropods
futon - a sleeping mat
futwa - a fatwa
fuxin - a town in China
fuzed - provided with a fuze
fuzee - a firelock fuse; a wooden or paper match
fuzes - fuses
fuzey - like a fuze
fuzil - fusil
fuzzy - woolly; shaggy
fyces - plural of "fyce", a feist or small dog
fyerk - to flick away with the fingers
fyffe - a first name
fyked - fidgeted
fykes - fidgets; plural of "fyke", a long bag-shaped fish trap held open with hoops
fykey - fidgety
fykie - fikie, fidgety or restless
fyled - filed
fylke - a county
fynbo - a kind of cheese
fynen - a Baltic island where the Brandenburgers defeated the Swedes
fyodr - a first name
fyrds - plural of "fyrd", a Saxon militia
fyrom - acronym: the "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", the temporary name of the country of Macedonia, used to assuage Greece
fytte - a ballad
gabae - a town in western Persia, through which Alexander marched
gabar - a Zoroastrian of Iran
gabay - a traditional alliterative Somali poetic form
gabba - a harsh aggressive style of house music with a rapid beat; a friend
gabbe - a first name
gabbi - a first name
gabbo - a first name; a compulsive talker
gabby - a first name; talkative
gabel - an excise tax
gabes - a fool; plural of "gabe", Philippines taro; a town in Tunisia
gabey - a first name; a fool
gabie - a first name
gabin - a first name
gabis - a first name; plural of "gabi", Philippines taro
gabko - a first name
gable - a first name; a triangular section of a wall
gabon - an African country
gabor - a first name
gabri - a first name
gabun - the African country of Gabon; a soft reddish-brown African wool
gabys - a first name
gacho - stingy
gacko - a town in Bosnia
gacky - foolish; stupid
gadag - a town in India
gadar - "gay radar"
gadba - a language
gaddi - a first name; a hassock; a cushion for a throne; a caste
gaddy - a first name
gades - a town in southwest Spain; plural of "gade", a spike on a gauntlet; a gadoid fish
gadge - a torture instrument; a gauge
gadgy - an old senile person; any male person
gadic - referring to codfish
gadid - gadoid, a type of cod-like fish; an Israeli settlement in Gaza
gadir - an ancient city on the site of Cadiz, Spain
gadis - plural of "gadi", a gaddi, a hassock
gadje - plural of "gadjo", a non-Gypsy
gadjo - a non-Gypsy
gadre - to gather
gadso - an interjection expressing surprise
gadun - a town in Pakistan
gadus - the cod genus
gaela - a first name
gaels - plural of "Gael", a Celt of Scotland or Ireland
gaely - like a Gael
gaeta - a town in central Italy
gafat - an Ethiopian language with less than 30 living speakers
gaffa - a kind of sticking tape much used in theatrical productions
gaffe - a social mistake in front of witnesses
gaffs - plural of "gaff", a sharp fish hook; a cheap place of amusement
gaffy - like a gaff
gafsa - a town in Tunisia
gagan - a first name
gagea - a genus of small plants of the lily family
gaged - pledged
gager - a first name; gauger; the action of giving a gage
gages - plural of "gage", a pledges of security; a kind of plum; a measuring device
gaggy - jokey; like a gag; liable to make one gag
gagik - a first name; a king of Armenia
gagny - a town in France
gagor - a town in India
gagra - a town in Abkhazia, Georgia
gahan - a first name
gaiac - guaiac
gaids - plural of "gaid", a spike on a gauntlet
gaiea - a first name
gaila - a first name
gaile - a first name
gaill - a first name
gaily - happily
gaine - the lower part of a sculptured figure, like a quadrangular sheath; an initiating charge in a bomb
gains - plural of "gain", a profit or increase
gaird - guard
gairn - a British river
gairs - plural of "gair", an unplowed corner of a field
gaisi - a first name
gaist - a ghost
gaita - a Galician bagpipe
gaith - a first name
gaits - plural of "gait", a pace
gaitt - to beget a child
gaius - a first name
gaize - shale stone
gajos - plural of "gajo", a non-gypsy
gajre - a Macedonian village
galah - an Australian cockatoo; a fool
galal - a first name
galam - an early African state
galan - a first name
galas - plural of "gala", a celebration
galax - an evergreen shrub
galay - to hesitate
galba - a first name; the Roman Emperor who succeeded Nero; a genus of freshwater snails
galbe - an aggressive and frightening profile (am I THAT ugly?)
galea - a helmet-shaped botanical or anatomical part; a whole-head headache
galed - sang; cried out
galee - abuse; bad language; a miner who holds a gale in crown lands (more to THAT story!)
galei - pleurotremata; a suborder of marine animals including the sharks
galen - a first name; a physician (Galen was a famous ancient Greek doctor)
gales - plural of "gale", a strong wind or storm
galet - gallet; to fill a mortar joint; a cat-like carnivorous quadriped
galga - a town in Australia
galia - a first name
galib - a first name
galik - a town in Belarus
galin - a first name
galip - a first name
galit - a first name
galka - a first name
galla - a first name; a nut gall; to crave; a member of the Hamitic ethnic group of Somalia and southern Ethiopia
galle - a seaport in Sri Lanka
galli - suborder of Galliformes that includes all members except the hoatzin; plural of "gallus", a priest of Cybele
gallo - a cock
galls - vexes or irritates; biles; plural of "gall", a plant tumor
gally - a first name; like gall; to scare
galma - a town in Niger
galop - a lively round dance in 2/4 time
galpe - to gape or yawn
galps - gapes
galta - a town in India
galts - plural of "galt", a clay; a marl; a gelded male swine
galut - a forced exile of Jews from Palestine; an exiled Jew
galva - a town in Illinois
galvo - galvanized iron
galya - a first name
galyn - a first name
gamal - a first name
gamay - a red grape; a town in France; a town in the Philippines
gamba - a viol
gambe - a leg symbolized on a coat of arms
gambo - a Welsh farm cart
gambs - plural of "gamb", a leg symbolized on a coat of arms
gamed - gambled
gamer - gambler; a game player; a player who stays in the game despite injuries; more game
games - plural of "game", a recreation with rules
gamey - plucky; pungent
gamic - sexual; requiring fertilization
gamid - a first name
gamie - a gamekeeper
gamil - a first name
gamin - a first name; an urchin; a neglected child left to run the streets
gamka - a river in the Karoo
gamma - a Greek letter; a surgical instrument; a microgram; the third brightest star in a constellation
gammo - to perform oral sex
gammy - lame
gamov - an Asian cape
gamph - a fool
gamps - plural of "gamp", a large umbrella (from Mrs Gamp, a Dickens character)
gamut - range (from "gamma ut", where "gamma" was the lowest note, and "ut" was "do")
gamze - a first name
ganat - a first name
ganch - a fool; an apparatus; a Turkish form of execution by impalement, unlikely to be pleasant
ganda - a first name; a Bantu speaking people of Uganda
gandy - used in the phrase "gandy dancer", a manually propelled railway cart
ganef - a thief; ganev; ganof; ganov; gonaf; gonef; gonev; gonif; gonof
ganev - a thief; ganef; ganof; ganov; gonaf; gonef; gonev; gonif; gonof
ganga - alternative spelling of "ganja"; an Asian river
gange - marijuana; to protect the line of a fish hook by winding wire about it
gangs - plural of "gang", a group
gangy - like a gang; of a gang
ganil - limestone
ganim - an Israeli settlement in the West Bank
ganit - a first name
ganja - marijuana; a town in the northern Caucasus
ganks - kills and loots unwary novices in an online game
ganna - a first name
ganns - the lips
ganny - a first name; Afghani cannabis
ganof - a thief; ganef; ganev; ganov; gonaf; gonef; gonev; gonif; gonof
ganov - a thief; ganef, ganev; ganof; gonaf; gonef; gonev; gonif; gonof
gansh - ganch
gansu - a language; a province of western China
gansy - a fisherman's jersey
ganta - a town in Liberia
gants - yawns; gapes
ganya - a first name; a town in Malawi
ganza - a wild goose; a mythical bird
ganze - a Tibetan prefecture in Sichuan province
gaols - plural of "gaol", a jail
gaons - plural of "gaon", a Jewish head of one of the ancient Babylonian academies
gapac - a town in Florida
gapan - a town in the Philippines
gaped - hung open
gaper - one who gapes
gapes - hangs open; a disease of birds
gapey - having gapes; hanging open
gapos - plural of "gapo", a forest regularly flooded in the rainy season
gappy - like a gap, full of gaps
garad - a garad pod is the pod of babul
garaf - a river in Iraq
garba - a first name
garbe - a sheaf of wheat; a term in heraldry
garbo - a first name; a dustman
garbs - plural of "garb", clothing or style of dress
garby - a sailor
garca - a town in Brazil
garce - in India and Sri Lanka, a unit of capacity of about 5,000 liters
garda - a first name; a lake in Italy; the Irish police
garde - beware
gardi - a town in Georgia, USA
gardo - a town in Somalia
gards - plural of "gard", a garden
gardu - a town in Afghanistan
gardy - a first name; arm; part of the warning phrase "gardy loo!"
gareb - a first name
gared - a first name
gareh - a unit of area of 100 square centimeters
garek - a first name
garen - a first name
gares - looks out
garet - a first name
garey - a first name
gargi - a first name
garie - a first name
garik - a first name
garin - a first name
garis - plural of "gari", an Indian carriage
garle - a town in Cameroon
garni - garnished
garno - a British river
garns - plural of "garn", yarn
garon - a first name
garoo - agalloch, the soft resinous wood of an east Indian tree
garos - plural of "garo", a member of a Mongoloid tribe of Assam
garre - to cause; to force to happen
garri - a first name
garry - a first name; an Indian carriage; a British river
garse - grass
garsh - a humorous spelling of "gosh"
garth - a first name; a fish-weir; a garden
garum - a fish sauce of ancient Greece, probably just now reaching the fullness of flavor
garve - a town in Scotland
garvy - a first name
garyn - a first name
garza - an American Indian language
gasal - ghazel
gasan - a town in the Philippines
gases - plural of "gas", a vapor
gasha - a first name
gashy - containing many gashes
gaspe - a peninsula in Quebec, Canada
gasps - plural of "gasp", a convulsive breath
gaspy - characterized by many gasps
gassy - vaporous
gasts - scares
gatas - plural of "gata", the nurse shark
gatch - a plaster used in Persian architectural ornamentation
gated - confined; fenced in
gater - spruer
gates - a first name; plural of "gate", a moveable barrier
gatey - like a gate; having gates
gatha - one of 17 psalms, attributed to Zoroaster, that are part of the Avesta
gaths - plural of "gath", the second section of a raga
gator - an alligator
gatos - plural of "gato", an Argentine composition in 3/4 time
gatow - a suburb of Berlin, Germany
gatun - a town along the Panama Canal
gaubs - plural of "gaub", an East Indian persimmon tree; a guy rope
gauby - gaby
gaucy - buxom; jolly
gaude - to exult; in the phrase "gaude lake", the mimosa
gauds - plural of "gaud", a showy ornament; a prank
gaudy - garish
gauer - a lake in North America
gauge - a measuring device
gauje - a non-gypsy
gauls - plural of "Gaul", a member of an ancient people of France
gault - a thick heavy clay
gaums - smears
gaumy - dauby; smeary; clumsy; stupid
gaunt - lean; emaciated
gaups - gapes
gaura - a genus of American flowers
gaure - to stare at in amazement
gauri - a first name
gaurs - plural of "gaur", a wild Indian ox
gauss - a unit of measurement of magnetic field intensity
gaute - a first name
gauze - a filmy fabric
gauzy - filmy
gavan - a first name
gavar - the art of picking pockets
gavel - a judicial hammer; a sheaf of corn
gaven - a first name
gavia - a genus of aquatic birds
gavin - a first name
gavle - a town in Sweden
gavot - a dance of French peasant origin
gavra - a first name
gavri - a first name
gavyn - a first name
gawby - a baby; a dunce
gawcy - portly, jolly
gawds - plural of "gawd", a showy ornament
gawdy - gaudy
gawen - a first name
gawie - a country bumpkin
gawis - a town in Ethiopia
gawks - stares stupidly
gawky - awkward
gawns - plural of "gawn", a small tub; a ladle
gawps - gapes, gawks, yawns
gawsy - buxom; jolly; well-dressed and cheerful
gayal - a wild Indian ox
gayby - a baby adopted by homosexuals
gayed - turned homosexual
gayel - a first name
gayer - more gay
gayil - a first name
gayla - a first name
gayle - a first name
gayly - with gaiety; a town in Pennsylvania
gayna - a first name
gayne - to avail
gazal - ghazal
gazan - a native of Gaza
gazar - a silky sheer organza fabric
gazed - stared at
gazee - one who is stared at; an awkward, stupid person
gazel - a gazelle; a ghazel
gazer - one who stares
gazes - stares at
gazet - a small Venetian copper coin
gazia - a first name
gazit - a first name
gazob - a fool
gazon - cut turf used to line parapets in a fortification
gazoo - a kazoo; the buttocks
gazoz - a carbonated nonalcoholic drink
gbari - a peasant people of Nigeria
gbaya - a language
gbola - a first name
geach - a thief
geals - congeals
geane - a first name
geans - plural of "gean", a wild cherry
geany - a first name
geare - a variant of "gear"
gearr - a first name
gears - plural of "gear", a toothed wheel
geary - a first name; containing many gears; like a gear
geats - plural of "geat", an inlet hole in a mold, for metal casting; an ancient Scandinavian like Beowulf
geber - a first name
gebim - a biblical place
gebre - a first name
gebur - a tenant farmer
gebze - a town in Turkey
gecco - variant of "gecko", a lizard
gecko - a lizard
gecks - dupes; mocks
gedds - plural of "gedd", a pike
geeba - marijuana
geeks - plural of "geek", a carnival performer; an awkward, studious or ugly person (the "or" here is of course not exclusive!)
geeky - like a geek; of little interest to us normal beautiful people
geela - a first name
geena - a first name
geepo - a stool pigeon
geeps - plural of "geep", a goat/sheep hybrid.  See "shoat"!
geert - a first name
geese - plural of "goose", a waterfowl
geest - an alluvial deposit
geeta - a first name
geets - plural of "geet", a dollar
geeze - to inject drugs; to stare at; an old person
geezo - a prisoner
geggs - plural of "gegg", a hoax
geige - a fiddle or violin
geiko - a geisha
geilo - a town in Norway
geina - a first name
geira - a Portuguese unit of land area
geist - a mental drive or spirit
gejiu - a town in China
gekko - variant of "gecko", a lizard
gelao - a village in China
gelda - a first name
gelds - emasculates; plural of "geld", a tax; money
gelee - cosmetic gel
gelid - cold
gelim - a first name
gella - a first name
gells - plural of "gell", a gale
gelly - gelignite
gelts - plural of "gelt", a piece of money or a coin
gelya - a first name
gemel - a twin; a hinge; a ring of two separable hoops
gemma - a first name; a leaf bud
gemmi - an Alpine pass in Switzerland
gemmy - a first name; glittering
gemot - moot; an assembly
gemse - a chamois; a mountain goat
gemul - guemal, a small South American deer
genae - plural of "gen", the cheek or lateral part of the head
genah - a first name
genal - relating to the cheek; relating to a gene
genas - plural of "gena", the cheek
genay - a first name
genck - a town in Belgium
genco - an electrical power generating company
gendt - a town in the Netherlands
genea - a first name
genek - a first name
gener - a son-in-law
genes - plural of "gene", a hereditary unit
genet - a civet cat, or its fur; a genetic individual
genia - a first name
genic - pertaining to genes
genie - a first name; an Arabian magical spirit
genii - plural of "genius", a brilliant person; a guiding spirit
genil - a European river
genin - a chemical, specifically, an aglycon
genio - a first name; an ingenious person
genip - a tropical tree
genna - a first name
genni - a first name
genny - a first name; a generator; a Genoa sail
genoa - a city in Italy; a cake; a triangular sail
genom - genome, a haploid set of chromosomes
genre - an artistic form
genri - a first name
genro - a Japanese elder statesman
gents - fellows; the men's bathroom
genty - a first name; graceful
genua - another name for Genoa; plural of "genu", the knee
genus - a group of a species
genys - gonys
geode - a crystalline cavity
geoff - a first name
geoid - the shape of the earth
geona - a first name
geons - plural of "geon", in computer graphics, a geometric icon; in physics, a warp or kink in space-time
georg - a first name
gepid - a Germanic tribe of south-eastern Europe
geppo - a first name
gerad - a first name
gerah - a twentieth of a shekel
geral - a first name; a mountain in Brazil
geran - a first name
gerar - a first name; a biblical place
geras - plural of "gera", a twentieth of a shekel
gerbe - a sheaf; a firework; a unit of weight in Morocco
gerbs - plural of "gerb", a firework throwing a trail of sparks; a sheaf
gerco - a first name
gerda - a first name
gerdi - a first name
gerdy - a first name
gerek - a first name
geres - plural of "gere", gear
gergo - a first name
gerik - a first name
gerim - plural of "ger", an alien resident in Hebrew territory
gerit - a first name
gerle - a variant of "girl"
gerli - a first name
germo - a village in Macedonia
germs - plural of "germ", a seed; a microbe
germy - contaminated with germs
gerne - to grin or gape
gerns - grins or yawns
gerre - a first name
gerri - a first name
gerry - a first name
gerta - a first name
gerte - a first name
gerth - a first name
gerti - a first name
gerty - a first name
gerza - a town in Egypt
gerze - a town in Tibet
gesan - a South American language group
geshe - a first name
gesse - jess; to guess
gesso - stucco, plaster; plaster of Paris used in sculpting or painting
geste - a feat
gests - plural of "gest", a feat
getae - a people of ancient times living in eastern Bulgaria
getan - getic; a member of the Getae
getas - plural of "geta", a Japanese wooden clog for outdoor use
geten - gotten
getes - plural of "gete", Getan
getgo - the very beginning
getic - of or relating to the Getae; the language of the Getae, which Ovid learned
getup - a style of dress
geula - a first name
geums - plural of "geum", a perennial herb
gevin - a first name
geyan - tolerably; considerably
geyer - more gay
geyze - a village in France
gezer - a Biblical city
gezim - a first name
ghada - a first name
ghaib - a first name
ghain - the 19th letter of the Arabic alphabet
ghana - an African country
gharo - a town in Pakistan
ghast - ghastly
ghats - plural of "ghat", a Hindu ritual bathing platform
ghatu - a first name
ghaut - an Indian mountain; a mountain pass
ghazi - a first name; a Moslem fighter against infidels
ghede - the god of the dead in Voodoo
gheel - a town in France
ghees - plural of "ghee", an Indian clarified butter
ghegs - plural of "gheg", one of the northern Albanians
gheid - a paregoric abuser
gheld - a tax paid to the crown by landholders
ghena - a first name
ghent - a Flemish city
ghess - guess
ghest - guessed
ghian - a first name
ghida - a first name
ghila - a variant of "Gila", as in "Gila monster"
ghino - a first name
ghita - a first name
ghlam - a first name
ghoef - to swim
ghole - a ghoul
ghoom - to hunt in the dark
ghost - a spirit
ghoti - an alternative spelling for "fish", ala George Bernard Shaw ("gh" as in "enough", "o" as in "women", "ti" as in "nation")
ghoul - a demon who eats human flesh
ghowr - a province of Afghanistan
ghuzz - a tribe that lived near the Caspian Sea, also known as the Cumans
ghyll - a ravine, a gully
giada - a first name
gialo - an oasis in Libya
giamo - a first name
giana - a first name
giann - a first name
giano - a first name
giant - huge
gibbe - an old worn-out animal
gibbi - a first name
gibbs - a first name
gibby - a first name; a walking stick with a crook; a reckless person
gibed - taunted, jeered, scoffed
gibel - a Prussian carp
giber - a scoffer
gibes - scoffs
gibey - scoffing
gibor - a first name
gibus - an opera hat; a tall black hat
giday - a first name
giddy - dizzy
gides - plural of "gide", a variant of "guide"
gidey - a first name
gidon - a first name
giena - a star in the constellation Corvus
giens - a town in France
gieri - a first name
giesa - a first name
giffy - a first name
gifts - plural of "gift", a present
gifty - a first name
gigas - plural of "giga", a gigue
giggy - the anus
gigha - a Scottish isle
gighe - a gigue
gigia - a first name
gigot - a leg-of-mutton sleeve
gigue - a lively tune, the French spelling of "jig"; a medieval fiddle
gihan - a first name
gihon - a river mentioned in the Book of Genesis, and thought to be the Blue Nile
gijon - a town in Spain
gilab - a first name
gilad - a first name
gilah - a first name
gilas - plural of "gila", a Gila monster
gilby - a first name
gilca - plants related to phlox
gilda - a first name
gilde - a first name
gilds - applies gold leaf; guilds
gildy - a first name
gilen - a first name
giles - a first name
gilet - a waistcoat or bodice
gilia - a genus of North American herbs of the phlox family
gilie - a first name
gilim - a pileless carpet woven with cotton or wool threads
gilli - a first name
gillo - a first name
gills - fish breathing apparatus; plural of "gill", a unit of volume
gilly - a first name; a keeper or male attendant
gilon - a first name
gilpy - a tom boy; a wild youth
gilse - grilse
gilts - plural of "gilt", a quantity of gold for gilding; a female pig
gilty - like gilt; covered with gilt
gimbo - a disparaging term for a man
gimel - the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet
gimes - plural of "gime", a hole made by water pouring through an embankment
gimix - a gadget
gimli - a town in Manitoba, Canada
gimme - slang for "give me"; a give-away hat; a very short golf shot
gimps - limps
gimpy - limping; lame
ginal - a trickster
ginch - a girl; the vagina
ginep - a variant of "genip", a tropical tree
gings - plural of "ging", a gang
ginia - a first name
ginka - a first name
ginks - plural of "gink", a fellow; a stupid useless person
ginky - unfashionable
ginna - a first name
ginni - a first name
ginns - plural of "ginn", a demon
ginny - a first name; affected with gin
gints - a first name
ginya - a first name
ginza - a famous shopping street in Tokyo
ginzo - a foreigner; an Italian
ginzy - a shady trading practice in which commodities are traded at unfair prices
gioia - a first name; a town in Italy
giona - a first name
gipon - a jupon; a tunic
gippo - a gypsy
gippy - a gypsy; referring to an upset stomach
gipsy - a first name; a gypsy
giray - a first name
girba - a titular see in the province of African Tripoli, now Djerba
girds - surrounds; bolsters
giren - a first name
gires - gyres
girga - a town in Egypt
giric - a first name
girls - plural of "girl", a young female
girly - like a girl; of a show featuring scantily clad women
girns - snarls
girny - snarling
girod - a first name
giron - a gyron, or heraldic device; a town in Ecuador
giros - plural of "giro", an autogiro
girrs - hoops
girse - grass
girsh - qursh; a first name
girsu - an ancient Mesopotamian town in Iraq
girth - the circumference
girts - girds
girty - a town in Pennsylvania
gisel - a first name; a pledge
gises - plural of "gise", a variant of "guise"
gishe - a mountain in Ethiopia
gisla - a unit of weight in Zanzibar
gisle - a pledge
gismo - a gizmo, a gadget
gisms - plural of "gism", semen
gists - plural of "gist", the main point
gitel - a first name
gites - plural of "gite", a bed; an abode
gitgo - the beginning, as in the phrase "from the gitgo"
githa - a first name
giths - plural of "gith", the corn cockle
gitle - a first name
gitmo - the nickname for the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
gitta - a first name
gitte - a first name
gitty - a first name; a narrow passageway for walkers
giuba - Juba, a river in east Africa
giula - a first name
giuma - a first name
giusi - a first name
giust - to joust
giusy - a first name
gived - gyved
givel - to heap up
given - presented
giver - one who gives
gives - presents
givet - a town in France
givey - inclined to give
givon - a despised person
givor - affected speech
gizat - a first name
gizel - a village in Northern Ossetia
gizmo - a gadget
gizza - a first name; slang for the slurred "give us a"
gizzy - marijuana; a nickname for Gisbourne, New Zealand
gjorg - a first name
glace - a first name; smooth
glack - a narrow valley
glade - a woodland
gladi - a first name; a single gladiolus
glads - gladdens; plural of "glad", a gladiolus
glady - having glades
glaga - kans
glahm - a hand
glaik - a trick; a deception
glair - the white of an egg; varnish
glaky - slow-witted
glama - a gummy secretion of the humor of the eyelids; lippitude
glamp - glamorous camping
glams - plural of "glam", an acronym: "Gray Leisure Affluent Married"
gland - a secretory organ
glans - the tip of the penis or clitoris
glare - to stare at angrily; a harsh light
glary - dazzling
glase - to furnish with glass
glass - a mirror; a tumbler; a transparent material for windows
glatz - a former duchy in Germany
glaum - to grasp eagerly; to grope; a look; a kind of clam
glaur - to glower
glaux - the sea milkwort
glave - a kind of halbert
glaze - a luster; icing; to put glass in a window frame
glazy - shiny
glead - a buzzard; a kite
gleam - to beam, to sparkle with light
glean - to sort through discarded or rejected material looking for items of some value
gleba - a spore-bearing mass of some fungi
glebe - sod; church land
gleby - turfy
gleda - a first name
glede - a buzzard; a kite; a red hot coal used to light a fire
gleds - plural of "gled", a bird of prey
gledy - a town in Poland
gleed - a glowing ember; a beam of light; squint-eyed; askew; one-eyed
gleef - an idiot
gleek - a 3-player card game; three aces; to ridicule or sneer; to trick; to eject saliva from one's glands
gleen - to shine
gleep - a fool; to insult
glees - plural of "glee", an unaccompanied song
gleet - a urethral discharge due to venereal disease; to flow slowly
glegs - squints
gleis - plural of "glei", variant of "gley", a soft bluish clay
glena - a first name
glene - the eyeball
glenn - a first name
glens - plural of "glen", a dell
glent - glint
gleny - a first name
gletz - a visible flaw in a diamond
glews - glues
glewy - gluey
gleys - clay soil layers; squints
glial - pertaining to the supporting tissue of the central nervous system
glibb - a ribbon
glibs - plural of "glib", a mat of hair hanging over the eyebrows
glide - to skim over
gliff - an alarm; a fleeting glance
glift - a fright or scare
glike - a gleek, a jest or gibe
glime - to glance slyly
glims - plural of "glim", a light or lamp
glink - to glance at sideways
glint - a gleam
glisk - a glimpse; a fleeting emotion
glist - to glimmer; mica
glits - plural of "glit", a sticky slimy material
glitz - cheap glitter or sparkle
gloam - to darken
gloar - to squint
gloat - to exult
globe - a sphere; the world
globs - plural of "glob", a rounded mass
globy - spherical
glock - a gun; to swallow in huge slurps
glode - glided; a clearing in the woods; a bright patch of the sky
gloea - an adhesive mucoid substance
gloff - a shock or scare
glogg - an alcoholic beverage
gloik - a fool
glomb - to steal or appropriate
glome - a globular head of flowers; a ball of thread; a sphere in 4D
gloms - steals; lays hold of
gloom - darkness; depression
gloop - goop
glops - messy masses; swallows greedily; stares at in wonder
glore - to glare
glorg - to do dirty work
glori - a first name
glork - an exclamation of mild surprise
glory - a first name; to exult; renown
glose - to gloze; to explain; to flatter
gloss - to shine; an annotation
glost - pottery that has been coated with a glossy surface
glout - to sulk or scowl
glove - a manufactured covering for the hand
glows - emits light
glowy - glowing
gloze - to explain; to wheedle
gluck - to glug; a gulping sound
gluco - a glucose tolerance test
glued - joined; fastened with glue; adhered
gluer - a user of mucilage; a glue sniffer
glues - adheres
gluey - sticky; a glue sniffer
glugs - plural of "glug", a unit of measurement of gram force second^2 / centimeter
glume - a husk; a bract
glump - to be sullen
glums - becomes gloomy; a brief depressed mood
gluon - a subatomic particle
glute - the gluteus maximus muscle; the buttocks
gluts - plural of "glut", a surplus
glutz - a slut
glyde - a town in Pennsylvania
glyme - a river in England, which passes by Blenheim Castle
glynn - a first name; a town in Northern Ireland
glyph - a pictorial symbol, icon, or doodad; vertical fluting
gmund - a town in Austria
gnapa - a first name
gnarl - to snarl; to twist
gnarr - a wood knot; to snarl
gnars - snarls
gnash - to grind the teeth
gnast - a spark
gnats - plural of "gnat", a little fly
gnawa - a sub-Saharan people of Morocco
gnawi - a people of Morocco
gnawn - past participle of "gnaw"
gnaws - wears away by persistent biting
gnide - to rub; to bruise; to break into pieces
gnoff - a lout or boor
gnofs - plural of "gnof", a lout or boor
gnome - a dwarf; a maxim
goads - plural of goad, a spur; spurs on; incite
goady - like a goad
goafs - plural of "goaf", a worked out mine
goala - a member of a Hindu caste devoted to dairy work
goals - plural of "goal", a target or aim; a score;
goans - plural of "Goan", a resident of Goa, India
goars - variant of "gores"
goary - gory
goats - plural of "goat", a horned and hoofed mammal
goaty - goatlike or goatish
goave - to gove, to stare idly
goban - a Japanese game
gobar - the intermediate form of the Hindu numerals that later were used by the Arabs
gobbe - a creeping leguminous plant
gobbi - gobbo
gobbo - okra; a hunchback
gobby - a coastguard; rough or uneven
gobet - gobbet
gobia - a town in the Ivory Coast
gobio - a genus of freshwater fish
gobos - plural of "gobo", a microphone shield; a camera lens shield
gocup - a cup given by a fast food restaurant to patrons to take away a drink
godet - a cloth insert in a seam
godly - pious
godol - a great rabbinic sage
godso - gadso
goels - plural of "goel", a blood avenger
goers - plural of "goer", one who goes; a sexually promiscuous person
goest - Biblical form of "go"
goeth - Biblical form of "go"
goety - black magic
gofer - a lowly assistant; a gaffer
gofes - plural of "gofe", a pillory
goffo - a free ride on the back bumper of an unsuspecting car
goffs - plural of "goff", a fool or clown
gofor - a young thief
gogal - a river in New Guinea
gogga - a beetle
goggy - a misfit student rejected by classmates
gogos - plural of "gogo", a discotheque
gohar - a first name
goias - a town in Brazil
goies - plural of "goie", an amphetamine
goifa - marijuana
going - running; moving
gojam - a region of Ethiopia
gojko - a first name
gokay - a first name
golah - diaspora
golan - a strategic plateau between Syria and Israel
golas - plural of "gola", a cyma; a molding
golda - a first name
golde - a first name; a variant of "goolde"
goldi - a first name
golds - plural of "gold"
goldy - a first name; a goldfinch; like gold
golee - a first name
golem - a legendary creature; an automaton
goles - plural of "gole", an obsolete form of "goal"
golet - the gullet; a California trout
golfs - plays golf
golfy - like golf; referring to golf
golgi - referring to the Golgi apparatus
golls - plural of "goll", a hand, paw or claw
golly - a mild exclamation of surprise
goloe - a galoche
golos - galuth
golpe - a sudden overthrow of the government; a heraldic purple roundel; heroin
golps - plural of "golp", a purple roundel
golus - galuth
goman - a husband, or head of the family
gomar - a first year Air Force cadet
gombe - a town in Tanzania where Jane Goodall studies chimpanzees
gombo - gumbo
gomco - a medical tool for circumcision
gomel - a city in Byelorussia
gomer - a first name; a native of Armenia; "Get Out of My Emergency Room", a person who comes to the emergency room but does not belong there; a first year Air Force cadet; a chamber
gomes - applies black cart-grease
gomez - a town in Florida
gomor - a Hebrew measurement of volume
gompa - a Tibetan Buddhist monastery
gomus - a fool
gonad - a reproductive gland
gonaf - a thief; ganef; ganev; ganof; ganov; gonef; gonev; gonif; gonof
goncz - a town in Hungary
gonda - a town in India
gondi - a group of Dravidian dialects of central India
gonef - a thief; ganef; ganev; ganof; ganov; gonaf; gonev; gonif; gonof
goner - a doomed one
gonev - a thief; ganef; ganev; ganof; ganov; gonaf; gonef; gonif; gonof
goney - a boobie, dunce, or fool
gongs - plural of "gong", a bell
gonia - of gonion
gonid - a kind of shrimp
gonif - a thief; ganef; ganev; ganof; ganov; gonaf; gonef; gonev; gonof
gonks - plural of "gonk", a soft cushiony toy
gonna - slang for "going to"
gonne - the first handheld primitive gun
gonof - a thief; ganef; ganev; ganof; ganov; gonaf; gonef; gonev; gonif
gonor - a town in Canada
gonus - a stupid person
gonys - the prominent ridge along the seam line of the lower mandible of certain birds
gonza - a first name
gonzo - a first name; a style of journalism with bizarre subjective ideas and commentary
goobs - plural of "goob", a fool
gooby - a dullard; a hick
goodo - an exclamation, a variation of "Good!"
goods - plural of "good", a ware
goody - a sweet; exclamation; a term applied to women in humble life
gooed - covered in goo
gooes - plural of "goo", a sticky substance
gooey - sticky
goofa - a round wicker ferry boat used in Mesopotamia
goofs - plural of "goof", a mistake; an idiot
goofy - comical; not serious
googs - eyeglasses; eggs
googy - a first name; an egg
gooks - gooes
gooky - of gook
goola - the anus
goold - gold; a flower
goole - a northern English town
gools - plural of "gool", a ditch or channel for water
gooly - a small stone; to walk and dance at the same time
gooma - an Australian shrub
goomy - someone who drinks methylated spirits
goonk - a greasy lubricant
goons - plural of "goon", a hired thug
goony - an albatross; silly
goops - plural of "goop", a gunk
goopy - sticky, gooey; a fool
goori - a Maori
goors - plural of "goor", a coarse sugar from the date palm
goory - fish guts
goose - a water fowl; a pinch to the rear; tailor's iron
goost - a ghost or spirit
goosy - resembling a goose; foolish; nervous
goote - marcot
goots - plural of "goot", a goat
gooty - a town in India
gooze - to stare aimlessly
gopak - a lively Ukrainian dance
gopal - a first name
goper - a member of the GOP = Grand Old Party = Republican Party
gophs - the nickname of the University of Minnesota's Golden Gophers team
gopik - a unit of Azerbaijan currency
gopse - the backwoods
gorah - a Hottentot musical bow
goraj - a town in Poland
gorak - a Himalayan bird, given to pecking out the eyes of dead explorers
goral - an Indian antelope
goran - a first name; an African language
gorce - a pool of water in which fish are kept
gorda - a Central American cape
gords - plural of "gord", a gaming instrument, a kind of die
gordy - a first name
gored - horned by a bull
goree - money; a French settlement in western Africa
gorer - one that pierces with a horn
gores - pierces with a horn
gorey - a town in Ireland
gorge - a gulch; to eat great amounts of food; the throat
goric - a malevolent spirit; opium
gorje - a first name
gorki - a city in Russia
gorks - plural of "gork", a brain-damaged patient
gorku - a first name
gorky - a city in Russia
gorma - the European cormorant; a town in Bangladesh
gorms - daubs with something sticky or greasy; plural of "gorm", a sheen
gormy - smeared; sticky
gorps - plural of "gorp", a mixture of dried fruits, nuts and seeds
gorpy - like gorp
gorry - a first name; an exclamation
gorse - furze
gorst - gorse
gorsy - abounding in gorse
gorya - a first name
goryn - a river, now in Ukraine and Belarus
gosha - a first name
gosht - red meat in Indian food
gosia - a first name
gosse - a mild oath; a plant
gosta - a first name
gotch - a potbellied jug
goter - a gutter
gotes - plural of "gote", a channel for water
gotha - a town in Germany
goths - a barbarian tribe; plural of "goth", a black-draped artsy listless high schooler
gothy - like a black-draped artsy listless high schooler
gotra - a Hindu clan
gotse - a first name
gotta - slang for "got to"
gotto - a rope-soled shoe
gouda - a city in the Netherlands; a kind of cheese
gouds - plural of "goud", woad
gouge - to dig out roughly
gough - a first name
gouks - plural of "gouk", a cuckoo
gould - gold
gouls - howls
goult - a village in France
goumi - a shrub of Japan and China
goums - plural of "goum", a native Algerian soldier
gound - a gown; the dried crust that forms in eyes while sleeping
goura - a pigeon genus; a Hottentot musical bow
gourd - a drinking cup; a vegetable
gours - plural of "gour", a fire-worshipper
gouts - plural of "gout", a disease; a drop
goutu - a kind of cheese
gouty - swollen with gout
goves - stares idly
govie - the government
govys - plural of "govy", a goverment security
gowan - a first name; the English daisy
goway - the goaway bird
gowds - golds
gower - a first name
gowfs - golfs
gowks - plural of "gowk", a foot; a simpleton; the cuckoo
gowls - howls
gownd - a gown
gowns - plural of "gown", a long loose outer garment
gowon - a first name
goxes - plural of "gox", gaseous oxygen
goyal - gilly; a deep dip in the landscape
goyaz - a city in Brazil
goyed - acted like a non-Jew
goyer - more non-Jewish
goyim - plural of "goy", a non-Jew
goyle - a steep narrow valley
goyly - like a non-Jew
goyno - money
gozal - a first name
gozan - a biblical river
gozde - a first name
graal - the Holy Grail; a growing boy
grabo - a town in the Ivory Coast
grabs - takes hurriedly
graca - a first name
grace - a first name; to adorn; a favor; a prayer before meal; elegance
graci - a first name
gracy - a first name
grade - an incline; to score
grado - a town in Italy
grads - plural of "grad", a graduated student; a graduate student
grady - a first name
graef - a first name
graem - a first name
graff - graft; intrigue; to dig
grafs - plural of "graf", in editing, a paragraph; a graffito
graft - to unite with a growing plant by insertion; political bribes
grahm - a first name
graig - a first name
grail - a sacred cup
grain - seed; wheat, oats, etc; growth lines in wood; a unit of weight of 1/24 pennyweight
graip - a dung fork or pitchfork
grama - pasture land
grame - gram; misery
gramp - a grandfather
grams - plural of "gram", a unit of weight; misery
gramy - to make angry; to annoy
grana - a kind of cheese; plural of "granum", part of a plant chloroblast
grand - a first name; great; a thousand dollars
grane - to groan
grani - plural of "grano", a monetary unit of Naples and Malta
grano - a unit of monetary value of Naples and Malta; a unit of weight in Spain and Argentina
grans - plural of "gran", grandmother
grant - a first name; to permit
grape - a vine fruit used in making wine and raisins
graph - a diagram
grapy - like a grape
grasp - to clutch; to understand
grass - turf; marijuana
grata - a first name; Latin for "grace", used in the phrase "persona non grata"; marijuana
grate - a grille; a rasp
gratz - a town in Pennsylvania
graum - to worry; to fret
grave - serious; a burial spot
gravy - meat juice
grawl - a growing boy
grays - an English town; plural of "gray", a gray color
graze - to munch on grass; to brush against
grear - a first name
great - magnificent; very much
grebe - a web-footed bird
grebo - a people of the Liberian coast; a British urban youth cult of metal and punk music and long hair
grece - steps; a staircase
greco - Greek
grede - to cry aloud
greed - voracity; covetousness
greek - a native of Greece; a fraternity member
green - a first name; a color; inexperienced; money; a lawn
greer - a first name
grees - agrees; a flight of steps
greet - to salute
grefa - marijuana
grege - raw silk; beige; a nutria
gregg - a first name
grego - a hooded coat
greig - a first name
greil - a first name
grein - a unit of weight in the Netherlands; to long or yearn
greit - to greet; to weep
greiz - a town in Germany
grene - green
grens - grins
greps - searches for with the Unix "grep" command
gresa - a first name
grese - a flight of steps
greta - a first name
grete - a first name; a variant of "great"
gretl - a first name
greve - a kind of cheese; a town in Italy
grews - grows
greye - a first name
greys - a cavalry regiment
grias - a species of pear
grice - a young wild boar; one of the steps in a staircase
grick - a farthing
gride - to grate or scrape harshly
grids - plural of "grid", a lattice
grief - deep sorrow
grier - a first name
gries - a first name
grifa - marijuana
griff - a first name; the offspring of a black person and a mulatto; a deep narrow glen; a tip; scuttlebutt; an accurate account
grift - to swindle
grigs - plural of "grig", a lively person; a tiny person; a sand eel
grike - an opening in rock made by natural forces; a narrow opening in a fence allowing people through
grill - latticework; a cooking grid; to question closely
grime - dirt
grimp - to climb up the back of
grimy - dirty
grind - to pulverize
grins - smiles broadly
grint - a contraction of the Biblical form "grindeth"
griot - an African story teller; a Haitian dish of spicy pork shoulder
gripe - to complain
griph - a puzzle or enigma
grips - holds tightly; plural of "grip", a suitcase
gript - poetic "gripped"
gripy - causing sharp pains in the bowels; complaining
grise - gray; a flight of steps
grist - corn
grisy - grise
grith - sanctuary for a limited time
grits - coarse oatmeal
grize - a flight of steps; a staircase
grizz - a grizzly bear
groak - to stare at one eating, in the hopes of being fed
groan - to moan
groat - an obsolete English 4 penny coin; hulled grain
grock - a kindly clown
grody - disgusting
groff - gruff
grogs - plural of "grog", a mixture of liquor and water
groid - a black person
groin - a seawall; the lower abdomen; an architectural ceiling join
groix - an island in Brittany
groks - deeply understands in a superficial way
groma - a Roman surveying instrument
groms - plural of "grom", a child surfer
grond - an obsolete past perfect of "grind"
grone - groan
gronk - toe jam
groof - the front of the body
grook - a four line aphoristic verse form of Piet Hein
groom - an equerry; a bridegroom; to clean
groop - a ditch; a drain
grope - to search by feeling
gross - one hundred and forty four; blatant; disgusting
grosz - a Polish coin
grote - a first name; a groat
grots - plural of "grot", a grotto
grouf - the stomach
grouk - to gradually come to life after waking up
group - to arrange
grout - a coarse meal; mortar used between tiles
grove - a first name; a thicket
grovy - of, belonging to, or situated in a grove; not quite groovy
growl - to snarl
grown - raised; increased
grows - increases; develops
groze - to shape a piece of glass or a glass article by trimming small bits from it
grrls - plural of "grrl", a moderately now with-it female person
grrlz - a variant of "grrls", plural of "grrl"
grrrl - an extremely now with-it female person
grubs - digs; plural of "grub", a larva
gruel - a thin porridge
grued - shuddered
grues - shudders; feels horror; plural of "grue", a wicked little poem
gruey - gruesome
grufe - groof
gruff - surly; rasping
gruie - gruesome
grume - a blood clot
grump - a complainer
grunt - to snort
gruss - a rock that has been granulated but not decomposed by weathering
gryce - grice
gryde - to grate
gryke - a grike, a fissure in limestone rock formed by rain
grype - to gripe
grypt - poetic "gripped"
gryta - a first name
guaba - a bizarre Latin American fruit, an elongated pod with black seeds in pulpy flesh
guaca - any object inhabited by a god or spirit
guaco - a plant; a snake bite antidote
guafo - a gulf in Chile
guale - an American Indian tribe of Georgia, and its language
guama - a tropical Americal tree
guamo - a people of southwestern Venezuela
guana - an iguana; a Brazilian Indian tribe; a town in Venezuela
guane - an Indian tribe in Colombia
guang - a language
guano - the manure of a sea-bird; a town in Ecuador
guans - plural of "guan", a large Brazilian game bird
guapi - a town in Colombia
guapo - a bay in Trinidad and Tobago
guara - a tropical American tree
guard - to watch over
guars - plural of "guar", a drought-tolerant legume
guasa - a group of fish that includes the jewfish
guaso - a Chilean agricultural worker
guato - a people of southwestern Mato Grosso, Brazil
guava - a pear-shaped fruit
guaza - a town in Spain; a kind of grouper
gubbo - a town in Sweden
guben - a town in Germany
guber - a facial pimple
gucks - plural of "guck", a messy substance
gucky - thick and sticky
gudda - an ass
guddi - a first name
guddu - a first name
gudes - goods
gudja - a town in Malta
gudni - a first name
gudok - a primitive Russian three-stringed musical instrument
guelf - a member of a German royal family, supporters of the pope
guero - a first name
guert - a first name
guess - to surmise
guest - a visitor
gueux - the name assumed by Low Country nobles resisting the Inquisition
gufas - plural of "gufa", a round wicker ferry boat used in Mesopotamia
guffs - plural of "guff", foolish talk
guffy - full of foolish talk
gugal - an Ayurvedic herb
gugas - plural of "guga", a young gannet
guggy - an egg
guhan - a first name
guhrs - plural of "guhr", a quantities of loose earth found in rocks
guiac - guaiac, guaiacum, the heartwood or resin of the lignum vitae tree
guian - a first name
guiba - a town in Chad
guibs - plural of "guib", a harnessed antelope
guida - a first name; a musical term meaning the subject of a fugue
guide - a leader
guido - a first name
guids - goods
guige - a leather strap used to sling a knight's shield
guijo - a Philippine timber tree
guila - a first name
guild - a trade union
guile - deceit
guilt - moral responsibility; culpability; shame
guily - deceitful
guimp - gimp
guinn - a first name
guird - a Cuban musical instrument
guiro - a Latin American percussion instrument made of a notched gourd
guise - appearance
guist - joust
guiyu - a town in China
gujar - a nomadic Muslim herding people of Kashmir
gulab - a first name
gulae - plural of "gula", the upper front of the neck next to the chin
gulag - a Soviet prison camp
gulam - a first name
gular - of the throat
gulas - plural of "gula", a throat
gulay - a first name
gulch - a gully
gules - a heraldic red color
gulfs - swallows up
gulfy - full of whirlpools
gulik - a river in Russia near the Chinese border
gulix - a kind of fine linen
gulja - a town in China
gulls - deceives; plural of "gull", a sea bird
gully - an erosive canyon
gulph - a variant of "gulf"; to take an ordinary university degree, without examination
gulps - plural of "gulp", a big hasty swallow
gulpy - marked by gulping; gullible
gults - plural of "gult", a variant of "guilt"
gulty - a variant of "guilty"
gulya - a first name
gumbe - a popular music style of Guinea-Bissau
gumbo - hearty soup; the okra plant
gumby - a rubbery cartoon character
gumly - gloomy
gumma - a soft tumor, produced by syphilis
gummo - the felonious Marx brother
gummy - sticky
gumps - plural of "gump", a foolish person, a dolt
gumpy - like a gump
gumuz - a language and people of Ethiopia
gunar - a first name
gunas - plural of "guna", a lengthening of a vowel sound in Sanskrit
gunay - a first name
gunch - an attempt to influence a pinball machine by jostling it; Modine's last name
gunda - a first name
gundi - a first name; a north African short-tailed rodent
gundy - treacle candy
gunel - a first name
gunga - marijuana
gunge - soil; grime; goo; a skin irritation in the groin
gungy - messy, nasty
gunib - a small town in Dagestan
gunja - ganja; marijuana
gunji - opium
gunks - a climbing area in upstate New York; plural of "gunk", a sticky matter
gunky - covered in sticky material
gunna - a slurred form of "going to"
gunne - a first name
gunny - a first name; Bengal sacking
guntz - the whole lot
gunya - a crude hut
gunzl - a gunsel
guoyu - the Mandarin language
gupis - a political district in Pakistan
guppy - a little fish
guram - a first name
guran - a first name; a town in Iraq
gurdy - in the phrase "hurdy gurdy", a portable musical instrument played by a crank
guren - a first name
gurge - a whirlpool
guric - a town in Serbia, also known as "Goric"
gurit - a first name
gurks - belches; plural of "gurk", a fat person
gurls - plural of "gurl", an obsolete word for a young person of either sex
gurly - rough and boisterous
gurma - a people of the White Volta river in West Africa
gurmy - a level; a working
gurna - a village in Egypt, near Luxor
gurns - snarls
gurry - fish offal; more precisely, the partially digested stomach contents of a whale
gursh - qursh
gurts - groats; plural of "gurt", a trench or drain
gurus - plural of "guru", a Hindu spiritual teacher
gusap - a town and river in Papua New Guinea
gusau - a city in Nigeria
gusev - another name for Gumbinnen
gushy - overly sentimental
gusii - a language
gusla - a Balkan musical instrument
gusle - a Balkan musical instrument
gusli - a Balkan musical instrument
gussi - a first name
gussy - a first name; to primp or dress up
gusta - a first name
gusti - a first name
gustl - a first name
gusto - relish, vigor
gusts - plural of "gust", a sudden blast of wind
gusty - a first name; windy
gutka - a smokeless tobacco used in India
gutso - a fat person
gutsy - daring, brave
gutta - a Doric ornament resembling a droplet
gutty - an old style golf ball made of gutta percha; a very fat person; something eliciting a strong emotional response
guven - a first name
guyan - a first name
guyed - mocked
guyer - one who mocks
guyle - to beguile or deceive
guyly - like a guy
guyon - a first name
guyot - a submarine mountain
guyse - guise
guyte - a first name
guzes - plural of "guze", in heraldry, a roundlet of tincture sanguine
guzla - a gusla, a Balkan musical instrument
guzul - a people of western Ukraine
gvarv - a town in Norway
gwaai - tobacco
gwari - the Gbari, a peasant people of Nigeria
gwash - a British river
gwaun - a British river
gwayi - a river in Zimbabwe
gwayn - a first name
gwede - a first name
gweeb - a studious student; a stupid dull person
gweep - a computer user
gwenn - a first name
gwent - a Welsh county
gwere - a language
gweru - a town in Zimbabwe
gwick - to make a swallowing sound
gwido - a first name
gwill - a British river
gwine - slang for "going to"
gwinn - a first name
gwyan - a first name
gwynn - a first name
gyall - a gayal; a jungle bull
gyals - plural of "gyal", a gayal; an east Indian ox
gyasi - a first name
gybed - made a sailing maneuver
gybes - makes a sailing maneuver; sneers
gyeld - guild
gyges - a first name; in a story by Socrates, a man who found a belt of invisibility
gygis - the tern genus
gyles - a first name; ferments; plural of "gyle", a brewing
gylfi - a first name
gylla - a first name
gymel - a vocal part writing in medieval music
gymir - aegir
gymps - gimps
gynae - a gynecologist
gynee - a cow about three feet high
gynic - of or relating to a female person
gynie - a gynecologist
gynno - to begin
gynny - a variant spelling of "Guinea"
gyoza - Japanese dumplings
gypos - plural of "gypo", a variant of "gyppo"
gyppo - a small time logger who gleans the work of bigger companies; a gypsy
gyppy - used in the phrase "gyppy tummy", denoting diarrhea; a gypsy; tasting of gypsum
gypse - gypsum
gypsy - a first name; a stateless nomadic people
gyral - revolving
gyras - plural of "gyra", an embroidered border
gyred - moved in circles or spirals
gyres - moves in circles or spirals
gyron - a heraldic device
gyros - plural of "gyro", a gyroscope
gyrus - a brain convolution
gyser - one who dresses up in a costume for a folk rite
gyses - plural of "gyse", a variant of "guise"
gytch - to steal
gytes - plural of "gyte", a child
gytha - a first name
gyula - a first name
gyuri - a first name
gyved - shackled
gyver - a guiver; a clever person
gyves - plural of "gyve", a shackle or bond
gyvet - the vagina
gyvor - affected speech
gyzel - a first name
haabs - plural of "haab", a 365 day period used in the Mayan calendar
haafs - plural of "haaf", a deep-sea fishing ground
haars - plural of "haar", a cold sea fog
habab - a nomadic people of the Red Sea
habby - a first name
haber - to haver
habib - a first name
habit - a custom; a costume
habla - a Palestinian town in the West Bank
hable - able; a town in the West Bank
habur - a town in southeast Turkey, on the border with Iraq
habus - plural of "habu", a poisonous snake of the Ryukyu Islands
hacek - a diacritical mark, commonly used in certain Czech words
hache - minced, hashed; heroin
hachi - the penis
hacib - a first name
hacks - cuts or chops roughly; plays a prank; ad hoc alterations to computer code
hacky - hacking; a taxi driver
hadag - a first name
hadal - pertaining to deep parts of the ocean
hadar - a first name; a star
hadas - a first name
hadda - a first name; a town in Afghanistan; slang for "had to"
haddo - the humpback salmon
haded - inclined
haden - a first name
hades - in Greek mythology, the underworld; slopes of mineral veins; plural of "hade", an unplowed strip
hadia - a first name
hadja - a first name
hadji - an Islamic pilgrim to Mecca
hadli - a first name
hadly - a first name
hadna - slang for "hadn't", that is, "had not"
hadon - a first name
hadra - a first name
hadst - a Biblical form of "had"
hadyn - a first name
hadza - a Khoisan language, now limited to about 1000 speakers in Tanzania
haeju - a town in North Korea
haems - plural of "haem", variant of "heme", a component of hemoglobin
haets - plural of "haet", a small amount
hafed - a first name
haffs - plural of "haff", a lagoon separated by a sandbar from the ocean
hafid - a first name
hafiz - a Muslim who knows the Koran by heart
hafsa - a first name
hafta - slang for "have to"
hafts - plural of "haft", a knife handle
hafum - an African cape
hafun - a town in Somalia
hagai - a first name
hagan - a first name
hagar - a first name; Abraham's concubine
hagen - a first name; in the Nibelungenlied, the murderer of Siegfried; a city in Germany
haggs - plural of "hagg", broken ground in a moor
haggy - like a hag; old, wizened, and unattractive
hagia - the consecrated Eucharistic elements in the Orthodox Church
hagio - the consecrated bread and wine
hagit - a first name
hagly - a first name
hagop - a first name
hagos - a first name
hague - the political capital of the Netherlands, usually "the Hague"
haham - a hakam, one learned in Jewish law
hahas - plural of "haha", a fence set in a ditch
haick - a sheetlike piece of woolen or cotton cloth, used as an Arab wrap
haida - a North American Indian tribe, in British Columbia
haifa - a first name; a seaport in northern Israel
haika - a Basque nationalist youth group; plural of "haik", an Arabic outer garment
haikh - an Armenian
haiko - a first name
haiks - plural of "haik", an Arabic outer garment
haiku - Japanese poetic form // with 3 lines // and seventeen syllables
haila - a first name
haile - a first name
haili - a first name
hails - salutes; pours down hail
hailu - a first name
haily - a first name; apt to hail; icy
haing - present participle of "ha"
hains - saves
haint - a humorous spelling of a Cockney's "ain't"; a ghost or specter
hairs - plural of "hair", a threadlike growth
hairy - covered in hair; frightening
haith - an interjection meaning "by my faith"
haiti - one half of a Caribbean island
haits - a small amount
haiyt - a first name
hajar - a first name
hajes - plural of "haje", a pilgrimage to Mecca
hajib - a Muslim court official similar to a prime minister
hajim - a first name
hajis - plural of "haji", one who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca
hajji - a hadji, one who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca
hajna - a first name
hakam - a first name; one learned in Jewish law
hakan - a first name
hakas - plural of "haka", a native New Zealand dance
hakea - a genus of evergreen trees
hakes - plural of "hake", a marine fish; a pot hook
hakim - a first name; a Moslem ruler, governor, or judge
hakka - a language of Taiwan
hakon - a first name
halab - another name for Aleppo
halal - to slaughter for food according to Islamic law
halat - a town in Lebanon
halba - a town in Lebanon
halbe - a first name
halch - to hug
halds - holds
haleb - a first name
haled - a first name; hauled
haleh - a first name
halen - a first name
haler - more healthy; a coin
hales - compels to go
haley - a first name
halfa - esparto grass
halfs - a variant plural of "half"
halfy - a legless beggar
halid - a halide, a chemical compound
halie - a first name
halil - a first name; a river in Iran
halim - a first name; a spicy Middle Eastern stew, similar to cream of wheat with shredded turkey
halin - a first name; a town in northern Burma
halit - a first name
halla - a first name
halle - a first name; a city in southeastern Germany
halli - a first name
hallo - a first name; a greeting
halls - plural of "hall", a corridor; a mansion
hally - a first name
halma - a first name; a board game, the origin of "Othello"; in ancient Greece, a long jump with hand weights
halms - plural of "halm", a haulm
halod - thinning a crop by plowing, and sowing another crop in the intervals
halol - a town in India
halon - a group of haloalkanes with bromine as well as chlorine or fluorine groups
halos - plural of "halo", a ring of light
halsa - a town in Norway
halse - the throat; the neck; the windpipe
halsy - a first name
halts - stops
haluk - a first name
halva - a Turkish confection
halve - to divide in half
halvi - a town in Lebanon
halya - a first name
halye - a first name
halys - a river in Armenia
hamah - a town in Syria
hamal - a first name; a porter in eastern countries; a star in the constellation Aries
haman - a first name; in the Bible, a murderous official exposed by Esther and hanged; an Iranian bathhouse; a town in South Korea
hamar - a first name; a town in Norway
hambo - a posing, incompetent person
hamda - a first name
hamdi - a first name
hamdy - a first name
hamel - a first name
hamer - a first name
hames - a first name; plural of "hame", a part of a horse collar; an unpleasant job
hamet - a first name
hamid - a first name; a principality of southwest Anatolia
hamif - a first name
hamil - a first name
hamin - a first name
hamit - a first name
hammy - overtly theatrical; overacted
hampi - a town in India
hamra - a town in Sweden
hamsa - an ancient symbol of good luck, representing an open hand
hamud - a first name
hamus - a hook or curved process
hamza - a first name; an Arabic diacritical mark
hanaa - a first name
hanae - a first name
hanah - a first name
hanan - a first name
hanap - an ornate pewter drinking goblet
hanau - a town in Germany, site of a famous battle
hance - a haunch; a lintel; a curved rise from a lower to upper part
hanch - snap
handa - a first name; a British island
hands - plural of "hand", a glove filler; a crewman; a unit of length of 4 inches
handy - convenient
hanef - a first name
hange - pluck
hangi - a traditional Maori fire-pit oven
hango - site of a famous naval battle
hangs - suspends
hangy - hanging
hania - a first name; a town in Crete
hanif - a first name; a pre-Islamic hermit of Arabia
hanik - a first name
hanim - a first name
hanin - a first name
hanja - a first name
hanji - Chinese ideograms
hanka - a first name
hanko - a town in Finland
hanks - fastens a sail; plural of "hank", a clump
hanky - a handkerchief; used in the phrase "hanky panky" meaning mischief
hanle - a town in India
hanly - a first name
hanna - a first name
hanne - a first name
hanni - a first name
hanno - a first name; a town in Japan
hannu - a first name
hanny - a first name
hanoi - the capital city of Vietnam
hanro - a first name
hansa - a first name; a medieval merchant guild; a town in Papua New Guinea
hanse - variant of "Hansa", a medieval merchant guild
hansh - a first name
hansl - a first name
hanta - the Hantaan virus, which causes a hemorrhagic fever
hants - a first name; Hampshire; haunts
hantz - a first name
hanum - khanum
hanus - a first name
hanya - a first name
hanzi - Chinese ideograms
haole - a Hawaiian term for a non-native
haoma - a sacred drink used in Zoroasterian rituals; a leafless vine
haona - a first name
haora - a town in India
haori - a loose outer garment worn in Japan
hapai - to carry; pregnant
hapax - "hapax legomenon", a word that occurs only once in a text, unlike "hapax"
haply - by chance
happa - a half-Asian person
happi - a light Japanese overcoat with a crest or emblem on the back
happy - a first name; cheerful
hapto - a system of nomenclature for chemical compounds
hapuu - a Hawaiian tree fern
haqqi - a first name
harah - a first name
haram - things (food, activities, and so on) proscribed by the Islamic religion
haran - a first name; a brother of Abraham; a biblical place, also called Harran
harar - a city in eastern Ethiopia
haras - a group of horses
harbi - a first name
harch - the word used by a drum major to command the parade to begin marching
harda - a town in India
hardo - a first name
hards - flax refuse
hardu - a town in Estonia
hardw - a store often seen in B Kliban cartoons
hardy - a first name; robust
hared - sprinted; ran fast
harel - a first name
harem - a collection of wives or concubines
hares - a first name; plural of "hare", a wild rabbit
harey - like a hare
harfe - a musical term meaning a harp
harim - a first name; a harem
harin - a first name
harir - a town in Iraq
haris - a first name; a Palestinian village on the West Bank
harka - a town in Hungary
harks - listens to
harla - a first name
harle - flax fiber
harli - a first name
harls - plural of "harl", a feathered fishing lure
harly - a first name
harms - hurts
harns - plural of "harn", a coarse linen fabric; a brain
harod - a first name; a biblical river
haron - a first name
haros - plural of "haro", a cry announcing a claim to legal redress
harpa - a first name; the genus type of the Harpdiae
harpo - a first name; the mute Marx brother
harps - repeatedly brings up; plucks; plural of "harp", a musical instrument
harpy - a fabulous predatory monster; a golden eagle; an extortionist
harri - a first name
harro - a first name
harrs - plural of "harr", a cold sea fog
harry - a first name; to chase; to harass
harsh - brutal; severe
harst - harvest
harts - plural of "hart", a male red deer
harty - like a hart
harue - a first name
harum - used in the phrase "harum scarum", to mean a riot, disruption, or disorder
harun - a first name
harut - a first name; a river in Afghanistan
harve - a first name
harvy - a Harvard student
harwa - a town in Afghanistan
hasad - a first name
hasan - a first name
hasen - a first name
hashy - of, containing, or similar to hash; clever
hasib - a first name
hasid - a member of a pious Jewish sect
hasie - a homosexual
hasil - a first name
hasim - a first name
hasin - a first name
hasks - plural of "hask", a basket made of rushes or wicker
hasky - coarse and dry
hasna - a first name; slang for "hasn't"
hasnt - hasn't, that is, "has not"
hason - a first name
hasps - plural of "hasp", a clasp or fastening
hassa - a town in Turkey
hasse - a first name
hasso - a first name
hasta - slang for "have you"
haste - hurry
hasty - a first name; hurried
haswa - a town in Iraq
hasya - a first name
hataw - a first name
hatay - a town in Turkey
hatce - a first name
hatch - to gestate; an opening
hated - despised
hatem - a first name
hater - one who despises
hates - despises
hatha - a form of Yoga that emphasizes breathing and posture
hathi - a wild Indian elephant
hatim - a first name
hatra - an ancient city in Iraq
hatsa - a language
hatsy - a first name
hatta - a first name
hatti - a first name; the Hittite nation
hatto - a first name; a bishop who was eaten by rats
hatty - a first name; an elephant; like a hat
hatun - a first name
hauds - holds
haugh - a low-lying meadow
hauke - a first name
hauld - to hold
haule - a first name
haulm - the plant stubble that remains after a harvest
hauls - carries
hault - haughty
haums - plural of "haum", a halm
haunt - to frequent; to importune; to frighten
haurl - harl; rough-cast
hausa - a northern Nigerian
hause - a narrow passage between mountains
haust - to suck; to drain; a dry cough
hauta - an Arabian town
haute - high; high-class; pretentious
havah - a first name
havas - news agency
havel - a river in Germany
haven - a first name; a refuge
haver - a first name; one who has; to blather; to equivocate; the oat
haves - plural of "have", a wealthy or privileged person
havin - a first name
havis - a first name
haviv - a first name
havna - a dialect form of "haven't"
havoc - chaos; destruction
havre - Le Havre, a seaport in northwest France; a town in Montana
hawed - turned left
hawer - one who haws in speech
hawes - a first name
hawke - a bay in Australia
hawks - sells; coughs up; plural of "hawk", a bird of prey
hawky - hawklike
hawls - hauls
hawly - a first name
hawms - lounges about
hawok - a kind of Californian Indian money made of shell buttons
hawse - part of a ship's bows; a narrow passage between mountains
haxby - an English town
hayah - a first name
hayam - a first name
hayat - a first name
hayde - a first name
haydn - a first name
haydy - a first name
hayed - converted into hay
hayer - one who hays
hayes - a first name; an English town
hayey - covered in, like, or containing hay
hayfa - a first name
hayim - a first name
hayle - a first name; a tiny Cornish seaport in southeast England; hale
hayli - a first name
hayly - a first name
haymo - a first name
hayne - a first name
hayse - a first name
hayti - a variant of "Haiti", a Caribbean country
hazal - a first name
hazan - a cantor of a synagogue
hazed - bullied
hazel - a first name; a light brown color; a nut tree
hazem - a first name
hazen - a first name; a town in North Dakota; a town in New Jersey
hazer - one who hazes
hazes - plural of "haze", a mist
hazim - a first name
hazle - haze; to make dry
hazor - a Canaanite city destroyed by Joshua
hazra - a first name
hazri - an Indian breakfast
hazyl - a first name
heads - points in a direction; plural of "head", a president; a latrine; a coin face
heady - intoxicating
heald - a warp guide in a loom
heall - a first name
heals - repairs; recovers
healy - a first name; a town in Alaska
heame - home
heams - plural of "heam", an animal's afterbirth
heaps - plural of "heap", a pile
heapy - grouped into piles; a fellow
heard - listened
heare - hair
hearn - a first name
hears - listens
heart - a center; a body organ
heast - hest
heath - a first name; shrubs; common land
heats - warms up; plural of "heat", a stage of a competition
heaty - a supposed property of certain foods to cause the body to warm up, to improve circulation and so on
heave - to raise; to haul; to vomit
heavy - weighty; dense
hebba - a first name
hebei - a city in China; a Chinese dialect
heben - ebony
heber - a first name; a town in Arizona
hebes - plural of "hebe", an Olympic cup bearer; a blooming young woman; an ethnic slur
hecca - a first name
hecht - hight
hecks - plural of "heck"; a fish weir; a rack; a river bend
hecla - a town in Montana; a North American cape
hecte - an ancient Greek coin worth 1/6 of a stater
hedda - a first name
heddi - a first name
heddy - a first name
heden - a town in Sweden
heder - a Jewish school; a male sheep
hedge - to enclose; a row of bushes; to cover both sides of a bet
hedgy - including hedges; like a hedge; taking precautions
hedia - a first name
hedir - a first name
hedly - a first name
hedon - an English town
hedra - a first name
hedva - a first name
heebs - plural of "heeb", a slur
heeds - obeys
heedy - heedful
heeld - hield
heels - supplies with a heel; plural of "heel", the base of the foot; a scoundrel
heena - a first name
heeps - plural of "heep", the hip of the dog rose
heerd - heard
heern - heard
heers - plural of "heer", a unit of length of cloth of 600 yards
heesh - hashish
heeth - a first name
heeze - to hoist or raise
hefei - a town in China
hefig - heavy
hefte - plural of "heft", a haft
hefts - lifts up
hefty - large; weighty
hegge - a hedge
heian - referring to a period of Japanese history
heiau - a pre-Christian Hawaiian temple
heida - a first name
heide - a first name; a town in Germany
heidi - a first name
heids - plural of "heid", a head
heidy - a first name
heigh - an exclamation used to call attention
heihe - a town in China
heijo - another name for Pyongyang
heika - a style of Japanese flower arranging using tall vases
heike - a first name
heiko - a first name
heils - salutes
heimo - a first name
heino - a first name; a town in the Netherlands
heiny - children's slang for the buttocks
heinz - a first name
heirs - plural of "heir", an inheritor
heist - a robbery
heith - a first name
hejab - good or bad hejab is appropriate or inappropriate Muslim dress
hejaz - a former kingdom in western Arabia, now part of Saudi Arabia
hejia - a town in China
hejra - hejira
hekat - an ancient Egyptian measurement of volume, about a gallon
hekla - an active volcano in Iceland
helah - a first name
helam - a biblical place
helas - alas
heled - concealed
helek - 1/1080 part of a day in the Hebrew calendar
helen - a first name
heles - conceals
helga - a first name
helge - a first name
helgi - a first name; in Norse mythology, the son of Hjorvard and the valkyrie Svava
helio - a first name; a heliograph
helix - a spiral, usually three dimensional
helki - a first name
hella - a first name; very
helle - a first name; in Greek myth, the sister of Phrixos, who drowned in the Hellespont stealing the golden fleece
helli - a first name
hello - a greeting
hells - behaves raucously; plural of "hell", a gambling house
helly - hellish
helma - a first name
helmi - a first name
helms - plural of "helm", a tiller; steering gear
helmy - a first name
helon - a first name
helos - plural of "helo", a helicopter
helot - a slave in ancient Sparta
helpa - an apple (from backslang)
helps - aids; assists
helsa - a first name
helve - an axe handle
helwa - a first name
helyn - a first name
hemad - toward the hemal side
hemal - haemal; of blood
heman - a first name
hemen - British dialect for "them"
hemes - plural of "heme", a component of hemoglobin
hemet - a town in California
hemic - of the blood
hemin - a chloride of heme
hemky - a first name
hemol - an iron-containing product derived from hemoglobin
hemps - plural of "hemp", a tall herb
hempy - containing hemp; deserving of the hangman's rope; a gallowsbird
hemus - a town in Sweden
henad - a monad
henan - a language; a province in China
hence - therefore
hende - skillful; clever
hendl - a first name
hends - seizes
hendy - a first name; clever; handy; a town in Wales
henen - hence
henge - a Neolithic stone monument
henia - a first name
henie - a first name
henio - a first name
henka - a first name
henna - a first name; a dye; a shrub
henne - a bay in Haiti
henni - a first name
henny - a first name; like a hen
henok - a first name
henri - a first name
henry - a first name; an electrical unit of inductance
hente - a past imperfect form of "hent"
hents - grasps; comprehends
henya - a first name
henye - a first name
hepar - a liver-colored sulfur compound
herat - a city in northwest Afghanistan
herbs - plural of "herb", a flowering plant with non-woody stem
herby - a first name; containing herbs
herds - plural of "herd", a drove
herem - the most severe form of excommunication in Judaism
heren - made of hair
heres - plural of "here", an heir
herie - to praise; to worship
herin - a first name
heriz - a pattern style for woven rugs
herky - a first name; used in the phrase "herky jerky" to mean by fits and starts
herle - a heron
herls - plural of "herl", a feather barb
herma - a first name; a type of statue
hermo - a first name; a town in Norway
herms - plural of "herm", an outstanding type of statue; a hermaphrodite
hermy - a first name
herne - of the style of Herne, Germany; a corner; a British bay
herns - plural of "hern", a heron
herod - a first name; a tyrant
heron - a wading bird
heros - plural of "hero", a hoagie sandwich
herps - the herpes virus; plural of "herp', a reptile or amphibian
herry - to harry
herse - a portcullis; a frame for drying skins to use as parchment
hersh - a first name
hersz - a first name
herta - a first name
herte - a heart
herto - an Ethiopian village where ancient skulls were found
herts - Hertfordshire, England
herty - a first name
hertz - a first name; a unit of frequency, one cycle per second
herut - an Israeli political party
herva - a first name
herve - a first name; a kind of cheese
hervy - a first name
herye - to praise
herzl - a first name
hesam - a first name
heshu - a first name
heshy - a first name
hesky - a first name
hesps - plural of "hesp", a length of two linen hanks
hesse - a German state
hessy - a first name
hesti - a first name
hests - plural of "hest", command
hesty - a first name
hetal - a first name
hetes - hights
heths - plural of "heth", a Hebrew letter
hetta - a first name
hetti - a first name
hetty - a first name
heuch - a steep cliff
heugh - a steep cliff; a precipice
heuks - plural of "heuk", a variant of huke
hevea - a rubber tree; an indigenous language of French Guiana
heved - the head
heven - a first name
hewed - cut down; fashioned
hewer - a cutter
hewes - plural of "hewe", a domestic servant
hewet - a first name
hewgh - an imitation of the whistling sound of an arrow
hewie - a first name
hewit - a first name
hexad - a group of six
hexed - cast a spell
hexer - a spell caster
hexes - casts a spell; plural of "hex", a hexagon
hexis - a settled state of being; a permanent condition
hexyl - a hydrocarbon radical
heyed - danced the hey dance
heygh - high
heyne - a wretch; a rascal
hheth - the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
hiaes - a town in Papua New Guinea
hiant - gaping
hiate - to gape
hiatt - a first name
hibah - a first name
hibru - a first name
hican - a tree that is a hybrid of hickory and pecan
hicht - height
hichu - ichu
hicks - plural of "hick", a rustic
hicky - like a hick; a variant of "hickey", a love bite
hidde - a first name
hiddy - hideous
hided - having a hide
hidee - a first name
hideo - a first name
hider - one who conceals oneself or some thing
hides - conceals; plural of "hide", a pelt; a unit of area of about 100 acres
hieda - a first name
hiede - a first name
hield - to tilt or lean
hiems - winter
hieng - a mountain people of Cambodia
hifis - plural of "hifi", an audio reproduction set
higgs - a particle supposed to account for inertia
highs - plural of "high", a lofty level
hight - to command; to call or name; to adorn
higre - eagre
hihya - a town in Egypt
hijab - a veil or head scarf for a Muslim woman
hijaz - another name for Hejaz
hijra - the migration of Mohammed and his followers from Mecca to Medina; an Indian eunuch
hiked - tramped; increased
hiker - one who hikes
hikes - increases; walks
hikey - like a hike; full of hikes
hilal - a first name; pertaining to a hilum
hilar - pertaining to a hilum, the mark or scar on a seed produced by separation
hilch - to hobble
hilda - a first name
hilde - a first name
hildi - a first name
hildo - a first name
hildy - a first name
hilel - a first name
hilga - a first name
hilia - a first name
hilit - a first name
hilla - a town in Iraq
hille - a first name
hillo - a greeting
hills - plural of "hill", a rounded elevation
hilly - a first name; undulating
hilma - a first name
hilmi - a first name
hilmo - a town in Somalia
hilsa - a valuable herring of India
hilts - plural of "hilt", a haft; a handle
hilty - like a hilt
hilum - the eye of a bean
hilus - a hilum; a hollow on the surface of an organ
himan - a first name
himba - an African tribe of Namibia
himbi - a district in Congo, near Goma
himbo - a male bimbo
himps - limps
hinau - a New Zealand timber tree
hinda - a first name
hinde - a first name
hindi - a language and culture of India
hinds - plural of "hind", a rustic; a deer
hindu - the predominant ethnic group and culture of India
hindy - a first name
hineh - a town in Syria
hiner - a first name
hines - a town in Florida; plural of "hine", a servant, a peasant
hiney - children's slang for the buttocks
hinge - to depend; a mechanical joint allowing movement
hings - plural of "hing", the asafoetida
hinin - a member of a Japanese outcast group
hinju - a first name
hinke - a first name
hinks - plural of "hink", a reaping hook
hinky - suspicious; fishy
hinny - the offspring of a stallion and a she-ass
hinto - a first name
hints - plural of "hint", an indication or clue
hinty - full of hints; like a hint
hinun - a first name
hipes - plural of "hipe", a wrestling throw
hippa - emerita; a genus of sand bugs
hippe - a genus of marine decapod crustaceans
hippo - a hippopotamus
hipps - hyp, hypochonaria
hippy - having big hips; a variant of "hippie"
hipsy - a drink of wine, water and brandy
hirab - a village in Iran
hirad - a village in Iran
hirah - a first name
hiraj - a Punjabi tribe of Pakistan
hiral - a first name
hiram - a first name
hiran - a first name
hirao - a town in Japan
hirat - a city in Afghanistan
hirav - a first name
hiraz - a first name
hirch - hirtch
hirci - armpit hair
hired - employed
hiree - a person who has been hired for a job
hirem - a first name
hiren - a first name
hirer - an employer
hires - employs
hirji - a first name
hirom - a first name
hirov - a first name
hirrs - orders a dog forward
hirsh - a first name
hirst - a first name; a barren unproductive patch of land
hirut - a first name
hisao - a first name
hisah - a town in Lebanon
hisar - a town in India
hisks - breathes with difficulty
hispa - a genus of beetles
hissa - a shout used by sailors when hauling or hoisting
hissy - hissing, spiteful, angry, as in a "hissy fit"
hists - hoists
hitam - a first name
hitay - a first name
hitch - a first name; to join; a drawback
hitha - a first name
hithe - a haven
hitka - a first name
hitty - a first name
hiula - a mountain in Colombia
hived - stored
hiver - an apiarist or bee keeper
hives - an allergic rash; plural of "hive", a bee home
hivet - a first name
hivey - full of hives; like a hive
hiwat - a first name
hiwot - a first name
hiyam - a first name
hizen - an old province of Japan; porcelain from this area of Japan
hlota - a language
hmmed - made a "hmm" sound
hmong - a Laotian ethnic group
hoaed - stopped
hoagy - a first name; a submarine sandwich; a hero sandwich; a grinder
hoang - a first name
hoard - to amass
hoars - plural of "hoar", a white coating
hoary - venerable; silvery
hoast - a cough; to cough
hobbs - a town in New Mexico
hobby - a pasttime
hobey - a first name
hobie - a first name; a kind of sailboat
hobit - a small mortar on a gun carriage
hobob - a town in Korea; the father-in-law of Moses
hobos - plural of "hobo", a wanderer who will work for food
hoboy - a hautboy
hocco - the crested curassow or royal pheasant
hocks - pawns; plural of "hock", a wine
hocky - a variant spelling of "hockey" vainly promoted by the Chicago Tribune in 1934
hocly - the hock, or penultimate card, in faro
hocum - a medical shorthand term for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hocus - to cheat; to falsify something; part of the magical phrase "hocus pocus"
hodad - a nonsurfer; a boastful amateur
hodag - a mythical beast of Wisconsin and Minnesota, reputedly fierce and melancholy
hodan - a first name
hoddy - a hod carrier
hoder - in Norse myth, a blind god, tricked by Loki into killing Baldur with a mistletoe arrow
hodge - a rustic or bumpkin; a stew; in the phrase "hodge podge", a miscellany
hodja - khoja, an Islamic teacher
hodur - in Norse myth, a blind god, tricked by Loki into killing Baldur with a mistletoe arrow
hoers - plural of "hoer", one who hoes
hofei - a town in China
hofuf - a town in Saudia Arabia
hoful - careful
hogan - a first name; a strong liquor; a Navaho dwelling
hogen - strong liquor
hoggs - plural of "hogg", a young sheep
hoggy - or or similar to a hog; fat; greedy
hoghs - plural of "hogh", a hill or cliff
hogni - a first name
hogos - plural of "hogo", a strong flavor or smell
hohed - stopped
hohes - plural of "hohe", assiniboin
hohum - boring; routine
hoick - to change direction abruptly
hoiks - plural of "hoik", an upward turn
hoing - stopping
hoise - to hoist
hoist - to lift up
hoits - plural of "hoit", a leap; a caper
hoity - part of the phrase "hoity toity" meaning haughtiness
hojem - a first name
hokan - an American Indian language stock
hokas - plural of "hokan", an American Indian language stock
hoker - censure; abuse
hokes - gives false value to
hokey - contrived; false; part of the phrase "hokey pokey", a dance
hokie - a castrated turkey; a Virginia Tech football player
hokis - plural of "hoki", a food fish
hokku - a haiku that is the first link of a renga
hokum - hooey; sentimental claptrap
holar - a town in Iceland
holda - a first name
holde - a first name
holds - maintains; grasps; suspends; plural of "hold", a ship's cargo room
holed - sank the ball in golf
holer - one who makes a hole; one who sinks a ball in golf
holes - plural of "hole", a lacuna; a void; a cavity
holey - full of holes
holia - a humpback salmon
holic - a first name
holks - digs; burrows; hollows out
holla - a greeting
holle - a first name; a town in the Congo
holli - a first name
hollo - a greeting
holls - plural of "holl", a hollow or glen
holly - a first name; an evergreen
holma - a cathedral town in Uganda
holme - a town in England
holms - plural of "holm", an island in a river; an evergreen oak
holod - a town in Romania
holon - a hypothetical charged, spinless particle; something that is regarded as a whole; a town in Israel
holps - an archaic form of "helps"
holts - plural of "holt", a grove
holub - a first name
holus - part of the phrase "holus bolus", all in a lump
holwe - hollow
homam - a constellation
homan - a first name
homed - returned to one's home
homee - a man
homer - a first name; a home run; an ancient Greek poet; a homing pigeon; a unit of volume of 8 bushels
homes - plural of "home", a residence; a shelter
homey - homelike; someone from the same neighborhood
homia - a river in Papua New Guinea
homie - someone from the same neighborhood
homme - a first name; French for "man"
homos - a variant of "hummus"; plural of "homo", a homosexual
honan - a fine silk; the Chinese province of Hunan
honda - a part of a lariat; a town in Colombia
hondo - a first name; the Japanese island of Honshu; a low-lying brook or stream; a broad gulley
honds - plural of "hond", variant of "hand"
honed - sharpened
honer - a sharpener
hones - sharpens
honey - a first name; a bee product; dear
hongi - a traditional Maori greeting
hongs - plural of "hong", a Chinese factory
honie - a first name
honjo - a town in Japan
honks - hoots
honky - a slur for a white person; part of the phrase "honky tonk" for a music joint
honna - a first name
honon - a first name
honor - a first name; to treat with respect
honte - hunt
honts - plural of "hont", a variant of "hunt"
honza - a first name
hooch - fire water; a Vietnamese hut
hoods - plural of "hood", a cowl; a gangster; a neighborhood
hoody - the hooded crow; a hooded jacket
hooer - an exaggerated pronunciation of "whore"
hooey - hokum; blarney; bunkum; rot; blather; codswallop
hoofs - dances; plural of "hoof", a horny covering that protects the toes of certain mammals
hoofy - like a hoof; redolent of hoof; having hooves
hooha - an uproarious commotion
hooka - a Turkish pipe
hooks - plural of "hook", a bend; a barb
hooky - full of barbs; full of musical "hooks"; what you play when you skip school
hooly - carefully
hoons - plural of "hoon", a lout, a showoff
hoony - a first name
hoops - the game of basketball; plural of "hoop", a ring
hoopy - like a hoop; acting up; a car
hoord - hoard
hoorn - a town in the Netherlands
hoose - to wheeze; a lung disease of cattle
hoosh - a thick soup or stew
hoots - honks; boos; what Scots say just before "Mon"
hooty - like a hoot; full of hoots
hoove - a cattle disease
hooze - to wheeze; a lung disease of cattle
hopak - a gopak, a lively Ukrainian dance
hoped - wished for
hopeh - Hopei, a city in China
hopei - a city in China
hopen - a town in Norway
hoper - one who hopes
hopes - wishes for
hopey - a first name
hopie - a first name
hopis - plural of "Hopi", an American Indian
hoplo - a kind of catfish native to South America
hopon - a rider who hops on and off a moving bus or trolley
hopos - plural of "hopo", a V-shaped hedge, with a pit at the angle, to trap game
hoppo - a Chinese overseer or customs agent
hoppy - flavored with hops; tending to hop
horae - in classical mythology, the hours; a book of hours
horah - variant of "hora", an Israeli dance
horal - hourly; of the hours
horas - plural of "hora", an Israeli dance
horaz - a first name
horde - a swarm
horea - a first name; a town in Romania
horeb - a first name; a biblical mountain
horia - a first name
horim - a phallocrypt, or penis gourd, worn in New Guinea
horme - activity directed toward a goal
horns - plural of "horn", a hard bonelike projection
horny - randy; callous; having horns; like horn
horry - a first name
horsa - a first name; chief of the Jutes, brother of Hengst
horse - a steed; heroin
horst - a first name; an upraised block between two faults
horsy - equine; like a horse; of a horse
horta - a port town in Faial, one of the Azores Islands
horus - in Egyptian mythology, the son of Osiris
horyn - a river in Ukraine and Belarus
hosam - a first name
hosay - an Islamic religious festival of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein
hosea - a first name
hosed - sprayed with water; very drunk
hosel - part of a golf club
hosen - plural of "hose", a stocking
hoser - one who uses a hose; a good guy
hoses - sprays with water
hoshi - a first name
hosin - a town in the Czech Republic
hoska - narcotics; contraband
hosni - a first name
hosny - a first name
hosta - a plantain lily
hoste - an island in Chile
hosts - entertains socially; plural of "host", a large number; the Eucharistic wafer
hotan - variant of "Hotien", a city in China
hotch - to wiggle; to hitch; in the phrase "hotch potch", a miscellany
hoted - commanded; enjoined
hotel - an inn
hoten - promised
hotes - commands; enjoins
hotin - another name for Khotin
hotly - in a hot or angry manner
hotsy - dramatic, strong, prominent
hotty - an attractive person or celebrity
houbi - a town in Taiwan
houda - a first name
houes - plural of "houe", a tumulus
houff - a haunt or resort
houfs - howfs
hough - a hamstring
houka - a hookah
houko - a first name
houla - a town in Syria
hoult - a piece of woodland
houma - a town in Louisiana
houmi - an American Indian language
hound - a dog; to follow
houps - plural of "houp", a hoopoe
houra - a first name
houri - a nymph of Paradise; a small Arabian boat
hourn - a British bay
hours - plural of "hour", a unit of time
houry - a first name
house - a domicile; a residence
houss - an ornamental cloth covering
housy - like a house
houts - hoots
houve - a head covering
hovan - a first name
hovas - plural of "hova", a Malagash, a native of Madagascar
hoved - heaved
hovel - a dilapidated house
hoven - bloated; raised; swollen
hover - to float in the air
hoves - heaves
hovig - a first name
hovis - wheat bread
howbe - howbeit
howdo - a greeting
howdy - a greeting; a midwife
howea - a genus of feather palms
howel - a first name; a cooper's tool
howes - plural of "howe", a hollow; a glen
howey - a first name
howff - a haunt or resort
howfs - plural of "howf", a place frequently visited
howie - a first name
howin - a first name
howks - digs; burrows
howls - yowls
howps - cries out; yells
howre - an obsolete spelling of "hour"
howry - dirty, nasty
howso - howsoever
howve - a hood or head covering
hoxed - hocked; hamstringed
hoxes - hocks; hamstrings
hoxie - a first name
hoxne - a town in England, where Saint Edmund was murdered
hoyas - plural of "hoya", a genus of climbing plants; a Georgetown hoopster
hoyed - incited; drove on
hoyle - a rule book for games
hoyte - a first name
hrach - a first name
hrank - a first name
hrant - a first name
hrolf - a first name
hrvat - a Croat
hsian - a town in China
hsien - a western Chou domain in central China
hsing - a town in northern China
huabi - huave, an Indian people of Oaxaca, Mexico
huaca - any object inhabited by a god or spirit
huaco - a pre-Columbian relic of Peru
huari - an Indian people of eastern Mato Grosso, Brazil; a town in Bolivia
huave - an Indian people of Oaxaca, Mexico
huaxi - a town in China
hubal - a Middle Eastern moon god
hubam - clover
hubba - an interjection, usually "hubba hubba", expressing lusty appreciation; crack cocaine; a unit of weight in Calcutta
hubby - a husband
hubei - a language
huber - a first name
hubey - a first name
hubie - a first name
hubli - a town in India
hucho - a genus of large riverine fish
hucks - plural of "huck", a German trout; a hip
huder - a town in Mongolia
hudna - a ceasefire
huela - a language
huelo - a town on the island of Maui, Hawaiia
huels - plural of "huel", a Cornish mine
huene - one of the Tulun islands
huers - plural of "huer", a fish scout watching for shoals
hueys - plural of "Huey", a military helicopter
huffs - breathes heavily
huffy - petulant; offended
huger - larger
huggy - likely to hug someone; warm and friendly
hughy - a first name
hugin - in Norse mythology, one of two raven companions of Odin, representing thought
hugli - the Hooghly river in north east India
hugos - plural of "Hugo", a science fiction award
huias - plural of "huia", a New Zealand starling
huila - a Colombian volcano
hulas - plural of "hula", a Hawaiian dance
hulba - a Yemeni sauce made of fenugreek
hulch - a hunch
hulda - a first name
hules - plural of "hule", variant of "ule", a central American rubber tree
hulks - appears impressively large; old ships
hulky - unwieldy; massive
hullo - a greeting
hulls - plural of "hull", a shell; the base of a ship
hully - husky; a very fat person; in the phrase "hully gully", a dance
hulon - a first name
hulya - a first name
humae - a legendary bird whose appearance signifies the viewer will become a king
humam - a first name
human - of the species Homo
humas - plural of "huma", a mythical unresting bird
humbo - a town in Ethiopia
humet - in heraldry, an abbreviated fesse
humfs - makes an expression of dissatisfaction or disbelief
humic - wet; dank; of humus
humid - damp; moist
humin - a dark insoluble substance formed in various chemical reactions
humit - the units in which combined humidity and temperature readings are made
humla - a town in Nepal
hummy - satisfied; content
humor - to indulge; a mood; comic matter; one of four constituents of character
humpf - an exclamation of disbelief
humph - a first name; an exclamation of disbelief
humps - plural of "hump", a hillock; a bump; what hump?
