Rename Files in the Current Directory

RENAME is a PERL script that can rename files in the current directory. A PERL code is used to describe the renaming operation, and the list of files to be renamed is given by a standard UNIX mask, such as "*.f" or "*" or "test?.dat".

Usage: code files
Example 1:

   'tr/A-Z/a-z/' *
will rename every file so that its name is lowercase.
Example 2:

   's/\.orig$//' *.orig
will, for every file that ends in ".orig", rename the file by removing the trailing ".orig".
Example 3:

   '$_ .= ".old"' *.cc
will append ".old" to the name of every file that ends in ".cc".


Larry Wall


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    Chapter 9.9, Renaming Files,
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Source Code:

For "security" reasons, we seem to be unable to supply a file whose extension is "pl", so the Perl script has an extension of "perl". Source code files you may copy include:

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Last revised on 06 March 2006.