A File Format for Finite Element Meshes

MESH is a data directory which contains examples of MESH files, which define a finite element mesh.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.

Related Data and Programs:

FEM_TO_MESH, a FORTRAN90 program which reads a pair of FEM files defining node coordinates and elements, and creates a corresponding MESH file.

ICE_TO_MESH, a C program which reads a NETCDF file containing an ICE dataset and rewrites the information as a MESH file.

MESH_IO, a MATLAB library which can read or write MESH files, which can be used to define the geometry of a finite element mesh in 2D or 3D, using triangles, quadrilaterals, tetrahedrons or hexahedrons.

MESH_TO_ICE, a MATLAB program which reads the ICE dataset information from a MESH files and rewrites it to a NETCDF file.


  1. Pascal Frey,
    MEDIT: An interactive mesh visualization software,
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Sample Files:

CUBE86 subdivides the unit cube, using 39 vertices to form 86 tetrahedra. There are 72 boundary triangles.

CYL248 is a cylinder defined by 92 vertices. The volume is subdivided into 248 tetrahedra which have 154 boundary triangles.

ELL is a 2D L-shaped region, with a grid of 65 nodes and 96 elements of order 3 triangles.

GREENLAND is a triangulation of Greenland, using 66,425 nodes and 131,189 elements of order 3 triangles.

GREENLAND_OLD is a triangulation of Greenland, using 33,343 nodes and 64,125 elements of order 3 triangles.

HEXAHEXA_2x2x2 subdivides the unit 3D cube into a 2x2x2 mesh of 8 subcubes or "hexahedra", using 27 vertices, and 24 boundary quadrilaterals.

P01 is 3D data for a rectangular channel of dimensions 3x1x1 physical units, using 584 nodes and 2568 tetrahedral elements.

PART is a large 3D object including 28,694 vertices, 14,890 triangles, 150,779 tetrahedrons, 50 corners, 1905 edges and 1905 ridges.

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Last revised on 02 March 2011.