humpy - a first name; an Australian native hut; full of humps; an ideal surfing wave; bad tempered
humus - a rich soil
humza - a first name
hunan - a Chinese province and home of a fiery cuisine
hunch - intuition; to slump; a hump
hunde - a language
hundi - a negotiable instrument of trade, used in India
hundo - one hundred dollars
hundy - one hundred dollars
hunge - a town in Sweden
hungo - Hungarian
hungu - a language
hunia - a pack animal
hunko - someone who is short and stocky
hunks - plural of "hunk", a chunk; an attractive man
hunky - chunky; an ethnic slur; in the phrase "hunky dory", very satisfactory
hunny - a first name
hunor - a first name
hunts - stalks; searches for
hunya - fighting rams
hunza - a region of Pakistan
huong - a first name
hupas - plural of "hupa", a North American Indian tribe in northwest California
hupeh - a province in east central China
hupei - a province in east central China
hupen - a province in China
huram - a first name
hurds - flax refuse
hurdy - in the phrase "hurdy gurdy", a portable musical instrument played by a crank
hurls - flings; vomits
hurly - a first name; confusion; a ball; in the phrase "hurly burly", chaos or uproar
huron - an American Indian tribe
hurra - a celebratory exclamation
hurri - hurrian; a country in the ancient Near East
hurry - to rush
hurst - a first name; a grove
hurts - causes pain; damages
hurty - hurtful
huruk - an Indian drum shaped like an hourglass
husam - a first name
husht - an interjection urging silence
hushy - secret
husis - plural of "husi", a fine sheer Philippine fabric
husks - plural of "husk", an outer hull
husky - heavy-set; throaty-sounding; a sled dog
husnu - a first name
husos - plural of "huso", the great sturgeon
hussy - a housewife; a brazen girl
husum - a town in Germany
huszt - a town in Hungary
hutch - a coop; a dish cabinet
hutia - the West Indian hog rat
hutty - an elephant
hutus - plural of "Hutu", a member of a Central African ethnic group
huxen - a town in Germany
huxly - a first name
huzza - a celebratory exclamation
huzzy - a hussy; a brazen woman
hveen - an island near Copenhagen where Tycho Brahe had an observatory
hwang - an Asian river
hwans - plural of "hwan", a monetary unit of Korea
hwyls - plural of "hwyl", an emotional outburst
hyads - variant of "Hyades", a cluster of stars; the daughters of Atlas
hyatt - a first name
hybla - an ancient city of Sicily
hydel - hydroelectric
hyden - a town in Kentucky
hyder - a first name
hydie - a first name
hydra - a nine-headed snake; the constellation of the water monster; a fresh water polyp
hydro - a spa
hyena - a scavenging feline
hyens - plural of "hyen", a hyena
hying - present participle of "hie"
hykes - plural of "hyke", a loose Arab garment
hylan - a first name
hylas - a first name; plural of "hyla", a tree frog
hylda - a first name
hyleg - the ruling planet in a horoscope
hyles - plural of "hyle", a woody matter
hylic - materialistic; corporeal
hyman - a first name
hymar - the wild ass of Persia
hymen - a first name; the Roman god of marriage; a membrane that partially occludes the vagina
hymie - a first name
hymns - plural of "hymn", a sacred song
hymny - like a hymn
hynda - a first name
hynde - hind
hynee - a first name
hynes - plural of "hyne", variant of "hine", a servant
hyogo - a prefecture in western Japan
hyoid - the tongue bone, literally, something shaped like the Greek letter upsilon
hypar - a hyperbolic paraboloid
hyped - promoted extravagantly
hyper - very excitable; above
hypes - promotes extravagantly; plural of "hype", a wrestling throw
hypha - a threadlike element of a fungus
hyphy - a style of hip-hop music
hypos - plural of "hypo", a hypodermic needle
hyppo - St Augustine's home town, also spelled "Hippo"
hyram - a first name
hyrax - a rock rabbit
hyron - a first name
hyrse - millet
hyrst - a hurst, or woods
hyrum - a first name
hyson - a Chinese green tea
hythe - a haven; a coastal town in southern England
hyuga - a town in Japan
hywel - a first name
iaido - a Japanese style of fencing
iakob - a first name
iakov - a first name
iambe - a first name; the daughter of Pan and Echo, goddess of rhyme and merriment
iambi - plural of "iamb", a metrical foot in poetry
iambs - plural of "iamb", a metrical foot in poetry
ianna - a first name
ianis - a first name
ianke - a first name
ianos - a first name
ianus - a first name; a variant of "Janus", god of beginnings, doors and gateways
iason - a first name
iasus - a first name; jasus, a genus of spiny lobsters
ibads - plural of "Ibad", an Arabic people
ibbie - a first name
ibera - a lake in South America
iberi - the Celtic inhabitants of Britain
ibiza - a resort island off the coast of Spain
iblis - Eblis
ibrah - a first name
ibrai - a first name
ibram - a first name
ibran - a first name
ibrar - a first name
ibrik - a water pot used in a Turkish bath
ibsaa - a first name
ibsan - a first name
ibzan - a first name
icaco - the coco plum
icana - a river in Brazil
icasm - any figurative expression
iccho - a first name
iceni - an ancient British ethnic group
icers - plural of "icer", an instrument for applying icing
iched - eked
iches - ekes
ichor - in Greek mythology, a god's blood; watery material that oozes from wounds
ichou - a Han commanderie in southwest China
ichun - a town in China
icica - a tropical American timber tree
icier - more icy
icily - coldly
icing - a creamy sugary coating used on cakes and doughnuts
icker - an ear of corn
ickle - an icicle
icons - plural of "icon", a religious picture
ictal - caused by an ictus; with rhythm
ictic - abrupt; forceful; relating to the recurring stress or beat in a rhythmic sound
ictus - a stroke; an accentuation; a beat of the heart
idaho - a state of the USA
idaia - a first name
idant - in biology, a hypothetical unit of germ plasm regarded as an aggregation of ids
idaya - a first name
iddat - a period of several months during which a Muslim widow cannot remarry
ideal - utopian; fanciful; a subset of a ring comprising all linear combinations of one or more generators
idean - of Mount Ida on Crete
ideas - plural of "idea", a mental image
ideat - a variant of "ideate"
idees - plural of "idee", an idea
idell - a first name
idgah - a place set apart for public prayers on the two chief Muslim feasts
idgoh - a town in Afghanistan
idhna - a Palestinian town
idina - a first name
idiom - argot; a specialized language
idiot - a nitwit
idism - the use or promotion of the artificial language Ido
idist - an Ido linguist
idite - a speaker or promoter of the articial language Ido
idleb - a town in Syria
idled - did nothing
idler - one who does nothing
idles - does nothing
idlis - plural of "idli", a thick flat bread made from rice and lentils
idoia - a first name
idola - plural of "idolum", an image without substance, a fantasy
idols - plural of "idol", an object of worship
idoma - a language
idose - a sugar
idrin - Rastafarian brethren
idris - a first name; a mythical Welsh giant
idriz - a first name
idrys - a first name
iduna - a first name; in Norse mythology, possessor of apples of immortality
idunn - a first name; in Norse mythology, possessor of apples of immortality
idwal - a first name
idyll - a pastoral poem
idyls - plural of "idyl", a poem depicting pastoral tranquillity
ieper - the Flemish name for Ypres, a town in Belgium
ierne - a first name
ieroe - a great-grandchild
iesha - a first name
ieuan - a first name
ifads - an old expression of astonishment
ifegs - an old expression of astonishment
ifere - together
iffen - if
ifrah - a first name
ifraz - a first name
ifrit - afreet
iftah - a first name
iftar - the sundown meal that ends the Ramadan fast
ifzal - a first name
igala - a Yoruba-speaking people
igalo - a town in Montenegro
igapo - gapo; the part of the Brazilian jungle that is underwater for part of the year
igara - a Yoruba-speaking people
igdyr - a nomadic Turkoman people
iggie - a first name
iggle - to talk another into doing one a favor
igigi - a group of heavenly spirits under Anu in Babylonian theology
igloo - an Eskimo snow house
iglus - plural of "iglu", an igloo
ignac - a first name
ignaz - a first name
ignes - a first name
ignis - Latin for "fire", as in "ignus fatuus", fool's light
ihlat - a nomadic Sunnite people of Persia
ihram - a robe worn by Muslim pilgrims
ihsan - a first name
ihsun - a town in Sinkiang
iiwis - plural of "iiwi", a Hawaiian bird
ijara - a town in Kenya; a Muslim custom of protection of guests
ikary - caviar
ikats - plural of "ikat", a fabric of tie-dyed yarns
ikbal - a first name
ikeda - a town in Japan
ikemi - a first name
ikkei - a first name
iklas - a first name
ikoma - a town in Japan
ikons - plural of "ikon", an icon
ikram - a first name
ikuko - a first name
ilana - a first name
ilani - a first name
ilann - a first name
ilava - a Hindu caste of cultivators
ilave - a town in Peru
ildar - a first name
ileac - colicky; of or pertaining to the ileum
ileal - of the ileum
ilean - a first name
ilebo - another name for Port-Francqui
ileen - a first name
ilena - a first name
ilene - a first name
ileon - ileum
ilese - a first name
ileum - the lowest of the three portions of the small intestine
ileus - severe colic due to intestinal obstruction
ilgar - a first name
ilham - a first name
ilhan - a first name
iliac - pertaining to the ilium
iliad - an epic poem about the fall of Troy
ilial - iliac
ilian - of or relating to Troy
ilias - a first name
iliau - a destructive disease of young sugarcane
ilich - a first name
ilida - a first name
ilija - a first name
ilima - a first name; a small shrub bearing yellow or orange flowers
ilimp - to happen or befall
ilina - a first name
iline - a first name
ilion - ancient Troy
ilipa - a town in Spain
ilisa - a first name
ilise - a first name
ilita - a first name
ilium - a bone of the pelvis; the haunch bone; the ancient city of Troy
ilker - a first name
ilkka - a first name
ilkon - variant of "ilkoon", each one or every one
illan - a first name
iller - more ill
illia - a first name
illin - crazy
illon - a town in South Korea
illth - poverty
illuk - cogon
illya - a first name
ilmen - a European lake
iloko - ilocano
ilona - a first name
ilone - a first name
ilsey - a first name
ilyas - a first name
ilyaz - a first name
ilyna - a first name
ilysa - a first name
ilyse - a first name
image - a picture; a representation
imago - the final or "perfect" state of a metamorphic insect; an internal psychological image of an important person
imama - a female Islamic religious instructor
imams - plural of "imam", an Islamic priest
imani - a first name
imans - plural of "iman", variant of "imam", an Islamic priest
imany - a first name
imari - a Japanese harbor city, and a kind of porcelain made there
imaum - variant of "imam", an Islamic priest
imban - to put under a ban
imbar - to exclude
imbat - a cooling etesian wind in the Levant
imbay - to embay
imbed - to place into
imber - the great northern diver
imbow - to arch
imbox - to enclose in a box
imbue - to dye; to permeate
imena - a first name
imide - a chemical compound
imido - containing an imide
imids - plural of "imid", an imide
imine - a chemical compound
imino - containing an imine
imins - plural of "imin", a kind of chemical compound
imjin - a river on the border between North and South Korea
immew - to confine
immie - agate; imitation marble
immis - changeable
immit - to inject
immix - to mingle
imola - a first name; a town in central Italy
impar - unpaired
imped - grafted feathers onto a bird's wing
impel - to force; to drive
impen - to write
impex - from "import/export", a business involved in international trade
impis - plural of "impi", a Zulu regiment
imply - to suggest; to logically entail
impot - a written task imposed as a punishment
impro - improvisational comedy
imput - input; charge
imran - a first name
imroz - a Turkish island
imshi - an expression meaning "Go away!"
imshy - an expression meaning "Go away!"
inaam - a first name
inage - to make old
inagh - a town in Ireland
inaja - the Brazilian palm
inaki - a first name
inane - fatuous; empty headed
inapt - unfit; clumsy
inare - a lake in Finland
inari - a town, and lake in Finland
inarm - to encircle in the arms; to hug
inbae - a first name
inbah - a first name; a town in Jordan
inbal - a first name
inbar - a first name
inbee - a first name
inbow - a bend
inbox - a box or basket into which messages or assignments are delivered
inbye - inward
incan - of the Incas
incap - an incapacitating agent
incas - plural of "Inca", a South American Indian
incle - a variant of "inkle"
incog - incognito
incur - to contract; to become liable for
incus - the anvil bone of the inner ear; a thundercloud shaped like an anvil
incut - inset
indan - a chemical
indar - a first name
indel - in gene sequencing, an insertion or deletion
inder - a first name; a European lake
indew - endue
index - a pointer; a list; an indicator
indhu - a first name
india - a first name; an Asian country
indic - of India; a branch of the Indo-European language family
indie - a first name; an independent person or business
indig - an indigenous person
indin - a dark red crystalline substance
indio - a first name; a town in California
indoc - an indoctrination or training course
indol - indole, a chemical compound
indow - to endow
indra - a first name; the Hindu god of rain
indre - a department of France
indri - a large silky short-tailed lemur of Madagascar
indue - to endue; to invest
indus - a river flowing through Tibet, Kashmir and Pakistan; the constellation of the Indian
indya - a first name
indyl - indolyl
ineke - a first name
inela - a first name
inell - a first name
inept - not apt; futile; pointless
ineri - igneri
inerm - without prickles; unarmed
inert - unmoving; inactive
ineye - to graft a bud onto a tree
infer - to deduce
infil - a shortened form of "infiltration"
infit - refers to a statistical fit to data that tries to ignore outlying data
infix - to implant; referring to formulas in which operators are between their arguments
infos - plural of "info", an item of information
infra - below (a borrowed Latin word for textual comments)
ingan - an onion
ingar - a first name
ingas - plural of "inga", a family of trees and shrubs with pinnate leaves
inger - a first name
ingle - a first name; a fireside
ingon - a small stream that passes through Nesle, France
ingot - a mass of metal; a metallic brick
ingra - a first name; a town in Finland
iniac - relating to the inion, the bump at the back of the skull
inial - relating to the inion, the bump at the back of the skull
inias - plural of "inia", a phrenological bump
iniga - a first name
inigo - a first name; as in, "My name is Inigo Montoya."
iniki - a first name
iniko - a first name
ining - a town in China
inini - a former part of French Guiana, now separate
inion - the bump at the back of the skull
injun - slang for "Indian"
inked - added ink to; wrote; signed
inken - a first name
inker - a recording device; one who inks
inkie - an incandescent lamp
inkle - a broad linen tape; a ploy in euchre
inkos - a Zulu chief
inkra - ga
inlaw - a relative by marriage
inlay - to tesselate
inlet - a bay; an aperture
inman - a town in Kansas
inmew - to enclose
inned - past tense of "in"
inner - interior
innes - a first name
innet - a town in Burma
innie - a belly button that is recessed
innis - a first name
innit - slang for "isn't it"
inode - a UNIX file system structure
inola - a town in Oklahoma
inoma - a town in the Philippines
inorb - to enclose in or surround with an orb
input - things that enter; data given to a computer program
inros - plural of "inro", a Japanese ornamental box for medicine, perfume and so on
inrun - a running in; a skiing trestle
insar - a town in Lebanon
insch - a town in Scotland
inset - to implant; to place within
insty - instantaneous
insue - a variant of "ensue"
intel - intelligence, often military
inter - to bury
intil - into; unto
intra - Latin for "inner" or "internal"
intro - an introduction
intue - to intuit
inubo - an Asian cape
inuit - an Eskimo tribe
inula - an herb, the elecampane plant
inund - to inundate
inure - to harden
inurn - to place in an urn
inust - burnt in
inuus - a Barbary ape; a deity in early Roman religion
invar - a nickel steel alloy
invex - concave
inwit - intuition; conscience; the agenbiter
ioana - a first name
ioann - a first name
iodal - containing iodine
iodic - containing iodine
iodid - iodide
iodin - iodine
iodol - a brownish crystalline compound of iodine
iolee - a first name
iolia - a first name
ionel - a first name
ioney - a first name
ionia - a first name; an ancient region along the west coast of Asia Minor
ionic - from Ionia; having an electronic charge
ionie - a first name
ionut - a first name
iorav - a first name
ioseb - a first name
iosep - a first name
iosif - a first name
iosua - a first name
iotas - plural of "iota", a Greek letter; a small amount
iouri - a first name
iowan - a native or resident of Iowa
iowas - a tribe of Indians
ioway - a Siouan people; a humorous reference to the state of Iowa
iphis - a first name; in mythology, a woman raised as a boy and later transformed by the gods into a man
iphys - a first name; in mythology, a woman raised as a boy and later transformed by the gods into a man
ippei - a first name
ippon - a full-point score in judo
ippor - a point awarded for a perfect move in judo or karate
ipses - a thingamajig; a whatsit
ipsus - an ancient village in Phrygia, Asia Minor, site of a battle between Alexander's successors
iqbal - a first name
iqdir - a town in Turkey
irabu - one of the Ryukyu islands
irade - a Turkish written decree
iradj - a first name
iraki - a native of Iraq
irana - a first name
irani - a native of Iran
irapa - a town in Venezuela
iraqi - a native of Iraq
iraqw - a language
irate - angry
irati - a town in Brazil
iraya - a pagan people of northern Mindanao
irazu - a volcano and river in Costa Rica
irban - a first name
irbid - a town in Jordan
irbil - the modern name for Arbela, in Iraq
ireen - a first name
ireli - a town in Mali
irena - a first name
irene - a first name; the Roman goddess of peace
ireos - the Florentine iris
ireya - a first name
irfan - a first name
irfon - a first name; a British river
irgun - a Jewish underground army in colonial Palestine
irian - relating to the iris
iriba - a town in Chad
irids - plural of "irid", a plant of the iris family; the iris of the eye
irien - a first name
irina - a first name
iring - angering
irini - a first name
irion - a bay in Australia
iriri - a river in Brazil
irisa - a first name
irish - a native of Ireland
irita - a first name
irite - an iridium compound
irked - annoyed
irkha - a first name
irles - a town in France
irmay - a first name
irmus - a rhetorical device of using a long sentence with a dramatic end
iroha - the Japanese kana in its popular ordering
iroko - a very large timber tree of tropical Africa
iroma - a Japanese syllabary, or Kana, in the popular order:  "I", "Ro" and "Ma" are the first three syllables.
irona - a first name
irone - an aromatic oil obtained from the orrisroot
irons - presses; plural of "iron", a metal golf club
irony - mockery; a reversal of status, expectation, or meaning; language whose intent belies its formal meaning; consisting of iron
irous - irascible; easily angered
irpen - a town in Ukraine
irpes - plural of "irpe", a fantastic grimace or contortion
irpex - a genus of tooth fungi
irven - a first name
irvin - a first name
irwin - a first name
irwyn - a first name
iryna - a first name
isaac - a first name
isaak - a first name
isaba - a town in Spain
isabu - a town in Japan
isack - a first name
isaia - a first name
isaid - a first name
isaih - a first name
isais - a first name
isamu - a first name
isana - a river in Colombia
isatu - a first name
isawa - members of a Muslim religious brotherhood
isbas - plural of "isba", a Russian log hut
isbel - a first name
iscas - plural of "isca", an excrescence on oak or hazel
ischl - a town in Austria
isela - a first name
isere - a river in France
iseum - a temple to Isis
iseut - a first name
ishak - a first name
isham - a first name
ishan - a first name; a language
ishaq - a first name
ishes - plural of "ish", a liberty of going out
ishim - an Asian river; a town in Russia
isiac - a first name; referring to the Egyptian goddess Isis
isiah - a first name
isild - a first name
isiro - another name for Paulis
iskar - a river in Bulgaria
isker - a river in Bulgaria
iskra - a town in Bulgaria
iskur - a lake in Bulgaria
islam - a first name; a religious faith based on the Koran
islay - a first name; one of the Hebrides islands
isled - made of islands
isles - plural of "isle", an island
islet - a small island
islip - a town near Oxford, England; a town on Long Island
islot - an islet
islow - a first name
ismal - a first name
isman - a first name
ismar - a first name
ismet - a first name
isnad - the chain of authority attesting the authenticity of a particular haddith
isoka - a first name; a town in Zambia
isoko - a language
isold - a first name
isolt - a first name
isote - a yucca plant
ispra - a town in Italy
israa - a first name
issac - a first name
issai - a first name
issam - a first name
issat - a first name
issca - a first name
issei - a Japanese immigrant to the United States
issel - a first name
isser - a first name
issey - a first name
issia - a first name
issie - a first name
issos - a variant of "Issus"
issue - to come forth; a matter in dispute; one appearance of a periodical
issur - a first name
issus - an ancient town in southeast Asia Minor, where Alexander defeated Darius
istar - a first name
ister - a name for the Danube river; a river god of Scythia
istle - an aloe fiber used in making bagging and carpets
istra - a town in Russia; the Istrian peninsula
isuan - referring to Isua, in western Greenland, where some of the oldest known rocks are found
iswas - a rough and ready calculating device
itala - an early Latin version of the Scriptures
italo - a first name
itals - plural of "ital", an italic letter
italy - a European country
itami - a town in Japan
itape - a town in Paraguay
itapi - a river in Brazil
itata - a river in Chile
itati - a lake in South America; a town in Argentina
itche - a first name
itchy - scratchy
items - plural of "item", a unit, a thing
itemy - full of items; itemized
iters - plural of "iter", a brain passageway
ithel - a first name
ithen - a British river
ither - other
ithun - a Norse goddess, wife of Bragi, who guarded the apples of youth
itmos - plural of "itmo", a betel nut
ittai - a first name
ituri - a highlands area of the Congo
itzak - a first name
itzas - plural of "itza", a division of the Yucatec people of Peten, Guatemala
itzik - a first name
iulia - a first name
iulid - a type of millipede
iulus - a julus; a catkin; an ament
iuren - a first name
iurie - a first name
ivads - an old expression of astonishment
ivana - a first name
ivane - a first name
ivann - a first name
ivano - a first name
ivdel - a town in Russia
iveta - a first name
ivete - a first name
iveth - a first name
ivett - a first name
ivica - a first name
ivied - covered in ivy
ivies - plural of "ivy", an ornamental vine
ivins - plural of "ivin", ivy
iviza - one of the Balearic Islands
ivona - a first name
ivone - a first name
ivori - a first name
ivory - a first name; the material of elephant tusks
ivrea - a town in Italy, with an annual orange-throwing festival
ivree - a first name
ivria - a first name
ivrit - a modernized form of Hebrew
ivver - a variant of "ever"
ivyed - ivied
iwaka - a river in Irian Jaya
iwaki - a town in Japan
iwans - plural of "iwan", a large audience chamber in Parthian architecture
iwata - a town in Japan
iwate - a prefecture of Japan
iwona - a first name
ixaka - a first name
ixias - plural of "ixia", a South African flowering plant
ixion - the king of the Lapithae, bound to a wheel for loving Hera
ixnay - Pig Latin for "nix", no
ixora - a genus of tropical shrubs
ixtil - variant of "ixtle", an aloe fiber used in making bagging and carpets
ixtle - an aloe fiber used in making bagging and carpets
ixtli - variant of "ixtle", an aloe fiber used in making bagging and carpets
iyabo - a first name
iyala - a language
iyapo - a first name
iyari - a first name
iyman - a first name
iyoka - a first name
iyyar - a Hebrew month
izaac - a first name
izaak - a first name
izard - the ibex or chamois of the Pyrenees
izars - plural of "izar", an outer garment worn by Muslim women
izbas - plural of "izba", a Russian log cabin
izbul - a first name
izedi - a Mesopotomanian sect accused of worshipping the devil
izeke - a first name
izhar - a first name
izhma - a river of the USSR
izieu - a village in France
izium - a town in Ukraine
izles - plural of "izle", a spark rising from a fire or chimney, or its soot
izmir - the Turkish name of Smyrna
izmit - a Turkish resort on the Black Sea
iznik - a town in Turkey
izola - a first name; a town in Slovenia
izora - a first name
izote - a Mexican yucca plant
izsak - a first name
iztle - an aloe fiber
iztli - a form of obsidian; an Aztec god
iztok - a first name
izumi - a town in Japan
izumo - a town in Japan
izyum - a town in Ukraine
izzak - a first name
izzat - a first name; honor; glory; respect
izzet - a first name
izzie - a first name
jaali - a first name
jabed - a first name
jabeg - a first name
jabek - a first name
jabel - a municipality in Germany
jabem - a Papuan people
jaber - a first name
jabes - a first name
jabey - a first name
jabez - a first name; to play an underhanded trick
jabia - a unit of area in Libya of about 1225 square meters
jabim - yabim
jabin - a first name
jabir - a first name
jabot - a lace frill
jacal - a crude thatched hut with walls made of poles, covered in mud
jacan - a first name
jacas - plural of "jaca", bread fruit, jackfruit
jacee - a first name
jacek - a first name
jacel - a first name
jacen - a first name
jacey - a first name
jacia - a first name
jacie - a first name
jacki - a first name
jacko - a first name; jocko; a gorilla-like creature discovered in the late nineteenth century
jacks - a first name (at least if you watch "Feeling Minnesota!"); the bathroom; plural of "jack", a wooden wedge; a child's toy
jacky - a first name; a sailor; gin
jacob - a first name; a town in the Congo
jacot - a first name; a jacot tool, a small hand lathe for watch pivots
jacsi - a first name
jacua - jagua
jacus - plural of "jacu", a South American guan
jadah - a first name
jadan - a first name
jadar - a river in Bosnia
jadda - a first name
jadea - a first name
jaded - sated
jadee - a first name
jadel - a first name
jaden - a first name
jader - a first name
jades - wearies; plural of "jade", a semiprecious gemstone
jadey - a first name
jadie - a first name
jadin - a first name
jadon - a first name
jadoo - a first name; an artificial silk
jadyn - a first name
jaeda - a first name
jaela - a first name
jaeli - a first name
jafar - a first name
jaffa - a first name; a city in Israel; an orange
jafis - a first name
jafit - a first name
jafra - a first name
jagat - in Hinduism, animate beings
jager - the great skua; a high quality diamond; a German or Austrian rifleman
jaggi - a first name
jaggs - cuts unevenly
jaggy - uneven
jagin - an Asian cape
jagir - in India, a grant of the public revenues to an administrator
jagla - the serow, an Asiatic goat
jagra - a coarse dark sugar
jagua - inaja; genipap; yagua
jague - a first name; a ditch
jagur - a first name
jahan - a first name
jahaz - a biblical place
jahel - a first name
jahja - a first name
jahla - a first name
jahna - a first name
jahon - a first name
jahre - a first name
jahve - Jehovah
jaicy - a first name
jaida - a first name
jaide - a first name
jails - plural of "jail", a prison
jaima - a first name
jaime - a first name
jaimi - a first name
jaimy - a first name
jaina - a believer in Jainism
jaine - a first name
jains - plural of "Jain", a member of an Indian sect
jainy - a first name
jaira - a first name
jairo - a first name
jairy - a first name
jaiya - a first name
jajce - a town in Bosnia
jakab - a first name
jakea - a first name
jaked - broken
jakes - an outhouse; plural of "jake", a year-old male turkey
jakey - a first name; old fashioned
jakia - a first name
jakie - a first name; a South American striped frog
jakir - a first name
jakiv - a first name
jakki - a first name
jakob - a first name
jakos - plural of "jako", an African gray
jakov - a first name
jakub - a first name
jakun - an aboriginal people of the southern Malay peninsula
jakup - a first name
jalal - a first name
jalap - a cathartic root
jalee - jalee work, marble carved to look like latticework
jaleh - a first name
jalen - a first name
jaleo - a lively Spanish solo dance, accompanied by castanets
jalil - a first name
jalin - a first name
jalna - a first name
jalop - jalap, a cathartic root; a jalopy
jalor - an east Indian rowing or sailing ship
jamaa - a first name
jamah - a long sleeved cotton coat of knee length worn in Pakistan
jamal - a first name
jaman - a first name; the Java plum
jamar - a first name
jamas - pajamas; plural of "jama", a long-sleeved knee length cotton coat
jamay - a first name
jamba - acle
jambe - a piece of leg armor
jambi - a province in southeast Sumatra
jambo - the rose apple; Swahili for "hello"
jambs - forces together tightly; plural of "jamb", the vertical side of an opening
jambu - an East Indian rose-apple tree
jamea - a first name
jamee - a first name
jamel - a first name
james - a first name; a flunkey
jamey - a first name
jamez - a first name
jamia - a first name
jamie - a first name
jamil - a first name
jamin - a first name
jamis - a first name
jamit - to play music together informally
jammu - an Indian state
jammy - a first name; sticky with jam; a pajama; lucky
jamod - a first name
jamon - a first name
jamsa - a town in Finland
jamui - a town in India
jamya - a first name
jamye - a first name
jamyi - a first name
janaa - a first name
janab - a Persian title of rank
janad - a town in Yemen
janae - a first name
janah - a first name
janai - a first name
janak - a first name
janan - a first name
janar - a first name
janas - a first name
janat - a first name
janau - a first name
janav - a first name
janay - a first name
janaz - a first name
janco - a first name
janda - a pole that is kissed during Persian New Year's ceremonies
jando - a first name
jandy - a first name
janea - a first name
janee - a first name
janei - a first name
janek - a first name
janel - a first name
janes - plural of "jane", a girl or woman; twilled cloth
janet - a first name
janey - a first name
janez - a first name
janfu - Joint Army Navy Foul Up, so to speak
jania - a first name
janie - a first name
janis - a first name
janit - a first name
janka - a first name
janko - a first name
janks - changes altitude and direction to avoid anti-aircraft fire
janky - unlucky; nervous; uncool; weird; bad
janna - a first name
janne - a first name
janns - plural of "jann", a variant of "jinn", a genie
janny - a first name; a school janitor
janos - a first name
janot - a first name
janou - a first name
janow - a town in Poland
janse - a first name
jante - a first name
jants - plural of "jant", a jaunt
jantu - an Indian water-raising device using a lever
janty - a first name; jaunty; showy
janua - a door or gate
janus - a first name; the two-faced Roman god honored by "January"
janvi - a first name
janya - a first name
jaoke - a first name
japan - an Asian country; a varnish
japed - mocked
japen - an island near New Guinea
japer - one who japes
japes - mocks
japie - a first name; an Afrikaner
jappy - Japanese
japvo - a mountain in Assam, India
japyx - the type genus of the family Japagidae
jaqui - a first name
jarad - a first name
jarah - a first name
jarak - the state of a hawk that is actively seeking prey
jarai - a language
jarda - a first name
jarde - a callous tumor on a horse's leg, below the hock
jards - a callous tumor on a horse's leg, below the hock
jareb - a first name
jared - a first name
jarek - a first name
jarel - a first name
jaren - a first name
jaret - a first name
jaria - a first name
jarib - a first name
jaric - a first name
jarid - a first name
jaris - a first name
jarko - a first name
jarks - plural of "jark", a seal
jarls - plural of "jarl", a Scandinavian nobleman
jarmo - a neolithic village site in northeast Iraq
jarno - a first name
jarod - a first name
jarom - a first name
jaron - a first name
jarra - an Australian eucalyptus
jarta - a term of endearment
jarul - the Indian bloodwood
jarvy - the driver of a hackney coach
jaryd - a first name
jasai - a first name
jasan - a first name
jasbo - elements of low or vulgar comedy introduced into a play
jasek - a first name
jasen - a first name
jasey - a worsted wig made of Jersey yarn
jasha - a first name
jasia - a first name
jasim - a first name
jasin - a first name
jasma - a first name
jasme - a first name
jasms - plural of "jasm", an enthusiasm for accomplishment
jasna - a first name
jason - a first name
jaspe - veined and spotted like jasper; a cotton cloth shaded like jasper
jasps - plural of "jasp", jasper
jassy - a city in northeast Romania
jasun - a first name
jasus - a genus of spiny lobsters
jatai - a town in Brazil
jatha - an armed band of Sikhs
jatin - a first name
jatki - a dialect of Lahnda
jatni - a female Jat
jatos - plural of "JATO", a jet assisted take-off
jauan - a first name
jauja - a town in Peru
jauks - dawdles, dallies, trifles
jaume - a first name
jaune - heraldic yellow
jauns - plural of "jaun", a Calcutta palanquin
jaunt - a trip
jaups - splashes
javad - a first name
javan - a first name; of Java
javar - a first name
javas - a first name; plural of "java", a coffee
javed - a first name
javel - a worthless fellow; a vagrant; to bemire
javen - a first name
javer - to jabber
javid - a first name
javin - a first name
javon - a first name
javos - a first name
jawab - a building erected to balance another, such as the false mosque of the Taj Mahal
jawan - a first name; a soldier of India
jawar - a first name
jawed - a first name; talked a lot; having jaws
jawer - one who talks a lot
jawns - plural of "jawn", variant of "yawn"
jawon - a first name
jawps - plural of "jawp", a splash of water or a stain
jaxey - the rump
jaxie - the rump
jaxin - a first name
jaxon - a first name
jayce - a first name
jayci - a first name
jaycy - a first name
jayda - a first name
jayde - a first name
jaydi - a first name
jaydn - a first name
jaydy - a first name
jayet - jet
jayke - a first name
jayla - a first name
jayma - a first name
jayme - a first name
jaymi - a first name
jayms - a first name
jayna - a first name
jayne - a first name
jayni - a first name
jayol - a first name
jazan - a first name
jazel - a gem of an azure color
jazer - a biblical place
jazze - a first name
jazzi - a first name
jazzy - lively; entertaining; free form
jbail - a town in Lebanon
jeana - a first name
jeane - a first name
jeani - a first name
jeans - denim trousers
jeany - a first name
jears - plural of "jear", a gear or tackle
jeats - plural of "jeat", variant of "jet"
jeays - a first name
jebby - a first name; a Jesuit
jebel - a mountain; a town in Sudan
jebus - a biblical place
jecho - a first name
jecis - a first name
jedda - a first name; Jidda
jeddo - a town in Japan
jeddy - a first name
jedet - a first name
jedge - a gauge; a dean's warrant
jeeda - a first name
jeejo - a first name
jeels - plural of "jeel", a jelly; a morass; a shallow lake
jeely - jelly
jeena - a first name
jeeny - a first name
jeeps - plural of "jeep", a military vehicle
jeepy - like a jeep
jeera - black cumin
jeers - boos
jeery - jeering
jeese - an exclamation
jeeza - a town in Afghanistan
jeeze - an exclamation
jefes - plural of "jefe", a chief
jeffe - a first name
jeffs - plural of "jeff", a circus rope
jeffy - a first name
jefre - a first name
jefri - a first name
jefry - a first name
jegar - a first name
jehad - variant of "jihad", an Islamic holy war
jehan - a first name
jehmu - a first name
jehna - a first name
jehol - a former province of China
jehri - a first name
jehry - a first name
jehus - plural of "jehu", a fast driver; a coachman
jeisa - a first name
jelab - a North African hooded jacket
jeldi - haste, in a military sense
jelka - a first name
jelle - a first name
jello - a gelatin dessert
jells - congeals
jelly - gelatin
jelmo - a first name
jelon - a first name
jelsa - a Croatian town on the island of Hvar in the Adriatic
jemal - a first name
jemar - a first name
jemel - a first name
jemes - a first name
jemez - an Indian group of New Mexico
jemie - a first name
jemma - a first name
jemmy - a first name; a gemmy; a jimmy; a spruce; a lever
jemon - a first name
jenae - a first name
jenah - a first name
jenai - a first name
jenal - a first name
jenan - a first name
jenay - a first name
jenda - a first name
jendi - a first name
jendy - a first name
jenee - a first name
jenel - a first name
jenet - a first name
jeney - a first name
jenia - a first name
jenie - a first name
jenik - a first name
jenin - a town in the West Bank
jenis - a first name
jenji - a first name
jenka - a first name
jenna - a first name
jenne - a first name; a town in West Africa
jenni - a first name
jenno - a first name
jenny - a first name; spinning machine; a billiard shot
jensy - a first name
jenya - a first name
jeorg - a first name
jeppe - a first name
jerad - a first name
jerae - a first name
jerah - a first name
jerai - a first name
jerba - Djerba, an island in the southeast of Tunisia
jered - a first name
jeree - a first name
jerel - a first name
jeres - a city in Spain, source of sherry
jeret - a first name
jerez - a city in Spain, source of sherry
jerib - an Afghan unit of measurement
jeric - a first name
jerid - a first name; a blunt Turkish javelin used in war games
jerie - a first name
jerik - a first name
jeril - a first name
jerin - a first name
jeris - a first name
jerko - a first name
jerks - plural of "jerk", a sharp sudden motion; an obnoxious person
jerky - dried meat; like a jerk; spastic; used in the phrase "herky jerky" to mean by fits and starts
jerma - a town in Libya
jerme - a first name
jerod - a first name
jerom - a first name
jeron - a first name
jerre - a first name
jerri - a first name
jerry - a first name; a German
jerts - jerks
jerve - a waistcoat pocket
jeryl - a first name
jerzy - a first name
jesca - a first name
jesco - a first name
jesec - a first name
jesee - a first name
jesey - a first name
jeska - a first name
jessa - a first name
jesse - a first name; a candlestick; a stained glass window; a leather leg strap for a hawk
jessi - a first name
jessy - a first name
jests - jokes
jesty - like a jest; full of jests
jesus - a first name; a size of paper in France; an interjection
jeted - made a ballet leap
jetes - plural of "jete", a sharp ballet leap
jetey - like a ballet leap
jeths - plural of "jeth", a Hindu month
jetje - a first name
jeton - a small metal counter used in games
jetro - a first name
jetta - a first name
jette - a first name; a town in Belgium
jetto - jetteau
jetty - a first name; a pier
jeuel - a first name
jeune - young
jevan - a first name
jever - a town in Germany
jevin - a first name
jevon - a first name
jewad - a first name
jewed - an offensive term
jewel - a first name; gem
jewey - an offensive term
jewlz - a first name
jewry - the Jewish community
jeyes - a first name
jezia - a poll tax levied on non-Muslims
jezza - a first name
jhala - an Indian instrumental music style
jhamu - a first name
jhane - a first name
jhang - a town in Pakistan
jheel - an Indian marsh or pool left after a flood
jheri - a first name; a loose curl used in hairstyling
jhils - plural of "jhil", an Indian marsh
jhona - a first name
jhool - trappings for a horse or elephant, used in India
jhoom - jungle cultivation
jhows - plural of "jhow", an Indian grass
jhunu - a first name
jiaju - a town in China
jiana - a first name
jiaos - plural of "jiao", a unit of Chinese currency.  10 jiaos = 1 yuan.
jiaya - a first name
jibba - a long loose cloth outer garment
jibbs - shifts from side to side while sailing
jibby - a first name
jibed - taunted
jiber - one who taunts
jibes - taunts
jibey - taunting
jibis - plural of "jibi", an extinct small yellow green bird of Oahu
jibla - a town in Yemen
jiboa - a large South American boa
jibsh - an Asian cape
jicky - a first name
jidda - a Saudi Arabian seaport
jiddu - a first name
jiech - a town in Sudan
jiffs - plural of "jiff", an instant
jiffy - a moment
jigar - a first name
jigga - a colloquial term for an African insect that burrows into the foot
jiggy - ghetto slang for "hip" [with]; lively, like a jig
jigni - a first name
jigme - a first name
jigna - a first name
jigot - a gigot, or leg-of-mutton sleeve
jigua - a South American tree
jigue - jiqui, a Cuban timber tree
jihad - an Islamic holy war
jihan - a first name
jijun - a first name
jilan - a first name
jildi - haste, in a military sense
jildy - haste, in a military sense
jilib - a town in Somalia
jilin - a language; a province of China
jille - a first name
jilli - a first name
jills - plural of "jill", a unit of liquid volume; a flirt
jilly - a first name
jilon - a first name
jilts - breaks an engagement
jilty - characterized by broken engagements
jimae - a first name
jimar - a first name
jimbo - a first name
jimel - a first name
jimly - a first name
jimmu - a first name
jimmy - a first name; to break into
jimoh - a first name
jimps - skimps
jimpy - slender; neat and tidy
jinae - a first name
jinan - a first name; a town in China
jinas - plural of "jina", a Jain who has conquered temporal existence through discipline
jincy - a first name
jinda - a first name
jindo - a first name
jinfu - a first name
jingo - a militarist
jingu - an important Shinto shrine
jinhu - a Shinto shrine
jinia - a first name
jinja - a Shinto shrine; a town in Uganda
jinju - a town in Korea
jinka - a market town in Ethiopia
jinks - high-jinks; sharp turns; takes evasive aeronautical maneuvers
jinky - uncool; weird; bad
jinna - a first name
jinni - a first name; a supernatural being in Muslim mythology
jinns - plural of "jinni", a supernatural being
jinny - a first name; an engine used in mining; a speakeasy
jinty - slender
jinxy - like a jinx; unlucky
jippo - a jupon; a waistcoat for women
jique - a kind of dance
jiqui - a Cuban timber tree
jirds - plural of "jird", a North African gerbil
jiren - a town in Ethiopia
jirga - a council of Afghan tribal leaders
jirts - jerks
jiske - a first name
jisms - plural of "jism", semen
jissa - a village in the Congo
jitka - a first name
jitro - a unit of land measurement in Czechoslovakia, of about 1.4 acres
jitse - a first name
jitto - a first name
jivan - a first name
jivas - plural of "jiva", a Hindu term for vital life energy
jived - played jazz or swing music
jiver - one who jives
jives - plays jazz or swing music
jivey - a first name; jazzy, lively
jivin - a first name
jixie - a two-seater taxi
jiyeh - a town in Lebanon
jizan - a town in Yemen; a town in Saudi Arabia
jizou - an Asian cape
jizya - a capitation levied on non-Muslims in a Muslim state
jizzy - like semen; covered in semen
jnana - a Hindu term for knowledge acquired through meditation
jnani - a devotee of jnana-marga
joaby - a first name
joana - a first name
joane - a first name
joani - a first name
joann - a first name
joans - plural of "joan", a country girl
joany - old fashioned; out of date
joaro - an Indian tribe of North Carolina
joars - plural of "joar", durra
joary - a first name
joash - a first name
joayn - a first name
jobby - a gadget, doohickey or thingmajig
jobed - scolded or lectured
joben - a first name
jobes - scolds or lectures
jobey - a first name
jobie - a first name
jobos - plural of "jobo", an American tree resembling the ash; the gumbo-limbo
jobst - a first name
jobye - a first name
jocek - a first name
jochs - plural of "joch", a col
jocia - a first name
jocko - a first name; a chimpanzee or monkey
jocks - plural of "jock", an athlete; a Scotsman; an athletic supporter
jocky - like a jock
jocum - a mastic bully
jocus - plural of "jocu", a dogsnapper
jodan - a first name
jodee - a first name
jodel - to yodel
jodey - a first name
jodhi - a first name
jodie - a first name
jodin - a first name
jodon - a first name
jodos - plural of "jodo", pure land; a Japanese Buddhist sect
joedy - a first name
joela - a first name
joeli - a first name
joell - a first name
joely - a first name
joerg - a first name
joern - a first name
joeys - plural of "joey", a baby kangaroo; a 4 penny piece
jofre - a first name
jofta - a first name
jogee - heroin
joggy - like a jog
jogis - plural of "jogi", a yogi
johan - a first name
johna - a first name
johne - a first name
johni - a first name
johnl - a first name
johns - plural of "john", a toilet; a client of a prostitute
johny - a first name
johvi - a town in Estonia
joice - a first name
joins - unites; becomes part of
joint - to splice; a seam; a marijuana cigarette
joist - a floor beam
jokan - a first name
joked - jested
jokee - one upon whom a joke is played
joker - a jester; a playing card
jokes - jests
jokey - amusing; full of jokes
jokim - a first name
jokin - a first name
jokla - a first name
jokol - a form of "yes" used in the Shetland Islands
jokul - a type of Icelandic iceberg
jolan - a first name
jolea - a first name
joled - jowled
jolee - a first name
joles - plural of "jole", a jowl
joley - a first name
jolie - a first name
jolif - jolly
jolin - a first name
jollo - a spree; a party
jolls - plural of "joll", variant of "jowl"
jolly - a first name; cheerful
jolof - wolof
jolts - plural of "jolt", a shock
jolty - marked by jolting motion
jolye - a first name
jolyn - a first name
jomae - a first name
jomah - a first name
jomai - a first name
jomar - a first name
jomay - a first name
jomei - a first name
jomon - the ancestors of the Ainu people
jomos - plural of "jomo", a mojo bag
jonae - a first name
jonah - a first name; a person who brings bad luck
jonai - a first name
jonam - a first name
jonan - a first name
jonas - a first name
jonay - a first name
jonci - a first name
jonda - a first name
jonee - a first name
jonel - a first name
jones - a first name; a powerful craving; a drug addiction
jongs - plural of "jong", a South African term for a young man
jonie - a first name
jonis - a first name
jonit - a first name
jonjo - a first name
jonna - a first name
jonni - a first name
jonno - a first name
jonny - a first name; johnnycake
jonta - a first name
jonte - a first name
jonty - a first name; jaunty
jooal - a dialect of French used in Quebec and Maine
jooks - jouks; juke joints
joola - a Himalayan rope suspension bridge
jools - a first name
joost - a first name
jooty - a first name
jopie - a first name
jopim - a South American bird
joppa - the ancient name of Jaffa
jorah - a first name
jorai - a first name
joram - a first name; a drinking bowl
joran - a first name
jordi - a first name
jordu - a first name
jordy - a first name
jorea - a first name
joree - a first name; the chewink
jorel - a first name
jorey - a first name
jorge - a first name
jorie - a first name
jorik - a first name
jorim - a first name
jorin - a first name
joris - a first name
jorja - a first name
jorma - a first name
jorry - a first name
jorts - cutoff jean shorts
jorum - a drinking bowl
jorun - a first name
josan - an Asian woman
josee - a first name
josef - a first name
josep - a first name
joses - a first name
joset - a first name
josey - a first name
josha - a first name
joshe - a first name
joshi - a first name
joshu - a first name
joshy - a first name; joking
josia - a first name
josie - a first name; a woman's fitted outer waist
josif - a first name
josip - a first name
joska - a first name
josko - a first name
jossa - a word used to command a horse to halt; a town in Germany
josse - a first name
jossy - a first name
josua - a first name
josue - a first name; an alternative spelling of "Joshua"
josup - a first name
josye - a first name
jotas - plural of "jota", a Spanish dance
jotto - a five letter word guessing game, but where can you find five letter words?
jotty - written down quickly
jotun - a giant in Norse mythology; a giant
joual - an archaic dialect of French spoken in Quebec
jough - a first name
jougs - an iron neck ring
jouko - a first name
jouks - dodges; roosts
joule - a unit of energy equal to a Newton-meter
jouls - plural of "joul", variant of "jowl"
jouma - a first name
jouni - a first name
joure - a town in the Netherlands
jours - plural of "jour", a day
joust - to compete in a tournament
joval - a first name
jovan - a first name
jovas - plural of "jova", a division of the Pima people of Sonora
jovin - a first name
jovon - a first name
jowad - a first name
jowar - a durra grown in India
jowed - quarreled
jowel - a town in Malawi
jower - to quarrel
jowie - a first name
jowls - the fleshy parts under the lower jaw
jowly - having prominent jowls
joxel - a first name
joyan - a first name
joyce - a first name
joyed - rejoiced
joyia - a first name
joyti - a first name
jozee - a first name
jozef - a first name
jozhe - a first name
jozie - a first name
jozik - a first name
jozio - a first name
jozka - a first name
jozsa - a first name
jozsi - a first name
jozua - a first name
jozus - a first name
juana - a first name
juane - marijuana
juang - a Kol people of Orissa, India, speaking a Munda language
juani - a first name
juann - a first name
juaun - a first name
jubae - plural of "juba", an animal's mane
jubal - a first name
jubas - plural of "juba", a lively Haitian dance
jubba - a long outer garment; a river in Somalia
jubbe - a large vessel for drinking wine or ale
jubes - plural of "jube", a platform in a church; a rood screen
jubus - juberous
jucar - a river in Spain
jucco - a first name
juche - the bizarre North Korean ideology of self-reliant socialism
jucks - makes sounds like a partridge settling down for the night
judah - a first name; a kingdom of ten tribes formed after Solomon's death
judas - a first name; a traitor; a peephole
juday - a first name
judds - plural of "judd", an NBS unit of color difference, about 4 times a "just noticeable difference"
judea - a Hebrew province
judee - a first name
judex - in Roman law, a private person appointed to arbitrate a case
judge - a first name; to decide; to arbitrate
judgy - judgmental
judie - a first name
judit - a first name
judka - a Hindu cab
judos - plural of "judo", a form of jujitsu
judye - a first name
jueen - a first name
jueri - a first name
jueys - plural of "juey", the great land crab
jufti - a knot used in making rugs
jugal - malar; of the cheekbone
jugas - plural of "juga", a leaflet in a pinnate leaf
juger - an ancient Roman unit of area, 28,800 square pedes, about 25.2 ares
juges - plural of "juge", variant of "judge"
juggs - jougs
jugum - a pair of the opposite leaflets of a pinnate leaf; a furrow connecting two parts of a bone
juhan - a first name
juice - a first name; a fruit sap; a fluid
juicy - full of juice
juise - judgment; justice
juist - a German island
jujus - plural of "juju", an object having magical power
jujuy - a town and province in Argentina
jukao - a town in Asia
juked - faked out a move in football; got high
jukes - fakes out a move in football
jukey - like a fake out move
jukie - a first name
jukka - a first name
jukun - a language
jukus - plural of "juku", a Japanese cram school
julap - a sweet medicine
julas - a first name
julee - a first name
julen - a first name
julep - a sweet drink of brandy or whisky, sugar, crushed ice, and mint
jules - a first name
julet - a first name
juley - a first name
julia - a first name
julid - a type of millipede
julie - a first name
julii - a noble Roman family
julio - a first name; an Italian silver coin
julis - a wrasse; a small fish
julka - a first name
julus - the iulus; the catkin; the ament; a millipede genus
julys - plural of "July", a month
jumaa - a first name
jumah - a first name
jumar - a one-way rope clamp which is used to ascend rock faces
jumba - in Malacca, a unit of distance; a large house in Kenya
jumbo - extra large
jumby - an evil spirit
jumet - a town in Belgium
jumla - a town in Nepal
jumma - an assessment
jummo - a people of Bangladesh
jumna - a river in India
jumps - leaps
jumpy - nervous
junan - a city in central China
junco - a North American snowbird
jundy - to jostle
junee - a town in Australia
junes - plural of "June", a month
juney - a first name
jungs - plural of "jung", an ancient Tatar people of northwest China
junia - a first name
junie - a first name
junik - a town in Serbia
junin - a village in Ecuador; a town in Argentina
junix - a first name
junji - a first name
junko - a first name; a dealer in second-hand goods
junks - discards;  plural of "junk", a Chinese house boat
junky - slapdash; cheaply made; a doper
junos - plural of "Juno", an ideal woman
junot - a first name
junta - a deliberative or administrative council
junto - a coterie
junue - a first name
junya - a first name
juped - shamed
jupes - shames; plural of "jupe", a woman's jacket
jupon - a jippo; a surcoat
juppo - a first name
juppy - a Japanese yuppie
juraj - a first name
jural - legal
juras - a range of mountains between France and Switzerland
jurat - an alderman; a legally binding signature submitted with electronic taxes
jurek - a first name
jurel - a blue runner fish
jurik - a first name
juris - a first name; a Latin word meaning "the law"
jurka - a first name
juror - a member of a jury
jurre - a first name
jurua - a river in Brazil
juruk - a Californian Native American tribe
jusak - a first name
jusis - plural of "jusi", a fine sheer Philippine fabric
jusof - a first name
jussi - a first name; a Manila textile fabric
jusso - a first name
justa - a first name
juste - a first name; French for "appropriate", used in the phrase "le mot juste"
justi - a first name
justo - a first name
justs - a first name; jousts
justy - a first name
jutai - a river in Brazil
jutes - plural of "jute", an ethnic group from Jutland; a twine fiber
jutia - the West Indian hog rat
jutka - a first name; a carriage
jutta - a first name
jutty - a jetty; projecting
juval - a first name
juvan - a first name
juves - plural of "juve", a juvenile; an unruly teenager
juvey - a juvenile; a juvenile delinquent
juvia - the Brazil nut tree
juvie - a police officer who works with juveniles; a juvenile
juwan - a first name
juwon - a first name
juxta - used in place names to signify "next to" or "near"
juzef - a first name
juziu - a first name
jwala - a first name
jyles - a first name
jylle - a first name
jymme - a first name
jyoti - a first name
kaaba - a cube-shaped building in Mecca holding a sacred stone
kaama - the hartebeest
kaana - a first name
kaare - a first name
kaawi - a kind of yam
kabaa - a variant of "the Kaaba"
kabab - skewered cooked meat
kabah - a variant of "the Kaaba"; a site of Mayan ruins in the Yucatan peninsula
kabal - a patch of desert turned into a fortress by surrounding ramps of sand
kaban - a variant of "caban"
kabap - a variant of "kebab"
kabar - a first name; a caber
kabau - a lake in New York
kabaw - a village in Libya
kabaz - another name for El Jabha, Morocco
kabel - a sans serif font
kabik - an Arabian coin
kabir - a first name
kabob - skewered cooked meat
kabre - a language
kabui - a Naga people of the Naga hills on the Burma-Assam border
kabul - the capital city of Afghanistan
kabwe - a town in Zambia
kabyl - a Berber belonging to a Muslim agricultural people of Algeria
kacee - a first name
kacey - a first name
kacha - of dried mud
kache - a variant of "kha"
kacia - a first name
kacie - a first name
kadah - a variant of "keddah"
kadai - a language family of southern China
kadar - a first name
kadee - a first name; variant of "cadi"
kadem - a first name
kaden - a first name
kader - a first name
kades - plural of "kade", a wingless fly
kadet - a cadet
kadey - a first name
kadhi - a qadi
kadie - a first name
kadim - a first name; an Israeli settlement in the West Bank
kadin - a first name
kadir - a first name; a cup for pig-sticking; a jungle-dwelling Dravidian people
kadis - plural of "kadi", an Islamic judge
kados - cadus
kadra - an area of Baghdad
kadri - a first name
kadus - plural of "kadu", a people of the Katha district of upper Burma
kadye - a first name
kaela - a first name
kaeli - a first name
kaely - a first name
kaena - a Pacific cape
kaese - a first name
kaesy - a first name
kabwe - a town in Zambia
kafal - a tree which yields a gum resin and a red aromatic wood
kaffa - a native of the Kafa region of Ethiopia; a grayish reddish brown color
kaffe - a first name
kaffi - a first name
kafin - a Palestinian town
kafir - a kaffir; the Indo-Iranian people of Kafiristan; a cereal grass
kafiz - an Iranian unit of area, 100 square meters
kafra - a town in Lebanon
kafta - the leaves of an Arabian bush, used in making a beverage
kafue - an African river
kages - plural of "kage", a chantry chapel enclosed with lattice or screenwork
kagos - plural of "kago", a Japanese palanquin, a chair slung from a pole
kagou - miserable-looking
kagul - a town and river in Ukraine, site of a battle between Russians and Turks
kagus - plural of "kagu", a New Caledonian flightless bird
kahal - the local governing body of a Jewish community
kahan - a first name
kahar - a Hindu caste whose occupation is carrying; a carrier
kahas - plural of "kaha", a large Bornean proboscis monkey
kahau - the proboscis monkey
kahil - a first name
kahki - a first name
kahsi - a bathroom
kahus - plural of "kahu", a common harrier of Australasia and the East Indies
kaiak - a variant of "kayak"
kaian - a first name
kaids - plural of "kaid", a tribal chief or governor in northern Africa
kaied - a first name
kaies - plural of "kaie", an obsolete form of "key"
kaifa - a female sexual partner
kaifs - plural of "kaif", a drugged stupor
kaija - a first name
kaiji - a first name
kaiju - the live-action monster genre film
kaika - a Maori village
kaila - a first name
kaile - a first name
kaili - a first name; a village in China
kails - plural of "kail", a ninepin; kale
kaimi - a kind of clover
kaimo - a town in China
kaims - plural of "kaim", a glacial deposit; a comb
kaine - a first name
kaing - serving
kains - plural of "kain", a tax paid in livestock or produce
kaipo - a first name
kaira - a first name
kaire - a first name
kairi - a nautical mile
kairo - a first name
kaisa - a first name
kaite - a first name
kaity - a first name
kaiwi - a Pacific Island woody climber
kajak - a variant of "kayak"
kajan - a river in Borneo
kajar - a people of northern Iran
kajsa - a first name
kakan - a town in Afghanistan
kakar - a muntjac
kakas - plural of "kaka", a New Zealand parrot
kaker - excrement
kakha - a first name
kakis - plural of "kaki", an oriental date tree
kakka - a traditional formal style of Japanese flower arranging
kakke - beriberi
kakki - a town in Pakistan
kakur - a muntjac
kakus - plural of "kaku", the great barracuda
kakwa - a first name
kalab - a first name
kalae - a Pacific cape
kalak - a town in Iraq
kalam - a first name; Muslim scholastic theology
kalan - a first name; a sea otter
kalar - a dagger; a town in Iraq
kalas - plural of "kala", a black bulbul of India, often kept as a caged bird
kalat - a former state in western India
kalba - a town in the United Arab Emirates
kalea - a first name
kaleb - a first name
kalee - a first name
kalei - a first name
kalel - a first name
kalen - a first name
kaleo - a first name
kales - plural of "kale", a variety of cabbage
kaleu - a first name
kaley - a first name
kalha - a town in Iran
kalia - a first name
kalib - a first name
kalie - a first name
kalif - a caliph
kalij - a crested Indian pheasant
kalil - a first name
kalim - a first name
kalin - a first name
kaliq - a first name
kalis - plural of "kali", the glasswort, which yields soda ash when burned (whence "al kali")
kalja - a Russian fish soup
kalka - khalkha; a Mongol people and their language; site of a famous battle in India
kalki - a first name; the tenth and final incarnation of Vishnu
kalla - a first name
kalle - a first name
kalli - a first name
kallu - a first name
kally - a first name
kalma - a town in Sudan
kalna - a town in India
kaloa - a town in Hawaii; a Hawaiian duck
kalol - a town in India
kalon - a first name; the classical Greek ideal of physical and moral beauty
kalpa - a Hindu term for a day of Brahma
kalpi - a town in northern India
kalsa - a town in Slovakia
kalua - baked in a Hawaiian earth oven
kalun - a first name
kalup - a first name
kalwa - a small town in India, on the outskirts of Mumbai
kalya - a first name
kalye - a first name
kalyn - a first name
kalza - a first name
kamah - a desert truffle plant
kamal - a first name
kaman - a first name
kamao - a Hawaiian bird
kamar - a first name; a people of central India
kamas - camas; plural of "kama", enjoyment of the world of the senses
kamau - a first name; a Hawaiian bird
kamay - a first name
kamba - a Bantu people of Kenya
kambo - a first name
kamea - a first name
kamel - a first name
kamen - a first name
kameo - a first name
kames - plural of "kame", a glacial deposit; a short ridge or hill; a comb
kamet - a mountain in the Himalayas
kamey - a first name
kamez - a town in Albania
kamia - a first name; an Indian people of southeastern California
kamik - an Eskimo sealskin boat
kamil - a first name
kamis - an Eastern tunic; plural of "kami", a sacred power or force
kamla - a first name
kamme - awry
kammi - a first name
kammy - a first name
kampa - an African tribe; a famous district in Prague
kamra - a first name
kamuk - a mountain people of northeast Thailand
kanab - a town in Utah
kanae - a mullet of New Zeeland
kanaf - kenaf, an East Indian plant
kanak - a Melanesian people of New Caledonia
kanal - a measure of land area used in Pakistan
kanam - a locality on Lake Victoria, Kenya, where the remains of Kanam Man were found
kanan - a first name
kanas - plural of "kana", a Japanese syllabic script
kanat - the walls of a tent
kanca - a bay of Crete
kanda - a first name
kande - a town in Sri Lanka
kandh - the khond, a Dravidian ethnic group of east central India
kandi - a first name; an Asian cape
kandy - a first name; candy; a South Indian unit of weight; a town in Sri Lanka
kaneh - caneh; a unit of length of 6 cubits
kanes - plural of "kane", a tax paid in livestock or produce
kaney - a first name
kanga - a first name; an East African colorful cotton fabric; a pneumatic drill; a kangaroo
kange - a first name
kango - a pneumatic drill; an Australian
kangs - plural of "kang", a Chinese water jar; a brick sleeping platform
kania - a first name
kanij - a town in Pakistan
kanin - boiled rice; a European cape
kanji - a system of Japanese writing based on Chinese characters
kanli - a town in Syria
kanny - a first name
kanoa - a first name
kanon - a first name; a musical canon
kansa - a Siouan people of the Kansas river valley
kansu - a province in northwest China
kanta - a first name
kanti - a first name
kants - plural of "kant", variant of "cant", a slope or angle
kantu - a first name
kanuk - canuck
kanun - a canun, a Turkish zither
kanya - a first name; a kind of butter; the shea tree; the Indian name for the sign of Virgo
kanye - a first name; a town in Botswana
kanzu - a long white robe worn by men in Africa
kaoma - a town in Zambia
kaomi - a first name
kaona - an ambiguous Hawaiian poetic style
kaons - plural of "kaon", a subatomic particle
kaori - a first name; kauri, a New Zealand fir tree
kaoru - a first name
kaoyu - a lake in China
kapaa - a town on Kauai, Hawaiia
kapai - a Maori word meaning "good"
kapas - plural of "kapa", a coarse cloth
kaphs - plural of "kaph", a Hebrew letter
kapia - the fossil resin of the kauri tree of New Zealand
kapil - a first name
kapok - fiber of the silk cotton tree
kapor - a Borneo camphor tree
kapos - plural of "kapo", a prisoner put in charge of others in a concentration camp
kapow - a sound imitative of hitting or striking
kappa - a Greek letter
kappe - a Swedish unit of capacity, of about 4.58 liters
kapri - a first name
kaprr - a first name
kapua - a first name
kapur - a Borneo camphor tree
kapus - plural of "kapu", a Hawaiian taboo
kaput - broken; out of order
karah - a first name
karaj - a town in Iran
karak - a town in Jordan
karal - a first name
karam - a first name; a village of eastern Afghanistan
karan - a first name; a town in Mali
karao - in Hindu law, a widow's marriage to her brother-in-law
karar - a first name
karas - plural of "kara", a steel bangle worn by Sikhs
karat - a unit of quality for gold
karbe - a town in Burma
karbi - a small stingless wild bee
karch - a unit of weight in Austria
karee - a first name; a town in South Africa
karei - a town in Romania
karel - a first name; a Karelian
karem - a first name
karen - a first name; a people of south east Burma
karey - a first name
karez - an underground irrigation tunnel used in Baluchistan
karia - a region of western Anatolia
karie - a first name; a town in Greece
karif - a first name
karim - a first name
karin - a first name
karis - a first name; plural of "kari", a large gum tree
karka - a country of southwest Anatolia; the Indian name for the sign of Cancer
karkh - a town in ancient Mesopotamia
karks - breaks down; dies
karla - a first name
karle - a first name
karli - a first name; a town in western India
karlo - a first name
karly - a first name
karma - a first name; spiritual payback
karna - a first name
karni - a first name; a crossing point between the Gaza strip and Israel
karns - plural of "karn", a cairn
karny - a first name
karob - a unit of weight of 1/24 of a grain
karoh - an Afghan unit of measurement
karoi - a town in Zimbabwe
karok - an Indian people of the Klamath valley
karol - a first name
karon - a first name
karoo - a South African dry plateau
karos - plural of "karo", a New Zealand plant
karou - a town in Mali
karri - a first name; an Australian tree
karru - a first name
karry - a first name
karsi - an outdoor bathroom
karst - a limestone region marked by sinks, abrupt ridges, protuberant rocks
karsy - an outdoor bathroom
karts - plural of "kart", a small recreational motor vehicle
karuk - an American Indian language
karun - a first name; a river in Iran
karup - a town in Denmark
karyl - a first name
karyn - a first name
karys - a first name
karzy - a lavatory
kasai - a tributary of the Congo river
kasar - an African cape
kasba - casbah; a lake in North America
kasch - a first name; a mythical African country that practiced ritual regicide
kasci - a first name
kascy - a first name
kasee - a first name
kasem - a first name; a language
kasen - a first name
kasey - a first name
kasha - a dress material; a cooked cereal
kashi - a rice puff cereal; a Persian enameled tile
kasho - a first name
kasia - a first name
kasib - a first name
kasie - a first name
kasim - a first name
kasin - a first name
kasja - a first name
kaska - a first name; an Athapaskan people of the Liard valley
kason - a first name
kasos - a Greek island, and associated strait
kaspi - a town in Georgia
kasra - an Arabic accent mark
kassi - a first name
kassu - catechu made from betel nuts
kassy - a first name
kaswa - cachua
kasya - a first name
katab - a language
katal - a unit of measurement for catalytic reactions
katar - a short dagger with a handle of two parallel bars
katas - plural of "kata", a Tibetan cloth; a judo exercise of set movements
katee - a first name
katel - a wooden hammock used in Africa as a bed in a wagon
kater - a first name
katey - a first name
katha - a first name; variant of "cotta", a measure; a town in Burma
kathe - a first name; a town in Burma
kathi - a first name
kathy - a first name
katia - a first name
katib - a first name
katie - a first name
katif - an Israeli settlement in Gaza
katik - kartik
katin - khatin
katio - an Indian tribe of Colombia
katis - plural of "kati", a variant of "catty"
katja - a first name
katka - a first name
katla - a first name
katon - a first name
katos - plural of "kato", an Athapaskan people of northwest California
katri - a first name
katsi - a town in Costa Rica
katsu - a resuscitation of an unconscious judoka
katti - a first name; a variant of "catty"
katto - a Nepalese rite for the repose of the soul of a king
katun - a period of 20 tuns (360 day years) in the Mayan calendar
katus - a first name
katya - a first name
katye - a first name
katyn - a city and forest, formerly in Poland, now in Russia, site of a massacre in WWII
kauai - a Hawaiian island
kauch - kiaugh
kauda - a village in Sudan
kaugh - kiaugh, trouble or care
kaula - a first name; a Hawaiian island
kauna - a first name; a Pacific cape
kauri - a New Zealand fir tree
kaury - kauri, a New Zealand fir tree
kavai - a first name
kavan - a first name
kavas - plural of "kava", a tropical shrub of the pepper family
kaveh - a first name
kavil - a cavel, an axe for trimming stone
kavin - a first name
kavya - a first name; a poetic composition in Sanskrit, with elaborate decoration
kawas - plural of "kawa", wa
kawed - cawed
kawis - plural of "kawi", the ancient Austronesian language of Java
kawns - plural of "kawn", an inn
kayab - the 17th month of the Mayan civil calendar; a town in the Philippines
kayah - a language spoken in Burma
kayak - an Eskimo canoe
kayal - a Hindu musical form based on a two-part song
kayan - a Dayak people of north central Borneo
kayar - a town in Senegal; a state in Myanmar
kayas - plural of "kaya", a Japanese tree
kayau - a town in Malaysia
kayci - a first name
kayde - a first name
kaydi - a first name
kaydy - a first name
kayel - a first name
kayes - a town in Mali
kayia - a first name
kayin - a first name
kayko - the dog salmon
kayla - a first name
kayle - a first name; a ninepin
kayli - a first name
kayne - a first name
kayoe - variant of "kayo", or "KO", a knockout in boxing
kayos - knocks out
kaysi - a first name
kaysy - a first name
kayta - a first name
kayte - a first name
kazak - a native of Kazakhstan
kazan - the capital city of the Tatar autonomous republic
kazem - a first name
kazia - a first name
kazik - a first name; a badly made and overpriced rug
kazio - a first name
kazis - a slang term for a lavatory
kazoo - a musical instrument
kazue - a first name
kazuo - a first name
kazys - a first name
kbars - plural of "kbar", a kilobar, a measurement of pressure
keady - a town in Northern Ireland
keahi - a first name
keaka - a first name
keaki - a Japanese tree of the elm family
keaks - cackles
keala - a first name
keali - a first name
kealy - a first name
keane - a first name
keanu - a first name
keara - a first name
kearn - a first name
keary - a first name
keath - a first name
keawe - a first name; variant of "kiawe", a Hawaiian mesquite
kebab - skewered cooked meat
kebap - skewered cooked meat
kebar - a caber
kebbi - a northern state of Nigeria, and a river
kebin - a first name
kebob - skewered cooked meat
kecak - a form of Balinese musical theater
kecal - a first name
kecia - a first name
kecks - makes retching sounds; knickers; trousers; plural of "keck", fool's parsley
kecky - resembling a kecksy, the hollow stalk of an umbelliferous plant
kedah - a state in Malaysia
kedar - a first name; an Arab tribe; a biblical place
keddy - a first name
kedem - a first name
keder - a first name
kedge - a small anchor; brisk and lively
kedgy - happy; cadgy
keech - a large lump of fat
keefe - a first name
keefs - plural of "keef", kef
keegh - excrement
keeks - peeps; peeks
keela - a first name
keeli - a first name
keels - capsizes; plural of "keel", the principal timber of a wooden boat
keely - a first name; like a keel
keema - minced meat
keena - a first name
keene - a first name
keeno - one who is sharp, or very able, or very interested; an exclamation
keens - wails over the dead
keeny - an eager person
keeon - a first name
keeps - retains; plural of "keep", a part of a castle
keera - a first name
keesa - a first name
keesh - carburet of iron
keest - inner vital substance; sap, substance or marrow
keeth - a first name
keets - plural of "keet", a young guinea fowl
keeva - excellent
keeve - a brewer's mash tub; a rock basin
keeya - a first name
kefir - a slightly alcoholic drink made from fermented cow's milk
kefte - a middle Eastern dish
kefti - pertaining to ancient Crete
kegan - a first name
kegon - a sect of Japanese Buddhism
kegun - a first name
kehai - a first name
kehan - a town in Pakistan
kehat - a first name
keida - a first name
keifs - plural of "keif", a drugged stupor
keigo - a first name; a Japanese honorific language
keiji - a first name
keijo - the Japanese name for Seoul, Korea
keiki - a first name; a child
keiko - a first name
keily - a first name
keine - a first name
keion - a first name
keira - a first name
keiri - the wallflower
keirs - plural of "keir", a vat for boiling and dyeing fabrics
keish - an island off the coast of Iran
keist - cast
keita - a first name
keith - a first name; a town in Scotland
keiti - a first name
keiwa - a first name
kejia - hakka
kekes - a mountain peak in Hungary
kekoa - a first name
kelam - a first name
kelan - a first name
kelby - a first name
kelch - a white person
kelci - a first name
kelcy - a first name
kelda - a first name
kelee - a first name
keleh - a unit of capacity in Egypt, of about 16 liters
kelek - an Assyrian oxhide raft
kelen - a first name
kelep - a stinging ant that feeds on insects
keles - cools
kelia - a first name
kelii - a first name
kelim - kilim, an oriental tapestry
kelis - localized scleroderma
kelks - plural of "kelk", a blow or large stone
kella - a unit of weight in Arabia
kelle - a first name
kelli - a first name
kells - a town in Eire; plural of "kell", a woman's headdress; a cobweb; a caul; that of which there is a book
kelly - a first name; a shade of green
kelps - plural of "kelp", a seaweed
kelpy - covered in seaweed; a malignant water sprite
kelsa - a first name
kelse - a first name
kelsi - a first name
kelso - a first name; a town in Scotland
kelsy - a first name
kelts - plural of "kelt", a Celt; a salmon; a woolen cloth
kelty - a penalty drink
keltz - a white person
kelum - a first name
kelye - a first name
kemah - a first name
kemal - a first name
kemba - a first name
kembe - a town in the Central African Republic
kembo - kimbo
kembs - combs
kemer - a town in Turkey
kemin - a town in Kyrgyzstan
kempe - rough; shaggy
kemps - competes; plural of "kemp", a champion; a coarse hair; a harvest home festival
kempt - clean and combed; a lake in North America
kempy - containing or resembling kemp
kenaf - an East Indian plant, similar to jute
kenai - a peninsula in Alaska
kenan - a first name
kench - a bin for salting fish; to laugh loudly
kenda - a first name
kendi - a first name
kendo - a Japanese sport of fencing with staves
kendy - a first name
kenge - a language
kengo - a first name
kenia - a first name
kenja - a first name
kenly - a first name
kenna - a first name; slang for "do not know"
kenno - a cheese prepared in ostensible secrecy for the gossips at a birth
kenny - a first name
kenol - a first name
kenon - a first name
kenos - plural of "keno", a game of chance
kenpo - a first name
kenso - Kensington, Australia
kente - a brightly colored hand-woven African silk cloth
kenth - a first name
kents - plural of "kent", a pole or pike used for leaping over ditches
kenya - a first name; an African country
kenyn - a first name
kenza - a first name
kenzy - a first name
keogh - a first name
keoki - a first name
keola - a first name
keone - a first name
keoni - a first name
keony - a first name
kepis - plural of "kepi", a French military cap
kerak - a town in Jordan
kerat - a unit of weight in Turkey
kerbs - plural of "kerb", a variant of "curb"
kerby - a first name
kerch - a port city in southern Ukraine
keree - a first name
kerek - a people of the Khamchadal-Koryak group
kerel - a first name; a chap or fellow (related to "churl" and "carl"!)
kerem - a first name
keren - a first name; a town in Eritrea
keres - a pueblo people of New Mexico
kerey - a first name
kerfs - plural of "kerf", the cut or incision made by a saw or other cutting tool
kerfy - like a kerf
kerim - a first name
kerls - plural of "kerl", a variant of "carl"
kerma - a first name; a unit of measurement for kinetic energy transmitted by radiation
kerme - a first name; a town in Tibet
kermy - a first name
kerna - a well-known spring near Delphi
kerne - a first name; an Irish foot soldier
kerns - adjusts font spacing; plural of "kern", a quern; a handmill; a harvest home festival
kerpe - an Asian cape
kerri - a first name
kerry - a first name; an Irish breed of cattle
kerse - a crest
kerve - to carve
keryl - a first name; a mixture of alkyl radicals
keryn - a first name
keryx - in ancient Greece, a messenger
kesal - a first name
kesar - the Kaiser
kesha - a first name
kesia - a first name
kesin - a first name
kesly - a first name
kessa - a first name
kesse - a first name
kessi - a first name
kests - casts
ketal - an acetyl derived from a ketone
ketan - a first name
ketas - plural of "keta", a caviar fish
ketch - a two-masted sailing vessel
keten - a colorless gas
keter - a first name
ketol - a chemical compound that is both a ketone and an alcohol
ketti - a first name
ketty - a first name
ketul - a first name
ketyl - a compound made by treating ketones with a metal
ketzi - a first name
keuka - a town in Florida; a lake in North America
keung - a first name
keura - a first name
kevan - a first name
keved - keyed
kevel - a belaying pin; a hammer for breaking or shaping stone; to paw the ground like a bull; a horse's bit
keven - a first name
kever - to cover
kevil - a belaying pin
kevin - a first name
kevis - a first name
kevon - a first name
kevvy - a first name
kevyn - a first name
kexes - plural of "kex", a dry hollow stalk
keyed - wedged; defaced a car using a key; had keys
keyer - one who provides with a key; a device that modifies a transmitter's amplitude or frequency
keyla - a first name
keyly - a regrettable colloquialism, meaning "in a crucial way"
keyon - a first name
keyse - a first name
kezia - a first name
khaar - a town in Pakistan
khadi - khaddar; an Islamic judge; Indian homespun cloth; the scented flowers of the pandanus palm
khafs - plural of "khaf", variant of "kaph", a Hebrew letter
khaim - a first name
khair - catechu
khaja - an Indian sweet made of flour, sugar and oil
khaki - a durable cloth; a dull yellow-brown color
khali - a first name
khami - an ancient city whose ruins are in Zimbabwe
khana - a first name; Indian food
khanh - a first name
khans - plural of "khan", an Asian ruler
khaph - kaph, a Hebrew letter
khara - a first name; a town in Nepal
khark - an Iranian island
kharo - a town in Pakistan
khars - plural of "khar", an ancient Egyptian measurement of volume of about 20 gallons
khasa - a river in Iraq
khash - a river in Afghanistan
khasi - a Mongoloid people of the Khasi and Jantia hills of Assam
khass - a town in Uzbekistan
khats - plural of "khat", kat, an Arabian shrub whose leaves are chewed as an intoxicant
khava - a first name
khaya - a genus of African timber trees, with hard mahogany-like wood
khazi - a bathroom
kheda - a first name; an enclosure for capturing wild elephants
khels - plural of "khel", an Afghani clan
khenj - a village in Afghanistan
kheri - a town in India
kheth - heth, a Hebrew letter
khets - plural of "khet", a variant of "heth", a Hebrew letter; an Egyptian measure of 100 cubits
kheya - a first name
khiam - a town in Lebanon
khiel - a first name
khieu - a first name
khigh - a first name
khios - the island of Chios
khipu - a quipu, the Inca system of record keeping using knotted strings
khiri - a first name
khirs - plural of "khir", an Indian sweet rice pudding
khiry - a first name
khiva - a former khanate in western Asia; a city in Uzbekistan
khiza - a first name
khleo - a first name
khloe - a first name
khmer - Cambodian
khmus - plural of "khmu", a subgroup of the Laotian Kha people
khnum - one of the earliest Egyptian gods, the source of the Nile
khoas - plural of "khoa", a semidehydrated milk product of India
khoja - an Islamic teacher
kholm - a town in western Russia
khond - a Dravidian ethnic group of east central India
khora - a city in Crete
khori - a town in India
khors - plural of "khor", a ravine
khory - a first name
khost - a town in Afghanistan, good for being besieged in
khoum - a monetary unit of Mauritania
khovd - a town in Mongolia
khris - a first name
khrys - a first name
khudi - a town in Nepal
khuds - plural of "khud", a deep ravine
khufu - an ancient Egyptian king, also called Cheops
khulm - a town in Afghanistan
khuzi - a town in Iran
khvat - a unit of length in Yugoslavia, of about 2 meters
khyal - khayal
khyra - a first name
kiaat - a tree of southern Africa having heavy strong wood
kiack - a kayak
kiaki - a Japanese timber tree
kiana - a first name
kiane - a first name
kiang - a Tibetan wild horse
kiani - a first name
kiant - a first name
kiara - a first name
kiari - a town in Papua New Guinea
kiato - a village in northern India
kiawe - a Hawaiian mesquite tree
kibah - a first name
kibbe - a first name; a Middle Eastern dish of ground lamb and bulgur wheat
kibbi - a Middle Eastern dish of ground lamb and bulgur wheat
kibed - chapped with cold
kibei - an American-born child of Japanese immigrants, educated in Japan
kibes - plural of "kibe", a cold sore, a chilblain
kibet - a language
kibla - the direction toward which Muslims face during prayer
kichi - a first name
kicki - a first name
kicks - strikes with the foot; enjoyment
kicky - exciting
kidal - a town in Mali
kidan - a first name
kidde - of kithe; of kythe
kiddo - a familiar nickname
kiddy - a child
kidel - a fish trap
kideo - video products for children
kidge - a kedge; brisk; pot-bellied
kidna - "How much?"
