Peridynamics for 2D Time-Dependent Problem

PERI2D is a C program which sets up and solves a 2D time-dependent peridynamics problem, by Miroslav Stoyanov;


Typical usage:

        ./pdsolver -Nx 10 -Ny 10 -delta 0.2



PERI2D requires the SuiteSparse package of sparse solvers, written by Timothy Davis. This package is available at

You may need to make some local modifications. Suppose, for instance, that you install SuiteSparse within the directory:

Then you need to go to the directory
and modify the file so that the library and include directories are defined as
        INSTALL_LIB = 
        INSTALL_INCLUDE = /panfs/panasas1/users/jburkardt/software/SuiteSparse/Inc

Now, you need to create these two directories, by moving to the SuiteSparse directory and typing:

        mkdir Lib
        mkdir Inc

Now type

and then
        make install
Assuming you don't see any error messages, SuiteSparse has been set up. Now you need to tell PERI2D where this is. In the main PERI2D directory, you should see a file called Make.conf. Edit this file, and set the values of LSS and ISS to correspond to the locations of the SuiteSparse Lib and Inc directories:
        LSS = /panfs/panasas1/users/jburkardt/software/SuiteSparse/Lib
        ISS = /panfs/panasas1/users/jburkardt/software/SuiteSparse/Inc

Now, in the main PERI2D directory, you should type

If this command executes properly, then in the PDSolver directory, you should find the executable program pdsolver, which you can now run.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


PERI2D is available in a C version.

Related Data and Programs:

PERI1D, a C program which sets up and solves a 1D time-dependent peridynamics problem, by Miroslav Stoyanov;

PERIDYNAMICS_1D_STEADY, a MATLAB library which solves a 1D steady version of the Poisson equation, using the non-local peridynamics model, by Marta D'Elia.


Miroslav Stoyanov, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


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  3. Miroslav Stoyanov,
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Source Code:

Examples and Tests:

RUN1: ./peri2d -Nx 10 -Ny 10 -delta 0.1

RUN2: ./peri2d -Nx 10 -Ny 10 -delta 0.1 -fmesh run2_fmesh.txt

RUN1: ./peri2d -Nx 10 -Ny 10 -delta 0.1 -o run3_solution.txt

You can go up one level to the C source codes.

Last revised on 29 November 2012.