Identify and Triangulate the Domain where F(X,Y) = C

SHORELINE2 is a MATLAB library which tries to identify and triangulate the approximate 2D domain over which F(X,Y) = C for some user specified function F.

The program begins with a given rectangular domain, within which all the investigation is confined. A set of points is generated within the domain and triangulated. Then the function is evaluated at the points. Triangles are dropped from the triangulation if all 3 vertices have the same sign for F(X,Y)-C. Triangles whose vertices have conflicting sign are saved for further study.

Each triangle is now divided into four subtriangles, using the natural splitting involving the midpoints. The function is evalluated at these midpoints, and all subtriangles with vertices of matching sign are again discarded.

This process may be repeated several times. In general, each step of the process is expected to produce a refined estimate of the region where f(x,y)=0, using about twice as many triangles, each of 1/4 the area of the previous triangulation.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


SHORELINE2 is available in a MATLAB version.

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Source Code:

Examples and Tests:

MYLINE_TEST applies the program to a case in which the function is a straight line.

CAMEL_TEST applies the program to a case in which the function defines a blobby closed curve.

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Last modified on 06 July 2012.