kidon - a first name
kiefs - plural of "kief", a variant of "kef"
kiela - a first name
kiele - a first name
kieli - a first name
kiely - a first name
kiera - a first name
kiers - plural of "kier", a vat for boiling and dyeing fabrics
kieve - variant of "keeve", a brewer's mash tub, a rock basin
kifah - a first name
kifer - to have sexual intercourse with
kifil - a town in Iraq
kifri - a town in Iraq
kight - a kite
kihei - a town in Hawaii
kihnu - a town in Estonia
kikar - a gum arabic tree
kikes - plural of "kike", a slur
kikoi - an east African striped cloth with fringes on the end, worn around the waist
kikus - plural of "kiku", a chrysanthemum
kilah - a unit of capacity in Egypt of about 16 liters
kilan - a first name
kilba - a language
kilda - a first name
kilee - a first name
kileh - a unit of volume equal to about 1 bushel
kilen - a first name
kiley - a first name; a boomerang
kilia - a town in Ukraine
kilie - a first name
kilim - an oriental tapestry or carpet
kilju - a town in North Korea
kills - slays; plural of "kill", a stream
killy - a first name; the killifish
kilns - plural of "kiln", an oven, especially for bricks and pottery
kilos - plural of "kilo", a kilometer; a kilogram
kilps - plural of "kilp", kelp, a seaweed
kilts - plural of "kilt", a man's skirt
kilty - one who wears a kilt
kilya - a town in Ukraine
kimba - a first name
kimbo - to set akimbo
kimee - a first name
kimia - a first name
kimie - a first name
kimit - a first name
kimme - a first name
kimmi - a first name
kimmo - a first name
kimmy - a first name
kimon - a first name
kimri - one of four stages of ripening
kimry - Cymry
kimya - a first name
kinah - a Hebrew elegy
kinan - a first name
kinas - plural of "kina", a monetary unit of Papua New Guinea
kinat - an impertinent, conceited youngster
kinch - a noose or loop in a rope; a child
kinda - a first name; slang for "kind of"
kindi - a first name
kindr - a town in Iraq
kinds - plural of "kind", a type or sort
kindu - a town in the Congo
kindy - kindergarten
kines - plural of "kine", a television tube; a unit of measurement of velocity
kinga - a first name; a language
kings - plural of "king", a male hereditary ruler
kingu - a god in Babylonian mythology
kingy - like a king
kinic - pertaining to cinchona bark
kinin - a polypeptide that is a powerful vasodilator
kinit - a unit of force which, acting for one second on one pound, would impart a velocity of one foot per second
kinka - a mountain in Japan
kinks - bends
kinky - crotchety; entangled; perverse; curly
kinna - a first name
kinny - a first name; a kinescope
kinos - plural of "kino", a gum resin
kinot - a Hebrew elegy
kinsh - a stone-mason's lever
kinya - a first name
kioea - the bristle-thighed curlew
kioga - an Asian cape
kioko - a first name; the chokwe; a Bantu ethnic group
kiona - a first name
kioni - a first name
kiore - the native rat of New Zealand
kiosk - an open booth
kioto - Kyoto, a city in Japan
kiowa - an American Indian tribe
kiped - stole
kiper - one who steals
kipes - steals; plural of "kipe", a basket for catching fish
kippa - a yarmulke
kipps - plural of "kipp", variant of "kip", anything pointed or beaked
kippy - a first name; attractive
kiral - a first name
kiran - a first name
kirbi - a first name
kirby - a first name; a fish hook of evenly curved pattern
kirdy - a first name
kiren - a first name
kiria - a first name
kirik - a first name
kiril - a first name
kirin - a first name; a city and province in central Manchuria
kiris - plural of "kiri", a throwing stick
kirke - a first name; a proper transliteration of "Circe"
kirks - plural of "kirk", a church
kirky - a first name
kirns - plural of "kirn", a chum, a kern, a last sheaf; a harvest home festival
kiron - a first name
kirov - a city in Russia
kirra - a town in Australia
kirri - a kierie, a stick
kirsi - a first name
kirti - a first name
kirve - to undercut coal in a mine
kirya - a first name
kiryi - a kind of African tree
kiryu - a town in Japan
kisan - a small farmer or agricultural worker in India
kisar - a town in Hungary
kisha - a first name
kishi - a first name; a town in Nigeria
kisii - a language; a town in Kenya
kiska - a first name; one of the western Aleutian islands
kisky - drunk
kisma - a first name
kisra - a town in Israel
kissi - an agricultural people of Liberia and Sierra Leone
kissy - inclined to kiss
kists - plural of "kist", a box
kiswa - a black cloth covering the Kaaba
kitab - a book, especially of sacred scripture
kitan - variant of "khitan", a Tatar people
kitar - an Arabian guitar
kited - obtained money through fraudulent checks
kiter - one who kites; a person who writes fraudulent checks
kites - obtains money through fraudulent checks; plural of "kite", a bird; a child's paper flying toy
kithe - to make known; to appear; kythe
kiths - plural of "kith", one's friends and neighbors
kitke - challah
kitna - "How much?"
kitol - a crystalline alcohol
kitsi - a first name
kitta - a first name
kitte - to have cut
kitti - a first name
kitts - a first name
kittu - a first name
kitty - a first name; a cat; the cash pile in poker
kitwe - a city in northern Zambia
kiuic - a site of Mayan ruins in the Yucatan peninsula
kivah - a first name
kivas - plural of "kiva", an Indian sacred room
kiver - a shallow vessel or wooden tub; a cover
kives - plural of "kive", a mashing vat
kivey - a man
kivie - a first name
kivin - a first name
kiwai - a Papuan people
kiwis - plural of "kiwi", a flightless bird, a New Zealander; a fruit
kiyas - qiyas
kiyev - another name for Kiev
kiyiv - another name for Kiev
kizer - a town in Arkansas
kizil - a Mongolian-Tatar people
kizza - a first name
kizzy - a first name
kjell - a first name
klaas - a first name
klaes - a first name
klaid - a first name
klang - a complex musical tone; a town and river in Malaysia
klara - a first name
klari - a first name
klaus - a first name
klava - a first name
kleef - a first name
kleft - variant of "klepht", a Greek or Albanian brigand
klein - a musical term meaning "little" or "small"
kleng - a first name
kleon - a first name
kleve - the German name of the city of Cleves
klick - a click; a kilometer
klieg - an intensely bright stage light
kliel - a first name
kliff - a first name
kling - a Dravidian of Tamil origin
klink - clink
klint - a first name
klisa - a town in Croatia
kliti - a first name
klomp - a wooden shoe worn in the Low Countries
klong - a Thai canal; a sudden realization of a major and irreversible error
kloof - a South African ravine
kloop - an imitation of the sound of a cork being extracted from a bottle
klops - Polish meat loaf
klosh - a town in Albania
klotz - a klutz
kluck - to cluck
kluge - a kludge
klugy - kludgy
klunk - clunk
klutz - a clumsy person
knabs - bites, gnaws; oneself
knack - an ability; to strike sharply
knags - plural of "knag", a knot in wood; a small barrel
knaik - a British river
knaps - strikes sharply
knark - a hard-headed person
knarl - to gnarl
knars - plural of "knar", a bump on a tree
knaur - a bump on a tree
knave - a rogue; the jack in cards
knaws - variant of "gnaws"
knead - to work with the hands
kneck - the twisting of a rope or cable as it is running out
kneds - kneads
kneed - hit with the knee; baggy; having knees
kneel - to genuflect
knees - leg elbows; nudges with the knee
knell - solemn bell ringing, often indicating a funeral
knelt - kneeled
kneph - an Egyptian god
knezi - plural of "knez", a Slavic prince or duke
kniaz - a Russian duke or prince
knick - nick
knife - a cutting implement; a short lance; to stab
knips - plural of "knip", a silicon chip on a bank card
knish - a Jewish pastry, dough stuffed with filling and fried
knits - joins loops of yarn
knive - to stab with a knife
knobs - plural of "knob", a rounded protuberance
knock - to rap; to criticize
knole - a town in England
knoll - a hillock
knops - plural of "knop", a knob
knors - plural of "knor", variant of "knur"
knosp - an architectural ornament in the form of a flower bud
knote - a term in rope making; where ropes meet in a funicular machine
knots - ties in a knot
knoud - the grey gurnard
knoup - to toll the church bell
knout - a Russian leather whip
knowe - a knoll
known - apprehended
knows - is aware of
knubs - plural of "knub", a knob; a protuberance
knuck - a pickpocket
knuff - a lout
knurl - a knob or groove or ridge in wood
knurr - a woodknot
knurs - plural of "knur", a bump on a tree
knute - a first name
knuts - plural of "knut", a nut; a dandy
knyaz - a Russian duke or prince
koala - an Australian marsupial bearlike mammal
koali - a tropical morning glory
koans - plural of "koan", a Buddhist meditation paradox
koban - an oval Japanese gold coin; a Japanese
kobas - plural of "koba", a kob, an African water antelope
kobet - a first name
kobil - a small boat
kobon - a first name
kobra - a first name
kobuk - a river in Alaska
kobus - a genus of antelopes
kochi - a first name; a town in southwestern Japan; a town in India, formerly Cochin
kodak - a camera
kodey - a first name
kodie - a first name
kodjo - a first name
kodok - a town in Sudan, formerly called "Fashoda"
kodro - a town in Burkina Faso
koele - a town in Hawaiia
koeln - a city in Germany, also known as Cologne
koels - plural of "koel", an Australian or Indian cuckoo
koeri - an Aryo-Dravidian people of northeast Hindustan
koffe - a first name
koffi - a first name
koffs - plural of "koff", a Dutch sailing vessel
kofta - a kind of Middle Eastern meat ball
kogai - a Japanese ornamental pin carried in a sheath
kogia - a genus of whales
kogon - cogon, a tall tropical grass
kohal - a town in Yemen
kohei - a first name
kohen - a cohen, or Jewish priest
kohki - a first name
kohls - plural of "kohl", eye makeup
kohlu - a town in Pakistan
kohua - a Maori earth oven
kohut - a town in Pakistan
koidu - a town in Sierra Leone
koila - a town in Greece
koine - the common Greek tongue used in the New Testament
koing - knocking out
koiri - an Aryo-Dravidian people of northeast Hindustan
kojah - a long-haired mutant mink
kojak - to find a parking place where there seem to be none
kojic - a kind of acid
kojis - plural of "koji", a yeast cake
kokam - the slow loris, a small slender tailless large-eyed nocturnal lemur
kokan - a first name; an East Indian timber tree
koker - a sluice gate
kokil - a koel
kokka - referring to the branch of Shinto that forms the Japanese state religion
kokle - a Latvian stringed instrument
koklu - a town in China
kokob - a venomous serpent
kokou - a first name
kokra - the wood of an Indian tree, used for flutes
kokum - a semisolid fat obtained from the seeds of an East Indian tree; pretended sympathy
kolam - a southern Indian tradition of decorating the floor with intricate designs
kolar - a town in southern India
kolas - plural of "kola", a cola nut
kolby - a first name
kolea - a golden plover
kolek - a Malayan canoe
kolel - a community of Jewish settlers in Palestine
kolia - a first name
kolin - a first name; a town in Bohemia, site of a famous battle
kolis - plural of "kolis", a low caste Indian people
kolka - a town in Latvia
kolms - plural of "kolm", a hydrocarbon mineral with a high portion of radioactive elements
koloa - a first name; a Hawaiian duck
kolok - a river between Thailand and Malaysia
kolos - plural of "kolo", a Central European folk dance
koloy - a town in Chad
kolyn - a first name
komal - a first name
koman - a language
kombi - a compact truck
kombu - an edible brown kelp used in Japanese cuisine
komos - a first name; the proper transliteration of "Comus"
kompa - a Haitian dance
konak - in Turkey, a large house used as an official residence
konar - a town in Afghanistan
konas - plural of "kona", a Hawaiian storm of southerly winds and heavy rains
konda - a language
konde - a Bantu people of Nyasaland
kondo - a first name; a bronze-gilt finish
konga - a first name
kongo - the Congo; an early kingdom of Africa
kongs - plural of "kong", four of a kind in mah-jongg
konia - a first name; the city of Konya, Turkey; a Turkish rug woven in soft shades of red, yellow and blue
konks - conks
konni - a first name
konny - a first name
konon - a first name
konso - a language
konya - a first name; a city in southern Turkey famous for carpets
konze - an African hartebeest
konzo - a language
kooka - a crazy person
kooks - plural of "kook", an eccentric person
kooky - nutty; loony; unconventional
kools - phencyclidine
koord - a Kurd
koori - an aborigine
koota - a body louse
kooti - a body louse
kopec - a Russian coin, 1/100 of a ruble
kopek - a Russian coin, 1/100 of a ruble
koper - a port city in Slovenia
kophs - plural of "koph", a Hebrew letter
kopje - a South African hill
kopla - a first name
koppa - an obsolete Greek letter
kopys - a town in western Russia
korab - a first name; a mountain in Albania
korah - a first name; a Levite who rebelled against Moses and Aaron
korai - plural of "kore", an ancient Greek statue of a young woman
koral - a first name
koran - the sacred book of Islam
koras - plural of "kora", the water cock
korat - a cat having a silver blue coat
korbi - a first name
korby - a first name
korce - a city in Albania
korea - an East Asian country
koree - a first name
korem - a town in Ethiopia
koren - a first name
kores - plural of "kore", an ancient Greek statue of a woman
korey - a first name
koria - a first name; a language
korie - a first name
korin - a first name; a West African gazelle
korio - a first name
koris - a first name; plural of "kori", an African bustard
korka - a first name
korku - a Munda language; a tribe of India
korla - a town in western China
korma - a mild Indian dish
korny - a first name
koroa - a Tunican people of the Yazoo and Mississippi river valleys
koror - a town, and an island, part of Palau, in the South Pacific
koros - plural of "koro", a Japanese incense burner
korra - a first name
korri - a first name
korry - a first name
korwa - a people of southeast Bihar in India speaking a Munda language
koryn - a first name
koryo - a first name; another name for Korea
koses - plural of "kos", variant of "coss", a measure of distance in India
kosey - a first name
kosha - in Hinduism, one of the five layers of well-being
koshe - kosher; acceptable; neat or cool
kosin - a yellow brown amorphous anthelmintic powder
kosma - a first name
kosmo - a first name
kosmy - a first name
kosse - a first name
kossi - a first name
kosso - brayera, the dried pistillate flowers of an Ethiopian tree
kosta - a first name; a town in Sweden
kosti - a first name; a town in southern Sudan
kotah - a town in India
kotal - a town in Afghanistan
kotar - an artisan people of southwestern India
kotel - the Wailing Wall
koths - plural of "koth", volcanic mud
kotka - a town in Finland
kotor - a town in Montenegro
kotos - plural of "koto", a Japanese stringed musical instrument
kotow - to prostrate oneself, a variant of "kowtow"
kotte - a town in southwest Sri Lanka
kotto - a river in the Central African Republic
kotya - a first name
kotys - a Thracian goddes worshipped in wild orgies
kotzk - a town in Poland
koula - a first name
koury - a town in Mali
kousa - a kind of dogwood
kouse - pearl millet
kouza - a unit of liquid capacity in Cyprus
kovel - a town in Ukraine
kovil - a church
kovit - a first name
kovno - the Russian name of Kaunas, Lithuania
kovsh - a Russian boat-shaped vessel used as a ladle for drinks
kowno - another name for Kovno
koyan - a unit of weight in Malaya
kozen - a first name
kpele - a people of central Liberia
kposo - a language
kraak - to speed
kraal - a native village; a type of cattle enclosure
krabi - a town in Thailand
krabs - plural of "krab", a shortened form of "karabiner"
krads - plural of "krad", a kilo-rad
kraft - a strong brown paper
krahn - a language; a Liberian ethnic group
kraig - a first name
krain - another name for Carniola
krait - a venomous snake
krake - a town in Nigeria
krama - in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the water and wine into which the consecrated host is broken
krang - a variant of "kreng"; whale flesh
kranj - a town in Slovenia
krans - a ring of rock or cliffs about a summit; plural of "kran", a Persian monetary unit
kranz - a crown of rock on a mountain top
kratz - to make a mess
kraut - a German; sauerkraut
kreda - a tribe in Chad
kreel - a variant of "creel"
kreep - a basaltic lunar rock
kreig - a first name
kreis - in Germany, a unit of local government
krems - a city in northeast Austria; a variety of white lead
kreng - the carcass of a whale after removal of the blubber and baleen (yum!)
kreon - a first name; a proper transliteration of "Creon"
krepi - a town in Ukraine
kress - a town in northern Texas
krete - the Greek name for Crete
kreuz - a musical term meaning "sharp"
krewe - a New Orleans Mardi Gras marching band
krexy - pettish, cranky
kribi - a port city in Cameroon
krige - a first name; in computing, to estimate missing data in a table
krill - an aggregrate of small marine crustaceans
krina - a first name; a unit of measure of dry volume in Bulgaria
krine - a unit of measure of dry volume in Bulgaria
kriss - a first name; a variant of "kris"
krist - a first name
kriti - a Mediterranean island
kroes - frizzy hair
kroja - a town in Albania
kromo - a variant of "krama"
krona - a Swedish or Icelandic coin
krone - an Austrian, Danish or Norwegian coin
kronk - shady; fraudulent
kronz - a gun
kroon - a monetary unit of Estonia
kroos - plural of "kroo", a member of an African ethnic group
krubi - a tropical East Indian aroid plant
kruje - a town in Albania
krump - a quick stepping African-style dance
krung - a first name
krunk - to have sex
krupa - a first name
krupp - a gun
ksars - plural of "ksar", a variant of "czar"
ktosh - a town in Albania
kuans - plural of "kuan", a Chinese official
kuban - a river in the Caucasus flowing into the Sea of Azov
kucha - a region of Turkistan; a town in northwest China
kuchi - a member of a nomadic ethnic group of Afghanistan
kudas - plural of "kuda", an East Indian tapir
kudat - a town in Borneo
kudos - acclaim
kudum - a village in Sudan
kudus - plural of "kudu", a large antelope
kudzu - an invasive clinging vine that is improving the South
kueng - a first name
kufah - a town in Iraq
kufas - plural of "kufa", an Iraqi boat, made of reeds and covered in skins
kufic - of the Arab alphabet
kufis - plural of "kufi", a knit cap worn by Muslims
kufra - a town in Libya
kugel - a baked pudding of potatoes or noodles
kuhak - a town in Iran
kuito - a town in Angola
kukak - a village in Alaska
kukes - a town in Albania
kukis - plural of "Kuki", a member of a Tibetan-Burmese tribe
kukri - a Gurkha knife
kuksu - a religious cult of central California Indians
kukui - the Hawaiian candlenut tree
kukus - plural of "kuku", a large fruit-eating pigeon of New Zealand
kulah - a Turkish prayer rug; a cap
kulak - a Russian peasant proprietor
kulan - the wild ass of the Kirghiz steppe
kulfi - an Indian ice cream dessert
kulla - the Sumerian and Accadian god of bricks
kulli - a prehistoric culture of Baluchistan
kulun - the Chinese name of Ulan Bator
kumai - a town and bay in Borneo
kumam - a language
kuman - the Cuman, a Turkic people
kumar - a first name
kumbh - a Hindu religious festival culminating in ritual bathing; an Indian pitcher
kumbi - the fiber of the white silk cotton tree
kumho - a city in North Korea
kumni - kurmi, a member of an Indian agricultural caste
kumrl - the above-ground bed of a fox
kumul - a town in Sinkiang
kumyk - a Turkish people of the Caucasus
kumys - koumiss, a beverage made from camel's milk
kunai - cogon, a tall tropical grass
kunal - a first name
kunar - a province in Afghanistan
kunas - plural of "kuna", a Panamanian Indian
kunbi - kurmi, a member of an Indian agricultural caste
kunda - the lawyer vine; a language; a town in Estonia
kundu - a Bantu tribe of the Congo
kungu - a kind of small mayfly
kunio - a first name
kunle - a first name
kunna - a European cape
kunqu - a style of Chinese opera typified by "The Peony Palace"
kunuz - a province in Afghanistan
kunya - an informal name, involving the name of one's father or son, by which an Arab man is known
kuoyu - the Mandarin language
kuper - a first name
kurds - plural of "Kurd", a nationless people of Asia Minor
kuril - a chain of islands, possessed by Russia and claimed by Japan
kurim - a town in South Korea
kuris - plural of "kuri", a now-extince Maori dog
kurku - korku, a Munda language
kurmi - a member of an Indian agricultural caste
kurns - plural of "kurn", a harvest home festival
kurre - a cur
kursk - a city in Russia
kurta - a shirt worn in India
kurus - a Turkish piaster; plural of "kuru", a disease of the nervous system
kurve - a prostitute
kusal - a language
kusam - an East Indian tree upon which lac insects thrive
kusan - an Indian people of Oregon
kusha - a kind of grass
kusho - a first name
kusso - cusso, an Ethiopian tree
kusti - the sacred cord worn by Parsis as a sign of their faith
kusum - a first name; safflower
kutch - cutch, couch grass; catechu; a peninsula in India
kutha - a town in Mesopotamia
kutno - a town in central Poland
kuzat - money
kuzih - a first name
kuzma - a first name
kuzus - plural of "kuzu", a thickening agent
kvaas - a Russian beer made from rye flour and malt
kvass - a Russian beer made from rye flour and malt
kvell - to beam with pleasure
kveta - a first name
kvint - a unit of weight in Denmark
kwaal - an illness
kwadi - an African language
kwako - a first name
kwame - a first name
kwami - a first name
kwapa - quapaw; a Siouan people of the Arkansas river valley
kwasi - a first name; a Zulu musical style
kweef - a vaginal fart
kweku - a first name
kwela - a tin whistle; Zulu folk music
kweni - a language
kwesi - a first name
kwilu - a river of the Congo
kyack - an American packsack or pack saddle
kyaks - plural of "kyak", a kayak or Eskimo canoe
kyami - a language
kyang - a kiang, a wild ass
kyars - plural of "kyar", a coir
kyats - plural of "kyat", a monetary unit of Myanmar
kyaws - plural of "kyaw", a jackdaw
kydde - showed
kydst - made known
kyele - a first name
kyfer - to have sexual intercourse with
kyjel - a first name
kykes - looks steadfastly; gazes
kylah - a first name
kylan - a first name
kylea - a first name
kylee - a first name
kylen - a first name
kyler - a first name
kyles - plural of "kyle", a narrow strait or sound
kyley - a boomerang
kylia - a first name
kylie - a first name; a boomerang
kylin - a Chinese or Japanese dragon
kylix - a Greek vase or drinking vessel
kyloe - Hebridean cattle
kylyn - a first name
kymbo - a town in Sweden
kymri - the Welsh
kymru - Wales
kymry - the Welsh
kynan - a first name
kynda - a first name
kynde - kind
kyndl - a first name
kynds - kinds
kyoga - a lake of central Uganda
kyoji - a first name
kyoko - a first name
kyoto - a city in Japan; a  kind of Japanese pottery
kyowa - a town in Brazil
kypes - plural of "kype", a hook on the male salmon's lower jaw
kypoo - an extract of catechu
kyrah - a first name
kyran - a first name
kyria - a first name
kyrie - a first name; a prayer in the Mass
kyril - a first name
kyros - a first name
kysta - a first name
kytes - plural of "kyte", the stomach
kythe - to make known; to appear
kyudo - Japanese archery
kyuet - a quarter, in circus and hobo slang
kyzyl - the capital of Tannu Tuva, unreached goal of Richard Feynman
laaba - a storage platform elevated above the reach of animals
laage - a town in Germany
laama - clothing worn for celebration
laari - a monetary unit of the Maldives
laban - a first name; in the Bible, the father of Rachel and Leah
labba - paca
labda - the more correct form of the spelling of the Greek letter "lambda"
label - an adhesive stamp; a classification
labes - the feminine equivalent of "balls", assertiveness, nerve
labia - plural of "labium", a lip or lip-like part
labib - a first name
labis - cochlear; a eucharistic spoon
labna - a site of Mayan ruins in the Yucatan peninsula
labon - a first name
labor - work; childbirth; an English and Israeli political party
labra - plural of "labrum", a lip or lip-like part
labri - plural of "labrus", a genus of marine fishes
lacca - lac
laced - stiffened; twined; tied with laces
lacee - a first name
lacer - one who laces
laces - fastens by means of strings
lacet - lace work; a braid
lacey - a first name; adorned with lace
lache - a first name; a coward
lacia - a first name
lacie - a first name
lacis - a square-meshed lace with darned patterns
lacko - a first name
lacks - doesn't have; needs
lacky - a lackey
lacto - a vegetarian who will also eat milk products (though perhaps not eggs)
lacuy - a peninsula in Chile
ladan - a first name
ladas - a classic runner
ladde - an obsolete past tense of "to lead"
laddy - a first name; a young boy
laded - loaded
laden - to be burdened
lader - one who loads
lades - burdens; loads
ladhu - a first name
ladie - a first name
ladik - an Anatolian rug of fine texture
ladin - a Rhaeto-Romanic dialect spoken in Switzerland
ladis - a first name
ladle - a scoop
ladon - a first name; the father of Daphne
laela - a first name
laers - plural of "laer", a variant of "laager", a camp or improvised fort
laeta - a first name
laeti - a first name; a town in Brazil
laevo - levo, levorotatory
laffs - a colloquial form of "laughs"
laffy - a colloquial form of "laughy", full of laughs
lafia - a town in Nigeria
lafon - a town in Sudan
lafte - an obsolete past tense of "leave"
lagam - ligan; flotsam
lagan - ligan; flotsam; legally, anything sunk in the sea but attached to a buoy to be recovered
lagen - an obsolete unit of capacity for liquids; a European river
lager - a kind of beer
lages - a town in Brazil
laggy - lagging
lagly - laggingly
lagna - the Hindu Vedic astrological birthsign
lagny - a town in central France
lagos - a city in Nigeria, and its commercial capital
lahar - a catastrophic mud flow caused by a volcano
lahea - a first name
lahib - a first name
lahti - a town in Finland
laich - a laigh; a lowland
laics - plural of "laic", a layman
laidi - a first name
laids - loads
laidy - a first name; a beating or thrashing
laigh - a lowland
laika - a small red Finnish dog; a Russian space dog
laiks - sports or plays
laila - a first name
laili - a first name
laily - a first name
laima - a first name
laina - a first name
laine - a first name; a woolen fabric; an open tract of arable land
laird - a first name; a lord; a landed proprietor
lairg - a town in Scotland
lairs - plural of "lair", a den
lairy - full of lairs; flashy or showy; cunning
laish - a biblical place
laism - lamaism
laita - a river in Brittany
laith - a first name; to loathe
laity - laymen
laius - in Greek mythology, the king of Thebes and father of Oedipus
lajes - a town in the Azores Islands
lajos - a first name
lajta - a kind of cheese
lakao - sap green
laked - formed into lakes
laker - a lake fish; someone who frequents lakes
lakes - plural of "lake", a large body of fresh water
lakha - a first name
lakhi - a first name
lakhs - plural of "lakh", 100,000, usually rupees
lakia - a first name
lakie - a temporary retrograde movement of the tide in the Firth of Forth
lakin - a first name; a shortened form of "ladykin"; a small damsel; the Virgin Mary
lakke - an obsolete form of "lack"
lakki - a first name
laksa - a spicy dish with fish and noodles
laksh - a first name
lakva - a first name
lalao - a first name
laldy - a beating or thrashing
lalee - a first name
laleh - a first name
lalia - a first name; a language
lalin - a first name
lalit - a first name
lalji - a first name
lalka - a first name
lalla - a first name
lalli - a first name
lalls - articulates the letter "R" as "L"
lally - a first name; wet or drying linen
laloo - a first name
laman - a first name
lamar - a first name; the eighth day of the Mayan religious month
lamas - plural of "lama", a Tibetan priest
lamat - the eighth day of the Mayan religious month
lamba - a large cloth shawl of Madagascar; a Bantu language and ethnic group
lambo - a Lamborghini automobile
lambs - plural of "lamb", a baby sheep
lamby - a baby lamb; tasting of lamb
lamed - hobbled; a Hebrew letter
lamel - a thin plate; a lamella
lamer - more lame
lames - hobbles; small steel plates that slide over each other and form an armor
lamet - kha
lamia - a sorceress with the head of a woman and the body of a serpent
lamin - an astrologer's charm consisting of a thin metal plate
lammy - a thick warm sailor's jumper; a blanket
lamna - the type genus of the family Lamnidae
lamon - a first name
lampa - a town in Peru
lamps - plural of "lamp", an artificial light source
lampy - like a lamp; involving many lamps
lamud - a town in Peru
lamus - a titular see of Isauria; the legendary king of the Laestrygones
lamut - a Tungus maritime people living near the Sea of Okhotsk
lanae - a first name
lanah - a first name
lanai - a veranda
lanao - maranao; an Asian lake
lanas - plural of "lana", the genipap tree of Demerara
lanay - a first name
lanaz - a Yugoslavian unit of measurement of area
lanbo - a first name
lance - a first name; a spear
lanch - to launch
lancs - plural of "Lanc", a Lancaster aircraft
lancy - a first name
lande - an uncultivated or sterile tract; a heath
lando - a first name
lands - reaches land; plural of "land", a country or region
landy - a first name
laned - having lanes
lanes - plural of "lane", a country road
lanet - a first name
laney - a first name; containing many lanes; inferior
langa - a village in South Africa
lange - a first name
langi - a language
lango - a people of Uganda
lania - a village in Cyprus
lanie - a first name; a boss
lanin - a volcano in Argentina and Chile
lanka - another name for Ceylon, or Sri Lanka
lanks - becomes lanky
lanky - tall and thin
lanna - a first name
lanni - a first name
lanny - a first name
lanse - a first name
lants - plural of "lant", a small thin marine fish
lanty - a first name; to scold
lantz - a first name
lanum - a town in Denmark
lanus - a town in Argentina
lanya - a first name
lanza - a town in Bolivia
lanzo - a first name
laoag - a Philippine seaport
lapel - a part of a coat or jacket
lapin - a rabbit
lapis - a stone
lapje - a rag or piece of cloth
lappa - arctium; the root of the great bur; a kind of clover
lappi - a kind of cheese
lapps - plural of "Lapp", a native of Lapland
lapse - to cease; a failing
lapsi - among the early Christians, a name for those who renounced their faith under torture
larah - a first name
laran - a first name
larbi - a first name
larch - a tree
lardo - a fat person
lards - plural of "lard", a fat
lardy - fatty
laree - a monetary unit of the Maldives, 1/100 of a rupee
laren - a first name
lares - plural of "lar", a Roman household god
large - big
largo - in musical notation, slowly; a town in Scotland
largs - a town in Scotland, site of a famous battle
largu - a village in the Congo
laria - a first name
larid - a bird of the family Laridae
larie - a first name
larin - a piece of silver wire, doubled over and twisted into a fishhook, used as money
laris - a first name; Georgian currency
larix - a genus of deciduous trees that includes the larches
larka - a first name
larks - plural of "lark", a bird; a fun time
larky - sportive
larme - a first name; a design in lace resembling a tear drop
larna - a first name
larne - a town in Northern Ireland
larns - learns
laron - a first name
larro - oral sex (back slang)
larry - a first name; a lorry
larsa - an ancient Mesopotamian town in Iraq
larse - a first name
larum - an alarm
larus - a first name; an aquatic bird
larva - a grub
larve - a larva
laryn - a first name
lasca - a first name
lased - functioned as a laser
laser - a precise light beam (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation); resin
lases - functions as a laser
lasha - a first name
lashi - a first name
lasho - a first name
lashy - like a lash; with many lashes
lasik - laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis
lasks - suffers from diarrhea
laslo - a first name
lassa - source of a deadly fever
lasse - a first name; a dialect form of "less"
lassi - a first name; a drink made with cold yogurt
lasso - a loop of rope
lassu - the slow movement of a Hungarian csardas
laste - an obsolete past form of "to last", as in "to endure"
lasts - endures; plural of "last", a shoemaker's something-or-other
lasty - lasting; durable
lasya - the lyric and feminine dance type of India
latah - a neurosis, discovered in Malaysia, of compulsive imitation of words and acts of others
latai - a first name
latas - plural of "lata", a variant of "latah"
latau - a first name
latax - enhydra
latch - to catch; to fasten
latea - a first name
lated - belated
laten - to become late; to cause to become late
later - subsequently; more late than
lates - a genus of large percoid fish
latex - a milky sap; a kind of rubber; a kind of paint; a mathematical typesetting language
latha - a first name
lathe - a first name; a county division; a metal-forming machine
lathi - a bamboo cudgel
laths - plural of "lath", a thin strip of wood
lathy - long and thin
latia - a first name
latie - a town in the Cameroon
latif - a first name
latik - a sauce of carmelized coco and molasses
latin - the language of ancient Rome; a person of Mediterranean or Spanish American origin
latiq - a first name
latis - plural of "lati"; the name of a Celtic deity
latke - a potato pancake
laton - a first name; a variant of "latoun" or "latten", thin sheets of brass used for church utensils
latro - a fanciful form of "later" as a farewell
latte - a kind of coffee, only much more expensive
latty - a first name; a bed
latus - Latin for "a side", as in "latus rectum", a perpendicular chord
latzi - a first name
lauan - a Philippine timber
lauca - a river in Bolivia and Chile
lauch - a first name; one's share in expenses
laude - Latin for "praise", used in the phrase "cum laude"
laudo - a mountain in Argentina
lauds - praises; a canonical hour of prayer
lauer - a first name
laufs - runs in a bobsled contest
lauge - a first name
laugh - to deride; to guffaw
lauia - the parrot fish
laund - an open grassy area among trees
launs - plural of "laun", a ceramics sieve
laura - a first name; a hermitage
laure - a first name
lauri - a first name
lauro - a first name
lausa - a village in Kosovo
lautu - a royal Inca badge
lauza - a first name
laval - a first name; a city in France; made of lava
lavan - a first name
lavar - a first name
lavas - plural of "lava", molten volcanic rock
lavce - a village in Macedonia
laved - washed
laver - a brazen wash basin; edible seaweed; a heraldic bearing
laves - washes
lavia - a first name
lavic - resembling lava
lavon - a first name
lavor - a basin or laver
lavra - a first name; a laura, a group of recluse cells
lavvu - a teepee-like structure used by the Sami people
lawal - a first name
lawas - the Shan plateau in Burma; a town in Indonesia
lawdy - a slang variant of the exclamation "Lordy"
lawed - took a complaint to court; litigated; cut off the claws and balls of a dog's feet
lawer - a lawyer
lawes - cuts off the claws and balls of a dog's feet
lawin - one's share of expenses
lawks - an expression of surprise
lawms - plural of "lawm", variant of "lawn", a fine linen fabric, originally from Lyon, France
lawnd - a laund, an open grassy area among trees
lawns - plural of "lawn", a grassy expanse; a fine linen fabric, originally from Lyon, France
lawny - of or like the cloth lawn
lawry - a first name
lawsy - an exclamation of surprise or amazement
lawzy - an exclamation of surprise or amazement
laxer - looser
laxes - plural of "lax", a salmon
laxly - loosely
laxmi - a first name
layal - a first name
layby - a parking area or bay
layed - deposited as a wager
layek - a first name
layer - a tier; an egg-laying creature
layia - a genus of Californian herbs
layla - a first name
layli - a first name
layna - a first name
layne - a first name; to hold back or conceal
layup - a shot in basketball
lazar - a first name; a leper; a beggar
lazed - idled
lazer - one who lazes
lazes - idles
lazio - a province of Italy that includes Rome
lazlo - a first name
lazos - plural of "lazo", a symbolic rope or lasso encircling a wedding couple
lazzi - plural of "lazzo", an improvised comic dialogue in the commedia dell'arte
lazzo - an improvised comic dialogue in the commedia dell'arte
leach - to wash by percolation
leads - covers with lead; shows the way
leady - leaden
leafs - quickly turns the pages of a book
leafy - covered with leaves
leaks - plural of "leak", a breach, hole or flaw
leaky - containing leaks
leala - a first name
leams - plural of "leam", a dog leash
leana - a first name
leane - a first name
leann - a first name
leans - tilts
leant - inclined
leany - lean
leaps - jumps
leapt - leaped; jumped
leare - to teach
learn - to acquire knowledge
lears - learns; leers
leary - an old mine shaft; leery; flashy or showy
leasa - a first name
lease - to rent for a fixed term
leash - a thong; to bind
least - smallest
leasy - flimsy
leath - a ward in the English county of Cumberland
leats - plural of "leat", a channel or watercourse for a mill
leave - to depart; permission
leavi - a first name
leavy - leafy
leaze - lease
leban - a liquid food made from curdled milk
lebda - a town in ancient Libya
leben - a first name; a liquid food made from curdled milk
lebes - a metal basin or bowl used in ancient Greece
lebzy - a first name
lecce - a town in Italy
lecco - a town in Italy
leche - a water buck, a large heavy antelope
lechy - letcherous
lecia - a first name
lecky - electrical; electricity
ledah - a first name
leddy - lady
leden - a language; a voice
ledes - plural of "lede", the leading lines of a newspaper article
ledge - a ridge; a shelf
ledgy - full of ledges
ledis - a first name
ledol - a crystalline sesquiterpenoid alcohol
ledum - a genus of shrubs with white flowers; Labrador tea
ledvi - a first name
leeah - a first name
leean - a first name
leear - a liar
leeba - a first name
leece - a first name
leech - a bloodsucking creature; a doctor; the edge of a sail
leeda - a first name
leede - a cauldron; a copper kettle
leeds - a city in Yorkshire, England
leeks - plural of "leek", a relative of the onion, symbolic of Wales
leeky - containing or tasting of leeks
leela - a first name
leeme - leme
leena - a first name
leeps - plasters with cow dung
leere - tape or braid; an ornament
leers - plural of "leer", a lewd stare
leery - apprehensive; wary
leesa - a first name
leese - a first name; to lose
leets - plural of "leet", a former English court for petty offenses
leeve - lief; live
leevi - a first name
leeza - a first name
lefse - a thin potato pancake, common in Norway
lefte - lifted
lefts - plural of "left", a louie, a bend sinister
lefty - a first name; a southpaw; a leftist
leful - leveful
legal - allowed by law
legat - a legal attache
legba - a first name; an African and Haitian deity guarding the passage to the underworld
leger - a race; light; small; ledger; a coal merchant who gives short weight
leges - plural of "lex", Latin for "law"
legge - to alleviate; to allay
leggo - slang for "let go"
leggy - with long or admirable legs
legit - legitimate
legno - in musical notation, "wood", hence, in some cases, the bow of an instrument
legoa - a unit of measure in Brazil
legos - plastic interlocking blocks for children
legra - a first name
legua - a unit of measurement in Argentina
lehel - a first name
lehrs - plural of "lehr", an oven for glassware
lehua - a first name; a tropical tree with red flowers
leial - a first name
leian - a first name
leiba - a first name
leibl - a first name
leida - a first name
leidy - a first name
leigh - a first name; an English town
leila - a first name
leirs - teaches
leisa - a first name
leise - in musical notation, "lightly" or "softly"
leish - active, supple
leith - a first name; a seaport city in Scotland
lejay - a town in Afghanistan
lejla - a first name
lekel - a first name
lekha - a first name
lekhe - a unit of measure in Bulgaria
lekin - likin
leksi - a first name
lelah - a first name
lelan - a first name
lelia - a first name
lelie - a first name
lelio - a first name
lella - a first name
lelya - a first name
lemae - a first name
leman - an illicit lover; a European lake
lemar - a first name
lemba - an African tribe, purported to be a lost tribe of Israel
lemed - gleamed
lemel - metal filings
lemes - plural of "leme", a ray or glimmer of light
lemgo - a town in Germany
lemma - a subsidiary mathematical theorem; a bract in a grass spikelet
lemme - slang for "let me"
lemmy - a first name
lemna - a genus of duckweed plants
lemon - a sour yellow fruit; a bad car
lemur - a ghost; a kind of monkey
lenad - a contracted form of "leucite" and "nephalite", a suggested name for the feldspathoid minerals
lenah - a first name
lenas - plural of "lena", a procuress
lenca - a Honduran Indian tribe
lenci - a first name
lenda - a first name
lends - loans
lendu - a people of Uganda and Congo
lenea - a first name
lenee - a first name
lenes - plural of "lene", a speech sound pronounced with little aspiration
lengs - lengthens
lenia - a first name
lenis - a first name; a speech sound pronounced with little aspiration
lenje - a language
lenka - a first name
lenly - a first name
lenna - a first name
lenno - a first name
lenny - a first name
lenok - a Siberian fish
lenon - a first name
lenor - a first name
lenos - a first name; plural of "leno", a fabric similar to muslin
lenox - a first name; a town in Massachusetts
lense - lens
lensk - a Siberian town prone to flooding
lenti - plural of "lento", a notation meaning "slowly"
lento - "slowly" in musical notation
lents - plural of "Lent", a period of fasting before Easter
leoda - a first name
leods - plural of "leod", a people or nation
leola - a first name
leoma - a first name
leona - a first name
leone - a first name; a monetary unit of Sierra Leone
leoni - a first name
leons - plural of "leon", a lion
leora - a first name
leory - a first name
leota - a first name
lepal - a sterile stamen that is transformed into a scale
lepas - a genus of goose barnacles
lepel - a first name
leper - one afflicted with leprosy
lepid - jocose; witty; pleasant
lepis - a scale
lepra - leprosy
lepre - leprosy
lepry - leprosy
lepta - plural of "lepton", a Greek coin
lepti - plural of "leptus", any of several six-legged mites
lepto - leptospirosis
lepus - the constellation of the hare
lerai - a first name
lered - learned
leres - plural of "lere", a lesson
lergi - a vaguely defined illness like cooties
lerka - a first name
lerky - a children's game of hide and seek, in which kicking a can makes you safe
lerma - a town in Spain
lerna - a marshy district near Argos, the lare of the Hydra
lerne - a marshy district near Argos, the lare of the Hydra
leroi - a first name
leron - a first name
leros - a Greek island
lerot - the garden dormouse
leroy - a first name
lerps - a scale-like secretion left on leaves by plant lice
lerpy - tall, gangly, and ungraceful
lerry - a first name; a lecture
lerwa - the genus of the snow partridge
leryn - a first name
lesbo - slang for "lesbian"
lesce - a town in Slovenia
lesed - damaged
leses - damages
lesgh - a people of the Caucasus
lesha - a first name
lesia - a first name
lesje - a first name
leska - a first name
lesko - a town in Poland
lesky - a lesbian
lesli - a first name
lesly - a first name
lesok - a village in Macedonia
lesse - a river in Belgium
lessn - slang for "less than" or "unless"
lesso - lesbian
lesto - in musical notation, "lively"
lests - listens
lesya - a first name; one of 6 colors the karma imparts to the soul, dark or light reflecting evil or good
letch - a lecher; a craving; to separate by percolation
leten - past participle of "lete"
letes - lets; leaves
letha - a first name
lethe - a first name; the river of forgetfulness in Greek mythology
lethy - lethean; of the river Lethe
letif - a first name
letta - a first name
lette - a first name; to let; to hinder
letti - a first name
letts - plural of "Lett", a Lithuanian
letty - a first name; a place to sleep, often rented
letup - a pause
leuch - laugh
leuco - white
leuds - plural of "leud", a feudal vassal
leugh - lauch
leuke - a town in Turkey; a variant of "leukeness", meaning moderate warmth
leuma - shipping fever
leuna - a town in Germany
leupp - a town in Arizona
levan - a first name; any of a group of levorotatory polysaccharides
levar - a first name
levee - an embankment; a reception
level - flat; a stage; to be honest with
leven - levin, lightning; a lawn; a lake in east Scotland; eleven; an English town
lever - a jemmy
leves - leaves
levet - a trumpet blast
levey - a first name
levia - a first name
levie - a first name
levin - a first name; lightning
levir - the husband's brother, who may be called upon to marry his brother's wife if he dies childless
levis - blue jeans made by Levi Strauss & Co.
levka - a first name
levko - a first name
levon - a first name
levya - a first name
lewes - a first name; a town in England
lewie - a first name
lewin - a first name
lewis - a first name; a grip for masonry
lewth - warmth
lewyn - a first name
lexed - carried out lexical analysis
lexer - a program which performs lexical analysis on a text
lexes - plural of "lexis", the vocabulary of a group
lexey - a first name
lexia - a first name; a soft light-colored raisin
lexic - pertaining to words
lexie - a first name; a maker of dictionaries or word lists
lexis - a first name; the vocabulary of a group
lexor - a "tokenizer", which organizes a string of symbols into "words"
leyla - a first name
leyly - a first name
leyna - a first name
leyre - a European rive
leyte - one of the Philippine Islands
leyti - a first name
lezel - a first name
lezes - plural of "lez", a lesbian
lezgi - a Caucausian language
lezhe - a town in Albania
lezli - a first name
lezly - a first name
lezzo - a lesbian
lezzy - a lesbian
lhasa - the capital city of Tibet
lhoke - the Tibeto-Burman language of Bhutan
lhota - one of the Naga peoples of the Assam-Burma region
liady - a town in Russia which Napoleon passed through
liage - a union by league or alliance
liana - a first name; a tropical climbing plant
liane - a first name; a tropical climbing plant
liang - a first name; a tael, a Chinese unit of weight of about 1 ounce or 1/16 catty
liant - an Asian cape
liard - dapple gray; a French copper coin, worth a fourth of a sou
liars - plural of "liar", a prevaricator; a person for whom truth is tiresome
liart - dapple gray
libau - the German name of the Latvian port of Liepaja
libba - a first name
libbi - a first name
libby - a first name; like a women's liberationist
libel - a slanderous story
liben - a district in Prague
liber - bast; the inner bark of a tree; a book
libet - a first name
libia - a first name
libin - a first name
libor - a first name; an interest rate charged for short term loans between banks (London interbank offered rate)
libra - a Zodiac sign; the constellation of the scales; a unit of weight of about 1 pound; Peruvian coin
libri - plural of "liber", a book of public records
libya - a north African country
licca - a West Indian tree
licha - a first name
lichi - a Chinese fruit tree, the litchi
licht - to light
licia - a first name
licit - legal
licks - passes the tongue over a surface
licky - like a lick; involving many licks
lidah - a first name
lidar - a sort of radar that uses laser light
liddy - a first name; crazy
lider - a first name
lidge - a variant of "ledge"
lidia - a first name
lidio - a first name
lidka - a first name
lidos - plural of "lido", a fashionable beach resort
lidya - a first name
liebe - a first name
liefs - plural of "lief", beloved one
liege - a vassal; a city in Belgium
liena - a first name
liene - a first name
liens - plural of "lien", a legal right to hold or sell a debtor's property
lienz - a town in Austria
liers - plural of "lier", one who reclines
liesa - a first name
liese - a first name
liesl - a first name
liest - Biblical "lies"
lieth - Biblical "lies"
lieto - in musical notation, "joyful"
lieue - a unit of length in Switzerland, about 3 miles
lieus - plural of "lieu", the place, or stead, of something else
lieut - a lieutenant
lieuy - expectorated phlegm
lieve - a first name; gladly
lifed - controlled by a maintenance program that replaces parts after their expected life
lifen - to enliven
lifer - a prisoner convicted for a life term
lifes - controls by a maintenance program that replaces parts after their expected life; an occasional plural of "life", as in "still lifes"
lifey - full of life
lifts - raises up; plural of "lift", an elevator
lifty - an elevator attendant
ligan - flotsam; lagan
ligas - a poisonous Philippine tree
ligbi - a language
ligby - a mistress
ligda - a first name
liger - the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger; (go ahead! ask!)
ligge - to recline; to lie
light - a first name; illumination; not heavy
ligia - a first name; in Greek mythology, a siren; a genus of crustaceans
ligne - an archaic French unit of length
ligny - a town in Belgium, site of a famous Napoleonic battle
ligor - a town in southern Thailand
lihle - a first name
lihue - a town on the island of Kauai, Hawaiia
liisa - a first name
liked - preferred
liken - to compare
liker - one who likes; more similar
likes - prefers; plural of "like", a preference
likhu - a river in Nepal
likin - a Chinese tax imposed on items being transported
likud - an Israeli political party
lilac - a first name; a flower; a purple blue color
lilah - a first name
lilas - a first name; in Buddhism, the futile pursuit of the trivial
lilia - a first name
lilie - a first name
lilin - a first name; the male children of Lilith
lilis - a first name
lilja - a first name
lilla - a first name
lille - a city in northern France
lilli - a first name
lillo - a first name
lills - plural of "lill", a very small pin
lilly - a first name
lilos - plural of "lilo", an inflatable mattress or cushion
lilts - sings or speaks rhythmically
lilty - like a song that is light and swinging
lilya - a first name
limal - a town in Bolivia
liman - a lagoon
limas - plural of "lima", the edible seed of an American plant
limax - a genus of snails
limay - a river in Argentina; a town in the Philippines
limba - an African tree
limbe - a town in Haiti
limbi - plural of "limbus", a border or edge or limb
limbo - a dance; a waiting room in the afterworld; a state of uncertainty
limbs - plural of "limb", an arm, leg, branch or segment
limbu - a Mongoloid people of Nepal
limby - having many large branches; a person who has lost a limb
limed - treated with lime; cemented
limen - a sensory threshhold; a border or boundary
limer - one who snares birds with birdlime; a hanger-on
limes - plural of "lime", a green citrus fruit
limey - an Englishman
limit - a bound or constraint
limma - a semitone
limmo - a limousine
limmu - an eponym
limmy - a jimmy, or housebreaking tool
limns - depicts in painting or drawing
limon - a fruit that is a cross between a lemon and a lime; a port in Costa Rica
limor - a first name
limos - plural of "limo", a limousine
limpa - a rye bread made with molasses
limps - walks lamely
limpy - like a limp; characterized by a limp
limsy - limping from lack of exercise
linac - a linear accelerator used for particle physics
linah - a first name
linal - a first name
linas - a first name
linch - a first name; a ledge
linda - a first name
lindi - a first name; a town in Tanzania
lindo - a South American tanager
linds - plural of "lind", a linden tree
lindy - a first name; a lively dance named for Charles Lindbergh
lindz - a first name
linea - a first name; an anatomical line or streak
lined - care-worn; with lines; formed a line; bordered
linek - a first name
linel - a first name
linen - a fabric made from flax
liner - a shim; a vessel; a lining
lines - plural of "line", a queue; a geometric object; 1/12 of an inch
linet - a first name
liney - resembling a line
linga - a lingam
linge - to strike or flog
lingo - language; argot; slang; cant; jargon
lings - plural of "ling", a heath plant; a gadoid food fish
lingy - active; covered with heather
linhe - a town in China
linin - a substance in the cell nucleus
linje - a Swedish unit of length, about 3 millimeters
linka - a first name
linko - a town in Guinea
links - a golf course; plural of "link", a part of a chain; a cuff-link; a unit of length
linky - full of interlocking rings
linly - a first name
linne - flax; a lunar crater
linns - plural of "linn", a waterfall; a linden tree
linny - a first name; a linhay, a shed that is open in front
linon - the fabric lawn
linos - plural of "lino", a linotype; linoleum
linsi - a first name
linsy - a first name
lints - plural of "lint", an accumulation of fiber bits
linty - covered with lint
linum - a genus of herbs that includes flax
linus - a first name
linux - a first name; a computer operating system of vexed pronunciation
linyu - a city in northeast China, in Hopeh province
linzi - a first name
linzy - a first name
liola - a first name
liona - a first name
lions - plural of "lion", a predatory African feline
liora - a first name
lipan - an Apache people of eastern New Mexico; a river in New Guinea
lipau - a town in Bohemia, site of a famous battle
lipic - pertaining to fat
lipid - any of a class of fatty substances
lipin - a complex lipid
lippe - a first name; a former state in northwest Germany
lippo - a first name
lipps - plural of "lipp", a crimson fish
lippy - half a gallon; impudent; lipstick
lipse - to lisp
lipsi - a Greek island
lipyl - a hypothetical radical of glycerin
liran - a first name
liras - plural of "lira", an imaginary monetary unit of Italy, Turkey, etc
liraz - a first name
lirel - a first name
liren - a first name
lirey - a town in north central France
liris - a first name
lirks - plural of "lirk", a fold or wrinkle
liron - a first name
lirot - an Israel coin denomination
lirps - snaps the fingers
lisas - a bay in Trinidad
lisby - a first name
lisca - a town in Slovenia
lisec - a village in Macedonia
liset - a first name
lisha - a first name
lishe - a first name
lisia - a first name
liska - a first name; the Russian city that was formerly Georghiu Dezh
liski - a town in Romania
lisks - plural of "lisk", the groin
lisle - a first name; a thread; a cloth; the former name of Lille, France
lisne - a cavity
lison - a first name
lisps - pronounces the letter "S" incorrectly
lispy - lisping
lissa - a first name; site of a famous naval battle; a town in Nigeria
lisse - tapestry warp threads; a town in the Netherlands
lissi - a first name
lissy - a first name
lists - plural of "list", a field of competition; a table; a tilt
listy - full of lists
litae - the Roman name of the Greek Litai
litah - a first name
litai - in Greek mythology, the elderly female personifications of prayer
litas - a Lithuanian coin
litch - a mass of tangled hair
lited - alighted
liter - a unit of volume in the metric system
lites - alights; plural of "lite", something lower in calories
lithe - thin; active
lithi - a village on the island of Chios
litho - a lithograph
liths - plural of "lith", a joint or segment
lithy - active; flexible; supple
litia - a first name
liton - a first name
litra - an ancient silver coin worth a pound of bronze; a unit of weight in Greece
litre - variant of "liter", a unit of volume
litsa - a first name
litto - a first name
litui - plural of "lituus", a shepherd's crook; a mathematical curve
litus - a man of a class between slave and freeman
litva - an early people of northwestern Russian, ancestors of the Lithuanians
liuka - a first name
liuku - a town in China, on the Nu river
livan - a first name
lived - was alive; had a residence
liven - to make lively
liver - an organ of the body that removes alcoholics from the gene pool
lives - resides; plural of "life"
livia - a first name
livid - a black and blue color; purple with rage
livie - a first name
livio - a first name
liviu - a first name
livna - a first name
livno - a town in Bosnia
livor - a livid color or discoloration
livre - an old French monetary unit; a unit of weight of Greece of about 1 pound
livvi - a first name
livvy - a first name
livya - a first name
livye - a first name
liwan - a town in Afghanistan
lixin - a town in China
lixus - a town in Morocco
liyan - a first name
liysa - a first name
lizan - a first name
lizas - plural of "liza", the American white mullet fish
lizka - a first name
lizou - a first name
lizzy - a first name
ljova - a first name
ljube - a first name
ljubo - a first name
llama - a South American hoofed mammal
llano - a South American treeless plain
llata - a town in Peru
llave - a market town in Peru
llica - a town in Bolivia
lloid - to unlock a door using a celluloid card
lloyd - a first name
lludd - a mythical Welsh king who freed his kingdom of three plagues
lluis - a first name
lluta - a river in Chile
llwyd - a first name
lnard - a first name
loach - a river fish
loads - plural of "load", a burden; a large quantity
loady - a heavy drinker (who gets loaded often)
loafs - idles; plural of "loaf", a baked bread
loafy - like a loaf; idling
loams - plural of "loam", a rich soil
loamy - containing loam
loans - lends
loasa - a genus of tropical prickly herbs
loast - lost
loath - averse to
loave - a loaf
lobal - lobed
lobar - divided into lobes
lobby - a foyer; to pressure
lobed - divided into lobes
lobes - plural of "lobe", a rounded projecting anatomical part
lobey - divided into lobes
lobie - a first name
lobos - one of the Canary Islands; plural of "lobo", a timber wolf
lobus - a lobe
locac - a mighty southern continent reported by Marco Polo
local - nearby; an inn
locao - a green vegetable dye used in China
loced - stressed out
loche - a loach; a lake in North America
locho - a Venezuelan coin
lochs - plural of "loch", a lake or arm of the sea
lochy - containing lochs; a British river
locie - a locomotive
locke - a first name
locks - plural of "lock", a strand of hair; a security device; a navigational dam
locky - having or characterized by locks
locos - plural of "loco", a locoweed; a locomotive; a crazy person or animal
locri - an ancient Greek colony in southern Italy
locum - a deputy, from "locum tenens" meaning "place holder"
locus - a locality; a geometric set of points
lodar - a device that receives and records loran signals
lodde - the capelin
loddy - laudanum
loden - a thick woolen fabric
lodes - plural of "lode", a deposit of ore
lodge - a cottage; to stick; to register
lodgy - like a lodge
lodha - a low Indian caste
lodie - a first name
lodur - a god in Norse mythology
loess - a fine loamy soil, produced by glacial scraping, deposited by the wind
lofar - a system for detecting the underwater sounds of submarines
loffe - to laugh
lofts - throws in the air; plural of "loft", an attic
lofty - high; noble
logan - a first name; a rocking stone; a berry; a stretch of still water in a bay or river
logar - a town and province in Afghanistan
logen - a first name
loges - plural of "loge", a box in a theater or opera
logge - miner's thumb; a small fish
loggy - sluggish
logia - plural of "logion", an oracle; a dictum; a saying
logic - reasoning
logie - a piece of mock jewelry
login - to start a computer session; a stretch of still water in a bay or river
logoi - plural of "logos", a word; a meaning
logon - to start a computer session
logos - the divine word; plural of "logo", a logotype; a colophon
lohan - an arhat; a Buddhist who has attained nirvana
lohar - an ironworking Hindu caste; a carpenter
lohja - a town in Finland
loibl - an Austrian mountain pass
loica - a town in Chile
loida - a first name
loids - opens a door by sliding a thin strip of celluloid into the jamb
loins - plural of "loin", the side, between the ribs and the hips
loipe - a track used for cross-country skiing
loire - a river in France
loirs - plural of "loir", a large European dormouse
loise - a first name
loiza - a town in Puerto Rico
lojar - a cape in Borneo
lokao - a green dye obtained from the Eurasian buckthorn
lokes - plural of "loke", a grassy road; a location
loket - a town in Czechoslovakia
lokey - a locomotive
lokie - a locomotive
loksh - an Italian
lokum - Turkish delight
lolan - a first name; a town in Sinkiang
lolee - a first name
lolek - a first name
lolis - a first name
lolli - a first name
lolls - lounges
lolly - a first name; a lollipop; money
lolog - loglog; the logarithm of a logarithm; the plotting of one logarithm versus another
lolos - a Chinese aboriginal race
loman - a first name
lomas - a bay in Chile; plural of "loma", a lobe or fringe; a broad-topped hill
lombo - a language
lomed - loamed
lomes - loams
lomps - plural of "lomp", the lump fish
lomza - a town in Poland
lonan - a first name
londs - plural of "lond", variant of "land"
lonee - a first name
loner - a solitary person
lones - a first name
longa - a note equal to two breves; Latin for long or enduring, as in "ars longa, vita brevis"; a British island
longe - to thrust; a long rope used to train a horse
longi - plural of "longus", a long structure in the body
longs - desires
longy - a first name
lonie - a first name
lonks - plural of "lonk", a sheep from Lancashire
lonky - a small wall gap allowing sheep but not cattle to pass
lonna - a first name
lonni - a first name
lonny - a first name
lonso - a first name
lonya - a first name; a village in Hungary
lonzo - a first name
lonzu - a kind of Italian prepared ham
loobs - plural of "loob", the clay washed from tin ore in dressing
looby - a large awkward person
looch - a kind of medicine to be taken by licking with the tongue
looed - subjected to a forfeit in the card game of loo
looes - is subjected to a forfeit in the card game of loo
looey - a lieutenant; a left turn
loofa - a brush; a plant
loofs - plural of "loof", the palm of the hand
looie - a lieutenant; a left turn
looks - observes; plural of "look", an appearance; an observation
looky - an exclamation, urging another to look at some sight
lools - plural of "lool", a vessel used to receive the washings from ores
looms - appears large; plural of "loom", a weaving frame
loons - plural of "loon", a bird; a crazed person
loony - nutty; unhinged; deranged; a Canadian dollar coin
loops - plural of "loop", a cycle
loopy - dotty; unsound; full of loops
loord - a dull witless person
loose - unbound
loots - rifles, plunders
loped - ran easily
loper - one who lopes
lopes - runs easily
lopez - an African cape
loppa - a town in Norway
loppy - hanging limply
lorah - a first name
loral - a first name; of the space between the eyes and bill of a bird; of the lorum
loran - a long range navigation system comparing signal delay from two stations
loray - a first name
lorca - a city in southeast Spain
lords - a cricket ground; plural of "lord", a noble; a master
lordy - an exclamation of surprise or astonishment
lored - having lores
loree - a first name
lorel - a worthless person
loren - a first name
lores - the region between eye and bill on a bird; plural of "lore", a body of tradition
loret - a first name
lorey - a first name
loria - a first name
loric - a leather corslet
lorie - a first name
lorin - a first name
loris - a first name; a small slender tailless large-eyed nocturnal lemur
lorna - a first name
lorne - a first name
lorra - a first name
lorri - a first name
lorry - a first name; a van or truck
lorum - a transverse piece in the proboscis of a bee; a piercing between the penis and scrotum
loryn - a first name
losal - a town in India
losar - a town in northern India
losat - an acronym, a line-of-sight anti-tank weapon
losau - a town in Germany
losel - a worthless person
losen - to loose
loser - one who loses a game; a person with a flair for failure
loses - doesn't win; misplaces
losse - cast off
lossy - characterized by loss; referring to a irreversible compression scheme
lotah - a small water vessel used in India and Pakistan for post-defecation cleaning
lotas - plural of "lota", a small water vessel used in India
lotes - plural of "lote", a lotus
lotfi - a first name
lotic - pertaining to moving water
lotie - a first name
lotis - in Greek mythology, a nymph
lotje - a first name
lotos - a lotus
lotsa - slang for "lots of"
lotta - a first name; slang for "lot of"
lotte - a first name; a monkfish
lotti - a first name
lotto - a lottery game
lotty - a first name
lotus - a first name; a water lily
louai - a first name
louay - a first name
louba - a first name
louch - to slouch
loudy - a first name
louey - looey; a lieutenant
loufa - the loofa plant
lough - a lake
louie - a first name; a lieutenant; a left turn
louis - a first name; an obsolete French coin
louka - a first name
louks - plural of "louk", an accomplice
loulu - any Oceanian palm
louly - a first name
lound - lown
louns - plural of "loun", a loon
loupe - a small magnifying glass; a jewel of perfect luster
loups - leaps
loura - a first name
lourd - a stupid worthless person; dull; sluggish
loure - an old slow dance; a musical instrument; money
louri - a lory, a kind of small parrot
lours - lowers; scowls
loury - lowery; overcast
louse - a parasite; an uncouth person
lousy - louse-ridden; miserable; undesirable
louth - a county in Northern Ireland; a town in England
louts - bows in respect; plural of "lout", an unprepossessing person
louty - loutish; ill-mannered; boorish
lovas - a town in Croatia
lovat - a tweed
loved - adored
lovee - one who is loved
lovel - a first name
lover - one who loves
loves - adores; holds dear
lovey - a first name; a term of endearment
lovie - a first name
lovon - a first name
lowan - leipoa; an Australian bird
lowed - mooed
lowel - a first name
lower - below; one who lows
lowes - blazes
lowgh - a variant of "lowh"
lowie - a prostitute; a low person
lowks - plural of "lowk", a variant of "louk", an accomplice
lowly - humble
lownd - sheltered, calm, quiet
lowne - a loon
lowns - plural of "lown", a loon
lowre - money
lowry - a first name; a kind of open boxcar
lowse - loose
lowts - louts
loxed - supplied with liquid oxygen
loxes - supplies with liquid oxygen
loxia - a genus of cross-bill birds
loxie - a natural blonde
loyal - a first name; devoted; true
loyce - a first name
loyda - a first name
loyde - a first name
loyer - a first name
lozel - a worthless person
lozen - a lozenge
luach - a calendar that shows the dates of Jewish festivals
luana - a first name
luane - a first name
luann - a first name
luath - a first name
luaus - plural of "luau", a Hawaiian cookout
lubba - a first name
lubed - lubricated
luben - a first name
luber - one who lubricates
lubes - lubricates a car
lubey - covered in lubrication; a lubricated condom
lubie - a lubricated condom
lubna - a first name
lubny - a town in Ukraine
lubos - a first name
lubov - a first name
lubra - an Australian aboriginal woman
lucan - a first name; a town in Eire; of the evangelist Luke or his gospel
lucas - a first name
lucca - a first name; a city in northwest Italy
lucci - money
luces - plural of "luce", the pike fish; plural of "lux", a unit of illumination
lucet - a horn-shaped tool made of wood, for braiding
lucho - a first name
lucia - a first name
lucid - clear; allowing the passage of light
lucie - a first name
lucil - a first name
lucin - a "town" in Utah, actually empty desert, site of various land frauds
lucio - a first name
lucka - a first name
lucks - plural of "luck", fortune
lucky - a first name; fortunate
lucre - money
lucus - a first name
lucya - a first name
lucza - a first name
ludby - a mistress
luded - feeling the effects of a dose of quaaludes
ludek - a first name
ludes - plural of "lude", a methaqualone pill, "quaalude"
ludic - aimlessly playful
ludie - a first name
ludis - a first name
ludka - a first name
ludko - a first name
ludos - plural of "ludo", a board game with pieces moved by dice throws
luego - goodbye
luena - a small town in Angola
luffa - a loofah; a genus of tropical climbing herbs
luffs - steers a sailing vessel nearer into the wind
luffy - of a frequently varying light wind
lugan - a Lithuanian
lugen - a Lithuanian
luged - used a luge
luger - a German pistol; someone who rides a luge
luges - plural of "luge", a small sled
luggy - a wooden pail with a handle
lugie - a Lithuanian
lugoj - a town in Romania
lugos - a town in Papua New Guinea
lugow - to fasten; to place
lugun - a Lithuanian
luhot - luah
luhya - a language and a tribe of Kenya
luian - luwian; of the Luites or their language
luigi - a first name
luing - a breed of beef cattle that is a Shorthorn/Highland cross; a British island
luisa - a first name
luise - a first name
luish - of the Luites or their language
luite - referring to a people of Luya in southeast Asia minor
luiza - a first name
lujac - a first name
lujan - a first name; a town in Argentina
lujar - a village in Spain
lujza - a first name
lukan - lucan, of the evangelist Luke or his gospel
lukas - a first name
luken - a first name
lukes - a first name
lukis - a first name
lukka - a first name
lukla - a town in Nepal
lukus - a first name
lulab - variant of "lulav", a palm branch for use with the etrog during Sukkoth.
lulav - a palm branch for use with the etrog during Sukkoth.
