triangulate_test, a C code which calls triangulate() to triangulate a polygonal region.

Related Data and Programs:

triangulate, a C code which triangulates a (possibly nonconvex) polygon, by Joseph ORourke.

Source Code:

COMB generates a "comb" polygon, a somewhat tricky shape that can be used as an input to the triangulation program.

COMB10 is an example of a "comb" polygon of 10 vertices

I18 is an example of a complicated nonconvex polygon.

I19 is a copy of I18 with a pair of repeated vertices, which should cause the program to refuse to try to carry out the triangulation.

SNAKE is an example defining a "snake" polygon.

SQUARE is an example defining a square.

TRIANGLE is an example defining a triangle.

Last revised on 23 August 2019.