The Farnese Globe


  1. Brad Schafer’s Farnese globe webpage, which includes a link to his paper.
  2. Links to many of the reports of Schaefer’s analysis.
  3. The 1989 paper on the Farnese globe by Vladimiro Valerio.
  4. An extensive set of comments by Dennis Rawlins on Schaefer’s analysis.
  5. My analysis of the globe is now published in Journal for the History of Astronomy, 37 (2006) 87-100.
  6. Some pedantic comments on the issues involved in statistically dating the globe.
  7. A translation by Hugh Thurston of the analysis of the Farnese globe by Georg Thiele, from his book Antike Himmelsbilder (1898). (The translation is intentionally literal, and no attempt has been made to render it into stylistically correct English).
  8. Thiele’s photographs of the plaster cast of the Farnese Atlas and globe.
  9. Interesting photographs of the Mainz globe, ca. 150-200 A.D. Note that the equinoctial colure is slightly offset from the intersection of the equator and ecliptic, a peculiar feature also present on the Farnese globe.