lulea - a town in Sweden
lules - a town in Argentina
lulie - a first name
lulio - a first name
lulla - a first name
lulls - causes to sleep or rest
lully - wet or drying linen
lulua - a first name; a river in the Congo
luluh - a gangster's girlfriend
lulus - plural of "lulu", a remarkable thing or event; a benefit in lieu of other expenses
lumbo - marijuana from Columbia
lumbu - a language
lumen - a unit of measurement of luminous flux; an opening or passageway; a soy product that imitates meat
lumio - a town in Corsica
lumme - "love me", used as shorthand for the phrase "Lord love me"
lummi - a tribe of Indians in Washington State
lummy - "love me", used as shorthand for the phrase "Lord love me"
lumps - plural of "lump", a shapeless mass
lumpy - a first name; full of lumps
lunan - a woman; a British bay
lunar - of the moon
lunas - plural of "luna", an alchemical designation for silver
lunch - a noontime meal
lunda - a Bantu-speaking people on the border of Congo and Angola
lundu - a language
lundy - a first name; a traitor; an island and pseudo-country in the Bristol channel
lunel - a variety of muscatel wine
lunes - plural of "lune", a crescent moon shaped figure; one thirtieth of a lunar month
lunet - a lunette
lunga - a British island
lunge - to thrust; a long rope used to train a horse
lungi - a loincloth worn by men in India
lungo - in musical notation, "long"; a town in Sweden
lungs - plural of "lung", an organ of breathing
lungy - consumptive
lunik - a Russian satellite with a dog passenger
lunis - a first name
lunka - a town in Ukraine
lunks - plural of "lunk", a lunkhead, a stupid person
lunky - like a lunk; a small wall gap allowing sheep but not cattle to pass
lunns - plural of "lunn", a tea cake
lunts - plural of "lunt", a light, a slow-match
lupid - a meteor originating in the Lupus constellation
lupin - a flower
lupis - the finest quality of abaca
luppa - cloth of gold
lupus - a chronic skin disease; the constellation of the wolf
luque - a town in Paraguay
lural - pertaining to the lura
luray - a first name
lurch - to stagger
lured - enticed
luren - a first name
lurer - one who entices
lures - entices; plural of "lure", an enticement
lurex - a synthetic fabric
lurey - like a lure
lurgi - a vaguely defined illness like cooties
lurgs - plural of "lurg", a large marine annelid
lurgy - a vaguely defined illness like cooties
lurid - sensational; seamy
lurin - a town in Peru
lurks - waits in concealment
lurky - seedy; untrustworthy
lurps - rangers engaging in long range reconnaissance patrols
lurry - drag; a lorry; something repeated by rote; a confused inarticulate utterance; money
lurve - sentimentalized love
lushy - tipsy; drunk
lusia - a first name; an epithet of Demeter, "The Bather"
lusio - a first name
lusks - lazes
lusky - lazing
lusts - desires sexually
lusty - randy; robust
lusus - a freak; a deformed person
lutao - a first name; a town in the Philippines
lutea - plural of "luteum"
luted - sealed with luting
lutek - a first name
luteo - in chemistry, referring to a series of coordination complexes
luter - a lute player
lutes - plural of "lute", a musical instrument
lutfi - a first name
luths - plural of "luth", the leatherback
lutie - a town in Missouri
lutin - the name of a goblin in Normandy
luton - a town in England
lutra - the genus to which the otter belongs
lutsk - a town in Ukraine
luvie - a first name
luvvy - a first name; an affectionate or affected term of address
luvya - slang for "love you"
luxer - a handsome fellow
luxes - plural of "lux", a unit of illuminance; luxury
luxon - any particle that moves at the speed of light; compare "tardyon" and "tachyon"
luxor - a city in Egypt, site of ancient Thebes
luxur - an alternate spelling of "Luxor"
luxus - luxury
luzca - a first name
luzia - a first name
luzon - the chief island of the Philippines
lwala - a language
lwara - a town in eastern Afghanistan
lweis - plural of "lwei", a monetary unit of Angola
lwena - a language
lyadi - a town in Belarus
lyall - a first name
lyams - plural of "lyam", a dog leash
lyard - streaked with gray
lyart - streaked with gray
lyase - an enzyme
lybov - a first name
lycea - plural of "lyceum", a school
lycee - a French secondary school
lyche - like
lycia - a first name; a country in southwest Asia minor, later a Roman province
lycid - a beetle of the family Lycidae
lycon - a first name
lycra - an artificial fabric
lycus - a king of Thebes, husband of Dirce, the rescuer of Antiope from Epopeus
lydah - a first name
lydda - a biblical place
lyddy - a first name
lyden - a first name; leden
lyder - a first name
lydia - a first name; an ancient kingdom in west Asian minor
lydie - a first name
lydon - a first name
lyele - a language
lyell - a first name
lyery - of cattle having little fat in the flesh
lygia - a first name
lygie - a first name
lygus - a genus of plant-sucking mirid bugs
lying - mendacious; recumbent
lyken - to please
lylah - a first name
lyles - a town in Tennessee
lylle - a first name
lyman - a first name
lymes - plural of "lyme", a coarse grass
lymph - an internal body fluid
lynaa - a first name
lynae - a first name
lynah - a first name
lynch - a first name; to execute in a lawless mob
lynda - a first name
lynde - a first name; the linden
lyndy - a first name
lynea - a first name
lynes - plural of "lyne", linen
lynna - a first name
lynne - a first name
lynse - a first name (a demented spelling of "Lindsay")
lynsy - a first name
lynzi - a first name
lynzy - a first name
lyons - the English name for Lyon, France
lypsy - a first name
lyrae - plural of "lyra", the middle portion of the ventral surface of the fornix of the brain
lyres - plural of "lyre", a musical instrument
lyric - a short poem
lyrid - a meteor from Lyra
lyrie - a Manx shearwater gull
lyris - a first name
lyron - a first name
lysed - caused to undergo lysis
lyses - causes to undergo lysis
lysin - a substance in bacteria capable of disintegrating cells
lysis - recovery; the disintegration of cells by lysin
lysle - a first name
lyson - a first name
lyssa - a first name; rabies
lyssi - a first name
lysyl - an acid radical of lysine
lyted - lighted
lytes - lights
lythe - the pollack; lithe
lytic - pertaining to lysis
lytie - a first name
lytta - a wormlike cartilage in the tongue of a dog, once thought to cause rabies
lyuba - a first name
lyuda - a first name
lyusa - a first name
lyvon - a first name
maadi - a town in Egypt which is now a suburb of Cairo
maaed - bleated
maaik - a first name
maaja - a first name
maari - a first name
maars - plural of "maar", a volcanic crater
maaza - a first name
maban - a language
mabas - plural of "maba", a tropical tree with wood like ebony
mabby - a liquor made in Barbados, distilled from potatoes
mabel - a first name
mabes - plural of "mabe", a cultured hemispherical pearl
mabis - plural of "mabi", a nakedwood with orange brown bark
mable - a first name
mabry - a first name
mabyn - a first name
macal - a river in Belize
macao - a Chinese port city ruled by Portugal for 500 years; a card game like baccarat
macas - plural of "maca", a bonefish; a people of Gran Chaco in Paraguay and Argentina;
macau - an alternate spelling of "Macao"
macaw - a long-tailed parrot
macca - a medicinal root; a nickname for Paul McCartney
macco - a card game like baccarat, but only one card per player is dealt
maced - struck with a mace; sprayed with Mace
macer - a first name; a court usher
maceo - a first name
maces - plural of "mace", a medieval weapon; symbol of governance; herb; chemical spray
macey - a first name
macha - a first name; a town in Peru
mache - papier mache; a unit of measurement of radioactive concentration
machi - a Japanese town or commercial center
macho - exaggerated masculinity; a massive compact halo object
machs - plural of "mach", a unit of speed
machu - a river in Bhutan
macia - a first name
macie - a first name
macit - a first name
macka - amphetamines
macke - a first name
macks - a first name; makes
macks - plural of "mac" or "mack", a mackintosh raincoat
macky - a first name; makeup
macle - a twin crystal
macon - a first name; a city in Georgia, USA; a town in France; a French burgundy wine; mutton prepared like bacon; marijuana
macos - plural of "maco", an Egyptian cotton
macro - a complex computer instruction invoked by a simple name
madah - a first name
madal - a double-headed Nepali drum
madam - a term of address to a woman; the proprietor of a brothel
madan - a first name
madar - a medicinal herb
madda - an Arabic accent mark
maddi - a first name
maddy - a first name; crazy
madea - a first name
madee - a first name
madel - a first name
maden - a first name
madge - a first name; a lead hammer; a magpie
madgi - a first name
madhu - a first name
madia - the tar-weed, a coarse hairy plant of Chile
madid - a first name; moist
madie - a first name
madly - unreasoningly
madna - a first name
madoc - a first name
madog - a first name
madoi - a town in China
madoo - a village in Afghanistan
madox - a first name
madra - a first name
madre - a mother
madza - one half
maeby - a first name
maeda - a first name
maedi - a first name; ovine progressive pneumonia
maeko - a first name
maels - a first name
maemi - a first name
maeon - a first name
maerl - a lime-producing red seaweed
maeva - a first name
maeve - a first name
maevi - a first name
maevy - a first name
mafey - an old expression of astonishment
maffy - a first name
mafia - a criminal organization; a Tanzanian island
mafic - describing minerals containing iron and magnesium; elements associated with the sea floor
mafoo - a Chinese stable boy
mafra - a town in Brazil
magan - a first name
magar - a first name; an Indian crocodile
magas - a kind of bridge; the capital of Ingushetia; plural of "maga", a member of the priestly caste among the Sauras of India
magda - a first name
magdy - a first name
maged - a first name
magee - a first name
magen - a first name; a star, used in the Hebrew phrase "magen David"
mages - plural of "mage", a wizard
magge - a first name
maggi - a first name
maggs - chatters; teases; pilfers
maggy - a first name
magia - white magic
magic - a supernatural force; witchcraft; anything that Arthur C Clarke can't understand
magid - a first name
maglo - a first name
magma - molten rock
magna - a first name; Latin for "great", used in the phrases "Ars magna, vita brevis" and "magna cum laude"
magni - a first name
magog - a cryptic Biblical creature who hangs out with Gog; a biblical place; a town in Quebec
magoo - a custard or cream pie intended to be thrown; an important person
magot - the Barbary ape; a small grotesque porcelain figure
magui - a first name
magus - a wizard
maguy - a first name
magwe - a division of Burma
mahal - a first name; a summer house; a mansion
mahar - a scheduled tribe of India
mahas - plural of "maha", a kind of baboon
mahda - a first name
mahdi - a first name; a prophesied Islamic leader who will bring righteousness
maher - a first name
mahes - an Egyptian god with the head of a lion
mahin - a first name
mahir - a first name
mahoe - a tropical tree with strong fibers
mahog - a bar countertop
mahon - a first name; a Mediterranean port; a kind of cheese
mahos - plural of "maho", a tropical tree with strong bast fibers
mahra - a first name; a native of the Mahra region of the Arabian peninsula
mahri - a native of the Mahra region of the Arabian peninsula
mahsa - a first name
mahsi - a first name
mahta - a first name
mahua - trees of the genus Madhuca; the butter tree
mahwa - variant of "mahua", the East Indian butter tree
mahya - a first name
maiah - a first name
maian - a crab; maioid, of the Maia genus
maiao - a South Pacific island near Bora-Bora and Tahiti
maias - plural of "maia", an American bombycid moth
maida - a first name
maids - plural of "maid", a maiden; a cleaning woman
maidu - an American Indian people of California
maidy - a first name; a little maid; a young girl
maiga - a first name
maiid - majid, relating to the Majidae
maija - a first name
maika - a first name
maike - a first name
maiko - a first name; an apprentice geisha
maiks - makes
maile - a first name; a Pacific Island vine used to make leis; a monetary unit
maili - a glacier in Northern Ossetia
maill - a payment
mails - sends; armors
maily - speckled
maime - a first name
maims - injures severely
maina - a first name; a mountainous peninsula of the Peloponnesus
maine - an American state
mains - the electricity supply; plural of "main", a large water pipe
maint - many
mainz - a city in Germany
maipo - a river and a volcano in Chile
maipu - a town and mountain in Argentina
maira - a first name
maire - a first name; a tree of New Zealand
mairi - a first name
mairs - plural of "mair", more
maisa - a first name
maise - a mease; 500 herrings
maisi - a cape in Cuba
maist - most
maisy - a first name
maita - a first name
maite - a first name
maive - a first name
maiya - a first name
maiza - a first name
maize - corn
majak - a first name
majal - a first name; low grade marijuana
majan - a first name
majar - a first name; a town in Iraq
majca - a first name
majda - a first name
majdi - a first name
majed - a first name
majel - a first name
majer - a first name
majib - a first name
majid - a first name; relating to the Majidae; a crab
majig - a thingamajig; a whatsit
majli - a kind of parliament
majon - a town in North Korea
major - a first name; main; a military rank; describing any motion picture
majos - plural of "majo", a Spanish lower-class dandy
majun - a confection of hemp, sugar and honey
makah - an Indian tribe of Washington state
makai - a first name
makan - a first name
makar - a poet; the Indian name for the sign of Capricorn
makda - a first name
makea - a European cape
maker - a creator; a former
makes - creates; builds; models
makey - a first name
makie - a first name
makin - a first name
makis - plural of "maki", a Malagasy lemur
makki - a machine gun
makoa - a first name
makos - plural of "mako", a large shark
maksa - a first name
makua - a first name; a Bantu-speaking people of Portuguese East Africa
makuk - a unit of measurement in Arabia
makwa - a Chinese jacket
malaa - a town in Sweden
malak - a first name
malam - a village in Sudan
malan - a first name; an Asian cape
malar - of the cheek bone
malav - a first name
malax - malaxate; to rub or knead to softness
malay - a native of Malaya
malco - short for "malcoordinated", an awkward, clumsy person
malea - a first name
malee - a first name
malek - a first name
maleo - the megapode mound bird of Celebes that lays its eggs in holes in sandy beaches
males - plural of "male", a man
maley - a first name
malfi - a town in Italy
malha - a first name
malia - a first name; a town in Crete
malic - of apples
malie - a first name
malik - a first name; an Indian village headman
malin - a first name; a town in Ireland
maliq - a first name
malis - plural of "Mali", an inhabitant of Mali
maliz - a first name
malka - a first name
malki - a first name
malky - a first name; a gang weapon that is not a bomb or a firearm
malle - a first name
malli - a first name
malls - mauls; plural of "mall", a long public lawn; a shopping center
mally - a first name; foolishly fond
malma - a spotted North American trout
malmo - a city in Sweden
malms - plural of "malm", a soft limestone; a blend of clay and chalk used for bricks
malmy - like malm; soil that is full of clay and chalk
maloo - a plant of the genus Bauhinia
malos - Hawaiian breechcloths
malse - a river in the Czech Republic
malta - a Mediterranean island and country
malte - a first name
malto - a Dravidian people of Bengal
malts - plural of "malt", a germinated grain; a malted milkshake
malty - containing malt
malum - an offence; an evil; to understand
malur - a first name
malus - the genus to which the apple belongs
malva - a first name; the genus to which the mallow belongs
malvi - a first name; a language
malye - a first name
mamas - plural of "mama", a mother
mamba - a poisonous South African snake
mambo - a syncopated dance of Latin American origin
mamed - a first name
mamee - a tree of the West Indies or its fruit
mamey - a tree of the West Indies or its fruit
mamie - a first name; a tropical tree
mamma - mother; the anatomical name of the breast
mammy - mother; a nursemaid
mamou - something big and important
mampy - ugly
mamre - a biblical place
mamri - a European lake
mamta - a first name
mamul - a town in Afghanistan
manak - an Eskimo implement of a wooden ball with hooks used to catch seals
manal - a first name; pertaining to the hand
manan - a first name
manao - an Arawakan people of northwest Brazil
manas - a first name; a river in Bhutan; a town in Kyrgyzistan; plural of "mana", a supernatural force, described in certain Pacific Island religions
manat - a monetary unit of Azerbaijan
mance - a first name
manch - an old-fashioned sleeve with long hanging ends
manci - a first name
manco - a first name
manda - a first name; an Indian language
mande - a town in Mali; a branch of the Niger-Congo language family
mandi - a first name; a town in India
mando - a first name
mands - plural of "mand", a demand
mandy - a first name
maneb - a carbamate fungicide
maned - having a mane
manee - a first name
maneh - a Hebrew weight of 50 shekels or 1/60 of a talent
manei - a first name
manel - a first name
manes - in ancient Rome, the deified dead; a town in Cuba; plural of "mane", a ring of hair around the neck
manet - a stage direction meaning "remain"
maney - like a mane
manfo - a first name
manfu - a first name
manga - a covering for a cross; violent Japanese comic books; a mango
mange - a parasitic skin disease
mango - a first name; a citrus fruit
mangs - speaks or talks
mangy - mange-ridden
mania - a craze
manic - crazed
manid - one of the Manidae, an anteater
manie - a first name
manik - a first name; the seventh day of the Mayan religious month
manin - a first name
manis - the scaly ant-eater; plural of "mani", a manicure or a groundnut
manit - a unit of measurement of work, the work done by one man in one minute
maniu - a Patagonian timber tree
manju - a first name; a kind of bean
manka - a first name
manks - Manx
manky - rotten; inferior; defective
manly - a first name; masculine
manna - the miraculous nourishment supplied to the Hebrews wandering in the desert
manni - a first name
manno - a first name
manny - a male nanny; a first name
manoc - a town in the Philippines
manoj - a first name
manol - a first name
manon - a first name
manop - a first name
manor - a stately home
manos - a first name; plural of "mano", a stone used for grinding food; a Liberian ethnic group
manpy - ugly
mansa - a first name; a town in Zambia
manse - the minister's house
mansi - a first name; a Uralic language
manso - a Tanoan people of the southwestern United States; a river in Brazil
mansy - a first name
manta - the ox-ray; a sea-fish; a Spanish cloak or wrap; a town in Ecuador
manti - a town in Utah; Turkish dumplings
manto - a first name; a body of ore; a black shawl worn by Spanish or Latin American women
mantu - a native of the Congo
manty - a mantua, a loose outer gown
manua - a town in India
manue - a first name
manul - a small Mongolian wild cat
manur - a kind of cheese
manus - a first name; the hand, hoof or claw; an Australian island; control over one's wife
manya - a first name
manzi - a first name
manzo - a first name
maori - a South Pacific ethnic group
mapau - a New Zealand tree
maple - a tree whose sap is used to make syrup and whose leaf is on the Canadian flag
mapou - a New Zealand tree; a city in Haiti
maqam - an improvisational style of Arabic music
maqui - a Chilean evergreen shrub
marae - a Polynesian temple enclosure used for worship
marah - a first name; a well or stream of bitter water
maral - an Asiatic red deer
maran - a French breed of domestic fowl
marar - a first name
maras - a town in Turkey; plural of "mara", a rodent with long legs and ears; a Buddhist evil spirit
maray - a moray eel
marba - a language
marca - a first name
marce - a first name
march - a first name; the third month; to walk with determination; a border
marci - a first name
marco - a first name; a unit of weight in Spain
marcs - plural of "marc", a pressed fruit residue
marcy - a first name
marda - a first name; a village in the West Bank
mardi - a first name; an early tribe of northern Persia
mardu - an aboriginal tribe of Australia
mardy - a first name; spoiled
marea - a first name
mareb - a river on the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea
maree - a first name
marei - a first name
marek - a first name
maren - a first name
mares - plural of "mare", a female horse
maret - a first name
marfa - a town in Texas, named for a Dostoyevsky character, where "Giant" was filmed, near where Ambrose Bierce disappeared
marga - a first name
marge - a first name; a border
margi - a first name; a language
margo - a first name
margs - plural of "marg", a shortened form of "margarine"
margu - a satrapy of the ancient Achaemenid empire
margy - a first name
maria - a first name; plural of "mare", a lunar "sea"
marib - a town and province in Yemen
marid - a first name; a powerful jinn
marie - a first name
marii - a first name
marin - a first name; a town in Spain
mario - a first name
maris - a first name
marit - a first name
marja - a first name; an Israeli Arab village; a high-ranking Shiite theologian
marje - a first name
marji - a first name
marjo - a first name
marju - a first name
marjy - a first name
marka - a first name; a monetary unit of Bosnia; real money for a fictitious country
marke - a first name
marko - a first name
marks - plural of "mark", a German coin; an insignia; a frontier land
marla - a first name
marle - a marvel
marli - a first name; an ornamented raised border on a plate or dish
marlo - a first name
marls - plural of "marl", a clay, sand and lime mixture
marlu - a first name
marly - a first name; clay-like
marms - plural of "marm", a school mistress
marmy - like a school-marm
marna - a first name
marne - a first name; a river and region in France, site of a WWI battle
marni - a first name
marny - a first name
maroc - another name for Morocco
marok - a Hungarian unit of length of about 10 centimeters
maron - a first name; camaron
maror - the bitter herb used in the Passover seder, often horseradish
maros - plural of "maro", a Polynesian loin cloth
marps - marbles; the game of marbles
marra - a first name
marry - to wed; to join
marse - master
marsh - a first name; a bog
marsi - a first name; a people of ancient Italy
marsy - a first name
marta - a first name
marth - a first name
marti - a first name
marts - a first name; plural of "mart", a market or fair
martu - an aboriginal tribe of western Australia
marty - a first name
marua - ragi
maruf - a first name; a town in Afghanistan
marum - cat thyme
marva - a first name
marve - a first name
marvi - a first name
marvy - marvelous
marwa - a first name
marya - a first name
maryk - a first name
maryl - a first name
marys - a first name; plural of "mary", a homosexual
marzo - a cape in Colombia
masae - a first name
masai - an African ethnic group
masan - a town in Korea
masao - a first name
masas - plural of "masa", a dough made from ground dried maize
mased - emitted microwave laser energy
maser - a microwave laser
mases - emits microwave laser energy; plural of "mase", a variant of "maze"
masha - a first name; a unit of weight in Calcutta
mashi - a town in Cameroon
mashy - a golf club; affectionate
masia - a first name
masim - a first name
maska - a town in Turkey
masks - hides; plural of "mask", a facial disguise
masky - full of masks; like a mask
masna - a first name
mason - a first name; a stone worker; a Freemason, who gets to run the world and wear aprons
masou - a first name
massa - master; a native of a tribe in Chad; a town in Italy
masse - a billiard stroke
massi - a first name
massy - massive; bulky
masts - plural of "mast", a long pole on a ship that supports sails
masty - fattened on mast; yielding mast
masud - a first name
masus - plural of "masu", a Japanese salmon
matai - a first name; a hereditary Samoan chief; a New Zealand conifer
matak - a first name
matan - a first name; an Israeli town
matar - the star Eta Pegasus
matax - a combination ax and mattock
match - to compare; a fire starter
matea - a first name
mated - joined; copulated with; checkmated
matei - a first name
matej - a first name
matek - a first name
matel - a first name
mateo - a first name
mater - the mother of a twit; one who mates
mates - joins; copulates with; checkmates; plural of "mate", a companion or counterpart
matey - friendly
mathe - a first name
mathi - a first name
maths - mathematics
mathu - a first name
mathy - like mathematics; containing mathematics
matia - a first name
matie - a young fat herring
matin - morning; a morning song
matis - a first name
matka - a first name; a female fur seal
matko - a first name
matlo - a sailor
matra - a poetic metric unit equal to a short syllable in Sanskrit
matsu - a trophy island between Taiwan and mainland China; a timber pine
matta - matto, a dense tropical American forest; a kind of cotton
matte - a first name; a crude black copper; a dull finish
matti - a first name
matto - a dense tropical American forest
matts - produces a dull finish
matty - a first name
matun - a town in Afghanistan
matuq - a first name
matus - a first name
matya - a first name
matyi - a first name
matza - matzo
matzo - unleavened bread
maude - a first name
maudo - a first name
mauds - plural of "maud", a Scottish plaid
maudy - a first name
mauer - a town in Germany
maues - a town in Brazil
maugh - a brother-in-law; a friend
mauka - inland; upland
maula - a recent convert to Islam
maule - the common mallow plant; a river and province in Chile
mauli - a first name
mauls - badly damages
mauma - mamma
maund - to beg; a unit of weight of India of about 82 pounds; a handbasket or hamper
mauni - a first name
mauns - must (a form of the Scottish "maun"); plural of "maun", a man
maupe - mawp
maura - a first name
maure - a first name
mauri - a first name; the Moorish people
mauro - a first name
maury - a first name
mausi - a first name
mauts - plural of "maut", malt
mauve - a mallow color
mauvy - of a mauve color
mauzy - a town in Virginia
maven - an expert
mavie - a first name; a songbird
mavin - a first name; variant of "maven", an expert
mavis - a first name; an old World thrush
mavon - a first name
mavra - a first name
mawed - mowed
mawim - a first name
mawks - plural of "mawk", a maggot
mawky - crotchety; maudlin; maggoty
mawnd - to beg
mawrs - plural of "mawr", mauther
maxcy - a first name
maxed - used to the maximum
maxey - a first name
maxie - a first name
maxim - a first name; a proverb; an early machine gun
maxis - plural of "maxi", a maxiskirt, a long skirt
maxna - a first name
maxon - a first name
mayam - a first name
mayan - of the Mayas
mayas - plural of "Maya", a Central American Indian
maybe - perhaps, possibly, could be, I'm not really sure though
mayda - a first name; a lengendary Atlantic island, west of Brittany and southwest of Ireland
mayed - went maying
mayen - a town in Germany
mayer - a first name; one who goes maying; a unit of measurement of specific heat
mayes - a first name; a variety of dewberry common to northern Texas
mayey - of or like the month of May
mayim - a first name
mayin - a first name
mayko - a first name
mayme - a first name
mayne - a first name
maynt - mayn't, that is, 'may not'
mayon - a Philippine volcano
mayor - a first name; the governor of a city
mayos - plural of "mayo", mayonnaise
mayra - a first name
maysa - a first name
mayst - Biblical "may"
mayte - a first name
mayur - a first name
mayve - a first name
mayya - a first name
mazal - a first name
mazar - a province in Afghanistan; the Afghan town Mazar-i-Sharif
mazda - a first name; the supreme god of the Zend-Avesta, usually "Ahura Mazda"
mazed - bewildered; formed into a puzzle
mazeh - a gorgeous guy
mazel - a first name; good luck
mazen - a first name
mazer - a large drinking bowl or goblet
mazes - plural of "maze", a labyrinth
mazic - placental
mazie - a first name
mazik - a term in Jewish tradition for someone who has caused damages
mazim - a village in Oman
mazin - a first name
mazoo - money
mazur - a southeast Prussian Protestant Pole
mazus - a genus of creeping herbs
mazut - a viscous residue of petroleum distillation, used as fuel oil
mazza - a Middle Eastern buffet of small tasty morsels
mbala - a town in Zambia
mbale - a town in Uganda
mbare - a township near Harare, Zimbabwe
mbari - a river in the Central African Republic
mbati - a language
mbaya - an Indian tribe of northern Paraguay
mbete - a language
mbimu - a language
mbira - an African musical instrument, the thumb piano
mbiya - a first name
mbole - a language
mbora - an African musical instrument, the thumb piano
mbori - a mild form of surra affecting camels
mbour - a town in Senegal
mbuba - the language of Bambula
mbuti - a pygmy people of Uganda and Zaire
mccoy - a first name; the real or genuine thing
mcfly - a stupid person
mcgee - a first name
mcjob - a low paying job with a large corporation
mckay - a first name; referring to a process for sewing together the parts of a shoe
mdina - a town in Malta
meach - to meech, to skulk or sneak about
meade - a first name
meads - plural of "mead", a beverage brewed from fermented honey
meals - plural of "meal", a serving of food
mealy - farinaceous
meane - to lament
means - intends; a method; wealth; plural of "mean", an average
meant - implied; intended
meany - an unkind person
meaow - meow
meara - a first name
meare - mere
meari - a first name
mears - plural of "mear", a boundary
mease - a group of 500 (particularly used to count herrings); a British river; to pacify or mitigate
meath - mead; a county in Leinster, Ireland
meats - plural of "meat", animal flesh used as food
meaty - substantial; fleshy
meaux - a town in France
meave - a first name
meavy - an English river near Plymouth
meawl - to mewl; to miaow
meaws - plural of "meaw", the sea mew
mebbe - slang for "maybe"
mebos - plural of "mebo", a salted apricot
mecca - a city in Saudi Arabia; a sacred site; an attraction, goal or ideal
mecha - anime involving giant autonomous robots or piloted armored suits
mechi - a first name
mechs - plural of "mech", a large battle robot, a character in various video games
mecir - a first name
mecki - a first name
mecks - wines and spirits
mecon - the poppy; the truncated octahedron
mecox - a town in New York
mecum - Latin for "with me", used in the phrase "vade mecum"
mecys - a first name
medak - a town in Croatia; a town in India
medal - a token of honor
medan - a first name; a son of Abraham; a city in Indonesia
meddy - a first name; a huge mass of warm water that moves across an ocean (from "Mediterranean eddy")
medea - a first name; wife of Jason; a sorceress
medel - a first name
meden - a British river
medes - plural of "Mede", a native of Media
medha - a first name
media - a first name; an ancient country in western Asia; a star in Sagittarius; plural of "medium", a channel; a news or entertainment source
medic - a doctor; the language of the Medes; clover, lucerne, etc
medie - a first name
medii - plural of "medius"
medio - a Venezuelan coin
medja - a town in Serbia
medle - to meddle; to mix
medly - to mix; to mingle
medoc - a red French wine; a region of the Gironde department
medza - one half
meech - to skulk or sneak about
meeds - plural of "meed", a deserved award
meeja - a mocking pronunciation of "media"
meeka - a first name
meeko - a first name; a town in Australia
meeku - a first name
meema - a first name
meena - a first name; the Indian name for the sign of Pisces
meera - a first name
meers - a town in Oklahoma; plural of "meer", a pool or lake
meese - a British river; a comic plural for "mouse"
meeth - meed
meets - encounters; plural of "meet", an athletic competition
megan - a first name
megen - a first name
megge - a first name
meggi - a first name
meggs - a first name; marijuana
meggy - a first name
megha - a first name
megin - a first name
megon - a first name
megun - a first name
megyn - a first name
mehdi - a first name
mehra - a scheduled tribe of India
mehri - a first name; a mahri, a native of the Mahra region of the Arabian peninsula
mehry - a first name
mehta - a first name
mehti - a first name
mehul - a first name
meier - a first name
meiji - the reign style of the Japanese emperor Mutsuhito
meika - a first name
meike - a first name
meiko - a first name
meila - a first name
meile - a unit of distance in Germany, of about 7.5 kilometers
meilo - a first name
meine - a household retinue
meins - laments; plural of "mein", a chow mein
meint - mixed
meiny - a household retinue
meira - a first name; a kind of cheese
meism - a self-centered attitude
meist - a self-centered person
meith - a landmark; a measurement; a navagational marker
meizi - a first name
mekal - a first name
mekan - a language
mekes - plural of "meke", a Fijian dance
mekka - the city of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia
melak - a first name
melam - an amorphous compound obtained by heating ammonium thiocyanate
melan - a first name
melas - plural of "mela", an Indian religious festival
melba - a first name; a kind of toast, thinly sliced and narrow
melby - a first name
melch - yielding easily to pressure
melda - a first name
melds - combines
melea - a first name
melee - a riot
meles - a first name; the badger genus
melfa - a town in Virginia
melia - a first name; a genus of East Indian and Australian deciduous trees; an exclamation of surprise
melic - lyric; pertaining to song; a grass
melie - a first name
melih - a first name
melik - malik
melky - a first name
mella - a first name
melle - a first name; a town in Germany
melli - a first name
mello - a town in northern France
mells - combines; meddles; a town in England
mellu - an island in the south Pacific
melly - a first name; mellay
melne - a mill
meloe - a widely distributed genus of oil beetles
melol - a village in Papua New Guinea
melon - a vegetable grown on a vine and best left there
melos - an island of the Cyclades group; plural of "melo", a melodrama; a cymbium
melts - dissolves
melty - like melting; reminiscent of melting; causing melting
melun - a town in France
melva - a first name
melya - a first name
melyn - a first name
memba - a town in Mozambique
memed - generated a meme
memel - a seaport city and surrounding territory in Lithuania
memer - one who generates memes
memes - plural of "meme", a hypothetical unit of cultural DNA
memex - Vannevar Bush's proposed name for the personal computer, in 1945
memey - like a meme
memos - plural of "memo", a memorandum
menad - a first name; a maenad; a frenzied or raging female devotee of Bacchus
menai - a channel of the British Isles
menam - a river in Thailand
mench - a mensch, a substantial human being, a warm and personable soul
menda - a town in Colorado
mende - an African ethnic group; a town in Greece; a town in France
mendi - a first name; a language
mends - repairs
mendy - a first name
mened - lamented
menel - a first name
menen - a town in Belgium
menes - a first name; laments
menge - to mix
mengs - mixes
menin - a town in France
menja - a first name
menke - a first name
menko - a Japanese game played with round cards having pictures on them
menna - a first name
menno - a first name
menny - a first name; of men
menon - a first name
menow - a minnow
mensa - a table; the grinding part of a tooth; an egghead group; a southern constellation
mense - to honor
mensh - a mensch, a substantial human being, a warm, personable soul
mensk - a town in Belarus, also known as "Minsk"
menta - plural of "mentum", the chin
mente - an inflected form of "menge"
mento - a tradition ballad form of Jamaica
mentu - an ancient Egyptian falcon-headed deity
menus - plural of "menu", a list of choices
menza - a first name
meows - plural of "meow", a cat sound
merab - a first name
merah - a first name
merai - a Maori club
merak - a star in the constellation of the Big Dipper; a port town in Indonesia
meral - a first name
merav - a first name
merca - a town in Somalia
merce - a first name
merch - merchandise
merci - a first name
merck - a first name; cocaine
mercs - plural of "merc", a mercenary; a Mercury
mercy - a first name; clemency
merds - plural of "merd", manure
mered - a first name; bounded, marked off
merek - a first name
merel - a first name; a counter in the game of merels
merer - more mere
meres - plural of "mere", a pond
merge - to combine
mergh - marrow
meria - a first name
meric - a first name
merie - a first name
meril - a first name; a counter
meris - a first name; an isolated colony of cells; plural of "meri", a Maori war club
merit - a first name; to deserve
merja - a first name
merka - a first name; a town in Somalia
merke - murky
merki - a region in Kazakhstan
merks - plural of "merk", a Scottish coin
merla - a first name
merle - a first name; a blackbird
merli - a first name
merlo - a town in Argentina
merls - plural of "merl", a blackbird
merms - plural of "merm", a pseudohermaphrodite with testes
merna - a first name
meroa - a town in Iowa
meroe - an ancient kingdom of southern Egypt; a town in Sudan
merom - a biblical place
meron - a first name
merop - a dependent peasant in Serbia; the foster mother of Oedipus
meros - the plain surface between the channels of a triglyph; the thigh
merou - a grouper fish
meroz - a biblical place
merri - a first name
merry - a first name; cheerful
merse - to immerse in liquid; a marsh
mersh - financially profitable; commercial
merta - a first name
merti - a first name
merus - the meropodite of a chela, consisting of the enlarged palm of the hand
merva - a first name
mervs - plural of "merv", a silk dress material
meryl - a first name
mesad - toward or on the side toward the mesial plane
mesai - a river in Colombia
mesal - mesial; median
mesas - plural of "mesa", a plateau
mesco - a European cape
mesel - a loathsome person; a leper
mesem - mesembry-anthemum
mesen - another name for Messines, Belgium; myself
meses - plural of "mese", the middle string of the lyre
mesha - a first name; the Indian name for the sign of Aries
meshy - reticulated
mesic - a climate with a medium amount of moisture
mesne - intermediate; an intermediate feudal lord
meson - a subatomic particle
messy - disarranged
mesta - kenaf, an East Indian plant; a river in Bulgaria
mesto - in musical notation, sad and pensive
mesut - a first name
mesua - a genus of tropical Asiatic resinous trees
mesum - a first name
mesut - a first name
mesyl - methyl-sulfonyl
metad - a small field rat
metae - plural of "meta", a Roman chariot racing pylon or turning post
metal - bullion; courage; ore; a loud, repetitive, guitar-based style of music
metan - a town in Argentina
metas - plural of "meta", a Roman chariot racing pylon or turning post
meted - measured out
metel - the thorn apple
meter - a measurement device; metric unit of length
metes - doles (out); measures
methi - an Indian vegetable
metho - methylated spirits
meths - methylated spirits used as an illicit beverage
methy - methylated spirits
metic - alien
metif - an octaroon
metin - a first name
metis - a first name; a person of mixed French and American Indian ancestry; a moon of Jupiter
metje - a first name
metka - a first name
metol - a white soluble powder used as a photographic developer
metra - a measuring device; the uterus
metre - meter
metro - a subway
metsy - a first name
metta - a first name
mette - a first name
metze - an Austrian unit of measurement
meums - plural of "meum", a thing that is mine
meuse - a French river; a gap or hole in a hedge or wall used by a wild animal
meute - a mew; a cage for hawks
meved - moved
meves - moves
mevla - a first name
mewed - made cat sounds; confined
mewer - one that mews
mewls - whines
mewly - whiney
mexal - a variant of "mexical" or "mescal"
mexia - a town in Texas
meyer - a first name
meyne - meinie
meynt - mixed
meyta - a first name
mezen - a town in Russia
mezes - plural of "meze", a Turkish or Greek appetizer
mezza - the feminine form of "mezzo"
mezze - a Middle Eastern buffet of small tasty morsels
mezzo - middle; medium; half
mfuwe - a town in Zambia
mglin - a town in Russia
mhari - a first name
mhina - a first name
mhorr - a mohr, a west African gazelle
miami - a first name; a city in Florida
miaou - a cat sound
miaow - a cat sound
miasm - a miasma; noxious exhalations from putrescent matter; any of three chronic diseases, according to homeopathy
miass - a town in the Soviet Union
miata - a first name
miaul - to make a cat sound
miaus - makes a cat sound
micah - a first name
mical - a first name
micas - plural of "mica", a mineral; a mentally ill chemical abuser
micci - a first name
micco - a town in Florida
miccy - a first name
micha - a first name
miche - a first name; to hide; to skulk; a loaf of bread
michi - a first name
micho - a first name
micht - might
micil - a first name
micke - a first name
micki - a first name
micks - plural of "Mick", a denigrating name for an Irishman
micky - a first name; an Irish lad
micol - a first name
micos - plural of "mico", a vegetable butter
micra - plural of "micron"
micro - a personal computer; a scandalously short skirt
midas - the king with the golden touch; the larvae of the bean fly
middy - a midshipman; a kind of blouse
midge - a first name; a gnat; one of Barbie's sycophant cronies
midgy - infested with midges
midis - plural of "midi", a mid-length skirt
midon - a cricket position
midst - among
mieke - a first name
mieko - a first name
miens - plural of "mien", a manner
mieny - a group of coworkers
mieso - a town in Ethiopia
mieve - move
mieza - a village in ancient Macedon; a genus of moths
miffs - annoys
miffy - a first name; easily annoyed; the devil
mifty - a first name; miffy; easily annoyed; quick to take offence
migas - a Tex-Mex breakfast dish of eggs, cheese, peppers, tomatoes, tortilla chips
migel - a first name
miggi - a first name
miggs - plural of "migg", a sort of marble
might - possibly would; strength
migod - a variant of "my God", an exclamation
migul - a first name
mihai - a first name
mihri - a first name
miiko - a first name
mijak - a village in Kosovo
mikah - a first name
mikal - a first name
miked - supplied with a microphone
mikee - a first name
mikel - a first name
miken - a first name
mikes - plural of "mike", a microphone; a microgram
mikey - a first name
mikia - a first name
mikie - a first name
mikio - a first name
mikir - the Tibeto-Burman language of the Mikir people
mikis - a first name
mikka - a first name
mikki - a first name
mikko - a first name
mikol - a first name
mikra - a miqra; the Hebrew text of the Bible
miksa - a first name
milad - a first name
milah - a first name
milan - a first name; a city in Italy
milas - a first name; a town in Turkey; plural of "mila", a Polish unit of measurement of volume
milch - referring to a cow used for giving milk
milda - a first name
milds - plural of "mild", mild ale
miled - ran a mile
milek - a first name
milen - a first name; maslin
miler - a mile runner
miles - a first name; plural of "mile", a unit of distance of 5,280 feet
milev - a town in Algeria
miley - a first name
milha - a unit of measure in Brazil; an African cape
milia - a first name; plural of "milium", millet; a whitehead
milka - a first name
milko - a first name; a milkman
milks - draws milk from a cow
milky - lacteal
milla - a first name; a genus of cormose herbs; a unit of distance of Nicaragua of about 1.1 miles
mille - a first name; one thousand
milli - a first name
millo - millo maize, a variety of sorghum
mills - a first name; churns; grinds; plural of "mill", a factory
milly - a first name; a town in France
milne - a first name
milor - a form of "milord", a term of address for an English aristocrat
milos - a first name; an island; plural of "milo", a cereal
milpa - a cleared jungle area used for farming
milsa - a first name
milts - plural of "milt", fish sperm; the spleen
milty - a first name; containing milt
miltz - stuffed spleen; the milky egg sacs of herring
milya - a first name; a town in Israel
mimas - a satellite of Saturn
mimed - silently indicated
mimeo - a mimeograph
mimer - one who mimes
mimes - silently indicates
mimic - one who mimes
mimir - in Norse myth, a giant who guards the spring of wisdom
mimis - a first name; hysterical fear
mimma - a first name
mimmo - a first name
mimps - speaks in a prissy manner; makes a face
mimsy - an aspect of borogroves, ala Charles Dodgson; prudish or prim
mimus - a genus of birds that includes mockingbirds
mimzy - a first name
minae - plural of "mina", an ancient unit of weight; 50 shekels
minal - a first name
minar - an Islamic lighthouse, tower or minaret
minas -  a town in Uruquay; plural of "mina", an ancient unit of weight; 50 shekels
minbu - a town in Burma
mince - to cut finely; to walk with preposterously small steps
minch - a channel of the British Isles
mincy - affected
minda - a first name
mindi - a first name
mindo - a town in Ecuador
minds - watches over; is displeased by
mindy - a first name
mined - dug; containing mines
minel - a first name
miner - a first name; one who mines
mines - plural of "mine", an explosive device; an extensive underground excavation
minge - a midge or biting fly; the female genitals
mingo - a first name; an Iroquois
mings - plural of "Ming", a piece of Chinese porcelain
mingy - stingy, mean, measly
minho - a river flowing from northwest Spain into the Atlantic
minhy - a first name
minie - a first name; an old style conical bullet with hollow base, expands to fit the rifling of the barrel
minik - a first name
minim - a unit of volume of 1/60 of a fluid drachm; a dwarf; a half-note
minis - plural of "mini", a miniskirt; a minivan
minka - a first name; a house built in a traditional Japanese style
minke - a first name; a kind of whale
minks - plural of "mink", a fur; an unpleasant animal
minna - a first name
minne - a first name
minni - a first name; the ancient name of Armenia
minny - a first name; a minnow
minoo - a first name
minor - a first name; lesser; an under-age person
minos - a mythical king of ancient Crete; plural of "mino", a Japanese raincoat made of grass or straw
minot - a city in North Dakota
minou - a first name
minow - a minnow
minsk - a city in Belarus
minta - a first name
minto - a lake in North America; a town in Scotland
mints - plural of "mint", an herb; a coin factory
minty - a first name; tasting of mint
minuf - a town in Egypt
minum - minim
minus - a drawback; less by a certain amount
minxy - like a minx; devious; crafty; scheming
minya - a first name
miola - a town in Pennsylvania
miqra - the Hebrew text of the Bible
mique - a first name
miraa - khat, a mild narcotic
mirac - the abdomen
mirae - a first name
mirah - a first name
mirak - a town in Armenia
miram - a first name
miran - a first name
mirar - a first name
mirav - a first name
mirco - a first name
mirds - attempts; flirts
mired - stuck in; a unit of measurement of reciprocal color temperature
mirek - a first name
mirel - a first name
miren - a first name
mires - plural of "mire", a bog
mirex - an insecticide
mirey - miry, boggy
mirid - of or relating to the Miridae family of leaf bugs; capsid
mirik - an African cape
mirim - a palindromic lake in Brazil
mirin - a first name; a Japanese sweet rice wine
mirit - a first name
mirja - a first name
mirko - a first name
mirks - plural of "mirk", murk
mirky - gloomy; obscure
mirly - marbled
mirna - a first name
mirny - a diamond mining town in Siberia
miron - a first name
mirow - a fishing village near Berlin
mirra - a first name
mirsa - a first name
mirta - a first name
mirth - a first name; cheerfulness
mirto - a first name
mirvs - plural of "MIRV", multiple independently-targeted reentry vehicles
mirza - a first name; a Persian royal prince
misdo - to err; to sin
miser - a skinflint
mises - plural of "mise", an agreement or settlement
misgo - to go wrongly or badly
misha - a first name
mishi - a first name
misho - a first name
miska - a first name
misky - foggy
misle - to rain in small drops
misli - to rain in small drops
misly - drizzly
mison - a town in central Indochina
misos - plural of "miso", a food paste
misra - a first name
missa - a musical version of the Mass
missi - a first name
missy - a first name; sentimental; namby-pamby
misti - a first name; el Misti, a volcano in South America
mists - plural of "mist", a fog or fine rain
misty - a first name; foggy
mitau - a town in Latvia
mitch - a first name; to play hooky from school
miter - an angle of 45 degrees; an ecclesiastical cap
mites - plural of "mite", a small amount; a tiny parasite; a unit of measurement of 1/24 grain
mitio - a first name
mitis - a kind of wrought iron; a form of disease tending to be less serious than usual
mitja - a first name
mitko - a first name
mitla - a town in Mexico
mitra - a first name; a Persian sun god; a genus of mollusks with turreted shells
mitre - an angle of 45 degrees; an ecclesiastical cap; an island
mitri - a first name
mitts - plural of "mitt", a thick glove; a hand
mitty - the little petrel; charactonymic nickname for a daydreamer (Thurber's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty")
mitua - the mitu, a gallinaceous Brazilian bird; a genus of insects
mitul - a first name
mitus - plural of "mitu", a South American currasow
mitya - a first name
mitzi - a first name
miura - a first name
mivan - a first name
mivvy - a marble; a person who is adept at a task
miwok - an Indian people of central California
mixed - combined
mixen - a dung hill or midden
mixer - an implement for mixing; a dance for the unpaired
mixes - combines
mixie - a first name
mixte - a kind of cheese
mixto - tequila made from the minimum of 51% agave
mixum - an apothecary
mixup - a misunderstanding
mizar - a star; a biblical place
mizen - a type of sail used on the mizzenmast; a British cape
mizer - a miser
mizos - plural of "Mizo", a member of a Tibetan-Burmese tribe
mizzy - a bog
mjosa - a European lake
mlada - a first name
mlawa - a town in Poland
mlini - a town in Croatia
mljet - an island in Croatia
mneme - the persistent effect of past experience on a person or race
mnium - a genus of mosses
mnong - a language
moabi - a first name
moabs - plural of "moab", a kind of turban-shaped hat
moala - a first name
moana - the Pacific goat fish
moano - the Pacific goat fish
moans - groans
moany - full of moans; like a moan
moate - to defecate; a town in Eire
moats - plural of "moat", a water-filled trench
moaty - like a moat
mobad - a Parsi priest of the second rank
mobay - Montego Bay, Jamaica
mobby - an alcoholic drink made from fermented fruit juice; like a mob
mobed - a Parsi priest of the second rank; a Zoroastrian priest
mober - a language
moble - to wrap the head in a hood; to dress grossly; movable property
mobot - a mobile robot, usually self-guided
mobus - a motor bus
mocap - a shortened form of "motion capture", an animation technique
mocha - a chocolatey coffee; a seaport in Yemen; agate; an island in Chile
moche - a packet of silk; an ancient Peruvian civilization
mochs - plural of "moch", misty, humid weather
mochy - moist and warm
mocka - clothing
mocks - disdainfully imitates
mocky - a young mare; a Jew
mocoa - coche; a town in Colombia
mocos - plural of "moco", the rock cavy
modal - moody; a term from logic
moded - caught, found out, or humiliated; carried out the arithmetic "mod" operation
model - an example
modem - a computer communication module ("modulator/demodulator")
moder - the matrix of an astrolabe; a layer of humus between mor and mull
modes - plural of "mode", a manner; a style; a most common value in a data set
modii - plural of "modius", a Roman dry measure
modoc - a Lutuamian people of southwestern Oregon; a person who became a pilot for the glamor; a carnival knockdown dummy
modon - a port in Greece
modul - the modulus or base of a mathematical congruence
modus - a style, method or procedure
moeen - a first name
moeve - to move
moffs - plural of "moff", a Caucasian silk fabric
mofos - plural of "mofo", Oedipus
mogen - a star, used in the Hebrew phrase "mogen David"; a clamp used by a mohel for circumcision
moggs - censors
moggy - a cow or calf; a cat of doubtful ancestry; a north country person; a slattern
mogli - a first name
mogol - an Altaic language
mogul - a Mongolian; a rich or prominent person
mohan - a first name
mohar - a silver coin of Nepal
mohas - plural of "moha", a kind of millet
moheb - a first name
mohel - a circumciser
mohen - a first name
moher - a town in Ireland with famous seaside cliffs
mohit - a first name
mohja - a first name
mohms - plural of "mohm", a measure of mechanical mobility
mohoe - mahoe
mohon - a first name
mohos - a genus of honey eating birds
mohrs - plural of "mohr", a west African gazelle
mohur - an Indian gold coin
mohwa - trees of the genus Madhuca; the butter tree
moico - a first name
moien - a first name
moika - a river in Russia, near St Petersburg
moile - a kind of high shoe worn in ancient times
moils - toils incessantly; churns
moily - churning
moina - a first name
moine - of or relating to an epic of the Precambrian era
moira - a first name; fate in Greek mythology
moire - a first name; a watered silk fabric
moise - a first name
moism - a variant of "Mohism", a Chinese philosophy founded by Mozi
moist - slightly wet; a follower of Moism
moits - plural of "moit", a mote; a fragment of stick or dirt in wool
moity - full of moits
moiva - a food fish of the Arctic Ocean
moiwa - a first name
mojos - a south American tribe; plural of "mojo", a magical charm
moken - a coastal tribe of Burma and Thailand
mokes - plural of "moke", a donkey; a fool
mokey - the female genitals
mokis - plural of "moki", a Hopi; a trumpeter fish; a Maori raft
mokos - plural of "moko", a Maori tattooing
mokpo - of or from the city of Mokpo, Korea
moksa - salvation from the bondage of finite existence
mokum - a Japanese alloy used in decorative work on gold or silver objects
mokus - drunk; alcohol; a depressed state
molal - referring to a chemical mole
molar - a tooth; a term from chemistry
molas - a marine fish; plural of "mola", a colorful fabric panel, or a blouse
molbo - a kind of cheese
molde - a town in Norway
molds - fashions; fungi; casting forms
moldy - containing molds; smelling of mold
moled - to make or traverse underground passages
molee - a Syrian fish "preparation" (prepare yourself!)
molek - a variant of "Moloch"
moles - plural of "mole", a burrowing animal; a skin defect; a jetty; a specific number of molecules
molet - mullet
moley - a potato; a gang weapon of a potato studded with razors
molga - a first name
molge - triturus; the newt genus
molia - a first name
molid - of or relating to the Molidae family of fish
molka - a town in Australia
molla - a first name; a mullah
molle - the pepper tree
molli - a first name
mollo - drunk
molls - plural of "moll", a mobster mistress
molly - a first name; a pet fish; the wagtail bird
molpe - a town in Sri Lanka
molto - musical notation for "very much"
molts - sheds old skin
molty - molten; molting; referring to shed skin
momen - a first name
momes - plural of "mome", a fool; a clown
momma - mother
momme - a Japanese unit of weight equal to 3.75 grams
mommy - mother
momoe - a first name
momoh - a first name
momot - a motmot, a long-tailed passerine bird
momus - the Greek god of ridicule; a complainer; a carping critic
momza - a general term of address, abusive or familiar
monad - a singleton; a single cell organism; the subject of an essay by Leibniz
monae - a first name
monah - a first name
monal - a pheasant
monas - a monad; plural of "mona", a small long-tailed monkey
monax - the yaffle, or green woodpecker; the woodchuck
monay - a first name
monca - a first name
monde - society; the world; a coterie
mondo - a Zen question and answer method; extreme
mondy - a first name
monea - a first name
monee - a first name
monel - a nickel-copper-iron-manganese alloy
moner - a hypothetical simplest protozoan; a non-nucleated protoplasmic body
mones - moans
monet - a first name; anything that looks good til you get up close to it
money - evil's root; large rocks found in Yap Island
mongi - a river in New Guinea
mongo - a first name; a Mongolian coin; a dimwit in "Blazing Saddles"; the realm of Ming the Merciless; mungo; greatly; a town in Chad; salvagable trash
mongs - plural of "mong", an idiot
mongu - a town in Zambia
mongy - stupid; idiotic
monia - a first name
monic - a first name; in mathematics, characterized by a coefficient of 1.
monie - many
monja - a first name
monks - plural of "monk", a member of a fraternal religious order; a printing inkstain
monky - like a monk
monna - a first name
monos - plural of "mono", an infectious disease
monox - the crowberry
monro - a first name
monte - a first name; a game like faro; a quickie three-card gambling game
month - a unit of time of about 30 days, slightly longer than a paycheck
monti - a first name
monto - the run-down low-life section of Dublin near Montgomery Street
montu - a first name
monty - a first name; part of the phrase "the full monty", meaning "everything"
monya - a first name
monza - a city in northern Italy
monze - an Asian cape; a town in Zambia
mooca - marijuana
mooch - to sponge off another person
moods - plural of "mood", an emotional state
moody - emotional; gloomy
mooed - made cow sounds
mooer - a cow; one who moos
mooey - rotten; the face; the mouth; like a moo
mooka - a town in Japan
mooks - plural of "mook", a lower class angry young white rap metal fan; a book produced in the form of a magazine
moola - money
mooli - a long white carrot-like root found in Asia
mools - plural of "mool", a soft fertile soil
mooly - muley, hornless
moons - bares the buttocks; plural of "moon", a satellite
moony - dreamy
moops - nibbles, browses
moore - a first name
mooro - a first name
moors - plural of "moor", a fen; a Spanish Arab
moory - sterile; boggy; a cloth; like a moor
moosa - a unit of weight in Cyprus
moose - the elk
moosh - the face
moota - marijuana or a marijuana cigarette
mooth - a mouth
moots - brings up for debate; makes moot
moove - move
mopan - an Indian people of northeast Guatemala
moped - a motorized scooter; was dejected
moper - one who mopes
mopes - is dejected
mopey - in a dejected mood
mophy - a homosexual
mopla - a group of Islamic inhabitants of southwest India
moppy - tipsy; befuddled; like a mop
mopsa - a first name
mopsy - a first name; an untidy or homely woman; a moppet
mopti - a town in Mali
mopup - a final cleaning up
mopus - someone who mopes; a drone; cash; a small coin; a half penny
moqor - a city in Afghanistan
moqui - moki, a Hopi
morad - a first name
morae - the 113 Japanese syllables; plural of "mora", a unit of prosodic metrical time; inexcusable and blameable delay
morag - a first name; a Celtic worm-like monster; an Israeli settlement in Gaza
moral - ethical
moran - a first name; a town in Papua New Guinea
morar - a town in Scotland
moras - plural of "mora", a unit of prosodic metrical time; inexcusable and blameable delay
morat - a beverage made of honey flavored with mulberry juice; a town in Switzerland
moray - a first name; a type of eel
morbi - plural of "morbus", a disease; a town in India
morbs - a morbid mood
morda - a first name; a British river
mordi - a first name
mordy - a first name
morea - a first name; a modern name for the Peloponnesus
mored - filtered through the "more" program
moree - a town in Australia
moreh - a town in India
morel - a first name; a cherry; a nightshade mushroom
mores - manners or morals; larger quantities
morey - a first name
morga - a Polish unit of land area of about 1.4 acres
moria - a first name; folly
moric - of or obtained from fustic
morie - a first name
moril - a morel; a mushroom
morin - a yellow coloring matter obtained from the fustic tree
morio - a first name
moris - a first name
morit - a first name
moriz - a first name
morla - a first name
morly - a first name
mormo - a bugbear
morna - a first name
morne - a blunted lance used for tilting; mournful, dreary; an Asian cape
morns - plural of "morn", a morning
moroc - the honey guide
moron - a dimwit; a town in Argentina; a town in Venezuela
moros - plural of "Moro", a Muslim people of the southern Philippines
morph - to transform from one shape to another; morphine; a hermaphrodite
morra - a first name; mora, an Italian finger-matching game
morri - a first name
morro - a rounded hill
morry - a first name
morse - a first name; a telegraph code; any code; a walrus; a seahorse; the clasp of a cope
morta - one of the Roman goddesses of fate
morth - in Teutonic law, a murder without extenuation, such as by poisoning or witchcraft
morts - plural of "mort", a signal played on a hunting horn to denote a kill; a stick entangled in wool
morty - a first name
morum - a clever trick
morus - a genus of trees of the nettle family; plural of "Moru", a people of the Sudan
morwe - morrow
mosed - the past tense of "mose", found only in Shakespeare's phrase "mose in the chine"
mosel - the Moselle river
mosen - a first name
moser - a huge number, defined by repeated exponentiation, due to Leo Moser
moses - a first name; a lawgiver; the present tense of "mose"
mosey - to amble or stroll
mosgu - musgu, a people of the central Sudan
mosha - a first name
moshe - a first name
moshi - a town in Tanzania
mosie - a first name
mosks - plural of "mosk", a mosque
mosky - marijuana
mossi - a people of the west central Sudan
mosso - a musical notation meaning "quickly"
mossy - covered with moss
mosta - a town in Malta
moste - past tense of "may"
mosts - plural of "most", the largest quantity
mosul - a town in northern Iraq opposite the ruins of Nineveh; light brown to yellow brown
mosuo - a tribal people of southwestern China
mosya - a first name
mosze - a first name
motch - to eat little, slowly and quietly
moted - dusty
motel - a motor hotel
moten - a dialect plural participle of "might"
motes - plural of "mote", a small particle
motet - a vocal composition in polyphonic style for church service
motey - containing many small particles
moths - plural of "moth", a drab night-flying insect
mothy - moth-ridden
motif - a theme
motoo - a first name
motor - an engine
motos - plural of "moto", one of the heats in a cross-country motorcycle race
motsa - a big gambling win; a certainty
motte - a first name; a small group of trees on the prairie; part of a motte-and-bailey castle
motti - a first name
motto - a byword; a slogan
motts - plural of "mott", a small group of trees; a hoople; the female genitals
motty - a first name; having motes
motus - plural of "motu", a Polynesian reef islet with vegetation
motza - a certainty
motzi - a Hebrew blessing over bread
mouaz - a first name
mouch - to mooch; to skulk
moudy - mole
moued - made a moue; pouted
mouer - one who moues
moues - makes a moue; plural of "moue", a pout
mouin - a first name
mouki - a first name
moula - moola, money
mould - a blight; rotted leaves; a casting form
moule - a mussel
mouli - to chop marijuana in a parsley grinder
mouls - covers with soil
moult - to cast off feathers
mouna - a first name
mound - a heap; a swelling
mount - to climb upon; a steed; a mountain
moups - nibbles; munches
moura - a first name
mouri - an early Dutch settlement in west Africa
mourn - to lament
mousa - a first name
mouse - a cheese lover; a computer input device
moust - musk
mousy - quiet; mouselike
mouth - an oral cavity; a debouchment of a river
moved - changed position
mover - one who moves
moves - changes position
movie - a motion picture
mowas - plural of "mowa", a mahua
mowed - cut down
mowen - mown
mower - a person or instrument that cuts down
mowes - mows
mowha - mahua
mowie - mool
mowra - trees of the genus Madhuca; the butter tree
mowth - a mowing
moxas - plural of "moxa", a Chinese plant
moxie - nerve; spunk; a defunct Coca Cola rival
moyas - plural of "moya", a volcanic mud
moyen - means; medium in position or size
moyez - a first name
moyhu - a town in Australia
moyle - a kind of shoe; a mining wedge or drill; a mule
moyls - plural of "moyl", a mule
moyna - a first name
moyra - a first name
mozed - raised the nap on cloth
mozes - a first name; raises the nap on cloth
mozia - an island off Sicily
mozos - plural of "mozo", a manual laborer
mozza - good fortune
mozzy - a mosquito
mpika - a town in Zambia
mpoko - a river in the Central African Republic
mpoto - a language
mpret - an Albanian ruler, back when they had them
msasa - a tree of southern Rhodesia
mtawa - a first name; a hermit
muang - a tribe in Southeast Asia
muath - a first name
muces - plural of "muce", a muse; a muset
mucho - very; much
mucic - a dibasic crystalline acid
mucid - musty, moldy, slimy
mucin - a mucous membrane protein
mucip - a first name
mucks - manures; clears out stables
mucky - filthy
mucor - moldiness; a genus of mold fungi
mucro - a stiff sharp point
mucus - a thick watery sticky biological fluid
mudar - madar; a medicinal herb
muddy - full of mud
mudge - a low-crowned circular woman's hat
mudir - an Eastern governor
mudki - a town in India, site of a famous battle
mudra - a Yoga hand gesture symbolizing a specific psychospiritual quality
mudzi - a district in Zimbabwe
mueen - a first name
muffs - bungles; plural of "muff", a warmer made of fur
muffy - a first name
mufid - a first name
mufti - civilian clothes; a Muslim priest
mufty - civilian clothes
muggo - a tea break
muggs - makes funny faces, perhaps in honor of a television monkey of the 50's
muggy - warm and damp; drunk
mugil - the genus of the mullet fish
mugla - a town in Turkey
mugur - a first name
muhly - a perennial grass
muick - a British river
muids - plural of "muid", a hogshead
muike - a first name; a town in Estonia
muils - plural of "muil", a mule
muire - a first name
muirs - plural of "muir", a variant of "moor"
muist - musk
mujab - a first name
mujik - a muzhik, a Russian peasant
mukah - a town in Indonesia
mukri - an ancient Kurdish people of Persia
mukta - a first name
mukti - moksha
mukul - a first name
mukur - a town in Afghanistan
mulat - a first name
mulch - manure; grass clippings, wood chips and other detritus used in gardening
mulct - to penalize; to defraud
mulde - a river in eastern Germany that empties into the Elbe
muled - a kind of coin striking
mules - plural of "mule", a beast of burden; a slipper
muley - stubborn; hornless; a hornless cow
mulga - an Australian acacia tree; the bush or outback; an unpleasant situation; a town in Alabama
mulla - a mullah; money
mulls - considers
mulms - plural of "mulm", the organic odoriferous sediment found in fish tanks
mulse - mulled wine
mulsh - mulch
mults - plural of "mult", a fee for corn-grinding
multy - bad, unpleasant
muluc - the ninth day of the Mayan religious month
mumbi - a first name
mumbo - obfuscation
mumby - a town in England
mumms - performs or parades in disguise
mummy - a preserved corpse; a bituminous drug
mumps - a viral infection commonly caught in childhood
mumpy - like the mumps
mumsy - a mother; like a mother
mumus - plural of "mumu", a muumuu
munch - to chew on
muncy - a town in Pennsylvania
munda - a group of languages of central India; the Latin name of Mantua, Spain
mundo - a first name
mundy - a first name
munga - the bonnet monkey; food; a smoke during work
munge - to munch
mungo - a first name; mung bean; urd; shoddy; a Mongolian coin; a poor type of wool, similar to but superior to shoddy!
mungs - plural of "mung", a crowd; chickenfeed
mungy - gloomy; messy
munia - a first name; a passerine bird
munib - a first name
munid - a first name
munif - a first name
munig - a town in India
munij - a first name
munil - a first name
munin - in Norse mythology, one of two raven companions of Odin, representing memory
munio - a first name
muniq - a first name
munir - a first name
munis - plural of "muni", a municipal goverment security; a Hindu hermit sage
muniu - a town in China
muniy - a first name
munja - a tough Asiatic grass; a meal
munna - a first name
munne - the face
munni - a first name
munns - the mouth
munnu - romance
munny - a first name
munro - a first name; any mountain in Scotland over 3,000 feet high
munta - a black African
munts - plural of "munt", a muntu
muntu - a black person
muogh - a pig
muong - an ethnic group from Vietnam
muons - plural of "muon", a subatomic particle
muppy - an acronym: "Medical Urban Professional" or "Mature Urban Professional"
murad - a first name
mural - a wall painting
muran - the language of the Mura people of Brazil
muras - plural of "mura", a Japanese village
murat - a first name; a river of eastern Turkey
muray - an eel-like fish
murch - a fat woman
murdo - a first name; a town in South Dakota
mured - immured
mures - immures; provides with a wall; a river in Romania
murex - Tyrian purple dye; a snail which, when crushed, yields a purple dye
murfy - a first name
murga - a popular musical theater style in Uruguay
muria - a Gond hill people of India
murid - a small rodent; a Sufi initiate
murks - plural of "murk", obscurity; gloom
murky - dark; turbid
murle - a first name; a language
murli - a first name
murlo - an Etruscan archeological site near Siena, Italy
murls - crumbles
murly - crumbly
murmi - a people living on the boundary of Nepal and Sikkim
murol - a kind of cheese
muron - myron
murph - a first name; sleep
murra - fluorspar, a mineral used by the ancient Romans for fine vases and cups
murre - the razorbilled auk, a diving bird
murrs - plural of "murr", a diving bird
murry - a first name; an eel-like fish; merry
murth - plenty; abundance
murti - a first name
murup - moorup
murut - a tribe of Indonesian Borneo
murva - an Asiatic bowstring hemp
murwa - a first name; a town in the Himalayas
murza - one of the hereditary nobility among the tatars
musae - plural of "musa", a genus of large perennial plants
musaf - an additional morning service on the Jewish Sabbath
musal - of or pertaining to the Muses
musan - a town in North Korea
musar - a Jewish religious and ethical movement stressing discipline and piety; a wandering musician
musas - plural of "musa", a genus of large perennial plants
musca - the fly genus; the constellation of the fly
musci - a class including the mosses
mused - imagined; pondered
musei - a language
muser - one who muses
muses - imagines; plural of "muse", one of 9 Greek goddesses associated with the arts
muset - a gap in a fence or hedge
musgu - a people of the central Sudan
musha - an interjection expressing surprise; the owner of a new taxi; a town in Egypt
mushe - a Syrian or Chinese person
mushy - pulpy; sentimental
music - the food of love
musie - a first name
musin - a first name
musit - a gap in a fence, through which an animal can pass
muski - muscatel
musks - plural of "musk", a strong perfume derived from certain animals
musky - smelling of musk; muscatel; variant of "muskie", a fish
musos - plural of "muso", a humorless pedantic music enthusiast
mussa - a first name
musse - a scramble, a disturbance
mussi - a first name
musso - lahu
mussy - messy
musta - a slang form of "must have"; a pattern or design
musth - a very dangerous state of sexual frenzy occurring in male elephants
musts - plural of "must", a thing that has to be done; unfermented grape juice
musty - unaired
mutaa - a first name
mutah - a marijuana cigarette
mutar - a first name
mutas - plural of "muta", a musical direction meaning "change"; a Moslem usufruct marriage
mutch - a close-fitting cap worn by babies and old women
muteb - a first name
muted - muffled; diminished
muter - a first name; a muffler; more mute
mutes - muffles; plural of "mute", a person who cannot speak
mutex - the primary synchronization object in the Posix threads form of parallel programming
mutha - a fan of heavy metal rock music; a contemptuous reference to a person
mutia - a first name
mutic - muticate; pointless; blunt
mutie - a skate-boarding adept, short for "mutant"
mutis - plural of "muti", traditional African medicine or witch doctoring
mutlu - a first name
muton - the smallest section of genetic material that, when changed, results in a mutation
mutsu - a town in Japan
mutts - plural of "mutt", a dog of doubtful descent
mutul - another name for Tikal, a Mayan city-state
mutur - a town in Sri Lanka
mutzu - a Japanese variety of apple
muxed - spoiled; multiplexed
muxes - multiplexes; plural of "mux", a drill for making wampum
muzak - a trademarked background music wallpaper company; bland deracinated syrup music
muzed - mused
muzes - muses
muzon - a Central American cape
muzzi - a first name
muzzy - a first name; dazed; confused; blurred; drunk
mvule - a huge African timber tree
mwaka - a first name
mwami - the king of Ruanda
mwepu - a first name
mwera - a language
mweru - a lake in the Congo
mwila - a first name
myall - an Australian hardwood tree; an uncivilized native; a person in an unfamiliar environment
myarn - a first name
mycah - a first name
mydan - maidan
myers - a first name
myips - a myope, a person having myopy
mykal - a first name
mykel - a first name
myken - a town in Norway
mylae - the Latin name for Milazzo, Italy
mylan - a first name
mylar - a kind of synthetic membrane
mylee - a first name
mylen - a first name
myles - a first name
mylon - a first name
mynah - an Asian bird
mynas - plural of "myna" or "mynah", an Asian bird
myndy - a first name
myner - an Australian seal
mynga - a first name
mynor - a first name
myoid - like muscle
myoma - a benign muscle tumor
myope - a short-sighted person
myops - plural of "myop", a short-sighted person
myopy - myopia
myrah - a first name
myran - a first name
myria - a first name
myrka - a first name
myrle - a first name
myrna - a first name
myron - a first name; a famous Greek sculptor
myrrh - a kind of incense
myrta - a first name
myrth - a first name
mysel - myself
mysia - an ancient country in northwest Asia Minor
mysid - a small crustacean
mysis - the opossum shrimp
mysti - a first name
mytch - a first name
mythi - plural of "mythos", a fundamental mythical story
myths - plural of "myth", a legend
mythy - resembling or containing myths
myxae - plural of "myxa", the end of a bird mandible
myxie - the disease myxomatosis
myxon - a fish of the mullet family
mzees - plural of "mzee", in Africa, an old person
myzel - a first name
mzina - a North African desert tribe
mzuri - all right
mzuzi - a first name
naafi - the British Naval Army and Air Force Institute
naama - a first name
naams - plural of "naam", distraint of chattels
naans - plural of "naan", a round flat Indian bread
nabak - a language of Papua, New Guinea
nabal - a first name; a man who refused tribute to King David
nabam - a crystalline fungicide
nabby - an open sailboat
nabee - aconite poison
nabel - the navel
nabes - plural of "nabe", a neighborhood movie theater
nabid - referring to the Nabidae
nabih - a first name
nabil - a first name
nabis - plural, a group of four French artists of the 19th century
nabit - crushed candy
nabks - plural of "nabk", the Christ's thorn plant
nabla - a mathematical symbol of an inverted delta; an ancient triangular musical instrument
nabob - a wealthy individual
nabra - a first name
nacfa - an Eritrean monetary unit
nache - the rump
nacho - a tortilla chip
nacia - a first name
nacim - a first name
nacka - a town in Sweden
nacks - a disease of chickens, similar to croup
nacky - ingenious
nacre - mother-of-pearl
nacry - pearly
nacul - referring to architectural design that strives for integration with the environment
nadab - a first name; a son of Aaron, father of Appaim
nadas - plural of "nada", meaning "nothing"
nadav - a first name
nadde - didn't have
nadea - a first name
nader - a first name
nadey - a first name
nadia - a first name
nadif - a first name
nadim - a first name
nadir - a first name; a low point
nadja - a first name
nadje - a first name
nador - a town in Morocco
nadya - a first name
naeem - a first name
naeve - a birthmark; a blemish
naevi - plural of "naevus", a birthmark
nafas - a first name
naffs - plural of "naff", an incompetent person
naffy - from "NAAFI", the canteen
nafka - a prostitute
nafta - the North American Free Trade Association
nafud - an Arabian desert
nagar - a town in India
nagas - plural of "naga", a people of the Naga hills in Burma; a Hindu race of spirits; a naked holy man
naggy - querulous
nagib - a first name
nagid - a first name; a Jewish ruler in medieval Spain and Egypt
nagji - a first name
nagla - a first name
nagor - a Senegal antelope
nagqu - a town and district in Tibet
nagwa - a first name
nahab - a first name
nahal - a people of the central hills of India; an Israeli army corps doing frontier settlement
nahda - a first name
nahed - a first name
nahid - a first name
nahin - a first name
nahit - a first name
nahla - a first name
nahma - a first name
nahor - a first name; a brother of Abraham
nahua - Nahuatl, various people of ancient origin in central America
nahum - a first name; a biblical prophet
nahya - a village in Egypt
naiad - a first name; a water nymph
naiak - a town in Afghanistan
naias - a genus of submerged aquatic plants; plural of "naia", a venomous snake
naida - a first name
naide - a first name
naids - plural of "naid", a small freshwater annelid
naief - a first name
naifs - plural of "naif", a naive person
naiki - an Indian language
naiks - plural of "naik", an Indian corporal
naila - a first name; a town in Germany
naile - a first name
nails - plural of "nail", a metal fastener; a fingernail; a unit of length of 2.25 inches
naily - full of nails
naima - a first name
naina - a first name
naini - a first name
nains - plural of "nain", a Negrille, a tribe living in the Congo
naios - plural of "naio", the ngaio, or bastard sandalwood tree
naipo - an island in Colombia
naira - a first name; a monetary unit of Nigeria
nairm - a first name
nairn - a first name; a resort town, and historic county of northern Scotland; a town in Louisiana
nairo - a first name
nairs - plural of "nair", a begti; an Indian otter
nairy - nary; not any
naisa - a first name
naish - nesh
naive - artless; having little wisdom or experience
naiym - a first name
najaf - a town in Iraq
najah - a first name
najai - a first name
najam - a first name
najas - plural of "naja", a venomous snake
najat - a first name
najdi - an Arab people living in the region of Kuwait
najee - a first name
najeh - a first name
najia - a first name
najib - a first name
najim - a first name
najin - a port city in North Korea, near Russia
najis - something unclean under Islamic law
najja - a first name
najji - a first name
najla - a first name
najma - a first name
najwa - a first name
nakea - a first name
naked - unclothed; bare
naker - a kettle drum
nakes - makes naked
nakfa - an Eritrean monetary unit; a town in Ethiopia
nakhe - a town in Egypt
nakhi - a mount people of southwest China
nakia - a first name
nakir - an Islamic examiner of the dead
nakki - a first name
nakoo - the gavial
nakos - a first name
nalan - a first name
nalas - plural of "nala", a nulla, a ravine
naldo - a first name
naled - an insecticide
nales - plural of "nale", an ale
nalin - a first name
nalka - a border town in India
nalla - a variant of "nullah", a ravine
nalls - plural of "nall", an awl
nalut - a town in Libya
namad - variant of "numdah"
namal - a first name
naman - a first name; in Vedism and Hinduism, the characteristic sign or mark of an object
namas - a first name; plural of "nama", a Hottentot people of Namibia
namaz - Islamic worship or prayer
namba - a traditional Japanese walking style, right arm with right foot (!)
nambe - a Tanoan people of New Mexico
nambi - a first name
namby - in the phrase "namby pamby", babyish, excessively cute, effeminate; a weak cowardly person
namcy - a town in Yakutia
namda - a kind of carpet
named - called; identified by name
namer - a first name; one who names
namen - a town in Belgium
names - plural of "name", a title; an identifier
namey - like a name; containing many names
namia - a first name
namib - a desert in southwest Africa
namid - a first name
namir - a first name
namit - a first name
namki - a Chinese island
nammy - an award for Native American music
namoi - an Australasian river
nampa - a town in Idaho
nampo - a first name; a city in North Korea
namur - a city in southern Belgium, on the Meuse river
nanae - a village in Japan
nanai - a Tungusic people of Siberia and Manchuria
nanao - a town in Japan
nanas - plural of "nana", a grandmother
nanay - a first name; a Tungusic people of Siberia and Manchuria
nance - a first name
nanci - a first name
nancy - a first name; a city in northeast France
nanda - a first name
nande - a tribe of the Congo
nandi - a type of bear; the bull companion of Shiva; an African tribe, and its language
nando - a first name
nands - performs the logical operation of an exclusive or
nandu - a rhea or American ostrich
nanga - a small Nubian harp
nanmu - a durable lumber of western China
nanna - a first name; in Norse mythology, the wife of Balder; the Sumerian god of the moon
nanni - a first name
nannu - a first name
nanny - a first name; a child minder; a female goat
nanon - a first name
nanor - a first name
nansi - a first name
nanti - no; none; nothing
nanto - a horse
nants - no; none; nothing
nanty - no; none; nothing; an exclamation meaning "Be quiet!"
nantz - brandy
nanuk - a first name
nanxy - a first name
naoji - a first name
naoki - a first name
naoko - a first name
naoma - a first name
naomi - a first name; the biblical mother-in-law of Ruth
naomy - a first name
naoto - a first name
naoya - a first name
napas - plural of "napa", a soft leather
napea - a first name
naped - having a particular kind of nape
napes - plural of "nape", the back of the neck
napha - a perfume distilled from orange flowers
napoo - finished; to put an end to; nothing
nappa - a kind of soft leather for clothing; Chinese cabbage
nappe - a rock formation; one half of a double cone
nappy - a first name; a diaper; drowsy; kinky
napsu - a first name
napus - plural of "napu", a Javanese muskdeer
narah - a first name
naras - a first name; a spiny South African desert shrub
narbo - a dull uninteresting person; a former name for Narbonnes, in southern France
narco - a narcotics dealer
narcs - narks
narda - a first name
narde - spikenard
nardi - a first name
nardo - a first name; a town in Italy
nards - plural of "nard", spikenard; an unguent; a testicle
nardu - clover
nardy - smelling of nard
naren - a first name
nares - plural of "naris", a nostril
narew - a river in northeast Poland
narfi - a first name
naric - of the nostrils
naris - a first name; a nostril
narka - a town in Kansas
narks - snitches on; nitrogen narcosis; plural of "nark", a narcotics agent
narky - irritable; a narcotic drug
narly - a first name; gnarly
narna - a fool or stupid person, from a Cockney pronunciation of "banana"
narok - a town in Kenya
naros - one of the Cyclades Islands
narra - a Philippine mahogany tree
narre - near
narva - a seaport in Estonia
narwe - narrow
narym - a town in western Siberia
nasab - a town in Afghanistan
nasal - of the nose, its intonations, or temporary contents
nasat - a hazard
nasca - variant of "nazca", an Indian culture of Peru that preceded the Incas
nasch - a unit of weight in Arabia
naser - a first name
nasha - a first name
nashi - na-khi; a variety of Japanese pear
nashy - a first name
nasho - national service
nasia - a first name
nasif - a first name
nasik - a town in India; an elaborate magic square formed there
nasim - a first name
nasir - a first name
nasit - a first name
nason - a kind of flute
nasri - a first name
nasry - a first name
nassa - a dog whelk or its shell
nasty - unpleasant; mean; foul
nasua - a genus of mammals including the coati
nasus - the nose; a prolongation of the front of the head in cranes and termites
nasya - a first name
natal - a first name; nascent; initial; a province of South Africa; a seaport in Brazil
natan - a first name
natch - slang for "naturally"; the rump
nates - plural of "natis", a buttock
natey - a first name
nathe - a nave
natia - a first name
natie - a first name
natis - a single buttock, though usually found in pairs
natja - a first name
natka - a first name
natko - a first name
natsh - a thorny plant of the Middle East
natte - interlaced ornamentation; a woven basket
natti - a first name
natto - a Japanese breakfast food of odiferous slimy beans
natty - a first name; well dressed
natya - a first name
nauha - a ritual Shia lamentation
nauky - resourceful
nauns - a first name
naunt - an aunt
nauru - an island in Micronesia
nause - to nauseate; a nauseating unpleasant person; a disgusting problem
nausy - nauseating
nauta - a town in Peru
naval - of the navy
navan - a town in Ireland
navar - an air navigation system
navek - a first name
navel - the belly button, which Adam and Eve might not have had
naven - a town in Sweden
naver - a British river
naves - plural of "nave", the main part of a church; the central part of a wheel
navet - the rape plant
navew - the wild turnip
navey - a first name; like a nave
navia - a first name
navid - a first name
navin - a first name
navit - a first name
navon - a first name; a psychological test picture of a large letter made of smaller letters
navot - a first name
navus - a spot or birthmark
navvy - an excavating machine; a manual laborer
nawab - an Eastern viceroy
nawaf - a first name
nawal - a first name
nawaq - a first name
nawar - a first name
nawat - a first name
nawky - resourceful
nawls - plural of "nawl", an awl
naxis - plural of "Naxi", a culture of Yunnan province, near Burma and Tibet
naxos - a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, where Iphigenia was sacrificed
nayab - a first name
nayad - a first name
nayan - a first name
nayar - a people of the Malabar coast of India
naybo - no
nayed - said no; refused
nayef - a first name
nayla - a first name
nayts - refuses; denies
nazan - a first name
nazar - a first name; a gift, given upon introduction, to one's superior
nazca - an Indian culture of Peru that preceded the Incas; a town in Peru
nazes - plural of "naze", a cape; a headland
nazia - a first name
nazie - drunk
nazih - a first name
nazik - a first name
nazim - a first name; a military governor in India
nazir - an Indian bailiff
nazis - plural of "Nazi", a member of an infamous German political party; an irrational tyrant
nazli - a first name
nazmi - a first name
nazra - a village in Afghanistan
nazwa - a town in Oman
nazyf - a first name
ndali - a language
ndara - a town in Kenya
ndele - a town in the Central African Republic
ndeye - a first name
ndiri - a first name
ndola - a town in Zambia, near where Dag Hammarskjold's plane crashed
ndora - a town in east Africa
ndoua - a Pacific cape
ndudi - a first name
neafe - nieve
neafs - plural of "neaf", the fist
neagh - a British island
neala - a first name
neale - a first name
neall - a first name
neals - anneals
nealy - a first name
neaps - plural of "neap", a tide at its lowest range
nears - approaches
neary - a first name
neath - below; a town in Wales
neato - an exclamation of excitement and anticipation
neats - plural of "neat", a bovine
neaty - nifty; neat
nebby - saucy; overly inquisitive; nosey
nebek - a nabk
nebel - a Jew's harp
nebes - a first name
nebra - a town in Germany
necha - a first name
nechi - a river in Colombia
necho - a first name; the Egyptian pharoah killed by Josiah
necia - a first name
necie - a first name
necip - a first name
necks - makes out; plural of "neck", the part that connect the head to the body
necla - a first name
necro - necrotic enteritis
nedao - a battle site where the Germans defeated the Romans in 454 AD
nedda - a first name
neddi - a first name
neddy - a first name; a donkey
nedim - a first name
nedra - a first name
needs - requires
needy - lacking; indigent; whining
neefy - a first name
neeka - a first name
neela - a first name
neeld - a needle
neele - a needle; darnel, an annual grass
neeli - a first name
neely - a first name
neema - a first name
neemb - an East Indian tree
neeme - a first name
neems - plural of "neem", an East Indian tree
neena - a first name
neeps - plural of "neep", a turnip
neera - a first name
neeru - a first name
neese - to sneeze
neeta - a first name
neeti - a first name
neetu - a first name
neeze - to sneeze
nefen - a first name
neffs - a town in Pennsylvania
neffy - a nephew
nefud - an Arabian desert
nefyn - a town in England
negad - a first name
negah - a first name
negar - a first name
negat - a first name; no
negba - a town in the West Bank
neger - English dialect for "negro"
negev - a Middle Eastern desert
negin - a first name
negla - a first name
negoi - a mountain peak in Romania
negre - black
negro - a black person; a river in South America
negus - a alcoholic drink of wine, sugar, nutmeg and lemon; an Abyssinian king
nehru - a first name; a collarless jacket
neicy - a first name
neife - a female serf
neifi - a first name
neifs - plural of "neif", a fist
neigh - a horse sound
neihl - a first name
neila - a first name
neile - a first name
neili - a first name
neill - a first name
neils - a first name
neima - a first name
neira - an island in Indonesia
neist - next
neiva - a first name; a town in Colombia
neive - a nieve; a neif; a fist
nejat - a first name
nejdi - an inhabitant of the inland state of Nejd in Saudi Arabia
nejib - a first name
nejma - a first name
nelda - a first name
neleh - a first name
nelek - a first name
nelia - a first name
nelie - a first name
nelis - a winter pear
nelja - a first name
nelka - a first name
nella - a first name
nelle - a first name
nelli - a first name
nello - a first name
nellu - a first name
nelly - a first name; effeminate
nelma - a first name; inconnu; a Siberian fish
nelse - a first name
nelva - a first name
neman - a river on the border of Lithuanian and Kaliningrad
nemas - plural of "nema", a nematode
nemat - a first name
nembe - a town in Nigeria
nemea - a city in ancient Greece, home of the biennial Nemean Games
nemer - a first name
nemic - referring to nematodes
nemns - names
nempt - named
nenad - a first name
neneh - a first name
nenes - plural of "nene", a Hawaiian goose
nenet - a first name
nenia - an elegy; a funeral song
nenno - a first name
nenta - a chronic nervous disease of grazing animals
neoid - the curve made by a ship at the waterline
neola - a first name
neoma - a first name
neomi - a first name
neomy - a first name
neona - a first name
neons - plural of "neon", a gaseous element; a dead fish found in aquariums
neony - like neon; full of neon
neoza - a tall Himalayan pine
nepal - an Asian country
nepas - plural of "nepa", an animal of a genus of aquatic hemipterous insects
neper - a first name; a power ratio unit
nephi - a first name
nepid - the water scorpion
nepit - a nit, a unit of information equal to 1.44 bits (a "Naperian digit")
nerds - plural of "nerd", an unimaginative misfit
nerdy - like an unimaginative misfit who slightly alters one definition to get another for free
nerea - a first name
nerfs - plural of "nerf", a sponge toy
neria - a first name
nerin - a first name
nerio - a first name
neris - a river in Lithuania
nerka - an important kind of sockeye salmon
nerks - plural of "nerk", a fool
nerly - a first name
nerma - a first name
nerol - a fragrant unsaturated alcohol
neron - a first name
nerre - nearer
nerts - an interjection expressing exasperation; nonsense
nertz - nerts
nerve - pluck; impudence; an organ of sensation
nervi - plural of "nervus", a nerve
nervy - vigorous; impudent
neryn - a town in Kyrgyzstan
nerys - a first name
nesar - a first name
nesco - a town in New Jersey
neses - plural of "nese", variant of "nose"
nesha - a first name
nesia - a first name
nesim - a first name
neski - an Arabic cursive script used in scientific and religious texts
nesle - a town in France
nesma - a first name
nesri - a first name
nessa - a first name
nessi - a first name
nessy - a first name; a nickname for the spurious Loch Ness monster
nesta - a first name
nests - plural of "nest", a bird nursery
nesty - of, like, or containing nests; nasty
neter - a unit of weight in Ethiopia
netes - plural of "nete", the highest string of the lyre
netha - a first name
nethe - a river in Belgium
netia - a first name
netie - a first name
netis - a first name
netop - a crony; a term of address meaning "friend", employed by early Americans to Indians
netta - a first name
netti - a first name
netts - plural of "nett", a net
netty - a first name; meshy; reticulated; funny
neuck - an unimportant person
neuks - plural of "neuk", a nook; a corner or end of a coal face
neuma - a musical phrase
neume - a musical phrase; a medieval musical pitch notation
neums - plural of "neum", a musical phrase
neura - plural of "neuron"
neuro - neurology
neuse - a river in North Carolina
neuss - a town in Germany
neuza - a first name
neval - referring to a nevus or birthmark
nevan - a first name
nevat - a unit of weight in Arabia
nevee - a first name
nevel - to punch; a stringed instrument; a town in Russia
neven - a first name
never - not ever
neves - plural of "neve", a grainy snow
nevew - nephew
nevez - a commune in Brittany
nevia - a first name
nevil - a first name
nevin - a first name
nevis - one of the Leeward Islands
nevoy - a nephew
nevra - a first name
nevsa - a first name
nevus - a birthmark
nevvy - a nephew
newar - a Mongoloid people of Nepal
newbs - plural of "newb", a new user of a computer system or game, whose ceaseless questions become annoying
newed - renewed
newel - a first name; a staircase finial
newer - more recently
newie - something new; a new student
newky - Newcastle Brown Ale
newly - recently; lately
newry - a town in Maine; a town in Northern Ireland
newsy - full of news
newts - plural of "newt", a salamander
newty - like a newt; containing many newts
nexal - referring to the contract of nexum
nexcy - a first name
nexin - a protein found in the axoneme of flagella and cilia
nexon - a town in southwest France
nexts - plural of "next", the succeeding thing
nexum - in ancient Roman law, a formal contract of loan and coin before five witnesses
nexus - a connecting link
neyda - a first name
neyla - a first name
neyne - meine
neyra - a first name
neysa - a first name
neyva - a first name
nezha - a first name
nezih - a first name
nfana - a first name
ngaio - a first name, at least for a New Zealand mystery writer; a small New Zealand tree
ngaju - a language
ngala - a Bantu people of French Equatorial Africa
ngami - a lake in Botswana
ngamo - a language
ngana - nagana, a disease of horses and cattle
ngari - a province in Tibet
ngava - a first name
ngave - a first name
ngege - an African cichlid food fish
ngila - a first name
ngiti - a tribe in the Congo
ngogo - a town in South Africa
ngoko - a dialect of Japanese used for speaking to inferiors; a river in the Congo
ngola - a language
ngong - a town in Kenya
ngoni - an African ethnic group
ngoto - a town in the Central African Republic
ngozi - a first name; a town in Burundi
ngugi - a first name
ngulu - an African language
nguni - an African ethnic group
ngwee - a monetary unit of Zambia
nhang - giai
nhean - a first name
nhill - a town in Australia
nhork - a first name
niabi - a first name
niall - a first name
niamh - a first name
niami - a town in western Africa
niara - a first name
niari - a river in the Congo
niata - a dwarf cattle breed; a town in Greece
nibaw - a first name
nibby - a hooked shepherd's staff
nibso - oneself
nicad - nickel cadmium (a kind of battery)
nicci - a first name
nicco - a first name
niccy - a first name
niced - disarmed by an unexpected but superficial politeness
nicen - to make nice
nicer - more nice
nices - disarms by an unexpected but superficial politeness
nicey - used in the phrase "nicey nice"; a nice person; the attribute of being nice
niche - an alcove
nicho - a first name; a small niche in an adobe wall
nicia - a first name
nicki - a first name
nicks - plural of "nick", an indentation; a jail
nicky - a first name; having many nicks
nicol - a first name; of a polarizing light
nicos - a first name
nidal - of a nidus
nides - plural of "nide", a brood of pheasants
nidge - to dress stones; to shake or quiver
nidha - a first name
nidhi - a first name
nidia - a first name
nidor - the smell of cooking
nidus - a nest, especially of insects; a focus of bacterial infection
nidya - a first name
nieca - a first name
niece - the daughter of one's sibling
niecy - a first name
nieem - a first name
niefs - plural of "nief", a fist
niele - a first name
niels - a first name
niepa - an East Indian tree
nieve - a first name; a fist; a woman born a serf
nifes - plural of "nife", the hypothetical core of the earth
niffs - plural of "niff", a smell
niffy - smelly
nific - pertaining to nife, a nickel-iron mixture that forms the earth's core
nifle - a trivial or worthless person
nifty - classy; stylish
nigal - a first name
nigar - a first name
nigde - a town in Turkey
nigel - a first name
niger - an African country
nigga - an epithet whose cachet is unfathomable
nighs - approaches, comes near
night - the time between sundown and sunup
nigia - a river in New Guinea
nigil - a first name
nigit - a fool
nigle - a first name
nigra - a black color, as in the phrase "substantia nigra", a region of the brain
nigre - a dark colored solution formed during the creation of soap
nigua - chigoe
nigun - a traditional folk or synagogue melody
nihab - a first name
nihad - a first name
nihag - a first name
nihal - the traditional name of the star Beta Leporis
niham - a first name
nihan - a first name
nihap - a town in New Caledonia
nihaq - a first name
nihar - a first name
nihat - a first name
nihau - a Hawaiian island
nihav - a first name
nihil - nothing
nihoa - a Hawaiian island
nihua - an island of Hawaiia
niilo - a first name
niiza - a town in Japan
nijel - a first name
nikab - an Islamic veil
nikau - a New Zealand palm
niket - a first name
nikey - a fool
nikia - a first name
nikil - a first name
nikin - a very soft creature; a fool
nikka - a first name
nikki - a first name; a town in Dahomey
nikko - a first name; a city in Japan, on the island of Honshu, famous for its shrines and temples
nikky - a first name
nikol - a first name
nikos - a first name
niksa - a first name
nilas - a first name
nilay - a first name
nilce - a first name
nilda - a first name
niles - a first name
nilin - a town in the West Bank
nilky - an acronym: "No Income, Lots of Kids"
nills - is unwilling
nilly - part of the phrase "willy nilly"
nilos - a first name
nilot - a native of the upper Nile region
niloy - a first name
nilya - a first name
nimaa - a first name
nimah - a first name
nimai - a first name
nimaj - a town in Rajasthan, India
nimal - a first name
nimar - the south-west region of Madhya Pradesh in India
nimba - a people of Nepal
nimbi - plural of "nimbus", a luminous cloud
nimbs - plural of "nimb", a neem tree
nimby - an acronym: "Not in My Back Yard"; a nembutol
nimes - a French cathedral city
nimet - a first name
nimit - a first name
nimla - a town in Afghanistan
nimmy - a first name
nimpy - pert, fresh
nimue - a first name; the damsel who imprisoned Merlin
ninca - a first name
ninel - a first name
niner - nine, pronounced as two syllables to distinguish it from "five"; a convict serving nine years
nines - plural of "nine", a group of nine
ninfa - a first name; a town in Italy between Rome and Naples, with a famous garden
ninia - a first name
ninja - a first name; a Japanese assassin
ninka - a first name
ninko - a first name
ninna - a first name
ninny - a moron
ninon - a first name; a silk voile fabric
ninor - a first name
ninox - a genus of owls
ninth - an ordinal number
nintu - Sumerian mother-god
ninus - a first name; the husband of Semiramis, and founder of the city of Nineveh
ninut - the magpie
ninya - a first name
niobe - a first name; in Greek mythology, a woman noted for her crying
niolo - a kind of cheese
niono - a town in Mali
niopo - a kind of snuff made from roasted seeds
nioro - a town in Mali
niort - a town in France
niota - niepa, an East Indian tree
nipah - a virus, and the Indonesian village associated with it
nipas - plural of "nipa", a palm tree
nipon - a first name
nipps - the shears used to clip the edges from coins
nippy - sharply cold; a waitress; apt to bite
niqab - a Muslim veil
nique - a first name
niraj - a first name
niran - a first name
nirav - a first name
nirel - a first name
niren - a first name
nirin - a first name
nirit - a first name
nirls - herpes
nirly - knotty
nirut - a first name
nisan - a first name; the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar
nisao - a first name
nisei - an American born child of Japanese immigrants
nisey - a fool
nisha - a first name
nisht - nothing
nisin - a polypeptide antibiotic
niska - a people of British Columbia
nissa - a first name
nisse - a first name; a friendly Scandinavian goblin or kobold
nissi - a first name
nisso - a first name
nissy - a first name
niste - didn't know
nisty - very ugly
nisus - a mental or physical effort, such as that required by defecation
nitab - a mountain near Manila
niter - saltpeter
nites - plural of "nite", a night
nithe - envy, hatred
nitid - gleaming
nitin - a first name
nitis - a first name
niton - radon, a radioactive gas
nitor - brightness
nitra - a town in Slovakia
nitre - saltpeter
nitro - a nitrated product
nitry - full of niter
nitsa - a first name
nitso - nothing
nitta - an African legumaceous tree
nitto - nothing; to stop
nitty - containing nits
nitus - a graph or drawing that can be traced in a single continuous line
nitya - a first name
nitza - a first name
nitzi - a first name
niuan - of the island or people of Niue, a Polynesian island
niura - a first name
niuta - a first name
nival - a first name; snowy
niven - a first name
niver - never
nivia - a first name
niwar - variant of "Newar", a Mongoloid people of Nepal
nixed - vetoed
nixen - a first name; plural of "nix", a river sprite
nixer - one who vetoes; work carried out during one's free time
nixes - vetoes
nixey - no
nixie - a first name; a water elf; a kind of lighted numeral; mail with an incorrect or illegible address
nixon - a first name; a fraudulent deal
niyal - a first name
nizah - a first name
nizam - a first name; an Indian prince; a Turkish soldier
nizey - a fool or simpleton
nizip - a town in Turkey
nizwa - a town in Oman
nizza - another name for Nice
njave - a large African timber tree
njoki - a first name
njora - a town in Kenya
njord - in Norse mythology, the god of winds, navigation and prosperity, father of Frey and Freya
nkisi - a wooden power figure used in Africa
nkole - a Bantu language
nkosi - a first name; an African tribe
nkoya - a language
nneka - a first name
noach - a first name
noady - a first name
noami - a first name
nobba - a ninepence; nine
nobbo - a fool
nobby - a first name; smart; ornate; high class
nobel - a first name; a prize
nobie - a first name
noble - a first name; an aristocrat; an old English coin worth 6 shillings and 8 pence
nobly - grandly; selflessly
nobob - an acronym for ocean-going tankers, "No Ballast On Board"
nobos - plural of "nobo", a non-hobo; a northbound Appalachian Trail hiker
nobuo - a first name
nocal - northern California
nocha - a first name
nochy - night
nocks - plural of "nock", the notch of an arrow
nocky - a fool
nodal - knotty
noddy - a first name; a fool; a sea-mew; a carriage
noded - made of or containing nodes
nodes - plural of "node", a knot; a knob; an intersection
nodin - a first name
nodis - a security classification for documents indicating "no distribution"
nodus - a knotty point; a musical canon
noela - a first name
noell - a first name
noels - plural of "Noel", yule, Christmas
noemi - a first name
nofit - a first name
nogai - a people of the Caucasus region
nogal - a walnut, pecan, or hickory tree
nogay - a people of the Caucasus region
noggs - plural of "nogg", a strong ale
noggy - an Asian person; like nog
noght - not
nohow - in no way
noida - a town in India
noids - plural of "noid", a paranoid person
noier - one who annoys
noies - annoys
noils - plural of "noil", a short fiber combed out of longer fibers
noily - of, like, or containing short fibers
noint - to anoint
noirs - plural of "noir", from "film noir", a type of suspense or crime film
noise - a sonic disturbance; the music of the young
noisy - blatant; vociferous; clangorous
nokes - a fool
nokia - a town and river in Finland
nokta - a mark in a logarithm table indicating a change of the figure in a decimal place
nokur - a town in Turkmenistan
nokyo - a Japanese agricultural cooperative
nolan - a first name
nolde - would not
nolee - a first name
nolen - a first name
noles - nolls; plural of "nole", the nickname for a Florida State Seminole
nolia - a first name
nolin - a first name
nolle - nol-pros
nolls - plural of "noll", the head
nolly - a first name
nolos - plural of "nolo", a legal plea of "nolo contendere" (no contest)
nolyn - a first name
nomad - a wanderer
nomar - a first name
nomas - plural of "noma", an ulceration of the mouth or genitals
nomen - a first name; the second name, or "gens", of an ancient Roman (as in "Caius Julius Caesar" )
nomes - plural of "nome", a tract of land in Greece or Egypt; exp(-pi*K(1-m)/K(m)) where K is the complete elliptic integral of the first kind
nomia - a bee
nomic - customary
nomoi - plural of "nomos", a law
nomos - a Greek province; a law; a coin
nonah - a first name
nonan - something that happens on the ninth day
nonas - plural of "nona", a viral sleeping sickness
nonce - the present; a "nonce" word is one that is a momentary coinage; a prisoner guilty of sex crimes against children
noncy - descriptive of a nonce word, an adjective coined by William Safire
nonda - an Australian edible fruit that resembles a plum
nondo - a perennial herb with an aromatic root
nondy - a non-descript car used by police for observation
nones - the ninth day before the ides on the Roman calendar; a period of daily prayer
nonet - a piece for nine singers; a musical group of nine players
nongs - plural of "nong", a fool
nonia - a first name
nonic - in mathematics, something of the ninth order
nonie - a first name
nonna - a first name
nonne - a nun
nonny - a first name; a Shakespearean interjection, as in "hey nonny nonny"
nonse - a prisoner guilty of sex crimes against children
nonso - a first name
nonus - plural of "nonu", a rubiaceous tree
nonya - a first name
nonyl - an alkyd radical
noobs - plural of "noob", a "newbie" or new user of a computer system
nooby - a "newbie" or new user of a computer system
nooks - plural of "nook", a niche or alcove
nooky - sexual gratification
noola - a first name
noomi - a first name
noons - plural of "noon", midday
noony - like noon; around noon-time
noops - the cloud berry; the sharp point of the elbow
noori - a first name
noosa - an ocean resort town in Australia
noose - a loop of rope
noove - a nouveau riche person
noovo - a nouveau riche person
noovs - plural of "noov", a nouveau riche person
noovy - like a nouveau riche person
nopal - the prickly pear cactus
nopes - plural of "nope", a slang form of "no"
nopey - a first name; Gumby's dog; one who says "no" all the time
norad - the military missile defense command
norah - a first name
noraj - a first name
norak - a town in Tajikistan
norap - a village in Hungary
noras - a Norse goddess
norba - an ancient town in Italy, destroyed in a war with Rome
norby - a first name
nordo - aeronautical slang for "no radar" or "no radio"
nords - plural of "Nord", a member of the Nordic race
nordy - a first name
noren - a first name
norge - a first name; Norway
noria - a first name; a Persian water wheel
noric - a breed of horse
norie - a first name; the cormorant
noris - a first name; plural of "nori", a sheet of pressed dried seaweed
norka - a town in Russia; also, the reverse of Akron!
norks - plural of "nork", a breast
norma - a first name; a rule; the constellation of the square and ruler; one of several standard views of the skull
normi - a first name
norms - plural of "norm", a standard, rule, or law
normy - a first name; like a norm
norna - a first name
norns - plural of "norn", in Norse mythology, one of three goddesses of fate
norri - a first name
norry - a first name; a foster child
norse - nordic; Scandinavian
norsk - the Norwegian language
norte - a South American cape
north - a first name; a compass direction
norty - a first name
norvo - a first name
nosed - snooped
nosel - to nurse; to lead; to teach
noser - an inquisitive or snoopy person; an informer
noses - snoops; sniffs for; that pointy thing in the middle of many faces
nosey - overly curious; to poke one's nose into private matters
nosir - a form of "no, sir" written thus to emphasize its compressed expression
nosle - a nozzle
nosob - a river in Botswana
noson - a first name
notae - notes
notal - of a notum, the back of an insect
notam - a notice providing pilots with general safety information
notan - the combination of lights and darks in Japanese art
notar - a notary
notch - an indentation
noted - observed; famed
noten - a form of "note", meaning to use or make use of something
noter - one who makes notes
notes - plural of "note", a musical tone; a written observation
notey - full of notes; making notes; offering acting critiques
notis - a first name
noton - a first name
notos - the Greek name for the South wind
notra - a first name
notts - shears; plural of "nott", a cow
notum - the back of an insect
notus - the ancient Greek name for the South wind
nouch - an ouch; a jewel
nould - would not
noule - the top of the head
nouls - plural of "noul", the top of the head
nouni - a first name
nouns - plural of "noun", a word referring to a thing
nouny - full of nouns; like a noun
noups - plural of "noup", a steep promontory
noura - a first name
nouve - a nouveau riche person
novae - a town in Bulgaria; plural of "nova", a kind of star
novak - a first name
novas - plural of "nova", a kind of star
novel - new; a long story
novia - a first name
novka - a first name
novum - a dice game in which the chief throws are 9 and 5
noway - in no manner
nowed - tied in a knot, a heraldric term
nowel - a first name; foundry loam; variant spelling of "Noel"; the inner part of a mold for a hollow object
nowes - the wedding vows
nowls - plural of "nowl", the top of the head
nowts - plural of "nowt", for "naught" or "nothing"
noxae - agents capable of exerting a harmful effect on the body
noxal - in Roman law, related to a wrongful injury by an object or animal belonging to another
noxen - a town in Pennsylvania
noxes - plural of "nox", a unit of measurement for dark adaptation in vision
noxon - a town in Montana
noyau - a liqueur of brandy flavored by almonds or peach pits
noyed - annoyed
noyer - an annoyer
noyes - annoys
noyls - noils
noyon - a town in France
nozle - a nozzle
nrita - a purely abstract type of bharata natya dance
nsaba - a first name
ntare - a first name
ntolo - a village in Gabon
nuala - a first name
nuban - of the Nuba region in Sudan
nubar - a first name
nubby - full of protuberances
nubia - a woman's scarf; a region of Africa south of Egypt
nuble - a province in Chile
nucal - pertaining to nuts
nucci - a first name
nucha - the nape of the neck; the spinal cord; the rear part of an insect's middle section
nucin - juglone
nucky - nooky, sexual gratification
nucle - a nutlet, or small nut
nuddy - naked; a nudie
nuder - more naked (I suppose this is possible)
nudes - plural of "nude", a naked portrait
nudge - to jostle or bump into; nudzh
nudgy - like a nudge; full of nudges; constantly nudging
nudie - a first name; a movie with nude actors
nudzh - to nag
nuela - a first name
nueva - an island in Chile
nuffs - plural of "nuff", enough
nugae - trifles
nuggy - a noogie; a hug or kiss
nuhra - a first name
nukak - a tribe of Indians in Colombia
nuked - attacked with nuclear weapons
nuker - one who attacks with nuclear weapons
nukes - microwaves; plural of "nuke", a nuclear weapon
nukey - like a nuclear weapon; involving nuclear weapons
nukie - a scientist who advocates the use of nuclear energy
nukus - a town in Uzbekistan
nulla - a gully
nullo - a game; a person who has voluntarily had himeself castrated
nulls - plural of "null", a special character in computing
nully - a fool
numan - a first name
numbs - anesthetizes
numby - a stupid person
numda - a thick felted Indian or Persian rug
numen - a deity associated with a natural object
numms - a detachable collar that can be worn over a dirty shirt
nummy - delicious
numps - a fool; a stupid person
nunch - a light snack of bread, cheese and beer
nunda - a town in New York
nunez - an island in Chile; a town in Georgia
nungs - plural of "nung", a bale of cloves
nunki - a star in the constellation Sagittarius
nunky - a pawnbroker; an affectionate term of address for an uncle
nunni - blesbok
nunoa - a town in Peru
nunty - an exclamation meaning "Be quiet!"
nuoro - a town in Italy
nupur - a first name
nuque - the back of the neck
nuqui - a town in Colombia
nuran - a first name
nurbs - nonuniform rational B-splines, used in computer graphics (never singular!)
nurds - plural of "nurd", a nerd
nurdi - a first name
nurdy - of or like a nurd
nurek - a town in Tajikistan
nuria - a first name; a town in Spain
nurin - a first name
nuris - a first name
nurit - a first name
nurls - mills; indents
nurrs - plural of "nurr", a knur
nurry - the head; a foster child
nurse - to tend; an attendant
nursy - a nickname for a nurse
nurts - nonsense
nurul - a first name
nushu - a Chinese syllabic script used only by women as a code
nusus - unwillingness to cohabit, on the part of one marital partner
nutsa - a first name
nutso - an insane or irrational person
nutsy - irrational
nutty - madcap; tasting of nuts
nuvia - a first name
nyack - a town in New York
nyaff - an irritating person; a variant of "naff", meaning "fuck"
nyala - a first name; an African antelope; a town in Sudan
nyama - a first name
nyams - an idiot
nyaya - a Hindu philosophical system of logic and epistemology
nydia - a first name
nyeri - a town in Kenya
nyets - plural of "no", a Russian no
nygel - a first name
nyiha - a language
nyiko - a first name
nying - nighing, coming closer
nyire - a first name
nyjah - a first name
nyjer - a first name
nyles - a first name; plural of "nyle", a fog or mist
nylon - an artificial fabric
nymil - a Swedish unit of measurement of distance, equal to 10 kilometers
nymph - a maiden; an immature stage in the life of certain insects
nymss - an ichneumon
nynke - a first name
nyoia - a first name
nyoka - a first name
nyoko - a first name
nyole - a language
nyome - a first name
nyomi - a first name
nyons - a region of France famous for its black olives
nyoro - a Bantu-speaking people of Uganda
nyree - a first name
nyrie - a first name
nyrki - a first name
nysot - a wanton girl
nyssa - a first name; a small genus of trees; an early bishopric in west Anatolia
nyuck - a boisterous laugh; an unimportant person
nyula - a parasitic insect
nyule - a language
nyuya - a town in Siberia
nyxis - a pricking; paracentesis
nzere - a local name for the Congo river
oaked - make of oak
oaken - made of oak
oaker - ochre
oakes - a first name
oakey - tasting of oak
oakie - a first name; a kind of cake
oakly - a first name
oakum - tarred rope; picking apart oakum was a jolly chore in English prison
oared - rowed; having oars
oasal - oasitic, resembling an oasis
oased - formed an oasis
oases - plural of "oasis", a green area in a desert
oasis - a green area in a desert
oasts - plural of "oast", a kiln for drying hops or malt
oaten - of oats
oater - a cowboy movie (a word now seen only in crossword puzzles, the elephant's graveyard of words)
oates - a first name
oaths - plural of "oath", a vow, a curse
oatie - full of oats; tasting of oats
oatsy - full of energy and self-importance
oaves - plural of "oaf", a dolt
obama - a town in Japan
obang - an old Japanese gold coin
obbas - plural of "obba", a Western Nigerian ruler
obbes - plural of "obbe", a variant of "obi"
obbie - a first name
obeah - West African magic
obeke - a village in Sudan
obeli - plural of "obelus", used to mark uncertain passages in old texts
obera - a town in Argentina
obert - a first name
obery - a first name
obese - excessively fat
obeys - hearkens to; submits to authority
obias - plural of "obia", or "obeah"
obied - bewitched
obies - bewitches; sherry; plural of "obie", a Broadway award, a graduate of Oberlin College
obiit - Latin for "died", usually followed by the date of death
obits - plural of "obit", an obituary
objet - something much more expensive than an object
oblat - oblate; a crippled soldier given the benefit or pay of a monk in an abbey
obley - a small flat cake or wafer
obnoc - obnoxious; an obnoxious person
obock - a town in Djibouti
oboes - plural of "oboe", a musical instrument
obole - a unit of weight of 10 or 12 grains; a small French coin
oboli - plural of "obol", an ancient Greek coin, 1/6 of a drachma; plural of "obolus", the sign for division
obolo - a copper coin, used in the Ionian Islands
obols - plural of "obol", an ancient Greek coin, 1/6 of a drachma
obrad - a first name
obrok - a yearly tax paid by Russian peasants engaged in trade
ocala - a city in Florida
ocale - a Florida Indian tribe
ocana - a town in Colombia
occam - a programming language
occur - to happen; to enter the mind
ocean - a first name; a sea
oceon - a first name
ocher - a yellow brown color; a natural pigment of this color
oches - plural of "oche", the line behind which a dart player must stand
ochna - a genus of African and Asiatic trees and shrubs
ochos - plural of "ocho", a tango step in which the dancer's foot describes a figure eight
ochre - variant of "ocher", a yellow brown color; a natural pigment of this color
ochry - of a yellow brown color; containing or like ocher
ocker - a rough boorish Australian male
ocoee - a town in Florida
ocona - a town in Peru
ocote - a resinous Mexican pine
ocque - a unit of weight in Arabia of about 3 pounds
ocras - plural of "ocra", a variant of "okra"
ocrea - a shin-guard; a plant part that forms a sheath
ocros - a town in Peru
octad - a series or group of eight
octal - a base eight numeration system
octan - a fever that recurs every eight days
octas - plural of "octa", okta
octav - a first name
octet - a group of eight
octic - of the eighth degree
octyl - an organic radical
ocuba - a vegetable wax
oculi - plural of "oculus", an eye, a leaf bud
ocuri - a town in Bolivia
odahs - plural of "odah", a room in a harem; an odalisque
odair - a first name
odall - a first name
odals - plural of "odal", land held in absolute tenure
odams - plural of "odam", a son in law
odate - a town in Japan
odder - more odd
oddly - strangely
oddur - a first name
odela - a first name
odele - a first name
odell - a first name
odeon - an ancient Greek music hall
odera - a first name
odesa - the preferred spelling for "Odessa", in Ukraine
odeum - an ancient Greek music hall
odics - plural of "odic", an odylic force
odila - a first name
odile - a first name
odili - a first name
odilo - a first name
odina - a medieval hamlet in Italy
odine - a first name
odion - a first name
odism - a theory involving a hypothetical force of nature called "odyl"
odist - one who composes odes; a proponent of odism
odith - a first name
odium - obloquy; public hatred
odize - to charge with od
odmyl - a volatile liquid obtained by boiling sulfur with linseed oil
odnei - a first name
odolf - a first name
odori - a live Japanese folk or theater dance with rapid footwork
odors - plural of "odor", a smell, rarely pleasant
odour - the British spelling of "odor"
odran - a first name
odsos - plural of "odso", an interjection of surprise
odums - plural of "odum", iroko
odyle - a supposed force of nature that caused magnetism, mesmerism, and so on
odyls - plural of "odyl", a hypothetical force of nature
oecus - an apartment in a Roman dwelling house, often with columns
oelet - an eye, bud or shoot of a plant
oenin - a pigment occurring in the skin of the blue grape
oenoe - a town in Greece
oesel - a Baltic island
ofays - plural of "ofay", a white person
ofbit - devil's bit; scabious
ofemi - a first name
ofena - a town in Italy, 90 miles east of Rome
offal - carrion; "variety meats"; the hot dog
offed - killed
offen - off; to turn off
offer - a proposal
offie - an off-licence establishment (where you can buy liquor to go); a stupid person who is always "off the subject"
ofira - a town in Egypt
oflag - a German POW camp for officers ("Offizier Lager")
ofqui - an isthmus in Chile
ofrat - a first name
often - frequently; (pronouncing the "T" is a bizarre regionalism)
ofter - more often; a regular attender
oftly - frequently
ofuro - a short deep Japanese bathtub
ogaki - a town in Japan
ogama - a village in Japan
ogams - plural of "ogam", variant of "ogham", an Irish alphabet
ogdan - a first name
ogden - a first name; a city in Utah
ogdon - a first name
ogeed - constructed with ogees
ogees - plural of "ogee", an "S" shaped molding
ogens - breasts
oggie - a Cornish pasty
oggin - the sea
oggle - to ogle
ogham - an old Irish alphabet that used lines and notches
oghma - in Irish mythology, the fundamental god
oghuz - ghuz; an ancient Turkish nation
ogier - a first name
ogisi - a first name
ogive - a pointed arch
ogled - stared at
ogler - one who stares
ogles - stares at
ogley - staring; leering
oglio - a dish made by mingling several kinds of meat; a European river
ogmic - oghamic, of or related to the Irish alphabet
ognen - a first name
ogoni - an African ethnic group
ogoun - the Haitian voodoo god of war and fire
ogres - plural of "ogre", a monster
ogwen - a British river
ogyen - a first name
ohara - a modern school of Japanese flower arranging
ohelo - a Hawaiian blueberry
ohian - a resident of Ohio, usually spelled "Ohioan"
ohias - lehua, a tropical tree
ohind - a Hindu kingdom
ohmed - a first name
ohmic - pertaining to electrical resistance
ohone - an exclamation used in lamentation
ohrid - a resort in Macedonia, and a lake between Macedonia and Albania
oiled - applied oil
oiler - one who oils
oinks - plural of "oink", a pig sound
oinky - making pig sounds
oints - anoints
oirat - a people of northwest Asia
oiren - a first name
oirot - an Altaic language
oisin - a first name
ojana - a first name
ojara - a first name
ojars - a first name
ojime - a carved bead used as a clasp
ojito - a town in Mexico
ojiya - a town in Japan
okapi - a type of short-necked giraffe
okays - approves
okbar - a first name
okehs - plural of "okeh", an approval
okeke - a first name
okers - plural of "oker", a variant of "ocher"
okieh - a unit of weight of about 1 ounce
okies - plural of "okie", an Oklahoman
oking - approving
okley - a first name
okobo - traditional Japanese high wooden thongs
okole - the buttocks
okote - variant of "ocote", a resinous Mexican pine
okoth - a first name
okoyo - a town in the Congo
okpho - a town in Myanmar
okras - plural of "okra", a vegetable which, when cooked, resembles snot
okrug - in Slavic countries, an administrative district
oktas - plural of "okta", one eighth of the area of the sky, used in weather reporting
oktay - a first name
okume - Gaboon
okvik - an early phase of the Old Bering Sea culture
okwui - a first name
olaff - a first name
olafs - a first name
oland - a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea
olatz - a first name
olaus - a first name
olave - a first name
olavi - a first name
olbia - an ancient city on the Black Sea; a town in Sardinia
olcay - a first name
olcha - a Tungusic people living near the mouth of the Amur river
olchi - variant of "Olcha", a Tungusic people living near the mouth of the Amur river
olden - ancient; antique
older - more aged
oldie - a vampire song that cannot die, doomed to wander the radio forever
olean - a town in New York
oleas - plural of "olea", a tree of a genus that includes the olive tree
oleda - a first name
oleic - pertaining to or derived from oil
oleim - an oil
olein - a fatty oil
olena - a first name
olene - a first name
olent - odorous; fragrant
oleon - a fatty oil
oleos - plural of "oleo", a margarine; a type of picture
oleta - a first name
oleum - a fuming sulphuric acid; an oil
oleus - a first name
olgen - a first name
olgun - a first name
olhao - a town in Portugal
olida - a first name
oliff - a first name
oligo - referring to a particular kind of nucleotide
olina - a first name
oline - a first name
oling - a lake in China
olios - plural of "olio", a dish of many ingredients
olisa - a first name
oliva - a first name; a genus of carnivorous marine snails; a town in Argentina
olive - a first name; a dark green color; the fruit of a tree
olivy - like an olive; having a moderately dark complexion
ollam - an Irish doctor
ollas - plural of "olla", a wide-mouthed jar
ollav - a learned man among the ancient Irish
olley - a first name
ollie - a first name; a marble
ollye - a first name
olmec - a prehistoric Central American Indian tribe
olmos - a desert; a town in Peru
olner - a first name
olney - a first name; a town in Texas
ology - the theory, apparently, of theory (is there "ismism"?)
olona - a Hawaiian shrub
olpes - plural of "olpe", a Greek leather oil flask
olrik - a first name
olten - a town in Switzerland, on the Aare river
olton - a town in Texas
olvan - a first name
olwen - a first name
olwin - a first name
olwyn - a first name
omagh - a town in Northern Ireland
omaha - a city in Nebraska; an American Indian tribe
omair - a first name
omana - an early port on the Persian Gulf
omani - a native of Oman
omara - a first name
omari - a first name
omarr - a first name
omate - a town in Peru
omati - a Mexican Indian
omber - variant of "umber"; a 3 person card game using 40 cards ( no 8's, 9's or 10's )
ombra - a first name
ombre - shaded or dyed; a 3 person card game using 40 cards ( no 8's, 9's or 10's )
ombus - plural of "ombu", a large South American tree with soft, spongy wood
omdas - plural of "omda", the leader of an Egyptian village
omdeh - the leader of an Egyptian village
omeed - a first name
omega - a first name; a Greek letter, literally the "big O"
omens - plural of "omen", a portent
omero - a first name
omers - plural of "omer", a Hebrew unit of dry measure, one tenth of an ephah; the period after Passover
omesh - a first name
omics - a generic term for areas of biology whose names end in "-omics"
omina - a first name
omino - a tile made of connected squares, backformation from "domino", "triomino", and so on
omits - leaves out
omiya - a town in Japan
omlah - a staff of officials in India
omogo - a town in Uganda
omori - a town in Japan
omrag - a first name; a town in Iran
omrah - a Muslim lord
omrai - a first name
omraj - a first name
omran - a first name
omras - a first name
omrat - a first name
omrau - a first name
omrav - a first name
omraz - a first name
omuls - plural of "omul", a fish still found alive in what is still lake Baikal
omura - a town in Japan
omuta - a seaport in southwest Japan
onaga - the ruby snapper fish
onaye - an arrow poison
oncer - someone who does a thing once only, a trait discouraged by natural selection; a one pound note
onces - plural of "once", a single time
oncet - dialect for "once"
oncia - a unit of weight in Italy
oncin - a medieval weapon with a hooked iron head
oncus - a variant of "onkus", disordered or bad; good or profitable
ondar - a first name
ondes - plural of "onde", hatred
ondit - a bit of gossip
oneal - a first name
oneco - a town in Florida
onega - a lake in Finland; a town in Russia
onegs - plural of "oneg", a meal after Jewish services
oneil - a first name
oneka - a first name
onely - only
onene - a first name
oners - plural of "oner", a single occurrence; a movie scene shot in one continuous take
onery - ornery; irritable
onesy - a one-piece outfit, usually for babies
onfre - a first name
ongar - an English town
ongle - a claw
onias - a first name
onice - a first name
onida - a first name
oniel - a first name
onion - a bulbed vegetable
onish - latish, (as in, "it's getting onish")
onium - characterized by complex cation
onkar - a first name
onkas - plural of "onka", a finger
onkos - a topknot worn on the mask in ancient Greek tragedy
onkus - out of order
onlay - a dental filling that partially overlays a tooth (so brush! floss!)
onmun - the Hankul alphabet
onned - went on and on
onnie - a first name
onoda - a town in Japan
onora - a first name
onsen - a Japanese public bath
onset - a beginning
ontal - pertaining to or having existence
ontic - pertaining to or having existence
onwin - a first name
onyar - a river in Spain
onyda - a first name
onyms - plural of "onym", a species or zoological group
onymy - group nomenclature
onzas - plural of "onza", a leopard-like animal sighted in South America
ooaas - plural of "ooaa", a Hawaiian honeyeater bird found on Kauai
oobit - a woubit, a hairy caterpillar
oodle - backformation from "oodles", a large amount
oofay - ofay; a white person
oofus - an oaf
oogle - to ogle
oohed - expressed wonder
ooher - one who oohs
ooids - plural of "ooid", an egg-shaped concretion of calcium carbonate
oojah - a thingamajig; a whatsit
oojar - a thingamajig; a whatsit
oojas - plural of "ooja", a thingamajig; a whatsit
ookey - dangerous or difficult
oolak - an Eskimo boat; an East Indian river freight boat
oolen - a town in Belgium
oolly - a lump of iron, as wootz, when taken from a crucible
ooman - woman
oomph - a magnetic personality
oonah - a first name
oones - once
oonie - a first name
oonts - plural of "oont", a camel
oopak - a kind of black tea
ooped - bound with thread
oopod - a part of the ovipositor or sting of an insect
oorey - hung over
oorie - shivering with cold; dingy; hung over
oosed - oozed
oosic - a walrus penis bone
oosik - a walrus penis bone
oosta - a lake in North America
ootch - to scootch over
ootid - one of four sections into which a human ovum divides
oozed - seeped out
oozel - a water bird
oozes - seeps out
oozoa - the lowest group of animals, with no nervous system
opahs - plural of "opah", the king fish
opake - a variant of "opaque"
opale - a first name
opals - plural of "opal", a jewel
opata - a people of Sonora, Mexico
opchu - a river in Tibet
opelu - the Pacific mackerel
opens - becomes unobstructed; begins
opepe - a west African tree
opera - a tedious form combining the worst of music and drama
ophel - a biblical place
ophic - of or relating to snakes
ophir - the son of Joktan; a Biblical region containing gold
ophis - the name for the biblical serpent, created by Lilith
ophra - a first name
opies - plural of "opie", a variant of "opium"
opime - abundance
opine - to deliver an opinion
oping - an opening
opium - a narcotic derived from poppies
opiyo - a first name
opole - a town in Poland
oppau - a town in Germany
oppos - plural of "oppo", an opposite number, a mate
oprah - a first name
opsin - a protein component of the visual pigment
opson - the relish portion of a Greek meal
opted - chose
opter - one who chooses
optic - of the eye; of vision; of visible light
opuwo - a town in Namibia
opyes - plural of "opye", a variant of "opium"
orabi - a first name
orach - a kind of spinach, with red or green leaves
oracy - the ability to express and understand oral language
oraib - a first name
orale - a Papal veil, a fanon, a napkin, a scarf
orali - a first name
orals - plural of "oral", an oral examination
orane - a first name
orang - an orangutan
orani - a town in the Philippines
orans - an orant
orant - a female figure in the posture of prayer
oraon - Kurukh; a language
orapa - a town in Botswana
orata - a fish
orate - to speak formally
orbal - circular
orbed - formed in spheres; holding an orb
orbel - a first name
orbic - orbicular
orbit - a repeated path around another object; an eye socket
orcas - plural of "orca", a killer whale
orcha - a town in India; a town in Russia
orchy - a British river
orcia - a river in Italy
orcin - a purple dye
orcus - an abode of the dead
ordal - a trial by ordeal
ordam - first name
order - to demand; to arrange;
ordos - a language; a desert in China; plural of "ordo", a calendar of religious directions
oread - a Greek mythological mountain nymph
oreas - a Greek mythological mountain nymph
orela - a first name
orene - a first name
oreos - plural of "oreo", a cookie; black on the outside, white on the inside
orest - a first name
oreta - a first name
oreti - a river in New Zealand
orewa - a town in New Zealand
orfeo - a first name; an opera by Glueck
orfes - plural of "orfe", a gold fish
orgal - argal; crude tartar
organ - a musical instrument; a body structure
orgia - an orgy
orgic - pertaining to an orgy
orgie - an orgy
orgue - a row of long thick pointed timbers suspended in a passageway to be let down during an attack
orgun - a town in Afghanistan
orhan - a first name
orian - a first name
orias - a demon, the great Marquis of Hell
oribi - a small South African straight-horned antelope
orick - a town in California
oriel - a first name; a mullioned window
orien - a first name
orina - a first name
oring - computing the logical sum of two possibilities
orino - a first name
oriol - a first name; a variant of "oriel"
orion - a first name; the constellation of the hunter
oriya - an Indian language
orjan - a first name
orjen - a mountain in Montenegro
oriya - an Indian language
orkey - a coin
orkun - a first name
orkut - a first name
orkyn - a coin
orlam - a South African people
orlan - a first name
orlee - a first name
orles - plural of "orle", a heraldic border
orley - a first name
orlie - a first name
orlin - a first name
orlon - an artificial fabric
orlop - the lowest deck of a ship, smelly, dark and wet, unpopular except during a battle
orlos - plural of "orlo", a flat plinth
orlyn - a first name
orman - a first name
ormer - an ear-shell or abalone
ormia - a kind of fly
ormon - a first name
ormuz - a Persian town, also known as Hormuz
ornan - a first name
orney - a first name
ornia - a first name
ornis - the avifauna or birds of a region
oroch - an Altaic language
oromo - a Cushite language and a people of Ethiopia
orono - a first name; a town in Maine
orpah - a first name
orpha - a first name
orpin - a yellow pigment
orpit - fretful
orran - a first name
orrea - a first name
orren - a first name
orrey - a first name
orric - a first name
orrie - a first name
orrin - a first name; a British river
orris - a first name; gold or silver lace; a flowering plant
orrow - odd, occasional, miscellaneous
orsat - an apparatus for gas analysis
orsay - a district of Paris
orsel - a first name
orsen - a first name
orsha - a town in Belarus which Napoleon passed through
orsin - a first name
orson - a first name; a rough or uncouth fellow
ortet - the original plant from which members of a clone have descended
ortho - concerning full color reproduction; derived from an acid in the highest hydrated form
ortis - a first name
orton - a first name; a river in Bolivia
ortyx - an American quail
oruro - a city in western Bolivia, the ancient capital
orval - a first name; the herb clary; a town in Belgium
orvie - a first name
orvil - a first name
orvin - a first name
orvon - a first name
orwin - a first name
oryal - a variant of "oriel"
oryna - a firstname
oryza - a grass genus; rice
orzos - plural of "orzo", a rice-shaped pasta
osage - an American Indian tribe
osaka - a Japanese seaport
osama - a first name
osann - a kind of stitch
osars - plural of "os", an eskar of great length
osbia - a first name
osbon - a first name
oscan - an early Italian people and their language
oscar - a first name; a film award; a kind of aquarium fish
osela - a medal of a bird, awarded by the doge to nobles on New Year's Day
oseye - a first name
oshac - a gum plant
oshai - a first name
oshay - a first name
oshea - a first name
osher - an Islamic tax payable as a part of the harvest
oshri - a first name
oside - glycoside
osiel - a first name
osier - a willow
osimo - a town in Italy
osita - a first name
oskar - a first name
osker - a first name
oskie - in football, an interception
osman - a first name; a Turkish sultan, founder of the Ottoman dynasty
osmar - a first name
osmel - a first name
osmen - a first name
osmer - a first name
osmia - a family of solitary bees
osmic - of osmium
osmin - a first name
osmol - a unit of osmotic pressure
osnat - a first name
osner - a first name
osney - a town close to Oxford
osone - soluble compounds obtained by hydrolyzing osazones with HCl
osram - a mixture of osmium and wolfram
osred - a first name
osric - a first name
ossal - osteal
osseo - a town in Minnesota; a town in Wisconsin
osses - plural of "osse", a prophetic utterance
osset - a native of Ossetia
ossia - "or else", used in musical directions to indicate an alternative passage
ossie - a first name; an East German
ossip - a first name
ostad - a first name
ostap - a first name
osten - a first name
ostia - the port city of Rome, plural of "ostium", a body organ opening
ostic - pertaining to an American Indian language of the Iroquois, Wyandots, and others
ostin - a first name
ostra - a town in Italy
ostyn - a first name
osubi - a first name
osumi - a Japanese island
osvin - a first name
oswin - a first name
oswyn - a first name
osyth - a first name
otago - a town in New Zealand
otaku - a person with an all-consuming enthusiasm, such as for computers or anime
otamy - a surgical operation
otaru - a Japanese seaport on the west coast of Hokkaido
otary - a genus of seals
otata - an island in New Zealand
otate - a giant grass used for making baskets
otava - a river in the Czech Republic
oteil - a first name
otero - a county in Colorado
otess - a first name
otger - a first name
other - different
othin - a variant of "Odin"
othon - a first name
othor - a first name
otics - plural of "otic", a medicine for the ear
otila - a first name
otkon - an indwelling spirit in the Iroquois tradition
otman - a first name
otmar - a first name
otoes - plural of "Otoe", a Sioux Indian
otomi - an indigenous people of Mexico
otomo - a first name; a clan territory of western Japan
otrar - a town in central Asia
ottah - a first name
ottar - a first name; attar; an aromatic oil
otter - a sea mammal; a fishing device
ottey - a first name
ottie - a first name
ottis - a first name; plural of "otti", attar
ottla - a first name
otton - a first name
ottos - plural of "otto", attar
otuke - a people of Paraguay
otway - a bay in Chile
oubit - a hairy caterpillar
oucht - ought
oudad - an African sheep
ought - should; nought
ouham - a river in the Central African Republic
ouida - a first name
ouija - a planchette or the necromantic board associated with it
ouisa - a first name
oujda - a town in Morocco
oukia - a unit of weight in Arabia
oulap - a penny
oulks - plural of "oulk", a week
ouman - a veteran
oumar - a first name
oumas - plural of "ouma", an American Indian tribe
ounce - a unit of weight; a unit of volume; snow-leopard
ounds - zounds
oundy - wavy; scalloped
ouped - bound with thread
ouphe - an oaf; an elf, sprite or goblin
ouphs - plural of "ouph", an oaf; an elf
oural - a light yellowish green color
ouray - a town in Colorado
ouren - a town in Belgium
oureq - a river in northern France
ourie - shivering with cold; depressing; dismal
ousel - a blackbird
ouses - plural of "ouse", bark for tanning
ousia - true being
ousts - ejects from office
outas - an outcry
outby - outdoor; an out-going train
outdo - to do better than
outed - exposed; ejected
outel - a first name
outen - Pennsylvania Dutch for "turn off" a light; slang for "out of"
outer - on the outside
outgo - total expenditure
outie - a belly button that protrudes
outjo - a town in Africa
outly - to lie outside
outre - bizarre
outro - the companion to an "intro", a postscript or exit piece
outsy - a protruding belly button
outta - slang for "out of"
ouvre - a body of artistic work
ouzai - a town in Lebanon
ouzel - a blackbird; a British river
ouzes - oozes
ouzos - plural of "ouzo", a vile Greek liqueur and paint remover
ovala - a village in Azerbaijan
ovale - relating to a malarial parasite
ovali - a village in India
ovalo - an unincorporated community in Texas
ovals - plural of "oval", an ellipse
ovalu - an island in Fiji
ovant - triumphant
ovary - an egg-producing organ
ovate - egg-shaped; to give an ovation
ovens - plural of "oven", a furnace or stove
overs - plural of "over", a cricket term
overt - unhidden; explicit
ovest - an acorn
oveta - a first name
ovide - a first name
ovile - relating to sheep
ovine - relating to sheep
ovism - a biological doctrine that the egg contains all the organs of the future animal
ovist - one who believes in ovism
ovoid - shaped like an egg
ovolo - an architectural convex molding
ovula - a genus of marine snails
ovule - a rudimentary seed
ovums - plural of "ovum", an egg
ovunc - a first name
owain - a first name
owais - a first name
owche - a variant of "ouch", an expression of pain; a jewel socket
owego - a town in New York
owena - a first name
owens - a first name
owest - a Biblical form of "owe"
oweth - a Biblical form of "owe"
owght - an obsolete form of "ought"
owher - anywhere
owing - in debt to another; due to
owled - smuggled wool or sheep from England
owler - a person or ship who smuggles wool or sheep from England; one who hoots or stares
owlet - a young owl
owned - possessed
owner - a possesser
owney - a first name
owres - plural of "owre", the wild fox
owrie - dingy
owsen - a variant form of "oxen"
owser - "liquor" or oozings from a tanner's vat
owses - plural of "owse", a variant of "owser"
owuor - a first name
owynn - a first name
owzel - a bird
oxala - a first name; a god of Candomble, a Brazilian Macumba sect
oxalm - a sour sauce
oxana - a first name
oxane - a first name; a chemical compound
oxbot - a botfly that preys on cattle
oxbow - a yoke; a riverbend
oxboy - a boy who tends oxen
oxers - plural of "oxer", a stiff fence and hedge to contain livestock
oxeye - a flower; a shoebird
oxfly - a fly that pesters cattle
oxide - a first name; a chemical compound
oxido - a chemical compound
oxids - plural of "oxid", an oxide
oxime - a chemical compound
oxims - plural of "oxim", an oxime
oxine - 8-hydroxyquinoline
oxlip - a species of primrose
oxman - a man who tends oxen
oxmen - plural of "oxman", a man who tends oxen
oxted - a town in England
oxter - the armpit
oyabe - a town in Japan
oyama - a first name
oyami - a town in Japan
oyana - a town in Congo; a tribe in Surinam
oyers - plural of "oyer", a legal writ
oylet - an eyelet; an oillet
oyrat - an Altaic language
ozada - an abandoned mining town in the Canadian Rockies
ozala - a town in Congo
ozama - a first name; a river in the Dominican Republic
ozana - a first name; a river in South America
ozara - a first name
ozark - an American mountain chain
ozcan - a first name
ozdil - a first name
ozeki - a Sumo champion just below the grand champion
ozell - a first name
ozena - an ulcer; a discharge of fetid matter from the nostril
ozgur - a first name
ozias - a first name
oziel - a first name
ozier - a molded basket-weave pattern in tableware
ozkan - a first name
ozker - a first name
ozlem - a first name
ozone - a form of oxygen
ozora - a first name
ozrad - a first name
ozzie - a first name
paage - a toll for passage over another person's land
paani - a first name
paard - the zebra
paarl - a town in South Africa
paata - a first name
paauw - a South African bustard
paavo - a first name
pable - a first name
pablo - a first name
pacas - plural of "paca", a large South American spotted rodent
pacay - a small arboreal guama
paced - walked back and forth; regulated one's effort
pacer - one who paces
paces - plural of "pace", a tempo; a step; a unit of length, about 18 inches
pacey - a first name; pace-setting, trendy
pacha - a pasha; an Iraqi liquor made by boiling goat heads until the bones dissolve into a creamy froth
pacho - a town in Colombia
pachy - a first name
packs - puts in containers; plural of "pack", a knapsack
packy - a first name; the head
pacoh - a language
pacos - plural of "paco", the alpaca
pacta - plural of "pactum", a pact or treaty
pacts - plural of "pact", a treaty
pacus - plural of "pacu", a South American freshwater fish
padad - a first name
padaf - a town in Senegal
padag - a town in Pakistan
padah - a town in Afghanistan
padak - a first name
padan - a first name
padar - coarse flour or meal
padas - a river in Borneo
padaw - a town in Burma
padda - a genus of birds including the Java sparrow
paddo - Paddington, a suburb of Sydney
paddy - a first name; an Irishman; a rice field
paden - a first name; a town in Oklahoma
padge - a barn owl
padle - a hoe
padma - a first name; a lotus
pados - a first name
padow - a paddock; a toad
padra - black tea
padre - a priest
padri - plural of "padre", a priest
padua - a city in Italy
padus - a genus of shrubs and trees; the ancient name of the Po river
paean - a song of praise, joy, or triumph
paeon - a poetical foot containing four syllables, one long and three short
paffs - plural of "paff", jargon
pagan - a heathen; a town in central Burma
paged - turned pages in a book; called one's name
pagen - a first name
pager - an electronic message device
pages - turns pages in a book; plural of "page", an attendant; a leaf of a book
paget - a first name
pagle - a cowslip or oxlip
pagne - an African article of clothing
pagod - a pagoda; an Indian idol
pagri - an Indian head covering
pagus - a county division
pahis - plural of "pahi", a large war canoe used in the Society Islands
pahit - a drink made from 1/2 ounce bitters and 1 1/2 ounces of gin
pahmi - a bobac; a ferret-badger
pahos - plural of "paho", a Hopi prayer stick
pahra - a town in Afghanistan
pahua - a kind of clam
paien - pagan
paige - a first name
paiks - beats
paili - a first name
pails - plural of "pail", a bucket
paily - like a pail
paine - a first name; a town in Chile
pains - plural of "pain", an ache
paint - a coloring
painy - like pain; causing pain
paipa - a town in Colombia
paire - appair
pairk - a park
pairs - plural of "pair", a group of two
paisa - a Pakistani coin; money
paise - plural of "paisa", a Pakistani coin
paita - a seaside town in Peru
paiza - a medallion used in the Yuan dynasty as a passport
pajan - a town in Ecuador
paker - a vagrant
pakis - plural of "Paki", a denigrating term
pakka - pukka
pakri - a town in Estonia
pakse - a city in southern Laos
palak - a first name
palar - resembling a stake
palas - a Punjab bean; an East Indian tree known as the dhak
palau - a group of Pacific islands
palay - the ivory tree; rice at any stage prior to husking
palca - a town in Bolivia
palea - an inner husk; a small chaffy bract or scale
paled - became fainter
palek - a first name
palen - a lake in North America
paleo - anything ancient; anything decrepit; anything extremely out-of-date
paler - fainter
pales - becomes fainter; the Roman goddess of cattle; plural of "pale", a vertical heraldic division; a boundary; a fence post
palet - a small chaffy bract
paley - a first name
palio - a horse-racing festival in Ferrara
palki - a palanquin
palla - a first name; an ancient Roman full outer robe or wrap worn outdoors by women
palle - a first name
palli - a member of a Sudra caste of field laborers
palls - loses flavor or meaning
pallu - a first name; Joseph's nephew
pally - like good friends; a unit of weight in Calcutta
palma - a first name; a city in Majorca; one of the Canary Islands
palmi - a town in Italy
palmo - a unit of measure in Brazil
palms - plural of "palm", a tree; the flat of the hand; a unit of measurement of 3 inches
palmy - flourishing; full of palms
palos - a port city in southwest Spain
palpa - a town in Nepal; a town in Peru
palpi - plural of "palpus", a jointed feeler
palps - plural of "palp", a sensory organ of an arthropod
palpy - like an insect's organ of touch
palsa - a mound of earth pushed up near a glacier's edge
palsy - paralysis; friendly
palta - an avocado
palts - plural of "palt", rubbish
palus - a slender upright calcareous process that is part of some corals; a French wine
palux - a river in Washington state
palvi - a first name
pamby - in the phrase "namby pamby", babyish, excessively cute, effeminate
pamir - a mountainous area in Tajikistan and Kirghizstan
pammi - a first name
pammy - a first name
pampa - a first name; a South American grassland; a town in Texas
panao - a town in Peru
panas - a first name
panax - ginseng; a genus of trees and shrubs
panay - an island in the Philippines
pance - the pansy flower
panch - a thick mat
pancy - the pansy flower
panda - a Chinese bear; a Chinese one ounce gold coin
pandi - a first name
pando - a department of Bolivia; a town in Uruquay
pands - plural of "pand", a narrow curtain over a bed
pandu - a first name
pandy - a first name; a slap on the open hand; to strike with the hand; a mutinous native soldier; mashed potatoes
paned - variegated; glazed
panel - a list; a committee; a sheet of material; a schedule
panem - bread
panes - plural of "pane", a sheet of glass
panga - a large knife; a machete; a village in Indonesia
pangi - a Malayan tree
pangs - plural of "pang", a sharp pain
pania - a Belizian of Spanish descent
panic - a sudden and violent fear or madness
panie - a mountain peak in New Caledonia
panim - paynim
panis - bread
panka - a first name
panks - pants; breathes heavily
panna - a first name; a town in India
panne - a lustrous velvet fabric with a loose flat nap
panni - plural of "pannus", a vascular tissue that can obscure the cornea
panno - a minor boss
panny - the highway
panom - a first name
panos - a first name
pansy - a first name; a flower; a homosexual
panto - a pantomime performance (the highlight of a British Christmas)
pants - trousers; plural of "pant", a short, labored breath
panty - a pair of women's underpants
panxi - a region of China's Sichuan province
panya - a first name; a Spanish person
panym - panim
panyu - a town in China, near Hong Kong, with a crocodile park
paola - a first name
paoli - plural of "paolo", an obsolete papal coin
paolo - a first name; an old Italian silver coin
paoua - a town in the Central African Republic
papad - a sort of tortilla made from lentil flour
papal - of the pope
papar - a town in Borneo
papas - a European cape; plural of "papa", a father
papaw - the pawpaw, a North American fruit tree
papel - a language
paper - a journal; a sheet; an essay
papes - money; plural of "pape", a pope; painted bunting
papey - an Icelandic island
papio - a genus consisting of the typical baboon; a Hawaiian fish
papni - a first name
pappi - plural of "pappus"
pappu - a first name
pappy - a father; succulent; like pap
papua - a large island north of Australia
papun - a town in Burma
parab - a parabolic reflector, often used to gather ambient or background noise
parae - plural of "para", a woman delivered of a specific number of children
parag - a first name
parah - a unit of volume of about 15 gallons
paran - a town in Israel
parao - one of the Caroline islands
paras - a first name; plural of "para", a monetary unit of Yugoslavia or Turkey; a paramilitary soldier; a woman delivered of a specific number of children
parca - a Roman goddess of fate and childbirth
parch - to dry out or desiccate
parde - a variant of "perdieu", meaning "by God", an oath
pardi - perdieu, "by God", an oath
pardo - pardao, a half rupiah coin of Portuguese India; a river in Brazil
pards - plural of "pard", a leopard
pardy - perdieu, "by God", an oath
pared - cut; shaved; trimmed
paree - a first name; a humorous spelling of the French pronunciation of "Paris"
parel - apparel; an egg preparation used to clarify wine
paren - a parenthesis
pareo - a pareu, a Polynesian wrap
parer - trimmer
pares - trims
pareu - a Polynesian wrap or lavalava
parge - to cover with plaster
pargo - a food fish, the porgy
paria - a tributary of the Colorado river; a bay in Tobago
parin - a first name
paris - a first name; a city in France; a European herb; the abductor of Helen
parit - an Asian cape
parji - a language
parka - a fur coat with hood
parke - a first name
parki - an article of clothing
parks - a first name; plural of "park", a recreational woodland
parky - cold; chilly
parla - a first name
parle - a first name; to parley; to talk or negotiate
parly - a group of owls
parma - a city in Italy
parme - a Parma violet
parni - a body of water
parnu - a town in Estonia
parol - oral; by word of mouth
paroo - a river in Australia
paros - one of the Cyclades Islands
parps - sounds a car horn
parra - jacana; Parramatta, a suburb of Sydney
parro - paranoid
parrs - plural of "parr", a young salmon
parry - a first name; to ward off an attack
parsa - an ancient satrapy, also called Persis
parse - to analyze
parsi - a Parsee
parti - an eligible suitor; the basic scheme of an architectural design
parto - a unit of weight in Malta
parts - pieces; separates
party - a festival; a faction
parul - a first name
parus - the type genus of Paridae, including the titmouse
parva - Latin meaning "small" or "lesser"
parve - not containing meat or milk products
parvo - parvovirus, a disease of dogs
parys - a first name
pasan - a besoar goat; an oryx
pasay - a town in the Philippines
pasch - Passover
pasco - a first name; a town in the state of Washington
paseo - a leisurely walk
pases - plural of "pase", a movement of a matador's cape
pasha - a first name; a Turkish governor
pashe - a first name
pashm - the underfur of upland goats of Kashmir
pashy - a first name; passionate
pasig - a river passing through Manila in the Philippines
pasko - a first name
pasks - plural of "pask", a variant of "Pasch"
pasmo - a fungal disease of flax
pasni - a town in Pakistan
paspy - passepied
passe - out of fashion
passi - a section of Paris
passo - a unit of measure in Brazil
passy - a pacifier; a town in France
pasta - noodles
paste - a glue
pasto - a city in southwest Colombia
pasts - plural of "past", history; bygone time
pasty - glutinous; a patty; a pie
pasuk - a first name; a verse of the Torah
pasul - declared unfit for Jewish ceremonial use by rabbinic law
patan - Lalitpur, a town in Nepal
patao - a town in the Dominican Republic
patas - a reddish colored long-tailed West African monkey
patay - a town in France, site of a famous battle
patch - a small area; to repair; a jester
pated - having a head
patee - in heraldry, describing a cross whose arms get wider as they extend
patek - a first name
patel - the headman of an Indian village
paten - a first name; a patin; a eucharistic plate
pater - the father of a twit
pates - plural of "pate", a head
paths - plural of "path", a walkway
pathy - containing many paths; a pathologist
patia - a first name; a city and river in Colombia
patin - a first name; a eucharistic plate
patio - a courtyard
patka - a head scarf used by Sikh men
patly - aptly; fitly; in a self-satisfied way
patna - a city in northeast India, on the Ganges
paton - a first name
patos - a South American cape; a town in Brazil; a town in Albania
patra - a first name
patsi - a first name
patsy - a first name; a stooge or cat's paw
patta - a town in India
patte - a first name; a decorative sash-band; in heraldry, describing a cross whose arms get wider as they extend
patti - a first name
pattu - a homespun woolen fabric
patty - a first name; a small pie
patxi - a first name
patzi - a first name
pauas - plural of "paua", the abalone
pauca - an interjection meaning "Be quiet!"
paugy - the porgy, or scup
pauky - pawky
paula - a first name
paule - a first name
pauli - a first name
paulo - a first name
pauls - a first name; plural of "paul", a variant of "pawl"
pauly - a first name
paums - palms off by fraud
paune - pone
pauri - a town in India
pausa - in musical notation, a rest
pause - an interruption; a delay
pausy - full of pauses
paute - a town in Ecuador
pauto - a river in Colombia
pauts - paws the ground
pauws - plural of "pauw", the South African bustard
pauxi - a currasow
pavan - a stately dance that was all the rage in the 16th century
pavas - plural of "pava", a kind of hat popular in Puerto Rico
paved - build a road surface
pavee - an itinerant Jewish merchant
pavel - a first name
paven - a variant of "pavan", a dance; paved
paver - a builder of road surfaces
paves - builds a road surface
pavey - the pavement or sidewalk
pavia - a first name; a city in northern Italy, with 100 towers
pavid - timid
pavie - a neat trick
pavin - a variant of "pavan", a dance
pavis - a whole-body shield used in the Middle Ages
pavit - a first name
pavla - a first name
pavle - a first name
pavli - a first name
pavol - a first name
pavon - a lance pennon; a town in Mexico
pavos - plural of "pavo", a peacock
pawan - a first name; a river in Borneo
pawas - plural of "pawa", the abalone
pawat - a first name
pawaw - a powwow
pawed - fingered
pawel - a first name
pawer - a fingerer
pawks - plural of "pawk", a small lobster
pawky - clumsy, thickwitted; cunning, artful (explain this!)
pawls - plural of "pawl", a check stop mechanism
pawns - obtains a loan with a pledge; plural of "pawn", a patsy; a chess piece
paxes - in Christian worship, the kiss of peace
paxke - a town in Laos
paxon - a first name
paxos - a Greek island
payal - a first name
payam - a first name
payao - a first name
payas - a town in Turkey; plural of "paya", a Honduran Indian
payat - a first name
payed - remunerated
payee - one who is remunerated
payen - a pagan
payer - one who remunerates
payge - a first name
paygo - describing a "pay as you go" pension system that transfers money from workers to retirees
payne - a first name
payni - a month in the old Egyptian calendar
payns - plural of "payn", bread
payol - a mixed race person
payor - a payer
payre - a European cape
paysd - poised
payse - poise
payta - a town in Peru
pazia - a first name
pazin - a town in Croatia
pazit - a first name
pazna - a town in Bolivia
peace - a first name; tranquility
peach - to divulge; a hairy juicy fruit of no known use save for the production of cyanide
peage - wampum; a toll paid to pass
peags - plural of "peag", wampum
peaks - plural of "peak", a summit
peaky - sickly, weak; piqued
peals - rings loudly and clearly
pealy - full of peals; like a peal
peamy - a pea seller
peans - plural of "pean", a paean
peard - a bay in Alaska
peare - to peer
pearl - a first name; a gem; a type size of 5 points
pears - a first name; plural of "pear", an unpleasant, insipid, allegedly edible fruit
peart - lively; perky
peary - like a pear; full of pears
pearu - a first name
pease - peas
peats - plural of "peat", decayed vegetable matter used as fuel
peaty - containing peat
peaus - plural of "peau", a fabric similar to skin, and easier to obtain in stores
peavy - a lumberman's cant hook
peaze - peise
peban - a South American tribe
pebas - plural of "peba", an armadillo
pecal - picul
pecan - a nut
pecco - pekoe
pecha - a first name
pechs - plural of "pech", a short labored breath
pecht - a Pict
pecin - a town in Albania
pecke - to pitch or jerk
pecks - pokes at with the mouth or beak; plural of "peck", a unit of volume
pecky - decaying with fungus; covered with peck marks
pecos - a Texas river; to shoot a man and roll his body into a river
pects - plural of "pect", a pectoral muscle
pecul - a unit of weight of about 133 pounds
pedal - a foot lever; of the foot
pedee - a Siouan people of the Pee Dee river; a serving boy
peder - a first name
pedes - plural of "pes", a foot, and an ancient Roman unit of length, about 29.57 cm
pedis - plural of "pedi", a pedicure
pedja - a first name
pedro - a first name; a card game that is a variety of seven-up
pedum - a shepherd's crook
peece - a variant of "piece"
peeko - a brief glance around
peeks - sneaks a look at
peeky - worn out, tired, weak
peele - a South African antelope with straight, sharp horns
peels - removes the outer covering
peene - a river in northeast Germany
peens - plural of "peen", the rounded end of a hammer
peeoy - a cone of damp gunpowder used as a firework
peepe - pip
peeps - sneaks a look at; chirps; baby chicks; marshmallow chickens
peepy - sleepy
peers - a first name; looks at intently; plural of "peer", one of equal rank
peert - peart, lively
peery - a peg-top; prying or inquisitive; suspicious; sly; shy
peety - cheerful
peeve - to annoy
peevy - a lumberman's cant hook
pegah - a first name
pegge - a first name
peggi - a first name
peggy - a first name; a warbler
peghs - breathes heavily
peght - a Pict
pegms - plural of "pegm", a moving machine once used in pageants
pegos - plural of "pego", a penis
pehri - a first name
pehry - a first name
peibo - a river in China
peigi - a first name
peiho - a river in China
peine - a form of torture in which the victim is slowly pressed to death; a town in Germany
peins - plural of "pein", a peen
peise - to weigh; to measure; to press on
peixe - a lake in South America
peize - a weight; a balance; to press
pejan - a first name
pekah - a first name
pekan - the fisher-martin
pekes - plural of "Peke", a Pekinese dog
pekin - a fine soft silk fabric; a hardy yellow-white duck developed in China; an old name for Beijing, China; a town in Illinois
pekka - a first name
pekoe - a kind of black tea
pelas - plural of "pela", white wax from a scale insect
pelee - a volcano that erupted in 1902
peleg - a first name
peles - a fortified tower, common in the Middle Ages
pelew - another name for Palau
pelfs - plural of "pelf", money or possessions or spoils
pelin - a first name
pella - a ruined city in north Greece, capital of ancient Macedonia, birthplace of Alexander
pello - a first name
pells - plural of "pell", a parchment roll
pelly - a town in Saskatchewan
pelma - the sole of the foot
pelon - hairless
pelta - a light Greek shield; an apothecium
pelts - throws or falls in great amounts; plural of "pelt", an animal skin
pelty - pelting; like a pelt
pelym - a town in western Siberia
pemba - a first name; an island near the east coast of equatorial Africa
penal - relating to punishment
penan - a Malay people
penas - a gulf in Chile
pence - plural of "penny", an English coin
penco - a town in Chile
penda - a first name; an Australian timber tree
pende - a language; a town in the Central African Republic
pends - is due to happen
pened - peened
penee - a first name
pener - a penis
penes - plural of "penis", an organ of the male reproductive system
penge - a town in England, site of the infamous Penge Bungalow murders
pengo - a monetary unit of Hungary; an Indian language
pengu - Pescadores
penie - a penny
penis - an organ of the male reproductive system
penki - a town in China also known as Benxi
penks - plural of "penk", a minnow
penli - a first name
penly - a first name
penna - a first name; a feather
penne - a kind of hollow cylindrical pasta
penni - a first name; a kind of pastry; a Finnish coin
penny - a first name; an English coin
pensy - pensive; thoughtful
pents - plural of "pent", a penthouse
penza - a town in western Russia
peola - a first name; a light skinned black person
peons - plural of "peon", an unskilled laborer
peony - a first name; like a peon; a kind of flower
pepes - a first name
pepin - a first name; the father of Charlemagne
pepos - plural of "pepo", a gourdlike fruit with a hard exterior and pulpy interior
peppe - a first name
peppi - a first name
peppy - a first name; energetic
pepst - drunk
peqin - a town in Albania
peque - a town in Spain
perai - pirai, Piranha
perak - a state of Malaysia
peral - a first name
peran - a first name
perau - a coin
perca - the type genus of Percidae
perce - a first name; to pierce
perch - a pole; a unit of measurement of length of 5.5 yards; a fish
perci - a first name
percy - a first name
perdu - lost; hidden; a soldier sent on a suicidal mission
perdy - a first name; perdieu, "by God", an oath
perea - the aperea, or South American cavy
perec - a first name
perel - apparel
peres - plural of "pere", a father
perfs - plural of "perf", a perforation; a performance
perga - a town in Turkey
perge - an ancient Greek town in Anatolia
perhe - a town in Burma
peria - a county in Iran; a river in New Zealand
perie - a soft capsule containing medicine
perif - a peripheral cable
perig - a first name
peril - danger
perim - a Yemeni island
perio - a shortened version of "periodontics"
peris - plural of "peri", a paradisiacal nymph
perit - a moneyer's unit of weight equal to 1/20 droit or 1/9600 grain
perka - a first name
perks - plural of "perk", a perquisite; a tablet of Percodan
perky - smart; lively
perla - a first name; a town in Arkansas
perle - a first name; a soft gelatin capsule for enclosing medicine
perli - a first name
perlo - a first name; a pilaf, or savory stew
perly - a first name
perms - plural of "perm", a "permanent" curling treatment to hair
perns - plural of "pern", the honey buzzard
perps - plural of "perp", short for "perpetrator", meaning criminal
perri - a first name
perry - a first name; pear cider; a blast of wind; a British river
perse - a first name; the mother of Circe; a dark blue color; a dark blue fabric
persi - a first name
persp - perspiration
perst - pierced
perth - a first name; a city in Scotland; a city in Australia
perts - plural of "pert", an impudent person
perty - cowboy slang for "pretty"
perun - a Slavic storm god
perve - a pervert
pervo - a pervert
pervs - plural of "perv", a pervert
pervy - a pervert; perverted
pesah - a first name; the Jewish feast of Passover
pesco - "fish", used in the phrase "pesco vegetarian"
pesky - bothersome
pesos - plural of "peso", a monetary unit of Mexico
pessa - a coin
pesto - an Italian sauce; another name for Posidonia
pests - plural of "pest", a varmint; an annoyance
pesty - annoying
pesya - a first name
petah - a first name
petal - a part of a flower
petar - a first name; a petard
peter - a first name; a blue flag; to diminish to nothing; a penis
petey - a first name
petie - a first name
petit - mignon; petty; little
petou - a first name; a town in French Polynesia; an Afghan cloak
petra - a first name; a city carved in rock, in Jordan
petre - a first name; saltpeter
petri - a first name; a shallow glass dish used in biology
petro - a first name; petroleum
petru - a first name
petta - a first name
petti - a first name; a petticoat; plural of "petto", the breast
petto - literally, the breast, figuratively the heart, in the phrase "in petto"
petty - minor; small-minded
petur - a first name
petya - a first name
peuhl - the Fulani tribe of Niger
peumo - a town in Chile
peura - afraid of
pevas - a town in Peru
pevek - a town in Siberia
pewee - a small flycatching bird
pewit - the lapwing
peyes - the uncut forelocks of an Orthodox Jewish man
peyot - sidelocks
peyre - a town in France
peyse - peise
peyye - variant of "peye", an uncut forelock of an Orthodox Jewish man
pezzo - an Italian coin (literally, a "piece")
pfalz - the Palatinate, a region of Germany
pffft - suggesting the sound of air rushing out, or a sudden collapse
pfiff - an Austrian unit of measurement
pfotz - the vagina
pfund - a German monetary unit, cognate to the "pound"
phaet - a second-magnitude star, Alpha Columbae
phage - an organism that consumes bacteria
phane - a variant of "fane"
phang - fang
phani - a first name
phano - a fanon, a napkin, a scarf
phant - a sheet of glass used in the theater for projected ghost illusions
phaon - a first name; a boatman
phare - a lighthouse
phari - a town in Tibet
pharm - a place where genetically modified plants and animals are produced for pharmaceutical use
pharo - faro, a game of chance
pharr - a town in Texas
phase - a stage, level, or station
phasm - an apparition; a phantom; a meteor
pheal - the cry of a jackal
pheba - a first name
phebe - a first name; the small American flycatcher
pheby - a first name
pheer - a companion
phemy - a first name
phene - benzene
pheno - phenobarbitol
pheny - a first name
pheof - a first name
pheon - the broad arrow, used in heraldry
phese - feeze
phewa - a lake in northern India
phewy - pfui, an exclamation of disgust
phfft - done for; finished; kaput
phial - a vial; a small glass medicine bottle
phila - a first name
phili - a first name
phill - a first name
philo - a first name
phils - a shortening of the name of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team
phish - to pose as a customer service representative, attempting to get user ID's
phlox - a flower
phlug - a foolish old married woman
phoby - the phoby cat, the little spotted skunk; a dread of water
phoca - the seal genus
phoef - a first name
phohs - plural of "phoh", an interjection of disgust
phoma - a large form genus of imperfect fungi
phone - the telephone
phono - the phonograph
phons - plural of "phon", a unit of loudness
phony - fake; insincere
phool - a first name; a dish of fava beans, tomatoes and onions
phora - a genus of small flies
phose - a subjective visual sensation
phoss - phosphorus, as used by burglars in the early 19th century for illumination
photo - a photograph
phots - plural of "phot", a unit of luminous flux per area
phpht - an expression of annoyance
phrag - the common term for the phragmipedium plant
phred - a first name
phren - the mind
phrog - a double rotor helicopter used during the Vietnam War
phtia - a variant spelling of "Phthia", a town in Greece
phuoc - a first name
phuok - a first name
phuts - plural of "phut", a dull abrupt sound
phutz - to rob; to swindle
phuza - to drink
phyfe - a first name
phyla - plural of "phylum", a classification of living things
phyle - an ancient Greek political division
phyll - a first name
phyma - a tubercle
physa - a genus of air-breathing snails
pials - plural of "pial", a spinal cord membrane
piana - a town in Corsica
piano - a musical instrument, originally "piano-forte"; quiet
pians - plural of "pian", a tropical disease
piask - a town in Poland
piast - a member of the native Polish nobility
piats - plural of "piat", an anti-tank mortar
piaui - a mountain and state in Brazil
piave - an Italian river
piawe - a town in Papua New Guinea
piber - a town in Austria, home of the Lippizzaner horses
picae - an order of birds
pical - similar to a pica
picas - plural of "pica", a craving to eat dirt, clay, chalk or other matter
piccy - a picture
picea - a spruce genus
pices - plural of "pice", a small copper coin of the East Indies
picey - mean
pichi - a Peruvian shrub
picke - a small plot of land enclosed with a hedge
picks - plural of "pick", a choice; a digging tool; a guitar implement
picky - choosy
picol - a picul, a unit of weight of 133 pounds or 100 catties
picot - an ornamental lace border
picra - powdered aloe
picts - plural of "pict", an ancient Scottish people
picul - a unit of weight of 133 pounds or 100 catties
picus - a woodpecker; an ancient Italian agricultural god
pidan - duck eggs preserved in brine, lime, ashes and tea (presumably...for eating?)
pidie - a town in Indonesia
piece - a portion; a fragment
piede - a unit of length of about 11 inches
piedy - a first name
piend - a hammer-point; a salient angle
pieno - all performing
piero - a first name
piers - a first name; plural of "pier", a structure from the land out over water
piert - peart
piesa - money
pieta - a depiction of the removal of Christ from the cross
piets - plural of "piet", the magpie
piety - deep religious feeling
pieze - a unit of measurement of pressure, a metric ton per meter - second squared
piezo - produced by pressure; a piezoelectric crystal
piffy - dubious
piggs - plural of "pigg", a piggin
piggy - a little pig; a glutton
pight - pitched
pigmy - a dwarf
pigna - a town in Corsica
pigot - a flagrant lie
pigue - a town in Argentina
piing - jumbling or disordering
pijao - an Indian tribe in Colombia
pijaw - pious talk or moralizing
pikas - plural of "pika", a small rodent similar to a rabbit
piked - pointed
pikel - a pitchfork
piker - a tramp; one who does things in a small, cheap or slow way
pikes - plural of "pike", a turnpike or toll road; a predatory fish
pikey - a vagrant
pikie - a vagrant
pikis - plural of "piki", a cornmeal bread
pikit - a town in the Philippines
pikke - a first name
pikle - pightle
pikol - a pecul, a unit of weight of about 133 pounds
pikul - a picul
pilaf - a savory stew
pilan - a first name
pilar - a first name; hairy; a town in the Philippines; a town in Argentina
pilau - a pilaf, or savory stew
pilaw - a pilaf, or savory stew
pilch - a fur or flannel gown; one's residence; a triangular flannel wrapper worn over a baby's diaper
pilea - plural of "pileum"
piled - heaped
pilei - plural of "pileus"
piler - a gatherer
piles - plural of "pile", a heap; a hemorrhoid
pilib - a first name
pilin - a kind of protein
pilis - plural of "pili", a Philippine nut tree
pills - plural of "pill", a bolus
pilly - covered with little fabric knots (such as a sweater)
pilmy - dusty
pilon - a bonus given with a large purchase; lagniappe
pilos - another name for Pylos
pilot - a guide; a captain
pilow - a pilaf, a highly spiced dish of rice and meat
pilum - an ancient Roman heavy javelin
pilus - a botanical hair
pilwe - a pillow
piman - a language family of the Uto-Aztecan phylum
pimas - plural of "pima", a kind of cotton
pimen - a first name
pimmi - a first name
pimps - plural of "pimp", a panderer; a whore master
pimpy - ostentatious, garish, tasteless, expensive
pinag - a temporary lake formed by floodwater
pinal - a band of San Carlos Apaches
pinar - a first name; a unit of weight in Persia
pinas - a North American cape; a town in Ecuador; plural of "pina", a pineapple
pinax - a kind of Greek vase
pinch - to squeeze between the fingers; to steal; a difficult situation
pinda - a ball of rice offered to one's ancestors in a Hindu ceremony
pindi - Rawalpindi
pindy - gone bad
pined - yearned for
piner - one who yearns; one who harvests pine trees
pines - yearns for; plural of "pine", an evergreen
piney - a first name; forested with pines; a peony
pinga - a first name; the penis
pingo - a hill thrust up by frost
pings - an Internet "are you there?" query; plural of "ping", a sudden sharp ringing sound
pingy - making pinging sounds
pinic - an acid
pinka - a river in central Europe
pinko - a communist sympathizer
pinks - cuts with serrated scissors; plural of "pink", a pale red color
pinky - a first name; the little finger; a small boat
pinna - the external portion of the ear; a wing
pinny - a pinafore
pinon - a first name; a kind of pine that bears edible nuts
pinot - a kind of grape
pinoy - a nickname for a Filipino
pinsk - a city in Belarus
pinta - a disease of the skin that results in loss of pigment; one of Columbus's ships; playing hookey
pinte - an obsolete unit of volume in France
pinto - a kidney bean variety; a spotted horse; a town in Chile
pints - plural of "pint", a unit of volume
pinup - an erotic picture suitable for worship
pinus - a genus of coniferous trees
pinyl - a univalent hydrocarbon radical
piong - an enthusiast, especially of food or game
pions - plural of "pion", a subatomic particle
piony - a peony
piora - a kind of cheese
piotr - a first name
pioue - vexation
pious - religious; reverent
pioxe - an Indian living in the area of Colombia and Ecuador
pioye - peeoy, a homemade firework
pioys - plural of "pioy", a variant of "peeoy", a homemade firework
pipal - a sacred fig tree
pipas - plural of "pipa", the Surinam toad
piped - hollow; transported through pipes; played the pipes
piper - a first name; one who plays the pipes
pipes - plural of "pipe", a long tube; a musical instrument; a smoking implement
pipet - a pipette
pipey - suggestive of a pipe; a nickname for a piper
pipil - a Nahuatlan people of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras
pipis - plural of "pipi", an Australasian shellfish; a Brazilian tree
pipit - a tit-lark
pippa - a first name
pippi - a first name
pippo - a first name
pippy - a first name; an acronym: "Person Inheriting Parental Property"
pipra - a genus of birds that includes the manakin
pipsy - easily accomplished
pipul - a sacred fig tree
piqua - a city in western Ohio
pique - annoyance; a stiff durable corded fabric
pirai - Piranha
piran - a first name; an Adriatic Sea port in Slovenia
pirie - a pear tree; a pirry
pirin - a mountain chain in Bulgaria
pirjo - a first name
pirke - a first name
pirls - spins like a top
pirna - a town in Switzerland
pirns - plural of "pirn", a bobbin or weaver's shuttle
pirog - a Russian pastry; a pirogie
pirol - the golden oriole
pirro - a first name
pirry - a variant of "pirrie", a rough wind
pisac - a town in Peru
pisae - the ancient name of Pisa, in Italy
pisan - of or relating to Pisa
pisay - building material of rammed earth between molds
pisco - a Peruvian brandy; a town in Peru
pisek - a town south of Prague
pisel - to work lazily
pises - plural of "pise", a wall made of clay or mud rammed between molds
pishu - the Canada lynx
pisky - a pixie; an Episcopalian
pismo - a kind of clam
pison - one of the rivers that flowed from the Garden of Eden
pisos - plural of "piso", a Philippine peso
pisso - a drunkard
pissy - sour, unpleasant, distasteful, spiteful; tasting or smelling like piss
pista - a first name
piste - a track; a footprint; a downhill ski trail
pists - plural of "pist", a variant of "piste"
pisum - a small genus of Eurasian herbaceous vines
pital - a town in Costa Rica
pitas - plural of "pita", a Middle Eastern sandwich
pitau - a silver tree fern
pitch - to toss; tar; a musical level
piter - a first name
piths - plural of "pith", a light porous material; severs the spinal cord
pithy - meaty; terse
pitin - a first name
pitom - the stem at the end of the etrog, which must be unbroken for ritual use
piton - a metal climbing spike
pitot - a tube recording air pressure
pitri - the legendary progenitor of any Hindu family
pitta - a large genus of Asian and Australian birds; pita bread
pitte - a first name
pitty - messy, untidy
piums - plural of "pium", an almost invisible stinging fly of Brazil
piura - a town in Peru
piuri - Indian yellow
piute - a variant of "Paiute", a tribe of Indians
pivas - plural of "piva", an ancient Italian bagpipe
pivio - a first name
pivot - to turn
pixel - a square or rectangular subunit of a digital picture
pixes - plural of "pix", a box for communion wafers
pixie - a sprite
piyut - a religious poem recited in the synagogue in addition to the usual liturgy
pizes - plural of "pize", a curse
pizol - a town in Switzerland, site of the Heidi festival
pizza - a baked Italian dish
pjotr - a first name
plaba - an argument
placa - one's street name
place - a site; to assign
plack - a small Scottish four penny coin
plaga - a spot or streak of color
plage - a beach; country; a bright solar region of helium and calcium clouds, seen during sunspots
plaid - a pattern on cloth
plain - not pretty; obvious; a prairie
plait - to weave
plaka - an Athenian market; a European cape
plana - plural of "planum", a flat surface of bone
plane - an airplane; a level surface; a smoothing tool
plang - a town in Switzerland
plank - a board
plano - a city in northern Texas
plans - plural of "plan", a blueprint; a scheme
plant - an inanimate life form; an industrial facility
planu - a river in Romania
plaps - splashes
plash - a pool; to weave; to splash
plasm - a mold or matrix
plast - plastid
plata - a South American river
plate - a dish; a stiff sheet of material; to coat; a river in South America
plato - a first name; a Greek philosopher; a fight; a town in Colombia
plats - plaits
platt - a first name; an ore dump
platy - to split into thin slabs; plate-like
plaud - to applaud
playa - a desert basin; a womanizer; someone using wit or charm to gain objectives
plays - sports; dramas
plaza - a large open assembly area
plead - to entreat
pleas - begs
pleat - a fold
plebe - plebian; a first-year student
plebs - the people
pleep - an enemy pilot who refuses a challenge of aerial combat
plein - plan; full; to complain; French for "full" or "open", as in "plein air", meaning outdoors
plena - plural of "plenum", a space full of matter, the opposite of "vacuum"
plene - full; complete; plenary
pleno - a musical term
pleon - the abdomen of a crustacean
plesh - to splash
plete - to plead
plewd - one of the stylized drops of sweat displayed by a cartoon character under stress
plews - plural of "plew", a beaver skin
plexi - plexiglass
pleys - plays
pleyt - a river boat
plica - twisted, matted, and crusted hair, as a result of neglect or fashion; a fold of tissue
plied - folded; carried on
plien - a first name
plier - one who plies
plies - carries on; plural of "plie", a ballet movement
plims - swells
pling - a name for the exclamation mark "!"; to beg or panhandle
plink - to shoot at random; a sharp high-pitched sound
pliny - a first name; a Roman historian who witnessed the eruption of Vesuvius
plitt - a torture instrument similar to the knout
ploat - to pluck feathers from a bird
ploba - an argument
ploce - a town in Croatia; the emphatic repetition of a word: "More Irish than the Irish"
plock - a town in Poland
plocs - plural of "ploc", a mixture of hair and tar used to cover the bottom of a ship
plods - walks slowly
ploms - an acronym: "Poor Little Old Me Syndrome"
plong - to plunge
plonk - a cheap wine, favored by Rumpole
plook - a plouk, a pimple
ploot - a slut
plops - drops or falls suddenly
plore - a museum exhibit that demonstrates some scientific principle in action
plosh - to plash or splash
plots - plural of "plot", a plan; an area of land
ploty - a town in Poland
plotz - to burst with emotion
plouk - a pimple
plout - a sudden heavy rainfall
plows - tills
ploys - plural of "ploy", a ruse
pluck - courage; to pull out
pluff - to puff; a small bellows
pluge - "Picture Line-Up Generation Equipment", a test pattern for video monitors
plugs - stops up; endorses; shoots
pluke - a pimple, spot or boil
pluma - a contour feather; a coffee variety
plumb - vertical; sheer; to gauge a depth
plume - a feather; a crest
plump - fat; to opt for
plums - plural of "plum", a fruit
plumy - feathered
plunk - to fall or drop down
pluot - a cross between a plum and an apricot
plush - luxorious; a thickly textured material
plute - a plutocrat
pluto - the ninth planet; the Roman god of the Underworld and Wealth; Mickey's dog
plyer - a transport worker
plzen - a town in the Czech Republic, formerly known as Pilsen
pnina - a first name
poach - to hunt illegally; to cook eggs
poaka - a New Zealand bird, one of the stilts
poake - waste material from the processing of leather and other skins
poaks - plural of "poak", a variant of "poake"
poali - a coin
poalo - a coin
pobby - puffed up; swollen
poboy - "po' boy", a kind of Cajun sandwich
pocan - the pokeweed
pocha - a person who speaks a mixture of English and Spanish
poche - the black portion of an architectural plan representing walls
pocho - a first name; a person who speaks a mixture of English and Spanish
pocks - plural of "pock", a scar or indentation
pocky - pitted
pocus - part of the magic phrase "hocus pocus"
podal - of the foot
poddy - a domestic animal just taken from its mother
podex - the anal region; the rump
podge - a fat man; a puddle
podgy - short and fat
podia - the pedantic plural of "podium", a platform on which a speaker stands
poems - plural of "poem", a verse
poemy - a first name; like a poem
poena - an academic exercise imposed as a punishment
poesy - poetry
poets - plural of "poet", one who writes poetry
poger - a passive male homosexual
pogey - welfare; a charitable institution, poorhouse, or workhouse
pogge - the armed bull-head fish
poggy - a small whale
pogie - the menhaden; the black perch; a home for the aged; a poorhouse
pogos - plural of "pogo", a pogo stick
pogoy - a town in Russia
pogue - some term of abuse whose exact application I haven't determined yet
pohai - an arm of the Yellow Sea on the north east coast of China
pohla - a first name
pohna - a town in India
poilu - a French common soldier; a man of courage and strength
poind - to distrain; to seize and sell property of a debtor under a warrant
point - to indicate; a small dot; a spit of land
poipu - a town on the island of Kauai, Hawaiia
poise - self-assurance; a unit of measurement of dynamic viscosity
poize - poise
pokal - a large silver drinking cup
poked - struck with a stick
poker - a card game; a metal rod for stirring a fire; the pochard duck
pokes - strikes with a stick; plural of "poke", a bag
poket - a variant of "pocket"
pokey - a jail; slow; Gumby's horse
pokie - a slot machine
pokot - a tribe and language of Kenya
polab - a Slavic tribe that lived along the Elbe
polad - a first name
polak - balsa; a disparaging term for a Polish person
polar - of the poles; opposite
poldi - a first name
poled - propelled with a pole
poler - one who poles
poles - plural of "pole", a rod; a native of Poland; a unit of length of 5.5 yards
poley - polled; hornless; a dehorned animal; wanted by the police
polgi - an island near New Guinea
polie - one of the researchers living and working at the South Pole
polio - a paralytic disease
polis - the city; the police
polje - a large flat plain of karst
polka - a dance; a convulsion caused by the sound of an accordion
polks - dances the polka
polla - a first name
polli - a first name
pollo - "chicken", used in the phrase "pollo vegetarian"
polls - opinion samples; clips
polly - a first name; a parrot
polos - a crown; plural of "polo", a game played on horseback
polts - plural of "polt", a blow
polur - a mountain resort near Tehran, Iran
polvo - heroin
polyg - a polygamist
polyp - a many-limbed animal; a tissue bud; a growth protruding from a mucous membrane
polys - plural of "poly", a white blood cell
pomak - a Muslim who is an ethnic Slav
pombe - an alcoholic drink made of fermented bananas; a Tibetan chief
pombo - a Tibetan chief
pomel - a variant of "pommel"
pomes - plural of "pome", a fleshy fruit with a core
pomey - a figure representing an apple, a roundel
pomme - a roundel vert
pommy - an Englishman; a pomace
pomps - plural of "pomp", an ostentatious display
ponca - a Siouan people of the Missouri river
ponce - a first name; a pimp; a seaport in Puerto Rico
ponch - a general term of address for a man
poncy - like a pimp
pondo - a Bantu-speaking people of the eastern Cape province
ponds - plural of "pond", a small body of water; a unit of measurement of gram force
pondy - containing many ponds
pones - plural of "pone", cornbread
poney - containing or tasting like cornpone; money or a wager
ponga - a New Zealand tree fern
ponge - beer, especially pale ale.
pongo - an African ape; a sailor
pongs - stinks; responds to an Internet "ping"
pongy - smelly
ponka - a Siouan people of the Missouri river
ponks - plural of "ponk", a nocturnal spirit
ponor - a steep-sided sinkhole
ponta - a European cape
ponte - one pound sterling
ponti - a first name
ponto - punto
ponts - plural of "pont", a small ferryboat running along a rope or cable
ponty - a pontee, an iron rod used by glassmakers for manipulating molten glass
ponza - an Italian island
ponzi - a pyramid scheme
ponzu - a tropical citrus fruit; a Japanese dipping sauce
pooch - a dog
poods - plural of "pood", a Russian unit of weight, about 36 pounds
pooed - baby talk for "defecated"
pooer - Scottish dialect for "power"; one who poos
pooey - an expression of disgust; like poo
poofs - plural of "poof", an effeminate man; a homosexual
poofy - of a pooftah; puffed up
poohs - dismisses
poohy - disgusting; unpleasant
pooja - a first name; a Hindu ritual; an act of obeisance or worship
pooji - a first name
pooka - a mischievous goblin of Irish folklore
pooks - plucks
pooky - a first name
poole - a town in England
pooli - a tropical African timber tree
pools - plural of "pool", a small body of water
pooly - containing many pools
poona - a city in India; terribly stuffy; marijuana; one pound sterling; badminton
poons - plural of "poon", an East Indian tree
poopo - a town and lake in Bolivia
poops - poopdecks; tires out; defecates
poopy - impregnated with feces
poori - a flat wheatcake
poort - a col or pass
poosa - to drink
poosk - to search for vermin on the person
poots - farts
pooty - farty
poove - poof, pooftah, an effeminate man, a homosexual
poovy - of a pooftah; effeminate
poped - was made pope; became Catholic
poper - a Catholic
popes - plural of "pope", the bishop of Rome
popet - a puppet
popey - like a pope
popie - a first name
popla - beer
poppa - father
poppi - a first name
poppy - a first name; a flower; of popular culture or music
popsy - a girlfriend
popup - an advertisement that appears in a separate browser window; a recessed item which emerges when activated
poque - a French card game, the ancestor of poker
poral - referring to body pores
porch - a portico; a stoa
porco - a town in Bolivia
porec - a town in Croatia
pored - examined carefully; containing pores
porer - a student; one who examines carefully
pores - reads carefully; small openings
porge - to purify a slaughtered animal by removing fat, veins and sinews
porgy - porgie; the sea-bream or the scup fish
poria - a genus of pore fungi
porks - plural of "pork", pigmeat
porky - a first name; fat; tasting of pork
porno - pornography
porns - plural of "porn", pornography; a pornographic movie
porny - pornographic
poroj - a village in Macedonia
poros - a coarse limestone found in the Peloponnesus; a town in Greece
poroy - a town in Peru
porra - someone of Portuguese descent
porta - a transverse fissure; the entrance for nerve ducts into an organ
porte - the Turkish government
porth - a town in South Wales
porto - the Portuguese name of Oporto
ports - plural of "port", distilled wine; a transport; a left; a harbor
porty - a first name; tasting of port wine
porus - a first name; a body pore; an ancient kingdom of northwestern India
posed - stood still; pretended; situated
posen - another name for Poznan, Poland
poser - a puzzling question; one who puzzles; one who poses
poses - stances; puts forward; pretends
poset - a mathematical set
posey - a flower
poshy - ostentatiously fashionable or stylish; masturbation using a condom
posit - to affirm; to postulate
posse - power; a force of deputies
possy - a position or job
poste - a position or station
posts - publicly displays; mails; plural of "post", a stake; a station
posty - a postman
potah - a river in California
potch - to thrust; to trample; a light blow with the open hand; to poach or boil; to bleach
poted - pushed; shoved
potes - pushes; shoves
potin - a Roman coin
potoo - a type of bird, a large South American goatsucker
potro - a mountain in Argentina; a colt
potsy - a children's game
potto - a West African lemur
potts - plural of "pott", a size of paper
potty - a child's chamber pot; petty; eccentric
potus - an acronym: "President Of The United States"
pouah - a unit of weight in Calcutta
pouce - a unit of measurement of length, once common in France, of about an inch.
pouch - a bag
pouff - a loose roll of hair; a pooftah
poufs - plural of "pouf", a loose roll of hair; a large cushion
poufy - puffed out
pouke - a puck, a mischievous goblin or sprite
pouks - plucks
poule - a hen, especially one for boiling; a square dancing position; a loose woman
poulp - a cephalopod, such as the octopus
poult - a young bird; a child
pound - a monetary unit of England; a measurement of weight; hit hard; a jail for dogs
poupe - to befool
poups - poops
poupt - befooled
pours - flows out; rains down
pouts - sulks
pouty - sulky
pouya - a first name
pouze - the refuse from cider-making
powan - a rare Loch Lomond fish
poway - a town in California
powel - a first name
powen - a rare Loch Lomond fish
power - strength; ability
powin - a peacock
pownd - pound
powns - plural of "pown", a pawn
powny - a pony
powps - poops
powre - to pour
powys - a town in Wales
poxed - afflicted with the pox
poxes - plural of "pox", a plague
poynd - to point
poynt - to point
poyou - an Argentinian armadillo
poyse - poise
pozzo - a well or cistern
pozzy - a position
praam - a barge
prado - a renowned Madrid art gallery
prads - plural of "prad", a horse
praft - a raft of particles in a fluid, a term in material science
praha - Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic
prahu - a Malay boat
praia - a capital city of Africa
prame - a flat-bottomed boat
prams - plural of "pram", a perambulator
prana - the life breath or vital force in Vedic and Hindu religion
prang - a crash landing of an aircraft
prank - a humorous trick
praos - plural of "prao", a prau, a Malay boat
prase - a light green variety of quartz
prate - to chatter
prato - a town in Italy
prats - the buttocks, hence "pratfall"; plural of "prat", a fool
pratt - a fool; the buttocks; cream-colored earthenware painted in high-temperature colors
praty - a potato
praus - plural of "prau", a Malay boat
prawn - a shrimp-like crustacean
praya - a beach; an embankment forming a carriageway and promenade
prays - entreats
prede - to prey; to plunder
predo - to do in advance
predy - a nautical term, meaning ready for action
preed - taste-tested
preef - proof
preem - a premiere performance
preen - to groom
prees - taste-tests
preet - a first name
prego - pregnant
preif - proof
prels - plural of "prel", a table of Preludin
prema - a first name
premo - a first name
prems - premises
premy - preemie
prent - a first name; to print
preon - a hypothetical particle that composes quarks, leptons, and bosons
preop - preoperative
preps - prepares
presa - a musical symbol
prese - plural of "presa", a musical symbol
presh - favorable
press - to push upon; journalism
prest - poetic form of "pressed"; at hand; ready money; a forced loan to the king
preta - in Hinduism, a wandering or disturbed ghost
preto - a river in Brazil
preux - chivalrous
preve - to prove
prexy - a president
preys - hunts for food
prial - three cards of the same denomination; a pair royal
priam - a first name; in Greek mythology, the king of Troy and father of Paris
prian - a fine white friable clay
price - a first name; cost
prich - a town in Vietnam, also known as "Prieh"
prick - a sharp point; an unpleasant person; penis
pricy - expensive
pride - a lion group; self-respect
pridy - proud
pried - peeped; forced open
prief - proof
prien - a town in Germany
prier - a pryer; a nosey person
pries - inquires into; forces open using leverage
prigg - an itinerant country thief of drying clothes and chicken
prigs - plural of "prig", someone more prudish than ourselves
priit - a first name
prill - a brill; a birt or turbot; the more promising part of mining ore; to flow; to pelletize
prima - a first name; first; leading
prime - first rate; indivisible; original; to make ready; a canonical hour of prayer
primi - plural of "primo", the first or leading part
primm - a town in Nevada
primo - a first name; in music the first or leading part
primp - dresses up fastidiously
prims - gives a prim expression to
primy - a first name; at the prime of life
prina - a first name
prine - the bar-tailed godwit
prink - a prank; to dress up; to walk in a mincing manner
print - to stamp; to brand; to impress; to put into type
prinz - a first name
prion - a hypothetical disease vector that captured a very real Nobel prize
prior - a first name; before; an officer of a monastery
prise - to lever
prisi - a first name
prism - a geometric shape; a translucent solid with triangular cross-section
priss - a first name; prudish
priti - a first name
prius - something that takes precedence
privy - secret; an outhouse
priya - a first name
prize - an award; to forcibly separate
proal - effected by forward motion
proas - plural of "proa", a swift South Pacific sailing vessel
probe - to examine
probs - plural of "prob", a problem
prodd - a crossbow for hurling stones
prods - jabs; pokes; Protestants
proem - a preface
profs - plural of "prof", a professor; a professional
progs - plunders; proctors
proin - to trim or cut back; to prune; a fruit
projo - an artillery projectile
proke - to poke or stir
prole - a proletarian
proll - to prowl; to rob
proma - a first name
prome - a town in central Burma
promo - a promotional spot or advertisement
proms - plural of "prom", a high school dance, once associated with promotion
prone - face down; susceptible
prong - the tine of a fork
pronk - an idiot; a rare type of gait in which all four limbs move together
proof - a demonstration; a test; a measure of alcoholic content
propa - a first name
props - plural of "prop", a supporter; a propeller; a theatrical accessory
prore - the prow of a ship
prose - the unrhymed talk preferred by bourgeiose gentlemen
proso - millet
pross - a prostitute; to put on airs
prost - variant of "prosit", a German drinking toast
prosy - wordy
proud - vain; imperious
proul - to prowl
prove - to demonstrate; to verify; to test
provo - a member of a provisional army
prowl - to sneak about
prows - plural of "prow", a ship front
proxy - substitute
proyn - a fruit
pruce - Prussia
pruck - anything gained for free, or illicitly
prude - a person of exaggerated sexual modesty
prudi - a first name
prudy - a first name
pruem - a town in Germany
prugh - anything gained for free, or illicitly
pruit - a first name
prune - a dried plum
prunk - proud, vain
prunn - a town in Germany
pruno - fermented prune juice; contraband alcohol brewed in prison
prunt - a small mass of glass fused to the body of a glass piece
pruny - like a prune; wrinkled
prusa - the ancient name of the town of Bursa, in western Anatolia
pruta - a monetary unit of Israel
pruth - a river in south central Europe
pruve - to prove
pryan - a felspathic clay
pryce - a first name
pryed - snooped
pryer - a snooper
pryor - a first name
pryse - a prize; a blast on a horn
psalm - a Biblical song of praise
pseud - a pseudointellectual; a poser who'd prefer to be a poseur
pshav - a mountain people of the Caucasus
pshaw - an exclamation of disbelief
psion - the Psi subatomic particle
pskov - a city in the former western USSR, where Alexander Nevsky beat the Teutonic Knights
psoae - plural of "psoas", a muscle of the loin
psoai - plural of "psoas", a muscle of the loin
psoas - tenderloin; a muscle of the loin
psora - psoriasis; one of the three homeopathic miasms
pssst - a signaling sound
psych - to use psychological insight; a bridge convention; psychiatrist
psyop - short for "psychological operation", a tactic in psychological warfare
ptere - an alate (wingy) organ
ptoot - the buttocks
pubby - like a pub; containing many pubs
pubes - the body surface over the pubic bone; plural of "pube", a pubic hair
pubey - like pubic hair
pubic - referring to puberty
pubie - a colloquial term for a pubic hair
pubis - a pelvic bone
pucca - authentic, genuine
pucel - a maid or virgin
pucer - of a darker shade of puce
puces - plural of "puce", a dark red color
pucho - a first name
pucka - variant of "pukka", for "real" or "genuine"
pucks - plural of "puck", an item used in hockey
pucky - a first name; manure, as in "horse pucky"; puckered
pucon - a town in Chile
puddy - pudgy
pudge - the fatty flesh that makes one pudgy
pudgy - fat; fleshy
pudic - concerning the pudendum
pudor - modesty
pudsy - plump; the hand
pudus - plural of "pudu", a small deer of the Andes
puelo - a river in Chile
puers - plural of "puer", the dung of a dog
puets - plural of "puet", a variant of "pewit"
puffa - a heavily padded and puffed up jacket
puffs - plural of "puff", a brief gust of wind or breath
puffy - tumid; swollen
puggy - stubby; clammy; a monkey
pugil - a pinch of something
pugry - a light turban, and one of the mystical words ending in "gry"
puica - a town in Peru
puing - making a low whistling sound
puist - in comfortable surroundings
puits - plural of "puit", a well
pujah - a Hindu prayer ritual
pujas - plural of "puja", a Hindu prayer ritual
pujia - a town in China
pukas - plural of "puka", a small perforated white shell used for necklaces; a small private spot
puked - vomited
puker - one who vomits
pukes - vomits
pukey - disgusting
pukka - veritable; true; genuine
pukow - a town in eastern China
pukus - plural of "puku", an antelope of southern central Africa
pulak - a first name
pulas - palas, a Punjab bean; plural of "pula", a monetary unit of Botswana
puled - whined
puler - a whiner
pules - whines
pulex - a genus of fleas
puley - whiney
pulik - pulis
pulis - plural of "puli", a long-haired sheep dog
pulka - a Lapland sled
pulks - plural of "pulk", a Lapland sled; a plastic sled for dragging kids while hiking or skiing
pulli - plural of "pullus"
pulls - draws towards oneself
pulmo - a lung
pulog - a mountain peak in the Philippines
pulps - plural of "pulp", soft matter; a publication printed on cheap paper
pulpy - mealy
pulse - heartbeat; a lentil
pults - puts
pulus - plural of "pulu", a Hawaiian tree fern fiber
pumas - plural of "puma", a mountain lion
pumes - plural of "pume", a stint
pumex - pumice
pumie - a pebble or stone
pummy - pomace; pumice
pumps - plural of "pump", an evening shoe; a water drawing device
punan - a Dayak people of Borneo
punas - plural of "puna", a cold dry mesa of the Andes
punce - an effeminate man; the vagina
punch - a drink; to hit; to perforate
punct - a point
punda - a woman, regarded as a sex object
pundu - the buttocks
punee - a movable couch
punga - a tall tree fern of New Zealand
pungi - a Hindu reed pipe or nose flute
pungs - plural of "pung", a boxy sleigh; 3 of a kind in mah-jongg
pungy - a two-masted schooner used for oyster dredging
punic - Carthaginian
punie - puny
punka - an Indian fan
punke - a harlot
punks - plural of "punk", a young thug; a butt boy; a punk rocker; tinder
punky - short; resembling a punk; a small fly; dirty
punny - full of puns
punse - the vagina
punta - in musical notation, "the point", that is, the point of the bow
punti - the Cantonese-speaking population of Guangdong province
punto - a thrust or pass in fencing; a Cuban dance; the ace of trumps
punts - propels with a pole; in football, kicks the ball
punty - a glass-blower's iron used to hold glass in a high temperature chamber
punuk - an Eskimo culture of northeast Siberia
punya - in Jainism, the good
punyo - a first name
puoys - plural of "puoy", a variant of "poy", a support; a long boathook
pupae - plural of "pupa", an intermediate quiescent stage of an insect
pupal - in the chrysalis state
pupas - plural of "pupa", an intermediate metamorphic stage of insects
pupes - plural of "pupe", a pupa
pupil - a student; a region of the eye
puppy - a young dog
pupus - plural of "pupu";
puran - a first name
purau - majagua
purby - the Preraphaelite Brotherhood
purda - a curtain used in India to seclude women
purdi - a first name
purdy - a first name; disagreeably self-important
purea - a first name
pured - purified; refined
puree - a thick soup
puren - a town in Chile
purer - more pure
pures - makes pure
purex - plutonium reduction by solvent extraction
purey - a clear marble
purga - an intense Siberian or Arctic snowstorm
purge - to eliminate
purie - a clear marble
purim - a Hebrew festival
purin - purine
puris - plural of "puri", a light flat wheatcake
purko - beer
purli - a village in India
purls - plural of "purl", a knitting stitche; a ripple
purly - a first name
purna - a first name
purpy - purpie
purre - the dunlin bird
purrs - makes satisfied cat sounds
purry - like a purr; full of purrs
purse - a handbag; to compress the lips
pursy - fat; asthmatic; short-winded
purty - cowboy slang for "pretty"
purus - a South American river
purvi - a first name
pusad - a town in India
pusan - a port city in Korea, very near Japan
pusey - a small town in England
pushy - insistent; unwilling to be denied; from New York
pusil - very little
pusle - a puzzle
puspa - a first name
puspo - a first name
pussy - a cat
putao - a town in Burma
puted - a computer barbarism denoting the past tense of "put"
putid - putrid; mean, worthless, or rotten
putin - a place on the riverbank where canoers or kayakers start their trips
putis - a town in Peru
putli - a first name
putna - a town in Romania
puton - a fraud; a pretence
putoo - nut-meal
putre - a town in Chile
putry - putage, prostitution
putti - plural of "putto", a fat naked cherub appearing in Italian art
putto - a fat naked cherub appearing in Italian art
putts - makes a short golf stroke
putty - a patching cement with linseed oil
putzi - a first name; a Chinese game; an African fly, also known as the tumbu
putzy - like a putz
puxis - plural of "puxi", an edible caterpillar (yum!)
puzel - pucelle
pweto - a town in Katanga Province, Congo
pwyll - the Welsh god of the dead
pyats - plural of "pyat", a pyot, the magpie
pyaka - tricky, dishonest
pydna - a town in Macedonia, site of a famous battle
pyelo - a pyelogram
pyeng - a first name
pyets - plural of "pyet", a magpie
pygal - relating to the backside
pygia - pain in the rump
pygmy - a dwarf
pyhis - a first name
pyiba - a pear-shaped Chinese lute with four strings
pyins - plural of "pyin", a protein contained in pus
pykar - a kind of fishing boat
pykie - a gypsy
pylae - plural of "pyla", an opening in the third ventricle
pylar - referring to the pyla
pylas - plural of "pyla", an opening in the third ventricle
pylia - a first name
pylic - referring to a portal vein
pylon - a gateway; a tower
pylos - a seaport in southwestern Greece
pyned - pined
pynes - pines
pyoid - pus-like
pyote - a town in Texas
pyotr - a first name
pyots - plural of "pyot", the magpie
pyral - of a funeral pyre
pyran - a chemical compound
pyres - plural of "pyre", a fire used to incinerate the dead
pyrex - a heat resistant glass
pyrgi - a village on the island of Chios
pyric - pertaining to combustion
pyros - plural of "pyro", a pyromaniac
pyrus - the apple or pear genus
pysma - a rhetorical device of asking a series of short questions
pyxed - placed in a pyx
pyxes - plural of "pyx", a eucharistic box
pyxie - an evergreen shrub
pyxis - a pyx; a Greek vase; a sacred box; a pyxidium; the constellation of the mariner's compass
pyxle - a pixy
pzazz - pizzazz
qabab - kebab
qabil - a first name
qadhi - a qadi, an Islamic judge
qadim - a first name
qadir - a first name
qadis - plural of "qadis", an Islamic judge
qadri - a first name
qahar - a first name
qahen - a Biblical unit of measurement equal to the reed, or 6 cubits
qaids - plural of "qaid", a qadi, an Islamic judge
qajaq - a kayak
qajar - of or pertaining to a particular Iranian dynasty famous for art and porcelain
qalat - a town in Afghanistan; a town in Pakistan
qamar - a first name
qamra - a first name
qanat - underground tunnels and wells in the Middle East
qaneh - a Hebrew measurement of about 10.25 feet
qanon - a musical instrument similar to a dulcimerturns
qarah - a town in Syria
qarun - a lake in Africa
qasab - an Arabic measurement of about 12.6 feet
qasem - a first name
qasim - a first name; a town in Iraq
qatar - a Middle Eastern country
qatif - a Saudi Arabian town
qatna - a town in Syria
qawms - plural of "qawm", the leader of a group in Afghanistan
qayum - a first name
qazaq - a kazak
qazis - plural of "qazi", an Islamic judge
qcepo - a parasitic skin infection, a form of leishmaniasis
qhwom - an obsolete spelling of "whom"
qiana - a first name
qibla - the direction of the shrine in Mecca toward which Moslems pray
qibli - a sirocco, a strong harsh wind
qibya - a town in Jordan
qilin - a town in China
qimat - a first name
qinah - a kinah, a Hebrew dirge
qingu - a god in Babylonian mythology
qinot - plural of "qinah", a Hebrew dirge
qirat - a unit of area of about 209 square yards
qishr - a drink made from the husks of coffee beans and ginger
qiyan - an Arabic courtesan
qiyas - the principle of analogy in Moslem law
qlaia - a town in Lebanon
qobar - a dry fog of the upper Nile
qomul - a town in Asia
qophs - plural of "qoph", alternate form of "koph", a Hebrew letter
qoran - the Koran
qormi - a town in Malta
quabs - trembles
quack - a duck sound; an incompetent or fraudulent doctor
quade - a first name; evil; bad; baffling
quadi - an ancient Germanic people
quads - plural of "quad", the quadriceps muscle; a quadruplet; a quadrangle
quaff - to gulp
quaft - variant of "quaffed", drank
quags - plural of "quag", a quagmire
quaid - quelled; crushed or dejected
quail - a bird; to tremble
quair - a quire; a book
quais - plural of "quai", a quay
quait - a quoit
quaka - a river in the Central African Republic
quake - to tremble; an earthquake
quaky - unstable; shaky
quale - a property considered abstractly from the items having the property
qualm - a mental reservation
quals - plural of "qual", a qualifying examination
quana - a first name
quant - a first name; a punt or jumping pole; a quantitative analyst
quaps - trembles; plural of "quap", a hypothetical particle made of a positron and a quark
quara - a language
quare - queer; unusual; good
quark - a subatomic particle; to croak; a kind of cheese
quarl - a curved segment of fireclay; a large brick or tile; a jelly-fish
quart - a unit of volume, one fourth of a gallon
quash - to suppress
quasi - as it were; virtually; pseudo
quass - kvass; a kind of Russian beer
quata - a coaita, a South American monkey
quate - quiet
quats - plural of "quat", a nonentity; a small boil; a quaternary ammonium compound used in shampoo
quauk - to quake
quave - to quaver
quawk - to quack or squawk
quaws - plural of "quaw", a quagmire
quawy - a stupid, ugly person
quayd - daunted
quays - plural of "quay", a wharf
qubad - a first name
qubba - a small domed Muslim shrine
qubit - a quantum bit, supposedly a superposition of states between 0 and 1
queak - to squeak
quean - a saucy girl
quech - a variant of "queck"
queck - to shrink; to stir or move
queeb - any minor problem
queef - a vaginal fart
queem - queme, pleasant, agreeable, handy
queen - a female hereditary sovereign; the wife of a king
queer - strange; homosexual
queet - an ankle; a gaiter; a coot
quegh - a drinking vessel
quell - to put out; to extinquish; to suppress
quelt - a variant of "kilt"
queme - pleasant; agreeable; handy
quena - cuena, a primitive vertical reed flute
quent - a first name
querk - to throttle; a quirk
querl - to twirl; a coil
quern - a primitive stone handmill for grinding grain
query - a question
quest - a search
queta - a first name
quete - a collection of money for street performers
quets - plural of "quet", the common guillemot
queue - a line; a hair braid; a sort of waiting area for computer jobs
queux - a confederation
queyn - a quean, a saucy girl
queys - plural of "quey", a young cow
quian - a first name
quibs - plural of "quib", a quip; a jest
quica - an Indian people of Guatemala; the four-eyed opossum
quice - the queest, the European ringdove
quich - to stir, to move
quick - fast; alive
quico - a first name
quids - plural of "quid", an English pound; a tobacco chew
quien - a dog
quiet - silent
quiff - a curly lock; a girl
quihi - an Anglo-Indian
quila - a South American grass similar to bamboo
quile - a coil
quilk - a town in Austria
quill - a first name; a feather; a pen
quilp - a hideous dwarf
quilt - a counterpane
quime - a town in Bolivia
quimp - a total jerk; a social outcast; the planet Saturn, one of several signs used in cartoon characters's maledicta balloons
quims - plural of "quim", slang for the vagina
quina - quinine; cinchona
quine - a quean; a computer program that prints its own source code
quink - a brant, a small dark wild goose
quinn - a first name; a shoe style
quins - plural of "quin", a quintuplet; a scallop
quint - a first name; a quintuplet; a musical fifth; five of a kind in mah-jongg
quipo - an Incan knot language
quips - plural of "quip", a retort; a witty saying
quipu - an Incan knot language for sending the latest dope on a rope
quira - a tropical American tree
quire - a choir; 24 sheets of paper
quirk - an oddity; a sudden twist
quirl - a curl of hair
quirt - a riding whip
quish - cuish, defensive armor for the thighs
quist - queest, the ringdove or woodpigeon
quita - a first name
quite - very; exactly
quito - a first name; the capital city of Ecuador
quits - leaves; abandons; is clear of debt; is even
quitu - a South American tribe
qukes - a town in Albania
qungs - plural of "Qung", a southern African people
quoad - as far as; as to
quobs - trembles
quock - a first name
quods - plural of "quod", a prison
quoib - a wombat
quoif - a coif
quoil - a coil
quoin - a wedge
quoit - a discus; a flat iron ring used in a game like horseshoes
quoke - quaked
quoll - a catlike longtailed carnivorous marsupial of Australia and New Guinea
quonk - a disturbance near a television microphone or camera that disrupts recording
quoob - an eccentric fool; a misfit
quook - quaked
quops - trembles; throbs
quorn - a village in England; a synthetic food made from fungus
quota - a limit
quote - to cite
quoth - a poetic form of "said"
quott - an angel fish
quran - the Koran
qurna - a village in Iraq, locally reputed to be the location of Eden
qursh - a Saudi Arabian coin worth 1/22 of a riyal
quruq - a town in Afghanistan
qusai - a first name
qusay - a first name
qutbs - plural of "qutb", an Islamic saint
quyen - a first name
quyte - quit
qvint - a Danish weight
qwinn - a first name
qyshk - a town in Kosovo
raads - plural of "raad", a South African parliament; an electric catfish
raahe - a town in Finland
raash - the electric catfish
rabaa - a first name
rabab - a first name; a two-stringed spike fiddle
rabah - a first name
rabak - a town in Sudan
rabat - the capital city of Morocco; a sleeveless backless vestment; unglazed pottery
rabbi - a first name; a Hebrew priest
rabbo - a rabbit
rabea - a first name
rabee - a first name
rabei - a first name
rabel - a first name
rabia - a first name; a village in Iraq
rabic - pertaining to rabies
rabid - infested with rabies
rabih - a first name
rabis - plural of "rabi", the spring harvest in India and Pakistan
rabot - a block for polishing marble or other rocks
rabri - a first name
rabta - a town in Libya
racas - plural of "raca", a term of contempt
raced - ran; participated in a competitive running match; hurried
racel - a first name
racer - one who races
races - plural of "race", a competition; a genetic variety
racey - characteristic of a horse that shows it is ready to begin racing
racha - a first name
rache - a dog that hunts by scent; a clue in "A Study in Scarlet"
rachs - plural of "rach", a variant of "rache", a dog that hunts by scent
racke - a dog that hunts by scent
racks - plural of "rack", a grating; a display case; something that goes with a pinion
racon - a kind of radio beacon used as a navigational aid
radar - an electronic tracking device, "Radio Detection and Range"
raddy - a first name
radeg - a first name
radek - a first name
raden - a first name
rades - plural of "rade", a raid; a port city in Tunisia
radey - a first name
radge - a gray duck; a psychotic
radgy - stupid
radha - a first name
radhi - a first name
radhu - a first name
radii - plural of "radius", an arm bone; a line from the center to the circumference of a circle
radik - a first name
radim - a first name
radia - a first name
radio - an electronic transmitting device or receiver
radix - a root; a numerical base
radka - a first name
radly - a first name
radna - a town in Estonia
radom - a city in east Poland
radon - a radioactive gaseous element found only in middle class basements
rados - a first name
radue - a first name
radyr - a town in Wales
radzi - a first name
raeda - a first name
raede - a first name
raeed - a first name
raela - a first name
raena - a first name
raene - a first name
rafah - a first name; a town in the Gaza strip, near Egypt
rafai - a town in the Central African Republic
rafal - a first name
rafat - a first name
rafee - a first name
rafel - a first name
rafer - a first name
raffe - a three-cornered sail
raffi - a first name
raffs - plural of "raff", riff-raff, rabble
raffy - a first name
rafha - a town in Saudi Arabia
rafia - a nickname for the Irish Republican Army (RA), associating it with the Mafia
rafic - a first name
rafiq - a first name
rafte - a past tense of "reave"
rafts - plural of "raft", a flat floating framework for transportation; a large quantity
rafty - damp; rancid
raful - a first name
ragae - a town in ancient Iran
ragan - a first name
ragas - plural of "raga", a Hindu musical form
ragay - a town in the Philippines
ragde - ragged
raged - fumed; stormed
ragee - an East Indian cereal grass
rageh - a first name
rager - one who rages; a bad-tempered cow
rages - another name for Rai, a town in northern Persia; plural of "rage", anger; fury
ragga - a town in Syria; a pop music style derived from reggae, incorporating faster electronic styles
raggi - an East Indian cereal grass
raggs - plural of "ragg", a sandstone
raggy - an East Indian cereal grass; ragged; like a rag
raghd - a first name
raghu - a first name
ragis - plural of "ragi", an East Indian cereal grass
ragna - a first name
rahab - a first name
raham - a first name
rahav - a first name
rahbe - a town in Lebanon
raheb - a first name
rahed - hurrahed
rahel - a first name
rahil - a first name
rahim - a first name
rahna - a first name
rahni - a first name
rahue - a river in Chile
rahul - a first name
rahus - plural of "rahu", the dark planet in Hindu mythology
rahzo - a red-nosed man
raiae - the order of elasmobranch fishes that includes the skate and the sawfish
raiah - a first name
raias - plural of "raia", a Turkish non-Muslim
raica - a first name
raico - a first name
raida - a first name
raids - plural of "raid", a foray or attack
raihu - a river in New Guinea
raiks - goes; ranges
raila - a first name
raile - to flow; to gush
rails - a respiratory disease; long guiding rods
raimo - a first name
raina - a first name
raine - a first name; to reign
raini - a first name
rainn - a first name
rains - plural of "rain", precipitation
rainy - a first name; characterized by rain
raiph - a first name
raips - plural of "raip", a measure of one rod; a rope
raird - reird
raisa - a first name
raise - to increase; to lift up; to rear
raita - Indian yoghurt
raith - a period of three months
raits - exposes to moisture
raiza - a first name
rajaa - a first name
rajab - the seventh month of the Moslem calendar
rajae - a first name, the order of elasmobranch fishes that includes the skate and the sawfish
rajah - a first name; an Indian ruler
rajai - a first name
rajas - a guna of Sankhya philosophy; plural of "raja", an Indian ruler
rajat - a first name
rajee - a first name
rajen - a first name
rajer - a village in Lebanon
rajes - plural of "raj", a dominion
rajia - a first name
rajib - a first name
rajii - the order of elasmobranch fishes that includes the skate and the sawfish
rajin - a first name
rajiv - a first name
rajko - a first name
rajma - an Indian bean dish
rajni - a first name
rajon - a first name
rakaa - a first name
rakah - a fixed series of ritual movements in Muslim daily prayers
rakan - an Asian cape
raked - searched; combed
rakee - variant of "raki", a Turkish liqueur
rakel - a first name
raker - a ransacker; a scraper
rakes - plural of "rake", a garden implement; a roue
rakhi - a woven Indian bracelet
rakia - a first name; a Yugoslavian brandy
rakin - a first name
rakis - plural of "raki", a Turkish liqueur
rakka - a town in Syria
rakus - plural of "raku", a kind of coarse-grained Japanese pottery
raldi - a first name
raldy - a first name
raleb - a first name
ralee - a first name
rales - plural of "rale", an abnormal respiratory sound frequently preceding death
raley - a first name
rally - a first name; to recover; a celebratory party
ralna - a first name
ralph - a first name; a mischievous raven
ramae - a first name
ramah - a first name; a biblical place
ramal - branching; pertaining to a ramus
raman - a first name; of or related to Rama
ramas - plural of "Rama", a heroic incarnation of Vishnu
ramaz - a first name
rambo - a first name; per the French, the "bad" American film character, as opposed to the good Jerry Lewis
ramed - a shipbuilding term, meaning framed on the stocks
ramee - ramie, an Asiatic plant yielding a rope fiber
ramen - a kind of noodle
rames - bones; a skeleton
ramet - a plant that results from cloning
ramex - a hernia
ramey - a first name
ramez - a first name
ramie - a first name; an Asiatic shrub; a rope fiber; a strong lustrous fabric
ramil - a first name; a town in Iraq
ramin - a first name; a Malaysian tree
ramis - plural of "rami", a plant of the nettle family
ramit - a first name
ramiz - a first name
ramla - a first name; a town in Israel
rammy - strongly scented; randy; having the delicate aroma of a rutting goat
ramon - a first name; the breadnut
ramos - a first name
rampa - a first name
rampe - the cuckoopint
ramps - plural of "ramp", a slope; a rampion
ramsy - a first name
ramus - a branch; a twig; a barb; part of the connection between the lower and upper jaws
ramya - a first name
ramza - a first name
ramzi - a first name
ramzy - a first name
ranae - a first name
ranal - similar to the family of ranunculaceous plants
ranas - plural of "rana", a Rajput prince; a genus of frogs
ranat - a first name
rance - a first name; a rocket trough; Belgian marble; a river in France
ranch - a cattle farm; an unpleasantly overwhelmingly creamy salad dressing
ranci - a first name
ranco - a lake in Chile
rancy - a first name
randa - a first name
rande - a first name
randi - a first name
rando - an odd, unusual, unknown or suspicious-looking person
rands - plural of "rand", a South African coin; a strip of leather; a border
randy - a first name; lusty
ranee - a first name; an Indian queen
ranen - a first name
ranga - a first name
range - a first name; a gamut; a mountain chain; a cooking stove
rangi - a first name
rangy - long limbed and slender; having highs and lows
rania - a first name
ranid - a kind of frog
ranie - a first name
ranil - a first name
ranis - plural of "rani", an Indian queen
ranit - a first name
ranja - a first name
ranji - a first name
ranke - a jog-trot
ranko - a first name
ranks - plural of "rank", an ordering; a row
ranna - a first name
ranny - a shrew; a poor-quality calf; an emaciated person
ranon - a first name
rants - argues or disputes wildly
ranty - boisterous; vociferous
ranya - a first name; a town in Kurdistan
raobs - plural of "raob", a meteorological observation made by radiosonde
raouf - a first name
raoul - a first name
rapan - a native of Rapa, a Polynesian island
raped - sexually assaulted
rapee - the victim of a rape
rapel - a river in Chile
raper - a rapist
rapes - sexually assaults
rapey - suggestive of rape
rapha - a first name
raphe - an anatomical seam, such as that between the upper lip and nose; a rib; a partition; a dice game
raphy - a first name
rapid - quick, except when used in the phrase "rapid transit system"
rapin - a devouring animal
rappe - a coin
rarau - a town in Romania
rared - rose up on the hind legs
raree - a street show; a peep show
rarer - more rare; one who rares
rares - rises up on the hind legs
raron - a town in Switzerland
rarzo - a red-nosed man
rasae - part of "tabulae rasae", the plural of "tabula rasa", a "cleaned slate"
rased - demolished
raser - one who demolishes
rases - demolishes; plural of "ras", an Ethiopian prince
rasha - a first name
rashi - a first name
rasho - a first name
rasht - a town in Iran
rashy - like a rash; covered in rashes
rasia - a first name
rasim - a first name
rasja - a first name
rason - rhason; a town in North Korea
raspa - a Mexican dance which includes shuffling and a polka pivot; a Cuban percussion instrument
rasps - abrades; speaks hoarsely
raspy - hoarse; rough
rasse - a small civet
rasta - a Rastafarian
rasty - unattractive; harsh-looking
rasul - a first name
rasya - a first name
ratal - the amount on which a tax rate is assessed
ratan - a first name; rattan; a cane
ratas - plural of "rata", a New Zealand ironwood tree
ratch - a pawl; a ratchet; a dog
rateb - a town in Egypt
rated - valued; ranked; scolded
ratel - a honey-badger; a unit of weight in Arabia
rater - an assessor
rates - scolds; deserves; plural of "rate", a speed; a cost
ratha - a first name; a car; a chariot
rathe - early; quick; eager
rathi - a first name
raths - plural of "rath", a prehistoric hill fort; a horse carriage; a creature given to outgrabing, of Charles Dodgson
ratih - a first name
ratik - a first name
ratio - a fraction
ratip - a first name
ratka - a first name
ratly - like a rat
ratna - a first name
raton - a small rat; a town in New Mexico
ratoo - a local chief or ruler in Indonesia
ratos - plural of "RATO", a rocket assisted takeoff (compare JATOS)
ratse - a first name
ratso - drunk
ratsy - like a rat
ratta - a bulging bicep
ratti - ruttee; a unit of weight in India
ratty - infested with rats; irascible; an affectionate address for one's rat
ratul - a first name
ratus - plural of "ratu", a local chief or ruler in Indonesia
ratwa - a muntjac
rauch - a town in Argentina
raula - a first name
rauli - a first name; a large Chilean timber tree
raulo - a first name
rauma - a town in Finland
rauns - plural of "raun", a mass of eggs carried by a fish
raupo - a common cattail
rauti - a town in Romania
ravan - a first name
ravat - a village in Afghanistan
raved - praised extravagantly; carried on
ravee - a first name
ravel - to entangle; to untwist
raven - a first name; a black bird, often quothing "Nevermore"
raver - one who raves
raves - praises extravagantly; plural of "rave", an ecstatic dance and drug celebration
ravia - a first name
ravid - a first name
ravil - a first name
ravin - a first name; a raven; a prey; plunder
raviv - a first name
ravne - a town in Slovenia
ravon - a first name
rawah - a town in Iraq
rawai - an African cape
rawan - a first name
rawda - a first name
rawer - more raw
rawhi - a first name
rawia - a first name
rawin - a radar wind speed measurement performed by tracking a balloon
rawly - a first name; unskillfully; unartfully; not cooked
rawna - a first name
rawns - plural of "rawn", a variant of "rowen"
raxed - stretched out, as on awakening
raxes - stretches out
rayah - a first name; a Christian agricultural laborer in the Ottoman society
rayak - a town in Lebanon
rayan - a first name
rayas - plural of "raya", a Christian agricultural laborer in the Ottoman society
raych - a first name
rayed - shone; arrayed; having rays
rayel - a first name
rayle - rail
rayls - plural of "rayl", a unit of measurement of specific acoustic resistance
rayma - a first name
rayna - a first name
rayne - a first name; to reign
rayon - an artificial fabric
rayya - a first name
razed - tore down
razee - to cut down; a ship reduced in height by removing the upper deck
razel - a first name
razer - a demolisher
razes - tears down
razia - a first name
razie - a first name
raziq - a first name
razne - a first name
razon - an aerial bomb guided by radio
razoo - a small amount of money
razor - a sharp cutting instrument; an instrument for removing facial skin and occasional bits of hair
razzo - the nose
razzy - a first name
reaad - a first name
reach - an expanse; a stretch; a scope
react - to respond to
readd - to add again
reade - a first name
reads - extracts information visually; peruses
ready - prepared
reage - to restore the effects of ageing
reaim - to aim again
reair - to air again
reais - plural of "real", a monetary unit of Brazil
reaks - plural of "reak", a prank or practical joke
realm - a kingdom; a domain
realo - a "realistic" member of the Green Party
reals - plural of "real", a real number; a monetary unit of Brazil
reame - a realm
reams - bores out; plural of "ream", 500 sheets of paper
reamy - a first name; creamy; frothy
reana - a first name
reans - rines; rones; runes; ditches
reaps - harvests
rearm - to arm again
rears - raises; plural of "rear", the backside
reask - to ask again
reast - to dry by smoke; a rally of strokes between two tennis players
reasy - a first name
reata - a riata; a lariat
reate - a water-crowfoot; the Latin name for Rieti, Italy
reats - plural of "reat", an offense
reave - a first name; to bereave; to deprive; to rob
rebab - an ancient short-necked fiddle with two strings, of Oriental origin
rebad - a first name
rebag - to bag again
rebah - a first name
reban - to ban again
rebar - a steel reinforcing bar used in concrete; to bar again
rebat - to bat again
rebaz - a first name
rebba - a first name
rebbe - a rabbi; a Jewish religious teacher
rebec - a rebeck; a medieval Moorish fiddle with three or four strings
rebed - to put to bed again; to replace in a bed
rebee - to replace bees
rebeg - to beg again
rebel - a first name; to oppose; to rise up against
rebet - to bet again
rebia - a coin
rebid - to bid again
rebin - to bin again
rebis - an Algerian unit of measurement
rebit - bit again
rebob - to bob, or cut short, again
rebop - a first name; a kind of music
rebox - to box again
rebra - to repace a bra; to replace into a bra
rebud - to bud again
rebug - to bug again; to add bugs to a computer program
rebun - to form back into a bun
rebus - a puzzle in which pictures stand for words or syllables
rebut - to argue against
rebuy - to buy again
recal - recall
recam - to change the cams
recan - to can again
recap - to recapitulate
recar - to repack into cars again
recce - reconnaisance; to reconnoiter
recco - reconnaisance; to reconnoiter
reccy - reconnaisance; to reconnoiter
recif - a reef or bar
recit - a narrative in a book
recks - is concerned about
recog - to supply with cogs again
recon - reconnaissance
recta - plural of "rectum", the terminal part of the intestine
recti - plural of "rectus", any of several straight muscles
recto - the front (right, odd-numbered) side of a page in a book
recup - to put back into a cup; to add cups to; to reform into a cup
recur - to happen again
recut - to cut again
redab - to dab again
redam - to dam again
redan - an earthwork; a redoubt
reddi - a Munda-speaking agricultural people of central India
redds - puts in order; plural of "redd", a salmon spawning pit
reded - advised
redes - advises
redge - gold; money
redha - a first name
redia - a flatworm larva
redid - did again
redie - to die again
redif - a reserve force in the Turkish army
redig - to dig again
redim - to dim again
redin - a mysterious prehistoric people thought to have populated the Maldives
redip - to dip again
redly - a first name; blushingly; of a red color
redog - to dog again
redon - to don again
redos - plural of "redo", a thing that is done again
redot - to dot again
redox - acronym: "REDuction OXidation", a kind of chemical reaction
redry - to dry again
redub - to dub again; to name again
redue - due again
redug - dug again
redux - a reappearance; a return
redye - to dye again
reeba - a first name
reece - a first name
reech - to reek
reeda - a first name
reede - a reed
reeds - plural of "reed", a swamp plant; a musical implement; a unit of measurement of 6 cubits
reedy - a first name; filled with reeds; a thin tone
reefs - reduces sail area; plural of "reef", an underwater ridge of rock or coral
reefy - full of rocks
reeks - gives off a disgusting smell
reeky - smoky; vaporous
reels - staggers; plural of "reel", a spool; a dance
reema - a first name
reems - plural of "reem", the unicorn of the Bible
reena - a first name
reens - plural of "reen", a variant of "rhine"
reeny - a first name
reepo - a repossesion man
reese - a first name
reesk - rank grass; a waste land
reest - to resist; to arrest; to smoke or cure meat
reeta - a first name
reeth - a town in England
reeva - a first name
reeve - a first name; a steward
refab - to fabricate again
refan - to fan again
refar - to repeat; to go over again
refat - a first name; to make fat again
refax - to fax again
refed - fed again
refel - to refute; to reject
refer - to submit; to advert
refet - a first name
refez - to restore a fez
reffo - a refugee, particularly from the Nazis
refib - to tell a fib again
refin - to supply with fins again
refir - to supply with firs again
refis - refinances
refit - to fit again; to repair
refix - to fix again
refly - to fly again
refna - a first name
refog - to fog again
refry - to fry again
refts - plural of "reft", a chink or rift
refur - to supply with fur again
refut - refuge
regab - to gab again
regag - to apply a gag again
regai - a first name
regal - royal; a portable reed organ
regan - a first name; the younger wicked daughter in "King Lear"
regap - to reset the gap in sparkplugs
regar - regur, rich black cotton soil
regas - to refill with gas
regay - a town in Afghanistan
regel - to gel again
regem - to supply with gems again
regen - a first name; to regenerate
reges - plural of "rex", a king
reget - to regain
regex - a "regular expression", a computer science term for a pattern
regga - a Bantu-speaking people
reggi - a first name
reggo - automobile registration
reggy - a first name
regia - a first name
regie - a governmental monopoly
regin - a first name
regis - a first name
regle - a groove for a sliding door
regma - any fruit of 3 or more carpels that separate from the axis at maturity
regna - plural of "regnum"
regne - reign
regno - the Italian portion of the Holy Roman Empire
regos - plural of "rego", a car registration
regot - got back
regum - to apply gum again
regur - a rich black loam of India
regut - to gut again
rehab - rehabilitation
rehad - had again
rehas - has again
rehat - to supply with hats again; to modify the insignia of a military force
rehay - to hay again
rehem - to hem again
rehew - to hew again
rehex - to hex again
rehid - to hide again
rehip - to perform a tilling operation on a field
rehit - to hit again
rehna - a first name
rehod - to hod again
rehoe - to hoe again
rehop - to hop again
rehti - a town in India
rehub - to devise a new hub; to change hubs
rehue - to add color, or change the color of something
rehug - to hug again
rehum - a first name; to hum again
reice - a first name; to ice again
reich - an empire
reida - a first name
reide - a first name
reidh - a British cape
reies - a first name
reifs - plural of "reif", a robbery
reify - to materialize; to objectify
reign - to rule
reijo - a first name
reiki - a Japanese spa treatment
reiko - a first name
reiks - reaks
reims - a French cathedral city; plural of "reim", a leather rope
reina - a first name; a California rockfish
reine - a first name
reink - to ink again
reino - a first name
reins - restrains; the kidneys
reiny - a first name
reird - an uproar
reist - to baulk; to arrest
reits - plural of "reit", a sedge or seaweed
reive - to ravage; to reave
rejet - to jet again
rejig - to rejigger; to adjust; to modify
rejon - a lance with a wooden handle used in bullfighting
reked - recked
rekes - recks
rekey - to key again, as when an untrustworthy tenant leaves an apartment
rekha - a first name
rekne - to reckon
relag - to lag again
relap - to pass someone yet again on a circular track
relax - to abate; to slacken
relay - to lay again; to pass along
reled - led again
releg - to restore legs
relet - to lease again
relex - reverse lexicographic orderc
relic - a memento; a souvenir
relid - to place a lid on something again
relie - to assemble; to collect together; to lie again
relik - a relic
relip - to reform the lips
relit - lit again
relja - a first name
rello - a relative
relob - to lob again
relog - to log again
relop - to lop again
relot - to redivide into lots
relug - to lug again
remah - a first name
reman - to get a fresh crew
remap - to map again
remar - a first name; to mar again
remat - to mat again
remee - a first name
remen - an Egyptian measure, a royal cubit divided by the square root of 2
remes - plural of "reme", a realm
remet - met again
remex - a flight feather
remie - a first name
remit - to replace; to diminish; to release; to pay
remix - to mix again; a bird feather
remmy - a first name
remob - to mob again; to remobilize
remop - to mop again
remow - to mow again
remud - to reapply plaster or joint compound
remue - to remove
remug - to restore to a mug; to resupply with mugs
remus - a first name; the twin of Romulus
remzi - a first name
renab - to nab again
renae - a first name
renag - to nag again
renal - of the kidneys
renan - a first name
renap - to restore or replace the nap of a fabric
renat - a first name
renay - a first name; to renounce
renca - a town in Chile
renda - a first name
rends - tears apart
rendy - a first name
rened - a variant of "reined"
renee - a first name
reneg - to renege
renes - the kidneys
renet - to net again
renew - to make new again; to extend the life of something
reney - a first name; to renounce
renga - a series of linked poems, beginning with a hokku
rengo - a town in Chile
rengs - plural of "reng", a rung, a rank, a row
renia - a first name
renib - to replace the nib
renie - a first name
renig - to renege
renin - an enzyme produced by the kidney in response to stress
renip - to nip again
renix - to deny something again
renke - a first name
renna - a first name
renne - a first name; to run
renny - a first name
renod - to nod again
renos - a first name
renta - a first name
rente - a government pension
rents - tears; leases
renva - a first name
renzo - a first name
reoil - to oil again
reorg - a reorganization
reown - to reassert ownership
repad - to pad again
repan - to pan again
repat - to repatriate; a repatriate
repaw - to paw again
repay - to pay back; to pay again
repeg - to place on a peg again; to fix a currency that was floating
repel - to push away
repen - to put into a pen again
repet - to repeat
repew - to place into a pew again
repin - to pin again
repit - to pit again
repke - a first name
repla - plural of "replum", a plant part
reply - to answer
repod - to place into a pod again
repop - to pop again; to recycle, reuse, or repurpose
repos - plural of "repo", a repossessed item
repot - to pot again; to transplant
repps - plural of "repp", a cross-ribbed fabric
repro - to reproduce
rerag - to supply again with rags; to tease again
reran - ran again
rerat - to betray again (used by Winston Churchill)
reree - a catail
reref - to reassign referees; to change a reference
rereg - reregulation, that is, to restore regulation that had been lifted
rerep - to change one's representative
rerib - to provide with new ribs; to tease again
rerid - to rid again
rerig - to rig again
rerim - to put new rims on a tire
rerip - to rip again
rerob - to rob again
rerod - a reinforcing rod, a construction material
rerot - to rot again
rerow - to row again, as in a rowing competition
rerub - to rub again
rerug - to replace rugs
rerun - to run again
rerut - to cause ruts again
resad - a first name
resag - to sag again
resai - rezai
resat - sat again
resaw - saw again
resay - to say again
resee - to see again
reses - shakes; trembles
reset - to set again
resew - to sew again
resex - to sex again
resid - a type of fuel oil
resin - a sticky plant sap
resip - to sip again
resit - to sit again; to retake an examination
resko - a town in Poland
resod - to sod again
resow - to sow again
resps - plural of "resp", a respiration; a disease of sheep
resta - a town in Sweden
resto - a restaurant; a restored car, often used as a hot rod
rests - relaxes; ceases work
resty - restful
restu - a first name
resty - indolent; restive
resue - to sue again
resup - to sup again
retab - to tabulate again; to reassign TAB positions
retag - to tag again
retan - to tan again
retap - to tap again
retar - to tar again
retax - to tax again
retch - to vomit; to reach
retee - to tee again
retem - a desert shrub
retes - plural of "rete", a plexus; a network of vessels
retet - to again subdivide a volume into tetrahedrons
retex - to annul
retha - a first name
retia - plural of "rete", an anatomical mesh
retie - to tie again
retin - to cover with tin again
retip - to tip again; to change the tip; to rearm a missile
retno - a first name
retog - to reclothe
retop - to top again
retow - to tow again
retox - to retoxify something (perhaps oneself, perhaps with alcohol)
retro - referring to the past; pointing backwards
retry - to try again
retta - a first name
rette - a cigarette
retti - a unit of weight in India
retub - to replace into a tub
reuel - a first name
reule - rule
reume - realm
reune - to hold a reunion
reups - signs up again; enlists again
reuse - to use again
reuss - a river in Switzerland
reval - a Baltic seaport
revar - river
revaz - a first name
revel - to feast; to carouse; another name for Reval
rever - revers
reves - plural of "reve", a dream; a reverie
revet - a revetment; to face with stone
revia - a first name
revie - to outdo; to bandy words
revue - a variety entertainment
revvs - steps up the revolutions
rewad - to wad again
rewan - a town in Iraq
rewax - to wax again
rewed - to wed again; rued
rewer - a ruer
rewes - rues
rewet - a part of a wheel-lock; to wet again
rewig - to replace a wig
rewin - to win again
rewle - rule
rewme - realm
rewon - won again
rewth - ruth
rexan - a first name
rexes - plural of "rex", an animal with a single layer of wavy hair
reyba - a first name
reyde - a first name
reyes - a first name; a North American cape; a town in Bolivia
reyna - a first name
reyne - a first name
reyns - plural of "reyn", a measurement of poundals per square foot
reyse - to go on a military expedition; to raise
rezai - a cotton-filled coverlet
rezap - to zap again
rezin - a first name
rezso - a first name
rhamn - a bramble
rhawn - a first name
rheae - a suborder of the Rheidae family
rheah - a first name
rheas - plural of "rhea", a flightless bird
rheba - a first name
rheem - part of Moraga
rheic - of rhubarb
rheid - a solid that can deform by viscous flow
rhein - chrysophanic acid; a German river
rheme - a part of a sentence that conveys new information
rheta - a first name
rhett - a first name
rheum - rhubarb; a watery discharge from the mucous membranes; a genus of Asian herbs
rhian - a first name
rhime - rhyme
rhina - squatina; an angel fish
rhine - a German river; a rine; a ditch
rhino - a rhinoceros; money; acronym: "Really Here In Name Only" (of a student)
rhoan - a first name
rhoda - a first name
rhode - a first name; an island; one's best friend
rhodo - a rhododendron
rhody - a first name; a nickname for the state of Rhode Island; a rhododendron
rhoeo - an oyster plant
rhoid - a bothersome person (from "hemorrhoid")
rhomb - a rhombohedron, an equilateral parallelogram
rhoms - plural of "rhom", a parallelogram brick
rhona - a first name
rhone - a French river; an eaves gutter; a rone
rhumb - a loxodromic curve; a point of the compass
rhyan - a first name
rhyme - to sound similar
rhymy - containing many rhymes
rhyne - a first name; Russian hemp
rhyta - ancient Greek drinking horns
riach - hair (from backslang)
riadh - a first name
rials - plural of "rial", a monetary unit of Iran
riana - a first name
riane - a first name
riann - a first name
riant - laughing
riata - a lariat; a lasso
riayn - a first name
riban - ribbon
ribat - an Islamic monastery
ribby - containing prominent ribs; a baseball slang term for "run batted in"
ribes - the currant genus
ribit - an imitation of the sound of a frog
ribky - a Russian town that Napoleon passed through
rican - part of the phrase "Puerto Rican" or "Costa Rican"
ricca - a first name
ricci - a first name
ricco - a first name
riccy - a first name
riced - processed through a ricer
ricer - a rice processor; an implement for ricing potatoes
rices - plural of "rice", a grain
ricey - containing rice; tasting of rice
richa - a first name
riche - a North American cape; rich, as in "nouveau riche"
richi - a first name
richt - right
richy - a first name
ricin - a toxic protein from the bean of the castor-oil plant
ricka - a first name
ricke - a first name
ricki - a first name
ricks - a first name; plural of "rick", a haystack
ricky - a first name
ricou - a first name
ricsi - a first name
riczi - a first name
ridar - a first name
riden - a variant past perfect of "ride"
rider - a first name; one who rides; an addition to a bill or contract
rides - travels upon a conveyance
ridge - a first name; an edge; a crest
ridgy - a first name; furrowed
ridha - a first name
ridic - ridiculous
ridly - a first name
rieca - a first name
riefs - plural of "rief", a robbery
rieka - a first name
rieko - a first name
riels - plural of "riel", a monetary unit of Cambodia
riems - plural of "riem", a leather strap
rienk - a first name
riesa - a first name; a town in Germany
riess - a first name
rieta - a first name
rieti - a town in Italy, site of a famous battle
rieve - reave
rifai - a first name
rifat - a first name
rifer - more abundant
riffi - the Berbers who inhabit the Rif mountains of northern Morocco, or their language
riffs - riffles; plural of "riff", a showy piece of guitar work
riffy - containing many riffs
rifha - a first name
rifka - a first name
rifki - a first name
rifle - a long bore gun with a rifled barrel; to ransack
rifte - a past tense of "rive
rifts - plural of "rift", a cleft
rifty - containing many rifts
rigas - plural of "riga", a deal, a kind of balsam
rigby - a first name; a town in Idaho
rigel - a first name; a star
riggs - plural of "rigg", the dogfish
right - correct; the direction opposite to left; an inalienable privilege
rigid - stiff; unyielding
rigil - a star
rigmo - rigor mortis
rigol - a diadem; a crown; a circle
rigor - stiffness; preciseness
rihab - a first name
rihat - a first name
riker - a first name
rikia - a first name
rikka - a first name; an early form of Japanese flower arranging
rikki - a first name
rikky - a first name
riled - stirred up
riler - one who stirs up
riles - stirs up
riley - a first name
rilie - a first name
rilla - a first name
rille - a lunar valley
rills - plural of "rill", a small brook
rilly - containing many brooks
rilya - a first name
rilye - a first name
rimac - a river in Peru that goes through Lima
rimae - plural of "rima", a long narrow aperture or cleft
rimal - a first name; referring to the passage in the glottis between the true vocal cords
rimas - breadfruit; plural of "rima", a wood nymph
rimaz - a first name
rimed - frosted
rimer - an enlarged tool
rimes - plural of "rime", a rhyme; hoar frost
rimey - to write verse in rhyme; covered in hoar frost
rimma - a first name
rimpi - a village in Finland
rimus - plural of "rimu", the imou pine
rinaa - a first name
rinah - a first name
rinat - a first name
rinca - an Indonesian island
rince - a drink
rinde - a first name
rinds - plural of "rind", a peel; a husk
rindy - a first name; containing many rinds, pieces of rinds, or a thick rind
rined - having a rind
rines - plural of "rine", a rind; a rone; a rune; a watercourse
ringe - a first name; a heather whisk
ringo - a first name; a treat (?) made from sea holly
rings - sounds a bell; plural of "ring", a circlet; an item of finger jewelry
ringy - resembling a ring
rinka - a first name
rinko - a first name
rinks - plural of "rink", a skating arena
rinku - a first name
rinky - used in the phrase "rinky dink", meaning little, cheap, worthless
rinna - a first name
rinne - a first name
rinse - to clean; to wash quickly with water
rinsy - a first name; like a rinse
rinus - a first name
rioja - a town in Spain; a town in Peru; a red Spanish wine
riona - a first name
rioni - a river in the republic of Georgia
riots - plural of "riot", a melee; an uprising
rioty - riotous; chaotic
ripal - a first name
riped - ripened
ripen - to mature
riper - more mature
ripes - ripens
ripey - indicative of ripeness
riply - a first name
ripon - a spur; a town in Wisconsin; an English town
ripps - plural of "ripp", a handful
rippy - excellent; exciting
ripsi - a first name
riqua - a first name
riqui - a first name
risan - a town in Montenegro
risen - ascended; awakened
riser - a rebel; someone getting up from sleep; a stair-board
rises - ascends
risha - a first name
rishi - a first name; a poet; a Vedic seer
riska - a first name
risks - plural of "risk", a danger
risky - dangerous; uncertain
risly - a first name
rison - a town in Arkansas
risor - a town in Norway
risps - rasps; grates; plural of "risp", a notched bar
rissa - a first name; the kittiwake genus
risto - a first name
risus - a grin, often in an unpleasantly medical context
ritch - a first name
rited - initiated; having passed through a ritual
riter - one performing a rite
rites - plural of "rite", a ritual
ritha - a first name
rithe - a small stream
rithy - a first name
ritmo - in musical notation, "rhythm"
ritsa - a first name
ritsi - a first name
ritsy - a first name
ritta - a first name
ritti - a first name
ritto - a city in Japan
ritts - scores; scratches
ritzy - fancy; ostentatious
riura - a town in Kenya
rivah - a first name
rival - a competitor
rivas - plural of "riva", a rift, a cleft
rivca - a first name
rived - tore apart; referring to wood that was split, not sawn
rivel - to wrinkle; to shrivel
riven - rent; split
river - a first name; a stream; a torrent; one who tears apart
rives - a first name; tears apart
rivet - a metal fastener
rivie - a Buick Riviera
rivka - a first name
rivne - a city in Ukraine
rivos - plural of "rivo", a drinking cry
rivvy - a first name
rixle - to rule
riyad - a first name
riyal - a Sudanese coin
riyaz - a first name
rizal - a first name
rizas - plural of "riza", a overlay for an icon
rizla - cigarette rolling paper
rizom - a head of corn or oats
rizus - a first name
rizza - a first name
roach - an immortal ubiquitous insect; a marijuana cigarette
roads - plural of "road", a path; a street
roady - an assistant to a traveling band or show; travel-worn
roaky - hazy, nebulous
roald - a first name
roams - wanders
roamy - a first name; characterized by roaming
roana - a first name
roann - a first name
roans - plural of "roan", a horse with white spots
roany - a thick tar smeared on sheep
roark - a first name
roars - bellows
roart - any kind of trick or deception
roary - a first name; noisy; dewy
roast - to cook over a high flame
roate - rote
robab - a first name
robbi - a first name
robbo - a horse and trap; a cab
robby - a first name
robed - attired
robee - a first name
robel - a first name
roben - a first name
rober - a first name; one who helps another to put on formal robes
robes - plural of "robe", a long loose outer garment
robey - a first name; like a robe
robhy - a first name
robie - a first name
robin - a first name; a bird
roble - a Californian white oak
robot - a mechanical humanoid
robug - a remotely controlled climbing machine with suckers on the end of legs
robur - an English oak; the best of anything
robyn - a first name; a robin
rocca - a fortress; one of the Canary Islands
rocco - a first name
rocha - a town in Uruquay
roche - a first name; any of various rocks or geological strata; the drug Rohypnol
rocio - a first name
rocks - shakes; lulls; plural of "rock", a stone
rocky - a first name; unsteady; stony
rocoa - the orange pulp covering the seeds of the plant from which annotto is made
rocta - a medieval violin
rodas - a first name
rodby - a town in Denmark
rodda - a Cadillac
rodds - plural of "rodd", a crossbow for shooting stones
roddy - a first name; full of rods; ruddy
roded - performed a regular evening flight
rodel - a first name; a town in the Outer Hebrides
roden - a town in the Netherlands; a British river
rodeo - a cowboy festival
rodes - plural of "rode", a cable, chain or rope attached to the anchor of a small boat
rodey - a first name; a rodeo rider
rodez - a town in southern France
rodge - a first name; a gray duck
rodgy - a first name
rodie - a first name
rodna - a town in Romania
roers - plural of "roer", a heavy long-barreled elephant gun
rogan - a first name; as in "rogan josh", a kind of stew; a bowl
rogda - a first name
roger - a first name; to have sexual intercourse; yes
rogue - a rascal
roguy - roguish
roham - a first name
rohan - a first name; redwood mahogany
rohin - a first name
rohit - a first name
rohob - an inspissated juice
rohri - a town in northern India
rohun - an East Indian tree
rohus - plural of "rohu", a small mouthed Indian cyprinid fish
roial - a variant of "royal"
roice - a first name
roids - plural of "roid", a hemorrhoid
roils - stirs up
roily - muddy
roins - roynes, whispers, mutters
roint - aroint
roist - to bluster
rojas - a town in Argentina
rojay - a first name
rojis - plural of "roji", a form of Japanese garden design
roked - reeked; smoked
rokee - parched Indian corn
roker - the thornback ray; a marijuana smoker
rokes - reeks; smokes; mists
rokey - reeking; smoky; misty
rokha - a town in Afghanistan
rokia - a first name
rokko - an Asian cape
rolag - a roll of combed sheep's wool ready for spinning
rolah - a first name
rolan - a first name
roldy - a first name
rolek - a first name
roleo - a log-rolling tournament
roles - plural of "role", a part in a play
roley - a first name
rolfe - a first name
rolin - a first name
rolla - a first name; a town in Missouri
rolle - a first name
rollo - a first name
rolls - turns over; plural of "roll", a bun
rolly - a first name; a suitcase with wheels
rolon - a first name
rolph - a first name
romal - a handkerchief or headcloth; a silk or cotton fabric; a whip made from a horse's reins
roman - a first name; a native of Rome; a British river
romas - a first name; plural of "Roma", a gypsy
romel - a first name
romen - a first name
romeo - a first name; a lover
romic - a phonetic notation
romie - a first name
romke - a first name
romny - a town in Ukraine
romos - plural of "romo", a romantic pop musician
romps - plays unconstrainedly
rompu - a heraldic fracture
rompy - rampageous
ronak - a first name
ronal - a first name
ronan - a first name
ronat - a first name
ronay - a British island
ronco - any grunt of the genus Haemulon
ronda - a first name; a city in Spain
ronde - a first name; a round-hand type; a whole note
rondi - a first name
rondo - a kind of music in several strains, with a recurring theme
rondy - a first name
ronee - a first name
ronel - a first name
ronen - a first name
roneo - to mimeograph
rones - plural of "rone", a rine; a rune; a rean; a gutter
ronga - a Bantu people of southern Mozambique
ronge - a lake in North America
rongs - plural of "rong", variant of "rung", a step on a ladder
ronia - a first name
ronie - a first name
ronin - a Japanese outcast
ronit - a first name
ronkh - a town in Senegal
ronks - stinks
ronli - a first name
ronna - a first name
ronne - a first name; to run
ronni - a first name
ronny - a first name
ronse - a town in Belgium
ronsy - a first name
ronte - a first name; a runt
ronts - plural of "ront", a runt
ronya - a first name
roods - plural of "rood", a crucifix; 1/4 of an acre
roody - a first name; coarse; luxuriant
roofs - plural of "roof", the upper covering of a building
roofy - having roofs, like a roof; a knockout drug
rooks - cheats; plural of "rook", a chess piece; a bird
rooky - inhabited by rooks
rools - ruffles; raggles
rooms - plural of "room", a space; an apartment
roomy - spacious
roone - a first name
roons - plural of "roon", a rim, a border
roopa - a first name
roops - roars
roopy - hoarse; roupy
roosa - an Indian grass
roose - to extol or praise
roost - to perch
rooti - bread
roots - plural of "root", an underground plant tendril
rooty - radical; abounding in roots; sexually aroused; bread
roove - rove
ropar - a town in India
roped - tied; lashed
roper - a first name; one who ropes
ropes - plural of "rope", a line of twisted fiber
ropey - like rope; difficult; tricky; confusing; second-rate
roque - a first name; a modified form of croquet that actually requires skill
roral - dewy; roscid
rores - roars
rorey - a first name
roric - moist with dew
rorid - dewy
rorie - a first name; roary
rorke - a first name
roros - a town in Norway
rorry - a first name
rorts - plural of "rort", a loud party
rorty - exuberant; fine and jolly
rosal - rosy; a town in Colombia
rosan - a first name
rosas - a coastal town in Spain
rosby - a first name
rosco - a first name
rosed - made the color of a rose
rosel - a first name; a resin
rosen - a first name; consisting of roses; rosy
roser - a rosier; a rose bush
roses - plural of "rose", a flower
roset - a red color; a rosin
rosey - a first name; a town in Switzerland
roshi - a Zen master
rosie - a first name
rosin - a block of resin applied to the strings of a musical instrument
rosio - a first name
rosit - rosin
rosle - a first name
rosli - a first name
rosse - a first name
rossi - a first name
rosso - a town in Mauritania
rossy - a first name
rosts - rousts
rotal - according to the roster
rotan - rattan; any kind of wheeled vehicle, especially a cart
rotas - plural of "rota", a roster
rotch - a seabird, the dovekite
roted - fixed by rote
rotem - a first name
rotes - plural of "rote", a routine
rotge - the rotch
rotic - romantic
rotis - plural of "roti", a loaf of unleavened bread
rotls - plural of "rotl", a unit of weight in Muslim countries
roton - a hypothetical quantum mechanical unit of rotation
rotor - a spinning part
rotos - plural of "roto", a rotogravure section of a newspaper
rotse - lozi
rotta - rote; a medieval plucked string instrument like a lyre
rotte - a stringed instrument of the middle ages
rotto - drunk; bad liquor
rotts - plural of "rott", short for "Rottweiler"
rotty - a Rottweiler
rouad - another name for Arwad
rouda - a first name
rouen - a French city
roues - plural of "roue", a rake
rouet - a small wheel fixed to the pan of firelocks
rouge - face powder
rough - unfinished
rougy - covered with rouge
rouks - reeks; smokes
rouky - foggy
roula - a first name
roule - a kind of cheese; to roll
rouls - rolls
roums - plural of "roum", a room; a deep blue dye
round - circular
rouns - whispers
roups - plural of "roup", an auction
roupy - hoarse; making that disgusting phlegm-harvesting sound
roura - a town in French Guiana
roury - a first name
rouse - to waken; to carouse
roust - to rouse; to stir up
rousy - noisy
route - a path
routh - plentiful; an abundance
routs - drives away
routt - a county in Colorado
rouza - a first name
roved - wandered
roven - fastened by tying around something
rover - a first name; one who roves
roves - wanders
rovey - roving; wandering
rovno - a town in Ukraine
rowan - a first name; the mountain ash
rowdi - a first name
rowdy - a first name; unruly
rowea - a first name
rowed - propelled via oars; argued
rowel - the wheel of a spur; to insert a leather circle with a hole in the center into a wound, for draining
rowen - a first name; a second hay crop
rower - one who rows
rowet - aftermath
rowly - a first name
rowme - a room
rownd - round
rowns - whispers
rowse - to haul in slack
rowte - to roar or bellow
rowth - an abundance
rowts - variant of "rowtes", roars or bellows
roxas - a town in the Philippines
roxcy - a first name
roxey - a first name
roxie - a first name; a town in Mississippi
roxle - to grunt
royal - a first name; kingly; regal
royce - a first name
royet - unruly; wild
royle - to rile; to salt fish
royne - to bite; to gnaw
royst - to roist
rozet - rosin
rozis - plural of "rozi", a Lozi, a Bantu people
rozit - rosin
rozsa - a first name
rozsi - a first name
rozwi - a Lozi, a Bantu people
rozzi - a first name
rozzy - a first name
ruade - a preparatory movement for a parallel turn in skiing
ruala - rwala
ruana - a first name; a woolen covering resembling a poncho
ruari - a first name
ruark - a first name
rubai - a quatrain, as in the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
rubbs - plural of "rubb", a Greenland seal or sea dog
rubby - a public house
rubee - a first name
rubem - a first name
ruben - a first name
rubes - plural of "rube", a hick
rubey - a first name
rubha - a cape
rubia - a first name; the madder genus
rubic - a town in Albania
rubie - a first name
rubin - a first name; a ruby
rubio - a town in Venezuela
ruble - a monetary unit of Russia
rubor - redness of the skin
rubus - the bramble genus
rubye - a first name
rucar - a town in Romania
ruche - a folded or gathered piece of fabric used as a trimming in clothes
ruchi - a first name
rucks - plural of "ruck", a wrinkle; a racehorse that falls behind; a brawl; a rucksack
rucky - wrinkly
rucus - a ruckus; a commotion
rudas - a hag; a virago; bedlam
ruddi - a first name
rudds - plural of "rudd", a carp-like freshwater fish
ruddy - a first name; reddish
rudee - a first name
rudek - a first name
ruden - a German island in the Baltic Sea
ruder - more rude
rudes - plural of "rude", a rude boy
rudey - a first name
rudge - a partridge; a coarse cloth
rudie - a first name; a sex act; a gang member; a young agressive Jamaican male
rudin - a first name
rudna - a town in Romania; a town in Poland; a town in Latvia
rudow - a suburb of Berlin, Germany
rudra - a first name; the Vedic god of storms
ruely - ruefully
ruers - plural of "ruer", one who rues
ruffe - a ruff; a fresh-water perch
ruffs - trumps; plural of "ruff", a collar
ruffy - frilly
rufin - a first name
rufus - a first name; reddish
rugae - plural of "ruga", an anatomical fold
rugal - ridged; folded
rugby - a first name; a style of football; a town, and a public school in England
rugen - a German island
ruggy - rugged, rough; like a rug; fusty
rugin - a nappy cloth
ruhal - a first name
ruhee - a first name
ruihi - a language
ruili - a town in China near the border with Burma
ruing - regretting
ruins - destroys; remnants
rukhs - plural of "rukh", a jungle
rukum - a town in Nepal
rukwa - a lake in Africa
rulan - a first name
ruled - governed; judged; decided; lined
ruler - a governor; a measuring stick
rules - governs; plural of "rule", a regulation
ruley - a slang term meaning "excellent"
rulon - a first name
rumal - a romal; a shawl
ruman - Romanian
rumba - a Cuban dance in 2/4 time
rumbo - a rum punch
rumen - a first name; the stomach of a ruminant
rumer - a first name
rumes - plural of "rume", a rheum
rumex - a genus of herbs and shrubs that includes sorrel
rumly - strangely
rummy - odd; a card game; a drunkard
rumoi - a town in Japan
rumor - an item of gossip
rumpf - core
rumpo - sex
rumps - plural of "rump", butt
rumpy - like a rump; involving the rump; a Manx cat with no tail whatsoever, (there's rumpy, bumpy, and stumpy ones!)
runby - the overhead clearance between the elevator frame and the car
runch - crunch; the wild charlock
runcy - a woman of bad manners and doubtful character
rundi - a Bantu people of Urundi
runds - plural of "rund", roon
runed - inscribed with runes
runer - a bard
runes - plural of "rune", a Norse glyph
runey - like a rune; covered in runes
rungi - a first name
rungs - plural of "rung", a step on a ladder
rungu - a language; a traditional Kenyan wooden club
rungy - like a rung
runic - written in runes
runin - an unpleasant encounter
runns - plural of "runn", a low lying area
runny - semi-liquid
runon - run together; of a sentence with two poorly connected parts
runts - plural of "runt", a small or undernourished individual; the last of a litter
runty - small; poorly nourished
runup - the time before an event
runza - a Nebraska delicacy of oblong pastry with beef, cabbage and onions
ruote - pasta formed into a wheel shape
rupam - a first name
rupar - a town in northern India
rupee - a monetary unit of India
rupel - a river in Belgium
rupia - a ulcerative skin disease occurring in tertiary syphilis
rupie - the currency of German East Africa
ruppa - a first name
rupps - plural of "rupp", a road that is a public right of way, acronym: "Road Used as Public Path")
rural - of the country
rurik - a first name
rurps - plural of "rurp", a very small hook-like piton
rurus - plural of "ruru", mopoke
rusas - plural of "rusa", an Indian grass; an Indian deer
ruses - plural of "ruse", a ploy
rusey - like a ruse
rusha - a first name
rushi - a first name
rushy - a first name; full of rushes; rushing
rusin - a Carpatho-Rusyn
rusks - plural of "rusk", a sweet biscuit
rusky - a rude straw basket; a Russian
rusma - rhusma; a depilatory of orpiment and quicklime
rusol - a first name
rusot - a wood or shrub extract mixed with opium and applied to infected eyelids
russe - Russian, as in "charlotte russe"
russo - Russian, as in "Russo-Japanese war"
rusti - a first name
rusts - oxidates; plural of "rust", a grain disease
rusty - a first name; oxidating; unpracticed
rusyn - a Carpatho-Rusyn; the Ruthenian language
rutab - one of four stages of ripening
rutal - derived from rue
rutan - a town in Pennsylvania
rutba - a town in Iraq
rutch - to move with a crunching or shuffling noise
rutha - a first name
ruthe - a first name
ruthi - a first name
ruths - plural of "ruth", compassion; pity
ruthy - a first name
rutic - derived from rue
rutin - a chemical compound
rutka - a first name
rutog - a town in Tibet
rutty - uneven, full of ruts
rutul - a Caucausian language
rutyl - a term in chemistry
ruven - a first name
ruvid - rough
ruvim - a first name
ruwer - a small tributary of the Mosel river, and host to a number of vineyards
ruzha - a first name
ruzia - a first name
ruzsa - a first name
ruzya - a first name
rwala - a member of a powerful Arabian people supposed to be descended from Abraham
ryaad - a first name
ryale - a first name
ryals - plural of "ryal", a variant of "rial"
ryana - a first name
ryane - a first name
ryann - a first name
rybat - a dressed stone at the side of a door
rycca - a first name
rydem - the buttocks
ryder - a first name; an old gold coin of the Netherlands
ryfka - a first name
rygge - a town in Norway
rygin - angry
rykes - reaches
rylan - a first name
rylee - a first name
ryley - a first name
rylie - a first name
rylin - a first name
rylly - a first name
rylsk - a town in central Russia
rylyn - a first name
ryman - a first name
rymme - a rim
rynds - plural of "rynd", an iron support for a millstone
rynge - a town in Sweden
rynok - a town in Russia
ryogo - a first name
ryoji - a first name
ryoko - a first name
ryoma - a first name
ryota - a first name
ryots - plural of "ryot", an Indian tenant farmer
ryozo - a first name
ryper - the ptarmigan
rypes - plural of "rype", the ptarmigan
rysio - a first name
ryssa - a first name
ryths - plural of "ryth", a ford
rytis - a first name
ryton - a first name; a British river
ryuan - a first name
ryuhi - a first name
ryves - rives; pierces
rzhev - a town in Russia, site of a huge battle in World War II
saadh - a sadh, a monotheistic Hindu sect
saadi - a first name
saale - a river in Germany
saali - attractive; well-dressed
saami - a native language of Finland
saamy - a first name
saara - a first name
saave - a Balkan river
sabae - a town in Japan
sabah - a first name; a Malaysian state
sabal - a fan palm genus; the partly dried fruit of a saw palmetto
saban - a first name
sabbe - savvy
sabby - savvy
sabed - savvied
sabel - a first name
saben - a first name
saber - a first name; a fencing weapon
sabes - savvies
sabha - a public meeting in India
sabia - a first name; a genus of shrubs
sabik - a star in the constellation Ophiuchus
sabin - a first name; a unit of sound absorption
sabir - a first name; a French-based pidgin language
sabit - a first name
sabla - a first name
sable - a first name; an antelope; a marten; a fur; a Nova Scotian island
sably - blackly; darkly
sabot - a wooden shoe; a shoe-shaped projectile casing
sabra - a first name; Middle Eastern cactus; native born Israeli
sabre - a first name; a fencing weapon, as spelled by the English
sabri - a first name
sabry - a first name
sabuk - a town in South Korea
sabya - a town in Saudi Arabia
sabzi - a green Indian vegetable
sacae - an ancient people of eastern Iran
sacar - saker
sacbe - a Mayan raised roadway
sacci - plural of "saccus", an anatomical pouch or bag
saced - a shortened form of "sacrificed", as in, "killed a laboratory animal"
sacer - a sacre; a saker; a European hawk
sacha - a first name
sachi - a first name
sacks - fires; plural of "sack", a paper bag
sacky - like a sack
sacra - an artery; plural of "sacrum", the part of the spinal column that meets the pelvis
sacre - a saker; a falcon; a cannon; to consecrate
sacri - a cannon
sacro - part of medical phrases such as "sacro occipital" and "sacro iliac", meaning "related to the sacrum"
sadad - a first name; a town in Syria
sadaf - a first name
sadah - a first name
sadda - an abbreviated version of the Zendavesta
saddo - an inadequate, unfashionable person, unlike us
sadee - a first name
sadek - a first name
sadeq - a first name
sades - plural of "sade", a Hebrew letter
sadhe - variant of "sade", a Hebrew letter
sadhs - plural of "sadh", a member of a monotheistic Hindu sect
sadhu - an Indian ascetic
sadia - a first name
sadic - sadistic
sadie - a first name
sadig - a first name
sadik - a first name
sadiq - a first name
sadis - plural of "sade", a Hebrew letter
sadja - a first name
sadly - with sadness; unfortunately
sadoc - a first name; the biblical Zadok, in the Douay version
sadoo - a carriage
sados - plural of "sado", a Javanese carriage
sadra - a first name
sadri - a first name
sadrs - plural of "sadr", a plant of the genus Ziziphus
sadun - a first name
sadye - a first name
sadyk - a first name
sadza - a porridge made of ground maize or millet of Zimbabwe
saeed - a first name
saeid - a first name
saeko - a first name
saemi - a first name
safad - a town in Israel
safak - a first name
safar - a first name; the second month of the Moslem calendar
safed - a city in Israel; made safe
safen - to reduce the phototoxic effect by adding a safener
safer - more safe
safes - plural of "safe", a strongbox
safey - like a safe
safet - a first name
saffi - a first name
saffo - a bailiff
safia - a first name
safra - a first name
safwa - a language
sagai - a Turkic people
sagan - a Hebrew priest; a Butt-Head Astronomer
sagar - a first name; a town in India
sagas - plural of "saga", an epic
saged - seasoned with sage
sager - wiser
sages - plural of "sage", a wise person; an herb
sagey - smelling of sage; like a sage
saggy - sagging, baggy
sagia - a first name
sagit - a first name
sagos - plural of "sago", a tropical palm tree
sagra - a beetle genus
sagum - a Roman soldier's cloak
sagus - the genus of plants that includes the palm
sahab - a town in Jordan
sahag - a first name
sahan - a first name
sahar - a first name
saheb - a term of respect
sahel - an African desert
sahen - a first name
sahib - a term of respect
sahil - a first name
sahim - a first name
sahin - a first name
sahir - a first name
sahla - a first name
sahmi - a first name
sahra - a first name
sahui - a marmoset
sahul - the ancient landmass of Australia and New Zealand
sahur - a predawn Ramadan meal
saice - syce
saick - a Levantine vessel
saics - plural of "saic", a Levantine ketch
saida - a first name; a seaport in Lebanon; a town in Algeria
saidi - a first name
saids - plural of "said", sayid
saidu - a first name; the capital of Swat
saied - a first name
saifa - a first name
saifo - a first name
saiga - a puff-nosed sheep-like antelope
saige - a first name
saija - a first name
saiki - a town in Japan
sails - plural of "sail", a sheet of canvas used on boats for locomotion
saily - like a sail
saima - a first name
saims - lards; greases
saimy - lardy
saine - a past participle of "say"
sains - makes the sign of the cross on something
saint - a holy person
saioa - a first name
saion - a first name
saiph - a star in the constellation Orion
saira - a first name
saire - a European cape
sairs - serves
sairy - sorry
saist - sayest
saite - a native of the ancient city of Sais, in Egypt
saith - Biblical "says"; the mature coal fish
saito - a town in Japan
saiva - a votary of Shiva
saiyf - a first name
sajad - a first name
sajah - a first name
sajed - a first name
sajen - a unit of length of about 7 feet
sajid - a first name
sajit - a first name
sajou - an American monkey
sakai - a seaport in Honshu, Japan
sakar - an island near New Guinea
sakas - plural of "Saka", a people of the ancient Crimea
sakau - a nonalcoholic intoxicating Polynesian drink made from pepper roots
sakda - a first name
sakel - a kind of cotton
saker - a sacre; a hawk; an old gun
sakes - plural of "sake", benefit; a Japanese liquor
sakha - Yakut; a regional language of Siberia
sakia - a Persian water wheel
sakis - plural of "saki", Japanese liquor
sakka - a town in Syria
sakta - "shakta", in Hinduism, the female principle
sakti - a first name; "shakti", in Hinduism, the female principle; a consort
salad - a serving of raw greens; a mixture of things
salah - a first name
salal - an evergreen shrub
salam - a first name; a penis
salar - a first name; a salt-encrusted depression; a town in Afghanistan
salas - plural of "sala"
salat - a salad; a ritual prayer of Muslims performed five times daily
salay - a unit of measure in Burma
salbe - King Solomon wine
salda - a bug genus
saleb - a variant of "salop"
saleh - a first name
salem - a first name; a witch killing city in Massachusetts
salep - salop; the dried orchis root; a dessert
sales - plural of "sale", a transaction for money
salet - salad
salia - a Pacific cape
salic - refers to the Salic Law of male succession, or the Salian Franks
salif - a first name; a port city in Yemen
salih - a first name; a town in Iraq
salii - the ancient Roman college of priests of Mars and Quirinus, who invoked the god of war
salil - a first name
salim - a first name
salin - a first name; saline
salit - an Israeli settlement in the West Bank
salix - the willow genus; a town in Pennsylvania
salka - a first name
salle - a salon; a hall
salli - a first name
sallo - calico
sally - a first name; a foray; a bell rope; a stone-fly; a wren
salma - a first name; a unit of weight in Malta
salme - a first name
salmi - a ragout of hashed game
salmo - the salmon genus
salms - plural of "salm", a variant of "psalm"
salmy - a town in Kuwait
salol - phenyl salicylate, a relative of aspirin
salon - a saloon; a hall; a town in France
salop - salep; dried orchis root; Shropshire
salou - a seaside resort in Spain
salpa - a genus of sea-squirts
salps - plural of "salp", a free swimming tunicate
salsa - a relish of tomatoes, peppers and onions; a Latin American music style
salse - volcanic mud; a mud volcano
salsk - a town in Russia
salta - a city and province in Argentina
salto - a city in Uruguay; a European lake; a musical notation indicated a passage should be skipped
salts - plural of "salt", a sailor; an ionic compound
salty - briny; profane
salud - a drinking toast
salue - salute
salum - a town in Egypt
salus - the Roman goddess of health
salva - a first name
salve - an ointment
salvo - a first name; an exception; a volley
salvu - a first name
salvy - resembling salve
salwa - a first name
salye - a first name
salza - an Austrian river
samac - a town in Bosnia Herzegovina
samad - a first name
samah - a first name
samaj - an Islamic religious council
samal - a Moro people of Mindanao
saman - the rain tree
samar - one of the Philippine Islands
samas - plural of "sama", a muttonfish
samat - a mountain near Manila
samba - a first name; a Brazilian dance in 2/4 time
sambo - a first name; a Latin American of mixed ancestry; a Russian version of judo and wrestling
sameh - a first name
samek - a Hebrew letter that corresponds to "S"
samel - soft and crumbling brick
samen - the same
sames - plural of "same", an identical thing
samet - a first name
samey - a first name; identical; having no variety; boring
samfi - a confidence trickster
samfu - a jacket and trouser set worn by Chinese women
samia - a first name; the silkworm genus
samic - of the Sami, the Laplanders
samie - a first name
samih - a first name
samil - a first name
samir - a first name
samis - plural of "Sami", an aboriginal people of northern Norway, Sweden and Finland
samit - a cape in Cambodia
sammi - a first name
sammo - a sandwich
sammy - a first name; a US soldier in World War I; water-logged
samoa - a Pacific island; a cookie humorously named from a slurred "give me some more"
samos - a Greek island in the Aegean Sea
samou - a Palestinian town
sampa - a first name
sampi - an obsolete Greek letter
samps - plural of "samp", coarsely ground corn porridge
samra - a first name
samso - a kind of cheese
samua - a town in the West Bank
samya - a first name
samye - a first name; a village in Tibet, site of a monastery
sanaa - a first name; the capital of Yemen
sanad - an Indian government charter
sanah - a first name
sanam - a first name
sanap - a strip of cloth placed over a table cloth
sanas - plural of "sana", a hemp plant
sanat - a first name
sanaz - a first name
sanct - an old form of "saint"
sanda - a first name; a British island; a town in Japan
sande - a first name
sandi - a first name
sands - varieties of sand; smooths with sandpaper
sandu - a first name
sandy - a first name; covered with sand; a yellowish red color; an English town
saned - made the sign of the cross on
saner - more sane
sanes - sains
sanft - in musical notation, "softly"
sanga - a temporary fortification; any of various African cattle; a town in Mali; a river in the Congo
sangh - a Hindu unity association
sango - a trade language of French Equatorial Africa; a central African tribe; a sandwich
sangs - plural of "sang", heraldic blood; a Persian harp; a ginseng plant; a song
sangu - a language; any of various African cattle
sania - a first name
sanja - a first name
sanjo - a town in Japan
sanko - a first name; a west African guitar; to walk quietly and aimlessly
sanna - a first name
sanne - a first name
sanni - a first name
sanno - a sanitary inspector
sanny - a sanitary towel
sansa - a tambourine; an mbira
sansi - the language of a tribe in northwest Pakistan
sants - plural of "sant", a devout person or saint
santa - Santa Claus, the supreme deity of America, especially because he doesn't even expect you to believe in him; a language
sante - a first name
santo - a first name; a wooden image of a saint; an island
santy - Santa Claus
sanur - a town on the island of Bali; an Israeli settlement in the West Bank
sanya - a first name; a town on the island of Hainan
sanyu - a first name
saola - a very rare sort of Vietnamese antelope
saone - a river in France
saora - a forest people of the Eastern Ghats, India
saori - a first name
saoud - a first name
sapan - the heartwood of sappanwood
sapfu - an acronym: "Surpasses All Previous Foul Ups", more or less
sapid - savory; tasty
sapin - fir
sapka - a mountain in Bulgaria
saple - sable
sapna - a first name
sapor - flavor, taste
sapos - plural of "sapo", the toad fish; soap
sappy - sentimental; resinous
saque - a coat
sarab - a mirage; deceit
sarad - a first name
saraf - a first name
sarah - a first name
sarai - a first name; the name of the biblical Sarah before the covenant; an Islamic metropolis
saral - a first name
saran - a thermoplastic resin; a Hindu violin; a mountain in Borneo
sarat - a cotton cloth
sarco - a first name; a bay in Chile
sarda - a mackerel
sardo - a kind of cheese
sards - plural of "sard", an orange-red variety of quartz or agate
sardy - like sard
sared - a variant of "sored"
saree - a first name; a sari
saret - a town in Afghanistan
sarey - a first name
sarge - a first name; sergeant
sargo - a sparid fish
sarie - a first name
sarif - a first name
sarin - a nerve gas
sarip - a Moro high priest
sarir - a town in Libya
saris - plural of "sair", an Indian garment
sarit - a first name
sarka - a first name
sarks - plural of "sark", a shirt
sarky - sarcastic
sarma - a town in the former SSR of Georgia
sarmi - a town in Indonesia
sarna - a town in Sweden
sarno - a river in Italy
sarns - plural of "sarn", a pavement
sarny - a town in Ukraine
sarod - an Indian lute similar to a cello, with strings that are plucked
sarog - a first name
saroh - an Indian guitar
saroj - a first name
saron - a metallophone of seven bronze plates used in the Javanese gamelan; a convent of the Ephrata Cloister; a biblical place
saroo - a first name
saros - an astronomical cycle of 6,581.33 days or about 19 years; an Aegean gulf
sarov - a town in Russian, where nuclear research was done
sarpo - a large toadfish of the southern United States
sarra - a first name; to serve
sarre - an English town; another name for Saar
sarri - a first name
sarsa - sarsaparilla
sarse - a fine sieve; sarsasparilla
sarsi - a Native American tribe
sarte - a town in Ethiopia
saruk - a Persian carpet of fine, compact weave
sarum - an old name for Salisbury, England
sarus - a crane
sarvo - this afternoon
saryn - a first name
sarza - sarsaparilla
sasak - an Indonesian people
sasan - a first name
sasha - a first name
sasho - a first name
sashy - like a sash; containing many sashes
sasia - pygmy woodpeckers
sasie - a first name
sasin - an Indian antelope
sason - a first name
sasse - a Dutch weir with floodgates
sassy - a first name; impudent
satan - the devil
satay - a spicy Indonesian sauce
satch - a man with a large mouth; a large mouth
sated - satisfied
sateh - a variant of "satay", a spicy Indonesian sauce
satem - an IndoEuropean language in which palatal stops became fricatives
sates - satisfies
satin - a first name; a fine fabric
satis - enough; plural of "sati", a variant of "suttee", self-immolation
satle - to settle
satna - a town in India
satta - to rejoice
satte - a town in Japan
satur - a first name
satya - a first name
satyr - a half man, half goat; a sexually insatiable man
sauba - a South American leaf-carrying ant
sauce - impudence; a condiment; a town in Argentina
sauch - the willow; sallow
saucy - impudent
sauda - a town in Norway
saudi - a native of Saudi Arabia; a Saudi Arabian coin
saugh - the willow; sallow
sauks - sacs
sauld - sold
saule - a first name
sauli - a first name
saulo - a first name
sauls - plural of "saul", a soul; an Indian tree
sault - a rapid
sauna - a steam bath
saunt - a saint
saura - a first name; a forest people of the Eastern Ghats, India
sauri - a town in Kenya
sauro - a first name
saurs - plural of "saur", soil, dirt, dirty water
saury - the skipper fish
sausi - a town in Papua New Guinea
saute - to fry in fat
sauts - salts
sauty - a town in Russia
sauve - salve; a town in France
savak - the Shah's secret police
savar - a town in Bangladesh
savas - a first name
saved - preserved; spared
savee - savvy
saveh - a town in Iran
saver - a hoarder; a preserver
saves - preserves; keeps; rescues
savey - savvy
savil - a first name
savin - an evergreen conifer
savio - a first name
saviz - a first name
savji - a first name
savor - to enjoy the taste of
savoy - a curly cabbage; a former duchy of Sardinia; a province in France
savva - a first name
savvy - knowledgeable; sharp-witted; uncommon sense
sawad - a first name
sawah - a wet or irrigated rice field in Indonesia
sawai - a first name
sawan - a month of the Hindu year
sawat - a town in Papua New Guinea
sawed - cut with a saw
sawer - one who saws
sawna - a first name
sawny - a first name; a Scotsman
saxbe - a first name
saxby - a first name
saxen - a first name
saxes - plural of "sax", a saxophone; plural of "saxe", a kind of paper
saxin - saccharin
saxon - a first name; a native of Saxony
sayal - sackcloth
sayan - a first name; a range of mountains in the south Soviet Union; a town in Peru
sayda - another name for Sidon
sayed - a first name
sayen - a first name
sayer - a first name; one who says
sayge - a first name
sayid - a first name; a Muslim title of respect
sayil - a site of Mayan ruins in the Yucatan peninsula
sayma - a first name
saynd - singed
sayne - an obsolete form of "saying"
sayon - a medieval jacket
sayre - a first name; a town in Oklahoma
sayso - a dictum; veto power
sayst - Biblical "say"
sazen - a traditional unit of length in Poland
sazes - plural of "saz", a musical instrument similar to a bouzouki or oudh;
scabs - plural of "scab", a replacement worker; a natural temporary protective skin layer
scads - many; plural of "scad", a horse mackerel
scaff - food; to beg or scavenge for food
scags - plural of "scag", heroin
scail - to scatter
scala - a surgical instrument; one of the spiral canals of the cochlea
scald - to burn by contact with liquid; the dodder plant
scale - to climb; a flake; a measurement system
scall - leprosy; a scab
scalp - the skin on the top of the head
scalt - scalded
scaly - covered with scales
scama - a first name
scamp - a rogue
scams - plural of "scam", a swindle
scand - an archaic form of "scanned"
scank - an ugly woman
scans - searches through
scant - scarce
scapa - to run away
scape - to escape; a vista (landscape); a shaft of a column; a bird
scapi - plural of "scapus", a stem, shaft or column
scard - a shard, a fragment
scare - to frighten
scarf - a muffler; to eat rapidly
scarn - scorn; dung
scarp - a heraldic scarf; a rampart slope; to escape; a British island
scars - plural of "scar", a mark of injury left after healing
scart - to scratch; scared; a cormorant
scary - frightening
scate - a skate; a fish; to waste; heroin
scath - to scathe; to damage
scats - leaves quickly; plural of "scat", animal excrement
scatt - a tax
scaud - to scald
scaum - to burn; to scorch; insincere talk
scaup - a sea-duck; the scalp
scaur - a riverbank; a scar
scawd - having bare patches
scaws - plural of "scaw", a promontory
sceat - a small Anglo-Saxon coin
scelp - skelp; iron for gun barrels
scena - the stage of an ancient theater; a scene in an opera
scend - to ascend; the upward heaving of a ship
scene - a show; a pageant; a view
scent - an odor
scern - to discern; to perceive
schah - a shah
schav - a cold soup
sched - schedule
schie - a river in Amsterdam
schin - a Hebrew letter
schio - a town in Italy
schiz - a schizophrenic
schmo - an unintelligent person
schul - a synagogue
schut - a cattle-pound
schwa - a sort of upside down lowercase "e", symbol for an indistinct vowel
scian - chian, a native of Chios
scind - a town in Pakistan, now called "Sindh"
scink - a skink
scion - a descendant
sciot - a native of Chios
scise - to cut
scive - to skive
sclav - a Slav
sclaw - a claw
sclim - to climb
scoad - a trashy person
scoat - to wedge; to brake a wheel with a wedge of rock or stone
scobe - a black person
scobs - plural of "scob", a shaving
scoby - the chaffinch
scoff - to sneer; to mock; to deride
scogs - skugs
scoke - pokeweed
scold - to berate
scomm - a buffoon
scone - a pastry; a coronation stone; a town in Scotland
scons - scuns; skims; skips
scoob - to snack or eat; marijuana
scood - a slurred form of "it's good"
scoog - skug
scook - to skulk
scoon - to skim along the water; to skip rocks across water
scoop - to dig; to hollow out; a ladle
scoot - to decamp; to bolt; to travel lightly and easily
scopa - the stiff hairs of moths and bees
scope - room; space; liberty; a microscope; a telescope; to observe
scops - a screech owl; plural of "scop", an old English bard
score - a record; a mark; twenty
scorf - to gobble up
scorn - to show disdain
scorp - a colloquial term for a scorpion
scosh - a skosh, a small amount
scota - a first name
scote - a wedge; a wheel block
scoth - to clothe or cover up
scots - plural of "Scot", a native of Scotland
scott - a first name
scoug - skug
scouk - to skulk
scoup - to run; to scamper
scour - to scrub; to scrape
scout - a first name; to reconnoiter
scove - to tamp; to enclose in a kiln
scovy - smeared; blotched
scowk - to skulk
scowl - a hostile facial expression
scowp - to bound; to caper
scows - plural of "scow", a flat-bottomed boat
scowy - like a scow
scrab - to scratch; a crab apple
scrae - an old worn-out shoe; a skinny animal
scrag - to throttle; to beat up; an odd lean bit; a very thin person; a stunted tree
scram - to exit hastily
scran - scraps of food; payment for food at an inn
scrap - a small piece; to fight; to discard
scrat - a devil; a hermaprodite; an insignificant amount
scraw - a piece of turf; a sod
scray - a sea-swallow; a tern; a container
scree - a steep stony slope
screw - to twist; to distort; to have sexual intercourse
scrid - a screed; a shred
scrim - a durable plain-woven cotton fabric used for lining
scrin - a small vein of ore
scrip - a wallet; temporary monetary bills
scrit - writing; a document; a scroll
scrod - to shed; a young codfish; something you can get in Boston
scrog - a stunted bush; to have sex with
scrow - the sky; to scram; hide clippings used to make glue
scrub - to clean; to cancel; underbrush
scrud - a venereal disease; a mythical disease
scrum - a football or rugby skirmish
scrut - to eat voraciously
scuba - self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
scudi - plural of "scudo", an Italian silver coin
scudo - an Italian silver coin
scuds - moves quickly and smoothly
scuff - scurf; to scrape with the feet; to shuffle
scuft - the nape of the neck
scugs - skugs; shelters; expiates
sculs - plural of "scul", a school
sculk - to lurk
scull - an oar; a skua gull
sculp - to engrave; to flay; to break slate
scult - a bailiff
scums - plural of "scum", an undesirable semiliquid matter
scuns - scons; skims
scunt - bankrupt; broke
scupi - another name for Skopje
scups - plural of "scup", a marine food fish; a swing
scurb - a suburban skateboarder
scurf - dandruff; scum; the bull-trout
scurs - grazes; jerks
scuse - slang for "excuse" as in "scuse me"
scuta - plural of "scutum", a horny plate
scute - a shield; an escutcheon; a scale of a fish; a coin
scuts - plural of "scut", a short tail; a mean, contemptible person
scutt - a mean, contemptible person
scuzz - dirt; a dirty person; a disreputable person
scyes - plural of "scye", an armhole
scyld - the father of Beowulf
scyle - to hide; to conceal
scyth - an ancient people of central Asia
sdain - to disdain
sdayn - to disdain
sdein - to disdain
seage - the yellow iris
seahs - plural of "seah", a Hebrew unit of dry measure, about 14 pints
seaks - plural of "seak", a soap prepared for use in milling cloth
seals - plural of "seal", a sea mammal; an insignia
sealy - a town in Texas
seame - grease; lard
seams - plural of "seam", a joint; a vein of ore or coal
seamy - dark; sordid
seana - a first name
seane - a first name
seann - a first name
seans - plural of "sean", a seine or fish net
seany - a first name
seara - a first name
seare - an obsolete form of "sear"
sears - burns the surface
sease - to seize
seato - the South East Asia Treaty Organization
seats - plural of "seat", a chair or sitting place
seaus - plural of "seau", a pottery pail used in 18th century dinner servings
seave - a wick made of rush
seavy - overgrown with rushes
seaze - to seize
sebat - the fifth month of the Hebrew calendar
sebby - a first name
sebec - a town in Maine
seben - a fast improvisatory section in soukous dance music
sebes - a town in Romania
sebha - a town in Libya
sebic - sebacic, of or pertaining to fat
sebka - one of the salt marshes of northern Africa; a dried lake bed
sebra - a first name
sebta - another name for Ceuta
sebum - an oily gland secretion
secco - a fresco; dry; unaccompanied by ornamentation; a sexual pervert
seccy - a tablet of Seconal
seche - to seek
secko - a sexual pervert
secle - a century
secre - a secret; secretive
sects - the one true religions
secus - to the contrary
sedan - a kind of chair; a kind of car; a city in France
sedat - a first name
sedda - a town in Iraq
sedef - a first name
seder - a Passover meal
sedes - a seat
sedge - a flock of herons; a primitive grass
sedgy - rife with sedge
sedna - a minor planetoid of the Solar System
sedra - a weekly portion of the Pentateuch read in synagogues
sedum - a flowering plant
seeds - plural of "seed", a reproductive capsule produced by plants
seedy - shabby; unwell; past its prime; full of seeds
seeer - one who sees
seege - a crest of a breaking wave
seeha - a town in Iraw
seeks - searches for
seeld - seld, rare, uncommon, seldom
seels - sews the eyes shut (as done when raising hunting birds)
seely - a first name; frail
seema - a first name
seems - appears
seena - a first name
seeps - oozes out
seepy - leaky
seera - a first name
seers - plural of "seer", a prophet or visionary
seery - like a seer
seest - Biblical "see"
seeta - a first name
seeth - Biblical "see"
segar - a first name; a cigar
seger - a first name
segge - the hedge sparrow
seggy - a tablet of Seconal
segni - plural of "segno", a musical sign indicating repetition
segno - a musical term meaning "sign", and often indicating the end of a repeated passage
segol - seghol; a vowel mark in Hebrew
segos - plural of "sego", a herb
segou - a town in Mali
segre - a European river
segue - a musical transition; a smooth transition without a break
seham - a first name
sehba - a first name
sehed - a first name
seher - a first name
sehri - a Ramadan meal eaten before sunrise
seids - plural of "seid", a descendent of Mohammed
seidy - a first name
seifs - plural of "seif", a long narrow sand dune
seigh - an obsolete past tense of "see"
seiji - a first name
seila - a first name
seils - plural of "seil", a sieve
seina - a first name
seine - a river in France; a fishing net
seint - a girdle; a saint
seira - a first name
seirs - plural of "seir", a scombroid fish
seise - to seize
seism - an earthquake
seity - selfhood
seiza - a classic Japanese position, sitting on the heels, knees apart, and back straight
seize - to take forcefully
sejal - a first name
sejdi - a first name
sejdo - a first name
sejny - a town in Poland
seked - an ancient Egyptian measurement of slope, the horizontal run for a drop of seven palms
seker - a variant of "Sokar", a god of ancient Egypt
sekes - a place in an ancient temple where the images of deities were kept
sekka - a first name
sekos - a Greek sanctuary
sekou - a first name
sekts - plural of "sekt", a German wine
selah - a word used to indicate a pause or stop in the Psalms
selam - a first name
selby - a first name; an English town
selce - a village in Macedonia
selch - a seal
selda - a first name
selde - a first name
selen - a first name
seleo - an island in Papua New Guinea
seles - plural of "sele", variant of "seel", luck, good fortune
selfs - variant plural of "self", an individual
selia - a first name
selie - a first name
selig - a first name
selim - a first name
selin - a first name
sella - Sella Turcica, a saddle-shaped area of the sphenoid bone
selle - a saddle
sello - a first name
sells - conveys for money
selma - a first name; a city in Alabama
seltz - a town in Germany, home of Seltzer water
selva - a tropical rainforest; a kind of cheese
selve - self; same
selwa - a first name
seman - a river in Albania
sembe - a town in the Congo
semee - in heraldry, strewn or covered with small figures, such as stars
semen - a fluid that contains sperm
semer - a first name
semes - plural of "seme", an ornamental design
semey - the new name of Semipalatinsk, Russia
semga - a Russian dish of marinated salmon
semic - pertaining to a sign
semie - a first name; a semi-bajan
semil - a first name
semir - a first name
semis - an ancient Roman unit of measurent of 6 uncia; plural of "semi", a tractor-trailer
semon - a first name
semou - a first name
semra - a first name
senad - a first name
senal - a landmark
senam - one of a type of dolmen in Algiers and Tripoli used by the Romans as oil presses
senas - plural of "sena", a paramilitary army
senay - a first name
sence - a British river
sench - to cause to founder
sends - transmits
seneb - a first name; a noted Egyptian dwarf
seneh - the name of one of a pair of cliffs on either side of the gorge of Michmash
sener - a first name
senex - a South American hawk
seney - a town in Michigan
senga - a first name
senge - to singe
sengi - a monetary unit of Zaire
senia - a first name
senih - a first name
senja - a Norwegian island
senka - a first name
senna - dried cassia leaves
senne - a river in Belgium
senol - a first name
senon - a first name
senor - a Spanish title of address
sensa - plural of "sensum"
sense - to perceive; wisdom; reason; feeling
senso - a Chinese dropsy medicine made from the dried skin secretion of a native toad
sensu - in the sense of; as understood or defined by
senta - a first name
sente - a monetary unit of Lesotho
senti - a monetary unit of Tanzania
sento - a Japanese public bath
sents - plural of "sent", an Estonian coin worth 1/100 kroon
senvy - the mustard plant
senza - in musical notation, "without"
seodi - a first name
seona - an Indian tribe in Colombia
seoni - a town in India
seoul - the capital city of South Korea
sepad - to suppose; to warrant
sepal - a calyx segment
sepan - supawn, an Indian dish of boiled meat
sepia - a genus of cuttlefish; a pigment
sepic - done in sepia
sepoy - a native Indian soldier
seppi - a first name
seppo - a first name; a septic tank; Australian rhyming slang for an American (seppo = septic tank = Yank)
septa - the Philadelphia bus and subway system; plural of "septum", an anatomical dividing wall;
septi - used in medical language, meaning "of a septum"
septs - plural of "sept", an Irish clan; an enclosed area of a building set aside for special use
sequa - a Latin American dance
serab - a mirage
serac - glacial ice; a kind of cheese
seraf - a town in Sudan
serai - a caravanserai; a Persian inn; a Turkish palace
seral - referring to a series of ecological changes
seram - an Indonesian island
seras - plural of "sera", a lock
serat - a kind of cheese
serau - a town in Indonesia
serba - a town in Germany; a town in Tibet
serbo - a fragment used in compound words, meaning "of Serbia"
serbs - plural of "Serb", a native of Serbia
sered - dried
seref - a first name
sereh - citronella grass
seren - a first name
serer - drier; a language
seres - dries; ancient Chinese
seret - a first name
serfs - plural of "serf", a Russian peasant
serge - a first name; a strong twilled worsted fabric
sergi - a first name
sergo - a first name
seria - a first name; a town in Borneo
seric - Chinese; silken
serie - series
serif - a first name; an ornamental doodad on a printed character
serik - a first name; a town in Turkey
serin - a European finch; a canary
serio - a seriocomic; a European river
seris - plural of "seri"
serko - a first name
serks - plural of "serk", a variant of "sark"
serle - a first name
sermo - Sermo Generalis
seron - a bale of exotic produce; a crate or hamper; a unit of weight in Guinea
serov - a town in the Soviet Union
serow - a southeast Asian goat antelope
serpa - a town in Brazil; a town in Portugal
serra - a first name; a saw; the saw of a saw fish; sierra; a mountain ridge
serre - to press close
serrs - crowds together; presses together
serry - to crowd together
serta - the Syriac cursive script; a town in Tibet
serug - a first name
serum - whey; a vaccine
serut - seroot
serve - to wait upon; to present an item to; to function in some capacity
servo - a robotic device or servomechanism
serye - a series
seryl - a first name
serzh - a first name
sesar - a first name
sesey - a Shakespearean exclamation meaning "Hurry"
sesha - a Hindu serpent king
sesia - clear-winged moths; a river in Italy, site of a famous battle
seska - a first name
sesma - a town in northern Spain
sessa - a first name; a Shakespearean exclamation meaning "Hurry!"
sesti - a unit of volume in Thailand of about 12 liters
sesto - a first name
setae - plural of "seta", a bristle
setal - relating to a seta
setar - a Persian lute
setat - an ancient Egyptian unit of area, 100 khets on a side
setee - settee
seten - an obsolete past tense of "sit"
seter - saeter
sethe - a first name
setif - a town in Algeria
setim - shittim
setit - a river on the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea
seton - a first name; a dresser; a medical treatment in which a thread was passed through a pinch of skin and tied in a knot
setra - a town in Indonesia
setsu - a first name
setto - a skirmish or brief dispute
setts - plural of "sett", a squared block; a pattern of Scottish tartan; a badger den
settu - a town in Burman
setup - an arrangement; a trap
seuch - an open trench or drainage ditch
seugh - an open trench or drainage ditch
seula - a first name
sevag - a first name
sevan - a first name; a Caucasian rug style; a lake in Armenia
seven - a number; a British river
sever - to cut; to separate
sevgi - a first name
sevil - a first name
sevim - a first name
sevin - a preparation of carbaril
sevry - a first name
sevum - tallow
sewan - wampum; beads
sewed - stitched; attached
sewee - an extinct Indian tribe of South Carolina
sewel - a scarecrow
sewen - a type of salmon
sewer - an underground gutter; one who sews
sewes - performs the duties of a sewer
sewin - a type of salmon
sexed - determined the sex of
sexer - one who determines sex
sexes - plural of "sex", a gender
sexly - pertaining to sex
sexoh - a sexual offender
sexte - a sixth hour service
sexto - a size of book
sexts - plural of "sext", one of seven (!) periods of daily prayer; sends a sexually explicit text message
seydi - a first name
seyed - a first name
seyen - an obsolete past tense of "to see"
seyid - sayyid
seyla - a first name
seynd - an obsolete past tense of "to singe"
seynt - a girdle
sezan - a first name
sezar - a first name
sezze - a town in Italy
sfiha - a kind of lamb pie
sfoot - to have sex
shaan - a first name
shaba - a province of the Congo, formerly called Katanga
shabi - a first name
shabo - a first name
shabs - gets rid of
shabu - methylamphetamine
shack - a shed; a rundown house
shada - a first name
shadd - a first name
shade - a first name; partial illumination; a light screen; a tint; the spirit of a dead person
shadi - a first name
shads - plural of "shad", a food fish
shady - a first name; partially lit; doubtful;
shafi - a first name
shaft - a long rod; a mine
shags - fornicates; plural of "shag", a long hairstyle; a thick carpet
shaha - a first name
shahi - a Persian copper coin
shahn - a first name
shahs - plural of "shah", a Persian ruler
shaia - a first name
shaik - sheik
shail - to walk sideways
shaip - a first name
shaka - a first name
shake - to jar; to jolt; a milk shake
shako - a military cap
shakt - a variant of "shaked"
shaku - a unit of length of Japan of about 11.9 inches
shaky - tottering; unsure
shala - a first name; a mountain in Albania
shale - a sedimentary rock
shali - a former town in former Chechnya
shall - will or ought to
shalm - a type of oboe
shalt - Biblical "shall"
shaly - containing shale
shama - an Indian songbird; a town in western Africa
shame - to abash; to mortify
shami - a first name
shamo - the Chinese name of the Gobi desert
shams - a first name; plural of "sham", a pretence
shamu - a first name
shana - a first name
shand - shame; a base coin; counterfeit money
shane - a first name
shang - relating to the Shang dynasty; a catapult
shani - a first name
shank - the tibia
shann - a first name
shans - plural of "Shan", a shame; a member of an Indochinese ethnic group
shant - a first name; a quart or a pot; an alcoholic drink
shape - a form; an outline
shapi - a first name
shapo - a wild sheep of Tibet; a hat
shaps - chaps; cowboy britches
shara - a first name; one of a group of people living in Outer Mongolia
shard - a sherd; a fragment; a wing case
share - a quota; a part; a portion
shari - a first name; a river in central Africa flowing into Lake Chad
shark - a sea predator; a cheat
sharn - cow dung
sharp - pointed; sudden; quick-witted; having a strong taste; a musical symbol
sharr - a first name
shary - a first name
shash - a sash; noisy interference
shasi - a port city in China
shatt - Shatt al Arab, an inlet and river dividing Iran and Iraq
shaud - a first name
shaul - a first name; a shoal
shaun - a first name
shave - to cut closely; to trim hair
shavo - a first name
shawl - a wrap
shawm - a type of high-pitched medieval oboe with a conical bore
shawn - a first name; shown
shaws - shows; plural of "shaw", a thicket
shaya - a first name; chay
shaye - a first name
shayn - a first name
shays - plural of "shay", a chaise
shcha - a Cyrillic letter
shchi - a kind of Russian cabbage soup
sheaf - a bundle; a British river
sheal - to shell; to husk; a shepherd's hut or shelter
shean - a first name
shear - to clip; to cut
sheas - plural of "shea", an African butter tree
sheba - a first name; the Biblical name of Saba
shebl - a first name
sheds - removes; plural of "shed", a small wooden building
shedu - a Babylonian semidivine being, with a human head and the body of a bull or lion
sheel - variant of "sheal", a hiding place
sheen - gloss; luster
sheep - a wooly ruminant
sheer - pure; transparent
sheet - a bedcloth; a piece of paper
sheff - a first name
shego - a hamlet in northern India
shehu - a first name
sheik - an Arab chief
sheil - a hut or small cottage used by a shepherd
sheko - a language
shela - a first name
sheld - spotted; variegated
shelf - a ledge
sheli - a first name
shell - a first name; a hard covering; to bombard
shema - a Jewish prayer involving a declaration of faith
shemi - a first name
shemp - a first name
shems - a first name
shena - a first name
shend - to disgrace; to blame; to injure
shene - a first name
sheng - a Japanese or Chinese mouth organ
shent - disgraced; kept in at school
sheol - the Hebrew afterworld
shepp - a first name
shera - a first name
sherb - a first name
sherd - a shard; a fragment
shere - a first name; sheer
sheri - a first name
sherk - a sponger
sherm - a first name
shern - shearn, dung or excrement
shesh - a long cloth wrapped around the head and face for desert protection
shete - to shoot
sheth - the part of a plough projected down from the beam; a wagon bar
shets - gets rid of
sheva - a first name; a Hebrew vowel point
shewa - a schwa
shewe - an obsolete form of "show"
shewn - shown
shews - shows
shewy - showy
sheye - a first name
shiah - an Islamic sect
shias - plural of "Shia", a member of an Islamic sect
shiba - a first name
shice - to abscond; nothing; something worthless
shick - drunk
shida - an Eritrean sandal
shide - a thin board
shied - avoided
shiek - a first name
shiel - a shelter for sheep
shier - more shy; a horse that tends to shy
shies - avoids
shifa - a first name
shife - one who purports to be more than they are
shiff - to divide; to change
shift - a work period; a woman's undergarment; to move
shiga - a biological toxin; a prefecture in central Japan
shiho - a first name
shihr - a town in southern Arabia
shika - a first name
shiko - in Hinduism, the bowing of the body to show respect
shila - a first name
shile - a first name
shilf - a soft slaty rock
shill - a conman's assistant
shilo - a first name
shilu - a first name
shily - coyly; timidly
shima - a first name
shimo - a first name
shims - plural of "shim", a piece of wood used to level and trim
shina - a first name; a language of the Pisaca group
shine - a first name; to emit light; to polish
shing - a first name
shino - a first name;  money
shins - plural of "shin", the front of the lower leg
shiny - emitting or reflecting light
shipp - a first name
ships - plural of "ship", a boat
shira - a first name; a British river
shire - a first name; an English county; an African river
shiri - a first name
shirk - to evade
shirl - a first name; to slide
shiro - a first name
shirr - to pucker
shirs - shirrs
shirt - a blouse
shish - a hissing sound; something worthless
shiso - some kind of fancy vegetable
shiss - the scratchy background noise of a portable CD player in use
shist - schist; crystalline rock
shita - a unit of measure in Burma
shite - a shit; a despicable person
shits - defecates
shiur - in Judaism, a sort of sermon
shiva - a first name; an Indian god; a Hebrew funeral vigil
shive - a slice of bread; a thin wood stopper; a knife
shivs - harries; plural of "shiv", a homemade knife...when home is prison
shivy - containing shives
shiya - a town in Lebanon
shizu - a first name
shkin - an Afghan border town
shlep - to haul
shlub - a schlub; a dull, unpolished person
shluh - a Berber people of southern Morocco
shmee - heroin
shmeg - an idiot
shmek - a variant of "schmek", a taste
shmen - freshmen
shmoe - a foolish naive person
shmoo - a race of cartoon characters created by Al Capp, crude blobs that liked to be eaten
shnor - a beggar or parasite
shoab - a first name
shoad - to examine a stream bed for ore
shoah - reverent reference to the persecution of the Jews in WWII
shoal - shallow water
shoar - a prop or support
shoat - a piglet; a sheep/goat hybrid (!)
shoba - a first name
shoch - a draw at a pipe of tobacco
shock - a sheaf; a sudden jolt; an overwhelming emotion
shode - a part in the hair; variant of "shoad", to examine a stream bed for ore
shoed - placed shoes on
shoer - one who shoes
shoes - plural of "shoe", foot gear
shoey - a shoesmith in a cavalry regiment; drinking champagne from a shoe
shofi - a first name
shogi - a kind of Japanese chess on a board of 81 squares with 40 pieces
shogs - moves along
shoji - a first name; a Japanese paper screen
shojo - a Japanese anime subvariety featuring sexualized teen-age girls
shoko - a first name
shola - a first name; a wood; a thick Afghan stew of rice and carrots
shole - a ground plank
sholl - to crush someone's hat over their ears
sholt - a cur
shoma - a first name
shona - a first name; a Bantu ethnic group
shone - a first name; shined
shong - a catapult
shoni - a first name
shonk - a nose; underhanded
shont - a foreigner
shoob - to shove
shood - the husk of oats after threshing
shooi - the Richardson's skua
shook - a set of staves for one barrel; trembled
shool - to beg; to grimace; a shovel; to drag or scrape along
shoon - shoes; a fool
shoop - hip; to have sex
shoor - shower
shoos - whisks away
shoot - to emit; to dart; a sprout; a mild expletive
shope - an obsolete past participle of "to shape"
shops - small stores; browses in a store
shore - a beach; to prop up
shorl - tourmaline
shorn - a first name; cut off
short - brief in time; not tall
shota - a first name
shote - a piglet
shots - plural of "shot", a small drink; a picture; a gun firing; an injection
shott - a salt lake
shouf - a region of Lebanon
shoun - a first name
shout - to yell
shove - to push
shown - presented; revealed
shows - plural of "show", a presentation
showy - gaudy; pretentious
shoya - a first name
shoyu - soy
shpos - an obnoxious or despicable patient; an acronym: "SubHuman Piece of Shit"
shrab - a shrub; a plain drink containing alcohol
shrag - a twig cut from a tree
shram - to shrivel from cold
shrap - wine used to weaken the will of a con man's victim; fishbait
shred - to tear into small pieces
shree - a first name
shrew - a nasty mouse-like creature; a vicious wife
shris - plural of "shri", more commonly "sri", a Hindu title of respect
shrof - an Indian moneylender
shrog - a bush
shrow - a shrew; a dormouse
shrub - a bush; a cordial
shrug - a shoulder gesture
shtik - variant of "schtick", a humorous bit or routine
shtip - a town in Macedonia
shtum - quiet; silent
shtup - to have sexual intercourse
shuah - a first name; a son of Abraham
shual - a biblical place
shuar - an Indian tribe of Ecuador
shuba - a long Russian fur coat
shuck - to remove the husks from corn
shude - the husk of oats after threshing
shuff - a cracked brick
shufu - Kashgar, a city in western China
shugs - shrugs
shuka - a first name; a town in the Gaza strip
shuki - a first name
shula - a first name
shule - shool
shuli - a first name
shuln - plural of "shul", a synagogue
shuls - plural of "shul", a synagogue
shuma - a first name
shumi - a first name
shuna - a first name; a British island
shune - plural of "shoe", a foot covering
shuns - avoids
shunt - to divert; an electrical device
shura - a first name; an Afghan local council
shure - a past tense of "to shear"
shurk - a pickpocket
shusa - a Japanese team leader in a factory or business operation
shush - to admonish to silence
shute - a chute
shuts - closes
shuya - a town in Russia
shvat - a Hebrew month
shwas - plural of "shwa", a variant of "schwa"
shwon - a first name
shyam - a first name
shyan - a first name
shyer - more shy
shyla - a first name
shyly - coyly; bashfully
shyra - a first name
siafu - the biting red ant of Kenya
siaga - the ahu or jairou
siaka - a first name
sialk - an ancient trading outpost in Iran
sials - plural of "sial", a rock formation
siana - a first name
siane - a language
siang - an Asian river
siara - a first name
siaya - a first name
sibai - a first name
sibbe - sib; akin
sibbs - plural of "sibb", a sibling
sibby - a first name
sibel - a first name
sibie - a first name
sibiu - a town in Romania
sibyl - a first name; a prophetess
sican - a people of ancient Sicily
sicca - newly coined; a rupee
sicel - the Italic language of the Siculi
sicer - cider; a strong drink
sices - plural of "sice", a male servant in India; the six on a die
sicht - sight
sicko - a mentally sick or deviant person
sicks - unleashes for attack
sicky - a sicko
sicle - a shekel
siclo - a pedicab
sicut - as if
sidas - plural of "sida", a fibrous plant with small yellow or white flowers
siddi - marijuana
siddy - a first name
sided - applied siding to; agreed with
sider - a partisan
sides - supports; adds siding; plural of "side", a lateral part
sidey - a first name; conceited
sidha - someone who has attained perfection
sidhe - a banshee; plural of "sidh", an underground fort where Gaelic fairies live
sidhi - a town in India
sidik - a first name
sidle - to walk sideways, like a crab
sidon - a first name; a city in Lebanon
sidra - a first name; a weekly portion of the Pentateuch read in synagogues
sidse - a first name
siege - to besiege
siegi - a first name
sield - ceiled; plastered
siena - a first name; a city in west central Italy
siens - plural of "sien", a variant of "scion"
sient - a variant of "scion"
siera - a first name
siest - a hamlet in France; to take a siesta
sieth - a variant of "scythe"
sieur - a title of respect
sieva - a kind of bean similar to the lima bean
sieve - to sift
sievy - like a sieve; full of holes
sifac - a diurnal lemur
sifts - strains; refines
sifus - plural of "sifu", a Kung Fu teacher
sigal - a first name
sigel - a town in Illinois
siggi - a first name
siggy - a first name
sighs - plural of "sigh", a breathy sound of regret
sighy - like a sigh
sight - to see; to view; to observe
sigil - a signature; an occult mark
sigla - signs and abbreviations on coins and medals
sigli - a town in Indonesia
sigma - a Greek letter related to "S"
signa - a first name; medical prescription Latin for "to mark" or "to label"
signe - a first name
signs - subscribes; plural of "sign", an indication; a message board
signy - a first name; like a sign
sigue - a first name
sigyn - the wife of Loki, who caught the falling acid drops in a cup to spare his face
siham - a first name
sihar - a first name
sihem - a first name
sihon - a first name
siida - a Sami family cooperative for reindeer herding
siirt - a town in Turkey
sijil - a register; in the Koran, the recording angel
sijos - plural of "sijo", a Korean poem in a classic three-line form
sikar - shikara; a town in India
sikas - plural of "sika", a deer
sikel - Siculian
siker - secure; sicker
sikes - plural of "sike", a small stream, a gully, a ditch
sikhs - plural of "Sikh", a believer in Sikhism
sikhy - like a Sikh
sikka - sicca
sikra - sikhara
silas - a first name
silda - a first name
silds - plural of "sild", a young herring
siled - strained; ran heavily
silen - a woodland god or elder satyr; silenus
siler - one who strains; one who runs heavily
siles - plural of "sile", a sieve; a beam or rafter; strains; runs heavily
silex - flint, silica; heat resistant glass
silja - a first name
silje - a first name
silka - a first name
silke - a first name
silks - plural of "silk", a fine fabric
silky - smooth; silken
silla - an ancient name for Korea; a town in Africa
sills - plural of "sill", a ledge
silly - ludicrous
silod - siloed, stored in a silo
siloo - a first name
silos - plural of "silo", an agricultural storage tower
silpa - a first name
silpi - a Hindu temple stone mason
silts - plural of "silt", an alluvial deposit
silty - containing silt
silva - a first name; forest trees
silvi - a first name
silvy - a first name
silwa - a town in Egypt
silyl - a chemical derived from monosilane
simah - a first name
simal - an East Indian silk cotton tree
simao - a first name
simar - a scarf; a cymar; a loose dress
simas - plural of "sima", an igneous rock
simba - a first name
simec - a private currency briefly introduced in Italy
simen - a first name
simha - the Indian name for the sign of Leo
simia - the genus of the Barbary ape
simin - a first name
simis - plural of "simi", a short two-edged sword
simka - a first name
simla - a city in India, in east Punjab, the summer capital of India during British rule
simma - a first name
simmi - a first name
simms - a first name
simmy - a first name
simon - a first name
simps - plural of "simp", a simpleton
simpy - like a simpleton
simul - a chess match of simultaneous games; medical prescription Latin for "together"
sinae - a first name
sinai - a first name; a Middle Eastern mountain, peninsula and desert
sinal - referring to a sinus
sinan - a first name
since - from that point; because; a town in Colombia
sinch - a saddle girth
sinda - a first name
sindh - a Pakistani state
sindi - a first name
sinds - rinses
sindy - a first name
sined - rinsed
sinem - a first name
sines - a town in Portugal; rinses; plural of "sine", a trigonometric ratio (opposite over hypotenuse)
sinew - a tendon
siney - having behavior similar to a sine function
singe - to burn lightly
singh - meaning "lion", and used in the name of every Sikh
sings - uses a musical form of speech
singy - typical of singing
sinhs - plural of "sinh", the mathematical hyperbolic sine function
sinic - Seric; Chinese
sinka - a first name
sinko - a town in Guinea
sinks - descends; plural of "sink", a water basin
sinky - yielding underfoot
sinna - a first name
sinny - a first name; cinema; sinful
sinon - a first name; a treacherous or perfidious betrayer (Sinon persuaded the Trojans to take the horse)
sinop - a town in Turkey
sinpo - a town in North Korea; a radio transmission code, acronym: (Strength, Interference, Noise, Propagation, Overall)
sinpu - a town in Taiwan
sinti - a name by which the Gypsies are known
sinto - Shinto
sintu - a Shintoist
sinus - a cavity; a bay
siona - a first name
sioux - a first name; an American Indian tribe
siped - oozed
sipes - oozes
sipho - a first name
sipid - having a fine taste; savory
sippy - an acronym: "Senior Independent Pioneer", a healthy, independent retired person; a child's spill-proof cup
sirab - a village in Azerbaijan
sirac - a commune in France
sirae - a first name
siraf - an ancient trading city located on the seacoast of modern Iran
sirah - a wine grape
siraj - a first name
sirak - a first name
siran - a village in Iran
sirar - a first name
sirat - in Islam, a bridge from earth to heaven which only the righteous can cross
sirav - a first name
siraw - a first name
siraz - a kind of cheese
sirba - a town in Sudan
sired - begot; fathered
siree - sirree; a form of "sir" in the phrase "yes, siree!"
siren - a seducer; a sound alarm
sires - begets; lords; fathers
siret - a river flowing from the Carpathians into the Danube
sirex - a type of wasp
sirih - the betel leaf
sirik - an Asian cape
sirio - a first name
siris - the lebbek; an acacia tree of the Albizzia genus; a Babylonian god
sirki - the culms of munj
sirky - the culms of munj
siroc - the sirocco
siroe - the first name
siron - "S iron", an "S" shaped iron driven into railroad ties to keep them from splitting
sirop - a syrup of fruit juice, sugar and water
siros - a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea
sirpa - a first name
sirra - a form of address
sirra - a first name
sirte - a town in Libya, site of a famous naval battle
sirts - plural of "sirt", a quicksand
sirup - syrup
sisak - a town in Croatia
sisal - a fibrous plant
sisel - suslik
siser - cider; sicer
sises - plural of "sise", an assize; the six on a die
sishi - a first name
sison - stone parsley
sissi - a first name
sissu - an East Indian tree whose leaves are used for fodder
sissy - a first name; a coward; effeminate
sists - summons to court
sitah - a first name
sitao - a long podded cowpea of the Philippines
sitar - a long-necked Indian lute with movable frets
sited - located; placed
siter - one who places or assigns locations
sites - plural of "site", a location
sitha - a first name
sithe - chive; a journey; a sigh
sitia - a town in Crete
sitin - normally spelled "sit in" or "sit-in", a passive protest by obstructive sitting
sitio - a subdivision of a barrio in the Philippines; a clearing
sitka - a town in southeastern Alaska
sitra - a town in Bahrain
sitta - the nuthatch
sitto - a first name
situk - a river in Alaska
situp - an exercise in which one lies on the floor and sits up
situs - the location of a thing
siuai - a people of Papua New Guinea
siuli - a first name
siums - plural of "sium", the water parsnip
siusi - an Arawak people of northwest Brazil
sivan - a first name; a month of the Hebrew calendar
sivas - an ancient city in central Turkey
siver - a sewer
sivia - a first name
sivie - a first name
siwah - an ancient north African town
siwan - a month of the Hebrew calendar
siwei - a first name
siwin - a sewen, a type of salmon
sixer - a leader of a group of six in the Brownie scouts; a six pack of beer; a six month prison term
sixes - plural of "six", a group of six
sixmo - a size of paper that is one sixth of a sheet
sixta - a first name
sixte - a fencing parry
sixth - one part in six
sixto - a first name
sixty - a number
sizal - sisal hemp
sizar - a student receiving a scholarship at Cambridge or Trinity College
sized - graded
sizel - scissel; a metal clipping
sizer - a sizing machine; a sizar
sizes - plural of "size", a magnitude
sjaak - a first name
sjohn - a first name
sjure - a first name
skads - scads
skags - plural of "skag", heroin
skaif - a wheel on which gems are ground or polished
skail - to scail; to disperse
skain - a skein; a coil of yarn
skair - to scare
skait - skate
skala - a town in Greece
skald - scald; an ancient Scandinavian bard
skall - to scale; to mount
skane - a region of southern Sweden
skank - an unpleasant, unclean, or undesirable person; to dance in a loose-limbed manner
skare - wild, timid or shy
skarn - a meromorphic rock
skart - scart
skate - a fish; a rollerskate
skats - plural of "skat", a card game
skatt - a blow; a spell; a sudden rainshower
skaws - plural of "skaw", a promontory
skean - a skene; a dagger used in Ireland and Scotland
skear - to scare
skeat - a first name
skeds - plural of "sked", an airline with regularly scheduled flights
skeed - skied
skeeg - to lash; to flog; to slap
skeel - a milking pail
skeen - a type of dagger
skeer - excited; wild
skees - skis
skeet - a first name; the pollack; a long scoop; a form of trapshooting
skeez - a despicable person
skegg - a short length of keel that protects the rudder
skegs - slashes with the fin of a surfboard; plural of "skeg", a beam connecting the keel and sternpost
skeif - a lapidary's polishing wheel
skein - a ball of yarn; to tangle; wild geese in flight
skelb - a splinter; a slice
skelf - a shelf; a chip
skell - a first name; a homeless person; a slovenly person; a river in England; a villain
skelm - a rogue; a fake
skelp - an open-handed slap; a large portion
skend - a cross-eyed person
skene - a skean; a dagger; the background scene in ancient Greek theater
skeng - a ghetto weapon
skens - squints
skeos - plural of "skeo", a hut in the Orkneys
skeps - plural of "skep", a conical beehive; a basket of wicker or wood
skers - skirrs; plural of "sker", a nickname for the Nebraska Cornhuskers team
skete - a community of monks of the Greek Church
skews - bends; distorts
skewy - skewed; aslant
skeys - plural of "skey", a wedge-shaped bar of an ox yoke
skice - to scurry about
skidi - a tribe of the Pawnee
skids - slides after applying the brakes
skied - lofted; elevated
skien - a town in Norway
skier - one who skis; a lofted shot in cricket
skies - plural of "sky", the firmament
skiey - like the sky
skiff - a light boat
skift - shift
skila - a first name
skill - a well-developed ability or craft
skilo - a game of rolling balls into depressions in a grid
skime - a town in Minnesota
skimo - a ski-mobile
skimp - to stint; to be stingy or abstemious
skims - takes from the top; glides along the top
skink - an African lizard; a liquid food of simmered beef bones
skins - plural of "skin", a pelt
skint - out of money
skios - plural of "skio", a hut in the Orkneys
skipp - a first name
skips - omits; jumps over
skirl - a shrill cry; to play the bagpipes
skirp - to mock or deride
skirr - to scurry
skirt - to avoid; a half dress
skite - to glide or dip; a quick oblique blow; to boast; a braggart; a monastic hermitage
skits - plural of "skit", a short play
skitz - to go crazy; a schizophrenic
skive - to pare; to split; to cut thin strips from; a dodge or ruse; to malinger, a town in Denmark
skivy - a female servant
sklim - to climb
skoal - a drinking toast
skoff - to scoff; to eat one's food rapidly
skole - a town in Ukraine
skoob - a quantity of books assembled for public burning ( = "books" backwards )
skook - to skulk
skort - a combination of shorts and a skirt
skosh - a small amount
skots - plural of "skot", a unit of measurement of dark adaptation in vision
skott - a first name
skout - a guillemot
skowk - to skulk
skrag - to murder
skran - scran; scraps
skrik - a sudden panic or fear
skrim - scum; refuse
skuas - plural of "skua", an Antarctic bird
skues - skews
skugs - plural of "skug", a squirrel
skuik - to skulk
skuld - in Norse mythology, the Norn concerned with the future
skule - a first name
skulk - to lurk
skull - the head bone that is connected to the neck bone
skuna - a river in Mississippi
skunk - an odoriferous animal
skuns - scums
skuon - a town in Cambodia
skurf - to use a skateboard
skuse - a colloquial form for "excuse"
skute - a boat or other small vessel
skutt - a low, contemptible person
skuzz - dirt; a dirty person; a low person
skyed - hit towards the sky; hung an objectionable picture high and out of view
skyer - a bowled ball; a ball hit into the air
skyes - plural of "skye", a terrier
skyey - blue like the sky
skyla - a first name
skyra - a first name
skyre - to shine in a gaudy manner
skyrs - plural of "skyr", a curd cheese similar to yogurt
skyte - to skite; to glide or dip
slabs - plural of "slab", a thick piece
slack - loose
slade - a first name; a valley; a marsh; a spade with an L-shaped blade
slaes - plural of "slae", a blackthorn
slags - plural of "slag", waste ore left after smelting; a loose woman
slaid - a first name; a past tense of "slide"
slaie - a weaver's reed
slain - killed
slake - to quench
slaky - miry; muddy
slams - shuts violently; denounces; denigrates; plural of "slam", a bridge triumph
slane - a first name; a long-handled peat spade
slang - argot; jargon; cant; lingo
slank - slinked
slant - to tilt
slape - slippery; smooth
slaps - strikes with an open hand
slare - to make a noise by scuffing the feet on the floor
slart - bits and fragments
slash - to cut; to gash
slask - the Polish name for Silesia
slate - to reprimand; a flat sedimentary rock; a blackboard; one's record
slath - the center of a basket bottom where weaving is begun
slats - plural of "slat", a crosspiece
slatt - a slat; a lath
slaty - like slate
slava - a first name
slave - an involuntary servant or worker
slavi - a first name
slavs - plural of "Slav", an East European
slaws - plural of "slaw", a cabbage salad, said to be edible
slays - kills
slazy - sleazy
slead - a sled
sleck - ooze; soft mud
sleds - plural of "sled", a vehicle with flat runners for conveyance over snow
sleef - a cigarette containing a mixture of marijuana and tobacco
sleek - smooth
sleep - to hibernate
sleer - to mock; to sneer
slees - slays; plural of "slee", a cradle for a ship
sleet - frozen rain
sleez - a low or despicable person
sleid - to sley, or prepare for use in a weaver's sley
slent - slope; pitch
slept - hibernated
slete - to set a dog upon
slews - moves sideways
slewy - intoxicated
sleys - plural of "sley", the reed of a weever's loom
sliac - a town in Slovakia
slice - a thin flat section; a sample
slich - slick
slick - slippery; polished
slicy - apt to slice
slide - to glide; to skid
slier - more crafty
sligo - a port city, and a county in northwestern Ireland
slily - artfully
slime - mire; ooze
slims - gets thinner
slimy - containing slime
sline - a natural transverse cleavage in rock
sling - a drink; to hurl; to hang; to cast; a support
slink - to skulk; to lurk
slipe - a mining skip; to peel
slips - plural of "slip", a mistake; a bit of paper; an underdress
slipt - poetic "slipped"
slish - a slice; a slash
slite - wear and tear; a village in Sweden
slits - plural of "slit", a thin cut or opening
slive - to slide; to skulk
sloam - a layer of clay between coal-beds
sloan - a first name; a snub; to balk or hinder
sloat - a slot; a bar; a bolt; a crossbar of a door
slobs - plural of "slob", an untidy person
slock - a drink; a swallow; to smite with a lock in a sock
sloes - plural of "sloe", a fruit
slogs - plods, often through muddy or wet terrain
sloid - a Swedish handicrafts training system
slojd - a Swedish handicrafts training system
sloka - a distich of two lines of 16 syllables each
sloke - various edible marine algae
slomo - slow motion in film
slone - sloe
sloom - to slumber
sloop - a kind of ship
sloos - plural of "sloo", a variant of "slue"
sloot - variant of "sluit", a deep dry ditch washed out by heavy rain
slope - slant; a hillside or mountainside
slops - ready-made clothes; garbage fed to pigs
slopy - sloping
slorp - to slurp
slosh - slush; sludge; a splashing sound of water; a nickname for the backslash character
slote - a device for moving people above or below a theater stage
sloth - indolence; a marsupial
slots - plural of "slot", a long narrow opening; a gambling machine
slour - to lock up
slove - past tense of "slive"
slowh - a past tense of "to slay"
slows - reduces speed
slowy - like something slow
sloyd - a Swedish handicrafts training system
slubb - to twist fiber after carding
slubs - draws out and twists a fiber in carding
sluch - a river in Ukraine
sludd - to suffer from a chemical attack; an acronym: "Salivate, Lachrimate, Urinate, Defecate, Die"
sluds - oozes
sludy - miry; slushy
slued - turned around; intoxicated
sluer - one who slues
slues - moves sideways; plural of "slue", a marsh, a slough
sluff - to discard; to slough
slugs - hits; shell-less snails; units of force; lines of type; false coins; bullets
sluis - another name for Sluys
sluit - a deep dry ditch washed out by heavy rain
slump - to collapse; to be depressed
slums - plural of "slum", rundown housing
slung - flung; thrown
slunj - a town in Croatia
slunk - lurked
slurb - a run-on formation meaning "slum suburb"
slurf - to slurp
slurp - to drink noisily
slurs - plural of "slur", defamatory language
sluse - a sluice
slush - wet snow
sluts - plural of "slut", a promiscuous woman
sluys - a port in Flanders, opposite England, site of a naval victory by Edward III over the French
slyer - craftier
slyly - craftily
slyne - the face of a jointed rock; a British cape
slype - a narrow passage in a cathedral, between the deanery and transept
smaak - to like or enjoy
smack - a fishing boat; to strike; an emphasis word, as in "smack in the middle"
smaik - a scoundrel; a rascal
smajo - a first name
small - little; short
smalm - smarm
smalt - blue grass; a deep blue dye
smarm - excessive sentimentality; an unctuous bearing
smart - clever; to sting with pain
smash - to break violently; a big success
smaze - a mixture of smoke and haze
smazy - like smaze
smear - to spread thickly
smeck - heroin
smeek - smoke; to clean with smoke (!?)
smees - plural of "smee", a widgeon; a pintail
smeet - a first name
smeir - a salt glaze on pottery
smell - to detect an odor; to emit an odor; an odor
smelt - smelled; a fish
smerk - smirk
smews - plural of "smew", a Eurasian duck
smice - a bribe
smich - the stonechat
smick - a kiss
smidt - a first name
smift - a fuse
smile - a cheerful expression
smilt - to melt
smily - alternative spelling for "smiley"
smirk - a selfish smile
smirr - a smur, a fine misty rain
smirs - plural of "smir", variant of "smur", a fine misty rain
smish - a shirt
smita - a first name
smite - to strike
smith - a first name; a hammer craftsman
smits - plural of "smit", a stain; an infection
smitt - a first name; ore used for marking sheep
smizz - heroin
smock - a frock
smogs - plural of "smog", for smoke and fog
smoke - to fume; to reek; to consume a cigarette
smoko - a coffee and cigarette break
smoky - fumy
smolt - a young river salmon
smoor - smore; smur
smoot - a journeyman printer; a smout; a unit of measurement = ( Harvard Bridge - ear ) / 364.4
smore - another; to smother; a cookie, humorously named from a slurred "give me some more"
smote - struck
smous - an itinerant peddler; a German Jew
smout - a speckled trout
smowt - a small person or child
smuce - a disgusting place
smuck - a crowd of jellyfish
smugs - confiscates
smurf - a blue cartoon creature; a kind of Internet attack; to transport illegal drugs
smurr - a drizzly fog
smurs - plural of "smur", a fine misty rain
smush - to crush down, also spelled "smoosh"; the mouth
smuts - plural of "smut", a plant disease
smyth - a first name
snabs - plural of "snab", the brow of a hill
snack - a small informal meal
snafu - an acronym: "Situation Normal, All Fouled Up", so to speak
snags - plural of "snag", a hold up; a catch; a sausage
snail - a slug with a portable home
snake - a serpent
snaky - long and coiling
snape - a bevel
snaps - breaks suddenly
snare - a trap; a kind of drum
snarf - to take opportunistically; to fall asleep while clothed; to eat or devour
snark - an animal worth hunting, according to Charles Dodgson
snarl - to tangle; to growl
snars - snarls
snary - insidious
snash - insolence; abuse
snast - a candlewick
snath - the curved handle of a scythe
snawk - to smell
snaws - snows
snazz - class or style
snead - the curved handle of a scythe
sneak - to lurk; to slink
sneap - to check; to rebuke; to reprimand; to nip; a blight
snebs - snibs; snubs; checks
sneck - a snick; a cut; a latch
sneds - plural of "sned", the curved handle of a scythe
sneed - a snath, the curved handle of a scythe
sneek - a town in the northern Netherlands, source of the Anna Kournikova virus
sneer - to make a disdainful expression
snees - plural of "snee", a large knife
snell - keen; sharp; severe; active; a fishing line
snelt - a sneak thief
snerf - to sniff or snort cocaine
snerp - to snurp
snert - a pound sterling
snets - clears one's nose of mucus; plural of "snet", the fat of a deer
snews - abounds; snows
snibs - latches; snubs; snibs
snick - to cut; a latch; a sharp cutting sound
snide - disdainful
snidy - contemptible
sniff - to smell; to inhale
snift - sort; a sniff; to blow off steam
snigg - a small eel
snigs - cuts; plural of "snig", an eel
snipe - to take potshots at; make cutting remarks to or about; a bird; a pretext for a prank hunt
snips - cuts little pieces
snipy - making cutting remarks
snirl - to twist; to snarl; to wrinkle
snirp - to shrivel
snirt - a smothered laugh; a combination of snow and dirt that falls after winter duststorms
snite - to snipe; to blow the nose without a handkerchief
snits - plural of "snit", a pout party; a state of imaginary emotional justification
snitz - schnitz; dehydrated sections of fruit
snobs - plural of "snob", a disdainful person
snode - a horse's bit
snods - plural of "snod", a fillet, headband or snood
snoek - a South African fish; a barracuda
snoep - mean; greedy
snoff - a weekend girl friend
snogs - kisses; cuddles
snoke - to snook
snood - a hair ribbon; a fillet; a 100% addictive computer game
snook - to lurk; to snoop; a fish; a part of the idiom "to cock a snook", thumb to nose and fingers extended
snool - to cringe; a sniveller
snoop - to pry; to investigate
snoot - to treat with disdain; the nose
snops - gin
snore - to take loudly resonant somnambulistic nasal breaths
snork - a snoring sound; to smoke marijuana; a baby or child; to drink
snort - to make a loud sound by breathing through the nostrils
snots - nasal mucuses; the burnt parts of candlewicks
snouk - to lurk; to snoop
snout - a nose; a nozzle
snowk - to sniff, or smell about
snowl - the hooded merganser
snows - plural of "snow", pretty for a short time in small quantities
snowy - covered with snow
snubs - slights socially
snuck - colloquial past tense of "sneak"
snuff - powdered tobacco; to extinguish; to kill
snugs - makes comfortable and cozy
snuki - a first name
snums - declares
snurl - to snirl; to turn up one's nose in scorn
snurp - to contract into a shriveled form
snurt - to expel mucus during a sneeze (stand back!)
snush - snuff
snyes - plural of "snye" or "sny", a side channel of a river
snypy - like a snipe
soaks - bathes in water
soaky - sopping wet; drenched
soals - plural of "soal", a dirty pond; a variant of "sole"
soams - plural of "soam", a chain by which a lead horse draws a plow
soaps - plural of "soap", a material used for cleaning
soapy - containing soap; unctuous
soare - sorrel; a young hawk
soars - rises high
soary - tending to soar; humorous dialect for "sorry"
soata - a town in Colombia
soave - in musical notation, "sweetly"
sobby - soaked, as with water; sentimental; weepy
sobek - the Egyptian crocodile god
sober - unable to afford alcohol at the moment; solemn; serious
sobhe - a first name
sobhi - a first name
sobol - the Russian sable
sobor - an ecclesiastical synod of the Eastern Orthodox Church
sobos - plural of "sobo", acronym of "SOuth BOund", a southbound Appalachian Trail hiker
socal - southern California
socas - plural of "soca", a kind of calypso music of the Caribbean
sochi - a Black Sea resort
socht - an obsolete form of "sought"
sochu - a Japanese distilled liquor similar to whiskey
socii - plural of "socius"
socio - a combining prefix meaning "social"
socko - outstanding
socks - woven footwear; hits
socky - wet; drenched; like a sock
socle - a plinth or base
socoa - a town in France
sodar - an acronym (Sound Detection and Ranging)
sodas - plural of "soda", a carbonated drink
soddy - covered with sod; a sod house
sodek - a first name
soder - an older spelling of "solder"
sodic - of or containing sodium
sodio - containing sodium in place of hydrogen
sodom - where they coveted their neighbor's ass, and not his wife
soest - a Hanseatic town in Germany
sofar - a system for locating underwater noises, an acronym (Sound Fixing And Ranging)
sofas - plural of "sofa", a couch
sofee - an ascetic
sofer - a Hebrew scribe
soffi - a first name
sofia - a first name; the capital city of Bulgaria
sofic - a mathematical term, meaning 'finite'
sofie - a first name
sofis - plural of "sofi", a variant of "Sufi", a dervish
sofka - a first name
softa - a Muslim theological student
softs - plural of "soft", a soft thing
softy - a person with elastic principles
sofya - a first name
soger - a shirker
soggy - wet; saturated
sohag - a town in Egypt
soham - a town in England
sohan - a first name
sohar - a first name
sohel - a first name
sohos - plural of "soho", a huntsman's cry
soile - a first name
soils - earths; dirties
soily - covered with dirt; like dirt
sojas - plural of "soja", the soybean
sojer - a variant of "soldier"
sojns - plural of "sojn", a county in Norway
sokah - variant of "soka", a kind of calypso music of the Caribbean
sokas - plural of "soka", a kind of calypso music of the Caribbean
soken - a socage district
sokes - plural of "soke", the right to administer justice in a fief
sokol - a Czech governmental organization
sokos - plural of "soko", an African anthropoid ape
solah - solar; sola; sponge-wood
solan - a gannet; a town in India
solar - of the sun
solas - plural of "sola", the hat plant
solay - to cut a bream into serving portions (none for me thanks)
solde - pay; remuneration
soldi - plural of "soldo", an Italian half penny
soldo - an Italian half penny
solds - plural of "sold", pay or remuneration
solea - the type genus of Soleidae; a platform in a church
soled - formed the base of a shoe
solen - the razor fish genus
soler - one who soles shoes
soles - plural of "sole", the base of a shoe or a foot
soley - a first name
solfa - the musical scale representation "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do"
solid - integral; not hollow
solin - a town in Croatia
solis - a first name; a town in Uruquay
solje - a first name
solly - a first name
solms - a former county of central Germany
solna - a town in Sweden
solod - an intrazonal group of dealkalized compacted clay soil
soloi - an ancient province of Cilicia, whose "bad" Greek dialect spawned the word "solecism"
solok - a town in Indonesia
solon - a first name; a Greek lawgiver; a wise legislator
solos - flies an airplane alone; plays an instrument alone
solow - a first name
solta - a Croatian island
solum - a piece of ground; soil
solus - a stage direction meaning "alone"; a legal term meaning "sole" or "exclusive"
solve - to elucidate; to unravel
solvi - a first name
somaj - a Hindu society
somak - a first name
somal - of the body
soman - a first name; a poisonous gas created for use in chemical warfare
somas - plural of "soma", a body
somba - a language
somer - a first name
somis - a town in California
somji - a town in Nigeria
somma - the rim of a volcanic crater
somme - a river that passes by Amiens; the location of a battle in WWI
somne - to summon
somya - a first name
sonal - a first name
sonam - a first name
sonar - an underwater detection system (Sound Navigation Ranging)
sonay - a first name
sonce - good luck, abundance
soncy - buxom; jolly; lucky
sonde - an upper atmospheric probe; a message or messenger; a visit
sonds - sondes, visits
sonei - a first name
sonem - a river in New Guinea
soner - a first name
sones - plural of "sone", a unit of loudness
songe - a language
songo - a river, giving its name to "Songo fever"; a language
songs - plural of "song", a musical composition commonly including words
songy - a town in France; typical of a song
sonia - a first name
sonic - of sound
sonie - a first name
sonja - a first name
sonke - a first name
sonly - like or of a son
sonna - a first name
sonne - an obsolete form of "sun" or "son"
sonni - a first name
sonno - a term of address for a younger man or boy
sonny - a first name; a term of endearment
sonse - good luck; abundance
sonsy - buxom; jolly; of attractive and healthy appearance; something that is lucky
sonty - sanctity
sonya - a first name
sooey - "yoo hoo" to a pig
soogy - a first name
sooja - the soya bean
sooke - a town on Vancouver Island
sooki - a first name
sooks - plural of "sook", a female crab
sooky - a first name; sulky; a cry-baby; cowardly
soola - a kind of clover
soole - to pull someone by the ears
sools - incites a dog
soomo - a first name
sooms - swims
sooni - a first name
soony - sentimental
soops - sweeps
soord - bacon skin
soote - sweetly
sooth - truth
soots - plural of "soot", fine black residue from burning
sooty - covered with soot
sooze - a first name
sopan - a first name
soper - a drinker; a sedative
sopes - plural of "sope", a variant of "soap"
sopha - a sofa; the seat of a king
sophe - a first name
sophi - a first name; a Persian king
sophs - plural of "soph", a sophomore
sophy - a first name; a Persian ruler
sopon - a first name
sopor - a deep sleep; a sedative
soppo - fashionable
soppy - moist; wet; silly
sopra - in musical notation, "above"
sorah - a first name
soral - relating to a sorus
soran - a first name
soras - plural of "sora", a marsh bird
sorbo - porous rubber
sorbs - holds by absorption or adsorption (remember them?); a Slavic ethnic group
sorca - a first name
sorda - damped with a mute
sordo - a musical notation meaning muted or damped
sords - plural of "sord", a flight of mallards
sored - made sore
soree - a North American short billed rail
sorek - a biblical place
sorel - a first name; a buck of the third year
soren - a first name
sorer - more sore
sores - plural of "sore", an ulcer
sorex - a genus including shrew-mice
sorge - a feeling bordering on anxiety
sorgo - any sweet variety of sorghum
soria - a town in Spain
sorin - a first name
sorns - sponges off of others
sorra - not; never; sorrow
sorry - regretful; run down or slipshod
sorta - slang for "sort of"
sorte - a town in Venezuela
sorts - arranges in order; kinds
sorus - a cluster of capsules on ferns
sorva - couma, a tropical South American tree
sorve - a town in Estonia
sorwe - sorrow
soshi - a kind of decorative screening
sosia - a first name
sosie - a first name; a person having an exact likeness with another
sotel - subtle
soter - a first name; the first king of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt
sothe - sooth
sotho - Basuto; a Bantu language group
soths - plural of "soth", sooth
sotie - a short topical farcical play of medieval France
sotik - a town in Kenya
sotil - subtle
sotol - a flowering plant similar to yucca; a Mexican distilled liquor
sotto - in musical notation, "below", "lower", "beneath"
souad - a first name
souce - a souse
souct - soused
souda - a town in Crete
sough - a low moan
souir - to throw with a jerk
souke - to suck
souks - plural of "souk", a marketplace
soula - a first name
soule - the ball used in a traditional French game
souls - plural of "soul", a spirit
soulx - an obsolete plural of "sou", a French coin
souly - soulful
soulz - an obsolete plural of "sou", a French coin
soums - plural of "soum", pasturage
sound - a noise; healthy; a waterway; a probe
soune - to sound
souns - plural of "soun", a variant of "sound"
soups - plural of "soup", a broth
soupy - watery; murky
soure - a town in Brazil
sours - becomes sour; plural of "sour", a sour candy; a sour drink
sourt - a violent liquid ejection; a shoot or bud
soury - sour; unpleasant
souse - a pickle; a sauce; to steep in brine; a drunkard
sousy - like a drunkard
south - a compass direction
souts - plural of "sout", soot
souza - a first name
sovok - a cynical, lazy person who has adapted to Soviet society
sowan - a town in Jordan, also known as "Sawwan"
sowar - an Indian cavalryman
sowce - a souse
sowed - planted
sowei - a tribe in Sierra Leone
sower - a propagator; a disseminator
sowff - to hum; to sing softly; south
sowfs - whistles or hums
sowle - to pull by the ears
sowls - pulls by the ears
sowms - plural of "sowm", pasturage
sownd - to wield
sowne - to sound
sowps - plural of "sowp", a sip
sowre - sour
sowse - souse
sowth - to whistle softly
soyas - plural of "soya", a Japanese bean
soyeb - a first name
soyle - a body or prey
soyot - a Tatar people
sozal - a crystalline salt of aluminum
sozar - a first name
sozin - a type of protein
spaad - a kind of spar; earthflax
space - volume; room; extent
spack - spoke
spacy - dazed; flighty
spade - a garden tool; a card suit
spado - a spade; a sword; an impotent person, or one unable to reproduce
spads - plural of "spad", a nail one or two inches long with a hook at the head
spaed - foretold
spaer - a diviner
spaes - foretells
spags - plural of "spag", an Italian person
spahi - an Algerian cavalryman of the Ottoman army
spahy - a cavalryman of the Ottoman army
spaid - a hart or stag that is three years old
spaik - spoke
spail - a splinter
spain - a European country; spane
spait - a spate
spake - Biblical "spoke"
spaky - speckled
spald - to split under pressure, such as bricks
spale - a splinter; a brace; to break up
spall - to break; to split
spalt - a flux; a foolish person; brittle; to split
spams - sends massive amounts of EMAIL; forges a return address
spane - to wean
spang - a spangle; to leap; to hurl; an emphasis word, as in "spang in the middle"
spank - to slap the buttocks
spans - to cross; plural of "span", a bridge; a unit of length of 9 inches
spard - spared
spare - extra; to withhold punishment; thin
spark - a first name; to flash
sparr - a town in Florida
spars - fights; plural of "spar", a timber
spart - esparto; Spanish broom grass
spary - parsimonious; thrifty
spash - a town in Albania
spasm - a tic; a throe; a paroxysm
spaso - a spastic person
spata - a town in ancient Greece
spate - a sudden flood
spath - the mineral spar
spats - plural of "spat", an argument; a shoe cover; 10^12 meters
spaul - to spawl
spave - to geld
spawl - to split; to slaver; to spit copiously
spawn - offspring
spaws - plural of "spaw", a variant of "spa"
spayd - a male deer in its third year
spays - neuters
spaza - an illicit grocery store in South Africa
spazz - a clumsy, awkward person
speak - to say
speal - speel; spule
spean - to wean
spear - a first name; a lance
speat - a spate
spece - a species or kind
speck - a stain; a blemish; a small spot
specs - plural of "spec", a specification; a spectacle
speed - a first name; the magnitude of velocity
speel - to climb; a splinter; to run away
speen - a village in England
speer - a first name; to ask; a screen
speet - to stab
speil - climb
speir - to ask
speke - to speak
speks - specks
speld - a chip; a splinter
spelk - a rod; a switch; a long piece of wood
spell - a short time; to specify the spelling of; a magical hex
spelt - poetic "spelled"; German wheat
spend - to expend; to ejaculate
speng - a gun
spent - consumed; worn; expended
speos - an ancient Egyptian cave temple
spere - to ask
sperm - spawn; semen
spero - a first name
spers - bolts
spess - a specification
spets - spits
spews - vomits
spewy - wet; boggy; awful; furious
sphex - the wasp genus
spial - a spy; a scout
spica - a star; a spur; a spike; a bandage wound spirally around a limb
spice - a tasty herb
spick - a spike; a nail; tidy
spics - a slur
spicy - containing spices
spide - spied
spied - observed
spiel - a routine or bit of business
spier - to ask; one who spies
spies - plural of "spy", a secret agent
spiff - to make spiffy; a dandy; money paid to a salesman to push merchandise
spike - a first name; a large nail; a thorn
spiks - a slur, and not even spelled correctly
spiky - covered with spikes
spile - a spigot; a peg; slang for "spoil"
spill - a fall; the escape of liquid from a container; a stick or paper used for lighting
spilt - poetic "spilled"
spims - plural of "spim", an unwanted message sent through an instant message system
spina - a spine
spine - a backbone; a thorn
spink - a chaffinch; a primrose
spins - rotates; explains a presidential action
spiny - covered with spines
spire - a high church tower; a curl; a sedge
spiro - a first name
spirt - a spout; to spurt
spiru - a first name
spiry - spiral; having many spires; like a spire
spiss - thick, dense
spite - petty malevolence
spity - spiteful
spiti - a region in northern India; a Tibetan river
spits - expectorates; skewers
spitz - a Pomeranian dog
spivs - plural of "spiv", a petty criminal
spiza - a finch genus
splat - a sound effect of wet collision; part of a chair-back
splaw - splay
splay - wide; to slant; to slope
splib - a black person
splim - marijuana
split - to divide; a champagne bottle of 200 milliliters; a town in Yugoslavia
splog - a "spam blog" or "spam web log", a web page designed to attract browser
hits, followed by clicks on associated ads
spode - fine china-ware
spogh - to boast
spoil - to ruin; booty
spoke - said; a part of a wheel
spoky - like a spoke; long and thin
spole - a spool; a small wheel
spong - an irregular narrow projection portion of a field
sponk - infatuation; a match
spons - money
spoof - a parody
spook - a ghost; a spy; to frighten
spool - a small wheel or spindle; to transfer to a peripheral device
spoom - to scud downwind
spoon - an eating utensil; to cuddle
spoor - a first name; the track of an animal
spoot - the razor shell clam
spore - a reproductive cell of some plants
sport - game
spose - a slang spelling of "suppose"
sposh - slush
spots - notices; a leopard; plural of "spot", a small mark or blotch
spout - to gush; a nozzle
sprad - a past tense of "spread"
sprag - a braking pole on the rear axle of a cart; a young salmon; to obstruct; a dandy
sprat - a small sea-fish
spray - foam; a sprig; to diffuse
spred - spread
spree - a carousal; a river that goes through Berlin
spret - sprat
sprew - the disease thrush; sprue
sprig - a shoot; a twit
sprit - a boom; a spar
sprod - a sophomore salmon; a sea trout
sprog - a new recruit; a child
sprot - a sprat, a small sea-fish
sprue - the disease thrush
sprug - an English sparrow
spuds - a first name; plural of "spud", a potato
spued - spewed
spues - spews
spuey - spewing
spuff - semen
spuke - a spook
spule - a spool; the shoulder
spume - froth; spray
spumy - foaming
spung - to rob
spunk - nerve; pluck
spurl - to scramble; to sprawl; the helix displayed above a fainting cartoon character
spurn - to reject
spurr - a mountain in Alaska
spurs - urges
spurt - to spout; a rush; speed
sputa - plural of "sputum", spit
spute - to dispute
spyal - a spy; a scout
spyer - one who spies
spyke - a first name
spyne - a pinnace
spyre - a spire
squab - clumsy; curt; unfledged; a pigeon
squad - a team; a crew
squam - a waterproof oilskin hat
squat - to crouch; short and wide
squaw - an Indian woman
squeg - to oscillate irregularly
squff - to eat heavily; to stuff oneself
squib - a firework; a short round; a lampoon
squid - a sea creature with ten tentacles
squit - a person of little consequence; silly talk
squiz - to look at
sqush - a colloquial word meaning to crush and squash
srdja - a first name
sreta - a first name
srifa - a town in Lebanon
srini - a first name
sruti - a Hindu class of shastras
staad - a town in Switzerland
staas - a first name
stabs - strikes with a knife
stace - a first name
stach - to stop; to refrain
staci - a first name
stack - a pile; a chimney
stacy - a first name
stade - a stadium; an arena; a period of time represented by a glacial deposit; a town in Germany
staff - personnel; a rod
stage - to produce; to present; a platform
stags - plural of "stag", a male deer
stagy - theatrical; histrionic
staia - plural of "staio", a unit of volume in medieval Italy
staid - steady; grave; sedate
staig - a colt
stail - a long straight wooden handle for a tool
stain - to sully; to taint
staio - a unit of volume in medieval Italy
stair - a step; a stairway
stake - a picket; a wager
stale - no longer fresh
stalk - to hunt stealthily; to walk away angrily; a stem
stall - a booth; to hold off
stamp - to impress; to brand; to mark
stams - confounds
stana - a first name
stand - to provide; to stay; to be erect
stane - a first name; stone
stang - a wooden pole; a perch; to throb
stank - smelled badly; was one of my shoes
stano - a first name
stans - a town in Switzerland; the assortment of non-Russian states whose names end in "stan"
stant - a variant of "stont"
staph - the staphylococcus bacterium; a bacterial infection
stapp - a unit of force caused by acceleration of one G acting for one second
staps - chokes; obstructs
stara - a town in Bulgaria; a woolen cloth
stare - a long look; the starling
starf - starved
stark - bare
starn - a star; the buttocks
starr - a first name; a Jewish bond or deed
stars - plural of "star", an asterisk; a heavenly body; a leading actor
start - a beginning; a sudden twitch
stary - a first name; given to staring
stasa - a first name
stash - to hide away
stasi - the East German state security police
stasy - a first name
state - to aver; a nation; a condition
stats - plural of "stat", a statistic
staup - a town in Norway
stave - to avert; to fend off; to burst; a wooden slat
staws - stands still
stays - remains; plural of "stay", an elastic garment supporter
stchi - a Russian soup
stead - place
steak - a cut of beef
steal - to take secretly and illicitly
steam - water vapor; to fume in anger
stean - a stone container with two handles
stear - steer
stech - gormandize
stedd - steed
stede - steed
steds - steeds
steed - a first name; a riding horse
steef - a first name
steek - to stitch; to pierce; to shut
steel - a first name; to brace; to nerve; a manufactured metal
steem - to esteem
steen - a first name; a stone container with two handles; a number between 13 and 19
steep - veering abruptly up or down; to brew; an English town
steer - to guide; to pilot; a deballocked bullock
stees - plural of "stee", a ladder
stefa - a first name
stefi - a first name
stefo - a first name
stegh - stech
stegs - plural of "steg", a gander
steid - base; foundation
steig - a first name
steik - to pierce with a sharp instrument
steil - a handle or shaft
stein - a first name; a beer mug
steiu - a town in Romania
stela - an inscribed column; sap system
stele - an inscribed column; sap system
stelk - an Irish dish of onions and mashed potatoes
stell - a first name; to fix; to establish
steme - to evaporate
stems - stalks; stops
stend - to leap; to walk with long strides
steno - a stenographer
stens - plural of "sten", a tommy-gun
stent - to stint; to restrain; to limit; a medical device for opening arteries and lawsuits
steny - a first name
steph - a first name
steps - plural of "step", a measure; a pace
stept - a poetic variant of "stepped"
stera - a town in Yemen
stere - a unit of volume equal to a cubic meter
steri - a prefix that means "sterilizing"
stern - a first name; fierce; the rear of a ship
stert - started
stetl - a Jewish ghetto
stets - plural of "stet", an editorial mark ("let it stand")
steva - a first name
steve - a first name; to stow
stevi - a first name
stevo - a first name
stevy - a first name
stews - simmers; plural of "stew", a ragout; a stewardess
stewy - a first name; simmering; steaming; reeking; like a stew
steyn - to line an excavation with stone or brick to prevent cave-ins
steyr - an Austrian town
steys - plural of "stey", a variant of "stee", a ladder
stian - a first name
stica - a small Saxon coin
stich - a row of trees; a stave; a brioche; a verse or line of poetry
stick - a piece of wood; to remain; to stab
stied - penned like pigs
stieg - a first name
sties - ascends; plural of "sty", a pig pen
stife - a stifling smell
stiff - rigid; a corpse; to refuse to pay or repay
stift - one who does not work
stike - stanza
stilb - a unit of measurement of luminance
stile - the gnomon of a sundial; steps for getting over a fence
stili - plural of "stylus", an instrument for writing or marking
still - quiet; up to now; not moving; a distillery
stilo - a town in Italy; a metallic stylus
stilp - to go on crutches; to walk on stilts
stilt - a pole for elevated walking; a snipe
stime - a glimmer; a ray
stimy - to stymie
stina - a first name
stine - a first name
sting - a first name; a sharp local pain; a bee's defensive mechanism; a vampiric celebrity
stink - to smell badly
stint - a short time; a sandpiper; a dunlin; a stent
stion - a plant consisting of a stock and scion
stipa - the feather grasses
stipe - a first name; a stalk; a stem; a stipendiary magistrate
stire - to steer; to stir
stirk - a young ox or cow
stirp - a line of descent
stirs - wakes up; mixes
stirt - started; leaped
stith - stithy; an anvil or smithy
stive - to stew; to stuff up; floating dust
stivy - stuffy; close
stoae - plural of "stoa", a porch
stoai - plural of "stoa", a porch
stoak - to stop; to choke
stoas - plural of "stoa", a porch
stoat - an ermine; a weasel
stobi - a town in southern Yugoslavia
stobs - plural of "stob", a stub; a stump; a wooden stake strummed by worm grunters to attract worms (shades of Dune!)
stock - a cravat; a store; a family line; a punishment device; to garner; a fund
stoep - a stoop; a veranda
stoer - a British cape
stogs - stirs up mud
stogy - a cigar
stoic - unemotional
stoit - to stagger; to lurch; to jump up
stoke - a first name; to add fuel to; a unit of measurement of kinematic viscosity
stola - a Roman woman's long robe
stole - a fur piece; took illicitly
stoln - stolen
stoma - a breathing pore; a simple bodily opening
stomp - to stamp; stump
stond - stand
stone - a first name; a rock; a unit of weight of 14 pounds
stong - stung
stonk - a heavy concentration of artillery fire; a marble
stonn - to stun
stont - an obsolete inflected past form of "to stand"
stony - a first name; rocky; unemotional
stood - was erect; withstood
stook - a pillar of coal left as a mine support; a shock of grain; a hiding place; a pocket handkerchief
stool - a backless seat; a mass of feces
stoom - stum; to renew fermentation; to ruin financially; to strengthen
stoon - stound
stoop - to bend over; a porch; a flagon
stoor - a tumult; a paroxysm
stoot - stout
stopa - a Czech unit of measure
stope - a mining ledge
stops - plural of "stop", a halt
stopt - poetic "stopped"
store - a shop; to preserve
stork - a bird that lives in chimneys in Europe, and delivers babies in the US
storm - a first name; a tempest
storn - a first name
storr - a first name
stort - a British river
story - a first name; a tale; a floor of a building
stosh - a first name; fish offal
stoss - the direction from which a glacier descends
stote - a stoat
stots - plural of "stot", a young ox
stott - a town in Norway
stouk - a stook; a sheaf of corn
stoun - stolen
stoup - a stoop; a flagon; a tankard; a basin for holy water
stour - a stoor; a tumult; a paroxysm; a stiff breeze; a British river
stout - fat; an alcoholic brew
stove - an oven; broken in
stowe - a first name; a town in Vermont
stown - stolen
stowp - a stoup
stows - packs; arranges
strad - a Stradivarius violin
strae - straw
strag - a strip bag
strak - to strike
stram - to walk with ungraceful strides
strap - a long thin piece of leather or fabric
strat - a British river; a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar
straw - dried grass; a drinking tube
stray - to wander
stree - straw
strel - a banjo
strep - a streptococcus infection
strew - to scatter
stria - a stripe; a streak; a strip; a stretch; a strap; a strop; a strand; a string;...
strib - a prison warden
strid - a narrow ravine
strig - stalk
strip - a long thin piece; to remove clothing
strit - a town in Slovenia
strix - a screech-owl
strob - a unit of angular velocity, one radian per second
strom - a first name
strop - a leather strip
strow - to strew
stroy - to destroy
strub - to rob; a prison warder
strum - thrum
strut - a support; to swagger
struv - an obsolete past tense of "strive"
stryn - a town in Norway
stubs - strikes a toe accidentally against an unseen obstacle; plural of "stub", a short, squat thing
stuck - set; fixed; adhered
studa - a town in Pennsylvania
studd - a first name
stude - a nickname for the Studebaker car
studs - a first name; plural of "stud", a knob; a nail; a breeding male
study - to examine; a reading room
stuey - a first name
stufa - a jet of steam that emerges from the ground
stuff - to fill; things
stugs - plural of "stug", a thorn
stuka - a German dive bomber of World War II
stuke - a pocket handkerchief
stull - a mining cross-timber
stulm - a mine drain shaft
stulp - a stump
stuma - a fraudulent check
stumm - shtoom, silent
stump - to puzzle; the remains of a felled tree
stums - plural of "stum", an unfermented wine; a barbiturate
stung - made a sharp local pain
stunk - smelled badly
stuns - dazes; astounds
stunt - to dwarf; an exploit
stupa - a Buddhist monumental pagoda
stupe - a hot bandage; fomentation; a stupid person
stupp - a black deposit obtained in distilling mercury ores
stups - has sexual intercourse with
sturb - to disturb
sture - stoor
sturk - a young ox
sturt - strife; wrath; a desert; a bargain in mining
stush - a first name
stuss - a gambling game resembling faro
stuts - stutters
styan - a stye or boil
styca - a small Anglo-Saxon coin
styed - kept in a sty
styes - plural of "stye", an inflamed eyelid
style - a manner; a pen; to dub
styli - plural of "stylo", a pen; a stylograph
stylo - a pen; a stylograph
styme - to stime; to stimie; a glimmer or glimpse
stymy - to thwart
styre - to set in motion, to stir up
styro - styrofoam
suada - a first name
suade - to persuade
suage - to assuage; to calm
suann - a first name
suant - suent; neat and tidy; consistent
suany - a first name
suapi - a town in Bolivia
suave - smooth; bland
subah - a province
subas - province
subby - a submarine sandwich; a subcontractor; a submissive person
subei - a town in China
suber - phellem; a cork
subhi - a first name
subic - a town in the Philippines
subir - a first name
subka - a hard salty layer over desert sand, on which it is easy to travel
subra - a first name
subum - a town in Cameroon
succi - plural of "succus"
sucio - a river of Colombia
sucka - a sucker or dupe
sucks - draws into the mouth; is to be denigrated
sucky - bad, disgusting, undesirable
sucre - an Ecuadorean monetary unit worth approximately nothing; a town in Bolivia
sucua - a town in Ecuador
sudak - the pike-perch; a Crimean port city
sudan - an African country south of Egypt
sudds - plural of "sudd", a floating mass of vegetation
suddy - choked with floating vegetation
sudeb - a first name
sudha - a first name
sudib - a first name
sudic - sweaty
sudid - sweaty
sudie - a first name
sudin - a first name
sudip - a first name
sudor - sweat
sudou - a first name
sudra - the lowest Hindu caste
sudsy - full of suds
suebi - another name for Sueves
suede - an unglazed leather
suedy - a first name
suege - a first name
sueko - a first name
suela - a first name
suely - a first name
suent - neat and tidy
suers - plural of "suer", a plaintiff in a lawsuit
suets - plural of "suet", fatty tissue
suety - containing suet
sueva - a first name
sueve - Suevian
suevi - Suevians
suffs - plural of "suff", a suffragist
suffy - like a suffragist
sufic - referring to a form of Islamic mysticism
sufis - plural of "Sufi", an Islamic mystic
sugai - a village in China
sugan - a straw rope; a quilt
sugar - a sweet substance
sughs - soughs
suhad - a first name
suhar - a town in eastern Arabia
suhas - a first name
suhur - the predawn meal during Ramadan
suids - plural of "suid", any member of the pig family
suina - a division of Artiodactyla comprising swine and peccaries
suine - a butter substitute, a mixture of oleomargarine with lard
suing - bringing a legal action against
suint - lanoline; dried sheep sweat (sorry, we sold our last bottle)
suiri - a river in New Guinea
suist - self-seeking
suita - a town in Japan
suite - a collection; a set of rooms
suits - pleases; plural of "suit", an outfit; a legal action
suity - like a suit; prone to wearing suits
sujal - a first name
sujay - a first name
sujee - a mixture of soap and caustic soda for cleaning painted surfaces on ships
sujin - a first name
sujis - plural of "suji", an Indian wheat, granulated but not pulverized
sujit - a first name
sujka - a first name
sukee - a first name
sukey - a first name; a teakettle
sukhs - plural of "sukh", a souk
sukie - a first name; a teakettle
sukka - a temporary dwelling for the feast of Sukkoth
sukru - a first name
sukun - an Arabic accent mark
sulas - plural of "sula", a genus of seabirds
sulby - a British river
sulci - plural of "sulcus", a brain groove or fold
sulfa - an antibiotic
sulfo - sulfonic
sulia - a first name
sulid - the family of boobies and gannets
sulim - a first name
suljo - a first name
sulka - a Papuan people of New Britain island
sulks - broods
sulky - a light vehicle; sullen
sulla - a European herb valued for forage
sulls - plural of "sull", a plow
sully - a first name; to tarnish
sulma - a first name
sulph - amphetamine sulphate
sulus - plural of "Sulu, a tribe of Moros in the Philippines
sumac - a wild bush
sumak - a carpet
suman - a first name; relating to the Sumo people
sumas - a town in Washington state; plural of "Suma", a Nicaraguan Indian
sumba - one of the islands of Indonesia
sumed - a first name
sumer - a first name; an ancient Middle Eastern civilization
sumia - a first name
sumie - a first name
sumil - a first name
sumio - a first name
sumir - a first name
sumit - a first name
summa - a summation of all knowledge on some subject; a "summa cum laude" degree
sumon - a first name
sumos - plural of "sumo", a Japanese wrestler
sumph - a dunce; a blockhead
sumps - plural of "sump", a pit; a morass
sumpy - like a sump
sumya - a first name
sunay - a first name
sunck - an Indian chief
sundi - a first name
sundy - a first name
sunee - a first name
sungi - an Asian cape
sunil - a first name
sunit - a first name
sunks - plural of "sunk", a pad, a turf seat
sunna - the body of Islamic social and legal customs
sunne - a first name; a town in Sweden
sunni - a first name; a branch of Islam
sunns - plural of "sunn", an Indian fiber plant similar to hemp
sunny - a first name; bright; cheerful
sunta - a first name
sunup - dawn
sunya - a first name
suoid - pig-like
suomi - Finland
supai - a town in Arizona; an Indian people
supan - a first name
supap - a first name
super - excellent; a superintendent
supes - plural of "supe", a supernumerary; a toady
suphi - a first name
supra - above (a borrowed Latin word for textual comments)
supsa - a Black Sea port in Georgia
surah - a soft twilled Indian silk
surai - a town on the Volga river
sural - pertaining to the calf of the leg
suras - plural of "Sura", a chapter of the Koran, (arranged longest to shortest)
surat - a coarse Indian cotton; a port city in India
suray - a first name
surds - plural of "surd", an irrational number
surdy - like an irrational number
sured - stood security for
suree - a first name
suren - a first name
surer - more sure
sures - stands security for
suret - a first name
surfs - waves; rides the waves; browses on the Internet
surfy - covered with surf
surge - to swell; to increase
surgy - swirling
surif - a Palestinian town
surly - rude
surma - native antimony sulfide used in India to darken the eyelids; a people of Ethiopia
surra - a first name; a Oriental disease of horses and camels, infectious anemia
surui - a Brazilian Indian tribe
suruj - a first name
surya - a first name; a Hindu sun-god
susan - a first name
susea - a first name
susen - a first name
susey - a first name
sushi - live parasites and beach detritus, served in an uncooked fish
susie - a first name
susil - a first name
suson - a first name
susse - a first name
sussi - a first name
susso - state government unemployment benefits
sussy - a first name
susto - a psychological affliction, occurring in Latin America, in which one believes one's soul has split from one's body
susur - a first name
susus - plural of "susu", a dolphin native to the Ganges river
sutan - a first name
suten - a first name
sutki - a first name
sutor - a cobbler
sutra - a Brahminical ritual; a collection of rules
sutso - a town in Tibet
sutta - a Hindu aphorism; a collection of rules
suvam - a first name
suvar - a town in eastern Russia
suvir - a first name
suwon - a city in Korea
suyen - a first name
suzak - a town in Kyrgyzstan
suzan - a first name
suzie - a first name
suzon - a first name
suzue - a first name
suzyn - a first name
svata - a first name
svava - a first name; in Norse mythology, one of the Valkyries
svein - a first name
svelt - svelte; attractively slim
svend - a first name
sveta - a first name
sveva - a first name
swabs - mops; soaks up
swack - active; nimble; to beat; a penis
swads - plural of "swad", a pod; a podgy person; a clump
swage - to assuage; to soften; to shape metal by hammer and anvil; an ornamental molding
swags - plural of "swag", a hanging decoration; plunders
swail - a first name; a tract of low marshy ground
swain - a first name; a peasant; a country lover
swaip - to walk proudly; to sweep along
swaka - a language
swale - a first name; a shady spot; a gully filled with erosive debris; a British river
swaly - shady; marshy
swami - a Hindu religious teacher
swamp - a bog; to flood
swamy - a Hindu religious teacher
swane - a first name
swang - a swamp; a greensward; past perfect of "swing"
swank - fancy; high class; ritzy
swans - plural of "swan", a water fowl
swape - a handle; an oar
swaps - exchanges; trades
swapt - an obsolete variant of "swapped"
sward - turf; bacon
sware - testified; cursed
swarf - to swoon; the accumulation of fine metal particles from a grinder
swarm - a horde; a mob
swart - swarthy; tawny
swash - a town in Iraq; dash; frothy sea surf
swate - a past tense form of "to sweat"
swath - swathe; the sweep of a scythe; a small waterline area twin hull boat
swati - a first name; a resident of the Sultanate of Swat
swats - new ale; smacks
swave - fine; wonderful; a mock mispronunciation of "suave"
swayl - sweal
sways - oscillates; influences
swazi - a native of Swaziland; a Bantu ethnic group
swazz - to swagger
sweal - to scorch
swear - to affirm; to curse
sweat - to perspire
swede - a first name; a native of Sweden; a turnip
sweel - sweal
sweep - to brush away; an oar
sweer - a bend; slothful; loth
swees - sways
sweet - luscious; honeyed
sweir - sweer, a bend; slothful; loth
swell - wonderful; to expand; a self-important person
swelp - a miserable complainer
swelt - to swelter; a course
swept - brushed away
swerd - a sword
swerf - swarf
sweys - sways
swich - such
swift - rapid; a bird
swigs - takes a big swallow
swile - seal
swill - dregs; to wash; to rinse
swims - propels oneself through water
swine - pigs
swing - to sway; to vibrate
swink - to labor; to work hard
swins - plural of "swin", a sea river or channel
swint - suint
swipe - to steal; to brush across
swips - to down a drink in one gulp
swipy - of or related to an electronic reader through which a card is "swiped"
swire - a col; a hollow between two hills
swirl - to whirl; to gyrate
swish - to thrash; to emit a soft whistling sound
swiss - of Switzerland; a kind of cheese
swith - "quickly"
swits - a Shakespearean form of "switch"
swive - to fornicate with
swizz - something unfair or disappointing
swobs - mops
swole - swelled; exaggeratedly muscular
swoln - swollen
swonk - labored; worked hard
swoon - to faint
swoop - to rush; to stoop; a descent
swope - swoop
swops - swaps
swopt - swapped
sword - a rapier; a cutlass
swore - used profanity; took an oath
sworn - attested to
swosh - to move with a hissing or whistling sound
swote - sweetly
swots - plural of "swot", an earnest student
swoun - to swoon
swung - rocked
swyve - to fornicate with
sybbe - sib
sybel - a first name
sybil - a first name; a sibyl
syble - a first name
syboe - a cibol
sybos - plural of "sybo", an onion or cibol
sybow - a cibol
sybyl - a first name
sycee - small Chinese silver ingots
syces - plural of "syce", a chauffeur; a groom; a male servant in India
sycon - a genus of calcareous sponges
sydel - a first name
sydna - a first name
sydni - a first name
sydny - a first name
syeda - a first name
syene - a town in Egypt, where the sun shines straight down a well on the summer solstice, now Aswan
syens - plural of "syen", a scion
syfia - a first name
sying - a first name
syker - surely
sykes - plural of "syke", a rivulet; a rill
sylas - a first name
syles - plural of "syle", a young herring
sylis - plural of "syli", a monetary unit of Guinea
sylke - a first name
sylph - an airy fairy; a bird
sylva - a first name; silva; forest trees
sylvi - a first name
syman - a first name
symar - a woman's light, loosely hanging garment with full skirt and train
symia - a first name
symin - a first name
symms - a first name
symmy - a first name
symon - a first name
symps - plural of "symp", a Communist sympathizer
synch - synchrony
syncs - synchronizes
syndi - a first name
synds - rinses
syndy - a first name
syned - rinsed; washed
synes - rinses; washes
synod - an ecclesiastical council
syped - siped
sypes - sipes
sypho - syphilis
syrah - a first name; a wine grape
syren - a siren; an enticer
syria - a middle Eastern country
syrie - a first name
syril - a first name
syrma - a trailing rope worn by tragic actors in ancient Greece
syros - a Greek island
syrts - plural of "syrt", a quicksand or bog
syrup - a sweet thick liquid
syrus - a first name
sysky - a first name
sysop - a computer system operator
sythe - a scythe
syths - plural of "syth", a variant of "scythe"
syver - a first name; a drain
taars - plural of "taar", an Arabian tambourine
taavo - a first name
tabac - snuff-colored; a French tobacconist
taban - a first name
tabbi - a first name
tabby - a first name; a cat; brindled; a plain-woved watered silk taffeta
tabea - a first name
taber - a first name; to beat on a small drum
tabes - emaciation; atrophy
tabet - the sense of feeling
tabia - a first name
tabib - a first name
tabic - a variant of "tabetic", meaning of or pertaining to tabes.
tabid - consumptive
tabis - plural of "tabi", a sock worn with Japanese sandals
tabla - a small conical Indian drum
table - an index; a list; to schedule; a board; a piece of furniture
tabog - a town in the Philippines
taboo - a ban
tabor - a first name; a camp; a laager; a small snare drum; a town in Moravia
tabot - a sacred Ethiopian image of the Ark of the Covenant
tabuk - a town in Saudi Arabia
tabun - a liquid organic phosphorous ester used as a nerve gas
tabus - plural of "tabu", a taboo
tabut - an Islamic bier or tomb
tabwe - an African tribe
tacan - a system of air navigation, acronym: "TACtical Air Navagation"
tacca - a tropical herb genus that includes arrowroot
taces - plural of "tace", a piece of plate armor for the upper thigh
tacet - a musical rest or silence
tacey - a first name
tacha - a first name
tache - a catch; a buckle; a stain; a freckle; a mustache; a bad habit; a lake in North America
tacho - tachometer
tachs - plural of "tach", a tachometer or speed measuring device
tacia - a first name
tacie - a first name
tacit - silent; implicit
tacks - maneuvers into the wind; plural of "tack", a fastener
tacky - of little taste; viscous; gummy
tacna - a town in Peru
tacos - plural of "taco", a Mexican food
tacts - plural of "tact", the sense to read and speak in implicit signs
tacye - a first name
tadan - a first name
tadao - a first name
taddy - a first name
tadej - a first name
tadek - a first name
tadeo - a first name
tades - a first name
tadey - a first name
tadgh - a first name
tadhg - a first name
tadio - a first name
tadji - a town in Papua New Guinea
tadra - a first name
tadzi - a first name
taean - a city in Korea
taegu - a city in Korea
taeke - a first name
taels - plural of "tael", money on account; a Chinese unit of weight of about an ounce
taepo - a vicious horse
taffy - a first name; a chewy candy; a native of Wales
tafia - an inferior Malay rum made of sugarcane juice
tafts - plural of "taft", a plumbing joint
tagal - Filipino
taggy - full of tags or matted locks of hair
taghi - a first name
tagma - any of the distinct body regions of an arthropod
tagua - the ivory palm
tagum - a town in the Philippines
tagus - a river flowing through Spain and Portugal
tahaa - a South Pacific island near Bora-Bora
tahar - a province in Afghanistan
tahas - plural of "taha", the African weaver bird
tahat - a mountain peak in Algeria
taher - a first name
tahil - a unit of weight in the old Straits Settlements
tahin - ground-up sesame seeds used in a sweet candy
tahir - a first name
tahji - a first name
tahli - a first name; a Hindu gold ornament
tahni - a first name
tahoe - a resort city in Nevada city; a once-crystal clear lake in Nevada
tahrs - plural of "tahr", a Himalayan goat
tahua - a Tahitian open space used for public assembly; a battlefield
taian - a town in China
taibe - a town in Lebanon
taibi - a first name
taics - plural of "Taic", an Indo-Chinese
taieb - a first name
taies - a first name
taiga - a Siberian coniferous region
taigs - plural of "Taig", a disparaging term for an Irish Roman Catholic
taija - a first name
taiji - a town in Japan
taika - a first name
taiko - a Japanese drum
tails - follows; evening dress; plural of "tail", an end
taily - having or growing tails, such as grain
taima - a first name; marijuana
taimy - a first name
taina - a first name
taino - an extinct tribe of the West Indies
tains - plural of "tain", a thin plate
taint - to contaminate; the perineum ('taint one, 'taint the other)
taipa - a first name
taipo - a vicious New Zealand animal; a nocturnal Maori demon
taira - a first name; a town in Japan; an animal of the weasel family, common to Mexico and tropical South America
tairn - a tarn
taisa - a first name
taish - the ghost of a person about to die
taite - a first name
taits - plural of "tait", a tate, a fiber, a lock of hair
taitt - a first name
taiva - a first name
taiwo - a first name
taiye - a first name
taiyo - a first name
taizz - an Arabian town
tajes - plural of "taje", a tall conical cap
tajik - a native of Tajikistan
tajin - an extinct culture centered at Vera Cruz, Mexico
tajma - a first name
takao - a first name
takar - a town in Niger
takas - plural of "taka", a Bengali coin
taken - removed
takeo - a first name; a town in Cambodia
taker - one who takes
takes - removes; accepts
takhi - a species of wild horse
takht - a small Arabic music ensemble
takia - a first name; a Sufi shrine
takin - a Tibetan goat antelope
takis - a first name; plural of "taki", a Mongolian wild horse
takka - a monetary unit of Bangladesh
takla - a first name; a lake in North America
takle - a town in Norway
takra - a first name
takuo - a first name
takyr - a tract of clay in a sandy area
talab - a pond for collecting rainwater
talad - a first name
talai - a town in China
talak - an Islamic divorce performed by the husband rejecting the wife
talal - a first name
talan - a first name
talao - lot flat ground
talaq - an Islamic divorce
talar - a long cloak or robe that reaches the ankles; a town in Spain
talas - a river in central Asia; a town in Kyrgyzstan; plural of "tala", an Indian musical rhythm
talat - a first name
talca - talca gum, or talha gum; a town and province in Chile
talcs - plural of "talc", a talcum powder
talcy - like talc; containing talc
talea - a first name; a rhythmic pattern that recurs in medieval motets
taled - a quadrangular piece of cloth worn while reciting prayers in the synagogue
talei - a first name
taler - a first name; an old Austrian coin made of silver from Joachimstal
tales - equals in kind; plural of "tale", a story
taley - a first name
talha - a first name; a brittle commercial gum acacia
talia - a first name
talib - a first name; a member of the Taliban, a group of Afghani religious students who took power
talil - a town in Iraq
talin - a first name
talis - a woolen or silken Hebrew prayer shawl
talit - a woolen or silken Hebrew prayer shawl
talks - speaks
talky - talkative; a motion picture with sound
talli - a first name
tallu - a first name
tally - a first name; to count; to agree
talma - a first name; a loose hooded cloak
talna - a first name
talok - a town in Borneo
talon - a first name; a claw; a concave molding
talor - a first name
talos - a first name; in Greek mythology, the inventive nephew and slayer of Daedalus
talpa - the mole genus; a town in Mexico
taluk - a subdivision of a revenue district in India
taluq - a subdivision of a revenue district in India
talus - a slope; the ankle bone
talya - a first name
talye - a first name
tamaa - a first name
tamah - a first name
tamal - a first name; a tamale
tamam - a first name
taman - a first name
tamar - a first name; Absalom's sister; of the last of four stages of ripening; a British river
tamas - a first name; inertia, one of three gunas of Sankhya philosophy
tamba - a first name; a town in Japan
tambi - a first name
tambo - a first name; an end man in a minstrel show; an Inca inn; a corral
tambu - tamboo; taboo; ostracism
tamed - made tame
tamen - a carrier
tamer - a first name; more tame; one who tames
tames - makes tame
tamga - a village in Kyrgyzstan
tamia - a first name
tamie - a first name
tamil - a South Indian
tamim - a first name; a name once used for the Iraqi province of Kirkuk
tamin - a thin glazed worsted fabric
tamir - a first name; a town in Afghanistan
tamis - a straining cloth; a thin wool fabric
tamma - a first name
tammi - a first name
tammy - a first name; tamis; a tam-o-shanter
tamor - a first name
tampa - a city in Florida
tampi - marijuana
tamps - packs in
tamra - a first name
tamul - a Tamil
tamur - a first name
tamus - a genus of tuberous rooted vines, such as black briony
tamuz - Tammuz
tamya - a first name
tamye - a first name
tanae - a first name
tanah - a first name; an Asian cape
tanak - the Hebrew bible
tanan - a Thai unit of capacity and volume
tanas - a first name; plural of "tana", an Indian police station
tanat - a British river
tanaz - a first name
tancy - a first name
tanda - a first name
tandi - a first name
tandy - a first name
tanea - a first name
tanee - a first name
tanek - a first name
taner - a first name
taney - a first name
tanga - a silver Indian coin; a skimpy bathing suit bottom; a town in Tanzania
tangi - a first name; a Maori funeral gathering; a narrow gorge
tango - a strident Argentine dance
tangs - plural of "tang", a sharp flavor, an aquarium fish, part of a knife blade
tangy - spicy
tanha - in Buddhism, an intense desire for life
tanhs - plural of "tanh", the hyperbolic tangent function
tania - a first name; an African farinaceous tuber
tanie - a first name
tanis - a first name; an ancient city in lower Egypt
tanja - a first name
tanji - a first name
tanka - a first name; Chinese boat population; a Japanese 5 line verse, lines 1 and 3 have 5 syllables, the rest 7; a silver Indian coin; a large soft drink
tanks - fails in strength; plural of "tank", a container; an armored battle wagon
tanky - intoxicated; a navigator's assistant
tanna - a first name; tana; an Indian police station; a rabbi of Palestine of the first two centuries; an island of Vanuatu
tanno - a first name
tanny - a first name
tanoa - a bowl used in Fiji for kava
tanos - a New Mexican Indian tribe
tansu - a first name
tansy - a first name; an Easter cake; a bitter herb
tanta - a city in northern Egypt; an aunt
tante - an aunt
tanti - a first name; a Hindu caste of weavers
tanto - in musical notation, so much, too much, or many
tants - plural of "tant", a small scarlet spider
tantu - a city in eastern China
tanty - a Hindu loom
tanun - a first name
tanya - a first name
tanza - a town in the Philippines
tapan - a first name
tapas - Spanish cooking; a conditioning Yoga; plural of "tapa", a Polynesian fiber cloth
taped - measured; sized up; recorded on tape; bound with tape
tapen - made of tape
taper - a candle; to become more narrow; one who records on tape
tapes - binds with tape; records on tape
tapet - a tapestry
tapia - a building material of clay or earth
tapin - a simple basket
tapio - a first name
tapir - a large hoglike mammal; a kind of rhinoceros
tapis - a tapet; a tapestry
tapoa - a Tasmanian phalanger
tappa - tapa; a mat fiber
tappi - an Asian cape
tappy - a poor tennis serve
tapti - an Asian river
tapto - a military signal announcing a rest period
tapui - a lush flat mesa common in South America
tapul - a town in the Philippines
tapus - plural of "tapu", a taboo
tarah - a first name
tarai - a first name
tarak - a first name
taran - a first name
taras - plural of "tara", an edible New Zealand fern
taraz - a town in Kazakhstan
tarcy - a first name
tardo - a musical notation meaning slowly
tards - plural of "tard", an abbreviation for "retard", a disparaging term
tardy - late
tarea - a first name; a unit of measure in Cuba
tared - recorded tare allowance
taree - a first name
tarek - a first name
taren - a first name
tareq - a first name
tares - plural of "tare", a weed
tarfa - a town in Egypt
tarfe - a hat brim
tarfu - an acronym: "Things Are Really Fouled Up", so to speak
targe - a target; a light shield or buckler
targo - a first name
tarha - a first name
taria - a first name
tarie - a first name
tarif - a first name
tarik - a first name
tarim - a river in northwestern China, and an extensive surrounding basin
tarin - a first name; the European siskin
tariq - a first name
tarir - a first name
taris - a first name
tarja - a first name
tarma - a town in Peru
tarmo - a first name
tarns - plural of "tarn", a mountain pool
taroc - tarot
tarok - tarot
taron - a first name; an isolate tribe of northern Burma
taros - plural of "taro", an edible plant of the arum type
tarot - a deck of divining cards
tarps - plural of "tarp", a tarpaulin
tarra - a first name
tarre - to urge to action
tarri - a first name; an Algerian unit of measurement
tarrs - a town in Pennsylvania
tarry - a first name; to linger; covered in tar
tarse - the penis; the first part of the foot
tarsi - plural of "tarsus", a part of the foot
tarso - a first name
tarte - a French pastry
tarts - plural of "tart", a pastry; a prostitute
tartu - a city in Estonia
tarty - tart or sour; like a prostitute
tarun - a first name
tarve - a curve
tarwi - an Andean legume
taryl - a first name
taryn - a first name
tasar - tusser; a kind of fabric
tasco - a kind of clay for melting pots
tased - applied a taser to
taser - a device that emits electrically charged pellets; acronym: "Thomas A Swift Electric Rifle"
tases - applies a taser to
tasha - a first name
tashi - a first name
tasho - a first name
tasia - a first name
tasja - a first name
taska - a first name
tasks - plural of "task", a chore or duty
tasky - full of tasks; like a task
tasos - a first name
tasse - thigh armor
tassi - a first name
tasso - a first name; an Italian poet; some kind of Cajun sauce
tassy - a first name; Tasmania
taste - to savor; to smack; to experience
tasto - a key that must be touched to produce a tone
tasty - pleasant tasting
tasya - a first name
tatar - a native of Tatary; also "Tartar"
tatas - plural of "tata", slang for a breast
tatch - a spot or stain
tateo - a first name
tater - a potato
tates - plural of "tate", a tuft of hair
taths - plural of "tath", cattle dung
tatia - a first name
tatie - a first name; a potato
tatog - a language
tatoo - a tattoo
tator - a potato
tatou - a tatu; a peba; an armadillo
tatow - a tattoo
tatra - a mountain range in Slovakia
tatta - an Indian screen
tatts - false teeth; plural of "tatt", a tattoo
tatty - cheaply made
tatui - a town in Brazil
tatum - a first name
tatur - a potato
tatus - plural of "tatu", a tatou; a peba; an armadillo
tauba - a first name
taube - a first name; a monoplane with wings shaped like a pigeon's
taula - an ancient massive stone structure found in the Balearic Islands
tauld - told
tauna - a first name
taung - a town in South Africa
tauni - a first name
tauno - a first name
taunt - to tease or mock
tauon - a subatomic particle
taupe - a dark gray color
taupo - a ceremonial hostess selected by a high chief of a Samoan village; a lake in Australia
taura - a first name; a sterile cow sacred to ancient Roman gods of the underworld
tauri - an ancient people of the southern Crimea
taurs - plural of "taur", the constellation Taurus
tauts - makes taut or tense
tavah - a first name; an Indian cooking griddle
tavas - plural of "tava", an Indian cooking griddle
tavda - a river of the USSR
taver - a first name; to wander; to talk foolishly
tavey - a first name
tavgi - the Uralic language of the Nganasani people
tavgy - the Uralic language of the Nganasani people
tavia - a first name
tavie - a first name
tavis - a first name
tavoy - a town in Burma
tawas - plural of "tawa", an Indian cooking griddle
tawau - a town in Borneo
tawed - treated with alum
tawer - a leather dresser; someone who shoots a marble
tawes - a whipping strap
tawgi - the Uralic language of the Nganasani people
tawia - a first name
tawie - tame, easy to manage
tawni - a first name
tawno - a first name
tawny - a first name; fulvous; fulvid; tanned
tawpi - a foolish or thoughtless girl
tawpy - a foolish or thoughtless girl
tawse - taws; a leather strap, often used for punishment
tawts - makes taut
taxad - a tree or shrub of the family Taxaceae
taxco - a city in Mexico
taxed - levied a tax
taxel - the North American badger
taxer - an inspector of taxes
taxes - plural of "tax", a governmental monetary levy
taxic - of or relating to taxis
taxin - a yew extract
taxis - classification; plural of "taxi", a car and driver for hire
taxol - a drug made from yew extracts
taxon - a unit of scientific classification
taxor - a university official empowered to regulate student board rates
taxus - the yew genus
tayah - a first name
tayal - a Malaysian people on Formosa
tayib - a first name
tayir - a first name
tayla - a first name
tayna - a first name
tayos - plural of "tayo", an apron-like garment
tayra - a first name; an animal of the weasel family, common to Mexico and tropical South America
tayte - a first name
tayva - a first name
tazel - the teasel
tazia - a first name; a Muslim passion play; a replica of the tomb of Hussain
tazin - a lake in North America
tazio - a first name
tazza - a shallow saucerlike bowl on a pedestal
tazze - plural of "tazza", a shallow bowl on a pedestal
tcawi - a variant spelling of "Chaui", one of the four bands of the Pawnee Confederacy
tchad - a variant spelling of "Chad", an African country
tchat - khat, a mild narcotic
tchai - tea; overpriced tea sold to overpaid drudges and overeducated drones
tchem - a town on the West Bank
tchwi - an African tribe of the Gold Coast
teach - to educate
teade - a torch
teads - torches
teaed - high on marijuana; past tense of "tea"
teaey - of tea; like tea
teako - a first name
teaks - plural of "teak", a wood
teala - a first name
teale - a first name
teals - plural of "teal", a small waterfowl; a color
teams - plural of "team", a crew
teana - a first name
teann - a first name
teans - vexes
teara - a first name
tears - rends; crying fluid
teart - tart; sour
teary - weepy; tear-filled
tease - to mock; to work out
teasy - inclined to tease
teata - a first name
teate - a city in central Italy whose modern name is Chieti
teats - plural of "teat", a nipple
teaty - like a teat
teaze - to tease
tebay - a town in England
tebet - the fourth month of the Hebrew calendar
tecca - a first name
teche - a bayou in Louisiana
techi - a first name
techs - plural of "tech", a technician
techy - touchy; testy; peevish; having a technological air
tecks - plural of "teck", a detective
tecla - a first name
tecta - plural of "tectum", a bodily structure resembling a roof
tecum - tucum
tedas - plural of "teda", a tibbu
tedda - a first name
tedde - a first name
teddi - a first name
teddy - a first name; a stuffed bear; lingerie
tedek - a first name
tedes - plural of "tede", a torch
tedge - an ingate
tedhi - fire
tedik - a first name
tedor - a first name
tedra - a first name
teeah - a first name
teedy - a first name
teeks - plural of "teek", a variant of "teak"
teels - plural of "teel", sesame
teems - abounds
teemu - a first name
teena - a first name
teend - kindled
teene - an injury; an affliction
teens - plural of "teen", a teenager
teeny - small; used in the phrase "teeny weeny" to mean tiny
teers - stirs; sifts
teesa - a first name; an Indian buzzard
teese - a first name
teest - a small anvil
teeth - plural of "tooth", a cog
teeya - a first name
teffs - plural of "teff", an Abyssinian cereal grass
tegan - a first name
tegea - an important religious center of ancient Greece
teggs - plural of "tegg", a two year old unshorn sheep
tegin - a first name
tegua - a moccasin
tegus - plural of "tegu", a South American lizard
tehar - a first name
tehee - to titter
tehra - a first name
tehri - a first name; a town in India soon to be under water
tehrs - plural of "tehr", a tahr, a Himalayan goat
tehry - a first name
tehue - a first name
teian - Ionian
teide - a volcano on the island of Tenerife
teifi - a kind of cheese; a river in Wales
teige - a first name
teign - a river in southwest England
teiid - an American lizard
teiji - a first name
teils - plural of "teil", a lime tree
teina - a first name
teind - a tithe
teine - a teyne, a thin plate of metal
teint - tint
teion - a first name
teira - a first name
teise - to stretch or bend a bow; a British river
teita - a first name
teith - a British river
teize - to tease
tejah - a first name
tejal - a first name
tejan - a first name
tejas - a first name
tejon - the coati
tekax - a site of Mayan ruins in the Yucatan peninsula
tekke - a town in southwestern Anatolia; a dervish monastery; a carpet
tekla - a first name
tekle - a first name
tekli - a first name
tekoa - a biblical place
tekya - a town in Azerbaijan
telae - plural of "tela", an anatomical tissue or layer of tissue
telar - weblike
telca - a first name
telco - a verbal abbreviation for "telephone company"
telea - a town in Chad
telei - a Papuan people of the Solomon Islands
telek - a first name
telem - a first name
teles - plural of "tele", a television set
telex - teleprinter exchange
telia - plural of "telium"
telic - purposive; denoting an end or purpose
telis - plural of "teli", a Hindu caste of oil makers and merchants
telka - a first name
telle - a first name
telli - a lake in China
tells - recites; divulges; plural of "tell", an archaeological mound
telly - a first name; a television set, often surmounted by a penguin
telma - a first name
telmo - a first name
teloi - plural of "telos", an ultimate purpose
telos - an ultimate purpose; a Greek island
telsa - a first name
telyn - an old Celtic harp
teman - a first name; a unit of measurement in Arabia
temas - plural of "tema", a theme
tembe - a Malay people
tembo - a first name
tembu - a Bantu speaking people of Tembuland
temed - teamed
temen - a language
temes - teams
temma - a first name
temne - an African language
tempe - an amusement park in Thessaly; a town in Arizona
tempi - plural of "tempo", a musical rhythm
tempo - musical rhythm or pace
temps - plural of "temp", a temporary worker; a temperature
tempt - to entice
temse - to sift; bread made of finely sifted flour
temur - a first name
tenae - a first name
tenai - a town in Bangladesh
tenaz - a first name
tenby - a town in Wales
tench - a European freshwater fish; the convict barracks at Hobart, Tasmania
tenda - the Italian name for the village of Tende
tende - a first name; a village in France
tendo - a tendon; a town in Japan
tends - inclines; verges; minds
tendu - extended in a taut manner, referring to ballet moves
tenea - a first name
tenes - a town in Algeria; plural of "tene", an injury
tenet - an article of faith
teney - a first name
tenge - a monetary unit of Kazakhstan
tengs - plural of "teng", a Burmese measure
tengu - a fabulous being
tenia - a tapeworm; a flat ribbonlike anatomical structure
tenio - a timber tree
tenja - a village in Croatia
tenko - a muster call for prisoners in a Japanese POW camp
tenne - an orange-brown color
tenno - an emperor of Japan regarded as a religious leader
tennu - the tapir
tenny - a first name; a tawny heraldic color
tenon - a projection that fits into a mortise
tenor - purport; a trend; a singing voice
tenos - one of the Cyclades Islands
tense - taut; tight; nervous; the time sense of a verb
tenth - one part in ten
tents - plural of "tent", a fabric shelter
tenty - attentive; like a tent
tenue - bearing, carriage or deportment
teona - a first name
tepal - a perianth leaf
tepas - plural of "tepa", a chemical compound; a South American timber tree
tepee - an Indian tent
tepic - a town in Mexico
tepid - lukewarm
tepor - lukewarmness
tepoy - a teapoy
teppo - a first name
tepui - a lush flat mesa common in South America
tepuy - a lush flat mesa common in South America
terah - a first name; a daughter of Abraham
terai - a wide-brimmed sun hat; Nepalese lowlands; a bamboo-like plant
teral - a first name
teran - a first name
terap - a tall Malayan tree
teras - (singular) an organism that is grossly abnormal in structure; plural of "tera", a Buddhist church
teraz - a first name
terce - a unit of volume of about 42 gallons; the third canonical hour of prayer
teree - a first name; a cattail
terek - a sandpiper; a river in Chechnya
terel - a first name
teren - a first name
teres - either of two shoulder muscles from the scapula to the humerus
teret - round; terete
tereu - the cry of the nightingale, according to Shakespeare
terez - a first name
terfe - turf
terfs - plural of "terf", turf
terga - plural of "tergum", the back of an arthropod
terhi - a first name
teria - a first name
terie - a first name
teril - a first name
terim - a first name
terin - a first name; the European siskin
teris - a first name
terje - a first name
terka - a village in Ukraine
terma - the terminal lamina of the brain
terms - plural of "term", a period of time; a condition; a phrase
terna - a first name; a list of three nominees to a benefice or bishopric
terne - an inferior kind of tin plate
terni - a town in Italy
terns - plural of "tern", a sea bird
terps - liquore; plural of "terp", a University of Maryland "Terrapin"
terra - a first name; the earth; an area on the moon
terre - a first name
terri - a first name; coal
terro - a terrorist
terry - a first name; a kind of piled fabric of uncut loops
tersa - a first name; a town in Russia
terse - brief
terts - tetrachloroethylene
terun - a first name
teruo - a first name
teryl - a first name
teryn - a first name
terza - a first name
terzo - third; a brigade
teseo - a first name
tesha - a first name
tesia - a first name
tesin - another name for Teschen
tesla - a unit of measurement of magnetic flux density, named for Nicola Tesla
tessa - a first name
tessi - a first name
tessy - a first name
testa - a husk; a seed covering
teste - the witnessing of a writ
tests - plural of "test", a trial, an examination
testy - irritable
tetas - a South American cape
tetch - a dialect variant of "touch"
tetel - a large African antelope
tetes - plural of "tete", a head with an elaborate hair treatment
teths - plural of "teth", a Hebrew letter
teton - a western division of the Dakota peoples
tetra - a tropical fish
tetsu - a first name
tetsy - a first name
tetts - plural of "tett", a plait; a theme
tetty - a first name
tetum - the native language of East Timor
tetun - the native language of East Timor
teuch - tough
teuco - a river in Argentina
teugh - tough
teuks - plural of "teuk", the redshank
teuku - a first name
teuvo - a first name
tevel - a first name
tevet - variant of "Tebet", a Hebrew month
tevin - a first name
tevis - a first name
tevya - a first name
tevye - a first name
tewan - of a tribe of American Indians of New Mexico
tewas - plural of "Tewa", a tribe of American Indians of New Mexico
tewed - worked hard
tewel - a chimney flue; the anus of a horse
tewit - the tewhit, the common lapwing or pewit
texan - a native of Texas
texas - one of the smaller states of the United States, except in area
texel - a river in the Netherlands; an island; in graphics, a single texture element
texts - plural of "text", a document
teyde - a mountain on the Canary Islands
teyna - a first name
teyne - a thin plate of metal
tezia - a first name
thabo - a first name
thack - thatch
thada - a first name
thadd - a first name
thady - a first name
thagi - the practices of the Indian thugee sect
thaim - a dialect form of "them"
thain - a first name
thair - a first name
thais - a first name; plural of "Thai", a native of Thailand
thaks - thwacks
thale - a town in Germany
thama - a first name
thame - a town in Oxfordshire, England
thana - a first name; a British military post in India; tana
thane - a first name; an Anglo-Saxon title
thang - a first name; slang for "thing"
thanh - a first name
thank - to express gratitude
thann - a town in Germany
thano - a first name
thanu - a first name
thanx - a slang written version of "thanks"
thara - a town in northern Persia
tharf - heavy, stiff, unbending
tharm - twisted gut, a deadly problem in horses
thars - plural of "thar", a Nepalese goat antelope
tharu - a low caste indigenous group in Nepal
thatn - a slurred form of "that one"
thato - a first name
thats - plural of "that", indicating a particular and remote object
thave - a theave, a ewe lamb of the first year
thavi - a first name
thawl - a small wall gap allowing sheep but not cattle to pass
thaws - unfreezes
thawy - inclined to thaw
thaya - an Austrian river
theak - to cover a roof with thatch
theas - plural of "thea", the tea plant
thebe - a first name; a monetary unit of Botswana
thebs - plural of "theb", an ancient Egyptian unit of measurement of about 3/4 inch
theca - a seed or spore case; a sheath of surrounding tissue
theda - a first name
thedi - fire
theed - used "thee" as a form of address
theek - to cover a roof with thatch
thees - plural of "thee", an obsolete pronoun
theft - illegal taking; robbery
thegn - a first name; a thane
theia - a first name; the hypothetical Mar-sized planet that collided with Earth to form the moon
theic - a devotee of tea
thein - a stimulant in tea
their - belonging to them
thela - a first name
thelf - the elf
thema - a first name; a subject for discussion
theme - a motif; an essay
thens - plural of "then", a past time
theon - a first name
theow - a servant or slave
thera - a first name; the island of Santorini, which was devastated by a volcanic explosion
there - at a remote place
therf - not fermented; unleavened
therm - a unit of measurement of heat
these - referring to a group of nearby objects
thesp - a thespian; an actor with airs
theta - a first name; a Greek letter
thete - in ancient Athens, a free man of the lowest class
theth - a town in Albania
thews - plural of "thew", a muscle; a sinew
thewy - muscular
theys - a first name
thiab - a first name
thian - a first name
thick - dense; stupid
thief - one who steals
thien - a first name
thigh - the upper leg
thigs - begs; beseeches
thijs - a first name
thika - a town in Kenya
thilk - the same ("the ilk")
thill - the shaft of a cart; a bed of fire clay
thilo - a first name
thine - belonging to you
thing - an object
think - to cogitate
thins - gets slimmer; culls
thiol - a sulfur compound
thira - another name for Thera, a Greek island
third - one part in three
thirl - a restriction; to bind by lease; to pierce
thisn - a slurred form of "this one"
thiva - a town in Greece
thobe - an ankle-length shirt worn in Saudi Arabia
thoby - a first name
thoft - a rowing bench
thoke - to lie in bed
thole - a support for an oar
tholi - plural of "tholos", a classical Greek round building
thoma - a first name
thomi - a first name
thomy - a first name
thong - a strap; a beach sandal; butt floss underwear
thonk - to make a thudding sound; to bump against
thora - a first name
thord - a first name
thore - a European river
thorn - a first name; a sticker; an obsolete English letter
thoro - thorough, for the less-than-thorough
thorp - a first name; a homestead
those - referring to a group of remote objects
thoth - an Egyptian god and best-selling author
thous - an African jackal genus; plural of "thou", a thousand; plural of "thou", a formal "you"
thowl - thole
thowt - thought
thrae - frae
thrap - to fasten; to masturbate
thraw - to wrench; a cross
three - a number
threp - threepence
threw - flung
thria - a town in Greece
thrid - to thread; to slide through a narrow passage
thrip - threepence; to snap one's fingers; a plant pest
thris - a fabulous beast
throb - to palpitate; to pulse
throe - a pang; a spasm
throg - to drink alcohol
throp - to masturbate
throt - a throat
throw - to cast
thrum - yarn; a low repetitious murmur; a woolen cap
thuds - plural of "thud", the sound of a falling object hitting the ground
thugs - plural of "thug", a hoodlum
thuja - arbor vitae
thule - Ultima Thule; a town in Greenland
thumb - the big finger; to hitchhike
thump - a dull thud; to strike on the back
thunk - a humorous past perfect tense of "think"; a hollow thumping sound
thuoc - a unit of measure in Burma
thure - a first name
thurl - a first name; a restriction
thurm - a first name; to work with saw and chisel across the grain
thuya - arbor vitae
thwap - to whip; to strike at; the sound of a blow
thyge - a first name
thyme - a herb
thymi - plural of "thymus"
thymy - fragrant with thyme
thyra - a first name
tiago - a first name
tiana - a first name
tiang - a small Senegalese topi
tiani - a first name
tians - plural of "tian", a vegetable gratin
tiaon - a first name
tiaos - plural of "tiao", Chinese money on account
tiara - a first name; a light crown, often in the shape of a half circle
tiare - a first name
tiaya - a first name
tibbu - a people of the Tibesti mountains near Lake Chad in Africa
tibby - a first name; a cat
tiber - a river that runs through Rome
tibet - an Asian country or province of China, depending; a kind of cheese
tibey - plants of the genus Isotoma
tibia - the shinbone; a Greek musical instrument, the aulos, made of bone
tibor - a first name
tibur - the Latin name for Tivoli, a town in central Italy
tibus - plural of "Tibu", a Saharan ethnic group
tical - a monetary unit of Thailand; a unit of weight in Burma
ticca - hired
ticcy - a South African 3 penny piece; referring to a tic
ticed - enticed
ticer - enticer
tices - entices
ticey - a South African 3 penny piece
tichi - a first name
ticho - a first name
tichy - like a very small person
ticks - plural of "tick", a clock sound; a crawling parasite
ticky - infested with ticks
ticul - the right time for some agricultural activity; a unit of weight in Burma; a site of Mayan ruins in the Yucatan peninsula
tidal - of the tides
tidde - an obsolete form of "tide"
tiddy - the wren; slightly drunk; babyish
tided - ebbed and flowed; bore news
tides - the ebb and flow of the ocean surface
tiege - a first name
tielt - a town in Belgium
tiena - a first name
tiend - teind
tiers - plural of "tier", a row
tierz - a town in Spain
tiete - a river in Brazil
tieum - an ancient Greek colony in northern Anatolia
tiffi - a first name
tiffs - plural of "tiff", an argument
tiffy - a first name; an artificer; peevish
tifni - a first name
tifts - plural of "tift", a tiff
tigan - a first name
tiger - a first name; a predatory animal
tiges - plural of "tige", the shaft of a column; a steel pin in the breech of very old guns
tiggy - a hedgehog; a version of the children's game of tag; a detective
tighs - plural of "tigh", a close or a croft
tight - not loose; drunk
tigon - the offspring of a male tiger and a female lion (see "liger"!)
tigre - a Semitic language of northern Ethiopia; a town in Argentina
tigua - tiwa; a tribe of Indians in Texas
tihua - a town in China
tiina - a first name
tiini - a language
tijan - a first name
tijeh - a first name
tikal - the seat of Mayan power in Guatemala; a unit of weight in Burma
tikar - a language
tikas - plural of "tika", a red mark on a Hindu woman's forehead
tikes - plural of "tike", a small child
tikia - a first name
tikis - plural of "tiki", the statue of a Polynesian god
tikka - a first name; a leaf spot disease of the peanut
tikor - a starch made from the tubers of an East Indian herb
tiksi - an Arctic seaport in Siberia
tikug - a tall coarse Philippine sedge
tikul - an Indian tree
tikur - a variant of "tikoor", an east Indian tree
tikus - the bulau
tilak - a bindi, a dot on the forehead of Hindu married women
tilar - a first name
tilda - a first name
tilde - a first name; a diacritical mark
tildi - a first name
tildy - a first name
tiled - tessellated
tiler - one who tiles
tiles - lays tile; plural of "tile", a tessellation piece
tilia - the genus that includes the lime-tree
tilka - a Hindu caste mark
tilke - a first name
tilli - a first name
tills - plows; plural of "till", a cash register
tilly - a first name; like till, a stiff clay
tilos - a Greek island
tilth - cultivation
tilts - slants; jousts
tilty - slanted; out of kilter; rocking back and forth
timae - a first name
timal - the blue titmouse
timar - a Turkish fief formerly held by a spahi under condition of military service
timba - a Cuban musical style
timbe - the bark or root of Mexican acacia trees and shrubs used to make tepache
timbo - an Amazonian woody vine
timed - measured the time
timer - one who times
times - measures the time; plural of "time", an occasion
timey - used in the phrase "old timey", of old times
timia - a first name; a large town in northern Niger, home of the Tuaregs
timid - bashful
timie - a first name
timin - a first name
timka - a first name
timmi - a first name
timmy - a first name
timna - a first name
timne - variant of "Temne", an African language
timok - a first name
timon - a first name; an Athenian misanthrope, portrayed by Shakespeare
timor - an East Asian island
timot - a first name
timps - timpani
timra - a town in Sweden
timur - a first name
tinai - a first name
tinct - to color
tindi - a Caucausian language
tinds - kindles
tinea - a moth genus; ringworm; a fungal infection
tined - pronged
tinef - junk; the name of Einstein's boat
tines - plural of "tine", a point of a fork
tinet - brushwood and thorns for repairing hedges
tiney - a first name
tinge - a hue; a tint
tingi - a Brazilian soap tree
tings - plural of "ting", a sharp sudden metallic sound
tinho - a first name
tinka - a first name
tinko - a first name
tinks - tinkles
tinku - a first name
tinne - a Dene Indian
tinni - a first name
tinny - like tin; sharp in sound
tinos - a Greek island
tinto - a first name; a red Madeira wine
tints - plural of "tint", a hue; a dye
tinty - crudely tinted
tioga - a town in North Dakota
tiona - a first name; a town in Pennsylvania
tiout - a town in Morocco
tioux - a Tunican people of northwestern Mississippi
tipai - an American Indian language
tipee - the receiver of insider information
tipin - in basketball, a case where the basketball is diverted into the basket by a slight touch
tipis - plural of "tipi", an Indian tent
tiple - a soprano guitar
tippe - a first name
tippi - a first name
tippy - unstable; wobbly
tipsy - slightly drunk
tipup - a propped-up rod used in ice fishing
tiqua - a first name
tirah - a first name
tiraz - a Moorish silk fabric
tirea - a first name
tired - exhausted; attired
tiree - a British island
tireh - a town in Lebanon
tirel - a first name
tiren - a first name
tires - becomes exhausted; plural of "tire", a rubber wheel
tirey - suggestive of a tire; containing tires
tirio - an Amazon tribe
tirls - quivers; vibrates
tirma - the oyster catcher
tirna - a first name
tirol - another name for Tyrol, an area shared by Italy and Austria
tiron - a webbed bar
tiros - plural of "tiro", a beginner
tirrs - tears; strips off
tirry - a British river
tirsa - a first name
tirso - a first name
tirza - a first name
tisah - a first name
tisar - a square fireplace to heat the annealing arch (don't I know my stuff!)
tisha - a first name
tishy - drunk
tisic - consumptive
tisks - makes a "tsk" sound
tison - a first name
tisri - variant of "Tishri", a month of the Hebrew calendar
tissa - a first name
tissi - a first name
tista - a river in Sikkim
tisza - a river in Hungary
titan - in Greek mythology, a race of giants
titar - a francolin of southern Asia
titch - a small amount
titek - a first name
titer - chemical solution strength
titfa - a hat (from rhyming slang, "tit for tat = hat")
tithe - a tenth part, given as religious dues
tithi - a Hindu astonomical measure, the time it takes for the sun-moon angle to increase by 12 degrees.
titia - a first name
titis - plural of "titi", a South American squirrel monkey; a fruit
title - a name; a document of ownership; an honorific
titos - a first name
titre - titer
titto - a first name
titty - a breast
titup - to skip; to canter; to prance; the correct or fashionable thing
titus - a first name
tiuni - a town in India
tivat - a town in Montenegro
tiver - an ocher sheep dye; a town in Papua New Guinea
tivon - a first name
tivvy - the vagina
tiwaz - a Nordic rune shaped like a vertical arrow
tiyah - a first name
tizas - plural of "tiza", ulexite
tizri - Tishri, a Hebrew month
tizzy - a frenzy; a sixpence
tjark - a first name
tlaco - a small copper coin used in Mexico in the 19th century
tmema - a section; a cell
tmira - a first name
tnaim - a formal prenuptial agreement made at a Jewish betrothal
toads - plural of "toad", an amphibian
toady - a sycophant
toaha - a first name
toast - toasted bread; to drink in honor of; to be kaput
toats - plural of "toat", the handle of a joiner's plane
toaze - to tease out
tobal - a first name
tobar - a first name
tobas - plural of "toba", a member of a tribe native to Argentina and Bolivia
tobby - a first name
tobee - a first name
tobei - a first name
tober - the site occupied by a circus
tobey - a first name
tobia - a first name
tobie - a first name
tobin - a first name
tobit - a first name; an apocryphal Biblical book
tobol - a river of the USSR
tobur - the site occupied by a circus
tobye - a first name
tocks - plural of "tock", a telecommunications code for the letter "T"
tocos - plural of "toco", a punishment
today - this day
todde - a unit of weight, about 28 pounds
toddy - a first name; a cordial
todea - a genus of ferns
todge - to beat
todor - a first name
todos - plural of "todo", bustle or fuss
todus - the type genus of the family Todidae
toeas - plural of "toea", a monetary unit of Papua New Guinea
tofer - a first name
toffs - plural of "toff", a fop, a dandy
toffy - toffee; taffy
tofik - a first name
tofiq - a first name
tofts - plural of "toft", a grove
tofua - a Polynesian island, near where the mutiny on the Bounty took place
tofus - plural of "tofu", bean curd
togad - wearing a toga
togae - plural of "toga", a Roman robe
togas - plural of "toga", a Roman robe
toged - arrayed in a toga; gowned
toges - plural of "toge", a variant of "toga"
togge - an outer garment
toggy - a cloak; a beaverskin coat
toght - taut
togue - a mackinaw; a large American trout
tohew - to hew into pieces
tohon - a first name
tohor - an Asian cape
tohos - plural of "toho", a dog call
tohru - a first name
tohti - a first name
toile - a simple twilled fabric
toils - labors; snares
toily - like toil
toing - moving towards a place, usually paired with "froing"
toise - an old French unit of length
toits - plural of "toit", a cushion
toity - part of the phrase "hoity toity" meaning haughtiness
toivo - a first name
tokar - a town in Tibet; a town in Sudan
tokat - a town in Turkey
tokay - a Hungarian wine
tokdo - a group of islands claimed by South Korea and Japan
toked - drew on a cigarette
token - a sign; a symbol; a sort of non-governmental coin
toker - one who draws on a cigarette
tokes - draws on a cigarette
tokin - a tocsin
tokio - a first name; an alternate form of "Tokyo"
tokis - the buttocks
tokol - a town in Hungary
tokos - plural of "toko", a drubbing
tokto - a group of islands claimed by South Korea and Japan
tokus - the buttocks
tokyo - a first name; the capital city of Japan
tolai - apeople of the Rabaul area of new Britain
tolan - a first name; a chemical compound
tolar - a town in Texas; the currency of Slovenia before the euro
tolas - plural of "tola", an Indian unit of weight, 180 grains troy
toldo - a South American canopy shelter
toled - allured
tolek - a first name
toles - allures
toley - a piece of excrement
tolfa - a town in Italy
tolga - a first name
tolia - a first name
tolls - rings (a bell); plural of "toll", a charge
tolly - a candle; toluene, an inhalant
tolts - plural of "tolt", an old English writ
tolus - plural of "tolu", a fragrant resin
tolyl - a chemical radical
tomah - a town in Wisconsin
toman - a Persian gold coin; a weight in Arabia
tomar - a first name
tomas - a first name
tomaz - a first name
tombe - a first name; a ballet movement involving falling down (I'm good at these)
tombo - a policeman
tombs - plural of "tomb", a burial crypt
tomcy - a first name
tomek - a first name
tomer - a first name
tomes - plural of "tome", a large book
tomey - a first name
tomia - plural of "tomium", the cutting edge of a bird's bill
tomie - a first name
tomik - a first name
tomin - a unit of weight of 12 grains; a silver coin of Bolivia; a town of Bolivia
tomio - a first name
tomis - a town near the mouth of the Danube, and the site of Ovid's exile
tomma - a first name
tomme - a first name
tommi - a first name
tommo - a first name
tommy - a first name; a British soldier
tomsa - a river on the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea
tomsk - a Russian city
tonal - accented; harmonious
tonci - a first name
tonda - a first name
tonde - a unit of volume of Denmark of about 3.9 bushels
tondi - a town in India
tondo - a circular painting or carving
toned - moderated; shaded
tonee - a first name
tonek - a first name
tonel - a unit of measure in Brazil
toner - one who tones; dry powder used in copiers and printers
tones - modulates; plural of "tone", a musical sound, a color shade
toney - a first name; tony; a town in Alabama
tonga - an Eastern cart; a South Pacific island ("the friendly islands"!); a swimsuit style; a neuralgia drug
tonge - the tongue
tongi - a town in Bangladesh
tongo - the mangrove
tongs - a pair of graspers
tonho - a first name
tonia - a first name
tonic - bracing; a musical key-note; tonic water
tonie - a first name
tonik - a first name
tonio - a first name
tonis - a first name
tonja - a first name
tonka - a kind of bean from a tree; a town in Mali
tonks - plural of "tonk", a mighty smite; a Tonkinese cat
tonky - smart or fashionable
tonna - a first name; a genus of large marine gastropods
tonne - a unit of measurement of weight, 1000 kilograms
tonni - a first name
tonny - a first name
tonse - a first name
tonti - a town in Illinois
tonto - the Lone Ranger's companion; a Spanish word for "stupid"
tonus - the normal state of partial contraction of a muscle
tonya - a first name
tonye - a first name
tonys - plural of "Tony", a Broadway award
tooey - Tuinal
tooie - Tuinal
tools - plural of "tool", an instrument
toome - a town in Northern Ireland
tooms - plural of "toom", a rubbish heap
toona - a Mexican tree that is a minor source of rubber
toons - plural of "toon", a cartoon; an Asian tree
toony - the Canadian two dollar coin
toosh - a sovereign
tooth - a prong; a fang; a tusk
toots - honks; a familiar address
tooty - like a toot
topau - the rhinoceros bird
topaz - a first name; a gem
toped - drank
topee - a sun helmet
topek - tupik, an Inuit tent made of animal skins
toper - a drinker
topes - drinks
topet - the crested titmouse
tophe - a first name; tufa
tophi - plural of "tophus", a deposit of urates in tissue, characteristic of gout
tophs - plural of "toph", tufa
topia - a Roman mural decoration
topic - a theme
topis - an African antelope; plural of "topi", a sun helmet
topoi - plural of "topos", a common rhetorical device
topos - a common rhetorical device; in mathematics, a generalized topological space
toppo - topo
toppy - tipsy; reaching its highest value
topsl - topsail
topsy - a first name; referring to the top, as in "topsy turvy"
topup - to refill a partially-emptied drink
toque - a tuque; a bonnet
torah - the first five books of the Bible
toral - referring to the torus of a flower
toran - a Buddhist porch
toras - plural of "tora", torah
torby - a first name
torch - a fire brand
torcs - plural of "torc", a metallic collar
torea - a town in Tibet
tored - a past tense of "tear"
toren - a first name
tores - plural of "tore", a torus
toret - a turret; a ring for fastening a hawk's leash to the jesses
torey - a first name
toria - a first name
toric - a type of lens; shaped like a torus
torie - a first name
torii - a first name; a Japanese temple gateway
toril - a first name; the corral from which a bull enters the ring; a cell
torin - a first name
torio - a first name
torit - a town in Sudan
torki - a people of southern Russia
torma - one of a pair of small sclerites lying between the clypeus and labrum of a higher dipteran
torne - a British river
toros - a first name; plural of "toro", a bull
torot - plural of "torah"
torpa - a village in Nepal
torre - a first name
torri - a first name
torrs - plural of "torr", a unit of pressure measurement, named for Torricelli
torry - a first name
torse - a heraldic wreath
torsi - plural of "torso", the human trunk
torsk - a cod
torso - the human trunk
torta - a flat cake of moist crushed silver ore
torte - a dessert
torts - plural of "tort", a civil wrong
torty - tortie
torun - a town in Poland; another name for Thorn
torup - a town in Sweden
torus - a doughnut shape
torve - stern, grim, fierce-looking
torya - a first name
torye - a first name
tosas - plural of "tosa", a Japanese dog
tosca - a soft dark brown limestone; marijuana; a North American cape
tosco - a town in Louisiana
toscs - plural of "tosc", one of the southern Albanians
tosed - teased
toses - teases
tosha - a first name
toshi - a first name
toshy - nonsensical; trashy
tosia - a first name
tosin - a first name
toska - a first name
tosks - plural of "tosk", one of the southern Albanians
tossa - a grayish or brown fiber obtained from jute
tossy - contemptuous; arrogant
tosto - a musical term meaning "at a rapid tempo"
tosyl - the para isomer of toluene sulfonyl
total - to sum; to destroy
totas - plural of "tota", the grivet
toted - carried
totem - a tribal emblem
toter - a carrier; a counter
totes - carries
totis - a first name
totly - to walk in an unsteady manner
totsi - a first name
totti - a first name
totty - a woman; a high class prostitute; dazed, fuddled, unsteady
totum - teetotum
touat - another name for Tuat
touba - an autonomous Senegalese municipality, home to an Islamic brotherhood
touch - to impinge on; a small amount
tough - hardened
touho - a Pacific cape
touie - a first name
touks - strokes; taps
tould - an obsolete form of "told"
touns - plural of "toun", a variant of "town"
toure - to see
tourn - the circuit of an English sheriff to hold a court of record twice a year
tours - visits; a city in France
touse - to tousle; to pull; to haul; to tease; ado
tousy - disarranged
touts - plural of "tout", a tipster; an agent
touze - to touse; to tousle
touzy - tousled
tovah - a first name
tovar - a unit of weight in Bulgaria; a town in Venezuela
toves - plural of "tove", a slithy creature of Charles Dodgson
tovet - a half bushel
tovia - a first name
tovya - a first name
towai - kamahi
towan - a dune
towed - pulled
towee - a person or thing being towed
towel - a thick cloth for bathing and drying
tower - a tall building; one who pulls
towie - a three player form of bridge; a tow-truck operator
towns - plural of "town", a small city
towny - a first name; one who lives in town
towre - to see
towse - to haul; to dishevel
towsy - unkempt
towts - touts
towyn - a town in Wales
towze - to haul; to dishevel
towzy - disheveled
toxic - poisonous; unhealthful
toxin - any poison
toxon - a hypothetical bacterial product, of feeble toxicity, and weak affinity for antitoxin
toyah - a first name
toyed - played with
toyer - a trifler
toyia - a first name
toyon - an ornamental evergreen shrub
toyos - plural of "toyo", a smooth straw
tozed - plucked by the ears
tozee - a curling tee
tozer - one who combs or teases
tozes - plucks by the ears
tozie - a shawl made from a goat's inner coat
trabu - trubu, an East India herring
trace - a first name; a slight hint; to follow
trach - a plastic breathing tube, to be inserted into a patient's throat
traci - a first name
track - to trail
tracs - plural of "trac", a tractor
tract - an area of land; a pamphlet
tracy - a first name
trade - to exchange
trads - plural of "trad", a mountain-climbing traditionalist
trafe - unclean or unfit, according to Jewish law
traff - a fart (backslang)
tragi - plural of "tragus", part of the external ear opening
trago - a drink
traik - to wander or stroll; to fall ill; to break down
trail - a path; to follow
train - to teach; a railroad vehicle; a group of followers
trais - a variant of "trays"
trait - a characteristic
trama - the loosely woven hyphal tissue in certain fungi
tramm - a first name
tramp - a hobo; to walk heavily; to march through rough ground
trams - plural of "tram", a streetcar
trani - a town in Italy
trank - skin for glovecutting; a tranquilizer
tranq - a tranquilizer
trans - a variant molecular form; a transexual
trant - to hawk; to peddle; odd jobs
tranx - tranquilizers
trapa - the water-chestnut
trape - to traipse; to run about idly
trapp - a variant of "trap", a kind of dark fine-grained igneous rock, distinct from granite
traps - luggage; plural of "trap", a snare; a kind of drum; the (yapping) mouth
trapt - poetic "trapped"
trash - refuse; to vandalize; to disparage
trass - volcanic earth
trasy - a first name
trats - plural of "trat", a trattoria
tratt - a trattoria
traun - an Austrian river
trava - a first name
trave - a beam; a structure that restrains an animal while it is being shoed
travo - a first name
trawl - a dragnet
trayf - unclean or unfit, according to Jewish law
trays - plural of "tray", a flat shallow receptacle
trdat - a first name; a king of Armenia
tread - the ridges on a tire; to walk heavily
treap - a binary search tree that orders the nodes by adding a priority attribute
treat - a first name; a small reward; to handle
treck - a trek
treed - chased up a tree
treen - wooden; wooden dishes and utensils
trees - things you can't see the forest for; chases up a tree
treey - full of trees
trefa - ritually unclean according to Jewish law
treff - a clandestine meeting for illegal business
trefs - plural of "tref", a clandestine meeting for illegal business
treif - ritually unclean according to Jewish law
treks - plural of "trek", an arduous journey
trema - a genus of tropical shrubs; a French dieresis
trend - to tend; to incline
trent - a first name; [the English name of] a city in Italy; a river in England
tresa - a first name
trese - a first name
tress - a first name; a lock of hair
trest - a beam
trets - plural of "tret", a wastage allowance
treva - a first name
treve - a first name
trewe - true
trews - trousers
treys - plural of "trey", a three in cardplaying
treza - a first name
triac - a three-terminal semiconductor
triad - a group of three
trial - a test; a legal proceeding
trias - sandstone
tribe - a clan, family, ethnic group, kinship class
tribi - a first name
tribs - plural of "trib", a colloquial shortening of "tribulation" or "tribune"
trica - a first name; apothecium
trice - a first name; an instant
trich - trichomoniasis
trick - a round in cards; deception; a prostitute's customer
trico - a strong, light, elastic synthetic fabric
tricy - a first name
tride - tried
tried - attempted
trier - an experimentalist; a German city; a judge
tries - attempts; prosecutes a case in court
triff - teriffic; a clandestine meeting for illegal business
trifs - plural of "trif", a clandestine meeting for illegal business
triga - a chariot
trigg - a first name
trigo - wheat
trigs - trims; secures
trike - a tricycle
trild - trilled
trill - to warble; to quaver
trime - a coin
trims - cuts down; decorates; adjusts
trina - a first name
trine - a first name; a triple; a favorable planetary aspect
tring - an English town
trini - a first name
trink - a first name
trinq - a trading index on the stock market
trins - plural of "trin", a triplet
triol - a chemical compound
trior - an examiner
trios - plural of "trio", a threesome
tripe - offal; rubbish; a dainty delicacy of cow stomach
tripp - a first name
trips - plural of "trip", a journey; a misstep
tripy - like tripe
trisa - a first name
trish - a first name
triss - a three-penny piece
trist - sorrowful
trita - a first name
trite - cliched
trits - plural of "trit", a ternary digit
trixi - a first name
trixy - a first name
trizz - a three-penny piece
trnje - a town in Kosovo
troad - an area of Asia Minor that includes the territory around Troy; trod
troak - to exchange
troas - a first name; the city of Troy; a biblical place
troat - to make the cry of a rutting buck
troca - a top shell used for making buttons
troch - trough
trock - exchange; truck
troco - a ball game
trode - "trod"
trods - the feet
troft - trough
trogg - a troglodyte
trogs - troth; plural of "trog", a troglodyte
troia - a first name
troic - Trojan
trois - three
troke - to exchange, barter, or traffic
trola - a first name
troll - a gnome; to fish
tromp - a tramp; to tread heavily; an apparatus which draws air into a furnace by using falling water
troms - a town in Norway; plural of "trom", a trombone
trona - Egyptian soda; a mining town in California
tronc - a collection of tips to be divided out later
trond - a first name
trone - a steelyard; a drain; a large set of scales in a public marketplace
tronk - a prison
trons - plural of "tron", an ancient beam balance
trony - a stylized Dutch portrait style, often used by Rembrandt
troon - a first name; a Scottish port; a town in Arizona
troop - a throng; a cluster
troot - a trout
trooz - tartan tights
trope - a metaphor; a figure of speech
troth - a first name; to plight; confidence; faith
trots - runs at a moderate gait
trout - a mountain stream fish
trove - a treasure horde
trowl - a troll
trows - supposes; trusts
troya - a first name
troye - a first name
troys - plural of "troy", a system of weights
trubs - plural of "trub", a truffle
trubu - an East India herring
truby - a first name
truce - a lull; a respite
truck - commerce; a van
truda - a first name
trude - a first name
trudi - a first name
trudy - a first name
trued - brought to conformity with a standard
truel - a duel among three contestants, studied in mathematical game theory
truer - more true
trues - lines up; makes correct
truff - a bull trout; a purse
trugs - plural of "trug", a hod for mortar, a wooden gardening basket
trula - a first name
trull - a vagrant; a drab; a low prostitute
truly - honestly; correctly; verily
trump - the highest valued suit in cards; to outplay
trunk - a coffer; the middle of the body; an elephant snout; a tree part
truro - a town in Massachusetts, England, and Nova Scotia
trush - a town in Albania
truss - a support; a unit of weight in England
trust - credit; reliance
truth - fact; honesty
truva - the name of the town that sits on the ruins of Troy
tryer - someone who is assiduous in trying to win
tryma - a stone fruit
tryna - a first name; "trying to"
tryon - an attempt
trypa - a pore in the front wall of the zooecium of a bryozoan
tryps - plural of "tryp", a shortened form of "trypanosome"
trysh - a first name
tryst - a lovers's meeting
tsade - variant of "sade", a Hebrew letter
tsadi - variant of "sade", a Hebrew letter
tsana - a lake in Ethiopia
tsane - a town in Botswana
tsang - money
tsars - plural of "tsar", variant of "czar", a Russian hereditary ruler
tsavo - a town in Kenya
tsebe - the springbok
tsena - a village in Finland
tsend - a first name
tsera - a town in Burma
tsere - a vowel mark in Hebrew
tsfat - a town in Israel
tsine - a wild ox of the Malay peninsula
tsion - a first name
tsked - tut-tutted
tsker - one who makes a "tsk" sound
tsuba - a Japanese sword hilt
tsubo - a unit of area of Japan, of about 4 square yards
tsuga - a genus of coniferous tree
tsuma - a village in Japan
tsuns - plural of "tsun", a Chinese measurement of length, about an inch
tsuru - a first name
tsvia - a first name
tuans - plural of "tuan", a title of respect in China and Malaysia
tuapa - a town on the Polynesian island of Niue
tuari - a first name
tuarn - a town in Ireland
tuart - an Australian white gum tree
tuath - a state; an ancient division of territory
tubac - a town in Arizona
tubae - plural of "tuba"
tubal - a first name; tubular
tubar - tubular; an American Indian language
tubas - a Palestinian village; plural of "tuba", a musical instrument
tubby - fat; obese; a nickname
tubed - piped
tuber - a bulbous growth
tubes - plural of "tube", a long hollow cylinder
tucan - a Mexican pouched rat
tucet - a tucket, a steak
tuchi - a town in northern China
tuchs - plural of "tuch", a dark marble; a touchstone
tucks - folds under
tucky - a first name; a water lily; the common spatterdash
tucum - a South American palm
tudeh - an Iranian political party
tudes - plural of "tude", a slang word for "attitude"
tudor - a first name; an English royal dynasty; an architectural style
tuets - plural of "tuet", the lapwing
tufah - a town on the West Bank
tufan - a violent storm
tufas - plural of "tufa", a kind of limestone
tuffe - tuft
tuffs - plural of "tuff", volcanic rock
tuffy - a first name
tufts - plural of "tuft", an outgrowth, clump, or bunch
tufty - feathery
tugan - the toucan
tugen - a people of Kenya
tuggy - like a tug
tugra - an ornamental monogram used by the Turkish sultan
tugui - a town in the Philippines
tugun - a town in Australia
tuhin - a first name
tuica - a Romanian liquor
tuies - Tuinal
tuifu - an acronym" "The Ultimate In Foul Ups", so to speak
tuija - a first name
tuile - tuille; armor plates
tuina - a Chinese massage therapy
tuism - the use of "you" in prose
tuist - one who uses "you" in prose
tukie - a first name
tukra - a disorder of the leaves and shoots of the mulberry tree
tukun - a first name
tulah - a first name
tulak - a town in Afghanistan
tules - plural of "tule", a tall marsh plant
tulga - a first name
tulia - a first name; a town in Texas
tulio - a first name
tulip - a flower
tulla - a first name; a town in Eire
tulle - a sheer delicate silk fabric; a village in France
tulls - allures
tully - a first name
tulsa - a first name; a city in Oklahoma
tulsi - a first name; holy basil
tulua - a town in Colombia
tulum - a town in Mexico, on the coast of the Yucutan peninsula
tulun - a group of islands in the South Pacific
tulup - a Russian coat
tuluy - a first name
tuman - toman; any Baluchistani village
tumba - a musical instrument of Santa Domingo; a city in Sweden
tumbu - an African fly that can burrow under the skin, also known as the putzi
tumen - a town in China; a river separating Korea from China
tumid - swollen
tummy - a childish name for the stomach
tumor - an unnatural growth
tumps - turns over; clumps
tumpy - lumpy; uneven
tumut - a river and town in Australia
tunas - plural of "tuna", a large food fish
tunca - a town in Chile
tunde - a first name
tunds - thumps; beats
tuned - attuned; harmonized
tuner - one who tunes
tunes - another name for Tunis; plural of "tune", a melody
tuney - like a tune; full of tunes
tunga - a genus of sand fleas
tungo - the rat kangaroo
tunic - a shirt
tunis - the capital city of Tunisia
tunja - a town in Colombia
tunka - the wax gourd
tunks - taps with a hammer, looking for flaws
tunku - a Malay prince
tunna - a unit of volume of Sweden, of about 4.2 bushels
tunny - a tuna fish
tunya - a first name
tuomo - a first name
tupai - an island near Bora-Bora; any one of the Tupaiids
tupan - a Chinese magistrate
tupek - an Eskimo tent made of sealskin
tupik - an Eskimo tent made of sealskin
tupis - plural of "tupi", an Indian of the Tupian tribe
tuple - a sequence of items regarded as a unit
tuply - multiply; manifold
tuque - a toque; a Canadian knitted cap
tural - a first name
turbe - a Muslim tomb
turbo - the whelk and winkle genus; a top; more powerful; a town in Colombia
turbs - plural of "turb", a number of individuals crowded together
turco - a native Algerian serving in the French army; a South American bird
turda - a town in Romania
turds - feces
turdy - covered in feces; disgusting
turen - a town in Venezuela
turfs - covers with turf; pieces of turf used as fuel or construction material
turfy - swardy; grassy; cespitose
turgy - a town in France
turia - a river in Spain
turin - an Italian city, properly "Turino"
turio - a sprout or shoot from the ground
turis - plural of "turi", a Pathan people of northwest Pakistan
turki - a central Asian people; a Turkic language
turko - an Algerian tirailleur in the French army
turks - plural of "Turk", a native of Turkey
turku - a seaport in southwest Finland
turlo - a first name
turme - a troop
turmi - a village in Ethiopia
turms - plural of "turm", a troop
turns - revolves; plural of "turn", a revolution
turnt - to act wildly
turny - turning; full of turns
turps - liquor; plural of "turp", turpentine
turrs - plural of "turr", a three-stringed Burmese violin
turse - a bundle, a load
turus - a town in Syria
turvo - a river in Brazil
turvy - referring to the bottom, as in "topsy turvy"
tusch - a flourish of brass with musical instruments and drums
tushe - a variant of "tousche", a lithographic drawing material
tushy - the buttocks
tusks - plural of "tusk", a long exposed tooth
tusky - with long teeth
tussi - the cattle-owning class of the Rundi in east Africa
tussy - a drunkard
tutee - one who is taught by a tutor
tutel - a beak
tutin - a poisonous crystalline glucoside
tutly - a town in Uzbekistan
tutor - a private teacher
tutsi - a people of Burundi and Rwanda
tutte - a first name
tutti - all in; an Italian word meaning "all" as in "tutti frutti"
tutto - a musical notation meaning "entire" or "all"
tutty - an impure oxide of zinc; a small bunch of flowers
tutub - a town in Mesopotamia
tutun - a town in Egypt
tutus - plural of "tutu", a ballerina skirt
tutze - a town in China
tuula - a first name
tuvan - of the Siberian/Mongolian border area of Tuva
tuvar - the pigeon pea
tuvia - a first name
tuvin - an Altaic language
tuvya - a first name
tuxed - wearing a tuxedo
tuxes - plural of "tux", a tuxedo
tuyen - a first name
tuyer - tuyere
tuyun - a town in China
tuzas - plural of "tuza", a tucan
tuzla - a Bosnian city
tuzzy - a tuft
twack - a 12-pack of beer
twaes - plural of "twae", a group of two
twain - a first name; a couple
twait - a species of shad
twall - twelve
twals - plural of "twal", twelve
twana - a first name; a Salishan people of Washington state
twang - a tang; a flavor; a reverbrating sound
twank - a nasal note; an older man who is a voyeur
twant - a twenty dollar bag of marijuana
twats - plural of "twat", a vulgarism
twayn - a first name
tways - plural of "tway", a couple, two
tweag - to tweak
tweak - to pinch; to make minor improvements
tweeb - a dweeb
tweed - a cloth pattern; a British river
tweeg - a hellbender
tweek - electronic interference, a clear, brief, falling tone like a bird chirp
tweel - a woven fabric
tween - between; to generate intermediate data, as in a computer animation; 11-15 year olds
tweer - a blast furnace
tweet - a bird sound
twell - till
twere - slang for "if it were" or "it were", as in "As twere...", or "Twere otherwise..."
twerp - an idiot; a fool; an unpleasant or unattactive person
tweys - plural of "twey", a couple, two
twice - two times
twier - a blast furnace
twigs - plural of "twig", a little branch
twila - a first name
twill - a diagonally woven fabric
twilt - a quilt
twimp - a foolish insignificant person
twine - string
twink - to twinkle; a chaffinch; a conventionally attractive person; a homosexual
twins - the constellation Gemini; plural of "twin", one of a pair, often identical
twiny - like twine
twire - to gleam; to twist; a glance
twirl - to whirl; to rotate
twirp - an annoying nitwit
twisp - a town in the state of Washington
twiss - a kind of Irish chamberpot
twist - to writhe; to turn
twite - a mountain linnet
twits - plural of "twit", an insufferable idiot; someone who fills a much needed vacuum
twixt - between
twock - to steal a car; an acronym: "Taken Without Owner's Consent"
twoer - something that counts as two
twosy - a two-piece outfit, usually for babies
twrch - a British river
twyer - a blast furnace
twyla - a first name
txema - a first name
tyana - a first name; a town in ancient Asia Minor
tyann - a first name
tyara - a first name
tybee - an island near Savannah, Georgia
tybie - a first name
tyche - in Greek mythology, the goddess of fortune
tycho - a first name
tychy - a town in Poland
tydie - a small bird
tyees - plural of "tyee", a Chinook salmon
tyers - plural of "tyer", one who ties
tyesn - a first name
tyger - a first name; a term in heraldry
tyghe - a first name
tyhee - a person of distinction; an Indian chief
tyigh - a Shahaptian people of Oregon
tying - fastening; combining
tyiyn - a monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan
tykes - plural of "tyke", a young one
tykia - a first name
tylai - a first name
tylar - a first name
tylda - a first name
tyldy - a first name
tylea - a first name
tylee - a first name
tyler - a first name; a tiler; a Masonic doorkeeper; a lake in North America
tylia - a first name
tylor - a first name
tylus - a head bump on some hemipterons
tymon - a first name
tymps - tympani; plural of "tymp", the mouth of a blast furnace hearth
tynan - a first name
tynde - kindled
tynds - shuts; closes
tyned - lost
tynes - loses
tynka - a first name
typal - typical
typed - characterized; entered on a keyboard
typer - one who types
types - uses a typewriter; plural of "type", a kind
typey - typy
typha - a bulrush
typhi - typhoid bacteria
typic - emblematic; typical
typos - plural of "typo", a typographical error
typps - plural of "typp", a unit of yarn thickness, how many thousand yards weigh a pound
typto - to work at Greek grammar
tyraa - a first name
tyrae - a first name
tyrah - a first name
tyran - a first name; a tyrant
tyras - a town in southern Russia
tyray - a first name
tyrea - a first name
tyred - variant of "tired", wheeled
tyree - a first name
tyrel - a first name
tyres - plural of "tyre", variant of "tire", a rubber automotive wheel
tyria - a first name
tyrie - a first name
tyrik - a first name
tyrin - a first name
tyriq - a first name
tyrod - a first name
tyrol - a mountainous region of southern Austria and northern Italy
tyron - a first name
tyros - plural of "tyro", a beginner
tyrus - a first name; another name for Tyre, a biblical place
tysha - a first name
tysie - a first name
tysne - a first name
tyson - a first name
tyssa - a first name
tytan - a first name
tythe - a tithe
tytus - a first name
tywan - a first name
tywon - a first name
tywyn - a town in Wales
tzahi - a first name
tzaly - a first name
tzars - plural of "tzar", variant of "czar", a Russian ruler
tzepo - variant of "Zibo", a town in China
tzevi - a first name
tzion - a first name
tzipi - a first name
tzupo - variant of "Zibo", a town in China
tzute - a cotton blanket or cloth from Guatemala
tzvia - a first name
uaine - a first name
uangs - plural of "uang", an Asian rhinoceros beetle
uarus - plural of "uaru", a type of cichlid found in South America
uatsi - a town in Costa Rica
uaupe - South American Indian tribe; a river in South America
uayeb - the 19th month of the Mayan civil calendar, only five days long, and very unlucky
ubaid - a Mesopotamian folk
ubate - a town in Colombia
ubeth - unethes
ubian - a member of a Germanic tribe of Roman times
ubina - a town in Bolivia
ubity - place or location
ubykh - a nearly extinct Caucasian language
uccle - a town in Belgium
uchee - yuchi, an Indian people of the south eastern United States
uckia - a unit of weight in North Africa
ucles - a town in Spain, site of a famous battle
udale - a first name
udall - a first name
udals - plural of "udal", a freehold estate
udasi - a sect within Sikhism
udaya - a first name
udder - a mammary gland
udele - a first name
udell - a first name
udihe - an Altaic language
udine - a city in Italy
udish - Udi, a north Caucasic language
udney - an old friend one has outgrown
udolf - a first name
udong - a city in Cambodia
uelen - a town in Siberia
ufers - plural of "ufer", a fir pole
uffda - an exclamation of Norwegian origin, meaning roughly "darn" or "oops" or "duh"
uford - a first name
ugali - a starchy Kenyan food
ugged - aroused disgust
uggin - disgusting
uggit - disgusted
ughed - said "ugh"
uglis - plural of "ugli", a citrus hybrid, the tangelo
ugric - of Finns and Magyars; a Uralic language
ugrug - the bearded seal
ugutz - a first name
ugyen - a first name
uhhuh - yes
uhlan - a Prussian cavalryman
uhllo - an abalone
uhtua - a village in Finland
uhuru - freedom for African countries from European rule
uigur - a variant of "Uighur"
uinal - a Mayan month of 20 days
uinta - a mountain range in Utah
uised - used
uisst - used (to)
ujiji - a town in Tanzania, where Stanley met Livingstone
ujjal - a first name
ukase - a decree in Czarist Russia
ukasz - a first name
ukiah - a city in California
ukies - plural of "Ukie", a Ukrainian
ukkle - a town in Belgium
ulama - in Muslim culture, a group of learned elders; Aztec basketball
ulana - a first name
ulane - a first name
ulani - a first name
ulans - plural of "ulan", an uhlan or Prussian cavalryman
ulawa - an island that is part of Guadalcanal
ulcer - a sore, often in the stomach
ulcus - an ulcer
uldis - a first name
uledi - a town in Pennsylvania
ulema - Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law
ulger - a first name
ulick - a first name
ulima - a first name
uliva - a first name
uljin - a town in South Korea
ullah - a first name
ullas - a first name
uller - the Norse god of winter
ullet - a European owl
ulloa - a kind of cheese
ulmar - a first name
ulmer - a first name
ulmic - referring to elm exudations
ulmin - humus; a brown pigment
ulmus - the elm genus
ulnad - toward the ulna
ulnae - plural of "ulna", an arm bone
ulnar - of the ulna
ulnas - plural of "ulna", an arm bone
uloid - of or like a scar
ulpan - an Israeli school for teaching Hebrew
ulric - a first name; a medieval saint
ulrik - a first name
ulsan - a port city in southwest South Korea
ultan - a first name
ultra - extreme
uluas - plural of "ulua", a people of Nicaragua and Honduras; a Hawaiian fish
uluhi - a town in Hawaii
ulula - a genus of owls
ululu - a wailing cry; the aboriginal name of Ayer's Rock
uluru - the aboriginal name of Ayers Rock in Australia; a town in Australia
ulvan - a town in Norway
ulvas - plural of "ulva", an edible seaweed
ulyie - oil
ulzie - oil
umair - a first name
umala - a town in Bolivia
umami - a fifth taste, after salty, sour, bitter, and sweet, supposedly of glutamate
umang - a first name
umarr - a first name
umaru - a first name
umaua - a tribal language of South America
umayr - a first name
umbay - a bum (Pig Latin)
umbel - a flower cluster in which the individual stalks arise from a single spot
umber - a brown pigment
umble - referring to low quality meat, and usually spelled "humble", as in "humble pie"
umboi - an island near New Guinea
umbos - plural of "umbo", the rounded elevation in the center of a shield
umbra - a shadow; a shade
umbre - a bird; variant of "umber", a brown pigment
umdel - a flower cluster
umeko - a first name
umesh - a first name
umeyo - a first name
umiac - an Eskimo boat
umiak - an Eskimo boat
umiaq - an Eskimo boat
umida - a first name
umiri - a fragrant balsam tree
umiry - a fragrant balsam tree
ummah - the Muslim community
umnak - an island in Alaska
umoja - a town in Kenya
umped - refereed
umpty - used in the phrase "umpty ump", to refer to a large indefinite quantity
umrah - a visit to Mecca or Medina outside of the annual pilgrimage time
umran - a first name
umred - a town in India
unadd - to delete
unage - to remove the effects of ageing
unais - plural of "unai", a two-toed sloth
unami - a Delaware Indian people
unamo - a South American palm
unapt - inept; irrelevant
unarc - a computer program to "un-archive" a file